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Anyway, here is my next story. As I have mentioned previously my son and I had a very open and trusting relationship, especially where our tie up games were concerned. When he got older and started dating he asked me if he should tell his girlfriends about his passion for tying girls up. I advised him to wait until he was out of high school for sure and later to be very sure of someone before he brought the subject up. High school can often be cruel enough without rumors and gossip about something most might consider out of the norm.


The same could be said for the workplace once he had a job. I advised him, that he most certainly needed to be honest with any girl he found himself getting serious about, he should always proceed with caution. Fortunately, he never had any problems related to his being honest with women about his needs, but it did cost him his relationship with one girl we all loved dearly and figured he would marry. But, things do often times work out for the best.


He did find a young woman who did not find his desires all that strange and was willing to give it a try. Seems her brothers had used her as their captive in a game of cowboys and Indians on more then one occasion when she was younger. Apparently she enjoyed, or at least learned to enjoy, tie up games as much as he did. Anyway, without making this longer then need be, she is now my daughter-in-law. Being curious, she of course asked my son how he developed such an interest in tying girls up.

So, he told her about our tie up games. I never asked, but assumed, that once they became engaged my son was tying her up. After they were married I was at their apartment her one day when she brought the subject of bondage up. And, we talked for some time about it and still do from time to time. So, I checked with her to see if it was OK for me to tell this next story. I assured her I never used any names in my stories so everything would be completely anonymous, and she agreed. They had been married almost three years when this happened.


They both worked and had not started their family. I now however, have three great grandchildren. I was out shopping with my daughter-in-law for my son's upcoming birthday. We had both found great gifs. As we were heading home my daughter-in-law commented as how she now only needed to come find a special gift. I asked what she meant. She told me she liked to buy some sexy piece of lingerie, some item, or a new idea for their bondage games as a special gift on his birthday and valentines and he did the same for her birthday. She said it helped to keep things interesting so to speak. I just said, "I see".


We stopped for lunch on the way home and were talking over coffee. Trying to be helpful, and maybe a little nosey, I asked about some of the special gifts they had come up with in the past. Maybe I could help her think of something. A few minutes she said, "I just thought of something". I asked what it was. I almost choked on the swallow of coffee I had just taken when she said "you". Then she said, "actually us".


I asked what she was talking about. Keeping her voice down she said, "his special gift, would be to tie the both of us up". She went on saying, "come on, it's been how long since you played a tie up game? You told me not long ago you missed it. It will be fun. And, it will defiantly surprise him.”


So, she set her plan in motion. His birthday fell on the following Sunday. He was planning on taking Friday off to hang some curtains and do a couple of other things around the apartment. She would take a vacation day on Friday as well but not tell him. She would pick me up that morning, we would go back to their apartment and surprise him.


Well she was right it had been a long time since I had been tied up and I don't mind admitting, I did miss it. So, I agreed. His father would be at work all day Friday and I told him our daughter-and-law was taking the day off and we had plans to spend the day together. That morning I dressed in a long-sleeved white cotton blouse, and a pair of fairly tight jeans. And, since so many of you seem to like this kind of information I wore a pair of black pantyhose underneath my jeans because I have always liked the way jeans feel worn over nylons. I also wore a pair of black leather pumps with a 1" heel. I figured the blouse and jeans would help with rope marks.


My daughter-in-law arrived at our house about 8:30am to pick me up. Since she was suppose to be going to work she was dressed in a cream color blouse, black knee length tailored skirt, sheer black hose, and black pumps with a 2" heel. She had a cameo on a black velvet ribbon tied around her neck. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She asked if I was ready and I confessed I was more then a little nervous about this. She took me by the arm and said, "don't be silly. This will be fun. Come on".


When we got to the apartment we rang the doorbell. To say my son was surprised to see us standing there would have been putting it mildly. Of course his first question was, "what's wrong, what's happened"? My daughter-in-law assured him that nothing was wrong and explained our plan for his special birthday surprise, and we would be his bondage models until 4:00pm that afternoon. He wanted to know whose idea this had been. My daughter-in-law confessed it was hers, and I added as how I had agreed. My daughter-in-law had purchased a birthday card and then made up a gift certificate, which read. "Good for today only. Two women, willing to be bound and gagged in any manner of your choosing." Then we had both signed it and put it inside the card.


My son said, "well, as surprises go this is one I would have never expected. But, I better use this gift certificate while it's still good. Now, where are the two women mentioned here?" My daughter-in-law gave him one of those looks that only a wife can give and said, "if you think there is something wrong with the two women standing here then you…"


She never finished her sentence. My son leaned over and kissed her on the lips and said, "thank you, thank you both". My son then pulled out two low back chairs from the kitchen table and sat then side by side and said, "if you two ladies will be seated I have a gift certificate to redeem".


Pretty soon we were both tied securely to the chairs. Arms back behind the chair with our wrists tied palm to palm. Upper arms tied and cinched together just above the elbow. I wasn't as young, as flexible, and as practiced as I once was. But, my arms still touched, just not as easily as they use to. I could already feel the burn in my shoulder muscles. Rope wound around our waist and the chair locking our bound wrists, and us to the chair back. About three strands of rope were tied over our upper thighs and around the chair seat to hold us firmly down. Our legs were further tied above the knee and of course at the ankles. He had tied another rope through our ankles ropes and pulled our ankles back under the chair, tying the loose end off through our wrists. The ropes were so tight and the bondage so complete, the only thing I could move was my head.


My son went into their bedroom and when he came out he was holding something that looked like a dog leash. It was at this point I was introduced to something I've had seen referenced by some of you in this forum before, a ball gag. Again, I still continue to be amazed. There are apparently enough people doing this kind of thing, that it's actually worth someone's time to make and sell gags.


My son walked behind me with one in his hand. The red ball, at least to me looked huge. As it came down in front of my eyes it looked even bigger. I heard my son say open wide mom. I did and felt the ball pressing against my teeth. I heard my son say, "wider mom". If I could have answered I would have told him my mouth was as wide open as it could go. He kept trying to work the ball between my teeth.


Just when I didn't think my jaws could possibly be pried open any further the ball finally popped behind my teeth and into my mouth, which wasn't really any relief at all. A strap was buckled tightly behind my head and another strap went under my chin and buckled there. I don't know what the extra strap was for because even without any straps I don't think I could have pulled that ball back out of my mouth, even if my hands were free.


It didn't take but about a minute for a dull throbbing ache to begin pulsing through my jaws. With a wad of cloth of sponge in your mouth you can sort of chew on it and move your jaws around. I tried to adjust the ball, but my jaws were pried wide open, and the only sound that came out was a low muted moan that I almost couldn't hear.


I turned my head toward my daughter-in-law. He had just pushed the ball behind her teeth and into her mouth. I don't know if her mouth is bigger then mine or what but the ball went into her mouth with almost no effort. Her gag had a lot more straps then mine did. I watched him buckle the strap behind her head, one under her chin, just like mine. Then he pulled some straps up over her head and fastened them to buckles attached to the strap around her head. When he finished with all the buckles my daughter-in-law turned her head toward me and I was amazed. Straps attached to the same metal ring as her chin strap went up across her cheeks, like a upside down V, and attached to another metal ring just above the bridge of her nose. From there, another strap extended up over her head and I assume attached to the two other straps I had watched him buckle. It looked like a harness, which I was later told was exactly what it is called.


Now I understood what she had meant when she said they bought each other "special" gifts. It didn't take long before I discovered something else about ball gags I didn't much care for. With no packing to absorb the spit, you are constantly making, and with no way to swallow, it's only a matter of time before it starts dribbling out of your mouth. Especially, if you make the mistake of, tilting your head down. I looked over at my daughter-in-law and besides the mischievous, "OK, so I forgot to mention ball gags" look in her eyes.


She had two long sinewy strands of spit running from her chin all the way down to the blouse. They were like strands of a spider's webs and just didn't seem to want to break. It may seem picky for someone, who has allowed themselves to be tied and gagged, to be bothered by a little dribble, but I found it to be a little embarrassing. I found myself wishing my son had used a blindfold like he use to. I find being blindfolded helps me enjoy the bondage. So, instead I closed my eyes and thought about how tight the ropes encasing my body felt, it was like being hugged all over, a feeling of security.


I flexed against the ropes to reinforce my feeling of helplessness, I was in control of nothing, I was relieved of all responsibilities. The gag I had allowed to be put in my mouth was the ultimate surrender as communication was reduced to muted grunts. As my thoughts drifted back to previous experiences I also thought, God help me I miss this more then I realized.


It had been about 9:30am when my son had finished tying us up. The next thing I knew it was 11:30am and he was untying us and talking about taking a lunch break. Well the ball didn't come out of my mouth any easier then it had gone in. And when it did come out a huge glob of spit came out with it and landed on my blouse leaving a large wet spot right between my breasts. I remember this so vividly, because some of it went down my blouse and ran down between my breasts. My jaws didn't feel like they wanted to close.


And, while we were eating lunch, the pain in my jaw every time I took a bite of sandwich or tried to chew, was a constant reminder of that ball gag. In fact, as I remember, it was that way for the better part of a week afterward. After we finished lunch, and took a bathroom break, My son didn't waste any time getting us tied up again.


They had two upright posts, which formed the opening between the living room and the kitchen and dining area. On the other side of the posts, from the floor to about waist high was solid wall with a nice wooded top. It was great for setting plants and other decorations on. Anyway, we were asked to stand in the entrance with our backs to a post, facing each other. Our hands were tied together in front of us, then raised above our heads and lashed securely to the post. A long piece of rope was then wrapped around our waists, upper bodies, and the post locking us in place up against the post.


He then tied our legs together around our upper thighs, above our knees, below our knees, around our calves and finally our ankles. I found myself thinking, "now I know how mummies must have felt". Because of her dress, he couldn't cinch the rope around her upper thighs but he did mine. Even though there was nothing improper, I felt a little awkward having him pull rope between my legs that high up.


When he was finished with all the bindings I asked, "are you going to use that ball gag again"? His holding it up in front of me, and saying, "I believe the gift certificate said any manner of my choosing". It didn't go in any easier then it had the first time. But, at least my jaws already hurt so I guess it didn't really matter. Over lunch my daughter-in-law told me you get use to a ball gag after a while. As I felt the saliva start to build up in my mouth again, the discomfort settle into a dull ache, and watched him strap that harness gag on my daughter-in-law's head, I somehow doubted that.


Well there we stood about three feet apart, tied, gagged, and with nothing to do but look at each other. I could watch dribble run off her chin and she could watch it run off mine for the next hour or so. As I have mentioned before I do find myself strangely attracted to the sight of another woman tied and gagged. Especially when I'm also tied and gagged. Being tied the same way, I could feel the bite of the ropes on my body, and see them bite into hers in the same places. The ropes wound around her upper body, above and below her breasts, had drawn the fabric of her blouse tight across her chest, so the outline of her nipples left almost nothing to the imagination. I remember thinking, in spite of the fact most people might have a hard time understanding how two people tied up like this, could be enjoying themselves, we were.


To me there was something intriguing, mysterious, and sexy about a female who was tied and gagged. And, I enjoyed it when I was that female. I even found myself thinking the ball gag harness framing her face looked sexy. I could understand why my son liked it.


We had been tied like this for just over an hour when we were once again untied. We took advantage of the break by hitting the bathroom and setting something to drink. But, my jaws just flat out did not want to work anymore and I almost couldn't keep the water in my mouth to swallow it. My son finally took pity on me and said he wouldn't use the ball gag anymore.


Once we were refreshed my son asked us to sit on the floor. I'm thinking to myself, "I wondered when he would get around to hogtying us". As much as I was enjoying being tied up again as so long a time, I was also questioning the wisdom of being tied up for this long a time. I had never been tied up for such a long time before and I was beginning to wonder if the old saying about too much of a good thing were true.


We were seated side by side on the floor. As usual our hands were tied palm to palm. I think this made it easier to tie our elbows together, which he did. Rope was once again wrapped around our upper bodies and arms with strands passing above and below our breasts. Another rope was tied around our waists and wrists. Our arms were now rigidly locked to our backs. He tied my legs together above the knee and at the ankles.


I watched him tie my daughter-in-law's legs. He pushed her skirt up enough I could tell she was wearing stockings and not pantyhose. But, since they were married that really wasn't a problem. He tied her knees together and then her ankles. He strapped that harness gag back in her mouth and around her head. He then went into the kitchen. When he came back out he had a damp kitchen sponge and a long strip of cloth in his hand.


As he packed the sponge in my mouth, the mother in me came out because, I found myself thinking, "I hope that was clean". He then tied a double overhand knot in the strip of cloth, put the knot in my mouth over the sponge then cinched it tight behind my head sinking the knot into my mouth well behind my teeth.


I thought the sponge was going down my throat. If fact I did find myself gagging on the sponge as he tied the second knot behind my head. I managed to tongue the sponge and reposition it just a little so it wasn't so far back in my mouth. I remember thinking to myself, "that's why its called a gag". The corners of my mouth were pulled painfully back and my cheeks felt like bulging balloons. I actually found myself wondering if the ball gag might not have been better. Everything was so much tighter then I remembered it ever being.


To my surprise instead of hogtying us he moved my daughter-in-law around and placed her so we were sitting back to back. Then more rope was wound around the two of us pulling us firmly against each other. I could feel her bound arms and wrists along ide mine as well and feel them pressing against my back. Very interesting sensation, being tied to someone, feeling their bound body against yours. He then tied a rope from the one tied at my knees and pulled my legs up toward my chest, looped it around my neck and back to my knees. I assume he did the same to my daughter-in-law.


I figured he was finished, when he knelt down beside us, took one of those elasticized ace bandages, and began wrapping it around our heads, pulling it
between my lips and I assume over the ball in her mouth. When he was finished our heads were held up straight and not locked firmly together. My jaws now hurt as much as when the ball gag had been in my mouth. He never used to tie things this tight.


I had to keep reminding myself it had been a long time since I had been tied up, I had wanted this, and it was his birthday. When he started untying the ropes holding our knees up to our chests I glanced at the clock and noticed it was just past 2:30pm. As he unwound the ropes from around our upper bodies I remember thinking, "thank goodness, I'm going to get this gag out of my mouth for a few minutes".


After he finally unwrapped that ace bandage, from around our heads and out of my mouth, I kept waiting for him to untie us but he didn't. Instead he laid us over on our sides and rolled us over onto our stomachs. There would be no temporary relief from the tight ropes and that infernal gag in my mouth.


I turned my head toward my daughter-in-law and saw my son pulling her ankles up until they touched her hands and tying them off. I noticed her skirt was now well up past her stocking tops. But, what the heck they were after all married. I was just glad I had the good sense to wear jeans. I then felt him tying a rope through my ankles and then my ankles were drawn up to my hands. I really wish he wouldn't tie a rope around my legs above my knees, or at least loosen it, when he hogties me.

When my legs were pulled up like that it caused my thighs to flex and the rope above my knees really bit into me. Even though there wasn't any bruising that area around my legs was sore to the touch for the next several days. Between that and my jaws providing me with a constant reminder whenever I ate or yawned for the next week I had plenty of lingering reminders of this day. We stayed tied like that until almost 4:00pm. With the sponge and cloth gag being in my mouth for so long, and as tight as it was, I still found myself drooling all over the floor where I lay.


Once we were untied we sat and talked about the experience and other things until about 5:30pm. By then the gag marks on my face were barely visible and the rope marks around my wrists, which had been protected by the sleeves of my blouse, were starting to fade.


My daughter-in-law drove me home. She asked, just between us girls, what I had really thought of the experience. I told her to ask me again in a week when I had recovered. I told her the ropes and gag were much tighter then I remembered, and I wasn't sure what to think of that ball gag. But, I was glad I did it, and I did enjoy it. I guess it wasn't too bad because I did repeat the experience several more times over the next few years.


Once I actually asked to try that ball gag harness just to see what it felt like. Well, I just looked at this and once again I started out to tell a story and seem to have written an epic. Sorry for the length. Let me say to all the other moms out there. Whither you enjoy the tie up games with your sons, or grandsons, as much as I enjoyed mine, just remember it doesn't last forever. Counsel your kids about being too open with others about what your doing. But, don't make them feel like there is something wrong with what you are doing either. Keep your lines of communication open. If you push too hard wanting answers to questions, they may not really have answers to, they withdraw instead. So, relax, enjoy, and have fun with your tie up games and, let us hear from you.







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