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Well somehow mom and I managed to make it through the rest of her visit without getting tied up.Back when all this was happening I really had no idea what a fetish was.But, I have been reading the stories from Suzy Q and Deb about their sonís fascination with their hose covered feet.†† We seem to accept that our sons want to tie women up and then worry because they like women in hose, high heels, bare foot, or whatever.While Iím no expert on any of these subjects I have learned a few things over the years and will just offer a few thoughts.From what I have observed everyone has a fetish of some kind or another.I mean we have TV commercials with young women checking out menís butts and speculating on whether or not they wear boxers or briefs.Victoria Secret has a lingerie show on a regular network in prime time.


Of course that new show Ď24í has featured a young girl tied and gagged the last two weeks.So, maybe we shouldnít be too surprised at anything.We have always heard guys referred to as being leg or boob men.I think back to the pin-ups from the 40ís and 50ís, which seemed to always feature women in stockings and high heels.I should have suspected it at the time, but my son is one who prefers women in stockings.I suppose if he had grown up when pantyhose were in use the way they are today he would have had a thing for women in pantyhose.††


I of course think back to the pictures and pamphlets my friend and her husband had.Most of the women tied up in those pictures all wore stockings and very high heels.It is probably so common to find men out there who like seeing or touching a womanís foot that it doesnít even deserve the term Ďfetishí.†† I guess tying women up wearing stockings, pantyhose, barefoot or whatever, is an easy way to combine two or more fetishes in to one.I think the other thing, which amazes me, is the early age most boys seem to develop these tastes.How that happens I donít know.And, who knows why one develops a liking for womenís feet and another develops a liking for something else?I know I certainly donít have a clue about that any more they I have a clue as to what made me feel the way I do about being tied up.


Someone mentioned the hogtie as being the favorite position for those who like womenís feet.I guess that would make sense, because your feet are lifted up where they can be seen or touched easily.Plus, if you struggle then you are wiggling and flexing your feet.†† I do know the desires that boys develop most likely will not go away.†† If you tell a young man the feelings he is experiencing are bad and he shouldnít do, or think about those kind of things, what does it accomplish?He can try to suppress his feelings but they will most likely resurface because he canít help it.Will he now have feelings of guilt? Will he feel like something is wrong with him?Would chastising him be better than allowing him to explore his feelings where you can counsel him and control the environment?††


Just be glad they donít want to wear your pantyhose.Although if I remember an article from Dear Abby, or Dear Ann, recently that may not be all that unusual either.I always felt like because my son could satisfy his desire to tie a woman up at home I didnít have to worry about getting a phone call from some young girls mom wanting to talk to me about what my son had done to her daughter.I think these are all innocent things.I believe if a boy showed some tendency towards cruelty or some other inappropriate behavior then there would be real reason for concern and the brakes would definitely need to be applied.I know most people come to this forum to read the stories, but from some of the posts Iíve seen, there are those who also come here looking for answers.†† So, I think itís important to share ideas as well as stories.


This story involves my friend and her sister-in-law.It was summer and her sister-in-law, along with her daughter, were driving to visit her mother.Since it was somewhat on the way she stopped in to see her brother and spend a day with him.She arrived the night before - my friendís husband had planned on taking the day off but had been called in to work for some emergency.He would try get home early so they could all spend the evening together and then she would leave early the next morning.†† Her sister-in-law was about the same age as my friend, which was about four years younger than her husband.Her neice by marriage was almost two years older than our boys.


My son was going over as usual to play with my friendís son and I had been invited over to meet her sister-in-law.I had been at her house for about thirty minutes and had been paying no attention to where the kids were.Suddenly our two sons burst into the living room, where we were sitting and talking, pointing their toy guns at us.They came in so quickly that it actually scared me.They announced they had captured a spy and made her tell where her fellow spies were hiding.We were their prisoners and we had to come with them back to their secret location.They added something like if we corporate they wouldnít hurt the other spy they captured.


I thought this was not the time for one of their games and then my heart sank as I realized they must already have the daughter tied up somewhere.My friend spoke up first and told them we were not going to play a game with them right now and especially one that involved us being taken prisoner.I told them no as well.The boys of course pleaded with the Ďoh come on mom, pleaseí routine.But, we still told them no.


My friendís sister-in-law then asked where her daughter was.The boys told her she was the spy they had captured and they were holding her prisoner.††† She then asked them if they had her daughter tied up somewhere.They confessed that they did.I almost hollered at them to go and untie her immediately.†† Then much to my shock my friendís sister-in-law said to wait a minute.She then said she remembered playing this kind of game when she was a young girl and her brother, my friendís husband, would take her prisoner and tie her up.She then said she remembered it was kind of fun and why didnít we play for just a little while.


Our sons of course sized on this opportunity and began pleading again as well.I couldnít believe this.How easy were we?Did women have some inherent part of their character that makes them say yes when a boy asks to tie them up?Most likely not and this was just a case of my friendís husband tying his sister a lot when they were kids so she didnít see anything wrong in our kids playing the same games.I didnít ask but I would bet he sometimes tied his mother up as part of the games he played with his sister. And, based on what I had learned about my mother the common thread here was they had played tie up games when they were kids and our sons approaching them didnít seem at all out of place to them.


So, we gave up and allowed ourselves to be taken prisoner.The boys directed us through the hose and to my friendís sonís bedroom.There on the foot of the bed sat the daughter.Now her daughter was really a pretty young girl.She had very fine and silky deep red hair, which she had in a ponytail.She had on a white blouse, a gray skirt that came to just below her knees, white ankle socks and penny loafers.Her hands were tied behind her back and her ankles were tied together.She was blindfolded and had a knotted cloth pulled tightly between her lips.Just a simple straightforward tie up.I was relieved for that.


Once she knew we were in the room with her she didnít begin to struggle of try and make a lot of noise through her gag so I assumed she must have agreed to let the boys tie her up.Again I was relieved.The boys had us all cross our hands behind our backs.They wrapped and cinched the ropes tight enough that I knew there would be no getting out of this.


My friendís sister-in-law was a talker.Even while the boys were tying our hands she kept talking about playing these games as a young girl and asking if the boys talked us into playing very often.My friend told her we had let them talk us into playing a couple of times and they were very good at it, which is why we tried to discourage her from playing along with them.The boys helped my friend and I sit down on the floor and placed us back to back.


Both my friend and her sister-in-law were wearing slacks, I was wearing a dress and wishing I had worn slacks.†† Fortunately it didnít ride up too much.The boys tied our ankles together but did not tie our legs above the knee.They then tied us together by wrapping several turns of rope around our upper bodies below our breasts.All this time my friends sister-in-law stood there with her hands tied behind her, her daughter tied and gagged next to her, watching them tie us up and commenting on how we were right, the boys did seem to do know what they were doing.I said I doubted this is what the Boy Scouts had in mind when they taught them lashing and knot tying.


They then helped her sister-in-law to sit down on the floor and tied her ankles together.The boys helped her daughter off the bed. They steadied her as they made her hop to where she could be seated on the floor with her back against her mothers.†† The boys then wrapped rope around their upper bodies just below their breasts.My friend and I were seated back next to her sister-in-law and her daughter.Her daughter, being the one who was seated next to me, and facing in the same direction as I.


I looked back over my shoulder to see what was going on and saw the boys tying knots in the center of some scarves.My son tied the gag in the sister-in-lawís mouth while her son gagged my friend.They simply pulled the knotted scarf firmly into their mouths and tied them off.I had to give the boys credit.They seemed to know when to keep things simple.


Problem was my friendís sister-in-law kept trying to talk.You could make out about half of what she said.The other problem was she was trying to talk louder than normal to make up for the muffling effect of the gag.†† I kept thinking, ďwill you please shut upĒ because I knew what would come next.I think it was my son who commented on how she could still talk and my friendís son who agreed and added a comment about how much noise she could still make.††


Then my son said, ďletís try thisĒ.They got some large menís handkerchiefs that were about the size of a bandana and balled them up.The removed my friendís and her sister-in-lawís gag, pushed a balled up handkerchief in their mouth and then tied the knotted scarf tightly between their teeth pushing the gag well back into their mouth.After that when my friendís sister-in law tried to talk all that came out was a low muted humming sound.They gagged me and then they left the room.


They had not blindfolded us but had left the daughters blindfold on.They also didnít change her gag like they had ours.On closer inspection I noticed the daughters mouth looked like she had been gagged with something packed in her mouth under the knotted cloth already.I was amazed the boys had gotten a young girl like this to play along with them, much less gag her the way they had.Plus, she seemed to be taking all this in stride like it was no big deal.We were left tied up for about thirty minutes before the good guys arrived and rescued us.


Later I did learn that one young boy the daughter babysat for had tied her up a couple of times.Once when she was babysitting him at her own house my friendís sister-in-law came home and found her daughter hog-tied on the living room floor.So, in my mind that explained why the boys had gotten her to play along.Well thatís all for now.However, writing this story reminded me of the incident, which gave me the idea of trying my self-tying experiment I wrote of earlier.I will start working on writing down my remembrances.







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