Croonford Detective Case 12 : Scarborough Fair








Author's note: This is Part 2 of a two-part story; therefore, it is around the same number of words as the previous 'Case.'  


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This story is entirely fictional.


Lin Ling tried to show a brave face as the gunman held his weapon – she identified it as a Sig Sauer P226 — while the other held up ropes. She instantly wanted to resist but the threat from the nearing gun made her give in for once. "Good little nosy Chinese girl," the Canadian accent from the masked gunman was distinct though Lin couldn't tell which English region. His accomplice tightly bound both her wrists and elbows then lifted her legs up to bind her ankles. "Cute, I didn't teen girls that young wear black knickers," the gunman laughed at the unintentional upskirt. Cloth appeared in the accomplice's hands and she was also blindfolded and gagged, then carried and dumped in a theme box similar to the one she found Rachel in with a board covering her. Thankfully, there was some air hole to breathe. Lin tried to squirm around and realised she either dropped her laser pen or they snatched it. Never mind, I have other gadgets that help me get free.


Jennifer Thompson hurriedly ran through the train station's gates and hailed a taxi to the arena, constantly pestering the driver to reach the speed limit. Not bothering to take the change, she ran up the grass and saw the tents and equipment were being removed and the area cleaned up. She spotted one of the debating teachers and started rapidly describing Lin and asking if he noticed any female student from nearby schools was reported missing. "Hey, hey Miss star debater, welcome back. No one is missing unless in your mind." Jenn protested but the teacher just walked away.


Shaking her head, she dialled her taller friend directly but only received constant rings. Where could that girl...the cafe! Jenn remembered the location and quickly found herself at the counter speaking to a certain 'Nathan.' "No school girls here in the past two hours. In fact, none here today."


"Are you sure?" Jenn showed him a picture of the Malaysian-Hongkonger and asked if there was another girl with her.


"No one I said," the tattooed guy folded his arms. "We're closing to clean up. Ann, show this girl out." Jenn was about to continue arguing but the elderly cleaner held her arms. Just as they reached the door, she spotted something. "Hey! That belongs to my friend!" The net was thrown at her and she was locked out of the café, stuffing the item in her bag. They have something to do with Lin's disappearance and definitely the other girl Lin was meeting. But where could they be hiding them?

Summers' Residence


The latest WhatsApp message from Jenn 'I think Lin got herself in trouble, am heading back down' literally shocked Michelle Summers out of her chair.


'Jenn, what's your update? Did you find Lin?'


'...hold on...' Came the studious student's reply. Jenn wasn't skilled at reading lips but still managed to through the cafe's windows.


'Lin and another student...have been kidnapped/taken hostage...on some truck...a fair or carnival' Jenn quickly typed her reply and wondered what action to take next. The cafe doors were locked and the staff were rolling down the shutters. 'Truck', 'fair', that carnival they spotted when they first arrived!


'It's a carnival again!!!' She typed, looking around. How am I going to find the vehicle?!


'Jenn, get help, notify the authorities down there,' Chelle typed her reply. 'Mark, can you get down there?'


The reply from the newest detective and first male came in one and half minutes. 'Sorry girls, still trapped with my rugby games and practice. Look I'll look into this 'carnival' for you'


'I'm heading down xx’ Chelle typed.


'But you're still grounded,' her lover typed but Chelle had switched off her phone.

At some central police station in the Warwickshire region


Jenn, nearly out of breath, managed to meet with some police and repeated again her missing friend and the other girl. Unlike the Croonford police, this slightly curly Detective Inspector Marc Blampied wasn't immediately amicable and questioned Jenn's trouble, especially since she couldn't describe the other girl.


"I think that the cafe," Jenn gave the name of the shop, "helped kidnap or take hostage my friend and the other girl." The DI scribbled notes and told her he would handle it and she could head back home. Despites Jenn's protest he simply showed her out of his office. A blonde police sergeant (PS) in uniform with the initials 'A. Mason' who gave her a smile and mouthed the words 'he's like that.' Just as Jenn was about to exit, she heard the DI tell that PS to focus on her screen and add a slight lewd remark.


Outside, Jenn again paused to ponder. It was nearing late afternoon and her parents would be angry again if she didn't return home on time. She retrieved her phone and managed to get hold of DI Nikki Heath.


"Marc the arsehole," came her reply. "We were competitors at the academy, dated until there was nothing in common and had a messy break up. He's also slacker in detective work, prefers only to try to date girls in uniform." That was exactly what I saw, Jenn, thought then Nikki said she may try to send help but couldn't guarantee. Thanking her, Jenn suddenly noticed a younger girl on a bicycle that was an ancient model.


"Hey, do you know how old that model is?" She smiled.


"My Pa and Ma won't give money for the newer one," came the reply.


"Oh no. Say, do know you of any carnival that was in this area?"


"Yeah, started coming by recently. Old but funny magic acts the usual. Bought these sweets," she held up an open packet. "Why?" Jenn just asked her which way the carnival trucks or vans headed and the names.


"Thought I left some valuable with one stall. Why not I give you enough to buy that old model and you buy yourself a better one?"


"Ya will?" Thankfully, the girl sold her bicycle and Jenn gave up nearly half of her monthly pocket money. This better be worth it, she thought.


The truck was moving as Lin was trapped in a box smaller than her 168cm and growing height. Painfully yet successfully, she twisted her bound arms and managed to draw out her foundation kit penknife. So far, the school teachers haven’t caught the girls with it; make up was out of bounds per school rules. Not gadgets that help when you' captured. After five minutes, her wrist bonds came off. Managing to bend her legs as best she could, she also managed to cut away her ankle bonds. Her elbows were still tied and as she squirmed and pushed, the top board, then the box cover came off. Simultaneously, the sides of the box fell apart. The wonders of a magic box, she thought happily, but the fallen boards had little edges for her to rub the ropes against. Nor could she see in the dim light of the truck interior anything to cut the ropes around her elbows.


"Mmmph," she then heard the muffled cries. "Rachel, hang on," she called and shifted herself on her bare knees towards the other box. Turning around, she managed to lift the two covers. The other science student was still bound, gagged and blindfolded and groaning through the gag, "Sssh," Lin remarked then twisted. After having been bound and gagged in many positions, she managed to turn around and cut away the girl's elbow and wrist bonds in the same time she did her own. Rachel gave an elated yelp and undid her own ankle bonds then final her gag and blindfold.


"Oh, thank you thank..." Lin placed a finger on her own lips and Rachel lowered her tone thanking her again. "Where did you get that weird penknife from? Did you invent it?"


"Yes, long story. Wait, why were you captured? And you..." Lin smelt the same slightly foul odour but didn't want to say the term.


"I used to have a weak bladder, though I got it in control two years ago then suddenly got it in the cafe," Rachel replied. She then explained they wanted her father, who migrated from Kenya, to give up his chemistry documents to them in exchange for her release.


"We got to get away. Hey, help cut away the ropes around my elbows." That free, Lin tried to guide her out but that wasn't easy in the dim light. Suddenly, the truck slowed down and a door opened, the light nearly blinded both students.


"Naught girls," the lead kidnapper called. Lin quickly drew out her ink or pepper spray pen and squirted it, but missed, only hitting the arm of the accomplice. "Haha," the lead kidnapper laughed. "Throw that here," Lin was about to shoot again but the captor fired his own weapon first, the bullet striking the ceiling. "Now!" With the threat, Lin gave up her gadget and both girls were told to lie down, hands on their heads.


"Bind that Chinese one first, " he instructed his accomplice. "No, get her uniform off so she won't have any more nonsense stuff to get free." The second man hesitated but Lin yelped as her school blazer and then blouse came off, exposing her school-standard skin-tone bra. Her skirt was unclipped, fully exposing her black knickers. Cable ties quickly were wound twice around here wrists, cutting through her skin.


Her knees then ankles received the same treatment. The pièce de résistance was a further cable tie securing her ankle bonds to her wrist bonds in a hogtie, causing her to cry again. "Shut her up," came the command but Lin refused to open her mouth. With the Sig Sauer pressed against her neck, a cloth was jammed inside her mouth and two rounds of black packing tape around her jaw and head, trapping some of her hair in the process. The lead kidnapper yanked Lin's bra straps down to her mid-arms, further restraining her and humiliating the usual tough student. The semi-naked teen was carried and laid in another box and dreaded hearing the sound of locks. She could only just breathe through this thicker gag and barely struggle as she heard Rachel being trussed up again and re-gagged.


Jenn was cycling for twenty-five minutes and still didn't catch sight of any carnival trucks. The vehicle drivers she hailed weren't helpful until she received a WhatsApp group message giving her more precise directions where the trucks could be headed.  'Thks' she replied, turning and was delighted that Mark was spot on — in front of her were trucks with the words 'Scarborough Fair' stencilled on the side. She pedalled faster and waved at the driver of the nearest truck but he ignored her waves and the trucks were speeding faster than she could cycle. Could this be the correct lot of trucks where Lin was hiding? Jenn nearly lost the convoy until she spotted a side lane of a very small hillock. She cycled up and looked down. The series of trucks looked normal until she spotted a hole in the top of one. Either that's a hole from normal wear and tear or something worth looking at, she got off and luckily there were traffic lights, slowing the vehicles down. One, two, three...she jumped and landed on the top of that specific truck.


Ow...she cried but the pain thankfully didn't last long.  It was a vinyl tarp and with her own laser pen she started cutting away through the tarp. The gap wasn't that big when the vehicle jerked and she fell down through the small gap. Jenn landed crying out loud, noting the gap above was much larger. Ow...this was a silent groan but a quick check of herself revealed no sprains and only a bruised left arm. Jenn was rubbing it when she heard some noise and spotted a sack which was squirming. Shifted closer the muffled sound increased and she called out "Lin? Is that you?"


Wincing in pain, she neared the sack and undid the rope on the top, revealing a black girl blindfolded and gagged with cloth. Just as she was about to undo the cloth she heard, "Oh, another nosy girl. Looks like Nat's warning was right." Jenn surrendered and the masked man threw her school bag to the corner, splitting the top slightly open. Soon enough, Jenn was tightly tape bound and gagged. No, not again.


"Any more heroines?" The man scoffed. Just then, another figure dropped down from the gap above. The masked man fired another shot but received a squirt of ink directly on his eye slit. "Yeow!" he cried not just from the squirt but from the ferocious kick he received, throwing his gun away. Jenn immediately recognised that it was Chelle, clad in dark clothes and yelped thankfully through her tape gag. A fight naturally continued, with Chelle appearing to gain the upper hand, pushing the captor to a corner and kicking him down. However, she received a painful kick in return, throwing her to the corner.


"I had enough of you little girls," the man growled, his weapon miraculously appearing in his right hand. "Now..." before he could complete his line or fire, something was thrown at him, tearing the gun from his hand again and keeping him on the ground.


"Now you receive my turn," Chelle declared, quickly moving and ensuring he was unconscious. She was about to head over to free Jenn when there were familiar police sirens then the truck jerked to a halt. A door opened and Jenn recognised the familiar female sergeant she saw at the police station. Quickly she was freed but as her gag was peeled off, she yelled that her friend Lin had to be somewhere. With Chelle activated the ID app on her mobile phone, the police officers found the box and Lin was freed, just in time as she nearly choked on her stuff gag. Another siren was heard and they heard, "Sergeant Mason, what the hell did you do?"


"The job you should have done, sir," she spat out the last word, ensuring all four girls received paramedic treatment and covered Lin with a spare police shirt.




"You intentionally broke my grounding order and endangered yourself," Mrs Summers sternly addressed her oldest daughter who still had bandages and ointment as a result of her fight. "I have the very idea to..."


"Maggie," Mr Arthur Summers who returned home upon hearing the incident, "perhaps we two should discuss this first." Their private discussion didn't last long and Chelle was no long punished, on condition she keep her parents, particularly her mother, on any dangerous detective work. Arthur in fact recounted how Chelle secretly followed Jenn to almost rescue her using Lin’s competition item to trap the kidnapper and the supporting comments from Jenn's parents who didn't punish their daughter.


Both she and Lin also received medical treatment, with Lin's mouth tested from any infection from the stuff gag. Lin's parents scolded her but only gave her a stern warning. The other student, Rachel Adjewa, indeed received a modified diuretic from the cafe manager Nathan West who was in league with the kidnappers, Victor Hector, a Canadian and his accomplice, Larry Sawyer. PS Alison Mason, who left her desk and helped rescue the girls, quit her position to train as a police detective. Lin, Jenn and Chelle received a small monetary award from Rachel's dad, allowing them to improve their detective headquarters. Mark, the only male teen detective remained in the shadows and he and Chelle still decided to be a couple, secretly.


Michelle, Lin Ling, Jennifer and Mark will return in 'Doggy Business.'









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