Croonford Detective Case 25: Racist Rabbles









Note: This story is entirely fictional.


Adult Bondage scene but performed on an adult.


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"Come on Reinhard, come on!" Lin Ling called. The two of them were practicing running the 2.4 km length for the annual BnB competition, formerly known as QuizWhizz. The pair were missing a third member but they were hoping to find one especially a student who was an expert in humanities and current affairs.


The shorter teen detective finally caught with her and asked if they could pause. "It's just another 200 metres. I'll match your pace," She called. True enough, she slowed her pace to match and they completed their practice ending near the town centre.


"12:20," Lin read out the time on her stopwatch on her wrist. She assumed if she ran at her own time, she would have made it at 11:00 or around 12:00 minutes.


"Thanks for helping me. Gosh, I've never ran that far before," Reinhard remarked after taking a long drink of water. They had hidden their bottles of water and towels in Lin's special locked box that would emit a smell if anyone else tampered it. "It's a great relief. The more you run, the more relaxed you become. I'm sure you'll meet the running timings shortly." As they drank and towelled off, they further discussed running and the upcoming quiz. As he talked, he kept his eyes on Lin's outfit. She wore black running shorts and a purple Nike tank top. Her Y-shaped black sports bra was visible as the top straps ran across her shoulders and other straps came just below her armpits. The Jamaican-German boy found girls wearing sports bras fascinating. He had read that sports bra's minimise the size of a woman's breasts. In Lin's case, this didn't appear so and in his view her sports bra enhanced her beauty.


The pair continued chatting and Reinhard continued thinking. I really could be close to this girl. We share the same interests in all science subjects and we shared the love for international cuisine. She's such a brave girl when captured and bound and gagged and knows martial arts. The challenges he mused, was that she was at least 5 cm taller him, smarter than him in most other subjects and faster than him in the sports they participated together.


Lin, while wiping off sweat was also in thought. This is a guy I really like. He's one of the few who knows all sciences extremely well, has great ideas at the science club, helped the team's build gadgets. He's also the one removing my restraints and gags lately.


"Let's head to our homes. I need a good..." Before Lin could finish her sentence, they heard a cry, the bang then a group of men with shaved heads appeared and started chanting.


"One, Two, Three, Four, we own this place!
Five, Six, Seven, Eight get lost other race!
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, white people first!"


The men repeated their chant twice much louder then, some broke away and vandalise a nearby Indian convenience store with red paint. "Hey!" Lin shouted and was about to run over to address them but the shorter teen held her arm and remark,


"Let's leave, they're racist peeps."



After both showered quickly at their respective homes, they caught up with Michelle and her Welsh boyfriend Mark in their detective headquarters, a rented caravan. Coincidentally, those two were reading the news on their phones. After reading about Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, the group of them caught up the local news. "A new extreme right-wing party has arisen in the West Midlands has risen up. Their single policy is that only white people, British-born whites can have access to housing, education, the NHS and other social services. They..."


"What the hell," Lin remarked as she muted the video on her phone. "I never thought the UK political sphere would suddenly be so against minorities. My family moved here thinking there won’t be any racial discrimination." Reinhard murmured 'agree' in response but was more focus on what the East Asian girl was wearing. Lin had sleeveless purple top on with thin black bra straps poking out. She wore a checkered unbutton jacket over it and a knee-length jeans skirt without any hosiery despite the temperature getting colder. This girl really picks clothing to enhance her looks. With all her smartness, her talents in sports and bravery in any danger and her beauty would she accept if I asked her out?


Reinhard's thoughts were interrupted as Chelle finished watching the news clip and spoke up.


"The party's called the White Shirts, how dull. The leader's name is Barry Whitman and he's gaining more followers daily and turning local councillors and MPs to this party." Lin swore in Cantonese in response.


"And I thought the BNP was terrible party," her boyfriend added.


"Sorry I had other activities," Jennifer Thompson announced as she entered and the others applauded the heroine of the school hostage taking. She was quickly updated. "Racist party. Ok, what's the actual investigation?"


"You got a point. But their activities spread, we may start digging. The party sounds more like a gang and we've handled gangs before." Jenn silently cringed remembering how the school bullies group restrained her and looked up her skirt.

The detectives discussed the news then broken up with Jenn heading to the bus stop. Reinhard on the other hand, corner his taller classmate and asked him how he came to date Chelle. Mark gave a quick summary how Chelle collided into him and the dinner date. "Why do you ask?"


Trembling a bit, Reinhard blurted out he wanted Lin as his girlfriend. Unexpectedly, Mark didn't laugh but instead asked his friend why and what he felt about Lin. After providing answers the shorter boy himself exaggerated, Mark then gave his classmate some general advice especially not to rush it. "The time to ask will come at a time you won't expect."


Lin, heading back home was incidentally thinking about asking Reinhard out. She again thought of what they had in common then pictured him in her mind. He's not skinny; he's muscular. His height isn't a problem but that might be an issue when I ask him. He may also prefer some guy closer to his ethnicity such as a Jamaican or German girl.


Lin was lost in thought when she spotted graffiti on the wall next to the main door. CHINKS GET LOST!!!! Spotting that the door knob broken, Lin prepared herself in a Taekwondo stance and eased open the door. "Ma? Ma!!!" Lin's mother was struggling on the dining room floor hogtied with coarse rope. Another round of rope secured her elbows and a cloth gag. Her dress was yanked up to her waist, revealing red knickers. Lin quickly checked if any intruders were around then rushed over, undoing the gag first. As the cloth was removed, Pearlyn Chan spat out something from her mouth and it turned out to be another pair of her knickers.


"I'm sorry for your ordeal Mrs. Chan," Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Nicola Heath replied after taking Pearlyn's statement. Three masked men with hoods had surprised just as she returned home, mocked her looks, trussed her up and smashed some antiques and furniture. Thankfully, nothing was stolen and the knickers stuffed in her mouth was clean. "We'll get to the bottom of this. With your permission, I'll have an officer guarding your residence." Pearlyn, simply nodded. "Lin? I'll have the..."


"I don't think a police officer shadowing me will work, Nikki. Just get this White Shirts nonsense gone." Nikki didn't think the new political group was responsible but just gathered the forensic team and left. The news of the anti-BAME party spread across the towns and cities, shocking all citizens alike. It undoubtedly was a topic of conversation amongst the students at Croonford school. "Racists. We've already been taken hostage by fanatics," Harriet Coy, a classmate of Chelle remarked. She silently shuddered as one of the terrorists peeked at her while she was peeing into the toilet.


"They haven't spread here," Bethan Morgan added.


"I don't want to. My family has seen civil war and conflict between ethnic groups," Julia Humes, a black student whose parents came Uganda. Lin, hugged her classmate. They understood each other very well when it came to harassment over their ethnicity. Case in point came when Art Morton, a former school bully came by and made lewd comments about Julia's hair. Lin's glare and her arms quickly scared him away. Everything seemed normal across the school week until Lin received a WhatsApp message that her father's car was vandalised with the same words written on the windscreen.


"That's it! This means war!" She declared to the detectives minus Jenn who gathered outside the school gates. "No one attacks my family, no one attacks the Chinese Diaspora in the UK."


Reinhard wasn't clear on the word diaspora, instead responded saying no ethnic group should be harassed. He got a pat on his back from her in response. "So, what can we do?" Mark wondered. "This isn't a simple local gang."


"We can still look up the leader, come on," Chelle yanked her boyfriend's arm.


"So, what do...?"


"Can I see the graffiti?" Lin was curious why and stated her dad was still at work so brought him to her house where the graffiti still remained. "I know that smell but I just recall where," Reinhard remarked. "This is my portable forensic kit," he held up some rectangular box still wrapped in plastic. "Got it rather cheap on eBay."


He received a light hug from her, causing him to tremble silently. Instead of travelling to their hideout, Lin let him work in her home. As Reinhard started working on the kit and his remaining homework, he glanced around the room. He had been at her place before for dinner and study but this time it appeared so majestic compared to his residence.  She may reject me due to difference in our social classes. His thoughts were broken up 10 minutes into his forensic work with an update from Chelle and Mark.


"There isn't much on social media or Google on Barry Whitman but after much digging, we found that his grandfather owns a spray paint shop..."


"That's it!!! Reinhard interrupted Chelle. "I remember the shop that sold an assortment of paint, it had a distinctive smell that last longer than usual paint." Mark provided the address even though his classmate knew it. All however, took time to fix a time when they could go there, especially Jenn who was walking.


"Hello Jenn," the lanky guy greeted as he stood up for her. "I hope this meeting can last longer than the previous ones."


"Do you want to gloat how many your team beat mine in debate competitions? Or how you're ranked as top debater when I was in the lead?"


"Definitely not gloating. Tea for two? We can discuss the art of debating and other topics." Sure enough, Jenn found the discussion not aggressive or arrogant. Midway through she somehow found her asking, "Richard, how do you debate just by looking at one card for less than a minute and present your argument so fluently?"


"I've got an Eidetic memory," he noticed her raised eyes. "Commonly known as Photographic Memory though not exactly the same."


"Oh," was her reply. Jenn was silently scolding herself for not recognising the term immediately. Not exactly knowing how to test such a person, she pointed to parts of the cafe, asked him to close his eyes and recall the scene. She entered numbers on her phone's notepad and similarly asked him minutes later and all answers were precise. "Either you're a greater liar or really have such a magic skill."


Richard smiled then suddenly asked if she was part of that Croonford Detectives group. "Our reputation has always preceded us," she replied though not condescendingly. "Why, you want me to recount our activities? They are practically all over the news."


"Actually, I..." His reply was cut off by a series of text messages on Jenn's phone. "I have to leave. Can I catch up with you later?" Jenn threw some money for her tea but he paid. It was the first time a guy paid for her drink.


The five teen detectives reached the paint shop outside Croonford in the late afternoon. "Well, the clientele has certainly changed," the elderly shop owner remarked.


Lin was about to start but Chelle held her arm and asked about sales of spray paint and Reinhard held up a sample of the paint spray on Lin's home.


"Yeah, we sell that sort paint." In response to Chelle's queries about harassment and attacks against minority groups. "I'm not political. I sell pain to improve infrastructure. Now, are you buying anything?"


As the detectives exited, a man whom was also inside walked up to them and introduced himself as a journalist for Croonford Independent.


"We've no time to..." Lin started but Chelle recalled his articles praising their work. "Did you check out the owner carefully? I did. He's definitely has Arabic features, perhaps even Indian."


Lin thought a while and said, "So much for his grandson hating non-white people," she shook her head.


"I'll be writing up on the evening news. Sure, it'll have great impact on the White Shirts."


The break news indeed reduced support for this new extremist group. As Reinhard was trying to write an English essay, Lin sent him a WhatsApp message.


Free to catch tomorrow for breakfast?


Ok where? He typed. She named an outlet he wasn't familiar with. I've got extra English classes, he typed and they set brunch meeting instead. What does she want to talk about? Should I confess I love her then?


Lin actually spotted an image in the shop. It was half a zig zag, almost like half a swastika. She had caught a glimpse of it on a paper on the desk as the shop keeper showed the set of spray paint. She had searched online and found it was the symbol of a rather new investment firm nearby. There was not much about it on its website or any new site but pictures showed that staff dressed in formal business wear. Lin, a fashion guru managed dug up one of the two business suits she owned.


It's probably nothing to worry about one voice told her but she still had a lingering feeling the symbol meant something. There was no security at the front causing Lin to frown. Just as she pondered whether to turn back or explore any further way in, a lady appeared with a name tag reading Priscilla Hawkins.


She was dressed in a black trouser suit over a peach blouse. The high heels she wore accentuated her height, several centimetres taller than Lin. Long, rather mousy hair straggled around her shoulders. She held a clipboard. She extended her free hand to Lin. They exchanged greetings.


"So pleased that you're interested in Weirs Investment, Miss Chan," the lady responded introducing herself as the Deputy Human Affairs Director. Lin had lied to see if she could work part time at their company.


Lin, wished to know more about symbol, instead asked if she could be shown around.


"What would you like to see first?" Lin was escorted into the fastest moving lift ever and entered a small office area." As you see ..." Hawkins waved a hand expansively, "we have a small permeant staff; all our operations can be performed by them." Lin greeted but no one responded and the curious fact was that everyone was Caucasian.


Before Lin could ask anything, Ms Hawkins led the way further in, through narrow office cubicles. Lin despite having worn high heels many times, didn't like walking through the narrow space and furthermore uneven ground. Hawkins had brought her to one side of the office area with none of the staff now in earshot.


Suddenly a uniformed man who towered over Lin approached.


"This is Jake Bottomly, our security guard,"


"I was wondering why there was no security at the front desk," Lin remarked and was ready to ask about the symbol.


"Oh yes. You've no idea how tough it in this working world. There are spies everywhere, industrial sabotage and so on.”


"I suppose you'll check on me then," Lin remarked then wondering why she said that.


"Naturellement! One can't be too careful. That’s why Jake's here." Lin was about shift away but the taller and burly guard was faster, grabbing her with one arm, the other hand gagging her. Simultaneously, Hawkins extracted a small tablet from his jacket.


"Ah, should have kept up with the news. Chan Lin Ling, so-called teen detective and science geek or gadget maker. Well, none of your little children toys will help you. You want to know what the symbol means? You're gone Chink." Lin spat into the guard's hand but it was gloved and next felt a throbbing headache and fell into Jake's arms.


Lin may not have struggled much or had the time to pull out any gadget, but while talking to Hawkins she did reach into her skirt and tape one symbol a * to a the most recent contact in her phone.


Reinhard always hated his extra English classes as he would disagree with the teacher's over essay writing structure. This time however, the teacher had changed and let the class off at 10:50 am. It was then he caught the single * from Lin.

Lin, are you at the outlet? He typed in response to the text message, finding it strange she didn't use WhatsApp. He typed the same message both through text and WhatsApp and failed to receive a double tick for the latter.


"Look, the Chink sent a text message," Jake showed Lin's phone to his colleague not boss, after checking the unconscious teen for her gadgets.


"We turned on the mobile phone blocker late. Never mind, we'll have no trouble from her friends - get the transport ready and make sure she does look so smart."


Not receiving any messages from his friend, Reinhard headed to the outlet, thinking Lin's phone was damaged or the mobile phone signals were strong where she was. With the buses running late, he reached the small food outlet at 11:09 am, sweating. Even at brunch time, there however weren't many customers so he waited ordering only a glass of water. 10 minutes later, He got up described Lin to the proprietor, asking if she entered the place earlier.


"No mate."


"Oh, I did see a girl like that. Was on the 94 bus with early today," the waitress fixing the coffee called. Upon further query, he learnt where Lin alighted then quickly paid for the water and rushed out, just hearing, "she's too tall for you mate!"


Reinhard reached that bus stop and found himself near the north-western edge of Croonford. "Lin, are you there?" He called on his phone then saw the battery signal was down to 61%. Cursing, he then remembered the tracker she built. There was no signal initially but just as he moved a few metres, a weak signal from Lin came fifty metres ahead.


Reinhard ran like he never did before and the signal was the strongest in front of a building that simply said for environmental waste. With no contact via phone, text or WhatsApp, he drew out his wallet. The girls had earrings where Lin install minature radios but for the guys, they had to place the radios elsewhere and in Reinhard's case, he kept in his wallet.


"Lin?" He radioed twice, then held his wallet against his ear. Nearly a minute later, he heard faint breathing.


"Lin, I'll coming stay strong." With no clear entrance in sight and the fences strung with barb wire, 'I'm coming' wouldn't be easily fulfilled but suddenly the ground beneath him opened an he fell. It wasn't a long fall but a little painful landing. Finding himself in a cliche dark chamber, he dug in his jean pockets and manage to find the pen torchlight.


"Oh my gosh!" Lin was restrained to a chair with shiny black duct tape was wound around her lips and head. Her business blazer was removed and her blouse was cut open revealing a black bra with the left strap hanging on her arm. Her bare legs were restrained to the chair's legs with cable ties and her business skirt slashed with her purple knickers slightly visible.


"Hang on! He cried but the light from the invented torchlight was dim. Finally, he found the edge of the tape and undid the tape in one and a half minutes. Noticing her eyes were closed, he patted her cheeks while calling her name.


"I’," She coughed. "I don't suppose you have any water with you, do you?"

He shook his head.


"Never mind. Help me get free." Reinhard used the laser pen to free her legs first then had to shine the light to find the edges of the tape wrapped around her torso.

"What the hell!" He exclaimed seeing the words CHINK GO HOME written across her stomach.


Lin herself swore. Just as he tried to shine the laser on her wrist bonds, nothing came out.


"Scheiße!" He swore in German.


"Do you have the penknife?" He shook his head.


"Never mind," she replied getting up unsteadily. She manged to bring her arms from behind to her front and twisting her bound wrists, she managed to button the only buttons left on her damaged blouse, covering what modesty she had left.


"Which…ow! Headache. Which way out?" Just as Reinhard tried to reach the tube he fell through, two metal doors at the sides swung inward and there was a distinct locking sound.


"What the?"


Lin quickly explained where she was earlier and what happened.


Swearing again, he searched around for another way out with Lin rubbing her head with her hands. Suddenly there was an enormous explosion outside, throwing Reinhard on top of Lin.


"Ow!" They both exclaimed. "Sorry," he said.


"Apologies came come later," she replied. "Can you get off me?" It was then he realised his face was on her partly-exposed breasts. He muttered 'sorry’ again but as just as he did so, they both felt water against their footwear.


"They're flooding us!" He cried, pushing against the nearest wall. The water rose fast, now reaching past their ankles. Lin, despite hating to leave her branded heels, kicked them away and also pressing against another wall, both now frantic.


"Got a loose panel!" He called, but just as he tried to pull the part of the wall, he slipped and dropped down into the rising water.


Lin screamed and taking a deep breath, she dived into the flood. She was an experienced swimmer but it was a challenge with her wrists still bound and her body feeling weak from whatever drug they gave her or stun weapon they applied. Kicking with her free legs, she headed to Reinhard who had slumped to the floor. Was he unconscious? Lin couldn't lift him normally but still with all her strength yanked him up by lifting his right armpit.


"Breathe, come on breathe!" She called and indeed he did, spurting out water.


"I thought I was going to die."


"Don't you dare think that. Where's that loose section?"


They both work their fingers and as they did so they took glances at each other. For Reinhard, it was a strange sensation, a small part of his mind wondered about all the cases and activities they've gone through. He now appeared could feel her mental and physical strain - or was it his own? In one way, it was perhaps the strain of the morning studies, the rush to that outlet and the dash to this unknown location. But in another way, it was something completely new, like nothing he'd ever experienced before. As he tried to widen the panel, the feeling changed. It wasn’t frightening or embarrassing as he might have expected; instead, something completely exhilarating. ever before had she experienced such a depth and closeness to another person, a person who definitely understood him. Never had he known such a friendship could exist.


Lin herself was also deep in thought. After pulling him out of the water, she suddenly and totally knew all about Reinhard Tomas. Everything about him: his likes and fears, his successes and failures, his strengths and weaknesses, what he liked and his deepest and most private sorrows. She saw into his innermost spirit, to the depths of his heart, to the very core of his being. Never before had she realised how badly she wanted such a relationship.


"It still not moving!" He wailed.


"Don't give up. You came all the way for me."


"Actually, it was your idea for a meet-up. What was the plan?"


There was a short pause. "Reinhard, will you be my boyfriend?"


With the water rising up beyond their upper torsos, it might be the weirdest time for a proposal ever. “You mean if we get out of here alive?”


She still didn't like negative tone. "I mean regardless."


Under other circumstances, he would have peppered her with many questions.

Instead, he smiled in the darkness and replied, "Yes...yes I will."


Just then, the panel they were pulling came free. Reinhard's elation was dampened by the size of the shaft revealed.


"It's better than nothing," Lin remarked.


"Can you hands manage?" She attempted to lift herself inside but couldn’t and without a word, he helped lift his new girlfriend in. It was indeed a painful crawl for Lin with her wrists bound but with water behind her, she made no complaint. The was some sort of door at the end and despite feeling lethargic, Lin pushed and it swung open.


That was by fair not the end of their peril as dark-clothed figure approached them.

"Shouldn't have drown you first Chink," Jake Bottomly growled, raising a semi-automatic at them. Reinhard shivered but there was the sound of a 'click' and the racist man collapsed.


"Always just in time," DCI Heath remarked, holstering her TASER X26e.


"How'd you find us?" Reinhard exclaimed then saw the waitress from the food outlet waving.


This whole issue took the longest time to conclude. This shadowy firm that Lin found was a front for providing funding for the anti-minorities political party. That party was quickly dissolved although the anti-minority mindset lingered. Priscilla Hawkins and Jakes Bottomly were slapped were dozens of charges beside hate crimes but they set up an army of lawyers to defend them, calling Lin as an opposing witness. After a long legal battle, the pair were locked up for decades in separate HM prisons with no internet access as well as slapped with a lawsuit from Lin's father. The symbol was really half a Swatika and the pair expected someone to notice.


"Am thankful for Papa winning the lawsuit and providing me with extra allowance this month. Replacing gadgets are expensive," Lin remarked while she and Reinhard were re-building gadgets she lost from the latest adventure in the detective headquarters.


"You deserve it," Chelle added. "And it's good that you now have someone to really give real tender love while you work." Reinhard turn a little red in  response, not exactly sure how he would proceed with this relationship.


Lin hugged her boyfriend causing him to turn red again. "Hey, it's great to have a partner. And not from running into one," she laughed.


"There's nothing wrong with getting a guy by running into him right Mark?" The rugby player was about to respond when the detective HQ's door open.


"Where have you..." Chelle wondered.


"Hey you all, this is Richard Weaver from Wattersons Secondary," Jenn nodded to the 1.77m guy behind her. "He has Eidetic, Photographic memory. I thought he would be a great addition to our team."


The other teen detectives asked some light questions, then Chelle open up. "Why not? Another one would ease the rental payment here." With the country-wide economic crisis, the owner of the caravan Mr Morden had to increase their rental fee.


"Another guy won't hurt," Mark added.


"Oh, that means I've to make a set of gadgets for you," Lin noted. "Sorry, still have to construct those I've lost."


"No worries," the newest detective replied then Reinhard saw Lin packing up and held him hand.


"What..Where are we going?"


"To our first proper date!"


Michelle, Lin Ling, Jennifer, Mark. Reinhard and Richard will return in 'Frenchies and Pansies'.








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