Den Mother Ė The Final Word

Renee you are correct.Tying yourself up is not a good idea and an even worse idea when you are alone.I never did it again.Also, Renee, even in the summer put on a pair of slacks or jeans and something with sleeves.And, Iím not trying to make light on any of the comments Iíve read about my stories because I really appreciate the acceptance Iíve received here.But, come on guys, Iím a mom not a model.I was with my son and sometimes his friends.And, while I happen to enjoy being tied up Iím as normal as normal gets otherwise.So, while I was often in my stocking feet when I was tied up donít let your imaginations run too wild because there were no stocking, pantyhose, foot tickling things going on that I was aware of at the time.



Hi everyone.I know I havenít posted anything for a while but I had pretty much exhausted my stories.However, since my son has been reading my stories, or confessions, along with the rest of you about how much I really enjoyed the tie up games we use to play and how much I really enjoyed being bound and gagged (like he didnít already know) he gave me a real treat this past Motherís Day.


We already had plans for Sunday as a family but he said he wanted to take me out on Saturday and just the two of us spend the day together.He came over and picked me up around 9:00am Saturday morning.After I was in the car he said we could either spend the day together as planned or since I had mentioned in my stories how much I missed the tie up games we use to play I could spend the morning tied up over at his apartment.


Well heck I can go out for the day anytime so I jumped at the chance to spend time tied up once again.When we walked in my daughter greeted me with a hug and said, ďI knew you wouldnít turn down his offer. You donít mind if I join you do you?ĒAs some of you who have read my stories will recall this would not be the first time Iíve gone over to my sonís place and spend some time tied up with my daughter-in Ėlaw.


I was wearing black pants, flats for walking, and a short sleeve cream color taffeta blouse.My daughter-in-law suggested I wear a pair of her gloves to protect my arms so I put on a pair of her over the elbow black satin opera gloves.Sine Iím not a young as I use to be I suggested we keep it fairly simple.


It was my daughter-in-law who suggested we be tied to their kitchen chairs.My son tied my hands behind my back with my wrists crossed.I then sat down in one of the chairs and my son wrapped rope around my upper body and the chair back.Snug but not real tight.While he secured my upper body to the chair back my daughter-in-law tied my legs together above the knees and then tied my ankles together.†† My son wrapped a couple of turns across my lab and the chair bottom.


Once I was tied my son placed a chair, facing mine, and tied his wife up.He tied her hands palm to palm then tied her arms tightly together above and below her elbows.He seated her in the chair and tightly wrapped rope around her upper body and the chair.He tied her legs above and below her knees then tied her ankles together.He then ran a rope from her ankles under the rung of the chair, pulled her ankles back and tied them off.


Next he somehow managed to put this huge red ball gag in her mouth.Her jaws were stretched wide open by the size of the ball.He then said, ďsince this is for Motherís Day you get the smaller ball gag so you can be more comfortableĒ.†† Well the small ball gag was on what I had learned before was a ball gag harness, which he proceeded to strap me into.



So for the next three hours my daughter-in-law sat there bound and gagged facing each other and watching each other drool.Iím glad she joined me because I did enjoy having the company, so to speak, and I liked seeing her tied up as well.I have no idea how my daughter-in-law stood the ball gag she had strapped in her mouth for that long.When you are tied up like that you know you are drooling but you have no real idea how much.


Once we were untied I realized the entire top half of my blouse was soaking wet.I had to borrow a bathrobe to wear while we washed and dried my blouse.But, it was a great experience, I did enjoy getting to be tied up once again, and Iím glad I took my son up on his offer.


Afterwards we did go out for a late lunch and a movie.After he took me home I told him I knew what I wanted for next Motherís day.†††††










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