Croonford Girls Detective Case 7: Who's afraid of the big bad boy?


Author's note: The story contains acts describing school bullying, particular boys against girls. I do not condone such action. It mentions local councillors and Members of Parliament (MP) who are corrupt. This story and others are entirely fictional.


Girl Detectives’ meeting place
December 2020


"Morning Lin," Jennifer Thompson greeted with a box in her hand. "Want to try some freshly-baked carrot cake? There's icing on top."


Lin Ling was repairing the gadgets that got damaged across that last few activities or cases and also inventing new ones. Wiping her hands on wet wipes, she tried the cake and announced it was lovely then asked, "Something on your mind Jenn?”


"I've always wondered how you managed with all the dangerous situations? "Jenn replied. "I mean, you're never scared when bound and gagged or facing villains. When Chelle was trapped with that device, you calmly noticed it was a dud, when you were trapped in the museum, you were the first to be free - well using your gadget. When investigating that rigged quiz, you were covered with rubbish over your bare legs and um pants," Jenn didn't want to use the term 'knickers' and you seem unfazed. Your undies were exposed again by that fake teacher and your soaked tights were stuffed in your mouth. Last time, you heled Chelle find a way out of that coffin. How do your confidently face all of this?"


"Hmm, you got it; 'confident' is the word. Growing up, I faced lots of challenges mostly because of my ethnicity and well funnily my looks. When my family moved to various cities due to my father's job. Not many neighbours or friends, especially girls, liked a Chinese girl smarter, prettier than most of them. I hit puberty at eleven, much earlier than my Western classmates and got teasing from female classmates and friends and even boys ignored me. I guess that how I grew confident and able to face the challenges and horrors you mention. Are you still shocked over being taped up by that burglar?"


"A bit, sometimes I recollect the whole scene."


"I never do - I mean all the past events you mentioned, trapped in a rubbish bin with rubbish all over my bare legs and knickers, my dirty tights stuffed in my mouth by that fake teacher - I always ignore all those horrible times. You have to be strong or confident when facing these villains. I..."


Michelle entered. Her coat was drenched, but not with water but with smelly liquid. The sleeves of her jumper were torn and hr thick black tights were laddered. Her usual hairpins and hair bands were missing and paint streaks were visible on her face.


"What the hell happened?" Both Lin and Jenn exclaimed.


"Those idiot 'Jon-Beatles' gang members cornered me, managed to pin me down, verbally harassed me and threw all such dirty objects and items at me," Chelle cried as she tried to wipe the paint off. "I fought back as best as I could, screamed but they left before the coppers came. I've had it, the school teachers are going to hear from me!"


Croonford School
The Discipline Master and Mistress room
The next day


"Yes, yes, we know about these boys," the school discipline master Mr. James Henderson replied to Chelle who still have small streaks of paint


"We've always been yes, we dealing with bullying," Mrs Janice Hughes the discipline mistress added.


"That's easy to say. Did you not hear what the bullies did to me? This isn't new. My classmate Lin Ling was also targeted - they pinned her down like me and drew racist words on her blouse. And I heard you left them off. Why?"


The two discipline teachers continued to drone on how they have addressed school bullies. Chelle continued to recall what happened and demanded tough action against these boys. She continued her arguments regarding those bullies until the bell rang and the teachers told her not to be late for class.


"They're not doing a damn thing," Chelle recounted to Lin as they moved between classes. As they walked, they heard a commotion and saw several of the bullies cornering Julia Humes, their black classmates and one of the few black girls in the school.


"No, I'm not a piece of mud," She cried, trying to find her way out.


"Yes you are, mud, piece of mud, maybe even shit," one gang member replied. "Though you have nice tits."


"Mud, mud, mud!" the other gang members started chanting and kept her from breaking free. Lin grew furious, growled like a tiger and struck the nearest boy. He tried to retaliate, but she struck him down with her skilled taekwondo skills. One by one, she fought off the gang members, allowing Julia to scamper away. Suddenly a teacher approached.


"Miss Chan, that was totally unbecoming of a student. I'm recommending you for detention this afternoon!"


"But they started it," Lin shouted back. "They were bullying a student because of her skin colour!"


Chelle chimed in, asking the teacher to check the nearby CCTV camera but all she repeated was 'detention' and the boys, rubbing their bruised limbs, gave victorious grins and ran away. Lin swore in Cantonese and wanted to argue with the teacher but the latter just turned away.


"That's so unjustified," Jenn remarked to Chelle over their lunch time. "They also targeted Molly earlier today. Just because she's a red-head they leered and made dirty remarks about her hair."


"Sometime isn't right when the teachers support them," Chelle replied, "We've got to do something."


At detention, Lin was bored. They made her write an essay why she should not attack students with her martial arts skills. Despite her strong disagreements, she wrote the essay faster than she Cantonese wrote any assignment. I've never had detention in all my schooling life, she moaned silently. I'm gonna get my revenge on those racist bullies and uncaring teachers she thought and scribbled furiously on extra paper.


After school, Jenn had her usual intensive debate motion practice. As she left school, she noticed Chelle hailing a different bus. "Where are you headed to?" She tapped here friend's shoulder.


"I'm going to tell our local councillor about the bullies. She's got to know and tackle this," Chelle replied before boarding the bus. Jenn nodded, then felt a tap on her own shoulder and was carried by her legs, arms and head with a hand over her mouth swiftly back inside school and into a toilet closet.


"Hello shortie," Jonathan 'Jono' Giles, leader of the 'Jon-Beatles' gang growled as Jenn felt her arms yanked behind her back and her wrists quickly bound either with cloth or soft rope.


"And you are no boy," Jenn quickly retorted. "Picking on girls. That's so childish!"


Jono cocked his head and Jenn felt her tights-clad legs parted. She naturally tried to keep them closed but hands bent them in a ninety-degree angle. More rope - she discovered her hands were bound with rope - quickly secured her ankles in a ninety-degree pattern. The boys leaned and looked up her skirt and broke into a laugh.


"White knickers with little diamonds all over, now that is childish," Jono commented as his fellow gang members kept laughing and pointing.


"Perverts! You're not going get away with this, I'll report you to the authorities!" Jenn cried, while trying to reach either the penknife hidden as a foundation kit or the pen that had a laser to cut material.


"Oh, shorty trying to use the stuff her loser Chink friend made," Jono jeered, then reached over and yanked out those items, along with other stuff from her pockets.


"You are such a sicko," Jenn continued her defiance, remembering Lin's earlier advice to be confident when facing danger or villains. "Those protecting you are just the same. Is this what you want to be when you grow up? Pull out items from people's pockets?"


"Shorty, shorty, shorty, talk, talk talk, time to shut up," Jenn fought back but couldn't stop hands from prying open her mouth, stuffing a damp cloth in her mouth and a longer piece of cloth was tied around her head, sealing it in. "Bye, Bye, short fart," was the last she heard before a hand struck the back of her head and she fell unconscious.


Jenn awoke later and saw fine black lines as she blinked her eyes. She quickly realised she wasn't dazed but some netting was in front of her eyes. She was hooded or blindfolded! "Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!" She cried through the cleave gag. Minutes later, she heard a 'who's there?' continued calling and heard a door open. There was a 'oh my' and Jenn blinked and saw the school security guard Mr. Wiggins.


"I'll get you free lass," he added and as she came free, Wiggins remarked, "You better button up," Jenn gasped ask she saw her school blouse was undone, "And I'll get you a new skirt," Jenn gasped again as she saw her skirt was missing and all her tights were exposed.


Girl Detectives’ meeting place
Later that afternoon


"Are you ok?" Lin asked and patted her fellow detective.


"Yeah, thanks for the advice you gave much earlier I'm fine. But those rats, unbuttoning my blouse and removing my skirt, they're going to get it!"


"And those teachers protecting them. Something is really odd. Anyway, I'll fix the gadgets you lost and I made some new ones. Look." Again it was a small pen. "Not for writing. Red button," she pointed, releases a pepper spray like normal pepper spray. "Blue button releases an ink like squid ink except this one's sticky. Useful when those idiotic bullies try to pin you down. I'm still working on the second - it will fit in your watch or phone - it'll allow you to notify me or Chelle if you're in danger."


"Very cool. We still need a plan to counter these low-life bullies."


Chelle burst in again and informed them that there was the same old response from the local councillor - they had a 'record' of enacting legislation to curb or stop bullying and the councillor just said she would look into Chelle's case.


"What do you suggest now?" Lin asked, handing over her latest invention.


"I've booked an appointment to see our local MP Henry Hendrikson, he's got to address this."


"Harry 'Fatty' Hendrikson?!" Jenn exclaimed and Lin asked who he was.


"Young rising star in the current majority party in the House of Commons. Former businessman wide lots of ties, tons of influence on party donors and MPs on all sides. He's currently Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Education and even given the focus on schools..."


"Minister of State," Chelle corrected her. "Even better to focus on bullying. If he doesn't tackle this problem, there's no big adult around at all."


Henry Hendrikson's local constituency office
Sometime later


Chelle was kept waiting for over an hour. As she did, she noted the extravagant and overly luxurious office. It was filled with ornaments of historic battles on one side, while armed forces medals indicating Hendrikson had some military service. At several corners there were loads of antique vases and furniture while on the wall were many certificates of gratitude from charities. Chelle was focused on one of them when a skinny male aide came in, escorted her into another room.


Hendrikson was fatter than his nickname was and didn't stand up to greet her. "I don't have much time; I've to head down to Westminster for a vote. I don't usual take appointments with young students. What do you want?" Chelle summarised the recent events, especially what just happened to Julia and Jenn.


"Bullies eh? It's not new; it's been happening for centuries," he replied, not looking at her but tapping on his mobile phone and checking his emails.


"It's not new but certainly adversely affecting the girls in my year and the teachers aren't addressing the problem," Chelle replied.


"Then it's a school problem," Hendrikson muttered, still not looking directly at her.


"You're the MP for this constituency and Minister of State for Education and particularly for schools," Chelle argued, "You should be focused on these 'Jon-Beatles'..."


"I know my duties young lady. You're what? Still Year 8? Everyone faces bullies and get along with their studies. Now, I'm have to go. Louis, show this girl out."


The next day while waiting for the bus to school, Chelle recounted what happened. Lin again swore in Cantonese then remarked, "pompous bastard, dismissing you and ignorant of what's going on." As they boarded the bus, they heard loud sobbing.


"Hattie, what happened?" both girls exclaimed. Their classmate related how she was walking to school when the gang members cornered her. They forced her to sit, thrust a blank pad and range of pencils in her hands and forced her to draw a picture of them. When they weren't satisfied, they forced her flat on the ground, mocked her short stature, teased her visible purple bra and growing breasts. "They next thing I knew, they taped me up around my wrists, elbows, around my boobs, my knees, ankles and tightly taped gagged me. When the PCSOs found me later and I reported what happened at the station, the officers said like 'we'll take care.'" Harriet remained crying. Chelle tried to comfort her while Lin approached Art Morton.


"You one of those who teased and trussed up Hattie over there?" She asked with an aggressive voice.


"Aw, the detention Chinese girl. Why would I want to touch Miss growing big boobs there. Oh wait, you also have nice boobs," he smirked, pointing at Lin's breasts.


Lin was incensed and was ready to smack that red-haired gang member but remembering her earlier punishment, she gave him a dirty look and return to sit with Chelle and Hattie.


Later on at Physical Education, teacher Rob Benson made the students pair up and dribble and throw balls. Deciding to protect the bullied girls, Chelle decided to pair up with Hattie, while Lin paired with Julia. Initially all seemed fine until a ball struck Chelle's back. She turned and shouted then heard Hattie cry again as a flying ball struck her legs and make her collapse.


"Cut that out!" Chelle shouted, seeing Art as the perpetrator. He threw another ball and it nearly hit Julia in her left arm. Lin couldn't stand it and furiously kicked a ball at Art which hit his thighs. Bedlam broke out as Art signal other boys in the class - although they weren't part of his gang - to throw or kick balls at the four girls. Chelle and Lin in reply gathered the girls and balls flew all over the place almost like an artillery exchange. It took Mr. Benson several shouts and whistles before the fighting stopped.


In the shower and changing room, Chelle finished drying herself but found her underwear was missing. "Hey, who took my bra?" Another of her female classmates called. One by one the other girls found either all their bras and knickers or just one part were missing. Growling, Chelle ran into the boy's changing room and cornered Art Morton.


"Give us back our underwear you piece of crap!" She nearly spat in his face.


"I ain't no crap, but you're quite sexy in that towel," he taunted and raised his phone. She smacked it away and repeated her demand. He didn't comply so she drew out Lin's latest pen device and squirted the pepper spray in his face. As he screamed in agony, she grabbed the nearest boy's briefs and boxers and was about to scamper back until Morton threw her a plastic bag that contained the stolen underwear.


Girl Detectives’ meeting place
After school


"Snatching your underwear?! He's, no the whole lot of them are perverted idiots," Jenn remarked after hearing Chelle's recollection of what happened.


"And throwing balls, not just at BAME girls, but girls," Lin added, as she was building the warning device she mentioned earlier.


"These.." Before Jenn could start her sentence, there was a rapid knock on the caravan's door. Chelle went to answer, initially thinking it was Mr Morden, the kind man who loaned them this caravan. Instead, it was a six-foot one dark brown hair man in an immaculate white suite and patterned tie.


"Euan Rogers, Regional Health and Safety Services," he announced in a deep voice. He lifted up his badge, Chelle took a deep look at it before she allowed him in.


"What do you want? This place is spotless," Lin remarked.


"We inspect all premises for cleanliness and dangers," he replied moving around the caravan. "What's all these?" He picked up one of Lin's half-finished devices.


"It's a school science project,” Lin answered. She was partly telling the truth; some items were for here science project and club. "Put it back; it cost a lot!"


"Did you get a permit to use these chemicals?" he gestured towards a rack of phials, test tubes and syringes.


"They aren't harmful unless you mix them incorrectly. Now put that item back," Lin was now annoyed. Rogers did so but continued to closely examine the room. He picked a small piece dirt. Jenn wiped with a cleaning agent and also with an annoyed tone, asked if he was satisfied.


"I'll return again," he replied and left.


"What a prick," the trio said unison.


Back home, Chelle was working on her homework when she heard the doorbell ring. From her room, she heard her mother answer questions from what sounded like another inspector, this time examining the house sewage pipes. "But that was checked previously last week," she heard her protest. There were more arguments before Chelle heard him leave. "That was the weirdest request I ever had and he inspected them like he was untrained," she remarked to her daughter.


At school, Chelle recounted the inspection to her fellow detectives. "Yeah, my Pa was called by someone claiming to be a government accountant although his finances were already audited the day before. " Lin remarked. "And some garden inspector came to check if the soil in my mum's plants although the soil has always been plain soil," Jenn added. "I smell Fatty Hendrikson intruding on us."


The bullying of school girls in by the Jon-Beatles in Croonford School continued. Year 8 girls continued to either be verbally harassed, played tricked on, or cornered and eventually bound and gagged. The bullying spread to the higher Years, namely, Year 9, 10 and 11. Days later, Jenn drew her detective friends in a corner of the students’ common room, checking there were no bullies nearby she showed them what she found.


"As I mentioned, Hendrikson is using his power on us, so I asked my cousin who's interning in a fellow MP's office in South England. After much pleaded, she sent me these two photos. The girls peered over, noted Hendrikson filling several forms. "Look closely, he'll filling two different National Insurance numbers. Either he's dumb or something really odd here," Jenn pointed.


"Let me try," Lin logged on to her laptop account. "I built an app that can trace licence plates, driving licence numbers, National Insurance numbers of course and others," she tapped in the two numbers and raised her eyebrows. "First ones with Hendrikson's name, second is a Frank Charles Davis. Did this MP change his name half way through his life or has a dual personality or a disorder?" The bell rang and as the girls walked back to their classes Chelle added. "So, we have a Minister with a false or second name trying to harass us. He won't stop the bullying. My gut feeling is that Hendrikson is somehow linked to that guy Jono or even the whole gang."


"But can you prove it?" Lin asked. "We should split the work up. Jenn, you check online on Hendrikson's past. If you find any more numbers or IDs, pass them to me so I can check. I’ll focus on these bullies, well not attack them again but find out about their background. Chelle what you want to work on?"


"I'm the only one who met Hendrikson in person. I'll work with Jenn on that damn MP, catch you after school?" As the end-of-school bell rang and Chelle was walking out when she overheard voices from the next row of lockers. "Flour in a, that's too bland, what about collecting mud and when that blackie girl open her locker..."


"How dare you lifeless goons plan that despicable act! Julia is a more of a human that you lot!" Chelle roared and smacked the nearest school bully. "You wanna join your friend in detention?" The bully pushed her against one of the lockers and expected her to struggle or fighter back. Chelle instead calmly drew out that new pen Lin invented and squirted ink all over their arms and their open notebooks. Simultaneously, a blaring alarm sounded from the pen and the boys were shocked and ran off. As they did, there was a symbol on an unstained part of one of their notebooks. She quickly snapped a picture of it before they all disappeared.


Girl Detectives’ meeting place
Sometime later


"You didn't tell me the pen had an anti-rape alarm in the pen as well as pepper spray and sticky ink," Chelle informed Lin. "It helped anyway."


"Whoops, I forgot I added it before telling you," Lin replied. "You did want to show me something?"


Chelle showed her the picture she took. "That rosette, is something I saw in Hendrikson' inner office, exactly the same design. This MP is helps quite definitely linked to the boys."


"I'll take a copy of that and see what I can find," Lin connected a USB cable to her phone. "Jenn, you have anything?"


The newest member of the team spread out several photographs -- the girls still didn't have Wi-Fi access although they might be buying a portable Wi-Fi set -- and pointing. "Hendrikson certainly was also a bully like our school bullies during his business career. He would harass client, blackmail competitors and make the most shadowy deals and contracts. He preferred men over women in his company; the latter sex would get menial jobs. As his other name, Davis, well there were some small companies set under his name, but they are now all dissolved." Jenn concluded.


"Sounds a lot like Donald Trump, although Trump hires women to do dirty work for him. Nice work Jenn. Lin, you said you were looking at those damned bullies?" Chelle asked.


"Yeah, having done a huge load of web searching and using my social media hacking device to break into the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of the bullies. Nothing special for the majority of them, even that classmate of ours, Art Morton, he comes from the poorest families in region. It's that idiot Jonathan, Jono Giles. I can't seem to break into his Facebook account and funnily there's no mention of him of him online." Lin summarised.


"That's weird," Chelle remarked. "Clearly something is amiss. There certainly is some link between this corrupt MP and this Giles gang member. But all of this still doesn't connect the dots; we still need to connect them." The detectives split up again, with Chelle and Jenn moving to the local library to check on Hendrikson's past and recent activities while Lin headed back home thinking how she would find information on Jonathan Giles. Maybe I could fine-tune my social media hacking device so I can view his Facebook account. Nah, that would take more time. Maybe I could shadow him...


Chelle and Jenn were busy in the local library both completing their homework while accessing the Internet and pulling out books, searching for Hendrikson aka Davis. After much searching, Jenn found an archived new article describing a lawyer who retired due to 'bankruptcy' even though he was a very successful lawyer. Although both girls weren't making much noise, the assistant librarian shooed them off the premises and the girls moved to Chelle's home.


Lin was still walking home, trying to figure out how to gain further information on the head of the school bullies. Suddenly, she spotted Jono at a cash machine and ducked behind the nearest building and successful spied on him. The bully was withdrawing loads of money, causing her to raise her eyebrows since it was really unusual for a student to store that amount of money in his account. Was his family really wealthy? Who exactly were his parents? Lin watched then sudden a Rolls Royce with shaded windows drew up and the boy entered the luxurious car. Lin tried to follow but the car sped away.


Back in Chelle's home, Jenn finished up her Geography homework and turn to assist Chelle who was looking deeper into the history of that bankrupt lawyer. "You think he's worth chasing?" She asked


"I've a feeling he is," Chelle replied, her eyes still glued to her laptop screen. "A lawyer, winning many high-profile cases and suddenly goes bankrupt? He's..."


"Let's see, cases mostly about corporate cases, sealing contracts," Jenn read off her own screen, "hey, this lawyer worked for Davis & Co. or rather Hendrikson, and look isn't that the rosette you took a photo off..."


Lin still wondered around Croonford, not returning home but musing about what she saw recently. Jonathan Giles with loads of money and fetched in high class car?! Where did that come from? Father's pocket money? Grandparent's will? She kept think until she found herself back in from of the school. As she decided to hail a taxi back home, she noticed the school's chief secretary, Miss Patricia Purvis, exited and catching her own taxi. It was then Lin remembered Miss Purvis held records of all students; Lin herself had to fill in a long form when registering with the school. That would mean Purvis held records of Giles, Lin thought. Should I…She stealthily slipped into the back of the school, using the fire escape. Managing to avoid the CCTV cameras, she spotted the main office found herself lucky - the door was open! She crawled inside, and spotting name tags along the various desks, she easily found Purvis' desk.


"Rosette, what the heck does that mean?" Both Chelle and Jenn asked out loud. They looked back at the picture of the bankrupt lawyer and the rosette in one of his forms. The words were blurred on the form. "Darn, I wish Lin was here so she could help enhance the image," Chelle remarked. "I'll call her."


Lin saw her friend's name on her mobile, but quickly shut it off. The reason for the open officer door was due to the school cleaner. Well, he was many rows away but could be moving quickly to this desk, Lin thought. Purvis' computer was still active but naturally was locked. What’s the password, Lin, with her winter gloves still on wondered and tried the secretary’s initials, wrong. She tried the surname and first name but that was still incorrect. 'You entered your password incorrectly twice; you won't be able to access your account if you enter the wrong password again. Please see the IT manager.' The ominous words flashed on the screen. Shit, shit, shit, Lin was now sweating. Glancing around, she noticed a paper sticking out from one photo frame. Pulling it, she saw pw and a range of letters in caps and small caps and numbers. Trying that, the screen opened. Swiftly, Lin scanned through the folders and files, found exactly the document and downloaded it into a spare flash drive she carried. Footsteps approached but she quickly placed back the paper, locked the computer and crawled away before the cleaner reached the desk.


Back at Chelle's room, she and Jenn were furiously looking up pictures of the rosette and of Hendrikson and the lawyer. Jenn suddenly called, "Move back, back, see that video clip? Play it." Chelle did and the girls heard Hendrikson whisper to the lawyer about paying off a woman. Hendrikson turned angry when he heard the lawyer mentioned something which made Hendrikson angry.


"Lin, where were you, we finally found what the rosette meant and ..." Chelle began in her phone call.


"And I've found juicy information about Jono Giles, "Lin replied. The three girls discussed their plan, smiled and made their way.


Local constituency office of Henry Hendrikson


The fat MP was surfing the net when Chelle burst in. "Hey, how did you get in? I didn't see your name on my schedule. Louis, get this little girl out of my office!" He shouted.


"Oh, your Louis is whisper kept tucked away as is your friend Health and Safety Services inspector,” Chelle responded. Jenn in fact found that guy Euan Rogers outside the office and sprayed him with the pepper spray. The aide Louis received the ink spray, pushed into a closet and locked there.


"You’re really fat Mr. Hendrikson, or Mr. Davis, whatever name you go by," Chelle continued, slapping his mobile and desk phone away. "But you have the balls to knock up a lady and force your former lawyer to pay her hush money..."


Somewhere Croonford
The same time


Jonathan Giles finished his coffee and left when hands grabbed him and he found himself forced against a wall. He wanted to scream when a hand slapped him twice on his cheeks.


"Oh you," he recognised the face. "Don't you want another detention or something worse?" He snarled at Lin and was about spit on her when she slapped him again, twice.


"Aw, a bastard child thinks he and his comrades will be protected by the pants, maybe skirts of the father whom he never knew but is secretly funding him?" Lin threw papers in Giles' face and the boy was now shocked. "It's going on the web and you won't be gang leader anymore..."


Girl Detectives’ meeting place
Christmas week


"Turning to political news, Minister of State for Education Henry Hendrikson has sent a resignation letter to the Prime Minister, citing personal issues. Hendrikson will also be stepping down as MP for his constituency later and a by-election will be held. In education news, Croonford school has enacted tough anti-bully measures, with any student trying to bully others, will face immediate detention or suspension or even expulsion from the school..."


"Well, that settles it," Chelle turned down the radio. Both she and Lin were in red Christmas dresses and tights, with Lin's tights sparkling with little reindeers. Jenn was in a red blouse but wearing read jeans.


"Who would have thought that bully Jono was born out of a wedlock? Hendrikson certainly is like Trump, slept with a woman with a rosette tattoo. After ditching her and keeping her quiet through hush money, he felt guilty and paid his bastard son almost millions every month. At least now the bullies are gone," Jenn summarised.


"I doubt they're totally gone, but at least the teachers aren't under Hendrikson's spell anymore," Lin replied. Her detention record was expunged though she was warned after they learned she broke into the secretaries' office to read Giles's records. The male bullies all got detention weekly while Giles was suspended.


"It's a nice early Christmas present though," Chelle added. "You know, this is more of detective case than any of the previous cases or adventures. Should we have form a name?"


"I thought we, well myself and you Chelle didn't want any name like the Famous Five or any of those tween books, but we are detectives, aren't we?" Lin asked.


"We are. Cheers all, Happy Christmas," Jenn replied and the trio toasted to their success. Just then, all their phones beep. The message read:


'Nice work girlies. But it was so simple, you haven't found me. Merry X'Mas. The Cat'


The End.


Michelle, Lin Ling and Jennifer will return in 'Dreams come true.'








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