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The other incident, which my son and I recalled during our conversation, again involved my son’s friend mom and took place on a camping trip.  I’m surprised I didn’t think of this one before because what happened was fun and would have been even if she and I didn’t enjoy being tied up.


One of the requirements to get the kids last badge before joining Boy Scouts was to go camping.  Well my friend’s parents owned some land about two hours drive where we lived.  Now I’m not the world’s greatest camper and neither is she.  She had gotten her parents’ permission for us to use the land and had agreed to go with us and help.  We knew her husband would not be able to go that weekend because of work but my husband did agree to go and he actually had experience camping.  We would drive up Saturday morning, spend the night and come home early Sunday morning. 


As luck would have it my husband caught some stomach bug and couldn’t get his ass off the can, literally.  But, we had everything already planned, food bought, and gear packed.  My friend figured it couldn’t be that much trouble just of part of a day and a night.  We would roast hotdogs, the kids could fish in the pond they had on the property.  We could do this.  So Saturday morning off we went.  My friend directed us to a great camping area.  It had a large open area surrounded by trees.  She had played here often when she was a little girl and her parents would vacation there.  We set up our tents close to the tree line and built our campfire out in the middle of the open area.   The weather was perfect and we all had a great time that day.  The kids had never had that much open area to play in before. 


That evening after dinner we had a nice campfire going and we were all sitting around it talking.  I believe it was my son who said, “hey, this would be a great place to really play cowboys and Indians.  You could be two captured settlers and we could burn you at the stake.  With a real campfire it would really seem real.”  Needless to say all the others quickly joined in begging us to play.  It even sounded like a fun idea to us so we quickly agreed.   We were then taken hostage by the Indians.  Our hands were tied behind our backs and we were led away to our tent.  Once we were seated inside the tent they had us scoot around and tied us back to back by wrapping several turns of rope around our upper bodies.  Our legs were then tied at the ankles and above the knees. 


Next, they balled up a couple of neckerchiefs, put those in our mouths and secured them in place by tying a knotted neckerchief tightly over the one in our mouths.  They then went out and danced around the campfire pretending they were doing a war dance.  I found it very interesting being in close contact with another woman tied and gagged as I was.  Especially since I could feel her bound wrists next to mine.  I was seated facing the tent flaps so I could watch the boys out around the campfire.  They left us in the tent for about an hour before then came in and untied us, except for our hands and gags. 


They led us out to the campfire.  They had managed to find a couple of long, thick, dead tree limbs from somewhere and broke all the branches off of them.  They had dug shallow holes in the ground and had the limbs standing up about fifteen feet from the fire on either side.  They placed us at the poles facing the fire and retied our ankles and legs above the knees.  They then wrapped rope around us from shoulder to hips.  The poles weren’t that secure in the ground so I stood very still to make sure both I, and the pole, stayed upright.  Which wasn’t easy since one of the stubs of the branches they broke off was poking me in the back right between my shoulder blades. 


The boys had a great time dancing us while whooping it up like Indians.   The kids had a great time getting to play this game outdoors with a real fire burning.  After about twenty minutes the kids had just about tired themselves out so their two captives were released.  We then sat around the campfire and roasted marshmallows and told stories until bedtime.  Just as a side note, don’t ever tell ghost stories to a bunch of young kids on their first campout. 


About three o’clock in the morning we had two of our young men at our tent swearing there was something out there trying to get in their tent.  There was no way we were getting those two back in their tent and going back to sleep.  So we got up, got the fire going again and assured them we were perfectly safe.  It wasn’t long before all the kids were up and back around the fire with us.  At least we were able to get an early start for home.  Us driving, and them sleeping, all the way home.


My son also reminded me of the time I actually asked him to tie me up.  Well women deal with problem in different ways, some shop, some eat, buy a new dress, new shoes, or whatever.  I just chose a different way.  Nothing was really wrong.  It was summer.  My friend and her family were gone on vacation.  My husband was off at work.  We were only going to be able to take a short close to home vacation that year.  So, I was just feeling a little down felt like I would just like to get away.  For me retreating to the comfort and solitude tight ropes, a gag, and a blindfold provided, was for me, one way of doing that.   So I called my son in to where I was and said, “would you tie me up”.  He was a little taken back by my request since it was he who normally was asking me if he could tie me up.  But, he of course was more then ready.  I told him I wanted to be seated and I didn’t want to be in the kitchen or living room incase someone came by.  I had him take one of the kitchen chairs into the bedroom.


He did his usual efficient job of tying me up.  Hands behind the chair tied palm to palm and cinched between.  Arms cinched together just above the elbow.  Plenty of rope was wrapped around me, and the chair from above my breasts to my waist.  Rope was wrapped around the seat of the chair and over my thighs.  He then tied my legs together just above the knees, just below the knees, and around the ankles.  He then ran a rope from my ankles back up to my wrists and pulled drawing my feet back up under the chair.  This was just what I needed.  I was completely immobilized.  The ropes were snug and unyielding but not biting into me anywhere.  He asked if I was OK and I assured him he had done a perfect job.  He balled up a large kitchen sponge to gag me with.  I had to open my mouth as wide as possible so he could push it all in.  As the sponge tried expanding after being compressed it filled my mouth completely forcing me to keep my mouth open. 


My son asked it I was OK and I nodded indicating I was.  I knew after a while this gag would become a little uncomfortable but that was expected.  He used a triangular bandage form one of his Scout first aid kits to tie the sponge in place.  He folded it in a wide band and placed it over the sponge between my open lips.  He tied a simple overhand knot behind my head and cinched it tight compacting the sponge deeper into my mouth.  Those triangular bandages were long enough that he brought the ends back around my head so two more layers were between my lips.  Once he knotted it he again asked if I was OK.  I could breath easily with the gag so I let out some noise I could barely hear and nodded my head.  This gag was extremely effective and just what I had wanted.  He then blindfolded me with another triangular bandage bringing the ends back around over my eyes like he had with the gag so all light was shut out.  I flexed against the ropes and then relaxed.  This was perfect. 


He would check on me and every now and would ask if I was ready to be untied.  I would shake my head no.  The gag had become very uncomfortable but that had passed and I was OK with it.  I was experiencing such a peaceful felling I really didn’t want it to end.  Finally my son came in and said, “mom, its two o’clock should I untie you now”?  I then realized I had been tied up for just over four hours at that point and even though I really didn’t want to be untied I nodded “yes”.  Once I was untied I took a long hot bath, it helped the rope marks go away a little faster.   I just lay in the tub with my eyes closed reliving the experience I had just had.  I admit it. I truly enjoy the feel of tight ropes around me, and the enclosed cut off feeling of being gagged and blindfolded.  In fact, in an effort to repeat the experience I once got myself into a bind, so to speak, which I will write about later.  And, as I write this I wish I could experience it again right now.  I do miss those days. 







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