Den Mother Ties Herself

Well, as you all know by now, I truly enjoy being tied up and gagged.Last time I wrote of the time I asked my son to tie me up and stayed that way for several hours.I really enjoyed the experience and kept thinking about it.I wanted to try it again but school was back in session and the opportunity just wasnít there.Well, sometimes something you know probably isnít a good idea starts to sound like it is.


One day I found myself thinking, ďif I could only tie myself upĒ.Anyway, the more I thought about it the more I started to think I could actually do it.Tying my legs, gagging, and blindfolding myself shouldnít be a problem.I just needed to figure out how to tie my arms and wrists.I decided the only way of tying my arms was to just wrap lots of rope around my chest and then slip my arms under the rope.Sounded simple enough.Now all I needed was to figure out how to tie my wrists.


I kept visualizing in my mind different ways I might try to tie my hands together.I finally decided that making a loop from several turns of rope would work.Once my hands were behind my back I would pick up the rope and put my wrists through the loop.I figured if I could get both hands through the loop I could get them back out again.That was the problem.I wouldnít be, or at least feel, helpless like I would if I were really tied up.So I started to think about what else I could do, which was my second mistake.


The first was thinking I should try tying myself up.If there were some way of cinching the loops and tightening the cinch, without actually tying the rope off, it would be tight but I would still, with a little effort, be able to work the cinch loose and pull my hands out of the loops.†† Finally the light bulb went off.I decided if I folded a length of rope in half, forming a loop at one end, ran the loose end through the loop, slipped this loop over the loop of ropes for my hands after I had one hand through but before I slipped the other hand through I would have a cinch rope between my wrists.


Now, how to pull it tight.I figured I could sit on my legs with my heels resting on my rear end.If I could work the loose end of the cinch rope through the rope around my ankles, tie it off in a simple over hand knot, fall over on my side, and roll over on to my stomach I would be in a hogtie.I could then stretch my legs out a little to pull the cinch loop tight.To loosen it, I could pull my legs down to put slack in the rope connecting my wrists to my ankles and work my wrists until the cinch loosened enough to get my hands out.I could even untie the overhand knot if need be to release my legs and work my wrists until I got enough slack in the cinch rope to get loose.It all sounded so simple.


So, I was ready to give this self-tie up a try.With my husband off to work and my son off to school I had the house all to myself.†† I made sure all the doors were locked and the blinds in the bedroom drawn.Thanking ahead, that morning I had put on a pair of stockings, slipped on a pair of slacks, and wore a long sleeve cotton blouse.I wanted to have some protection from getting rope burns or long lasting rope marks.


It was around nine oíclock when I gathered up what I would need and went into the bedroom.I sat on the edge of the bed and made multiple loops of rope, finally tying the loose end around the loops to hold then together and not come undone.I put my hands behind my back and tried to get my hands through the loops.The loops werenít big enough and I couldnít work my hands through them.So I tried it again.Second time I could get both hands inside the loops but I didnít think I would be able to move my hands enough to tie the cinch rope off.Third time was the charm, as they say.My hands slipped easily inside the loops and I thought I could still move then around enough to tie off the cinch rope.


With that done I reached down and tied my ankles together and then tied my legs together just above my knees.I slipped my shoes off and drew myself up on the bed and sat on my legs with my rear end resting on my heels.This caused my thighs to flex and the rope I had tied above my knees was really biting in to me.I realized this would get real uncomfortable real quick.So, I slid back over to where I was once again sitting on the edge of the bed and retied my legs so the rope was snug but not tight.††


When I once again sat on my heels the rope around my legs felt tight but did not hurt.Next I realized I didnít have everything I needed to finish this job in easy reach.Once I had everything in a pile next to me I was ready to continue.I figured the next thing I should do was tie the rope around my chest.I wound a long piece of rope around my chest about ten times below my breasts and tied this off.I tried to slip my arms inside this rope but it was way too tight.This took about four tries to get my chest ropes where I could slip both arms inside the loops and the rope still feel snug.With my arms out the loops hung loosely around my waist.


Since I would have to have my arms inside the chest ropes when I slipped my hands through the loops I had prepared for then I would need to gag and blindfold myself next.I packed a large kitchen sponge in my mouth.I had torn off long wide strips of an old bed sheet to use as a blindfold and to tie my gag in place.I pulled one of the strips into my mouth over the sponge, tied it in a single overhand knot and cinched it tight.I could feel my cheeks bulge out and the sponge compacted in my mouth.The cloth was long enough for me to bring the ends back around and through my mouth before knotting it off behind my head.I tested my gag by trying to let out as loud a scream as I could.Nothing but a very muted monotone sound came out.


Satisfied with my gag I tied the blindfold on.Like the gag I had enough cloth to wrap around my eyes a second time before tying it off.With three wide layers of cloth tied tightly over my eyes I was sealed in total darkness.This was perfect.Before I tied the blindfold on I noticed it was almost ten oíclock.I had been at this for almost an hour.This was taking a lot longer than I thought.


Next I pulled the ropes around my waist up till they were under my breasts and slipped my arms inside them.As I started to move my arms around behind me I found I couldnít.While I had been able to slip my arms inside the ropes in front, as I moved my arms around toward my sides the rope tightened considerably.


This may not sound like a major thing.But, working in total darkness, which makes it harder to keep your balance, with a gag in your mouth, which makes your breathing more labored, suddenly everything is more difficult.I tried working one arm at a time around behind me, and that finally worked.With my arms behind me the rope was once again tight but not uncomfortable.I almost lost my balance trying to reach the loops I had prepared for my wrists and the piece of rope I would use as the cinch rope.


I worked my hands through the loops of rope.With my arms tied with the rope around my chest and with my hands behind me I didnít have as much play in the rope as I had when I tested it earlier.I thought briefly about redoing the loops but that would mean working my arms out of the chest ropes and removing my blindfold at a minimum.Thinking about how much more time that would take I decided to at least give this a try.


I was able to get the loose ends of the cinch rope together and get them between my wrists.It only took a minute to find the loop at the other end and pull the loose ends through.I used the fingers of my right hand to pull the loose ends of the rope until the cinch rope was snug around the center of the ropes around my wrists.Now all I had to do was get the loose ends through the ropes around my ankles.


At first I tried lifting my rear up off my heels but then I couldnít reach my ankles at all.It seemed like it took forever, I had to struggle to maintain my balance, and I was actually feeling exhausted, but I finally worked the loose ends through the rope around my ankles and pulled it through.†† Now I fumbled with my fingers and the loose ends of the rope trying to tie it off in a single overhand knot around itself where it connected my hands to my ankles.I felt a great deal of relief at this point.I had finally done it.Now it was time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.I fell over onto my side, stretched my upper thighs out, and rolled over onto my stomach.


You know that feeling you get when you realize something has gone terribly wrong.I now had that feeling.The cinch rope tightened around my wrist ropes just as planned.But, I had taken all the slack out of the cinch rope when I pulled the ends through my ankle ropes.My heels were almost touching my hands.I couldnít pull my feet down any further than they already were.There was no way I was ever going to get any slack in the rope to work my hands loose.


The first thing I did was try to locate the knot in the cinch rope with my wildly searching fingers.I couldnít reach it.†† I was suddenly seized by fear, which led to my panicked furious struggle to free myself, which led to everything working just as I had planned, and the loop cinching my wrist roped pulling tighter and the simple over hand knot around the cinch rope at my ankles pulling tighter so there would be no way I could undo it with my flailing fingers even if I could reach it.†† I tried to calm myself and think.I was straining to rapidly suck air in through my nose and exhale it back out again.


Trying to catch your breath after an exhausting burst of effort with a tight gag in your mouth is not an easy thing.This was the first time I had ever actually struggled to free myself when I was tied up.Once I was finally breathing normal again I tried to think what my alternatives were.I was blindfolded, gagged, and tightly hogtied.There were no alternatives.So, I again began to furiously try and work my hands in a vain effort to loosen the cinch rope between my wrists.I was now sweating, exhausted, heart pounding in my chest, and once again struggling to suck enough air in through my nose.Once I calmed down again I accepted the fact that I wasnít going to be able to free myself.I was going to be there until someone found me and untied me.Thatís when you get that cold chilling feeling, like someone just drained all the blood from you, as you realize someone is going to walk in and find you hogtied and gagged laying on your bed.†††


There were only three possibilities, my friend, my son, or my husband.I would have too much trouble explaining this to the first two.I knew my friend was out for the day and even if she wasnít she didnít have a key to the house.Even if she did come over and knock on the door, I had done too good a job gagging myself.She would never hear me.


That only left my son or my husband.My son should be home from school at 3:45pm.My husband didnít normally get home until around 6:00pm.I decided to not worry about how I would explain me being tied up and just hope things didnít deviate from the norm and it would be my son who found me.Then the next realization hit me.It had been a little after 10:00am when I finished tying myself up.If my son got home on time I would be here for over five hours.


While you are laying there with nothing else to do but think, thatís when you start to think of the things you should have thought of before getting yourself into a bind, literally in my case.†† What if someone broke in to the house?What if the house caught fire?These were events I had no control over and could do nothing about if they happened.Still I couldnít help thinking about them.


Things that normally go unnoticed suddenly take on sinister proportions.The little creeks and pops your house makes, which you normally never hear, the refrigerator, cutting on and off, a dog barking outside.When you are alone, helpless, and in the dark, those things seem to magnify themselves in your imagination.


Fortunately nothing happened.My son did come home on time.When I heard the key in the door I had a momentary feeling of panic until I heard his voice calling for me.I tried calling to him but I couldnít make a noise loud enough to be heard outside my bedroom.He finally found me and I think he momentarily panicked when he first saw me tied up.


The first thing he did was pull the gag out of my mouth.My mouth didnít want to work and my throat was bone dry but I managed to croak out that I had tied myself up and then couldnít get loose.He quickly got me untied and I just lay there relishing the sensation of being able to stretch my limbs out.My son brought me a glass of water.As I lay there trying to work the stiffness out of my limbs and the feeling back in to them I explained to him what I had done.We both agreed that it had been a bad idea to get myself tied up with no one around.I do not recommend this to anyone who is thinking of trying it.


I did however tie myself up once more.†† The next time an opportunity for an extended tie up occurred I once again asked my son if he would tie me up.He said he was curious about how I had tied myself up before.He wanted me to tie myself up again.Since he would be there to untie me I decided to humor him and tied myself up again while he watched.And, yes I managed to do just as good a job the second time as the first.He had to untie me after a couple of hours.







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