Croonford Girls Detective Case 10: Time and Tide… Wait for no Woman







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Author's note: I am not an expert regarding how Caller ID spoofing works or its technology so apologies for any errors.


Summers' residence
After the last case


"Michelle," Mrs Margaret Summers started in her stern tone, "I want you to tone down, no stop all your detective activities."


Michelle Summers immediately noted her mum used her full name instead of the usual Mich as well as her tone. "Mum, I, no we just solved a huge incident," Michelle decided not to use the word 'case' "where students were mysteriously gassed making fall asleep and affecting their exam results." Chelle summarised more what happened earlier.


"I understand you lot broken lots of school rules and lied to us parents to stay overnight in the school. Furthermore, you lost a school uniform and nearly got attacked by termites."


"For the first, I apologise for the ruse but it was a wild but accurate guess. The second is regarding a feud from some Cat-suit person. I didn't lose my uniform; she took it off me and I'll pay for the uniform..."


"I've heard enough," Mrs Summers interrupted then pondered.


"Am I grounded mum?" Chelle tried hard not to show her displeasure after the detective cases she, Linn and Jenn had solved.


"No more of your nonsense. Be home after school here unless you have approved-school activities. Keep me informed of where you are daily," this was too restrictive even if it wasn't a grounding, Chelle groaned silently. "I..." the house telephone rang and with a curt 'we'll discuss this further' Chelle was excused.


Closing the door to her room, heaving a sigh of relief that it wasn't a grounding but tears still flowed. It's still unfair mum you don't understand what we've achieved as detectives. Please don't make me shut the whole team down, please don't make me shut this great teen detective team down....


The buzzing of her mobile interrupted her silent crying. The number was not on her contacts and Chelle immediately suspected who it was but still answered.


"What the hell you want Cat!" She yelled.


"Oh, just wondering if you're ok after being denied any more detective play stuff by your mother," the muffled voiced answered.


"How the hell did you..."


"Hey Chelle, it's not just your Hongkie friend who knows how to use a parabolic microphone," the Cat taunted. Chelle immediately scanned out her window but there was no one as far as she could see. She wanted to run to the opposite room but that might attract her mum's attention.


"One, Lin is a Malaysian-Hongkonger, two why don't you cut your own childish play, speak with your proper voice and face me without your idiotic mask!" Chelle retorted.


"Oooh, trying to be tough. But I've some challenges for you first..."


"You come out of your hiding and stop all your pranks and..." Chelle shot back.


"Then perhaps you should look at your clothes line," the Cat fired back and ended the call. Just then, Michelle heard her mum yell and followed the cry, finding the household laundry stained with streaks of different colours of paint and rubbish. "Some silly prankster dumped all this over the washing! Look at my newly-bought dress!" Chelle immediately knew what occurred but helped her bring in the spoilt clothes. They both spent time hand-cleaning the clothes until Chelle's phone buzzed again. Her mother accepted her excuse it was a school mate discussing a project so Chelle ran back up and closed her room door.


"You bitch! I'm going to get you for cleaning the destroying our laundry!"


"Ooh, swear word. Does your mother know? You can't trace these numbers, not even Lin," came the arrogant tone. Chelle saw the number was different from the first one and initially decided to block both but decide to keep to show Lin.


"I'm done talking..." She retorted back.


"If you don't accept my challenges, things will be worse for your family than spoilt clothes," the Cat replied.


"Go to hell!" Chelle spat.


Her mum knocked and asked what the shouting was about and Chelle gave a plausible excuse her school mate intentionally did not perform her part for the project. She messages her fellow detectives what transpired then re-read through her finished homework. Suddenly a WhatsApp message along with an audio file came. "Hel..." Chelle heard a familiar cry on the file and saw the number was yet another new number.


'I believe you can find your sis all nicely trussed up and silenced behind the Old Smokey' That message was accompanied by an emoji of a cat. Fuming, Chelle tried to reply but got 'This number is now cancelled.' Still filled with rage, Chelle informed her mother Kate needed help at school with her maths studies. "Take the straight road to school, help Catherine and both of you back here promptly." Chelle acknowledged and instead of catching a bus, she hailed a taxi. Thankfully, it took the same route towards the school and she waved off the change when the pub appeared in sight. Trying to ignore the foul stench from the rubbish, she kept calling her sister's name until she heard the same cries, albeit more muffled.


Kate was behind a wooden door which took much effort to open. She was in her school uniform which was crumpled. Kate was through bound with scarfs binding her wrists behind her back, elbows, knees and ankles. Her own scarf was tightly wrapped her lower jaw, explaining the muffled cries.


Chelle immediately untied and removed these bonds and gag. "M..Mich, thank goodness!" She explained how two cat-suit figures were asking for donations for an animal charity, however, just she was about to drop the money, they wrapped her in a large sack and the next thing she knew she found herself here. "I tried to get loose but it was so tight, oh Mich," Kate started crying for the first time in ages and Chelle consoled her. "Look, I'll take you back home," She added but was informed Kate had a weekend music society meeting. Still fuming what happened to her sister, Chelle sat just outside the school and her phone rang again.


Girl Detectives’ meeting place
Around the same time


"The Cat is directly harassing Chelle," Jenn noted, reading the message as she crossed her jeans-clad legs together.


"And her mum is stopping her from participating in our detective work," Lin noted, pressing her skirt-covered knees together. "Looks like our nemesis is spoofing." Jenn raised her eyebrows then Lin explained. "A person can call others many times with different Caller IDs appearing; it's nothing new Paris Hilton made such calls before."


Jenn didn't know much about that American media personality but naturally asked one can start spoofing. Lin ruffled through a large book before stating it could be through Voice over IP or VoIP, including open-source software. A second tool is using a prepaid SIM card - buyers can pay for a PIN then dial the prepaid number, the PIN, the number they want to call and the number they wish to appear as the caller ID. With this, the recipient will receive a spoofed number chosen by the caller.


"That one's sounds pretty simple," Jenn commented.


"Then there's the 'Orange Box.' It’s a software or hardware that can generate an audio signal working to display Caller IDs that look like bank or government number. The Orange Box method can't always spoof Caller IDs so it may be used in conjunction with a 'Magenta box' which simulate an incoming call that quite definitely spoofs," Jenn concluded.


"Right, we have that box she dropped outside our HQ after the weird dream case, the number she sent to our phones after the bullies and corrupt MP case and the recent news she paralysed Chelle and this," Jenn summarised. "Let's…oh darn, the Internet here has trip again. Shall we head back to our homes?"


"She or her accomplices may follow and harass us," Lin pointed out. "I've bought a cheap but reliable CCTV camera that can send the video to our phones or a video here and it has its own battery. Let me set it up then we can adjourn to my place - it's nearer. I hope Chelle is alright."


Meanwhile, Chelle seethed after the Cat's call ended. The villainess threatened to block and deposits or withdrawals from her mother's bank account unless Chelle retrieved something for her. Specifically, Chelle had to enter Moorly School's library, retrieve an antique document behind a painting and drop it off at an abandon site before 6pm that day. Chelle wanted to call the Cat's bluff until the later stated the name of her mum's bank and the branch. Chelle still silently want to refuse but the thought of her mum not able to retrieve any money urge her otherwise.


After telling Kate to stay at home and ignore any weird phone calls, Chelle quickly planned how to perform the near impossible. Moorly, that rival school she and other girls faced in the QuizWhizz competiton. Chelle personally disliked the name. A task is a task but how when she barred from 'any detective activities?' Suddenly, she remembered her mum had gym class this afternoon. No sooner, her mum called and again warned her oldest daughter not to seek any silly adventure while she was gone. Chelle looked at her room clock and ten minute later, she wore light trainers and dark clothes, slipping out the back door. Instead of a taxi or bus, Chelle decided to ride her bike.


Chelle's bike was squeaky and she hadn't ridden it for several years but within another fifteen minutes, she reached that school. This is the easy part, Chelle thought, but how the hell am I going to enter this rival school? Suddenly, she spotted girls in skimpy sports uniforms practicing hockey and netball. If they follow same school rules - all students had to wear school or half school uniforms into school premises before changing in respective sportswear - there should be school uniforms in the girls changing rooms. Examining the school gate, Chelle found that it could only be opened by a school card thus gritted her teeth and climbed the lowest part of the fence, thankful that her clothes weren't torn or skin not scratched. Keeping to the shadows, she again turned to the sports arena to judge where the changing room was. Bingo! She entered and her guess was almost correct - instead of normal blouses, there were many house T-shirts hung on various hooks. Chelle quickly searched and finally a shirt her size. Luckily, she wore a normal bra, although the colour wasn't pure white. The skirt below was a little tight on her waist but I'll get the Cat for this, she thought. There were discarded non-sport trainers and socks but Chelle didn't want to wear someone else's dirty socks and thought her own footwear would fit regulations.


Suddenly, she heard a voice and quickly darted to a side door and found herself in the cleaner's room. Trying to be as silent as possible, she pressed her body against and waited.


"Damn, I thought I stretched both my legs well before practice. Worse, team members injured usually sit on the benches but darn coach humiliated me by telling me to sit off...hey!!!" Chelle heard the squeal. The next line was quite expected.


"Hey! Who took my uniform! This crap, first a really cramp left leg, now missing school clothes! I can't go home in public in this short netball uniform...hey is this a prank?! Hello, I've got no time for this; my leg is so sore. Jess, Jo, Jude, is it you girls? Hello? Hello? Or is it the boys? He..." The voice stopped and Chelle wondered if the student had left. No, she's injured...just then Chelle heard footsteps close in on the room. "Alright, I spotted the shoe prints! Come on out, come on out!" The girl shouted. Then she yanked the door twice hard and entered.


"Where's my uniform? Stop this crap and...ow!" Chelle emerged out of the dark corner and tackled the sweaty and injured netballer with all her might, pushing the girl flat down on the ground.


"What the...mmmph!" Chelle hand shot over the girl's lips, effectively hand gagging her. Pushing the struggling student down with all her weight, she immediately recalled Lin's performing her taekwondo moves on her own school bullies and struck the girl's neck. Instead of more muffled cries, there was a soft moan. Chelle released her body and immediately checked the girl's pulse. Her heart is still beating but she's definitely unconscious. Spying a towel, Chelle wrapped it around the netballer's eyes but decided not to gag or bind her in case of suffocating or exacerbating her injuries. I still can't leave her on the ground she mused so with all her might, she dragged the unconscious and blindfolded student back into the cleaner's room, re-checked her and straightened her injured leg. "Sorry Clare," She read the student's name printed on her uniform and silently mouth those words, closing and locking the door.


It's 3pm and I've lost so much time, Chelle moaned silently. Adjusting her 'borrowed’ uniform and re-tying her hair, she entered the main school building which was a maze. Thankfully, there were general directions and waving the school ID card she had taken from Clare's purse, the elderly librarian nodded told her to leave her bag in the lockers and she entered the gigantic library. It was just as confusing as the school building but a natural guess brought her to the back of directions the place and she found the painting her nemesis described on the call. As with all paintings, it was secured to the wall. Chelle closely examined the hooks and saw discovered there were some loose parts but others still secured. She weighed using the laser pen Lin invented to cut away the secured hooks but quickly thought any damage would prevent her from placing the painting back. Lucky, I still have my winter gloves with me, she extracted them, then scolded herself for not using when hiding Clare.


Again, using her full strength, she tugged several times and the painting came off, hitting the floor with an audible sound. She tensed, waiting for the librarians or students to walk in and catch her. This thankfully didn't occur so she slowly turned the painting over. Moving her gloved hands, she heard a faint click and the right corner on the board snapped open. As stated, there was an old parchment underneath with old English cursive text scribbled all over and a very faint diagram on the lower part. She immediate snapped many pictures of the parchment, then carefully checked for any barcodes, folded it carefully into her borrowed skirt pocket. She heaved the painting up and it again took several tries before the painting hung back in place.


"You spent little time back there," the librarian remarked as Chelle passed by her desk. "Don't you students spend at least over an hour back there?"


Chelle just answered that she found which books she needed but the librarian queried why she wasn't carrying any books but Chelle countered she just was reading. "Oh, maybe you should head back and read," was the reply.


"Er. Madame Harris,” she read the name tag, "I need to head home, there's a family emergency," she held up here phone.


"Oh dear, run along, Miss?"


"Clare Smith," Chelle thanked her but was reminded to leave her phone in the locker as per regulations. Chelle walked normally out, retrieved her bag then dashed out. As she had the netballer's card, she exited via the school gate but as she retrieved her bike, yells were heard. Rats, I've been caught and really a thief, she thought and quickly cycled as fast as she could. Covering several blocks, Chelle swerved to a bush-covered side lane and turned. She stopped panting after noting no one had followed her. Gosh that was...crap, I've less than half an hour left, she glanced at here watch. She cycled as fast as her legs could manage and finally neared the abandoned site. Wait, there could a trap set up. She examined the site but not sound or soul was heard or spotted. Again, she snapped pictures of the vicinity then again noticing her watch's minute hand shifting closer to the time her mum would return she cycled wildly back, not before stopping behind a store to dump the stolen uniform. "Where did you go?" Kate rushed down to meet her sweaty sister.


"Sssh, Is mum back?"


The answer came as her mother’s car drove into the garage. Phew, made it just in time, but the Moorly students or staff probably spotted. Damn this Cat-girl, Chelle thought, I'm going to get you!


On the bus to school


"You did what?!" Lin exclaimed after hearing her classmate's weekend escapade. "You're not just a teen detective but a liar to your mum, assaulting another schoolgirl and actually stealing school uniforms and property."


Chelle could nod but added, "And then my mum did say her credit card didn't work at the gym and only did a call to the bank's helpline reset the card. I'm really going to get back at this..." she used a common expletive.


"Someone said 'bitch?'" Another student called but was silenced with Lin' glare. "Well as I said," she told Chelle, "you might be in hot water. They might have caught you on CCTV..."


Chelle started swearing again softer this time then changed the subject, asking what her fellow detectives learnt. Lin summarised what she and Jenn suspected and they narrowed it down to either a VoIP or Orange Box creating the various calls coming from their villainess. As they entered the school grounds, they met up with their fellow detectives and Lin and Jenn decided to find out who bought such devices recently. "It's going to be a tough one given these technologies aren't immediately found in the nearest electronics stores. But we'll scanned all such shops near and the immediate region..."


"And still work on that box the Cat sent," Jenn concluded. Chelle was about to add a comment when she spotted a familiar face, excused herself ran and hugged Mark Cadvish, love feeling her boobs pressing against his muscular torso. He naturally greeted her then remarked she was slightly shaking, just like when she came to watch his rugby game. After hearing her story, he comforted her, tell her she had little choice. "Maybe I can help you lot. This detective stuff sounds fun..."


The ringing of the school bell interrupted their conversation and they departed with Mark lightly kissing her hand, drawing cries of 'oohs' and 'aaahs' from other students. The girls agreed to meet up again at lunch via WhatsApp and Lin picked at the oily Pad Thai while Chelle took bites of her Cornish pastry. "So, you want your boyfriend to join our club?" Lin asked.


"He's...not my boyfriend," she countered.


"Oh, come on, you showed me pictures of him last time and I saw you hugging him this morning," Lin playfully slapped her classmate, then got serious. "Yeah, we could use some brawns and since you denied our detective activities, he'll be a replacement." Chelle bristled at the last word but agreed, stating he could watch their backs while they check out the stores. "Where's Jenn by the way?"


"So..rry," they saw Jenn holding half a chicken panini in her mouth. "Just got into my first strange fight with Molly. She claimed she owed her money for drama club props. "Can you believe it, she actually tickled me in response." Her friends raised their eyebrows at that childish act from Jenn's close friend. Jenn changed subject, saying she had strong suspicions where the box the Cat left after the weird dreams case. "There's a store near our HQ which sells boxes that look closely like that, let's check it out after school." Lin recounted about Mark joining them and the shorter girl detective just nodded, still wondering about the tussle earlier.


"So, you really like Chelle?" Lin asked Mark as they rode on a bus to the shop Jenn mentioned at lunch. He confidently replied he liked her due to the great results of her, not your detective work. He added Chelle appeared academically and street smart. "Do you love her?" She smiled.


"Well, we just recently met," Was his truthful reply.


"Oh, come on, you two do make a good match. Jenn what you think? Jenn?" Jenn was still lost in thoughts and only mumbled a reply. She really was on the fence regarding relationships at a young teenage year.


"Good day lasses and lad, what can I ge yer all?" The middle-aged store keeper with knight tattooed on her right arm. Jenn showed her pictures of the box on her mobile. "Yer, it's gone. I sold it to a girl a few months back." Jenn asked about the girl hoping to hear it was the Cat. "Can't really remember, 'bout 5'6, red hair, was wearing a black hat, oh had a watch with a cat emblem. Why? Want to see a similar box?" The girls nodded and the box produced was roughly similar but the opening was at the bottom. "It's £11.50 but I'll ask for only a tenner. You doing a magic show?" Lin remarked they'll re-consider and they left.


"I don't think that fits the description of the cat," she remarked recalling the figure from last Halloween.


"It fits that of Molly," Jenn added but the others missed her description as Lin asked Mark if there was anyone looking peculiar in the vicinity. "Well, the elderly lady in her electronic wheelchair appears as she is, the male jogger and his cat just passed and didn't even turn towards us. And that couple both are wearing sunglasses but the sun is shining in their direction. We should be fine. Do I pass as a teen detective? Do I get you fancy gadgets?" He replied.


The Malaysian-Hongkonger laughed. "Yeah, I can get you what we all have been using. Well, I still need to repair and recreate stuff damaged across the previous cases. And you can't wear these," she pointed to the radio earrings. "Let's go to the nearest tech shop and find if they sold any spoofing devices. Watch our backs, Mark."


Chelle still seethed at her 'stay at home after school unless you have school activities' order but didn't want to upset her mother further. She wished her dad was around and not always travelling abroad almost every other day. He still never explicitly told her or his family members what exactly he did. "Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, often seconded to other ministries," was his usual reply and would never answer other questions. Her mum never questioned his lack of presence at home, so long as there was money flowing and apparently invisible love given.


Chelle naturally shook her head as she finished the last of her daily homework. She saw the joint update from Lin and Jenn. Dead end one but at least her heartthrob was joining the group. Chelle felt feelings she never felt before and had to drink two glasses of cold water to calm herself down. The messages from her friends suddenly reminded her of the pictures she took of the parchment and the drop-off point. The other girls had copies but Chelle decided took look through them once again. The cursive words still made no sense to her despite her interest in the writing. She expanded the lower portion and brought up a picture of Croonford on her desktop and tried to find any similar, nothing came up. She changed to include the nearby region but again nothing matched. Maybe, Hattie might help out, she thought, after all she uses Photoshop and computer programmes to match images to form art pieces. She composed an email to her classmate, attaching the pictures of the parchment but excluding information of where she found it.


Just outside Croonford


"No, we haven't sold any VoIP phones or software recently," the store manager responded to Lin, "but you're welcome too purchase, oh you all are students.  I can loan you lot with a phone and our software for a week. £12," he added and the trio paid equally. "Seems worth it, I can..." Lin was interrupted as Jenn was pointing at a distance female figure across the street. "That girl looks one of those figures shadowing us and Chelle last time." They all crossed the street but the 160cm figure darted into a Taxi that drove off.


"Man, I need to work out," Mark respond but Lin just shook her head. "Guess we all have to head home in a group."


"Yes, it's definitely a diagram, of some residential area, but not of our region," Hattie told Chelle on the bus ride to school the next day. "Defo not from our area. And it's a zoomed in map but I can't tell the scales. A case you people are working on?"


Chelle just said 'maybe' and Hattie didn't press the issue but mentioned she could enhance the pictures and print a copy for her. At the school grounds, the girls along with the newest detective, discussed the events the day prior. "I don't think the figure matches the Cat, or may not the accomplices last Halloween. You sure it was female?"


"Unless it was a guy with a wig," Mark added but they all agreed it a female member of the Cat's gang. Jenn then repeated about her suspicions of the girl who purchased the box from the magic store. "But I thought Molly has been your good friend since kindergarten," Chelle remarked then Jenn repeated the incident regarding money. "Well, you definitely need more proof before confronting her," she added. They left for their classes with Mark and Chelle lightly holding hands until their names were called. "Mr Cadvish, Miss Summers, you both should know the school rules regarding showing dating on school grounds." They both apologised to Mrs Hughes, heading to their respective classes but Chelle thought 'silly strict rules.'


She expected a peaceful Tuesday afternoon until she received a call on her mobile, this time displaying a French country code. She really wanted to ignore the call but then and yelled. "Why so angry? You delivered a perfect document to me."


Across the town and in the detectives HQ, Lin, Jenn and Mark decided to check out a store they researched that sold Orange Box hardware and software. First, 'the scientist' was fitting out Mark with the gadgets the girls had. The rugby player naturally couldn't carry a foundation powder kit, so accepted the penknife which could hide in his trousers or underwear. Instead of radio earrings, he got an earpiece like Royal Protection Officers have which Lin told him to treasure it 'it cost me a bomb.' He was shown her social media hacking flash drive and his mobile phone cover was fitted with the recording device. He got the ID chip and politely kept his mouth shut where the girls sewed theirs. Next came the laser pen which he found extremely cool, showed 'the Eagle', parabolic microphones and the multi-light torchlight. Then the ink or pepper spray pen, the anti-rape style stuff which he felt was more appropriate for the girls. The final items—the licence plate and NHS numbers tracing app, the microchip that could trace gases, the night vision googles and the cyber jamming device. "I didn't keep the lacrosse stick," she laughed.


"Man, I so weighed down," He remarked.


"Well, you don' t have to carry every item at once. Now let's head to the store," Lin concluded.


"You're going to do what?!" Chelle exclaimed, upon hearing the Cat threatening to disable her father's car. "I'm really going to alert him and the authori..."


"No, you're going to bind and author gag a female school mate tomorrow early morning to stop her from arriving one time for school," the muffled voice ordered. Before Chelle could object, a short video appearing showing a small dart-like object zooming and striking a car tyre. "Got your attention back?" The sneering voice came. Chelle argued that whoever it is would still see her face and 'I'm not going to a juvenile offenders centre on your behalf.'


"Do it or your dad's car will break down. Check the back of your door. Oh, and take nice picture of the victim and send it to this number." Chelle found a rubber mask at the steps of her house's back door. It actually fit, turning her face into a more girly girl but really hide any actual resemblance of herself. She still sent a WhatsApp message to her father, stating that his car may be disabled, though again not given how she came about this information. She waited but there was no double tick and sent the same warning via text message. Still there was reply. Was the Cat blocking her phone account directly?


The other girl detectives and Mark waited almost for three hours before they met the boss of the aptly named 'Orange Box Store.'


"Yeah, I distinctly remember a black-haired girl with a black winter cap asking for our latest Orange Box combined hardware and software. She seemed like she knew the technology immediately. Some friend of yours?" The trio all shook their heads and Lin asked for further description and characteristics of the buyer. They got 165cm or so as the height above average size and “oh, she had a tattoo of a small cat just below her right hand. I didn't think girls your age," he gestured to the two girl detectives, "would get tattoos." They heard that was the last of their Orange Box hardware and software but he was acquiring a new batch.


"That's what the Cat looks like?" Mark asked.


"I'm quite sure, it was naturally dark during Halloween but the figure matched the description," Lin answered ask her phone and Jenn's buzzed. It was an email from Hattie Coy.


The Next Morning


Chelle tried hard to calm herself as best as she could during breakfast time. She still only had a rough idea how to perform this devilish task. She prepared some old but clean strips bedsheets for bindings and gags. The trouble was she didn't which student to target - despite rough differences, she hadn't made any enemies with any girls, her year or her seniors. As she got out her house, she acted normally, waiting for the usual bus then told Kate she needed to meet a friend. Along the next street, students were naturally out preparing to head for school. Got to head to a road where there won't many pedestrians or workers heading out.


Incidentally, she found herself on a small land with only two houses and several hedges growing. She heard soft footsteps and ducked behind one hedge. It was Heather Smiths. Chelle was on good terms with Heather although she could be annoying and brought nonsensical issues for the detectives to examine. With the mask on, Chelle threw herself on the taller student, wrapping a long-torn sheet over her lower jaw. Heather naturally screamed through the hastily form gag but Chelle wrapped another sheet, doubling the gag and dragged the student into the hedge. With her face down, Chelle loosely bound her classmate's wrists and ankles, then another sheet was thrown over her head. Click, she snapped a photo, sending it to the Cat's number and scampered away.


"Hey, I didn't see you on the bus," Lin called as Chelle entered, having thrown the silly mask in a rubbish bin. "I.." She wanted to explain what she did but Lin excitedly continued. "Hattie gave us this," she held up the printed photo the Artistic student promised. "Jenn and I located it to a construction site just on the north-west edge of Croonford. We're going there after school to check it out. Hey Mark," she called the newest member. "Coming?"


"Can't. Rugby practice. But, you girls need..."


He was cut off as Heather rushed into the school yard with leaves and dirt stuck to her uniform. "Some rat of a student bound and gagged me just as I got out of my house! Oh, luckily a copper heard my cries. Oh, the idiot is so going to get it!"


Chelle immediately wanted to admit fault but instead ran to the nearest ladies and started crying. Her phone interrupted her and the ID said 'Dad. "Dad, she cried happily but heard “Hey, good work Michelle Summers, your future looks bright in tying and gagging girls. Now, you just have to sabotage the town secretary's documents for..."


"Go to hell!" Chelle yelled back and blocked that number, storming out of the stall to the other student's surprise.


At the construction site


"This the Hershey worst construction site I've ever smelt so far," Jenn remarked as she stared at the sight. "I thought the workers - where are they? - are supposed to clear the rubbish."


"Oh, just hold your breath. We shouldn't be long here. Just have to check what's so special..." Lin's reply was cut off as she smelt a strong foul odour. "Yeah, that's..." Both girls suddenly felt wobbly then collapsed down. They tried to rise but their muscles simply could not move nor could they shout or hear as arms lifted them up. They only sense they had left was their sight and both girls just saw dirtied walls and ceilings. Time suddenly rushed by and they found themselves seated on metal chairs. Lin was restrained tightly to the chair with multiple cable ties, her legs parted so her dark blue knickers were exposed.


In contrast, Jenn could only watch helplessly as her uniform was expertly removed, leaving her down to her plain bra and knickers. She was similarly secured to the chair she was on, and suddenly regained all her senses and immediately opened her mouth but a cloth was immediately jammed inside her mouth and seal with a strip of black tape. Lin was similarly gagged. The two dark clothed female villainess: one definitely matching the girl they saw at the bus stop stepped back and hands clapping were heard.


"Congratulations, you two just received what Chelle got last time round," the Cat through her disguised voice announced, stepping out from the shadows. "Hi, Lin Ling, we meet again, and hello Jennifer," she waved her hand, the tattoo described now partly rubbed off. It's a henna Jenn thought but instead shouted through her gag.


"Oh, I understand you are a debater, but that's a tad too loud," the Cat cocked her head and her colleague stuck a full strip of tape over Jenn's tape gag. To her surprise, the female thug started tickling her, especially around her most sensitive area: her navel.


"Like that? Ok, search them for their pitiful gadgets," she commanded and the two thugs did so, with the semi-naked Jenn emitting cries as her underwear was yanked many times. With all gadgets pocketed, the Cat bowed and haughtily "enjoy your afternoon trying to escape; the chairs are secured to the ground. Oh, either you succeed, or the construction team will knock this building down. Oh dear,” That last remark was after seeing the red stain on Jenn's knickers. The evil women nevertheless left, with the girls struggling and screaming.


Back at school, Mark finished showering after another hectic rugby practice. "Hey mark, joining us for the usual afternoon meal?" Mark initially did not reply, instead sending a joint message to Lin and Jenn. The same voice repeated the question but another added, "nah, he's now stuck with those puny girl detectives, let's go." Alone, Mark saw only a single tick and sent the same message via WhatsApp and text, still no reply.


Heading outside, he hailed a cab, then tried to work out the ID app that Lin showed him. Neither girl's signal came up. Maybe it's jammed or...he sent a message to Chelle.


Tried to contact Lin & Jenn and detect them via their ID chips, no response, how does it work?


Chelle was back home and had shut off her phone, still distraught what she did to Heather and to that Moorly netballer.


Back under the construction site, both Lin and Jenn failed to get themselves loose. Jenn was the most frantic, given both her semi-nakedness and that her period had started when she was trussed. Damn this humiliation, she swore silently, no…the sound of a wrecking ball started…no!!!


The taxi driver question why the rugby player was so interested in some derelict site but finally obeyed the order to driver faster. He re-sent a message to Chelle asking if he was activating the ID app properly then also phone a common number.


Chelle finally calmed herself down and switched on her mobile.


Yes, that's the correct way. They may be stuck or in trouble. Am still stuck at home with mum. Get there ASAP. xx


The girl detectives wailed louder as the wrecking ball continued it work, with parts of the building now crashing down around them. Theirs struggles had only cut their bar skin. They may have searched all my clothes, Lin thought, but there's a...


"Bam!" Mark heard a deafening sound as he exited the Taxi, not bothering with collecting change. The sound repeated and even as he spotted the construction crew. "Hey, hey!" he waved his hands at the nearest worker.


"Son, go back home. We're demolishing the area," the worker yelled back. "No, I haven't seen no girls around here. There's a club down the road if you want to pick them up." Starting back, Mark opened phone again to call either detective when he saw the faint blimp on the App. "Hey! There's people underneath!"


"There ain't no one...hey boy stop! You're endangering yourself. Emmers, cut, cut..." Mark didn't catch the last line but the banging stopped and the faint signal remained on the screen. Where....he saw broken steps and risking it, he rushed down, only to find a locked door.


"Son, get back out and go away," the worker tugged his shirt. "There's..."


"Get your tools and open the door!" Mark retorted. "Get..." The worker, bewildered headed up as Mark drew out the laser pen and aimed it at all the cracks. They worker and his colleague returned shocked but the rugby player just slammed his full weight against the hatch. Inside, they spotted the girls and Mark rushed first towards Jenn. Outside, sirens wailed and soon Lin and Jenn were brought out. Another taxi then drew out, and Michelle, in jeans and shirt, spotted her friends and ran towards Mark, hugging him again.


"Sorry, Michelle," the voice of DI Nikki Heath interrupted their embrace. "But I do have to bring you in for questioning."


Chelle turned and was shocked to see the Moorly student Clare, the librarian and Heather.


The End


Michelle, Lin Ling, Jennifer and Mark will return in 'Three's not a crowd'







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