Den Mother and Her Mother 2

Bill, you are right, there were very many instances where I was tied up and gagged, and many of those were with my friend.And Maria you are right to.I am a nice person.And, Iím a perfectly normal person.I just happen to be a nice, normal person who enjoys being tied and gagged.Where the kids are concerned, respect must be paramount.As long as it remains innocent fun then I donít see the harm.I just donít think its right for things to get out of hand and cross all kinds of boundaries as they have in some of the stories Iíve seen here.If respect had not been maintained then it wouldnít have been fun, at least for me, and the games would have stopped.


During my Motherís day visit with my son and his wife we were once again talking about memories we had of our tie up games.And, for young boys interested in tying women up my son and his friends must have felt like they had hit the jackpot.If you remember I mentioned the time my mother came to visit and was introduced to the boys tie up games.Well it wasnít the last time my mom fell victim to their games.And that had turned out to be quite surprising.Plus, I had forgotten what to me had been a very interesting experience involving my friendís sister-in-law.


Well after the incident the summer before mom was back the next summer for another visit.And, since she had been a victim twice before the boys didnít waste anytime in starting off with the ďrobberĒ routine.To my surprise mom went right along with them by raising her hands and saying something ďoh no, please donít hurt usĒ.I chided her by saying, ďMom, you know what they intend to doĒ.I then told the boys to go and find another game to play.Them mom jumps in and says, ďthey just want to tie us up.Last time wasnít so bad.Come on boys, weíll play alongĒ.†††


Well I guess the boys figured mom was a veteran at this and they didnít need to take it as easy as last time.We were in the kitchen at the time sitting at the table talking.They had us stand up and tied our hands behind our backs. We were standing side by side and each of us kept glancing over at the other to see what was going on.I noticed they had tied momís hands palm to palm just as they had mine.I remember thinking ďOh no, they wouldnít.ĒThen my son said we better make sure they stay quiet.Again I thought, ďthey donít usually gag us until lastĒ, and again wondered what was going on.My son approached me with a balled up kitchen sponge.I opened my mouth and let him pack it in.I noticed mom looking at me, and thought, ďI should have protested at being gagged this wayĒ.As my son was pulling a strip of cloth between my lips and teeth I saw his friend hold a sponge up to my momís lips.†† She actually opened her mouth and let him put it in without saying a word.A cloth was pulled between her lips and teeth then cinched tightly over the sponge.I knew it was tight from the tightness of the cloth binding my gag in place and from the bulge of momís cheeks and the way the corners of her mouth were distended back.The sponge and cloth binding it in place were sunk deep into our mouths and tied tight enough so our mouths were forced to stay partly open.


I felt a loop of rope being slipped up my arm and knew they intended to tie our elbows.I twisted away and shook my head ďnoĒ while trying to say no through my gag, which just came out as grunts.I knew then why we had already been gagged.In the mean time my sonís friend had already pulled momís arms back and was winding the rope around them.Surprisingly mom made no protest of any kind.When I got turned back around I looked over and could see momís elbows were about two inched away from touching.Meanwhile my arms were being tied tightly together above the elbows.A long length of rope was wrapped around our upper chest and arms above our breasts then below our breasts and finally around our waists and lower arms.We both glanced over at each other at the same time to access just how tightly we were each tied and gagged.Our upper bodies and arms were rigidly encased in tight ropes and our mouths were tightly gagged.


I had been in the situation many times before, and sometimes with my friend, but mom had not been tied up anything like this the last time.†† She didnít seem to be upset at what was happening so far.But as the boys took us by our bound arms and nudged us toward the living room I wished I could read her thoughts, because I was thinking, ďmy lord they intend to hogtie usĒ.†† Fortunately all they did was set me at one end of the love seat and mom at the other end.My son tied my momís ankles together and cinched the ropes tight with wrappings between her ankles while his friend did the same to me.I was wearing lightweight cotton slacks but mom was wearing a full-skirted summer dress that came to just below her knees and very sheer beige nylons.I cringed when I saw my son lift and fold momís dress back up on to her thighs about six inches above her knees.I watched him wrap rope around her legs just above her knees then cinch it with a few turns of rope around the wrapping, pulling it between her legs.I looked at mom trying to gauge her reaction to having her skirt lifted and then her legs tied but I couldnít read anything in to her expression.


Well tied as tightly as we were there wasnít much to do but sit there and look at each other.After about half an hour I noticed mom was starting to drool from her gag.She had a strand, which ran from her lower lip down to her chin and then dripped down and landed on her dress right between her breasts.I figured mom would probably kill me when this was over, but I was going to kill the boys first.After a while mom began making grunting sounds through her gag.She twisted around with her back to me looked back over her shoulder and nodded her head toward her wrists.I finally understood she wanted me to back up to her so we could see if we could try and untie each other.So, I twisted around and positioned myself so we were back to back.Our fingers were flailing around trying to find a knot to work on.This was a new experience for me.I had never actually tried to get untied before.Well, except for that one stupid time I tied myself up.


After about ten minutes of unsuccessful effort our captors walked in and caught us.My sonís friend said it looked like they needed to make sure we were a little more secure before they left.They moved the table, which was in front of the love seat and sofa, out of the way.The two of them then scooted mom off the seat and down on to the floor.When they did that the back of momís skirt rubbed against the cushion she was seated on and pulled her skirt up higher.Once they had mom laid face down on the floor her skirt was up far enough I could see about half the reinforced top of her stockings.The boys then tied momís ankles up to her wrists.Thankfully they didnít cinch her ankles all the way down to her wrists so the hogtie didnít look like it was too uncomfortable.They also added a blindfolded.They scooted me down off the love seat, onto the floor next to mom, hogtied, and blindfolded me as well.We were left tied like this for about another twenty minutes or so before our sons came home to find two robbers had been there and left us tied and gagged.†††


They untied the ropes holding our ankles to our wrists and sat us up.As usual they left the gags and blindfolds on and started untying our legs.Once they had our legs untied they removed our blindfolds but left our gags on while they untied our arms.With the blindfold was off mom could finally see how far up her dress was.After being on the floor and moving around some her skirt was up far enough that all of the top of her stockings was exposed.I figured she was going to be really upset over this once she was untied.Also, when I glanced over at mom she seemed to have a permanent stream of droop running off her chin.Finally our hands were untied.The boys left it to us to remove our gags.It took a minute to untie the knot of the gag because my fingers werenít working right yet.I had tilted my head slightly forward when I reached behind my head to untie the gag.


When I pulled the cloth holding the sponge in place out from between my teeth and lips a huge glob of drool ran out and landed on my slacks.By the time I was pulling the packing our of my mouth mom had already spit the sponge out of her mouth and was working her mouth around and making a face like someone who had just tasted something really bad.Rather then waiting for mom to say something I thought I would try and get the first words in.I told her I was sorry the boys had gotten carried away with their game by tying us up like that and told her I would deal with them.To my complete surprise my mother told me not to worry about it.It was just boys being boys.


I almost fainted.Mom then added a comment about how they did seem to know what they were doing and wondered if they got much practice.†† I told her probably more then they should between me and some other moms.I didnít want her to think I was the only one they tied up.Leaving a pile of ropes, blindfolds, and the gags lying on the floor we began walking back toward the kitchen.We both wanted something to drink to wet our mouths and get the sponge and cloth taste out.†† Mom once again made a comment about most boys go through this and most grow out of it.I asked mom what she knew about it.She had no brothers and she and dad had only daughters.


This is when mom really shocked me.As we sat at the table drinking a Coke mom told me how she and her sister were about the only girls around when they were growing up.Most of the boys in their neighborhood were boys.They had played a lot of cowboy and Indian and cops and robbers type games.Apparently mom and her sister had spent a great deal of time tied to trees, tied and hidden on garages, and other places when they were growing up.As the boys got older most became more interested in doing other things with girls then tying them up.Mom then told me about one boy who kept wanting to play tie up games with them well in to their teen years.Mom wondered it he had ever grown out of it so to speak.Thatís why she said most boys grew out of it.Well I was stunned.After all this time I now knew something about my mom I never knew before and would have never guessed.







The next morning I got my husband off to work.I needed to run the grocery store for a few things and my friend was going with me.She wanted to stop by afterwards and say hello to my mother.So I picked her up and off we went.Mom didnít want to go with us and stayed home.We were probably gone for about an hour.We got back home and unloaded a couple of bags of groceries from the car.As I walked in to the house I called out for mom but got no answer.As we entered the kitchen I saw why.


Mom was very thoroughly and tightly tied to a kitchen chair, a bulging tight gag was in her mouth, and a blindfold covered her eyes.I knew not to be alarmed because the rope work was all too familiar.I knew she was tightly tied and gagged because I had been tied exactly like that on more then a few occasions.The only question was, had mom really agreed to this?†† About that time two masked robbers stuck toy guns in my friends and my backs, telling us, we were their prisoners.†† When he stuck the gun in my back my son did whisper to me that mom had actually asked if they planed on playing cops and robbers again today.My friend and I of course agreed to play along but I told them I had some things in the bag I needed to get in refrigerator.†† I walked over and sat the two bags I had on the counter top.


When I walked past mom I couldnít help notice this time the boys had drawn her elbows together until they touched.As I began to unload the sacks my friend was already seated and both boys were busy tying her up.My son was tying her legs and her son was tying her arms together behind the chair back.My friend made a comment about how the last time she had come over to meet mom she had spent the morning tied and gagged.She said next time she would call first to see if we were tied up, so to speak, before she came over.I told her that was very funny.Here I was unloading groceries, my mother tightly tied and gagged a few feet away, my best friend was being tightly tied, and as soon as I finished putting the groceries away I would sit down and allow myself to be tightly tied and gagged as well.It was times like this when I sometimes paused and wondered if I hadnít let this tying up thing get too far out of hand.


But then, mom had not only apparently agreed to let the boys tie her, but if my son was truthful in what he said, she somewhat instigated the game.Both my friend and I enjoyed being tied.The boys certainly liked to tie us up.Everyone was, in their own way, enjoying themselves and having fun with this.Since nothing ever got out of hand, I decided I really didnít have anything to worry about.I put the last of the items away, which needed refrigeration, walked over, pulled out a chair, and sat down next to mom.By now my son had finished tying my friends legs and was getting her gag and blindfold ready.Her son was looping tight bands of rope around her upper body securing her arms down behind her and to the chair.I glanced over at mom.There she sat, a willing participant, silenced by a gag in her mouth, unable to move or see, aware two other women were being tied to chairs just like she was, and making no protest.My friend and I had been gone for an hour.How soon after I left did mom let them tie her up?I did notice the portion of cloth pulled between her lips, and seated well back behind her teeth, was already wet from her saliva saturating and soaking through it.††


I knew from experience about how long it took for a cloth gag to soak through like that.Mom must have let them tie her up soon after I left, which meant she had been tied up for a thirty to forty minutes already.†† I didnít want to be too obvious so I leaned over toward mom and in a whispered voice asked her if she was OK.She simply nodded her head to indicate she was.Looking at mom I also couldnít help but notice how far up her legs her skirt had been folded back when the boys tied her legs together above her knees.A hint of reinforced stocking top was just visible where her skirt was folded back.When I looked back over to my friend my son was pushing a balled up kitchen sponge into her mouth.He secured it in place with a thick strip of cloth by pulling it between her parted lips sinking it deep behind her teeth when it cinched it tight.I actually remember feeling a shudder of anticipation run through me.This was more then just fun, it was exciting.Her son added the blindfold and then it was my turn.


My son began tying my wrists together palm to palm behind the chair while my friendís son began tying my ankles together.I remember thinking, whenever my friend and I were both being tied my son would always tie her legs and her son would always tie mine.As I felt the rope being cinched between my wrists and ankles I was looking across at my friend and glancing over at mom.I remember thinking one of the things I liked about being tied up with another woman was I could see what the boys saw.When it was just me, being tied up, I couldnít see the complete picture.I couldnít see the full effect of what they were seeing.But, when there was another woman being tied up the same way I could see exactly what I would look like, exactly what the boys would be looking at.Sometimes I did get just a little embarrassed by it.I mean with our arms and shoulders drawn back our chests were thrust up and out.Then with tight bands of rope wrapped above and below our breasts they were framed and prominently on display, which Iím sure is why the boys tied us that way almost every time.


I felt my elbows being drawn together behind by back, a feeling I have to admit I had come to enjoy because it meant escape would now be impossible and I would soon be enjoying the feeling of complete helplessness.I had been so lost in my thoughts I had forgot about y friendís son tying my legs.I looked down and he was wrapping loops of rope around my legs about three inches or so above my knees.I wore a dress to the store that morning.I hadnít even noticed when he folded my skirt back so he could tie my upper legs.My skirt was folded back far enough that half the reinforced welt of my stockings were showing.After he wrapped about four turns around my upper legs he started to wrap a few turns of rope between my legs and around the bands of rope to cinch them tight.As he poked his fingers between my legs I thought to myself, Iím sitting here with my skirt hiked more then half way up my thighs letting this boy but his hand between my legs.This is something that would never, ever happen, but because they were tying us up, for some reason that made it OK.


Since nothing ever happened beyond the touching necessary to cinch or un-cinch the ropes I decided not to dwell on the thought any longer.My son was now wrapping rope abound my upper body and waist reinforcing my helplessness and fixing me firmly to the chair back.†† My friendís son was getting my gag ready.I took another look at mom and my friend.We were like ridge immoveable sculptures they created with rope and would be on display for them to enjoy, as immoveable and quite as any sculpture in any museum, until we were released.My sonís friend pressed a balled up sponge to my lips and I opened my mouth so he could push it inside.A strip of cloth was pulled between my lips and cinched tight compacting the sponge and holding it firmly in the back of my mouth.


Then the blindfold was tied in place, and while I was aware my mom and my friend were there I could no longer see them.†† I was alone with my thoughts.I had long ago gotten use to the idea of the boys looking at, staring at, me while I was tied.I figured a big part of it was the actual tying and some innocent touching that went along with the tying.But if that were all then I would have been untied soon after I was tied.So, I knew they had to be looking at and enjoying what they saw.Every now and then, my thoughts would be interrupted, by the creaking of a chair or a muted grunt as mom or my friend would attempt to shift position just to get a little relief form the tight ropes.I donít know how much time had passed but the boys as usual came in pretending they just walked in and found the house robbed and us tied up.I could sense the boys were untying mom and my friend.After a while I heard my son tell them that they could untie me.


After several minutes of people moving around I heard my friend say to my mom, ďyou think we should untie her or notĒ?To my surprise mom replied, ďI donít know.She hasnít been tied up as long as I was. Maybe we should leave her for awhileĒ.Now as much as I enjoyed this, with ropes as tight as these you do need some relief after a time.I made a futile attempt to plead for them to untie me but all that came out was a muted whimper.The gag was a tight and as effective as it felt.Finally after being left there for several more minutes I felt someone pulling at the knots of the ropes around my chest.My blindfold was pulled off over my head and after I adjusted my eyes I could see friend moving around to untie my legs.My mom was the one working on my chest ropes.


I got a look at the clock on the kitchen wall.We had been tied up for just over an hour.They left the gag in my mouth.I managed to get a few muted grunts past the gag.My mom said, ďyou have any idea what she saidĒ?My friend replied, ďno, couldnít understand a word she saidĒ.Then they both chuckled.They were having way too much fun at my expense. But, thatís what made this OK.We all were having fun.We had all been tightly tied and gagged for over an hour, mom over an hour and a half, and yet we were joking around and having fun with everything as if this were just a normal occurrence in our lives, which in a way it was and we were apparently comfortable with that.I think that was the key.We were all comfortable with what we were doing and we trusted each other.I felt a tug on the ropes tying my legs.I looked down and my friend was undoing the ropes cinching the ropes around my upper legs.I couldnít help notice the rope marks around her wrists as she untied my legs.Now it was she who had her hand between my thighs.That was an interesting feeling.She joked, saying, ďI bet you havenít had this many peoples hands between your legs in one day beforeĒ.I let out what I hoped sounded like a disgusted snort through the gag to let her know it wasnít that funny.Finally they had me untied and I removed the gag from my mouth.†† We then fixed some coffee and sat around the table chatting like nothing had happened.Except for the occasional comment about jaws feeling like they didnít want to work right.


Since mom never asked me why I so readily played along with the boyís games I never asked her the same question, but I suspect we both knew the answer.I have one more instance to write about momís visit.And, thanks for all the kind words about my stories.







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