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When I wrote my first story and posted it to this form I was very unsure about doing so.  I was about to talk about things very few other people knew of and I felt would understood.  And, I was going to let untold numbers of unseen people peek into my feelings and thoughts.  The enthusiasm, with which, some of you have greeted my stories has laid my concerns to rest.  Plus, as I have mentioned before, I have had almost as much fun recalling events and writing about them as I did experiencing them the first time.  I also apologize for stirring up the un-needed and unwanted arguments over my comments on Virginia’s story.  This forum is about sharing not arguing.


Anyway, after the last story my son and I were talking on the phone and taking a stroll down memory lane.  He kept saying you remember when we did this and remember when we did that.   Few people would understand how some of your fondest memories are of times when you were tied up and gagged.  But, in my case these were events I shared with my son and my friend.  Anyway, our conversation did jog my memory so I sat down and put a couple more of those memories down to share with you.


It was summer and my mother was in town for a visit.  I wanted her to meet my friend. You’ll remember my son’s best friend’s mom from previous stories.  Anyway, it was late morning and the three of us were sitting around the kitchen table talking over coffee.  My friend did the same thing everyone else always did the first time they saw my mother and I together.  She had said we looked more like sisters then mother and daughter.  My mother loved it because she took it to mean she looked younger then she was, which she did.  I hated because I always took it to mean I looked older then I was, which I didn’t. 


While we were talking our sons, wearing bandanas over their faces and banishing toy guns, burst into the room saying they were robbers and we were their prisoners.  Normally we would have just surrendered and accepted our fate, but my mother was there.  Now, grandmothers being grandmothers, they naturally want to humor their grandchildren, so she put her hands up in the air and said, “you two look awfully scary and mean but we don’t have anything worth taking”.  I on the other hand wanted them out of the house and told them this was not the time to be bothering us and to go back outside and play. 


My mother, not having a clue what the kids really wanted, chided me for trying to shoo the boys away and said, “what is it going to hurt if we play along with their game for a little while”?   Of course this just encouraged the kids to begin begging us to play along.  When you are caught between your kids and your mother the only prudent course of action is to give up.  So I put my hands up in the air and said, “Ok, you captured us now what”?  My friend smiled at me and slowly raised her hands as well. 


It was at that moment my mother found out what she had gotten us in to.   The kids told us they would have to tie us up so we couldn’t escape or call for help while they robbed the house and made their getaway.  Mom said, “tie us up”?  She then looked over like it was now all of a sudden my responsibility to get up out of this.  I just looked at her and said, “you're the one who wanted to play along with their game”.     I did manage to give my son a whispered, but stern, warning they should not get too carried away with this. 


I could see my mother was a little nervous as my son pulled her arms behind the kitchen chair back and tied her wrists together, and so was I.  Fortunately he understood exactly what I meant by my warning.  They did not cinch our elbows together.  They just wrapped a couple of turns of rope around our chests below our breasts and the chair.  A couple of more turns were added around our waists, chair, and our wrists.  Nothing severe but it was enough to hold us securely in place and good enough that we would not be able to get loose. 


All three of us were wearing dresses so my next moment of anxiety came when I wondered what moms reaction would be at having the hem of her dress pushed up her thighs so they could tie her legs above the knee.   I didn’t have to worry though because all they did was tie our ankles together.  They didn’t even run ropes from our ankles under the chair and back up to our wrists.  The boys left us for a minute and mom made a comment about how they seemed to know what they were doing.  I said they apparently learned their lashing and knot tying lessons in Scouts very well. 


The boys returned with three thick pieces of cloth with a knot tied in the middle.  Mom was shocked and said, “you are not planning on gagging us, are you”?  I, on the other hand, was relieved to see that all they had was the thick band of cloth with a knot in the middle, and not something to pack in our mouths.  The kids knew their robber routine very well and said, “sorry, but we can’t take a chance on you calling for help”.  My friend and I obligingly opened our mouths and the boys inserted the knot and tied the cloth snuggly but not too tight behind our heads.  Mom caved and opened her mouth allowing my son to gag her.  They didn’t blindfold us this time. 


So, while they ran off to rob the house we each sat there in silence staring at the other two tied to their chairs and periodically trying to work the knot around in their mouth in an attempt to make it more comfortable.  Mom actually tried talking until she realized all that was coming out was a muted “aaahhhhhhhh”.  The thick cloth and large knot in the center worked pretty well.   The boys would come through every now and then to check on their prisoners.  At first mom tried saying something, which I think was “untie us”, but they ignored her pleas and she soon gave that up. 


I couldn’t see the clock from where I sat but I figured we must have been tied up for a while.  The knot and the cloth in both my friends and my mom’s mouth looked like it was soaked through.  I know mine felt like it was.  Finally the boys came back in and announced they were finished robbing the house and would be making their getaway.  They said they were sure someone would find us soon.  My son then said they should make sure all the ropes were still tight so we couldn’t get loose.  They checked the ropes and were satisfied we were still tied as tight as when they started. 


Then my son’s friend said they should tighten our gags just to make sure we couldn’t holler for help.  I think all three of us were shaking our heads to indicate, “no don’t do that”.  You can probably guess how much good that did.   My son untied the first overhand knot in the cloth and then gave the other knot a hard tug.  His friend did the same to his mom.  The corners of my mouth felt like they were pulled far back and I couldn’t close my mouth onto the knot anymore.  I looked across at my friend and figured my mouth probably looked pretty much like hers did.  Her mouth looked like in was forced into some kind of distorted open mouth grin. 


I heard my mother let out a grunt as her gag was cinched tighter.  I glanced in her direction and her eyes were big as saucers.  It wasn’t long after that the boys pretended to find us and rescue us.  However, with our mouth forced open by the gags we were unable to swallow, by the time the boys did come to our rescue we were all three sitting there with drool running off our chins and onto our dresses.  As I looked over at mom, with her cheeks bulging and flushed, drool dripping from her lip, I wasn’t anxious to have our gags removed and have to hear what she would say. 


After she was untied mom excused herself and went to the bathroom.  When she came back in all she said was, “well that was quite an experience”.  I agreed with her, but for reasons I didn’t want to share with her.  Altogether we had been tied up for almost an hour and a half.   I poured fresh cups of coffee and waited for my mother to say something but she never did.  We sat there in silence for a few minutes before resuming our girl talk.  Mom never said anything further about the incident and I told the kids no more playing while mom was there.  I suspect mom was a little embarrassed by the fact that she was the one who actually encouraged us to play along with the boys game.




Mom had come for a weeks stay.  The kids had behaved and there were no more games of robber.  It was Friday morning and mom would be leaving the next day.  I had just started to clean up the kitchen when my son and his friend came in from outside with their toy guns.  My mom said something like, “Oh no, you two aren’t robbers are you”?  The boys told my mom they weren’t suppose to play robbers anymore.  I’m thinking to myself that I will owe them one for behaving while mom was here.   Mom asked them if there wasn’t some other game we could play with them. 


My friends son spoke up and said, “how about spy”.  OK he was safe, I couldn’t whack him across the rear end.  But I did give them both a hard look and said, “I don’t think so boys, that sounds a lot like playing robber to me”.  Then my mom speaks up and says, “dear, you are such a spoil sport”.  I’m standing there thinking to myself, “what is this good grandmother, bad mom thing we have going on here?”  


So I said, “I need to clean this kitchen up.  If you want to get involved with their games then go right ahead”.  So, mom says, “come on boys lets go in the other room and leave your mother to her work”.  As they walked out of the room I heard my naive mother actually say, “so, tell me how you play spy”.  As I’m putting dishes in the sink I say to myself, “It’s real simple mom. They tie you up”.


A half hour had probably passed and I was just finishing up in the kitchen.  I hadn’t seen or heard anything from the kids or mom since they walked out earlier.  I figured I should go check on them because I was sure they had mom tied and gagged somewhere by now.  About that time they all three came back in to the kitchen.  The boys were on either side of mom and had their toy guns pointed at her.  My son said,  “looks like we found another spy”.  Then he pointed his gun at moms head and said, “don’t try anything and she won’t get hurt.” 


I said, “mom, what are you doing”?  Mom then added, “it’s ok dear, I made them promise that nothing like last time would happen”.   My son told his friend, “go tie her up”.  The boys had been standing on either side of mom.  When my son’s friend pulled a piece of rope out of his pocket and started walking toward me I realized my mom’s hands were tied behind her back.  I put my hands behind my back and let him tie them.  He tied my wrists like they normally did.  Palm to palm, cinched between my wrists, and very secure. 


He walked me over to where my mom was and then they led us both into the living room.  They had us sit on the sofa and then tied our ankles together.  And, that was all they did.  Mom said, “see, this isn’t so bad”.   The boys then said they needed to gag us.  Mom didn’t object to this so I didn’t say anything either.  They took folded bandanas and tied them over our mouths.  I found myself mentally congratulating the boys on behaving themselves, somewhat.  But never underestimate the ingenuity of young boys when it comes to tie up games. 


Mom and I sat there in pretend silence and relaxed on the sofa as the boys ran off.  They came back in a few minutes caring a couple of more bandanas.  My son proceeded to blindfold mom, making sure the cloth fit tightly from above her eyebrows to well down on her nose to ensure she couldn’t see anything.  I was expecting to be blindfolded but instead the cloth over my mouth was untied and my son showed me a balled up kitchen sponge.  I’m sure he figured I would play along but with mom sitting there he knew I wasn’t about to make a fuss.  So, I opened my mouth and he put the sponge in.  His friend then tightly bound it in place with a knotted bandana. 


I then noticed they had brought in more rope, a lot more rope.  They cinched my elbows together then wrapped numerous turns around my arms and chest above and below my breasts as well as my waist and wrists.  Next, they folded the hem of my skirt back and tied my legs several inches above my knees and then tied my legs below my knees.  The last thing added was a blindfold. 


Meanwhile mom had no idea how completely tied I was.  Since the cloth over her mouth was basically ineffective she tried talking to me.  I could understand her just fine but all she got in return was something that sounded like a low hum.   I then heard her say. “you are right dear, we should play along and pretend we are really tied up and gagged”, except one of us wasn’t pretending. 


After about an hour the boys untied me and then I untied mom.  Even though it was summer I was wearing a lightweight cotton long sleeve blouse and my skirt came to just below my knees when I stood up, so none of the rope marks showed.  Mom had no idea what the boys had done.     


I never did know how mom really felt about what had happened.







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