Croonford Detective Case 19: Going to the Dentist








Author's note: There may be medical inaccuracies in this story by my choice.

It's also shorter than most previous stories, again by choice.


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Croonford School grounds


"Happy belated New Year!" The students across the various years greeted each other with handshakes and hugs. There were more greetings and congratulations for Michelle Summers who nearly got blown up during the Christmas period.


"I forgot to thank you for calling the police," Chelle thanked her classmate, Heather Smiths.


"No problem, at first I thought it was even having you bound to the flagpole and gagged, " the taller girl joked. "No Chelle, I couldn't leave you freezing or getting blown to pieces." She hugged her with Heather's 34C pressing against Chelle's smaller breasts. "Just don't jump on me and truss and gag me again?"


Chelle agreed although she wasn't certain if that would be true. After thanking Heather again, she drifted over to Lin Ling who was chatting with others, including Reinhard. Chelle heard them finishing a discussion regarding the school’s science club.


"Planning on creating any new gadgets?" She asked the two 'science experts'.


"Perhaps, depending on what cases we face,” came the obvious answer from Lin.

"It's takes time to construct them," the newest member of the team added.


"I can make them quickly..."


"Hey where's Jennifer?" Reinhard suddenly asked.


Both Chelle and Lin turned their heads and saw the shortest girl detective was nowhere in sight. Chelle immediately questions Jenn's classmates but all assumed she was late this day. "Maybe she's found another case and didn't warn you two. Typical for her?"


Chelle ignored that remark from Jenn's male classmate but gave it a thought and send her friend a WhatsApp message. Just then, Jenn rushed pasted the school gates and nearly collided with Chelle and Lin.


"Sorry, the usual and lovely town dentist passed away and his replacement is fully booked out..." Jenn's explanation was cut short as the morning bell rang. Just as Lin reached her classroom doorway a male foot shot out and she was about to strike back until the foot quickly moved away.


"Trying to make me trip Art? That's trick I'll never fall for," Lin glared at Art Morton, one of the class and school bullies.


"No, I didn't see you…ladies first," the ginger-haired boy stammered. Lin decided not to pursuit the issue and Chelle was glad with her friend's glare in response. All students were kept extremely busy with the subjects they chose for their General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). Thus, the three girl detectives only met back during lunchtime.


"So, you dentist passed away and..." Chelle began to summarise.


"That doesn't why you were so frantic or late today; you're usually as early as both of us," Lin finished of the sentence. Jenn picked out a piece of bread with a toothpick before answering.


"Yes, well, Doc Wilkins was not just a wonderful dentist but also a grandfather-like figure to the town folk - you two never visited his practice?" Her friends shook their heads.


"Well now his office has been now taken over by some newbie dentist..." Jenn flipped through her phone then showed her fellow girl detectives a profile that showed a picture of a lean middle-aged man with mostly black hair with streaks of white hair in his fringe.


"Dr. Callum Shatford," Lin read. "BD, KCL, and DMD, UWA." That translated to Bachelor of Dental Surgery from King's College London and a PhD in Dental Medicine from Western Australia.


"So, what's your worry?" Both Chelle and Lin asked simultaneously.


"Well, nothing first but there's a growing feeling that he might not be as friendly as Doc Wilkins."


The others two paused once again and initially thought to dismiss it, then all three agreed to gather all the teen detectives at their headquarters later.



Teen Detectives Headquarters


The first two teen detectives in their headquarters were Lin and Reinhard, the science experts. As they were creating it, the short boy was trying hard not to look at how his fellow science club member was dressed. Lin out of her coat was, despite the averagely warm interior provided by a portable heater, she was in sleeveless light maroon top and dark blue mini skirt that reached just two centimetres above her purple tights-covered legs. It wasn't the 50 denier tights or the shiny mini skirt that he was interested in. Her top was quite tight fitting therefore revealing the full outline of her bra, pushing her boobs larger. As he turned his eyes towards her, Lin remarked, "sorry, keep working," and dashed out of the converted caravan. Did she centimetres notice me glancing at her boobs and legs? I'm a dead guy. I thought she's a great student and science club member and beautiful girl and now I messed it up, shaking his head. Lin returned minutes later, throwing something into the waste bin.


"Sorry for that, let's continue," Lin remarked and Reinhard heaved a sigh of relief internally but still wondered why she dashed out.'female issues', that was ho his mother would call it and end it. He had to look up the issues of puberty himself....


The door clicked open, interrupting their constructions and his thoughts. Mark Cadvish was hugging his girlfriend until they sat down. "Hi you two love birds, is Jenn behind?" Lin teased and received a negative reply. Chelle thought back to Caddish the last few cases and quickly sent Jenn a WhatsApp message. Instead of a reply, the third girl detective rushed in.


"Something frantic again?"


"No..." Jenn took a large drink of water. "I just came from giving further statements to DCI Heath regarding those kidnapped girls locked in a chamber." Jenn started. "And I've also to travel down to give another statement regarding the so-called plane crash my cousin made." DCI Heath was of course Detective Chief Inspector Nikki Heath, the teen closest ally in the local police force. She was also referring to the last two cases she was deeply involved in.


"So..this Dr. Shatford requires or rather demands that all patients and would-be patients get a full medical examination before he sees them," Jenn continued. "Yes, that is normal for most dental practices, however, hr requires a detailed medical examination, which Doc Wilkins never asked for. Now it's creating a huge queue of would-be patients and current patients steered away."


"Demanding dentist," Chelle observed. "Ok, that may be something to look at." The whole team search but a general web search found nothing incorrect with that requirement. Part of the way in their searching, Jenn received a text message.

"Darn, the MOD police want me down in an hour," Jenn complained.


"Wait, here's the latest gadget," Lin remarked as Reinhard passed out three old purses to the girls and two wallets to the boys. Just as Chelle was going to open hers Lin yelled stop. "That's the incorrect way. If you do that a latch will clamp down on your fingers and cut through them. Like a mouse or animal trap. You must push the small button on the 'south west' side," Lin explained.


"Amazing!" Jenn exclaimed. "Sorry gang, have to go. Meet up some time again?"


They did again during the weekend with Jenn only managing to book her medical appointment. "The local clinic now is filing up due to the new dentist's requirements,” Jenn explained to the others.


"What do the usual patients say about him?" Chelle asked.


"Good idea I know a few, will ask them."


The others didn't have any serious questions and still promised to search details regarding this particular dentist. Lin suddenly handed bottles of facial moisturiser to Chelle and Jenn. "Spread this around your lips, your lower jaw and your cheeks near sides of your lips." The two others raised their eyes but complied.


"Ok, tape our lips," she passed a roll of grey duct tape.


"What?!" Mark exclaimed.


"Do it; I'll explain shortly." Mark complied but hesitated as he taped his girlfriend’s lips. Lin set a timer then shortly the adhesive on the tape weared off and the girls easily peeled them off.


"Two and a half minutes, may make shorter," the science whizz read from her electronic stop watch. "Yes, it's a cream that reduces the strength of adhesive tape."


"Does it work on all sort of tape?" Jenn wondered.


"I haven't tested on all kinds but it should apply to most."


"What about us?" Mark and Reinhard chimed simultaneously.


"Well, boys don't usually use moisturiser on their face...and neither of you have been bound and gagged."


The boys just grimaced and before either could respond, Chelle remarked, "I guess we're just girl detectives always bound and gagged."


Most of the team were kept busy with their school work and activities. Chelle was kept busy by her senior Louisa in the Literature and Media club, Lin and Reinhard were focused on improving the school' science club and Mark with his rugby practice. Only Jenn had managed to finish her drama club and debate practice fast and she took her free time looking up this suspicious dentist. Nothing on the Internet so she focused on the idea of other patients at the dentist. She knew a certain Mr Nathan Tugendhat whom they chatted with at the old office and she knew him as one of the local librarians.


"Hi Jennifer," Mrs Paige Tugendhat greeted her. Jenn was comfortable enough to let the couple call her by her full name. "Won't you come for a cup of tea?'


"I'd love to but is Nathan at home?"


Mrs. Tugendhat's eyes narrowed. "He suddenly shivered, not because of the cold and headed to the hospital. I'll be visiting him shortly."


Jenn responded with her sorrows then rushed to the local hospital noting that she had some visiting spare time. Naturally, without any appointment or relationship with Mr. Tugendhat she was immediately rebuffed by the receptionist. Trying to plead, she suddenly heard a grunt.


"Hi, Jenn haven't seen you visiting in a while," Jenn smiled, recognising the familiar face of Dr. Gordon Holdon who treated her for common childhood illness such as chickenpox and now and A&E doctor. "Questions about Nathan Tugendhat? Follow me?" She did with the receptionist bewildered.


Jenn shortly saw the elderly gentleman lying with an oxygen mask, an IV drip running into his right arm and wires connected to a heart monitor. "He was a very healthy and active person then entered A&E shivering constantly. I got the shivering stopped with normal antibiotics but his heart rate is irregular and dropped occasionally. I've never seen anything like it."


Jenn asked what he ate or drank recently or who he visited. "Normal foodstuffs and a dental visit to reset one of his dentures." That sparked a thought in her mind and further questioned. "Of course, I asked him about the visit when he was stable. It was a normal procedure with normal aesthetic, Novocaine. That's an older aesthetic that takes time unlike like Lidocaine hydrochloride but it still works."


Jenn wasn’t sure of those names and the doctor concluded that he examined the patient for other marks and sent blood and saliva samples to be further examined. "It will take..." The doctor's sentence was cut off as a staffer knocked and passed him a folder.


"That's a fast examination completed," Dr. Holdon thanked the laboratory assistant. He ran through each line carefully with Jenn trying to comprehend the medical names. "Novocaine dosage. That’s very high, and he mixed it with…oh an experimental antidepressant added?!"


Jenn also gave a yelp and quickly learn the name, Wyomintic, how it was not formally approved by the General Dental Council and most likely contributed to Mr. Tugendhat's illness.


"Are you going to report it?"


"Jenn, there's not much medical information on this drug. My duty is to my patient," was the reply and she asked for a copy of the specific page that covered the controversial antidepressant. "Why...oh you're part of that girl detective group?"

Jenn nodded, not bothering to correct him and the doctor made a photocopy, reminding her to be careful. Back outside, Jenn quickly her fellow teen detectives and DCI Heath, sending them all soft copies of that page from the lab examination. She waited but no one replied, she still had time so wildly made her to where the town dental practice was.


"Miss Thompson? Your appointment is not due to Friday," the new nurse with name tag reading 'J. Watkins.'


"I would like to wildly see Dr. Shatford," Jenn announced and repeated herself. The nurse tried to bar Jenn but the teen managed to charge through. Shatford was slouching at his desk as Jenn announced what she learnt. He calmly rebutted her, stating Wyomintic was perfectly safe and he knew what to do when fixing Nathan Tugendhat. The argument started to heat up then Jenn felt something bite her right arm and she collapsed, the photocopy falling near the desk.


"I never like arguments," the dentist stood up, towering over the unconscious teen. "She'll be a good test subject," he nodded to the nurse.


Jenn awoke with the familiar feeling of tape sealing her lips. She knew she was also bound but with...she tried to lift herself up but felt her wrists and ankles held her down. She wasn't on the floor but restrained to the dental chair with leather restraints. She quickly noted her ankle restraints spread her leg out. That's so out of place for a dental chair, she thought grimly. Jenn had spread the special facial moisturiser around her lips and the sides of her cheeks and already felt the adhesive wearing off. Suddenly...


A bright light shone directly above, nearly blinding her. "Welcome, any high dosage, any you be out for a full day," the dentist, now in full gear including facial mask and googles. "Trying to talk me down over what I use on my patients? Well, best you stay at school girl." The evil dentist shifted down and Jenn felt him dig into her jeans pockets then scream as the metal clamps of Lin's newest device bite into his fingers.

"Twit!" He swore and she naturally heard him wash and bandage his hand. Returning, he growled and torn off her gag, not noticing how loose it was. Before Jenn could utter word, something rubbery was wedged into the back of the set of her teeth, keeping her mouth open.


"Now you'll get what you mention to me," he growled again as Jenn screamed 'ah!' both from her mouth forced open and the threat of being injected. Just before she saw the syringe full of liquid the door slammed open and Dr. Shatford's figure was literally pulled away.


"Mark, the net's not holding him! Tackle him!" Jenn heard the familiar voice of Lin and shortly the mouth prop was quickly removed and Lin used her pen laser to cut away the leather restraints.


"The nurse! The nurse! She's also involved!" Jenn cried as she got up.


"We have her. Thanks to you junior detectives," DCI Heath entered and announced that the dentist was under arrest for using unlicensed drugs.



The next day in their headquarters


"Once again, the girl detectives in Croonford have solve a case, finding that Croonford new dentist use controversial drugs and highly unusual methods to treat his patients. Police are also investigating whether Dr. Callum Shatford indirectly caused the death of the town's former dentist Dr. Jon Wilkins..."


"They never mention us boys," Mark turned down the video on his phone.


"Patience, you two just join us," Lin


"Murder?" Mark asked then learnt that Nikki Heath and her team found match evidence that Shatford poisoned Wilkins' drink.


"Really evil guy. Thanks for rescuing me," Jenn rubbed her cheek although there wasn't any more pain. "Those gadgets really worked well."


As the team exited, Lin stopped Reinhard. "You were staring at me the other day as we were finalising the fake wallet." He trembled and admitted so.


"Did you like what I wore?"




She smiled and moved away.





Michelle, Lin Ling, Jennifer, Mark and Reinhard will return in 'The Truth Is Out There.'


The End.








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