Dear Stella







Last Friday Lois, a 5'7", very pretty, 22-year-old, secretary, with big doe shaped brown eyes, thick wavy shoulder length brunette hair, a slender 135 pound figure and wears a 36C, her mint green knit dress, white tights, black belt and matching 3" high heels showed off perfectly and me had to work late to prepare for a quarterly meeting that was to be held on Monday morning. Two men wearing black ski masks, black sweatshirts and jeans grabbed her as she came out of the restroom at 8:00 P.M.


Poor Lois was frightened beyond belief as she stood in front of me with a green Nerf ball tucked deeply in her pretty mouth. I was ordered to stand up and place my hands behind my back. Lois was forced to secure my well-manicured hands behind my back. I was embarrassed like the previous six times I was bound and gagged at the office. The shorter intruder made rude comments like they always do.


( I am 5'5" tall, have big doe shaped bright blue eyes, thick curly collar length platinum-blonde hair, weigh 127 firm pounds and wear a 36HH bra, that my tight red knit top, shiny black Lycra leggings and 3" red high heels showed off to perfection. I am 63 years old and look much younger, and still get looks at the office)


Lois stuffed a balled-up pair of pantyhose deep in my luscious mouth and then wrapped 4" wide bright red Co-Flex tape over my pouty red lips a dozen times. She looked like she enjoyed binding and gagging me.


The taller intruder then wrapped red Co-Flex tape over Lois' full pink lips and taped her hands behind her back. We were marched down to the basement and into an empty office. I have a feeling this was an inside job.


The smaller robber wrapped more 3" wide white stretchy medical around my arms and above and below my ample bosom. He then taped my knees and ankles together. He admired his work and my ample bosom. Boy did he seem familiar to me, but I could not place the blue-eyed villain.


Lois was then trussed up just like me. They helped us sit on the old gray carpet and locked us in the small room


Well a cleaning woman found us at 9:30 the next morning. We were very upset and embarrassed as she dashed to a phone and called the company vice president!


Victor is a 5'9", movie star handsome, 42-year-old, top executive, with big brown eyes, thick clean-cut sandy-brown hair and a fit 165 pound frame, his red sweatshirt, black satin running shorts and gray running shoes, showed up twenty minutes later. He stared at us, mostly me before he went around the four story office building.


Maria, the 5'6", olive-skinned, 45-year-old, beautiful, cleaning lady, with big almond shaped dark brown eyes, thick wavy shoulder length raven hair, a solid 140 pound figure and wore a 38C bra, her green polo shirt, tight high-waisted jeans and worn white tennis showed off quite well discovered something on the third floor, where we were before being trussed up and effectively gagged.


Victor left us.


Fifteen minutes later four police officers showed up. They took at least two dozen pictures of us. The sergeant finally released Lois.


They asked her what happened while I meowed through my pantyhose stuffed mouth.


Lois sped to a restroom.


It finally occurred to a police officer that I was still trussed up like a Thanksgiving Day turkey. I was finally untied.


Stella I am upset about being admired for my bosom, but ignored when it comes time to releasing me. Do I have good reasons for being angry?


Wilma, The Office Damsel-In-Distress




Dear Damsel;


You sound like an experienced damsel-in-distress, based on your history of being bound and gagged. I am jealous, I have only been tied up and gagged twice, once at my house and the other time in a hotel room.


I think you have to take these setbacks in stride. You should get a raise for going above and beyond your call of duty. Perhaps Victor can buy you a comfortable support bra as a gift.


You are truly a brave secretary.





Damsels-In-Distress, please write to me and tell everyone story and don't leave anything out. I care.









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