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I read the comments about Renee's son possible fascination with her wearing pantyhose.  I think most men like a shapely pair of legs, especially when the woman is wearing some nice sheer nylons.  Especially boys. It's when they are first starting to learn about sexuality. So whither it's their teacher, cousin, neighbor, or even their
mom, they will know the site of certain things excite them.


In my day pantyhose were fairly new and we mostly still wore stockings with garter belts, or girdles if we had put on a few pounds. So most of my son's generation grew up preferring women in stocking rather then pantyhose, but it's still the same basic thing.

However, I agree completely with Renee about not really wanting to know. While my son and I were very open about most things related to our tie up games, there were just some things I either didn't want to know about or think about.  Someone once suggested it would be interesting to have my son write his version of our tie up
games. Based on some of the stories I have read here I don't want to know what my son's thoughts where when he was tying me up or what he was doing while I was tied, gagged, and blindfolded. I find the stories told by the moms more tasteful and interesting. As long as rules are followed, boundaries are not crossed, and the parties involved are having fun, then there are some things, which should just be left alone. It sounds like Renee, and her son, are having fun with their games and that's all. And, that's as it should be.


I still can't believe how much everyone enjoys reading these stories. For me it reinforces my hope I wasn't outline, strange, or unique in playing tie up games
with my son. I was especially flattered to hear another woman say my story made her breathless. I'm sorry you never got to experience a tie up game with your son,
but don't give up hope. There are always grandkids. There was another incident, which involved the mom of my son's friend. And, I have to admit to enlisting my son's
help to pull it off.


I had become a little more then interested in watching my son tie up his friend's mom. So, when the opportunity presented itself I couldn't resist the temptation. It was summer. The father of my son's friend had taken the day off work and he and his son had gone fishing. His mom had come over to my house and we were sitting around the kitchen table drinking ice tea and talking. My son was home and walked in on us carrying a toy gun and pretending to be a burglar.


We normally didn't play at cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians too much as a reason to have a tie up game, but things worked out better this way. We both held up our hands and played along with him. He, of course, said he would need to tie us up while he robbed the house, and so he would have lots of time to get away. I had mentioned to my son, how it had been interesting seeing someone else get tied up. And, I could see how, it might be interesting to be the one doing the tying. So, without really planning anything my son told his friends mom to sit down on the floor. She and I both knew from past experience this meant we would spend the next hour or so hogtied. My son pulled out the ropes and then tossed them to me. I caught a slight wink of his eye as he said, "I can't watch you and tie her up to so you tie her up". I had been on the receiving end enough times I knew what to do but I was trying to suppress both nervousness and excitement as I picked up the rope and walked around behind his friend's mom.


She already had her arms behind her with her fingers interlocked to hold her wrists together palm to palm. I took a beep breath to calm myself and tied her wrists. Next
I slipped a loop around her upper arms about two inches above her elbows and drew them together.


She drew a sharp breath in as they touched together. I could appreciate that. I now had a close up view of how her shoulders were wrenched back and compressed toward each other. I guessed mine must have looked like that as well when my arms were tied back like that. I looped a long piece of rope tightly around her upper arms with three or four loops going under her breasts and then over her breasts.


She had a slightly bigger chest then I did and her breasts were now well highlighted by the ropes. As I tied off the knot she turned her head and said, "have you been
practicing? These ropes are tighter then the boys tie". I said I was sorry and asked if she needed me to loosen them for her. She said she was OK and to keep going. I apparently was getting more then a little carried away but I was excited by the experience of tying up another woman.


I looped a rope around her waist and wrists and wrapped it a couple of turns, leaving a long enough piece dangling loose to tie to her ankles in a minute. I tied her legs together above her knees and at her ankles. My son then tossed me a small sponge and a bandana with a knot tied in the middle and said, "here gag her with this".


I kneeled down behind her and once again she turned her head and asked, "are you OK"? I said I was and asked why she asked. She said, "you look a little flush and your breathing hard".


I made up an excuse about it being the bending down and being unsure about doing the tying instead of being tied. She very obligingly opened her mouth and I pressed the sponge into her mouth and packed it in behind her teeth. I then pulled the knotted bandana between her lips and knotted it tightly behind her head under
her hair. I have to admit I enjoyed gagging her the most.


My son handed me another bandana and I blindfolded her. I helped her lay over onto her side and then rolled her over onto her stomach. I pulled her ankles up and ran the loose end of the rope around her waist between her ankles and around the rope tying them together. I cinched this down until the back of her heels touched her hands. I looped rope between her hands and ankles a couple of more time before knotting it off. I then sat back and stared at my handiwork.


Here was a woman tightly tied and gagged laying right in front of me and I had done it. I don't know if this is exactly what the boys felt but I definitely had a new appreciation for why they were so fascinated with wanting to tie women up. There was something far more interesting about seeing her tied and gagged then seeing her, not more then half an hour earlier, sitting in the chair sipping ice tea.


There was also a strange feeling of power. I had rendered her completely helpless and she would have no choice but to remain that way until I or someone decided to set her free.


It was about this time I was brought back to reality, when I felt my hands being pulled behind my back and the rope being cinched tightly around them. I was conscious of the ropes being pulled tightly around my body, encasing me and making me as helpless as my friend was, but I just stared at the tied form in front of me. I watched as her nostrils flared from her labored breathing brought about by the strained position she was tied in and the tight gag in her mouth.


The blindfold prevented me from seeing the expression in her eyes. I realized I was completely tied when I felt my son press a kitchen sponge to my lips. I opened my mouth and let him pack in it. A moment later unable to move, even the slightest bit, silenced, and in darkness I lay hogtied next to my friend.


When you are tied that tight, and blindfolded, sometimes just a few minutes can seem like an hour. This time it seemed like time flew by. The next thing I knew it was an hour and fifteen minutes later and my son was untying me. Once my arms were free he told me I could finish untying myself and then untie his friend's mom. I guess he figured, I wanted to see what it was like to tie someone up, I could see what it was like to untie them, as well.


It wasn't as much fun as tying her up but I did enjoy untying her as well. It seemed to prolong the experience. Well, it looks like I have gone on forever again. There is one more interesting story worth telling.


I understand there have been several requests for me to put my story on this site again. Since it took me a while to compose my thoughts I did have it saved in my word processor.


I'm very pleased so many of you enjoyed reading it. I never really thought anyone would be as interested as they have been. So I say thank all of you and as I mentioned once before I did enjoy recalling and reliving some of the memories. Its one thing to thing to remember your past experiences but its is often difficult to actually put them into words.







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