Croonford Detectives Case 27 – The Birds and The Bees









Lots of teenager talk about puberty and sex, some implied sexual activity but none since the students are underaged. If you aren’t interested, skip towards the last parts where the binding and gagging occurs.


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"Did we reach Year 10? We did, yay!!!" Chelle and Lin exclaimed together and hugged each other before they boarded the school bus. As they entered school grounds, they immediately noticed a number of boys from their year and lower years gathering in a semi-circle.


"Man, that new chick is hot," the two girl detectives heard one boy remark.


"You only think girls are hot because of their boobs," another guy added. "But wow, hers are big, bigger than any girl our year..."


"Do you lot have to have anything more serious than commenting of girls' bodies?" Lin questioned as she neared them. The boys gave her an evil look, stared at her, then left.


"Oh, this school uniform sucks! Wish I could wear normal clothes like in my high school," Lin heard the new student complain and recognised the New York accent. She extended her hand.


"Yeah, I make no excuses for the uniform but we're stuck with it. You're from New York City?


"I'm, Nat, Natalie Sang. You know American accents?" Lin explained she had lived in the States previously.


"Oh cool. I'm here on exchange. My school discovered yours and the heads thought it would be good to learn British-style education. " Nat fumbled for her bag's zip, zipper in American English. "Say, this school activities book is damn thick, can you help?"


"Sure, which class did they assign you do?" After seeing the typed note, Lin exclaimed, "That's mine! I'll introduce you to everyone."


"...and I'd like to introduce Natalie Sang, an exchange student from America. Please welcome her and help her in all the various...." Mr Lambeth, Chelle and Lin class teacher voice was cut off by the buzz school PA system.


"All students, this year's sex education lecture has shift forward to today. Year 8s will attend it after lunch break, Year 9s at 11:30 and Year 10s at 10:30...." The whole classroom groaned and Lambeth took time to quietened them down.


"Sex education lecture?!" One male student exclaimed. "Isn't that too old for us?"


"You know the school, they plan everything for us regardless of age," another classmate remarked.


"Don't worry, we'll ask the typical questions," a third guy added.


The girls walked away from the guys with Nat also chatting about the incoming talk.

"We get in in odd years back in my high school," she sounded annoyed.


"Don't worry; it's nothing much," Chelle recalled the talks from previous years.


"You actually can sleep through it," Lin smiled.


The speaker was a different person this year. A lady named Lucinda Bearson was present and her presentation took just fifteen-minutes with loads of pictures. She spent the remaining time opening the floor to questions. While some students did slouch back or even sleep, others did ask questions. Boys asked lewd questions such as 'what is a hard on?' 'What is a blowjob?' Somme guy actually asked how IUDs could actually fit inside a uterus, causing his friends to laugh. Girls did ask similar questions but some did ask serious questions such as body image, sexual orientation and some dared asking about birth control products.


"Thought that going to be boring as you said; it was quite the opposite," Nat remarked. Lin was about to answer until she spotted Reinhard. Excusing herself, she headed over to Reinhard who looked glum and asked why.


"My father's filling the house with his drinking pals and there'll be too much noise interrupting my studies," he explained.


"Come over to my place then," Lin offered and Reinhard paused before accepting the offer.


"Who was that?" Nat wondered and got the answer.


"Your boyfriend?! Isn't he a little too short for you?"


"I don't judge some guys by their heights,” Lin explained. "He's a really skilled and helpful guy."


Nat found the maths class a little tougher than hers across the pond and was glad it was lunch break. The topic was not their maths class but the morning sex education talk.


"Typical boys asking such vulgar questions and they already answers to," Heather remarked. Lin agreed.


"Well, you have boyfriend now," Julia, one of the few Black girls in Year 10 pointed out. Lin hadn't advertised her relationship to others except Julia whom she was close with. She just murmured in response.


"What about you and Mark, Chelle?" Hattie, her classmate asked and Chelle answered the rugby player was a gentleman and there was never crude talk.


"I like the answer Madame Bearson above our bodies. I'm indeed confident of mine," Heather continued the topic.


"You're confident because you got a C cup," Hattie smirked.


"I’m a C as well," Lin added and they all laughed.


As the students headed to their various classes, Bethan quickly ran up to Jenn.

"Hey, something wrong? You were quiet throughout the lunch conversation."


"I was eating my sandwich."


"No, you were staring away and look away."


"Oh, you've caught the vibe. Can we catch up lit class?"


Meanwhile, Chelle invited Mark over to her house that evening, stating she had it all to herself.




After a long Lit class, Jenn pulled Bethan to a corner, checking first if there was anyone in earshot then explained.


"Ignoring the body image stuff, I'm not keen on the sexuality, the sexual orientation stuff. I mean I don't think I'm...heterosexual," Jenn had a painful expression.


"So, you're...a lesbian?" Jenn yanked Bethan closer despite that no one else was nearby.


"I'm not certain. I'm not one to date boys right now and..."


"Jenn, don't worry, you're not alone. There are other homosexual couples in the school and... I’m…bi," Bethan smiled.


"You are?!"


"Sure, we can go out together. It'll be fun."


That afternoon, Reinhard arrived at Lin's residence having shaved twice and applied deodorant. "Hey," Lin smiled and gave him a light hug. "The living and study rooms are under refurbishing by my mother. Why don't you come up to my room; there's enough space for two to complete our homework."


To her room?! I must be a lucky guy to get the opportunity enter a beautiful and clever girl's bedroom. Inside he found posters, not of male models or music groups but of chemistry formulas, physics equations, natural and human biology pictures. There was a makeup vanity with dozens of lipsticks and perfumes he couldn't identify.


"My study table is here," she interrupted him. "You can start first; got to head to the toilet." Reinhard started to unzip his bag but surmising her bathroom door was sound-proof, he tip-toed over to what he guessed was her clothes cabinet. Which shelf, which shelf, he wondered with his heart racing. He pulled open the second shelf and smiled as he found what he wished: Lin's underwear drawer. Inside, were around ten knickers arranged neatly on one side while more than that number of bras were arranged on the other side. Some of her knickers were white or cream-coloured while the majority were purple. There more bikini-style knickers than classic ones. Her bras were similar; there were several white or skin-tone ones all normal kind, The rest, mostly purple, were all various types: strapless, T-shirt, demi-cup, V-neck, sports, halter and other kinds he couldn't identify. Reinhard reached forward and was about to hold up one of her bras when an alarm rang.


"Interested in my underwear?" Lin exited her toilet, pointing to her watch. "It's an alarm that I build inside my drawers. I deactivated the motion sensor but there's the small CCTV. It's linked to my watch."


"I..I..." Reinhard turn red in deeply with embarrassment.


"No harm, no crime," Lin smiled and patted her boyfriend. He relaxed a bit, still feeling guilty.


"Can…can I ask a question?" She nodded.


"Do you actually attach the identification chip you made to your bras?


Lin smiled again. "I don't know about the other girls but yes I do. It takes a while to sew them to the cup and I do ensure I'm wearing a bra that has the chip attached. It helps being a girl. Any other questions?"


Reinhard had one other burning one and wondered if she would slap him if he asked. He blurted it out and to his surprise all she did was to laugh and then whisper the number '32C' shocking him.


"You know, one day you might find me trussed up and gagged in my bra and undies," she joked but he didn't respond. Lin then leaned forced to kiss him on his lips but he shook his head. "I'm not ready for that."


Ok, let's do our homework now."


Mark came over to Chelle's place in the evening. They finished up their home fast and too tired to cook, they ordered an Indian takeaway. As they ate, Chelle thought: I have such a lovely boyfriend - he's a leading rugby player and very muscular guy who really can rescue during any of the detective activities. Dinner over, Chelle immediately grabbed Mark and brought him to her bedroom, immediately switching on her CD player. Both of them started dancing to Jamiroquai's songs. They were dancing wild until Mark looked at the clock and noted it was time for him to head home. However, there was a long engaged tone when he tried to call a taxi. That same response came when he tried other companies.


"Oh look," Chelle showed a news clip on her phone. "The news reports that the storm outside has disabled the phone signals."


"Darn, I better head to the bus stop then," Mark yawned.


"Mark, don't go out in such weather. Are you tired?" He explained he had a strenuous rugby game yesterday and his back was aching a bit. He started to sit down but she told him to lie down on her bed. He indeed did and she started massaging his back. More than 30 minutes later, Chelle had turned face-to-face and they were locked in a passionate embrace deeply kissing each other on their lips. They stay like this for the rest of the late evening but what the pair did not suspect what their actions were photographed by a long-range camera. The couple fell asleep back-to-back but just before midnight, the phone lines were restored and after one deeply kiss on her lips, Mark left.


"He won't let me kiss him on the lips," Lin told Chelle the next day during their short break.


"You really picked a challenging boyfriend." She replied. "He really touched one of your bras? Cheeky fellow. Give him...."


"Hey Lin! Thanks for informing about the drama club! They immediately made me a member after one try out!" Nat Sang interrupted. "Say, that shopping trip you suggested, we can meet up this Saturday."


The teen detectives, including the newest member Richard, congregated at their usual headquarters that weekend. Scanning the local and regional news as well as chatter amongst their friends, they found nothing to investigate. Breaking up early, Lin went to meet Nat while Jenn headed to meet Bethan for her first date.


"What exactly do I do?" Jenn asked.


"Oh, just hold my hand, hug and kiss me." Jenn wasn't sure about immediately hugging and kissing so lightly held her new girlfriend' hand. She was thankful that Bethan chose a part of Birmingham the other school students frequented. They saw a musical, walk throughout stores that sell props for their drama club. Meanwhile, across the city Nat was more than pleased with the results of her shopping trip with Lin.


"Oh man, I've always thought British fashion was bland, dull," This, she lifted up her shopping bags, "now really changes my view."


"I believe that America fashion has just a notch over..." Lin's eyes narrowed. " See those guys over there? They've been following us since the last half hour." Lin quickly got her into a crowded area.


"I didn't notice. It's your detective work, right? Real life Hardy Boys and Nancy Drews?"


Lin laughed. "We don't match ourselves to fictional teen detectives but yes, we look out for the peculiar." Nat asked if she was ever bound and gagged.


"Oh, too many times, same with the other girls. For some unknown reasons, the boys never get such treatment." Scanning the crowd, Lin didn't see the men but suggested they return home.


Chelle was amazed how quickly this exchange student grew close to Lin. She saw them chatting, learning that Nat was also a single child.  Both girls could chat about American lifestyle and Lin was helping her with to adjust with the British school syllabus. Jenn was still unsure whether chatting she made the right choice being a lesbian. She was actually shocked to learn that Bethan was a bisexual and was glad that was no other boy in her friend’s life. In another class, Reinhard was again feeling guilty from his childish act. Maybe I should try to please her. Another meal out? But we’ve ate out many times, he recalled. Sports? She's always faster.  Lin's birthday is coming up, darn, he then recalled. What can I get her? After handing in his class work and ensuring that his teacher wasn't looking, he doodled on his foolscap paper and came back to one word: dress.


"Yeah, I can associate with Nat well, are you jealous of my friendship with her?"


"No, well..." Lin interrupted Chelle as she pointed. "Those men again!" She crossed the street but they disappeared.


"You sure they were the same?" Lin nodded. "Maybe ask Nat if she had any conflicts or problems previously."


Dress, what sort of dress to dress get her? Reinhard wondered after school. He looked through the web but there were too many to choose from. He suddenly realised he was missing the most crucial element: her dress size. How would he know it? He couldn't ask her that directly, he could ask the other girls but he then thought they might not know and the surprise would be given away. I'll have work that out myself, he sighed. I do know her cup size.


Chelle and Lin caught up with Nat and queried her. "Well of course every schoolgirl has their problems. I was bullied much cause of my fast growing boobs," she gestured to hers. "I had a short relationship at Seventh Grade but we broke up amicably."


"Any family problems?" Chelle asked.


"None, in fact Dad may be coming here. He's going to be Economic Secretary at the embassy in London or something of that sort. Any other questions?"


The pair told her to watch out for anyone or group unusual call the police or inform them if she was in danger. Meanwhile, Jenn received an invite for a sleepover at Bethan's. "What's going to happen?" The last sleepover Jenn participated in was when she was ten and the noise made her promise never to partake in such activity again.


"Oh, just mostly personal chatter." That was mostly the truth, they talked about, debate, drama life and then it was just past 11 pm. Holding her girlfriend's hand, Jenn found herself inside Bethan's bedroom. "I'll change out into my pyjamas," she said then noticed Bethan taking off her clothes.


"Jenn, we're a couple now. Pyjamas?! Down to your undies honey. I've turned up the heater."


Jenn protested several times but soon undressed down to her white underwear which was a stark contrast to Bethan's black bra and pink skimpy knickers. Quickly, Jenn was pulled under Bethan's duvet and they were cuddling each other. Suddenly, Jenn felt a peck on her lips, then a long kiss then a deep kiss. Jenn wanted to say stop but Bethan was enjoying herself way too much, already feeling an orgasm. Trapped in a new dimension, Jenn submitted herself until she too felt sensations between her legs, feelings she never felt before. It lasted nearly fifty minutes until both girls slumped down. What on earth have I committed myself to? Jenn wailed silently.


As morning dawned and the new couple slept, Lin and Nat were out shopping again, this time for hosiery. Instead of heading to Brum, Lin too her new friend to a shopping area that just opened in Croonford. They had finished shopping but just as they were about to return, Nat spotted an American cafe that she wanted to try. Lin didn't recall such a place existed but followed her in. After a few sips of a copycat of That's every day coffee, Nat excused herself to the loo. Lin patiently waited, but after half an hour, there was no sight of the new girl. Paying for the coffee, Lin grabbed their purchases and headed in the direction of the toilets.


Instead, she found the doors to both male and female loos with signs reading 'Under Repair'. Nat?" She still knocked on the female toilet door. "Are you there?"


"Can't read a sign, babe?"


Lin turned and saw a dark-skinned man wearing dark clothing,


"Hey, have a black-haired 5'6 tall girl?" Lin briefly described Nat.


"No, sweetheart ain't no one else here. But you look hot."


Lin, disgusted with that comment, turned back, but two more men suddenly emerged, blocked her path. She immediately tried to push her way through but the men were far stronger. She immediately recognised them as the men she spotted following her and Nat.


"Ain't no way out Lin Ling," the dark-skinned man announced with a US East Coast accent. "Yeah, we've read up about you."


"Ya hot," said one of the pair, with a particular New York accent.


"Yeah, Chink girls here are hot," the other commented. Lin attempted to kick him but he was faster. catching her leg and Lin fell on the ground, the contents of her shopping bags scattering all over.


"Ooh, yeah, ninja gal. Well, you want to see ya big tits friend, follow us." Lin was roughly locked in an arm lock with a large gloved-hand covering her lips.


Lin was half-marched, half-dragged into a darkened area.


“Now,” the first man ordered, “strip Miss Chan.”


With the tranquillizer gun aimed steadily at her, the East Asian student reluctantly took off her coat and jumper, slowly worked the buttons of her blouse. It felt silently to the ground revealing her 32C breasts supported by her bra cups. With the other thugs now drawing small knives, she grimaced and unclipped her maroon skirt.


"Hose, too or is it tights here," the trio laughed.


As Lin was forced to undress, her boyfriend was shopping for a dress still trying to guess her size. He looked through the various shops and settled on Next heading immediately heading to the women's section.


"Aren't you in the wrong section son?" A shop assistant called, making him turn red.


"I'm…uhm looking for some dress for my girlfriend. “He shivered.


"Of course, we have them," a female salesgirl approached, shooing away her colleague and guiding him further in.


Looking at the price range, he asked if there were any cheaper sets.


"Oh, here. Do you need help with the size? Here you go," Reinhard was thankful for the size chart.


As he was looking at the dresses and imagining Lin's dress size, the girl detective was now face down on the ground just in her black bra and purple knickers. Her hands were tightly bound behind her back with two sets of cable ties. Another set of cable ties bound her elbows together, keeping her arms straight. Similar sets of cables bound her knees and her ankles. She was naturally gagged with something thick her mouth and tied behind her head, further sealed with two long strips of black duct tape.


"Want to try kicking me now gal?" American Thug #1 mocked. Lin tried to give an angry scream but this gag really muffled it.


The other thug reached down and snapped Lin's bra causing her to produce a muffled curse. He was about the touch her when the dark-skinned man announced, "ok, let's go to our target."


Once Lin no longer heard their footsteps, she naturally twisted, not struggled as ties would cut further into her skin. In most other cases, she might be able to twist and turn to reach any of her gadgets but now semi-naked there was nothing to access. Lifting her head, she couldn't see any of her clothes in sight and only darkness. The floor and room air were ultimately chilly. There was only one hope: to turn her fingers and reach her watch. Usually, it might contain the watch cutter but it now contained a signal device that could be sent to the mobile phones of the other detectives, if they were in range.


Reinhard took just over half an hour before picking the dress which he though fit Lin's size. It was purple, her favourite colour, strapped, slight V-neck but he thought it wouldn't be too revealing for his taste and the dress length seem appropriate. "That's a good choice," the salesgirl commented. It cost him nearly all of his monthly allowance. It should be worth it, he thought.


Just as he exited the store into the street, his phone buzzed. It was an unstated number but the message jolted him. "HELP ME, LIN." Immediately, he pulled out his phone and texted her back received no response. Activating the identification App she made, his heart leapt as her signal came around 200 metres north-east of him. I'm coming, he called silently, rushing in that direction nearly knocking into a pedestrian and nearly gets hit by a car. Reinhard finally reached the cafe and found a close sign. Typical he thought, rushing around to the back but finding a tall rusty fence with spikes. There was no clear sign of a gate, so he threw his whole weight against it and it broke on the second try.


Lin's signal grew closer after he navigated a narrow corridor and gasped as he saw her undressed state. After peeling off the tape, he found that the stuffing was a pair of tights.


"Yucks," he remarked both from the fact they were soggy and that she was gagged with such intimate lingerie.


"Hi..." Lin woke up. "I... think they're clean." As she was finally freed, she rubbed her bare skin and he quickly draped his coat over her.


"They…have Nat." With her hugging him to gain warmth, the quickly found her. Nat was also stripped to her black underwear, similarly gagged. She was trussed up in a tight hogtie tie while the three goons were filming her struggling and making comments constantly stating 'Mr Sang.'


"Oh, you got free," the dark-skinned guy growled, pointing his tranquilliser gun at them.


"Police! Drop your weapon now!"


The man turned towards the sound and Reinhard, risking it, ran forward and kicked him.


"Alright, that was too brave a move," Detective Sergeant (DS) Bluebell Ransom remarked as other Police Constables (PC) rushed in, handcuffing the thugs and freeing the exchange student. "Oh, get her some clothes, quickly," she told the PC next to her.


"Well, you did find me trussed up in my bra and knickers," Lin joked. She was now wearing oversized police T-shirt and slacks. They had found her clothes but the goons had dumped them in a rubbish bin. Reinhard was treated for light bruises caused from barging through the fence while Lin had cuts from the cable ties.


"That was an interesting device," Reinhard changed the subject as he sat next to her on the ambulance.


"Yeah, it was short-range. Thankfully you were nearby. What were you up to?" He reached into his backpack, hoping the box wasn't crushed. "Early happy birthday."

She responded by giving him a kiss on his cheek.


Jenn was still in a trace after sleeping with Bethan. Quickly dressed but her knickers still damp, she faced her friend and taking a long a long sip of tea, she announced, "I can't continue this Bethan. I don't think I am a lesbian anymore."


"Did I take it too fast? Are you now heterosexual?"


"I don't know. Sorry." She got up and returned home lying to her mother she was studying late with a friend before locking herself in her room.


As post cases go, Lin and Reinhard spent time with DS Ransom. The three thugs were hired by a rival of Nat's father and were humiliating him and his daughter by sending live video to his phone as well as telling what they knew about his shady business deals. The live feed could not be cut but Mr. Sang managed to contact the local police department which in turn contacted Croonford police. The American coffee shop was commandeered by the goons and were expecting Nat to enter it. Her coffee was laced with a diuretic. "I don't think Dad will be posted to London now," Nat told Lin over normal coffee and also said her exchange programme was extended.


The East Asian girl excused herself and headed home where Reinhard waited. "Oh, it looks so lovely!" She exclaimed as she opened the gift. Avoiding any mischievous act, he waited patiently as she changed into it.


"It's a little big," she commented as she emerged from the bathroom. "Size 8?! I'm a 6."


"Oh," was his only response, feeling way disappointed.


"Don't feel terrible. Look it can be returned and exchanged." She again leaned forward and attempted to kiss him on the lips.


"Sorry, I'm just not ready for that."


"Why not?"


"I just don't think I'm at that stage."


It certainly is a challenge dating him, she sighed, "Ok, let's grab food, my treat."


Michelle, Lin Ling, Jennifer, Mark and Richard will return in 'Scottish Fling'.








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