Dominated by DNA – Part 2







After a while, James said “I should let Sara know the good news, especially as she had a major part in making it happen.”


Chloé nodded her head. Had it not been for Sara, I would not be able to see you, let alone end up with this moment of ecstasy. I don’t know how she managed to change things for the better though, I presume that it must be in the rest of your story.


James got up off the floor and picked up the telephone handset, leaving Chloé lying in her state of pleasure. He sat down on the couch and dialled Sara’s number.


Sara was jolted back into full wakefulness by her telephone ringing. She noticed the number to be where James and his family lived and picked up the handset.


“Hello, Sara here. Is that you James?” Sara asked.


“Yes, it’s me.” James answered. “I just want you to know that Chloé and I are back together.”


“Is Chloé happy? Did you tell her what happened between us, because she should know.” Sara said.


“Don’t worry Sara, I told Chloé what happened between us. She was actually more annoyed that I had not made any advances towards her when she was helpless.”


“So what happened then, if I may ask.”


“Chloé asked me to stop the story at that point and we ended up playing ‘kidnap’ together.” James looked down as Chloé giggled through her gag. “Right now, Chloé is quiet, helpless, happy and very kidnapped.”


Chloé struggled softly against her bonds. I hope someday that I will have the chance to repay you for what you have done for me, Madame Sara.


“James, have you told Chloé the rest of the story, after you ‘kidnapped’ me? That does explain about the change in your parent’s attitude.” Sara replied.


“I haven’t yet, I think that it’s time to explain the rest to Chloé.”


“You did say that you would check with her, remember?” mentioned Sara.


“I’ll do that now, Sara and thanks for your help. Bye for now.” James said.


“Bye James, have fun.” Sara said, before putting the handset down and getting some more rest.


James put the handset back down on the base, and then lay back down on the floor next to Chloé. “I think that it’s time to tell you what happened after Sara and I played kidnap.” James said whilst cuddling Chloé. “It is quite a story in itself.”


James then recounted to Chloé what happened that night, about him being sent upstairs, and then coming down at one o’clock to find Sara in a terrible state. Chloé looked shocked at this. How could they leave Sara like that, it must have been dreadful.


James then went on to tell how he freed Sara from her ordeal, and recounted everything that she had experienced up to her rescue. Your own father! How could he do that to her? And then your mother nearly kills Sara, before practising a really mean act on her? That’s horrible!


He then went on to mention what had happened the day before to Sara, as well as the reactions of everyone who had taken advantage of her. Finally he mentioned about Sara’s actions before she left, and how his parents behaved in the morning.


That must have been one of the weirdest nights that has ever happened. The behaviour patterns seem a little familiar, but I have to check thoroughly first. I’ll need to borrow James’s laptop for this.


“MPH! MPH! MPH!” Chloé grunted three times in succession, trying to let James know that she needed to talk. James gently untied the gag and pulled the ball out of her mouth.


“Are you okay?” James asked.


“I am okay, James. In fact I feel wonderful. But, even though I would love to just lie here all day, I think that I need to check some information. I can do that far easier if I was at your laptop and able to type.” Chloé answered.


James removed the frogtie on Chloé’s right and left legs, before helping her to her feet. Then he removed the crotch and waist rope, before freeing her elbows and wrists.


Chloé rotated her arms a little, and also rubbed her wrists. “I’ll just pick up my items and get dressed in the hallway, while you set up the laptop.”


Chloé picked up the items that she had left in the corner, and left the room. First, she took off her sweater, put her bra back on and then wore her sweater again. Next, Chloé slipped into her denim shorts and put on her socks. Finally, she put her boots back on before walking back into the living room.


By now, James had the laptop ready. Chloé sat down and started her search. I think that Sara’s behaviour has something to do with insects, or something else about that size.


“James, could you make a hot drink for me, I might be searching for some time on this.” Chloé said as she tried to work out what the story had triggered in her mind. It sounds like something similar to insects, but with creatures like the praying mantis, the female normally has a firm hold on the male and eats him straight away. In Sara’s case, they either tied her up, or made sure that she was helpless before they took advantage of her.


Then Chloé decided to have a look at the images on the search to see if that would help. It was then that she saw the image of a male and female spider on a web!


“Mon Dieu, James!” Chloé exclaimed.


“What is it?” James asked.


“It’s not insects that we need to check, it’s spiders! Now the behaviour makes complete sense!” Chloé explained “What is one of the common spiders around here?” she then asked.


“Well, there is the Brown Recluse Spider. Its bite can be very nasty as it can occasionally cause necrosis in the victim.” James said.


Chloé checked up on the spider. “This one is more like a wolf spider, going out and hunting for its prey. Do you have any web spiders around here- what am I saying? Of course, why didn’t I think of it before.” Chloé quickly put in a new search request.


“James, it’s probably the Black Widow that I’m looking for.” she said as the information flashed onto the screen. “It’s this part that is special for some web spiders and the Black Widow too. During courtship, the male symbolically ties up the female with silk as part of the mating ritual. This could be the part of the process that makes her compliant. Afterward, the males retreat to avoid being devoured by the female.”


“That sounds logical Chloé, but Sara’s situation was hardly symbolic. In both cases, she has been completely helpless.” James commented.


“As they wouldn’t have any silk of their own, they would improvise using any available items. Given the situations when Sara was already helpless, it wouldn’t matter anyway. It’s also possible that Sara might be giving off some kind of pheromone that shows that she’s ready for ‘mating’ and people react to it. This could also explain her ‘weakness’ and her complete inability to take action against it.”


“But I wasn’t affected last night. How is it that my parents were, but I’m immune?” asked James.


“Well, the female will only want a male that has shown good survival characteristics and therefore she would not want the attention of a young male. I would guess that if you were five years older, James, you would have been affected in the same way as your parents. I’m probably just as immune to her effects.”


“Her situation does seem to affect women and men though, Chloé. However, that could be due to the fact that she is as flexible as you.” James said.


“I didn’t know that James, I thought that she was only interested in men.” Chloé said. “Also, the effect cannot be on all of the time as her pheromones would deplete, and she would need to restock, so to speak.”


“Do you have Sara’s address, James? it might be easier if I explain this in person and show her the relevant details on her PC.” Chloé asked.


James provided Chloé with Sara’s home address, and with her telephone and cell numbers as well.


“Before I go and see Sara though, I might want to do some special shopping first, seeing as our situation has changed. There are a few items that I want to get for our play here.”


Chloé then pressed the ‘hibernate’ button on James’s laptop before lowering the lid. She was surprised when James took a gentle hold of her wrists and pulled her hands together behind her back.


“What are you doing James?” Chloé asked.


“I’m just kidnapping you a little more before you go out.” James answered. Chloé felt her hands being placed together palm to palm before being securely wrapped and cinched.


“Help! Someone help me ple-ph!” Chloé’s call for help was cut off as a tie was placed between her lips and then tied at the back of her neck. This is more symbolic than anything else, so I think that James wants to kiss me for a while. She then felt her elbows being pulled together and bound firmly.


Then Chloé watched as James took four ties and bound her legs at the ankle, below and above the knees, and at the mid-thigh. James then sat on the couch and pulled Chloé onto his lap. He then gently cuddled her, caressed her hair, and then gave her gagged lips sweet kiss after sweet kiss.


I really like the new you, James. Warm, affectionate and very loving. She snuggled into James and responded to his kisses...




After a long time, James looked into Chloé’s eyes. “Do you want to go and do your shopping now? I could kiss and cuddle you all day like this, but I think that you would want to get things done.”


Chloé nodded. If I don’t go now, it will be too late, and I also want to talk with Sara. James freed Chloé from her bonds, and then put the bag full of items away.


“Would you like to call a cab, Chloé?” James asked. “We have a company that we use. It would be quicker than catching a bus in this area.”


“Thank you James, that is very kind of you.” Chloé answered. “Yes, I would like a taxi into town.” James gave her the information on the firm, rang up the cab company and put her on the list, before giving the phone to Chloé.


Chloé then told the company where she needed to go. “Again James, thank you. I shall see you later, hopefully.” She then walked to the front door, where James opened it for her and she stepped through.


Chloé then flung her arms around James’s neck and passionately kissed him on the lips. James responded and they stood there in each other’s arms until the taxi pulled up.


“Au revoir, Chloé.” James said.


“Au revoir, James.” Chloé replied, giving James one last kiss. She then released her hold on James and entered the taxi. It was only a short ride into town and Chloé was already thinking about the items that she would need to purchase.


Chloé spent the next few hours going around town, visiting various stores, including a clothes shop, a hardware store, and a special ladies ‘boutique’ from which she purchased a few particular items.


As it was getting into the early evening, Chloé decided to put her feet up for a while and visited a cafe in town. I think that I will have to make my way to Sara’s soon. Hopefully I won’t disturb her when I arrive. It will be interesting to find out what type of day she had, and it might be a good idea to call her after I’ve had my coffee, so that she can get herself ready.


Meanwhile, back at Sara’s apartment...




Sara had gotten out of her clothes after the phone call, and was just wearing a dressing gown in her apartment. I can’t see any point in wearing any fancy clothing for today. After all, I’m not going anywhere, and there will be no-one visiting me.


She lounged around her apartment, watching the television, reading, and just resting. This carried on until the late afternoon, when Sara decided to have a nice long hot bath. She ran the water, disrobed and spent a while in the bath, just luxuriating in the feeling of the soapy water against her skin.


Sara eventually got out, dried herself quickly and then wrapped the large white towel around her, covering her from just below her armpits to her knees. She sat down and started reading, noting that it was early evening. People will already be leaving work now, and it won’t be long before Janet arrives home next door. I wonder if she’s forgotten anything again when she went shopping. She’s three years older than me, but very forgetful.


After a while, Sara heard a door close in the apartment next to her. She’s arrived home then. She continued reading her book until she heard a familiar knock on the front door. Sara put her book down and headed into the hallway, not thinking about what she was doing, as she had done it a hundred times before.


She looked through the spy hole and saw almond-faced, black-haired, brown-eyed Janet waiting outside, in her usual black trousers, brown blouse and about three silk scarves. I think that Janet must really have a thing about scarves.


Sara opened the door. “Sorry Janet, I’ve just been having a bath, and I’ve been wearing this while getting dry.”


“That’s okay.” Janet replied, “I’m just wondering, could I borrow some sugar? I forgot to get some today, and you always have some spare.”


“Sure, I’ll just go into the kitchen and get you a spare bag. It’ll only take a moment.” Sara went into the kitchen, opened the cupboard, picked up a spare bag of sugar, and then went back to the front door.


“Here you are Janet, I hope that this is okay.” Sara said.


“This is more than enough, Sara.” Janet replied. “And I can give you something special as well.” Sara was taken by surprise as Janet took hold of her hands and brought them together in front of her, and she realised that she was feeling very weak and helpless.


“Janet! What are you doing?!” Sara asked. By this time, Janet had removed one of her scarves, wrapped it around Sara’s wrists, and then knotted it securely.


“Open wide Sara.” Sara watched helplessly as Janet removed another scarf, placed a knot in it, and then used this to tightly gag Sara. Please no, not again! Oh my God! I was warned not to open the door, and now I’m going to pay the price for it!


Janet used her third scarf to hobble Sara’s ankles together. “Now you look delicious, my helpless Sara. I will secure you firmly in my apartment and give you what you want. I know that you want me to pleasure you and make love to you.”


Janet pulled Sara out of the front door and into the corridor, with no choice but to shuffle along behind Janet. It’s happening all over again! They stopped outside Janet’s door.


“I don’t think you need this horrible rag covering your beautiful sexy body, my sensual Sara.” Janet said, removing the towel from Sara’s body, and leaving her helpless and nude in the corridor. Then Janet opened her door, and started to pull the captive Sara in.


Just as she was being drawn into Janet’s apartment, Sara could hear the ringing of her own telephone. As if that could be of any use, as they would just take advantage of me too. I’m stuck with Janet and I may never get out of here...




This is very unusual, I thought that Sara was in, and she normally answers her telephone. Chloé ended the call and thought for a second. Could she be asleep? No, that cannot be it, the telephone always wakes her up according to what James said. I also doubt that she would have gone out, given her situation.


Chloé got up and paid for her coffee, before leaving the cafe. Sara’s apartment is only about a twenty minute walk from here. Maybe I should go and investigate, even though she’s probably having a bath. She then headed off to where Sara lived.




Sara, however, watched as Janet closed the door to the apartment, which seemed like the gate of a prison. How long will it be before someone finds me in here?  


“Now to get you very properly secured before I mate with you.” Janet said with a look of lust in her eyes.


Very properly secured? Just what have you got in store for me! Sara cried out through her gag as she realised that Janet was not finished with tying her up yet...



Sara found herself being forced to slowly shuffle down the corridor, towards Janet’s bedroom. The door was pushed open and Sara saw the large brass bed in the middle of the bedroom. I guess that I’m going to be tied to the bed. That will make escape impossible. Janet pulled Sara toward the bed, before making her sit on the left side, and then lie down, face up.


Janet opened one of the wardrobe doors, picked up a large full bag with scarves showing at the top and carried it to the side of the bed. Janet’s going to use all of those on me? She’s going to end up cocooning me! Sara struggled futilely, as if all of her strength was gone. She watched helplessly as Janet took out a scarf and bound Sara’s ankles to the bottom of the bed. “Now you are unable to go anywhere, and I can pleasure you here. First though, I shall make you truly secure.”


Janet took a long multicoloured silk scarf, wrapped and cinched it around Sara’s ankles, and then tied it off with a knot. Then she tied another knot, and another, until the rest of the scarf was used up. How many knots is Janet going to apply?


Sara watched as Janet picked up another scarf and tied it around Sara’s ankles in the same way. OMG! Janet really is going to cocoon me in scarves. She must have a scarf fetish! A third scarf was then tied around Sara’s ankles, again in the same manner.


“Now your ankles are secured, let’s see to your wrists.” Janet picked up a scarf before taking hold of Sara’s wrists and pulling them above the head to the top of the bed. She then wrapped the centre of the scarf around Sara’s right wrist once, before tying a knot to hold it in place. Next, Janet took the ends of the scarf, threaded them through the top of the bed and then tied them securely.


Janet untied the scarf that held Sara’s wrists together and brought Sara’s left arm down to the side of her body. She looped the middle of the scarf around Sara’s left wrist, tied a reef knot there, took the ends of the scarf around Sara’s left thigh, and then secured it by tying knot after knot. Sara’s right hand was untied form the top of the bed, laid by her right thigh and then tied to her thigh in the same manner as her left wrist.


Janet’s tying my wrists to my thighs? I’ve never seen that done before. Sara pulled against her bonds, but they held firm. “I think you need more scarves on your wrists, my Sara.” Janet picked up four more scarves, tied two around Sara’s right wrist and thigh, and the other two around her left. “You look so much better with scarves around you. I’m sure that it will pleasure you.” I don’t think I have any chance of escaping this, and I think that Janet is only just beginning!


Janet took three scarves and folded them neatly into long, narrow bands. She took the first band and placed it over Sara’s eyes, blindfolding her, before taking the ends around the back of Sara’s head, pulled it tight and then placed knot after knot. Sara felt her eyes pressed twice more. I’ve been blindfolded three times! Janet must really love her scarves


“Pleph! Plep leph meph goph!” Sara begged, hoping that somehow Janet would respond.


“Making some noise still, are we? Well that can be dealt with.” Sara felt a band pressing tightly over her mouth, with knots then being tied at the back of her neck. A second gag was added, then a third and Sara was finding it very hard to breathe through her mouth. All this cloth is pressing down into my lips and I can barely get any air through it, let alone breathe. Sara whined through her nose at this treatment.


“I just need one more scarf then.” Moments later, Sara felt a scarf pressing down over her nose, pushing her nose down, before being tied. I have to work to breathe now, there’s no way that I can scream for help! Janet has effectively silenced me!


Sara felt a scarf wrapped around her lower calves, cinched and then tied tightly. The next one went around her middle calves, and a third around her upper calves. Just below and above the knees we next, followed by three more scarves tied around her thighs.


Then Sara felt long scarves being wrapped around her waist, and then tied off tightly. It seemed like Janet was tying a new scarf around her body about every inch or so. Sara felt her hips thrust a little as her womanhood started to flame with desire. Oh no, Janet, I don’t want you to run away, I may never get out of this!


“See, your body wants me to make love to you, and I shall do that as soon as I finish making you secure.” Janet continued to cocoon Sara’s body up with scarves. Sara felt two scarves taken around her body, just below her shoulder.


“You are now the sexiest woman on Earth, Sara. I am really going to enjoy pleasuring you.” Sara shook her head as Jane lay down on top of her, embracing her and kissing her scarf covered face. Sara involuntarily pressed her body up against Janet’s, in order to increase her pleasure. I can’t fight it! My body is surrendering itself to Janet and I have no control!


Sara writhed as Janet started to softly caress the mounds of her breasts. “You are enjoying my scarves, I see. I’m sure that they will increase your pleasure.” She rubbed and massaged Sara’s nipples, causing Sara to arch her back as much as she could.


Sara then tried to cry out as she could feel her womanhood being caressed, fuelling the fire of her desire. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. She could feel Janet’s lips pressing against the mounds of her breasts, along with gentle biting and sucking.


Soon, Sara could feel Janet’s lips sucking at her nipples, and the caresses on her womanhood were getting ever faster. She was thrusting her hips like crazy now, needing the relief that Janet offered. I know that I’m going to orgasm soon, and I’m so sorry, Janet. You will never want to see me again after this.


Sara felt her body right on the edge of release, and she knew that the same thing was going to happen all over again.




Then the doorbell rang!


OMG! Could someone be here to save me! That is impossible!


“It looks like I have a potential threat to my claim for you. I shall have to deal with this person before I give you what you seek.” Sara heard Janet leave the room and heard the front door open. I can’t call for help, but maybe I can do something else. Sara working on worming her way further down the bed...




Chloé entered the complex where Sara lived and made her way to the correct floor. She immediately noticed that something was wrong. Sara’s door was open, and there as a towel lying outside another door. I wouldn’t expect Sara to leave her door open like this. She entered Sara’s apartment and noticed that the place was tidy and Sara’s handbag, phone and keys were in the apartment.


There was however, no sign of Sara. Mon Dieu! It must have happened to her again! Madame Sara’s pheromones must have activated and maybe she is tied up and someone is making love to her. The door where the towel is, is most probably my best bet.


Chloé stepped up to the door, rang the door bell and waited for the door to open. How do I handle this? The person is not responsible for what they are doing, but I still have to rescue Sara.


The door opened and Chloé saw Janet in the doorway, with three scarves around her neck. “What is it?” she said irritably, with a flushed look on her face. That is a fairly good indication that you have Sara in there, but I must be sure. If I get it wrong, I can get in trouble, or even deported.


Chloé spoke in a loud voice. “My name is Chloé, and I’m looking for a friend of mine, a lady called Sara. She lives next door to you. Have you seen her lately, and is this her towel?” Chloé noticed that the towel had a monogrammed S on it. She picked it up and showed it to Janet.


Janet hesitated for a moment before answering slowly. “Yes, this is her towel. I asked her if she could leave on outside my door before she went out, as I have no clean towels today.”


Before she went out? I seriously doubt that, as she would not have left anything behind. I think that she must have been wearing the towel when you kidnapped her, and that you are lying to me.


“Okay.” Said Chloé, raising her voice further. “I take it that you are all alone.”


“Yes, I am alone, and I don’t like your voice young lady.” Janet said.




Sara hoped that she had moved enough down the bed to succeed at what she had planned. I really hope that this works and you can hear me Chloé. You’re my only chance of escape! Sara pulled her feet back as much as she could, and banged on the brass foot bars as hard as possible.


“Merde! Sara’s in there!” Chloé exclaimed. She pushed hard as Janet tried to close the door on her, causing her to stumble and fall onto Janet, winding Janet in the process as they fell to the floor with Chloé on top. Chloé quickly turned Janet over onto her front, pulled her hands together behind her back, took one of her scarves and securely tied her wrists, palm to palm.


Chloé took the second scarf, wrapped it into a ball, and then thrust it into Janet’s mouth when she tried to call for help. The third scarf was used as an over-the-mouth gag, holding the balled scarf in place.


With this done, Chloé got up, walked over to the apartment door and closed it. Then she stood in front of Janet, who was struggling to free her hands. “Now listen very carefully, as I am not going to repeat myself. If you do not stop struggling, I will take you into the bedroom, free Sara, and then let her devour you.” Janet screamed through her gag, but she stopped struggling. “Now, we are going into the living room and I will finish tying you up. You are to offer no resistance. Do you understand?”


Janet nodded, trembling on the floor. Chloé lifted Janet off the floor and toward a couch in the living room. “Sit.” she ordered. Janet did as she was told, without hesitation. Chloé looked around and saw another bundle of scarves. It seems I have the perfect materials for binding you, and you might even enjoy it as you must have a scarf fetish.


Chloé picked up the bundle and deposited it by the couch, with Janet looking at her fearfully. “You are not going to be hurt, as long as you behave.” Chloé explained. Chloé sat down on Janet’s left, pulled Janet’s elbows together and tightly bound them with a long scarf. Two more scarves were used to tie Janet’s arms to her upper body, above and below her breasts.


While Chloé was preoccupied with Janet, Sara was struggling helplessly on the bed, on the edge of desire and suffering from the denial that she was suffering. Chloé, please forget about Janet. I need you in here, with me!


Chloé took four scarves and bound Janet’s legs together, at the ankles, below and above the knees, and that the mid-thigh. Then Janet was put into a lying down position on the couch by Chloé, as the student then picked up two more scarves. Janet was tightly hogtied with one scarf, while the second was used to blindfold her.


“Thank you for being so cooperative. I will take Sara away with me and she will be no threat to you.” Janet sighed with relief and writhed on the couch. It looks like you really enjoy your scarves. Maybe after this is sorted, I can arrange some pleasure for you.


Chloé opened the windows in the living room, allowing fresh air in and hopefully removing any pheromones from the room. Then she left the living room, closing the door behind her. I hope Sara is okay, I must have caught the woman before she finished pleasuring Sara because she wasn’t trying to get away.


Chloé, please hurry, I feeling like I’m on fire! Sara begged for Chloé to hurry up and rescue her.


Chloé entered the bedroom and gasped with shock at seething the writhing and thrusting mass of scarves on the bed, with Sara inside. “Mon Dieu! Is that you Sara?” Sara nodded. Please Chloé, get me free! Chloé then noticed the strong scent, almost like a perfume, inducing a desire of wanting to make love to Sara. As she had guessed though, there was no sense of a threat.


It seems that age does alter the effect, so I know that I won’t run away from you. “Sara, it is I, Chloé. Don’t worry, like James I’m unaffected.” She looked at the scarves wrapped around Sara. “Sara, it’s going to take ages to free you from this, and I don’t think it would be good idea to start right now.”


Sara thrust, bucked and writhed in the helplessness, needing her release from the torment created by her denial. You must free me from these scarves, there’s nothing else that you can do for me.


Chloé quickly untied the scarf that pressed down onto Sara’s nose, allowing the helpless woman to breathe easy again. She then embraced Sara, and then kissed her on the cheek. “Don’t worry, Sara. I am well, as ‘flexible’ as you are. So don’t worry about me making love to you.”


Sara sighed with relief as she heard Chloé speak. There was I, thinking that you were only interested in men. I hope you don’t mind pleasuring an old hag like me, though. Please do this quickly Chloé, I can’t stand the torment! Sara thrust her body up into Chloé who was now lying on top of her.


Chloé kissed Sara while caressing her helpless body. “I will try to make this as quick as possible for you, Sara.” Chloé kissed Sara on the mounds of her breasts, while caressing her womanhood. Sara gasped as Chloé’s touch brought her closer to the fulfilment she so desperately needed.


Chloé’s caresses and kisses grew stronger, and very soon, Sara was on the brink of bliss. Please, just a bit more! Please OMG! Oh My Godddddd! Chloé embraced and kissed Sara as the helpless woman shuddered and shook from the joy of her pleasure...




Chloé continued to embrace and kiss Sara until the helpless woman recovered from her orgasm. “You certainly enjoyed yourself, Sara.” she said. Sara noticed that Chloé was still holding and kissing her.


“MMMMM!” Sara cried out, trying to get Chloé’s attention. Chloé then worked at untying and removing the scarves coving Sara’s mouth and gagging her. Sara breathed deeply, once she felt the scarf with the knot being taken out of her mouth. “Thanks Chloé, I think I owe you my life. If you hadn’t come along, Janet would have run off, leaving me in here, and anything could have happened. I know I’m being silly for asking, but could you please remove my blindfolds?”


“Certainly, Sara.” Chloé removed the scarves that blindfolded Sara, and the helpless woman was finally able to see.


“God! Chloé, I look like a real mess, tied up like this, and it’s going to take ages unravel me from these scarves. Maybe the best thing is to untie my lower legs, so at least it could be finished in my own home.” Sara requested. Chloé set to work, untying the scarves from around Sara’s lower legs. It took a little while, but all of these scarves were removed.


“I’ll help you get up Sara, as you’ll never manage on your own.” said Chloé, as she raised Sara up and sat her at the side of the bed. Sara stood up a little unsteadily, due to the large amount of scarves still binding her. “Now for me to get you back to your own home.” Chloé said as she guided Sara out of the bedroom and down the corridor. Just before they reached the apartment door, Chloé picked up the towel and wrapped it around Sara’s bound body.


“Chloé, should there be anybody outside, I’ll just say that I lost a bet to you, and hopefully we can just brazen it out.” Sara said. Chloé nodded. That will satisfy anyone, and if not, I will just tell them that it’s none of their business. Sara took a deep breath as Chloé opened the door, before guiding Sara through. There was no one there though, and Sara sighed with relief. Sara was then guided back into her own apartment, into the living room, and onto the couch.


Chloé removed the towel and was starting to untie the other scarves when...


“Bigre! I knew there was something I should have remembered! Sara, your neighbour’s name is Janet, is it not? I think you mentioned it a little earlier.” Chloé said.


“Yes, Chloé. Why do you ask?” Sara asked.


“Because, she is lying on her couch, bound, gagged, blindfolded and hogtied! I had to do this to ensure your safety. I’ll have to go back there and check on her and make sure that she’s okay. May I take your keys?”


“Certainly Chloé. Please make sure that Janet’s okay.” Sara responded.


Chloé was a little worried as she picked up Sara’s apartment keys. I just hope that I haven’t shut her door...



Chloé opened the door to Sara’s apartment and noticed that the bags were still in the corridor. She picked up the bags, put them in Sara’s hallway, left the apartment, and then closed Sara’s door behind her.


 Chloé noticed that Janet’s door was still open. If I had closed the door, I would have had to call someone and there would be a lot of awkward questions asked. Hopefully, Janet will still be okay. She entered Janet’s apartment, closing the door behind her and made her way to the living room.


As she opened the living room door, Chloé heard loud moaning and “mph’ing” coming from Janet, and as she walked around the couch she saw the helpless woman pressing her body and thrusting her hips against the couch. I think that you are very much aroused at the moment. I just hope that you are not after Sara any more, though.


“I am going to remove your gag, Janet. I am not going to harm you and I think that we will be able to talk if you do not scream.” Chloé said. Janet nodded her head, writhing on the couch. First, Chloé untied the scarf covering Janet’s mouth and removed it, before pulling Janet’s jaw down and pulling the second scarf out of her mouth.


“Thank you.” Janet said.


I tied you up and gagged you, why are you thanking me?


“Thank you for stopping me from making a complete fool today. Has Sara called the police yet? I think I’m going to be in real trouble.” Janet said worriedly.


“Don’t worry Madame, Sara has no intention of calling the police. I don’t want to say too much, but it seems that she has this effect on people due to some incident that happened to her. Until Sara is better, it might be best to avoid close contact.” Chloé explained.


“The whole situation was crazy, Chloé. It is Chloé, isn’t it? I had kidnapped Sara, stripped her naked and tied her up. I was even making love to her and I don’t even like women in that way.” Janet said, still a little confused. “Have I gone mad?”


“No, you are quite sane. You were not in control of your actions. You do seem to be okay now. What do you want to do?” Chloé asked.


“Well, I want to stay away from Sara if she is going to have that effect on me, and please don’t tell anyone else about this. Do you have any idea about what I was doing?” She said to Chloé.


“You seem to have been affected by pheromones. Don’t worry, neither I nor Sara will mention about this to anyone, unless it is in medical confidentiality. Anyway, do you want me to untie you? You really do seem to be okay.” Chloé asked her captive.


“Well, actually, er- this does seem very nice, and I have had a few thoughts in which I was tied up in my own scarves.” Janet answered. I hope I don’t shock you, but I have a friend in the complex called Mike. He noticed me wearing my scarves and he used to joke about ‘kidnapping me’ using my scarves. I always blushed at that and I was too shy to say anything, as I was too worried about being tied up.”


“That’s okay.” Chloé answered. “Being tied up for the first time can be quite scary. You don’t seem to be worried now, though.”


“The crazy thing is that while I was lying here all alone, I couldn’t think of anything else other than Mike being here and taking advantage of me. I just wish he was here right now.”


I think that Janet must be enamoured with Mike and being tied up has brought it out into the open. If Mike has joked about tying Janet up, he must feel the same way about her.


“Does your telephone have Mike’s number on it?” Chloé asked, picking up the handset.


“Yes it does. Why are you asking?” Janet said in response.


“I think that it would be very good for you if Mike came here to ‘rescue’ you from your bonds. You would both enjoy it.” Chloé explained.


Janet started to struggle again. “He can’t see me like this! I look a complete mess, tied up on the couch. You mustn’t call him, Chloé.”


“You have two choices Janet. You can either call Mike yourself, or I will gag you and call him for you. At least with the first option, you get to speak to him.” Chloé said. “Shall I gag you then?”


“Please, let me speak to him. He might think it will be a joke if you call him.” Janet pleaded with Chloé.


“Okay, I am dialling his number” said Chloé, looking at the call menu and finding Mike’s number right at the top. “He must be very important if you have his number first on the list.” Chloé pressed the call button.


Janet blushed, her face slowly getting redder and redder. “It’s ringing.” Chloé said placing the handset against the left side of Janet’s face.


After a few seconds, Janet spoke. “Mike? Mike, it’s me Janet. Are you busy at the moment? That’s good. You know that you joked about kidnapping me with my own scarves? Well, someone has beaten you to it. A young lady has ‘kidnapped me’ in my apartment, she has tied my hands behind my back and my feet together, and my wrists are tied to my ankles. I’m also blindfolded and she is going to gag me. If you don’t come up here to ‘rescue’ me, I may end up like this all night. Please hurry!”


Chloé pressed the handset button, ending the call.


“He’s on his way Chloé, and he will be here in a few minutes. Are you going to gag me now?” Janet said, opening her mouth wide.


Chloé placed the rolled up scarf in Janet’s mouth. “Yes. You put on a good ‘damsel’ voice when speaking to Mike. I hope that he appreciates this.” Chloé tied the other scarf over Janet’s mouth again. “Have fun Janet. I hope that this will be the first of many pleasurable experiences for you.”


Chloé walked out of the living room and waited for the doorbell to ring. A minute later, she heard the bell go off, and spotted a very handsome forty two year old man through the spy hole. Chloé opened the door.


“Are you Mike?” Chloé asked.


“Yes. I take it that you are the young lady who has kidnapped Janet.” Mike said. “Is she okay?”


“Janet is more than okay. She admitted to me that she keeps thinking of you, while she’s helpless. Take good care of her. If you ruin this chance, you won’t get another.”


Mike entered the apartment. “Is she in the living room?” he asked.


“Yes. Now hurry, you don’t want Janet to boil over.” Chloé said. “I’ll leave you two to have your fun. Au revoir.” Chloé left the apartment and closed the door being her. I just expected to free Janet from her bonds and explain what happened. Playing cupid has been totally unexpected. She approached Sara’s door, opened it, entered the apartment and closed the door behind her.


“How did it go?” Sara asked as Chloé entered the living room. “Did you untie Janet?”


Chloé started the long process of freeing Sara from her bonds. “Actually she’s still bound and gagged, and she has company to entertain her as well, so Janet’s in a good situation.” Chloé proceeded to tell Sara about what had happened.


“That’s good news, then. Janet often told me that she really liked Mike, but she was worried how to break the ice with him.” Sara said.


“I think that the ice is truly broken, Sara. It seems that you have changed things for the better in the end for Janet.” Chloé said, continuing with untying the scarves binding Sara’s body.


“I still don’t know what is happening to me, though, and this is all very confusing.” Sara said to Chloé.


“I think I may know the answer, Sara. I don’t know if you are going to like it, though.” Chloé then explained her theory to Sara, taking it slowly so that Sara could understand it. By the time she had finished, Sara was finally free from the scarves.


“That’s terrible, Chloé.” Sara said. “I’m scared of spiders, and I can’t stand them.”


“I know, but it doesn’t prevent the situation from happening. I think that it would be a good idea if I accompany you to the facility tomorrow.”


Sara walked into the bedroom and put on a pink dressing gown, and then walked back into the living room. “I think that it would be better Chloé, as you are far more scientifically minded than I am. I’ll pick you up in the morning, seeing as we will both be going to the office. Again, thanks for rescuing me today. I should drive you home tonight, after all that you’ve done for me.” Sara looked out of the window seeing that it was now dark.


“That is not a good idea, Sara. What if you are stopped on the way back by a police officer? He will handcuff you, gag you, mate with you and you could be left anywhere.” Chloé said, while writing a message on a sticky note. She then walked to the apartment door and placed it below the spy hole. “I think it would be best if I called a taxi, and went home by myself. I will call you when I get home, so that you will know that I have arrived safely. If you are okay, Sara, I think I had better make my way back to James.”


“I’ll be fine, Chloé. I’ll just see you to the door, that should be safe enough.” Sara walked Chloé out to the door, where she saw the note which had ‘Beware of the Full Growns’ written on it. She opened the door, and then hugged Chloé. “Again, thanks for saving me. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”


Chloé hugged back. “I’m just happy to be able to help you after what you did for James and I. That debt is incalculable.” She let go of Sara. “I really have to go Sara, and I will see you tomorrow.” Chloé then picked up her bags and left the apartment.


Sara closed the door after Chloé had left. I’m very fortunate that Chloé was visiting. If she hadn’t, I could have stuck there and anything might have happened to me. I think I’ll watch the television for a while before having a meal and going to bed.


Sara cleared away the scarves into a large bag, sat on the couch and turned the television on...




Chloé called the taxi company on her cell phone, arranging for a pickup at the complex. After waiting for about ten minutes, the taxi arrived and Chloé had an uneventful journey to James’s home. She walked up to the door and rang the bell.


James opened the door, and hugged Chloé. “How have you been, Chloé? Did you explain to Sara what might have happened to her?”


“Yes I told her, but there was quite an adventure when I arrived at Sara’s apartment. That can wait, however, until I’ve had something to drink. Could you make me a coffee, Please?”


“Sure, Chloé go in and sit down. You can tell me everything once you are settled.” Chloé entered the house and James shut the door behind her. She made her way into the living room, put the bags down to the left of the couch, and then sat on the right. Chloé then made a quick phone call to Sara, letting her know that she was okay.


A few minutes later, James brought in two cups of coffee, handing one to Chloé, after which he sat to her left. While sipping her drink, Chloé recounted what had happened that evening to James, trying to include as much detail as possible.


“You really did have an adventure this evening. You must feel exhausted after all of that, having to be Sara’s knight in shining armour.” James said, looking at the bags. “Especially after you went on your shopping trip this afternoon. You seem to have amassed quite a few items.”


“Actually, I found the whole experience quite invigorating. I would have been much more fun if it hadn’t been for the real life drama, though.” Chloé replied, finishing her coffee. “I can see why you wanted to make love to Sara, she is a most beautiful and attractive woman. I would enjoy the chance to seduce her, to have her as my captive and make love to her.”


“You’re welcome to do so.” James said. “I cannot put up any argument against you seeing as I have made love to her, and I can hardly call this evening’s events making love as it was an emergency situation. Also, Sara knows that we are the only two people that will not run away. I don’t think that she would have any reason to trust other people of our age.”


“Are you truly okay with this, James? If so, I would like to stay with her tomorrow and see how the situation goes.” Chloé asked.


“I’m fine Chloé, have fun with Sara. After all, if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be together.”


“Thank you James.” Chloé put down her cup. “I need to freshen up. May I use your bathroom?” she asked.


“Go ahead, Chloé.” James said. Chloé got up, left the living room and went up the stairs. She made her way into the bathroom and freshened up, so to speak, before removing her boots, socks, and shorts. Next, Chloé removed her sweater, unclasped and removed her bra, and then put her sweater back on. I’m guessing that I am not going to be a free woman for much longer this evening, and I will probably be James’s captive for the night.


Chloé took a deep breath, left the bathroom and slowly walked downstairs. He’ll probably be behind the door, waiting for me, so I had better open it slowly. She walked up to the living room door and carefully opened it.


“Hello? Is there anybody there?” Chloé asked as there was no visible sign of James. I think that I’m going to have to walk a little into the room now. Chloé took enough steps to put the door behind her.


She then squealed as she felt a left arm brought around in front of her, pinning her arms to her sides, and a right hand was clamped over her mouth.


“Now, listen carefully.” James said. “I’ve just escaped from prison, and I’m going to have to stay her for the night. If you don’t give me any trouble, you won’t be harmed. However, I will have to make sure that you are suitably restrained, so that you cannot escape or call for help. Is that understood?”


Chloé nodded slowly. This is going to be a very interesting night...




 “I am going to let go of you, and you will slowly put your arms behind your back and place your wrists in a crossed position. Do you understand?” James asked, removing his right hand from her mouth.


Chloé nodded, shaking slightly. “Yes monsieur, please don’t hurt me.” My heart is racing from this! I’m to be James’s bound captive for the night, and I’ll be totally at his mercy. James let go of Chloé and she brought her wrists together behind her back, with her right wrist above her left. She felt rope being wrapped horizontally and vertically several times around her wrists, before another three loops were used to cinch the bonds firmly. That must be the white sash cord that I purchased today, and James is probably tying me this way because I am going to spend a long time bound and helpless. She felt another piece of rope tied to her wrists, before it was looped around her waist several times, and secured back at her hands.


“Please monsieur, this is sufficient. I will not be any trouble to you.” Chloé pleaded, putting on her best helpless damsel voice.


“I’ll decide when you are secure lady, and if you cause any trouble, you will be punished for it.” James responded. Chloé watched as a rope was wrapped four times around her chest, just below her breasts and another four loops were placed just above, before being tied off in the middle of her back. Another piece of rope was tied to that knot before being wrapped between her right arm and her chest, cinching and pulling the chest ropes tighter. The rope was then threaded between Chloé’s arm and chest to the front below the chest ropes, where it was taken up to and behind her neck before being taken down to below the ropes on her left side. The rope was used to cinch and tighten her chest bonds, then brought to the centre and looped around the knot, taken up and looped over and back down the part behind Chloé’s neck, and finally pulled tight and tied off at the main knot at the back.


I’m very secure, with my arms pinned to my sides, and the cinching is pressing the ropes against my breasts. Wait, James has more! She felt the rest of this rope being brought over her right shoulder and watched as the rope was threaded under her chest ropes between her breasts and then looped back up, before being taken over her left should and bound at her back. James has really emphasised my breasts with this bondage, and it has pulled my sweater so tight that even my breathing causes the material to rub against my nipples.


“Now dame, sit down on the right of the settee and no tricks.” James ordered. Chloé did as she was ordered, giving James a fearful look.


“Please monsieur, there is no need to bind my legs, I cannot even leave the house with my body bound like this.” Chloé begged.


“That’s what they all say, dame, and I’m not falling for it. Now put your legs together.” James said. Chloé obeyed James, placing her legs side by side. James took out a long coil of rope and cut a piece off using emergency scissors. He then wrapped the rope around Chloé’s ankles before using several loops to cinch the bonds, and finally tightly tying them off. He cut off three more lengths and soon Chloé’s legs were bound firmly, below and above the knees, and at the mid thigh.


This feels very good, being the helpless captive of James, and I’m feeling a little aroused already.


“Please do not gag me, I’m terrified of being gagged.” Chloé said, trying to elicit sympathy from her ‘captor’ who had picked up a large red sponge ball and a roll of white microfoam tape. “I’ll sit still and be quiet, I promise.”


James put the items down on the coffee table. “Okay, I won’t gag you. But if you don’t stay still and quiet, I’ll not only gag you but give you an appropriate punishment for being a bad girl.” he said.


“What is that, monsieur?” Chloé asked, wondering what James would do to her if she ‘misbehaved’ and was caught.


“I’ll have no choice but to put you over my knee and give you a bare bottom spanking for being so naughty.” James said.


“Please don’t, I’ll be a good girl, I promise.” Chloé said, trembling. Would you really spank my bottom? I’ll probably find out sooner or later tonight, as I am the helpless captive and I will try to escape.


“I am going to look in the kitchen for something to eat. While I’m in there, you stay still in here, or you will suffer the consequences.” said James as he left the living room, closing the door behind him.


Chloé looked around, hoping for something to help her escape. Breaking anything to get a sharp edge is out of the question, and I am not even sure that I can cut myself free, bound like this.


It was then that Chloé realised that she had left her smartphone on the right arm of the couch. All I have to do is keep the activate button pressed down on my model and it acts as a redial. Which is probably a very good idea, as calling just anyone would end up in a lot of embarrassed explaining. Chloé pressed down on the front button with her nose and kept it pressed until the redial started...


Sara was watching an old musical on television when her phone rang. She picked up the handset and said “Good evening, Sara here. What are you calling about?”


“Hi Sara, it is Chloé here, how are you?”


“I’m fine now, Chloé. How are you? I thought that you would be having fun with James?”


“James is cooking something to eat, and I am tied up at the moment.” Chloé answered.


“I take it that you actually are tied up and that is not a metaphor.” Sara giggled. “You really do like your captivity.” Chloé explained what was going on. “You have to be very careful, Chloé. You are a very beautiful young lady who has been bound helpless by a sex-starved convict. He may decide to take complete advantage of you.”


“I am sure James will not take advantage of me against my will.” Chloé said. “And I doubt that he could make me beg that much.” It was then that Chloé heard the living room door open. “Help! Please help me! I have been tied up by an escaped prisoner! Call the police! Please!”


James walked over to the phone. “I’m sorry, but my sister makes calls like this all the time. She is normally very good, but she skipped her medication today. Sorry to trouble you.”


“It’s okay James.” said Sara. “Chloé wouldn’t want to risk anyone actually calling the police. I hope you enjoy tonight. See you soon.”


“Okay, lady. I’m glad you won’t call the police. Thanks for that, I’ll make sure that she takes her pills.” James disconnected the call. “Now girl, you are in trouble.” He picked up the ball and the roll of tape.


“I am sorry! Don’t gag me! Please mons-umph!” Chloé’s begging was stifled as the sponge ball was inserted into her mouth. James tore off a trip from the roll, pushed her lower jaw up, and then sealed Chloé’s lips.


“MMMMMMMM!” Chloé cried out, shaking her head, struggling against her bonds and trying to put on her doe-eyed look as James sat to her left, knowing what was going to happen next. Why have I done this to myself?! Is there a part of me that wants James to do this to me? She squealed as James took hold of her and forced her into lying across his lap from right to left.


She struggled and cried out as James lowered the back of her tights to the top of her thighs, exposing her bare bottom, before he pressed his left hand against her back, holding her down. Mon Dieu! I do not think that I have ever been so exposed in bondage. I just hope that it does not hurt too much.


“MMMMGMMM!” cried Chloé as she felt the impact of the first blow onto her defenceless derriere, followed by another five. It was the shock more than anything else that made Chloé scream, the blows only left a stinging sensation on her bottom. She then felt her bottom being smoothed and it was such a wonderful feeling.


Another six stinging strikes landed on Chloé’s bottom, making her cry out and squirm under James’s grasp. Again the soothing caused Chloé great pleasure, and also an increase in her arousal. I didn’t know that being spanked could be so effective on me!


Chloé bit into her ball as she received a half dozen more spanks onto her pink posterior, which made her wriggle. The flame of her need grew swiftly with the next caress from James. Please James, keep going. I want to you to satisfy me like this.


Another round of spanking and smoothing left Chloé writhing and moaning on James’s lap. “You have been punished enough.” he said, pulling up Chloé’s tights and then putting her in a sitting position on the right side of the couch.


No! James, I need you to punish me more! Put me back over your knee! Chloé begged and pleaded with James to continue spanking her.


“You just stay there. I have put a pizza in the oven and it will be ready before long.” he said. You can’t leave me like this! it was then that Chloé realised what her punishment was. It wasn’t the pain from the spanking, it was the arousal that the spanking had caused, and that she wasn’t going to be fulfilled. The poor helpless girl just whimpered in her bondage, suffering from her denied desire.


After a little while though, Chloé’s ardour cooled and she could at least be comfortable. Then she was embarrassed by her stomach suddenly rumbling.


“I see that you are hungry too, prisoner. Well, if you don’t behave you will go up to bed without any supper. Is that clear?” he asked. Chloé nodded in response. I do not even want to risk going without any food until tomorrow morning.


James looked at his watch, and rose from the couch. “I am going into the kitchen and bringing the pizza in here. I trust that you will behave yourself.” Chloé nodded, knowing that to misbehave might leave her going hungry.


James left the room and returned with a large pizza on a plate and a bottle of water with a straw in it. The plate and bottle were put down on the coffee a table, and then James turned to Chloé. “If you speak during the meal, I will end it and you will be gagged again.” Chloé nodded.


James removed the tape from Chloé’s lips and then took the ball out of her mouth. He then picked up a slice of pizza and then held it up so that Chloé could take a bite out of it. After she had finished chewing and swallowing, James held up the bottle so that she could take a sip of water, during which time he took a bite. This continued for some time, until the pizza was finally eaten.


James picked up the tape and tore another strip off. Chloé opened her mouth and had the sponge ball put in again. She then closed her mouth and her lips were sealed with the tape.


James took the items back out into the kitchen, came back in and put on a romantic movie for Chloé. She squirmed on the couch as the film increased the feeling of arousal that had not quite gone away, even when she was eating.


The movie finished and James looked at the time. “I think that it’s time to get some sleep. In the morning, I’ll leave here and call someone who can come around here and untie you.”


James forced Chloé up into a standing position and then made her hop out of the room and to the bottom of the stairs. “Time for me to take you to the bedroom, my prisoner.” James took hold of Chloé and half carried her up the stairs. I hope that James is going to be lying next to me, as lying bound and gagged all night alone would probably not be safe. When they were at the top of the stairs, James released his grip and guided Chloé to the large bedroom. Chloé hopped through the open door and saw the large brass bed in the middle of the room.


“Sit on the left side of the bed, captive.” Chloé slowly hopped over to the left side of the bed and sat down. I hope that James is not going to make me lie down with my hands behind my back all night long. It could become very uncomfortable. “You have two choices.” James said. “One, I tightly hogtie and leave you on your side knowing that you cannot escape.” Chloé shook her head at this. “Two, I tie your hands together in front of you, so that you can lie on your back comfortably. Be warned that any attempt to escape will be punished severely.” Chloé nodded her head at the second option.


James untied the rope that bound Chloé’s hands to her waist, before untying the rope that tied Chloé‘s wrists together. Her hands were brought around to her front and placed in a crossed position in front of her with her right wrist over her left.  James then bound her wrists in the same manner as before, making sure that the knot was in a position that couldn’t be reached. He then lay Chloé onto the bed, with her on her back, before placing a sleep mask over her eyes.


“I am going to remove the tape and ball from your mouth, please remain quiet while I add a different gag.” Chloé kept still as James pulled the tape from her lips and took the ball out of her mouth. She felt a scarf being put over her mouth and wrapped around her head before feeling tape being wrapped over the scarf to ensure that it cannot be removed. “That is so that you cannot use your hands to remove the gag.”


“If you try to escape, your punishment will be severe. As well as any other punishments, you will be blindfolded, tightly ball-gagged, with your hands and feet tied to the corners of the bed and you will spend the night like this completely naked.” James said. “So think twice before deciding to do anything.”


Chloé nodded, shivering in her bondage. I think that he is trying to make sure that I won’t try to escape. If I was in that position, I would be more helpless and vulnerable than I have ever been in my life. James would be able to do anything he wants to me and I would be powerless to resist. Chloé shivered as images of being in this situation ran through her head, with James about to take advantage of her.


She then listened as James moved around the room for a few minutes before lying down on the left side of the bed. After a little while, Chloé heard his breathing slow down and become more shallow, indicating that he had fallen asleep.


Chloé tried to settle down and get some rest, but she found that this was impossible. She kept remembering the spanking that she had received earlier for being a ‘bad girl’ and this was making her aroused again. Also, whenever she moved, the ropes pulled on the sweater in different ways, causing the material to caress her nipples.


I’m in a little trouble now with this happening, I may end up awake all night and I’ll be useless in helping Sara tomorrow. Chloé writhed slightly on the bed as the increase in arousal affected her. Maybe if I move my hands down further, I may be able to fulfil myself and then settle down to sleep. She tried to move her hands further down, but with her arms tied to her side and her wrists crossed, any further movement down was limited. The only fingers she could bring into play were her little fingers, and this only served to increase the flame of her need.


All I have done is scratched an itch and made it far worse, and I have probably made sure that I will stay awake all night. My only choice is to free myself somehow. James is fast asleep, so if I make my way out of the room and downstairs, I can cut myself free with the scissors. Then I can fulfil my desire and sleep downstairs. I’ll apologise to James when he wakes up.


Chloé very carefully rolled over onto her right side and placed her legs so that they were off the bed, before raising herself into a sitting position. She then listened to James’s breathing, trying to see if there was any change. That is a relief, if James wakes up, I am in more trouble. I am thankful that James did not retie my wrists to my waist as I have to get this sleep mask off my face. Chloé bent her arms so that her hands were between her breasts before lowering her head as much as she could. She managed to get her right index finger under the mask between her eyes and pull it down to her neck. I can see now, so at least I don’t have to shuffle around blind.


Chloé stood up carefully, hoping that she didn’t fall back and land on James. After a moment of imbalance, she managed to straighten herself up. Now to get to the door, I can see it dimly in the shadows. If it is locked which will be very likely, I’m just going to have to go back to bed and suffer until I finally get to sleep. Chloé slowly shuffled to the door, hoping that she could stay quiet.


Finally, Chloé reached the bedroom door and manoeuvred her left hand so that she managed to take hold of the lever handle. I am glad that this does not have a door knob, as I would be stuck trying to turn it. If the door is locked though, all of this has been for nothing. Chloé held her breath, pushed down the door handle, and pulled very slightly. She breathed a sigh of relief as the door moved a little.


It’s unlocked! James has left it unlocked and I can get out. I can’t believe that he did this. Chloé shuffled back a little so that she could pull the door open and then get out and down stairs.


As the pulled the door open further though, a loud alarm went off in the bedroom!


Chloé just stood there stunned there stunned as the bedside lamp went on. “It’s a pity you decided to try and escape after all, prisoner.” said James as he got into a sitting position and then stood up. “I did warn you, but you went ahead and did this anyway.”


What have I done to myself!


Chloé trembled helplessly as images shot into her mind of what was to come...



James walked over to the door and then bent over, picking up a card from off the floor. He folded it and the alarm sound stopped. He took a clip which was used to secure the card and showed it to Chloé. “This is a portable alarm, and is very useful for putting under doors. When the door is opened, the spring in the card forces it open and the connection is made for the alarm.”


You set me up, you set me up! You left the door unlocked so that I could open it and then be caught! That’s why I was left tied up like this; you knew that I would try to escape if I could. I have been a complete fool and I am going to pay the price for this.


James picked Chloé up in his arms and carried her back to the bed, where he placed her in a sitting position on the right side. Then he started to untie the ropes around Chloé’s chest, which took several minutes due to the sophistication of the bindings.


“This should make things easier, now that those ropes are removed.” James dropped the ropes onto her floor, making Chloé shiver in the process. “It is time to carry out the first part of your punishment, girl. You should have known better than to try and escape.” James lifted Chloé onto the bed and put her in the middle, before picking up a piece of rope and tying her ankle bonds to the bottom of the bed. “This is so that you won’t be able to fight while I’m tying your arms to the corners of the bed.”


At this point, Chloé struggled and fought against her bonds, even though it was more of a gesture, rather than a genuine attempt to get free. You are actually going to do it! You’re going to tie me spread-eagled on the bed! James took a piece of rope, tied one end to Chloé’s left wrist, and the other end to the top of the bed. “That should keep one hand secured, so that my work will be easier.” He picked up another piece of rope and put it to Chloé’s right.


Chloé then gasped in shock as James took hold of the bottom of her sweater. Then it was slowly pulled up, exposing more and more of Chloé’s helpless body. She squealed with embarrassment as the material rode up enough to expose her nipples, and the worst part of this was that they showed that the helpless girl was still very much aroused. “Oh, it seems that part of you actually likes what is going on.” James said.


Is this true? Is there a part of me that wants this to happen? Do I desire this? If I didn’t then my arousal should have gone, but I am still feeling my need. Right now, I am not sure what I want.


The sweater was pulled up until it gathered at Chloé’s wrists. James will untie my wrists from each other, but as my left wrist is tied to the top of the bed, struggling is pointless. Is struggling actually useless, or do I just want to believe it as an excuse?


Chloé felt the rope around her wrists being untied, and then the sweater was pulled up above her hands, leaving her upper body exposed. Her right arm was then stretched to the upper right corner of the bed. James took the piece of rope to Chloé’s right and used one end to make five wraps around Chloé’s right wrist. Then a knot was tied at the back of Chloé’s hand, securing this end of the rope. Chloé watched as James took the other end of the rope to the corner of the bed and tied it to the brass bedpost. The rope tied to Chloé’s left wrist was untied from the bedpost, and then untied from her wrist. One rope end was wrapped around her wrist five times and again knotted at the back of her hand. Her left was drawn out toward the left side and secured to the left bedpost.


James got off the bed and picked up a large red ball-gag. “Time to put this on you, girl. Do not make a noise when I change it, or I will put tape over it as well.” He sat on the left side of the bed and leaned over to remove the tape covering Chloé’s lips. If I say ‘rouge’ after you remove the tape, I can stop all of this. If? If I want this to stop, I would not be wondering about it, I would be ready to say it. Chloé lay there with her mind in a turmoil about her feelings, while James slowly pulled the tape from her lips. He then paused as though he was waiting for Chloé to say something, and then he gently pulled Chloé’s lower jaw down and inserted the large red ball into her mouth. She could feel the straps being taken around the back of her neck, under her hair, and then being tightly buckled into place.


I didn’t say a thing! I had the perfect chance to bring this to a halt, and I choose to remain silent? I must want this to happen to me! Chloé lifted her head and watched as James began untying the ropes from around her legs. The thigh ropes were removed first, followed by the ones around her knees, and finally her ankle bonds were taken off. I hope I don’t cry out at this next part. Chloé bit into her gag to keep herself quiet as James took hold of the top of her tights. He then gently and softly pulled them down so that her womanhood, and then her legs were exposed. He then picked up one of the pieces of rope and wrapped one end around her right ankle five times before tying that end off. Her right leg was then moved over so that it was as far as it could go, and then James tied the other end of the rope to the lower right bedpost. One end of another length of rope was wrapped and tied around her left ankle, before her left leg was pulled to the left side of the bed and the other end of the rope was bound to the left bedpost.


Chloé heart was racing as the last rope was tied into place, leaving her naked and spread-eagled on the bed. It is almost like I have been prepared for a virgin sacrifice. I am relieved that James would never take me against my will, as I do not think that I have ever been so defenceless and vulnerable in my life. She pulled and struggled against the four ropes that bound her, but she was just as securely tied as ever. No matter what she tried, the ropes around her wrists and ankles stayed there.


James took the sleep mask that was still around Chloé’s neck and placed it over her eyes, stealing her vision from her. “Get used to your new position as you will be spending the rest of the night like this.” She listened as James walked out of the room, leaving her alone in her naked captivity.


Chloé lay there, trying to get her breath and her thoughts back under control. You can’t leave me like this James, please come back. The worst part was even after the embarrassment of being stripped naked and tied up in this completely submissive position, she was even more aroused than when she decided to try and escape. This is insane, because it would mean that I wanted to end up like this. She kept thinking about when James would return, and it ended up with him lying on top of her and taking advantage of her helplessness. That cannot be true! That cannot be the reason that I acted the way I did. Thinking about this only increased Chloé’s arousal and she felt tormented by her need.


Then Chloé thought that she heard something, but dismissed it as her own imagination, thinking that her mind was playing tricks on her...


“MMMMMMGGGGGMM!” escaped from her lips as she felt a freezing touch on her left nipple, and her back arched in response. This only made things worse as she pushed herself harder onto whatever causing the feeling. She forced herself to lie flat and the feeling stopped. Then Chloé cried out again as the item touched her right nipple, eliciting the same response.


Ice cubes! You are using ice cubes to punish me!. Chloé struggled and pulled but couldn’t move an inch. Then she cried out and arched again as the ice cold feeling was felt on her abdomen. Chloé could feel the water on her skin as the cube traced random patterns onto her helpless body.


She bit into her gag as she felt ice cubes press against both of her nipples, and cried out as the cubes were slowly moved in ever increasing spirals, touching new areas. I cannot even prepare myself for this as I am unable to see what is happening to me. Even though I know where you will put these cubes at the end, this information will not help me at all.


Chloé gasped as random areas of her body were being touched by the cubes. She felt this on her arms, legs, abdomen, breasts, and occasionally her face as well. Only one area had remained untouched, and Chloé was dreading the moment when James decided to place the cubes there.


Then the torment stopped, and Chloé breathed a sigh of relief. Are you being kind to me, James? I hope that you are, because even if you torment me there, I will just feel even more frustrated. She waited, wondering if James was going to leave her alone...



“MMMMMMMMM!” Chloé screamed and arched her body as the cold cubes pressed against her womanhood. Again and again the cubes touched her, causing the same response. Then she felt the cold touch along her intimacy, making her feelings become even more intense, and arousing her still further. Chloé gasped as she realised that she wanted James to go on, that if he continued doing this to her, she would achieve her fulfilment and may be able to rest. At this, she thrust her hips at him, wanting more fire for her flame.


“I think that you have had enough punishment.” James said as her stopped touching her with the ice cubes. Please James, you cannot leave me like this, I am aching for you! Please take me! Mon Dieu, did I just say that? Chloé was shocked as she imagined James joining with her in a union of bliss. I cannot want that, surely.


Suddenly she felt a rope going around her waist, before being tied at her front. Then she felt a rope being taken down between her legs, looped over the waist rope at the back, brought between her legs again to the front, and then pulled tight and tied off. A crotch rope! Why have you tied a crotch-rope onto me? I cannot see how this would torment me. Then Chloé gasped as she felt something cylindrical being slid under the crotch-rope, and then she remembered the part of the story where Simone tormented Sara. No! Please James, No! That will drive me crazy! Don’t turn it on!


Chloé heard a click as a button was pressed, and the vibrator started its low buzzing. The helpless captive struggled as she felt its immediate effect on her womanhood and intimacy. She cried out as the new torment started the feed her fire.


“I’m going, girl. I’ll check on you in a couple of hours. After all, you’re not going anywhere.” Chloé screamed and begged as James left the room.


Two hours! I am going to be helpless like this for two hours! Please James, come back and give me relief from this torment. You win! I am yours and I will do whatever you want! In her torment, Chloé realised the truth of her feelings as they had been buried, just as much as her body had been under her clothing. Now, lying on the bed, stretched out and physically bare, she understood that her emotions were also stripped bare and were no longer being kept hidden from her.


With a shock Chloé discovered that not only had James bound her body, but during the time that they knew each other, he had tied up her heart as well!


I knew that it hurt when we couldn’t see each other, but only now do I understand how deep this goes. I could have stopped what James was doing to me tonight at any time, but I chose not to. I did not understand then why I acted the way I did, but it is clear to me now. I wanted this to happen to me, so that I would see what was buried within me. James, my love, please return and be one with me!


Chloé begged and screamed through her gag as her body writhed and arched from the teasing and frustration that she experienced, which seemed to be never ending...


“OMG! Chloé! Are you okay?” Chloé noticed that the straps of her ball-gag were being removed. “I’m sorry, Chloé, I’m so sorry. I should never have gone this far with you. I’ll understand if you never want to see me again.”


As the ball was taken out of her mouth, Chloé cried “James! Please, stop the vibrator!” She felt James move and within seconds the vibrator was switched off and then it and the crotch-rope was removed. Moments later, Chloé felt James touching the rope around her right ankle. “Stop James, it’s okay, you can leave me tied up like this.”


“I don’t understand Chloé, that must have been a terrible torment for you. Why don’t you want to be free?”


“I will answer that in a minute James, but first I must ask you a question. If I never saw you again, how would you feel?”


“I would be devastated and heartbroken if I never saw you again.” James answered.


“Why?” asked Chloé.


“Because I lo-.” She listened as James took a deep breath. “Because I love you. I know that it’s said all too often and maybe I’m using it when I shouldn’t, but right now, you are the most important person in my life. I didn’t say anything, because you seemed to just think of me as a friend.”


“Oh James, I love you too. I kept it buried so deep inside myself that it was hidden from me. First you stripped me physically, then I was stripped emotionally and my heart was revealed. Please kiss me, my love.”


Chloé felt James’s mouth press against hers in a passionate kiss as he embraced her. She parted her teeth and soon, their tongues became as intertwined as the feelings in their hearts. Chloé felt happier than she had ever been as she lay there on the bed with James.


Eventually, their lips parted. “Why don’t you want me to untie you, Chloé?” James asked.


“I want to be like this, James. I want to lie like this, stretched and helpless as a symbol of my love for you. I want to experience what it is like to change from a girl to a woman, and I want to be joined with you in a union of our bodies. James, please make me a woman.”


“Are you absolutely sure about this Chloé? I am prepared to wait longer, and you may change your mind in the future.” James said.


“The fact that you have cautioned me about my decision shows that you are the right person. Please gag me James, I am yours.”


Chloé opened her mouth and the ball-gag was inserted. The straps were again taken under her hair and buckled into place. She gasped as she felt kisses on her cheek and along her neck as James’s hands softly traced circles on her breasts. The kisses on her neck grew more passionate as his hands gently smoothed and teased her nipples. Please hurry James, my intimacy is still on fire from my earlier teasing.


The kisses went down to between Chloé’s breasts and she cried out as the softest of touches were placed upon her womanhood, increasing the need for release within her. She pressed herself against James’s hand, trying to increase the pleasure from his actions, and tried to move her upper body as if to offer her breasts to him.


She felt sweet gentle kisses move along the mounds of her breast, exciting her further, as her whole body ached for her lover. It seemed that the kisses that circled her nipples seemed like a sweet torment, and when James took her nipples into his mouth and teased them, she felt like she was going to explode with pleasure, there and then.


Chloé then heard his gentle whisper in her ear. “Are you still sure about this, my love?” She nodded her head in response. I am sure, my love. I am more sure than anything else. “Then I will try to be as gentle as possible, as I don’t want to hurt you.” Chloé bit hard on her gag as she knew what would happen to her next.


“MMMMMMMGGM!” Chloé cried as she felt the pain and pleasure of James’s entry into her, forever taking away her innocence and marking her change from a girl into a woman. She relaxed once the pain had subsided, and James slowly and gently thrust in and out of her intimacy.


Please hurry James, I need you to release me! James thrust faster and harder into Chloé, providing her with more pleasure and taking her closer to the brink. She thrust her hips back in response, wanting more and more, as her feeling drove her wild. She could feel James thrust getting faster and faster and soon knew that she was on the edge.



“MMMMMPPPHHHHH!” Chloé screamed as she finally received the orgasm that had been denied her since she was tied up by James. She pushed him up as her body thrust up from the bed, driven by the jolt of pleasure shooting through her body. Then she collapsed back onto the bed, writhing and issuing little cries through her gag...


“Are you okay?” James asked. Chloé nodded. This feeling is wonderful, I’ve never been more okay in my life. She basked in the afterglow of her passion as James whispered sweet nothings in her ears and gently kissed her. “I’ll untie you now, Chloé.” he whispered as she felt him reach for the buckles of her gag.


Chloé shook her head. I think I would love to spend the rest of the night like this. I am starting to feel sleepy and I do not think that I can stay awake much lon-.


Exhausted by the events of the day and night, Chloé fell into a deep sleep...



Chloé slowly awoke to find herself lying on her left side and cuddling a pillow. In her reverie, she understood that James must have untied her during the night. I must have been in a very deep sleep for James to have freed me without waking me up, and even my gag has been removed. After resting for a few minutes, she pushed back the duvet which covered her body, sat on the side of the bed and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. I must get ready for Sara’s arrival, so I need to have a shower and eat breakfast before she gets here.


As she stood up, Chloé noticed a large folded towel with a bottle of shower gel lying on top. James has been very thoughtful in attending to my needs. I am so lucky to be his girlfriend. No, not his girlfriend, his lover. Chloé picked up the items and made her way to the bathroom. After she had ‘refreshed’ herself, Chloé ran the water for the shower until it was warm and then stepped in. When she had finished gently running the water over her body, Chloé took the gel and ensured that she had covered her body in the soapy material. It feels so good to wash the sweat from my body afters last night’s adventure. I hope that it will be the first of many.


Chloé washed the gel from her body, stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. Walking back into the bedroom and seeing her clothes neatly put out on a side table, Chloé realised that she would need to take one of her suitcases over to this house if she was going to spend more time here. I will need to go back to Angela’s and get some extra clothes. Mon Dieu! Angela! Suddenly, Chloé remembered that she had no contact with Angela since she left the house yesterday under an air of uncertainty. I must contact her as soon as I am dressed!


Taking her clothes off the side, Chloé dressed hurriedly and went downstairs into the living room so that she could pick up her smartphone. Searching through the list, she pressed the call sign against her friend’s name. “Angela? I am so sorry, I should have contacted you earlier. You must have been so worried about me.”


“I was tempted to call you Chloé, but I was worried about interrupting you. Has your problem been resolved?”


“Yes Angela it has been resolved and there will be no more trouble for us.” Chloé gave Angela a brief summary of yesterday’s events, including the incident of Sara’s captivity, and that she had to pick up some clothing.


“You have had a very exciting day Chloé, and Sara was very lucky that you arrived at her apartment in time.” Angela paused for a moment. “Chloé, did you say that Sara worked for a company called ‘GEN-DAWN’ and that’s where she may have had her DNA altered?”


Chloé thought before answering her friend. “Yes Angela, she does. Why are you asking this?”


“What I am about to say is very important.  If you see me anywhere apart from here or where we study, you are to pretend that you do not know me. Do you understand?” Angela said.


“I understand, Angela and I will do as you ask, but I do not know why.” Chloé responded.


“I cannot tell you why just yet, Chloé. I will as soon as I am able to. I have to go to work now, so I will not be in when you arrive. I hope to see you soon. Give my love to James. Goodbye Chloé.”


“Goodbye Angela.” Chloé ended the call and put her phone inside her purse. Angela sounded worried about this, so I must comply with what she requested of me. What is so important that I have to act like I do not know her?


Chloé got up and walked out of the living room, puzzled by her friend’s request. A few moments later she entered the kitchen, where James had already prepared breakfast. She put her arms around his neck and softly kissed him on the lips, and he responded by warmly embracing her. They held that position until Chloé’s stomach decided to make an audible protest.


“I can hear that you’re hungry, my cute Chloé.” James said, releasing her and nodding at the table. She let go of James and sat down, looking at the food that had been prepared. After taking a mouthful, Chloé realised just how hungry she was.


“Angela has said something very unusual to me when I called her this morning. She told me to pretend that I don’t know her if I see her away from the house or our studies.” Chloé said, between eating bites of her breakfast.


“I presume that she must have a good reason. I know I mentioned her name once to Sara, but I don’t think that this will provide any real information to her.” James commented, enjoying some cereal. “Is there anything you need to take from here for your evening with Sara?”


“Yes, but it won’t take long to prepare that. It will take longer to go to Angela’s, put some clothes in a suitcase and change into a new outfit for today.” Chloé continued to eat her meal until it was finished. “I think I had better prepare for Sara’s arrival, James.” She said as she stood up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I hope that you are okay with me seducing your mother’s friend, as I do not want to upset you.”


“Stop worrying Chloé, It’s fine. I think that you should have a proper evening with Sara, placing her in bondage and seducing her.”


“Actually James, I have a better idea. Would you like it if I could get Sara to spend the weekend with us? You would have two ladies at your mercy and we could have a Ligotage Ménage à trois.” Chloé said


“If you could manage that Chloé, it would be wonderful. Yes, I think this is a very good idea. You mustn’t force her to choose this though; she must make the decision of her own free will.”


“I think that when I’ve finished, she won’t even think of saying no.” Chloé responded. “I really must get my items ready for today though, so I must hurry.” The handset in the kitchen rang and Chloé picked it up.


“Hello, it’s Sara here.”


“Good morning Sara, I am Chloé. Are you on your way?”


“I’m just outside my car. I should be with you in ten minutes. Are you ready?”


“I will be. However I will need to visit the other house to get changed and pack some clothes in a suitcase. That will not take long though.”


“I’ll see you soon then, Chloé. Bye for now.” Sara said.


“Bye then.”


“Goodbye.” Chloé hung up and put the handset down. “I will have to hurry, James. I wish that we had more time this morning.”


“We will have the weekend Chloé, so don’t concern yourself.” Chloé walked into the living room, and spent about eight minutes putting various items into a bag marked Sara. I hope that Sara enjoys what I have planned for her, as we will hopefully be spending the night together.


A few minutes later, the door alarm sounded and Chloé walked to the front door and opened it. She gasped as she saw Sara standing there in a white blouse, black mini skirt, stockings and black patent calf length boots.


“Hi Chloé. Thanks for approving my outfit.” Sara said. “I supposed that I don’t look too bad for a forty year old.”


“Sara, you look magnifique, and you are a prize for anyone.” Chloé replied, causing Sara to blush. James came to the door, and then embraced and kissed Chloé.


“You look fantastic Sara. Chloé is right, people should be throwing themselves at your feet. Anyway, I mustn’t detain you, you need to go to GEN-DAWN and find out what is going on.” James kissed and held Chloé one last time before he entered the house and closed the door behind him.


Sara and Chloé walked to the car and entered the vehicle. “I need to go to the other house, if that is okay Sara. I need to change clothes and take a suitcase over to James’s house.”


“Sure, Chloé. It’s the least I can do for you saving my life last night. If there’s anything I can do for you, all you have to do is ask.” Sara said as she drove the car away from the kerb and headed to Chloé’s residence.


“Saving your life is over the top, but thank you.” Chloé responded. “You have saved our relationship, so we owe you far more.”


When they got to the house, Sara stopped the car. “Shall I go in with you?” she asked.


“Thank you, but there is no need. Hopefully it will not take me more than a few minutes.” Chloé exited the car, went up to and then entered the house. She went upstairs and quickly disrobed. Then she went to her wardrobe and put on red panties and bra, red textured tights and a red sweater. Next she put on a green knee length dress which had the shoulder straps attached to the dress with buttons and finally put on her boots. One of her suitcases was full of spare clothes and rather than packing another case, decided to take this instead.


She went back outside and left the house, carrying the suitcase to the back of the car. Sara pressed the button that opened the car trunk, opening it and Chloé placed the case in the trunk and shut the lid. She got back in the car and Sara drove to the research centre.


“I hope you had a good time last night. The last I heard was you calling for help.” Sara said.


“It was wonderful, Sara. James is a most excellent lover.” Chloé then went on to tell Sara about what happened after the phone call. “And so, James has turned me from a girl to a woman.”


“I don’t think you could have made a better choice, Chloé.” Sara looked at the street signs, checking for the next turn. “Only one more right to go.” She turned right and the entrance of the company was before her. She showed her pass to security and parked in her usual spot. “It may be better if you do all the explaining Chloé, as I am not very good at science.” Sara said as they walked toward the building entrance.


“I understand, Sara. I did the research online, so I know more about the subject matter. Is there anything I should be aware of?” Chloé asked.


“There is one thing. One of the top secretaries recently started work here. She arrives late nearly every day and we think that she got the position by sleeping with the boss’s son. She is inexperienced and is about your age, so for her to have a top position is impossible.”


“That is a very unusual situation. Will we be avoiding her?”


“That is impossible, as she issues the security cards, and you will need a special pass to enter further than reception. I called the company earlier this morning to give them your details, so a card should be ready for you.”


Both ladies walked into Reception and walked over to June. “Could you tell the secretary that I’m here with Chloé, so that she can provide the temporary pass.”


June pressed the intercom button. “Sara and Chloé are here now, Miss Schmidt.”


“I will be out in a minute.” Crackled the distorted German voice from the intercom.


“Chloé, I’m not even sure that Schmidt is her real surname, seeing as it is so commonplace.” Sara said.


Chloé was a little distracted at this point, working out ways of tying June to the office chair that she was sitting in, so she was totally unprepared for what was about to happen.


“Good morning Sara, and I take it that the beautiful redhead must be Chloé.” said a familiar voice that made her heart skip a beat. She rapidly turned her head and looked at the person who spoke. Standing there in an outfit similar to Sara’s but with normal high heels was:-




Chloé had to take hold of the reception desk to remain upright. Mon Dieu! What are you doing here? What is going on? She managed to regain her composure and say “I understand that you have a temporary pass for me, er-“


“Angela. Didn’t Sara mention my name?” Angela asked. She handed Chloé a pass on a neck chain. “Don’t lose it, or you could get into trouble with security. Sara will take you to the doctor that she visited yesterday. If you do not mind, I have work to do.” Angela then walked off back to her office.


“It seems that we aren’t good enough for her company.” Sara said with annoyance.


Angela, why are you here? Why didn’t you tell me? Chloé’s mind was in a whirl from the revelation that she was working for the same company as Sara.


“Are you all right, Chloé?” Sara asked. “She shouldn’t have been that rude to you.” I didn’t expect Angela to be that curt, she was more abrupt than usual.


“Oui, Sara. I was caught off guard by her. I think that we had better visit the doctor.” Sara led the way to the doctor’s office, they sat down and Chloé explained her theory concerning the genetics that were used.


The doctor thought for a moment. “The behaviour patterns are very similar to arachnid courtship routines, so your theory does seem to fit. If it is correct, then we may at least come up with a pheromone counter agent spray.”


“Would that mean I could meet full adults and not worry about another incident?” Sara asked. “That would be good as at least I can live as normal a life as possible.”


“Now that we know what to look for, it should be relatively easy. Thank you Chloé for your insight, you have given us a very good lead. I’m surprised that one of our experts, Dr Johnson didn’t work this out as he’s an arachnid expert. He’s on vacation at the moment, so I cannot question him about it. I think that the research division could help you more than I can, so here are my notes.” The doctor handed a few pages to Sara.


“Thank you doctor.” Sara said. “With Chloé’s information, we should be able to get to the bottom of this.” The two women left the room after shaking the doctor’s hand, and walked over to the research part of the company. I may not get a cure, but at least there could be a treatment.


Soon, they arrived at the department, where they were met by a 30 year old red haired, brown eyed female scientist in the usual white coat and clothes. “Good morning, I take it that you must be Sara and Chloé. I am Miss Smith. The doctor called me as you were walking here, so that I would be ready. Do you have his notes?” Sara handed the notes over to Miss Smith. “This is actually familiar. We were working on an orgasm drug for ladies and we were testing it with college students, until the research was stopped.”


“What happened?” Sara asked.


“The tests were going well, and the drug seemed to be a huge success. That was until I wanted to get information from the female test subject immediately after the lovemaking. The male had left the room when I walked in, and I had an irresistible urge to tie the poor girl up and make love to her. The male came back in when I had finished binding and gagging the girl and he dragged me out. A minute later, I had recovered. A few hours later, we tried with another pill and I walked in. I was pulled out as I was overcome with the same desire.


“It’s not much fun on the other end Miss Smith, you can be sure of that. Were there any recurrences of the condition in any of the test subjects?” Sara asked.


“There were none. Even if you had taken a pill Sara, the effects would have lasted an hour or so and then faded away. The pills were stored in your location if I recall correctly.”


“Pills? There were pills and a bottle that was stored there. The bottle was supposed to have contained the DNA source.” Sara replied.


Miss Smith turned to her PC and logged in with her password. “The inventory shows no mention of a bottle, but I would trust you rather than the inventory. I’m going to check our database, to see if there is anything unusual.” She checked and searched for a few minutes. Then her face went pale.


“Someone buried this deep! There is a record for this concerning ordering arachnid DNA and a special virus for introducing foreign DNA into the human body. There is no record of who ordered this, and I am not surprised. We don’t have a permit for invasive DNA research, and this company could come under intense scrutiny from the authorities. Sara, if it wasn’t for your contamination, this would have gone unnoticed!”


Sara looked shocked. “You mean that this problem is now a part of me?” she had gone pale, and Chloé held onto her to keep her upright.


“I’m afraid so, Sara. This new genetic material has become dominant over your original DNA.” Miss Smith explained. “We can take the bottle and put it safe and that might possibly help get a cure, but without the scientific data it will be a slim chance.”


“I have something that can useful for you though, Sara.” Miss Smith handed Sara something that looked like a small clock with a green light on top. “It detects unusual chemicals in the atmosphere and it will relay the data back here. We can have a specific watch made for your pheromones on Monday, and a counter agent ready for you. I will make a report for the director so that he can decide what further action to take. I wish I had something better for you.”


“We’ve taken up enough of your time, Miss Smith. Thanks for your help.” Sara said “That counter agent will be very useful in getting to some sort of normality. Anyway, goodbye for now.” Sara and Chloé left the office. “All that remains is to give your pass back to Angela.” The ladies walked back to the office section until they were outside Angela’s office. “You go inside, Chloé. I don’t want to be anywhere near her.”


Chloé knocked on the door, heard “Come in.” through a loudspeaker and entered the office. Angela was standing up, and before Chloé could speak, Angela placed an index finger over her own mouth to indicate silence. Then she whispered into Chloé’s ear. “I’ll tell you as much as I can tonight Chloé, but until then I need you to trust me. You must also keep Sara safe from further harm.”


“I trust you Angela, so I will wait. Sara has completely the wrong idea about you. Can I tell her the truth?”


“If you tell her, then her behaviour will change. This may be picked up and ruin everything.” Angela explained. “You can keep the pass, as you will need to turn up on Monday with Sara. Now you have to go. Please tell Sara that I was curt with you, it will help the situation.”


“Okay.” Chloé whispered. She hugged Angela before leaving the office, and said to Sara how curt Angela had been to her, and that she had to turn up on Monday. As they left the building, Chloé’s mind was a maelstrom of thoughts.


What have I stumbled into?!




 “Was Angela rude to you in there, Chloé? You do seem to be a little distracted.” Sara said as they walked to the car.


“She was very curt with me Sara. I presume that she is the same with others.” Chloé replied.


“Maybe you need a little shopping therapy to lift your spirits, I know that I could do with some.” Sara looked down at the clock, which showed a green light. “I’m still safe for a few hours at least. Could you come with me Chloé? I would feel much safer knowing that I am in the company of someone who’s immune to my ‘charm’ so to speak.”


“Yes Sara, I will go with you. If the light does change, I will ‘claim’ you and get you to safety. It would be safer though, if you get home before you become a ‘bondage magnet’ for the adult population.”


The two ladies got into the car and spent the next two hours shopping. Chloé remained quiet at first, but gradually became talkative, and made use of the time to purchase some extra items. This should make the afternoon and evening even more interesting. It seemed like two hours had gone by in a flash, and Chloé became a little worried about Sara’s safety. “I think that we should go to your place Sara, before people become ‘interested’ in you.”


“I’m sorry Chloé, I wasn’t paying attention to the time and when I ‘change’ you would be put at risk as well. We had better get back to the car.” They picked up the last of the items, returned to the car, and then travelled back to Sara’s apartment. Sara carried her items in and Chloé carried her shopping bags, plus the bag that was prepared at James’s house.


“Wold you like a coffee Chloé?” Sara said as she put down the bags and entered the kitchen.


“Yes please, Sara. Is it all right if I sit down on your couch?” Chloé asked as she took her bags into the living room, put them on the left side of the couch, and then placed the clock on the table.


“Sure Chloé, make yourself at home. What’s mine is yours.” Sara answered. Chloé sat on the left side of the couch, pondering about how she would make her move. I don’t want to do anything that would alarm Sara and make her uncomfortable, as that would end any chance of a pleasant evening. The best option would be to bring it up in casual conversation and see how Sara reacts.


A minute later, Sara brought in two large cups of coffee, put them on the coffee table and sat to Chloé’s right before picking up a cup. “I suppose you’ll want to return to James after finishing your drink, I don’t want you to miss any time with James on account of my situation.”


Chloé took her cup in both hands and took a sip. “James has classes today and he will be busy late into the evening, so I have no reason to return to the house. Plus, it may be a good idea to stay with you so that your situation can be monitored. This is of course if you do not mind the company. After all, you two are the only new friends I have in this town.”


“Of course you can stay Chloé, I would enjoy the company very much. James mentioned that you recently arrived in America, and that you were virtually alone.” Sara responded.


“I’ve been in the United States for a while Sara, but I recently moved here as a local collage offered a special course. It is data search, retrieval and analysis, but to be more honest, it is just a ‘Librarian’ course. I work as a librarian, as well as studying.”


“What is your area of study Chloé, if it is okay to ask?”


“I am a Literature Major, which is compatible with my work. I was very lucky to be on this course. When I had applied, the positions were full and I was turned down. A week later, I was contacted about whether I still wanted to go on the course, as there had been a mistake and there were two extra positions available, plus the course was paid for. This was a chance that I could not afford to miss, especially with the fact that I would not have to pay.” That was very fortunate, both Angela and I could save money as these extra positions were funded.


“Did you have any friends at your original location, Chloé? I know that I shouldn’t be curious and I can understand if you don’t want to answer.”


“Yes, but I had to leave them for this course. I have another month at most here, and then I can return to them. I keep in regular contact, but it is not the same. If I went to visit them, I am not sure that I would be able to return to my studies. James made my studies bearable at first, and since then we have grown very close. Even when I return to my friends, I will make arrangements for us to be together whenever possible.”


“How did you get to mix with your friends at your previous place, if it’s okay to ask?”


“It actually started at the library. There were these three students who needed help for an assignment for their French class. One of them asked me if I could be of help and I said yes. When I visited them, I also found out that they enjoyed ‘jeu de ligotage’ and we became friends. I showed them how good I was at tying them up, and they tied me up as well. I hope that I haven’t shocked you Sara.” I will have to see what Sara’s reaction is to this.


“Not at all Chloé. I played a few tying up games as a child, but as an adult I had experiences that were not that good. I was tied up with scarves, and all the men could think of was their own pleasure. In fact the first time that I have had a good bondage love session was with James.” Oh no, I shouldn’t have said that, Chloé will be furious with me! “I’m so sorry Chloé, I shouldn’t have said that. You must be so angry with me.”


“I am not Sara. I just think that James is a very lucky man to have made love to you.”


“Chloé, you almost sound like you are jealous.”


“I will be honest with you Sara. I am jealous of James as he had a chance of tying you up and making love to you. I wish I could do the same.” Have I made a mistake in making my feelings clear? I may have frightened Sara and ended any chance that I had.


“Chloé, you rescued me yesterday, and I am very thankful for that. If you wish to tie me up, I give you my full consent. I’m sure that you will be just as good a captor as James.” You seem very nervous Chloé, and this may be the best way of putting you at your ease.


“Thank you Sara, but are you sure? I do not want to push you into this.”


“I’m ready Chloé. I really want to experience your skills properly, as yesterday was an emergency.” Sara finished her coffee. “I’ll just take the cups out and we can begin when I’m back in.” Sara took Chloé’s empty cup, went to the kitchen, dropped the cups in the sink and returned to the living room.


“Now, what should I do? Would you like me to sit on the couch with my hands behind my back and my back to you, like I did with James?” Sara asked.


“Yes Sara, that position would make it easier for me to tie you up.” Chloé answered, taking six lengths of rope from the special bag. The first piece was wrapped around Sara’s wrists, then cinched and tied firmly. Sara’s elbows were pulled together so that they touched and Chloé used a second length of the rope to gently but securely bind the elbows.


“I have no chance of escape with my arms bound like this Chloé, you are very good at tying someone up.” Sara said.


“Thank you Sara. If any ropes are tied too tightly, please inform me. I do not want to hurt you in any way.” Chloé positioned Sara so that her bottom was on the edge of the couch. “I am going to bind your legs together Sara, so do not be alarmed.”


As Chloé set to work on binding Sara’s legs, Sara asked a question. “I’m a forty year old washed up hag. Why would you want to tie me up?”


Chloé had finished tying Sara’s ankles together and was starting on her knees. “You are a beautiful and attractive mature woman, Sara. Forty years young would be correct, and I consider myself to be fortunate that you are allowing me to place you in bondage.” Sara’s legs were bound below and above the knee. Chloé then used the sixth length to tie Sara’s legs at the mid thigh. “I am going to tie your arms to your body now, Sara.” Chloé took out two longer lengths of rope. One length was wrapped around Sara’s chest and arms above and below her breasts, and the second was used to bind her wrists to her hips.


“Have you finished tying me up, Chloé?” Sara asked.


“Oui Sara, I hope that the ropes are comfortable on your body.”


“They are very comfy, Chloé. It feels like I’m being hugged all over. Is that what you feel when you’re tied up?”


“Oui. That is one of the reasons why I enjoy ligotage.” Chloé answered.


“Are you going to make love to me now?”


“No, Sara. I am just going to keep you tied up for a while.” Chloé answered. “We can make love in a few hours’ time. I have something else for you before that.” Chloé walked over to one of the other bags.


“Is it something to tease or torment me with?” Sara asked her captor.


“It is for your pleasure but not the sexual kind.” Chloé answered, taking out a bottle of red wine, two wine glasses and a box of chocolates. She put Sara on the left side of the couch, and sat down on the right. “This will be an afternoon of wine, chocolate, kisses and caresses.” she said, opening the bottle and pouring wine into the two glasses.


“Take a drink, Sara.” Chloé said, holding the glass up to Sara’s lips. She took several sips before stopping, and Chloé put the glass down. Then she took a drink from her own glass. ”Let me know when you want another. Now for a chocolate. Let it slid around your mouth and let it melt slowly.” She picked up a chocolate, Sara opened her mouth, and Chloé placed it between her lips. Sara did as Chloé suggested and took pleasure as she spread the chocolate.


After she finished the chocolate, Sara asked for another drink of wine. Chloé held the glass up to her mouth and Sara sipped some more of the wine. Another chocolate followed, with wine after it. This went on for a long while, with Sara enjoying every moment of her captivity.


“I never thought that just being tied up could be so nice, Chloé. I just want to thank you for making my afternoon so enjoyable.” I so much want you to kiss me right now.


“It is my pleasure, Sara. I wanted to provide you with a new experience.” Chloé replied.  “Would you like any more wine?”


“Only the wine on your lips, Chloé.” Sara closed her eyes and parted her lips, anticipating Chloé’s next action. I hope that Chloé doesn’t get annoyed at me for this.


Chloé embraced Sara softly and gently kissed her on the lips. Sara revelled in the moment, enjoying being kissed by the beautiful young lady. The young lady continued to kiss Sara as she ran her fingers through Sara’s hair. Soon Chloé slowly explored Sara’s mouth with her tongue. Sara caressed Chloé’s tongue with her own and soon they sat there with their tongues intertwined.


Sara felt Chloé’s right hand caress her upper body and then her breasts. This is wonderful and so pleasurable. Chloé really knows how to make love to a helpless woman. After several more minutes, Chloé stopped and pulled back, leaving Sara wanting more.


“I hope that my kissing has not been too bad, Madame Sara.” Chloé said.


“That was incredible, Chloé! If they ever need the term ‘French Kiss’ illustrated in a dictionary, you would be a perfect example.” Sara replied. Chloé blushed at this compliment.


“I am glad that you are enjoying your bondage, Sara. Now to get back to the attraction.” Chloé leaned forward and Sara closed her eyes. The kisses were even sweeter than before, with Chloé expertly caressing Sara’s thighs and body This is turning out to be a great afternoon. I’ll just let Chloé lead on this as she knows what she is doing.


The gentle loving from Chloé continued for a long time, until Sara felt an explosion of desire within her. It was so strong that her body arched on the couch nearly throwing Chloé off. “Fichtre! I’m sorry Sara, I did not mean to hurt you.”


Sara opened her eyes and looked at Chloé. “It’s not your fault, it’s just that this intense feeling of need for release has come from nowhere.” Then she looked at the clock and Chloé followed her gaze.


The light on the clock was a bright red!


“It seems that you are advertising for compatible adult mates, Sara. I think it would be better if I help you to the bedroom.”


Sara nodded in agreement. “This is so overpowering, Chloé. Every inch of me is screaming for orgasm, and you are the only person who can help me.” Chloé stood up and put the clock in the bag for Sara’s items, before helping Sara up off the couch.


“The clock needs to go with you, as it is your monitor.” Chloé looped the bag handle around her left wrist and supported Sara with her arms. “If you make little hops, we can get to the bedroom much faster.” Chloé said. Sara took very small hops, but soon managed larger ones. “That is better Sara, this will be quicker than untying you.”


After a few minutes, Sara made it to the bedroom. Chloé quickly helped Sara onto the bed and then placed the clock on the bedside table. When Chloé returned to Sara, she saw that the poor woman was writhing uncontrollably on the bed and gritting her teeth. “Please help me Chloé, I think that I’m going to break my teeth!”


“Just wait a moment Sara, I have something that can help you.” Chloé reached into the bag and brought out a large pink ball-gag. “Open your mouth as wide as possible.” Sara did so, but she could only keep her mouth open for a moment. “Try again.” Chloé said, holding the ball right in front of Sara’s mouth. Sara opened her mouth again and Chloé quickly inserted the ball. A few seconds later, the gag was securely buckled into place.


Thank you Chloé, I thought I was really going to be in trouble. I don’t think that I can stop myself from writhing, though!


Sara found herself being rolled onto her front as Chloé took a piece of rope and put the woman in a tight hogtie to limit her movement. She was turned onto her right side and Chloé lay down on the bed in front of her. “I will be as swift as possible for you Sarah, as you look like you are ready to explode.”


Sara screamed into her gag from her intense need. Please Chloé, I need you! Help me! Chloé kissed Sara’s breasts through her clothing and caressed her womanhood which felt like it was on fire. Sara was brought ever closer to her release.


“MMGGGMM!” Sara screamed and screamed again as her orgasm overtook her senses. She shook and convulsed as Chloé held and comforted her. It seems like you will never stop. I hope that you have not been hurt with this. Eventually, Chloé became relieved as normality returned to Sara.


“Mon Dieu, Sara! I was really worried for you.” Chloé said as she removed Sara’s gag. “It seemed that your orgasm was never going to stop.”


“I am in even more debt to you Chloé, after your help tonight.” Sara said yawning. “I’m sorry, but I suddenly feel so tired.”


“I am not surprised after what has happened to you. You need some rest, and I have a few items to help you.” Chloé took a sleep mask and ear plugs out of the bag. The sleep mask was put over Sara’s face. “I will put these plugs in your ears to stop any sound. “ Sara noticed that the sound was cut off as the plugs were inserted into her ears. It is so quiet and dark. I wonder how. long.. before… I fal-


Chloé watched as Sara settled into a deep sleep. “Sweet dreams, Sara.” She picked up her bag and walked out of the bedroom.




After Chloé closed the bedroom door, she was surprised by her smartphone beeping, indicating a message had been sent to her. She checked it and read that it was Angela, asking if Chloé was able to speak privately. She walked into the living room and called Angela.


“Good evening Angela. I’m at Sara’s house, but she is fast asleep at the moment.” Chloé said.


“Is there any chance that Sara could listen in, Chloé? She mustn’t hear anything.” Angela replied.


“There is no chance of that happening, Angela. Sara is tightly hogtied, blindfolded and she has earplugs in. What is it that you want to tell me?”


“If Sara cannot hear anything, it may be better if I come over. Is that okay?”


“Certainly, Angela. How long will it take for you to arrive?”


“About ten minutes. Chloé, I will be bringing someone with me. I don’t know if you will recognise her, but she knows you and our friends. I don’t want to say any more than that at the moment.”


“That is okay, Angela. This is an unusual situation. I will see you in ten minutes. Goodbye for now.”


“See you in ten minutes.” Angela ended the call. Chloé sat down and waited for her friend to arrive, wondering who the other person could be. Twelve minutes later, there was a knock on the apartment door and Chloé left the living room. She looked through the spyhole and saw her friend standing there in her work clothes. Chloé decided that it was safe and opened the door to let her friend in.


“Hello Angela. It is good to see you again. Where is your friend?”


“I’m right here.” A tall, thin woman with long blonde hair stepped into view from the right. She was dressed in a grey jumper and slacks and carried a shoulder bag. Chloé was sure that she had briefly seen this person once before, even though Chloé had been walking down the stairs when the woman was leaving the house.


Mon Dieu! If it is really you, then the situation is far more serious than I thought.


The woman held out a badge and showed it to Chloé, confirming her guess.


“Good evening Chloé, I’m Agent Duncombe, but by the look on your face you already know this.” Anne said “I’m here on a matter of great importance…”



 “I presume that this concerns what has happened to Sara.” Chloé said. “In which case, discussing this matter in the doorway would be unadvisable. Please enter and go directly to the living room. It will be safe as I cannot smell anything from there now.” Anne walked in through the door followed by Angela, and Chloé then closed the door.


The three ladies then entered the living room, Anne first, Angela second and Chloé last. “Would you like to use the armchair, Agent Duncombe?” Chloé asked.


“Yes thank you, and please call me Anne. Agent Duncombe becomes too much of a mouthful over time.” Anne sat down in the chair facing the couch.


“Angela, if you would sit on the left side of the couch.” Angela did as Chloé requested and Chloé sat on the right. “I am forgetting my manners, Anne. Would you and Angela like something to drink?”


“That’s very kind of you Chloé, but Angela and I had a coffee before we came.” Anne answered. “Now to get to business. I hate to sound dramatic, but everything that is said in here must remain secret. Chloé, could you tell me everything that you know concerning Sara’s situation?”


Chloé told Anne everything that she knew, about what had happened this week. She covered what James had told her, and her own personal theory about the spider DNA. Then she talked about rescuing Sara from her next door neighbour, Janet. Finally, Anne was told about tonight’s reaction.


“Thank you Chloé, this all seems to fit.” Anne said. “The problem seems to be much bigger than I first thought.”


“Problem? Anne, what is happening? You make it sound as is something very ominous is at the centre of all of this.” Chloé asked.


“It seems that something is rotten at the core of GEN-DAWN. It may only be a single person though. Chloé, there have been rumours circulating about a new chemical being developed at the research centre. It has varied from being a designer narcotic, a new type of sex drug, or even a destructive biological weapon. When Angela discovered about the failed test, we felt it might be the second. This would just be a minor transgression and not worth prosecuting. Sara’s condition suggests that the third option may be true.”


“You cannot be suggesting that Sara is a type of weapon. That is impossible.” Chloé said, looking at Anne in surprise.


“My superiors are of a similar position. They do not believe the stories they have been told when people have acted insanely. They think that the tales have been hyped up, and there is no chance of such behaviour.” Anne thought for a second. “When we went to the living room, you wanted to make sure that we were safe, correct?”


“Oui, Anne. I have seen the actions of Janet under Sara’s ‘glamour’ and I was lucky in stopping her.” Chloé answered.


Anne took her smartphone out of her bag. “It that case, we have an opportunity in gathering video evidence of the pheromone effect, which I can send to my superiors and convince them of the risk. This is a custom device, which higher sound quality and resolution than any normal phone. Angela, I want you to record my actions as I am ‘charmed’ by Sara. I’m sure that I will be able to resist the worst of the effect, and maintain control.” Anne stood up and gave the device to Angela before sitting back down.


“Anne, may I ask you a serious question?” Chloé asked. “It isn’t a security matter.”


“Unless I have to compromise anything, I’ll answer you. Ask away, Chloé.” Anne answered.


Chloé took a deep breath “If you wanted to kill us, how long would it take you?”


Angela went visibly pale and Anne looked shocked. “That is a serious question, Chloé.” Anne thought for a second. “To be honest, about two seconds. That is armed or unarmed, considering your abilities. I’m sorry Chloé, but there was no nice way to answer you.”


“In which case, once you are affected our life spans will last two seconds after that.” Chloé said. “Believe me when I say that you will not be yourself, and that you will consider us a threat.”


Anne noted the look on Chloé’s face. “You really do mean it, Chloé. It is hard to believe what you tell me, though. It’s almost like you’re claiming that Sara is some kind of siren who lures sailors to their deaths!”


Siren. I know that from somewhere, I remember reading it as a child! Then Chloé remembered and the idea formed in her head a moment later.


“Fichtre! Odysseus! That is it!” Chloé shouted.


“Odysseus? I know Fichtre, but is Odysseus a new French swear word?” Anne asked.


“No, Anne. Odysseus is the name of an ancient Greek hero who was beset by many troubles during his return from the Trojan wars and finally returned to his wife, Penelope.”


“Now I know what you’re talking about. The book that I once read called him Ulysses. I do remember reading about sirens in it, although I can’t remember what happened.” Anne’s forehead furrowed as she tried to remember.


“I shall explain, Anne. The sailors were warned by Circe about the singing of the sirens, and to stuff their ears with wax. Odysseus wanted to hear the sirens’ singing, so before they approached the danger, the sailors filled their ears with wax and Odysseus was tied to the mast so that he could not get free. He tried to escape once he heard the singing, but it was impossible.”


Chloé waited for Anne to become aware of the enormity of what she was saying. Anne looked puzzled for a few seconds before it was replaced by surprise. “Chloé, you can’t mean that!”


“I do mean it Anne. The only safe way to hear the song of the siren is to be securely bound.” Chloé replied. “There is no other way if you want this data.”


Anne thought for a few seconds. “I need to make a phone call. Angela, may I have my phone back?” Angela returned Anne’s phone. Anne brought up a number and made the call. “Excuse me is ‘Mr Smith’ there. Hello, it’s Agent Duncombe here. I have an opportunity to obtain first hand evidence of the effect of the ‘item’ with myself as the ‘guinea pig’, but there is a problem. As I have been informed that I will be a lethal risk to those around me, I will have to be securely restrained. Yes Sir, I trust them and if I am right it will be worth the risk. Thank you Sir. This information will be invaluable. Goodbye and sorry for troubling you, Sir.” Anne disconnected the call and handed the phone to Angela.


Anne then stood up, took off her shoulder bag and put it on the floor by the chair. “Please do not go in it. I know how to open it properly, but you do not.”


Chloé looked at the bag. “I presume that the results would be ‘unpleasant’ to say the least.”


“Yes, Chloé. Now, how would you like me to be positioned while you tie me up?” Anne asked.


Chloé stood up. “On the right side of the couch on the edge, with your back to the left side please, Anne.”


Anne did as Chloé asked. “Now, cross your wrists with your right hand over your left.” Anne placed her hands in the way that Chloé asked. Anne took a length of rope and wrapped it horizontally and vertically around Anne’s wrists before cinching the bonds and knotting the rope firmly. A length of rope was wrapped around Anne’s wrists and her back, tying her hands to the small of her back. A long piece was used to tie Anne’s arms to her chest, above and below her breasts, before being cinched between the arms and the body.


Chloé took two more pieces out of the bag. First Anne’s ankles were bound together, and then her legs were tied below the knee. “That will be sufficient for you, Anne. Wait, just one last thing.” Chloé reached into the bag and brought out a roll of white microfoam tape.


“I don’t think that I need to be gagged Chloé, after all, I need to be able to speak about my feelings.”


“I am not going to gag you, Anne. Please make your hands into a fist, please.” Anne did so and Chloé wrapped her hands up using the tape.


“You really are serious about this Chloé, there is no chance of me being able to escape. Angela, press the camera icon on the front and then press the red button.”


Angela fumbled with the camera and then there was a beep. “Action.” Angela said, holding up the camera.


Anne took a deep breath. “I am Agent Duncombe, and we are about to test the effects of ‘Parlour’ on a living adult, namely myself. I have been securely bound, so that I am no threat to the others. Chloé will help move me to the area of ‘contamination’ and Angela will record its effects on me. Chloé, if you would be so good as to help me up and out of the room.” Chloé gently took hold of Anne and helped her to her feet and supported her as she shuffled slowly out of the living room.


“I am feeling a little trepidation as I approach the bedroom. I don’t know how close I will have to be before I am ‘drugged’ by the pheromones. Chloé, Angela, be warned. If what Chloé says is true, I will try to intimidate you by whatever means necessary. Whatever happens, do not free me.” Anne shuffled ever closer to the bedroom, with a look of worry on her face.


“I think that you will enter the area in a few more feet.” Chloé took a few steps ahead and smelt the air. It was like breathing in a strong scent. “I will take you to here Anne, this will be close enough.” Chloé helped Anne get to the spot quickly.


“Why, it smells like... sorry Chloé, I feel absolutely nothing. You can untie me now.” Anne said. Could I be wrong? Is Anne immune, or the pheromone weakening? Then Chloé caught a movement out of the side of her eye and looked behind Anne’s back.


Anne’s hands were writhing frantically in an effort to get free!


“You do not need to be freed here, Anne. I will take you back to the living room first.” Chloé said. I must be sure of this, if I offer to free her back in the living room, Anne would be satisfied with that.


“There’s no need to waste any more time on this, Chloé. Just free me here, I am perfectly okay.” Anne replied.


“It would be easier if I untied you in the living room, Anne.” Chloé took hold of Anne’s arms. “I will take you back now.”


“I don’t want to be untied there. I want to be untied here! Now you follow my orders little girl, or you will be in big trouble!” Anne started to shout at Chloé.


This just confirms it. Oh Anne, I am so sorry for you. “We are following your orders, not to free you.” Chloé explained.


“I’m giving you new orders! Can’t you get that through your head, you STUPID FRENCH TART! If you do not untie me right now, I will have you shot for TREASON! I know what your game is, you whore! You want Sara all too yourself! I’m the one who should mate with her, not some piece of scum like you!”


You really are not yourself, are you? I know that you do not mean those insults, but you may have problems forgiving yourself. “You are not being untied here, Anne.”


“Listen, you slut! If you do not untie me right now, I will have all of your friends slowly TORTURED TO DEATH!” Anne seemed like she was going to froth at the mouth.


“Angela, Anne is clearly unresponsive to rational thought. Please note that the target subject is under the complete control of the pheromone. Anne, calm down or I will have to scare you into submission.”


“You don’t scare me, little girl. When I get free, I will enjoy doing things to you that only exist in your WILDEST NIGHTMARES!” Anne screamed at Chloé, her face twisted into an expression of pure rage.


“I am so sorry for what I am about to do. Angela, make sure that this part is recorded. I need you to concentrate on Anne’s face.” Angela held the phone closer. “Now listen, Anne! If you do not behave, I will drag you into the bedroom and put you on the bed with you still bound! I will free Sara, and watch as she rips your heart from your chest and the last thing that you will see is your still-beating heart being devoured in front of you!”


In an instant, Anne’s face from fury to one of utter fear! “Please don’t Chloé! Don’t feed me to her! I’ll do whatever you want, you can have anything you want! Just please don’t let her eat me!” Anne started to sob in fear.


“Okay, Anne. We are going back into the living room. You are to offer no resistance. If you do, Sara is going to have a nice supper.” Anne nodded in agreement, with fear still in her eyes. Chloé took hold of Anne and they slowly moved into the living room. “As you can see, the subject is consumed with an unreasoning fear when faced with the threat of being eaten.”


Soon Anne was back in the living room and Chloé sat her on the couch. “Angela, open the windows and switch the fan on. Make sure that it points at Anne, so that the pheromones are blown off her body. Now we have to wait until Anne is back to normal.”


After about five minutes, Anne’s face changed from fear to sorrow. “Oh Chloé! I’m so sorry for what I said to you! You must hate me right now!”


“I think that Anne is back to normal Chloé, perhaps we should untie her.” Angela said.


“Don’t Angela. You don’t know that I’m safe! I don’t know that I’m safe! I could be lying to myself in order to deceive you.” Anne replied.


“Anne, that self-doubt proves that you are okay. I will untie you as you seem to be like Janet was when the effect wore off on her.” Chloé untied Anne’s legs, then her body ropes, and finally removed the rope and tape from her hands.


Chloé waited a few seconds. “We are still alive, so that proves you are back to normal, Anne.”


“Chloé, I hope that you can forgive me for all of the awful things that I said to you. I would understand if you never want to speak to me again.”


“Anne, there is nothing to forgive. You were not under your own control. Now, shouldn’t you be sending that video to someone?”


“Yes, Chloé. Could you hand me the phone please, Angela.” Angela gave the phone to Anne. “Thank you. I hope I never have to go through that again.” She went through the buttons and sent the recorded video. “It won’t take long, this phone has certain priorities. There, it’s already sent. We may have to wait a little while for the response, so could I have a glass of water, Chloé?” Chloé went into the kitchen, filled up three glasses with water, carried them back into the living room and gave Anne and Angela a glass each.


“That’s a horrible weapon, Chloé.” Anne said with a very worried look on her face. Weapon? How could this be a weapon?


“Pardon me Anne, but how could Sara be a weapon?” Chloé asked.


“It’s not Sara that’s the weapon, it’s the virus that’s infected her. If I get permission, I’ll bring you in on this completely.” Anne explained. A minute later, Anne’s phone rang. “Hello? Yes Sir, It was a horrible experience. I am convinced that had I not been securely bound, I would have killed Chloé and Angela. I agree, Sir, unfortunately my worst theory is the right one. Had Sara not been infected, we would have known nothing about it until the first terrorist attack, and even after that we would not have know what to do. At least we have some idea what we are up against. Yes Sir, Chloé has been extremely helpful and has shown that she can be trusted. I think that she needs to be fully informed, as she and Angela are immune because of their age. You can be sure that she will be briefed on the mission after this call. Thank you for trusting my judgement Sir, goodbye for now.” Anne put her phone back down.


“Chloé, I underestimated the situation when I said great importance. It is now of the gravest importance, and I need you to work with me...”



Anne cleared her throat. “Several months ago, rumours began circulating about a chemical substance nicknamed ‘Parlour’. There were three stories linked to this name. One was that it was a new kind of designer narcotic, another was that it was a sex drug and the third option was a weapon. I’m sorry for repeating this part Chloé, but it is important.”


“The reference of Parlour is obvious, Anne. ‘Come into my Parlour, said the spider to the fly’.” Chloé commented.


“That’s true, with our present knowledge. Your information and help has been invaluable Chloé, and that’s why I’m telling you all of this. The FBI needed to get someone into GEN-DAWN to monitor the situation and to find out what is truly happening. Putting an experienced agent in there would stick out like a sore thumb, so  my superiors decided that they needed someone who would stick out, but for a different reason. When you two applied for a course at the local college, it was an opportunity that they couldn’t ignore.”


Anne paused for a moment. “Chloé, your name flagged up with a tag connected to mine. When they saw Angela’s name turn up as well, it meant that we would have the perfect cover. One student would get a position at the research centre.”


“That was risky though, Anne.” Chloé said. “After I applied, I found that the positions were full and we were rejected. If it hadn’t been for the mistake and the two extra fully funded courses...” Chloé’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and then a suspicion ran through her mind. “There wasn’t a mistake, the FBI had the two extra spaces added and funded them just so that we would turn up. It was too good a chance to miss.”


“You are right Chloé, and I’m sorry about that. We had two foreign students to choose from, as a French or German student couldn’t possibly be an agent. I approached Angela the first week she was here. The only reason we approached Angela instead of you was so that we could play on people’s stereotypes. Had you gone in, the men would have been buzzing around you because of the ‘Ooh la la factor’. Angela could play the curt Teutonic German, and keep people at arm’s length. This has worked out very well. The director’s son and the director know about this, and spread the story that Angela obtained her position by sleeping with the director’s son.”


“When I checked through the normal files, I discovered about the sex drug tests that were being performed.” Angela said. “I spoke with Anne and we came to the conclusion that there was more to this than the drug.”


“It was due to intelligence reports about ‘Parlour’ that changed the situation, Chloé.” Anne said. “Terrorists would not be interested in a drug that gave women better orgasms. It was then that we felt that it was a cover for something, but we didn’t know what. Then the bottle was moved into Sara’s department on Monday.”


“Yes, the bottle that doesn’t exist.” Chloé said. “That bottle must contain an active virus.”


“Anthea said that she never saw Sara open the refrigerated unit, but she also said that she went out for lunch.” Anne thought for a moment before continuing. “Chloé, find out if Sara opened the fridge on Monday lunchtime, please. My guess is that she opened it at lunch and she became contaminated then.  The intruder was affected at lunchtime so that would indicate a time of twenty four hours between infection and activation.”


“When the police interrogated the intruder, it seems that his instructions were to restrain anyone in the room first, and once he obtained what he came for, any witnesses were ‘to be eliminated’. Chloé, Sara is alive today because she became infected. I have no doubt that the bottle was the true target of the intruder, and he would have searched the inventory and discovered it.”


“Anne, I believe that there is an old saying.” Chloé responded. “‘It’s an ill wind which blows no good’. Sara’s altered DNA proves that the virus is designed to rewrite the human genome to produce these primal pheromones. This at least has shown us how the effect works.”


“Yes, Chloé and this is what makes it such a lethal weapon.”


 “But Anne, one person is not a weapon. One person...” Chloé frowned. One person is just a problem, but what if it became more than one? “Mon Dieu! If it was used on masse, the effects could be dreadful! If it was turned into an aerosol form and sprayed into the air, you could infect a great many people!”


Anne took a deep breath. “After I gathered all of the information, I realised that as well. For an extreme example, I’ll use Manhattan Island, with a population of 1.6 million. Please note that these figures will be approximations, though. Suppose on lunchtime, the virus was released as an airborne version and covered the entire island. It would not be detected as it contains no toxic elements, and no one would present any symptoms of Illness. One day later, the adult women would feel weak and the men will be unable to control themselves. Very quickly, the entire adult female population of Manhattan are inescapably bound and gagged. Next, they would have to go through the shock of having a man ‘mate’ with them. Anyone who tries to stop them, or are even considered a threat will be ‘dealt with’ as I wanted to ‘deal’ with you two. As about a fifth of the population is under 18, you can image the casualties from this alone.”


Anne took a sip from her glass. “About half of the population is female, which comes to about 800,000. Remove the 20% of under eighteens from this and you still have 640,000 women bound and gagged on Manhattan Island. After the men have mated with them, they will be overcome by an unreasoning fear of being eaten. They will take the quickest route off the island. Many will throw themselves into the water if they cannot get off the bridges which will be packed with panicking males. People with firearms would use them to clear a path for themselves.”


“Then the authorities would send people to find out what was happening. As soon as they come into contact with the pheromones, which could be covering the island given the amount of women producing them, they will succumb and just add to the chaos. Then, people with chemical and biological protection suits would need to enter the area with detectors to try and find out what is happening. As it is a normal pheromone, and not a toxin, it would take time to detect.”


Anne paused for another drink. “Eventually, they detect the pheromone if they’re lucky, and they proceed with full protection. They have to get through the chaos and start to rescue the women. Soon, they detect that the pheromones have stopped and they remove the gear so that they can work faster. The women that are rescued are taken away from the island are taken to hospitals, schools and other locations.”


Anne stopped. “Then the hammer blow would come. About eighteen to twenty four hours later, the effect would start again. The full team of rescue workers in Manhattan would be overwhelmed and be of no further use. The rescued women would find themselves in exactly the same situation that they were before and there would be chaos in New York. Overall, we would need to effectively rescue at least 9,000 women per hour from the island, and I doubt that we could even manage half of that.”


Angela looked puzzled. “Why 9,000 an hour? Surely we wouldn’t need to rescue that many?”


Chloé thought for a second. “Because that is the number you would have to aim for to rescue the helpless population in three days. After that, the women would start dying of thirst.” Chloé’s expression changed to one of sheer horror. “Bigre! Anne, you are talking about the deaths of many people! I understand why you called it a weapon.”


Anne looked worried. “If it wasn’t for Sara’s contamination and your information, we wouldn’t have worked this out. At least we can comprehend the threat that we are up against. We may even be able to work out a detection system which will dispense the counter agent that Miss Smith is working on. We are forewarned at the very least, and that is something to be thankful for.”


Anne stood up and walked over to Chloé. “Chloé, I cannot thank you enough for your help in this matter. I must ask you to observe Sara over the weekend, as any further knowledge may be invaluable.”


“I have only played a very small part in this, Anne. You and Angela have gathered far more information. My contribution is only a minor one.”


“It is your knowledge that made the pieces fit together. Chloé, please believe me when I say that you may have helped to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.”


Chloé blushed at Anne’s comment. “If you say so Anne, but it does not feel like I have done anything special.”


“That’s how it always feels at this point Chloé, but things are going to move rapidly now. Angela, is Miss Smith still working on that counter agent?”


“Yes Anne, she told me that she will work on it for as long as she is able. Miss Smith wished that she had certain experts working with her and some extra equipment, though.” answered Angela.


“Does she have anybody in mind? Because whoever she wants, she will have, because that counteragent research is vital for security. When we have left, I will call her and get the personnel required.” Anne picked up a piece of paper and a pen, and then wrote down a telephone number. “This is my contact number, Chloé. You can call me any time of the day or night.  How do you plan to keep an eye on Sara over the weekend?”


“I have already planned to convince her how good it would be to spend the weekend with James and I, with her as a tied up captive. We could keep an eye on her, plus she won’t be alone here. Angela has the address if you need it.”


“Thank you Chloé, I don’t want anything bad to happen to Sara as a result of her getting inadvertently involved in this situation.”


Angela’s phone rang. “Hello, this is Angela here. Oh hello Miss Smith, did you get the bottle? OMG! That’s horrible! There’s absolutely no material that you can use in your research? That is bad news.” Angela looked at Anne. “Someone has added acid to the compound, and destroyed the virus. The only available material is Sara’s blood.”


“Could you hand your phone to me please, Angela.” Anne took the phone and held it to her ear. “Good evening Miss Smith, I am Agent Duncombe. I am informed that you require certain experts and equipment to speed up your research. I will give you a number to call, and they will assist you in obtaining anything that you need. Thank you for your assistance.” Anne then gave Miss Smith the number. “Do you have it written down? Good, is there anything else you need? I understand, you need to test the counter agent using a full adult subject. I have experienced the effect of the chemicals, and though I hate the idea of losing control, I hate the idea of subjecting someone else to this even more. Goodbye Miss Smith.” Anne ended the call and handed the phone back to Angela.


Chloé looked at Anne in surprise. “You are going to experience the siren’s call again?”


Anne looked back. “Chloé, I do not want to put someone else in that position. It was such a horrible experience, but having another person take my place is even worse.” Anne stood up and picked up her bag, and Angela stood up as well. “Now, unless there is anything else that you can contribute Chloé, I think that it’s time that we left.”


“I cannot think of anything right now, Anne. Maybe when I have had a good night’s sleep, a new detail may come to mind.”


Chloé stood up and walked to the apartment door, followed by Anne and Angela. “I hope that you can find out who is behind this, Anne. Whoever it is makes a television villain look like a boy scout.” Chloé said as she opened the door.


“I’m sure that we will find the person responsible, Chloé. It shouldn’t take long, now that we have the additional information. Anyway, goodnight and have fun with Sara.”


“Goodnight Chloé.” said Angela. “I hope that life can get back to normal after this.”


“Goodnight Angela, and good luck.” Anne and Angela walked out of the apartment and down the corridor, with Chloé closing the door behind them. This is a lot to take in, and I cannot even speak to James or Sara about it. Chloé took the glasses to the kitchen, washed then, dried them and put them away.


“Chloé, are you there? Chloé?” Sara’s voice made Chloé jump.  I think that it is time to continue entertaining Sara.


Chloé opened the bedroom door and sat down on the bed beside Sara...




Sara felt very relaxed on the bed after resting in her bondage, but she started as a hand softly caressed her hair. “Is that you Chloé? I can’t see or hear you like this.” The helpless woman felt herself being rolled onto her back, and a soft kiss was placed upon her lips. It must be you Chloé, or the gentlest burglar in existence. A tongue gently pressed against her teeth and Sara parted her mouth to permit access. The tongue softly probed and explored her mouth, giving her pleasure and causing her to writhe on the bed. Soon, she intertwined her own tongue with the other person’s tongue and then felt arms embracing her. This is so gentle and pleasurable, it must be Chloé.


Eventually the other person drew back, leaving Sara with a smile on her face. A moment later, the sleep mask was pulled off her face to reveal a smiling Chloé. “I knew it had to be you, as you were so soft and gentle.” She thought for a moment. “Am I going to be left tied up for the evening, or do you have something in store for me?”


Chloé reached down to Sara’s ears and removed the ear plugs. “You can be sure that I have further plans for you, my sweet hostage. But first, I must get you out of these clothes, as it will be wonderful to kiss and caress your nude body to fulfilment while you are bound.”


“That means you’ll have to untie me to do this. It’s a bit of a shame, as I’m really enjoying being tied up. Maybe you could caress me with my clothes on, that way you don’t have to untie me.”


“You will remain bound and helpless while I removed your clothing from your skin and there will be no chance of escape.”


“Do you mean that you can undress me without freeing me? I would really love to see that Chloé, it would be very erotic.”


“I notice that your full length mirror is on castors, Sara. If you like, I will move it around to this side of the bed so that you may see the entire process. I will remove your hogtie rope and place the sleep mask on your face first, though.”


“Oh Chloé, I would like it very much. Please move the mirror, so that I may see myself.” This seems like it is going to be a very pleasant experience for me. Chloé picked up the mask and placed it over Sara’s eyes again. I think that this is so I cannot see myself until I am properly placed in front of the mirror. Sara felt herself being turned onto her front, and the rope connecting her ankles to her wrists was untied. She stretched her legs out on the bed and heard the mirror being moved by Chloé. After a minute the moving stopped and Sara was helped into a sitting position on the left side of the bed.


“There is one more thing Sara, I do not want you to talk while you are undressed. This way, you will be completely helpless. So will you please open your mouth as wide as you can?” Sara complied with Chloé’s request. I think I am about to become very well acquainted with this new gag. She felt the large rubber ball being popped into her mouth between her teeth, the straps were taken around the back of her head and the ends firmly buckled together. I’m only going to be able to make muffled noises with my tongue pressed like this. If I was truly in distress though, Chloé would free me in an instant.


Hands gently held onto her sides as Sara was lifted into a standing position and turned ninety degrees to the right. Then she felt a soft touch on her right cheek slowly pushing her head to the left. I will probably see my side profile in the mirror with my head turned like this.


“Close your eyes please, I am going to remove the mask. Sara did so, not wanting to spoil the surprise. The mask on her face was taken off, and Sara wondered what she would see. “You may open your eyes now, Sara.”


She opened her eyes and the feeling was electrifying as she saw the helpless woman in the mirror! She felt faint and her legs started to buckle from the shock. Chloé quickly embraced Sara, holding her up until Sara could regain her feet and her composure. “Oui, it is very intense when you see yourself in bondage like this for the first time.” Chloé gently kissed Sara on the right cheek. “I will have to try and resist loving you as I undress you, otherwise this will take all night.” Sara smiled at the thought of this. You can’t be any hurry, Chloé, I’m not going anywhere like this, and I think that you’re staying with me.


Chloé gently unbuttoned the top of Sara’s blouse and delicately moved her fingers down to the next. One by one, the buttons were removed from their holes until a thin strip of flesh was exposed from Sara’s neck to her waist. Chloé then softly ran her right forefinger down the gap, causing shivers to run along Sara’s spine. That feels so good Chloé, and you’ve barely even started on me. Chloé then untied the ropes that bound Sara’s arms to her body, above and below her breasts, and then pushed Sara’s blouse back until it was resting on her bound elbows.


Then Chloé’s fingers took hold of the front of Sara’s black bra and gently unhooked the clasp at the front. The two cups were pulled to the side, exposing her captive woman’s nipples and Sara was fixated with looking at the mirror and watching as she was undressed. The straps were pulled down Sara’s arms until the bra rested on her blouse.


Chloé went behind Sara and untied the knot on the rope that held her elbows together. The rope was quickly unwound and the blouse was pulled down to her wrists, along with the bra. Chloé pulled Sra’s elbows together and retied them using the same rope as before. The chest rope was again wrapped above and below Sara’s breasts, pinning her upper arms to her body. That is very clever, Chloé. I have had no chance of escape whatsoever, and I am already topless. I guess that the rest will be easy.


First the rope around Sara’s wrists and hips was removed, and then the rope around Sara’s wrists was untied, with Chloé holding Sara’s wrists firmly so as to make any chance of getting free impossible. With my upper arms bound, I have no leverage to fight back with. The blouse and bra was slipped off her wrists and Chloé wrapped, cinched and firmly knotted the rope, binding Sara’s wrists together. I didn’t think that Chloé could manage it, but I’m bound and topless!


“Did you enjoy that, Madame Sara?” Chloé asked. Sara nodded, taking in the view. “The rest of this is easy compared to removing your top. I will turn you to the front, so you can better watch the second part. Chloé gently turned Sara so that she was facing the mirror, and the woman blushed as she watched the slight sway of her breasts as she moved. Chloé unfastened the clasp on Sara’s skirt and the garment slid off her onto the floor. The ropes around Sara’s thighs and knees were removed, and Sara blushed as her stockings were rolled down to below her knees, and her panties were slid down to her ankles, exposing her mound of Venus. The ropes were then retied above and below Sara’s knees, and at the mid thigh, followed by the rope that tied Sara’s wrists to her hips


“Time for you to sit down on the bed, my sweet captive.” Sara sat down, a little ungainly as she was securely bound, and Chloé then removed the rope around her ankles. The panties were removed first, followed by the right and left boots being unzipped and gently pulled off Sara’s feet, and finally the stockings were softly rolled off. The ankle rope was then used to firmly bind Sara’s ankles, and Sara was as helpless as before, but completely in the nude.


“See Madame Sara, I have undressed you, and you had no chance of escape at any time. Now, I will lie you on the bed for a little entertainment.” Chloé lifted Sara’s legs and turned her until the bound woman was lying on her back on the bed, with her ankles near the bottom of the bed. The end of a length of rope was tied to Sara’s ankles, the other end was tied to the foot of the bed, and then the sleep mask was again placed over her eyes. Sara sighed and writhed slowly on the bed with her sight and ability to move taken from her, and with the fire in her intimacy glowing stronger.


“I can see that you are longing for my touch, Madame Sara. You will not be denied.” Sara gasped as she felt the gentle touch of lips on her neck as fingers delicately traced paths over her body. The fingers moved to her abdomen and the kisses moved to between her breasts, arousing Sara’s passion and desire. She arched her body as she felt sweet, tender kisses along the mounds of her breasts and the first caress of her womanhood. You are so pleasurable and teasing in your touches, Chloé. I wish I could spend the weekend with you, but that would be unfair on James. The caresses were stronger and faster, and kisses were being placed in a ring around Sara’s nipples, eliciting moans from the helplessly aroused captive.


Moment by moment, Sara felt her body move ever closer to that so needed climax, where she would feel nothing but bliss. Her intimacy was on fire, and her nipples were being constantly sucked and teased.Please give me my release Chloé, my body aches for it. The kisses on her breasts became more passionate still and the caresses were taking her body to fever pitch. Just a little more and I will be there. Sara pressed her hips up in time with the caresses, intensifying the experience and bringing her to the edge of her release.


Then the kisses and the caresses stopped.


“Noph! Noph! NOOOPH!” Sara bucked and writhed on the bed as her chance of fulfilment was taken away from her. I was so close! You can’t do this to me! I’m on fire! She twisted in her ropes but there was no chance of freedom, and she was left in a torment of pleasure.



“Now that I have your attention Sara, I have a request for you. James and I would like you to stay with us for the weekend.” Sara screamed as there was a caress on her womanhood, teasing her with its softness. “You could say no, but then I would just leave you in this state until you changed your mind. So, will you stay with us for the weekend?”


You did this deliberately, Chloé! You took me to this state just so I would have no choice but to accept the offer. I don’t want to impose on you two, but this ache in my body leaves me with no alternative. You win. Sara nodded her head in defeat.


“Thank you Sara, I knew that you would say yes.” Chloé said, teasing her captive. Sara sighed with relief as kisses were again landing on her breasts, and soft, slow caresses touched her intimacy, taking her closer to her fulfilment. The caresses grew in speed and strength, and the intensity of the kisses increased, again taking her to the edge.


The caresses concentrated on the ‘bulls-eye’ of her intimacy and Sara felt like she was going to fly apart from her feelings.


“GOPHHHHHHH! Sara screamed the feeling of joy engulfed her being, turning her into a shaking, convulsing vessel of bliss. She was almost unaware of the cuddles and kisses from her captor as she twisted and writhed in her orgasm…



She became aware of gentle caresses through her hair, and gentle kisses on her cheeks. “You are finally back, Sara. I thought that you were never going to stop.” Sara felt the straps at the back of her neck being unbuckled, and a moment later her mouth was free of the ball.


“Thank you, Chloé. You were absolutely wonderful.” Sara blushed.


“I think that the credit is due to your altered DNA, rather than my abilities in love-making, Sara.” Chloé removed the sleep mask from Sara’s eyes, allowing her to see again. “I think that we should just embrace and kiss for a while, until you get your strength back.”


Sara nodded and closed her eyes. I agree Chloé, I am really drained when this happens to me. She felt arms around her and sweet kisses on her lips, which helped her to relax…


The rumbling in Sara’s stomach took her to full wakefulness. “Sorry about that Chloé, it seems that my body has a mind of its own nowadays.”


“That is okay, Sara. I purchased some bread, butter and some cold meats, so I will be able to make some very nice sandwiches. I do have another request to make, if I may be so bold?”


“Request away, Chloé. I would be unable to stop you, given my present situation, anyway.”


“I noticed that we are the same size Sara, and I purchased a few items of clothing that I think would suit you very much. May I dress you in them?”


Certainly Chloé, I should like that. May I make a request in return?”


“Oui, Sara. I am interested to hear what you wish.”


“In my wardrobe, on the right, there is an item that I purchased, but never opened. I was always too scared to wear it, but I think that it would look perfect on you.”


“Oui Sara, I would be very happy to wear it, but first I must put your outfit on. I will blindfold you first, so that you cannot see the outfit.” Chloé untied the rope that held Sara’s ankles to the foot of the bed, and then moved her legs so that her feet were on the floor, placing her in a sitting position. The sleep mask was picked up and placed over Sara’s eyes again, making her wonder just how many times that she had worn it this evening.


“I am going to get your outfit Sara, and I should be no longer than a minute.” Chloé left the room, walked into the living room, picked up one of the shopping bags and returned to the bedroom.


I hope that the outfit that I’m about to wear is suitable, and not something silly. I won’t even be able to see what it is until Chloé has finished, and by then I’ll be securely bound again. Sara felt the ropes around her legs being untied, from her thighs down to her ankles. Then, what seemed to be a pair of tights were put onto her legs and rolled up to the top of her thighs. After a few minutes, her legs were bound in the same way as before, and she was then made to stand up.


The rope around her wrists and hips was removed, and Sara could feel the tights being taken up to her waist. The ropes that bound her arms and upper body were untied and she let her arms fall to her side. “Put your arms in front of you, please.” Sara did as she was asked, putting her arms out straight with her hands close together. A soft, woollen garment was put on her wrists, rolled up her arms and placed over her head and body. It’s not tight, but it does hug my body, and it gives a nice feel. Hands softly gripped her wrists, pulled her hands behind her back, and placed her forearms parallel to each other.  One piece of rope was wrapped around her right wrist and her left arm, just below the elbow, before being cinched and knotted off securely. The process was repeated with another length of rope, Sara’s left wrist and her right elbow.


I can hardly move my arms like this. It almost seems like they are locked together. Sara wriggled a little, but the ropes stayed firmly in place. Then a long piece of rope was wound around her arms and chest, above and below her breasts, taking away what little movement she had left.


“Open wide please, Sara. This will complement your clothing.” As she did so, Sara felt the familiar rubber ball in her mouth again. I wonder why Chloé has gagged me this time? The gag was buckled into place and Sara’s sleep mask was removed.


She looked in the mirror and gasped at herself! She was dressed in thick tights, and a figure hugging polar neck sweater, and both of them were the same soft pink shade as her ball-gag. “That colour looks very good on you Sara, you really should wear pink instead of black and white.” Sara blushed at Chloé’s complement, before sitting down on the bed. “I will dress into your outfit Sara, but first I must blindfold you again.” The sleep mask went over Sara’s eyes and she waited in anticipation.


Chloé quickly undressed, removing her boots, socks, dress, sweater, tights, and finally her bra and panties. She went over to the wardrobe, opened it and looked at the right, spying the item that was still in its wrapper. She noticed to the left of the item that there were various pink coloured clothes, that all looked brand new. It looks like Sara has purchased pink clothes before, but she was too timid to wear them. James saw Sara in pink once and said that she looked best in that colour. I will have to persuade her to wear pink over the weekend. Chloé then took the wrapped item out of the wardrobe and looked at the information. “Mon Dieu!” This is expensive! I can’t believe that you had this and never wore it, Sara! The material is valuable. I wish that I had shopped for something of far greater value than the sweater and tights. You even have a pink version in the wardrobe. Chloé carefully opened the package and removed the white, lace trimmed teddy dress that Sara had asked her to wear. She went in front of the mirror and dressed in the item, which fitted her perfectly, and only just covered her womanhood.


She walked over to Sara, removed the gag and then the mask. Sara opened her eyes and said “You look absolutely wonderful in that, Chloé. It complements you in every way.” Now it was Chloé’s turn to blush.


“You are too kind Sara, but this is so costly. I shouldn’t wear it.”


“Nonsense. These clothes are your gift to me, and that dress is my gift to you. You have been so helpful and so kind to me over these past few days, and I want you to have it as a token of my gratitude.”


“I will accept it on one condition, Sara.”


“Name it, Chloé.”


“Tomorrow, when we go to James’s house, you just wear pink. I have seen the clothes in your closet, and it is about time that you wore them.”


“Agreed, Chloé.” Sara blushed again, and her stomach rumbled once more.


“I think that supper is calling Sara. I will prepare some sandwiches and return. Don’t go anywhere.” Sara laughed at Chloé’s comment, as Chloé left the room.


After about ten minutes, Chloé brought in the finished sandwiches and the wine, and Sara enjoyed being fed by her captor. After a long time, the meal was eventually finished, and Sara was feeling tired, letting out a long yawn.


“I’m sorry, Chloé, but it has been a long day. I must ask one thing before I go to sleep. Is it okay to sleep like this?”


Chloé lay Sara down in a comfortable position on the bed. “I have spent the night asleep in the same bondage, Sara. Do not worry, it is safe. If you have any problems during the night, I will untie you.” Chloé lay down beside Sara and gently cuddled her.


“Thank you Chloé, I am forever grateful for your kindness.” Sara’s eyes closed and soon she drifted off to sleep.


I am the one who is grateful Sara, especially after you saved the relationship between myself and James. Soon however, Chloé also fell asleep...




Chloé woke up, opened her eyes slowly so as to not be blinded by the daylight, and she noticed that the light on the special clock was green again. You must be back to normal Sara, so for the time being, you won’t be causing any unfortunate effects in others. She slowly disentangled herself from her still sleeping captive, walked over to her clothing, removed the teddy dress and dressed in her red sweater and tights.


Walking back to the side of the bed on which Sara was sleeping, she wondered just how fast asleep Sara was. “You are just too tempting to ignore Madame Sara, and I will have to see what I can do to you while you are still asleep.” Chloé saw the sleep mask on the table beside the bed, picked it up and then carefully put it over Sara’s eyes. Sara didn’t stir at all with this and she continued to sleep peacefully. A length of rope was picked up, Chloé tied one end to Sara’s ankles, bent her legs at her knees so that her heels nearly touched her bottom and then tied the other end of the rope to Sara’s chest ropes in the middle of her back.


There was still no response from the sleeping captive at this point, so Chloé decided to see if one more action would awake her. She took hold of the pink ball-gag, carefully opened Sara’s mouth and gently slipped the ball into place. The straps were slowly pulled around to the back of Sara’s neck and then softly buckled, with the helpless woman’s sleep still undisturbed.


Chloé looked at Sara’s alarm clock and noticed that there half an hour before the alarm went off. That noise must be loud if it has to wake you up in the morning. Maybe I should leave you for the alarm to rouse you from your sleep, and then you can find out how helpless I have made you. Anyway, I will just check your wardrobe, as I think I saw something in there yesterday that will be of some use. She walked over to the wardrobe, opened it, saw the particular item and a devious plan started to form in her mind.


She closed the wardrobe and made her way into the kitchen, where she switched on the coffee pot, gathered together some cereal and other breakfast paraphernalia and then took the breakfast items into the living room. The items were put on the coffee table and she went back into the kitchen to put four slices of bread into the toaster.


Maybe I should wake you up now, as the coffee and the toast will be ready before long. After breakfast, we can shower, get dressed and then make our way to James’s house. Chloé went back from the kitchen to the bedroom, switched off the alarm on the clock, walked up to Sara, and then slowly raked her nails along the soles of her captive’s feet.


“MMMMGGGMMMMGGGMMMGGMM!” screamed Sara as she was brought into full wakefulness as she felt. Nonononononononono! She wriggled and squirmed as the relentless tickling of her feet continued. After about thirty seconds it stopped and Sara managed the gather her thoughts. It must be Chloé that’s doing this to me! I’m blindfolded, gagged and hogtied again, and she’s tickling my feet! Sara felt herself being rolled onto her front and she screamed out as the tickling started again. She writhed uncontrollably in her bondage as the tickling spread from her feet to the sides of her body.


Soon the tickling stopped and Chloé asked “Are you awake, Sara?” Sara nodded her head. I am very awake Chloé, as it was impossible to sleep through that torment. A moment later the sleep mask was removed and Sara blinked her eyes to get herself adjusted to the light. “You are a very beautiful sight on the bed Sara, and I wish that you could stay like this but we have to eat breakfast and then prepare to move to James’s house for the weekend.”


The hogtie rope was removed and Sara was helped to her feet by Chloé. “I am going to be with you as you hop to the living room, as I do not want you to fall down.” Sara slowly hopped along the corridor with Chloé walking alongside, just in case the captive lost her balance. Soon, they were inside the living room and Sara sat on the left side of the couch. “I’m going to finish off the toast and bring in some coffee, so you just stay there and rest.” Chloé then left the room with Sara squirming to get comfortable in her bondage.


After a few minutes, Chloé returned carrying a plate of toast, left and then returned carrying two cups of coffee. “Could you please lean forward Sara, so that I may remove your gag.” Sara leant forward and the ball-gag was unbuckled and removed.


“I feel so helpless with that gag in my mouth, and I have trouble with trying to swallow.” Sara said as she sat upright so it would be easier for Chloé to feed her.


“It is a very effective gag Sara, as it forces more helplessness on the captive.” Chloé replied as she prepared a bowl of cereal. “Are you okay with me feeding you?”


“Yes Chloé, I’m fine.” Sara opened her mouth and accepted a spoonful of cereal.


“Sara, I was just wondering. How did you get into contact with the virus?” Chloé asked.


Sara finished her mouthful and said “I opened the bottle on Monday lunchtime because I was curious. I didn’t expect anything to happen as our storage location is very low level, and an invasive virus should not have been stored there.” She took in another mouthful.


“I had an unusual thought this morning, and there is a possibility that your ‘curse’ could actually be useful in certain situations, Sara.”


“Chloé, how can being bound, gagged and taken advantage of be useful in any way?” Sara asked before she ate some more cereal.


“It is not only that. I will give you a scenario. Supposing for example, we have a bank robbery that has gone wrong and the robbers have taken hostages who are all tied up. They are known to have no inhibitions about taking lives and they have threatened to kill a hostage if their demands are not met.”


“That’s quite a horrible situation Chloé. I hope that never happens.” Sara said between mouthfuls.


“Now, one woman turns up in a van to deliver some food. She walks up to the door of the bank and she is taken in. The gang have an overwhelming urge to tie her up and gag her, and then they fight amongst themselves over who will ‘mate’ with the captive. The only one left standing, mates with her and then flees in horror with all of his rational thought gone. A special crew wearing hazardous materials clothing would then enter and remove the women.” Chloé explained.


“But what if they are people who are prepared to blow themselves up?” asked Sara.


“That is the beauty of the effect, such acts require a strong rational thought which will be overcome by primal survival instinct.” Chloé said “I have thought of another situation where your ‘ability’ may come in useful. Do you remember the intruder at GEN-DAWN?”


“Yes, he was after something. I remember that he confessed to the crimes because of the threat of being put in the same room as myself.” Sara answered.


“Imagine this situation. They need to get information out of someone in a hurry. We all know that torture is unreliable, so we just put them in the same room as you. Ten minutes later, this person will provide the interrogators with everything they need to know. Sara, you are the perfect interrogation technique.”


“But Chloé, you are almost making me sound like some kind of super heroine. What am I supposed to call myself, The Black Widow?” Sara asked.


“I don’t think that would be allowed as Marvel would probably sue. Maybe you could use ‘The Pink Widow’ as I don’t think that any super hero has that.” Chloé answered.


“Okay Chloé, name one super heroine who is always getting tied up.” Sara said, and she frowned as Chloé suddenly giggled.


“I can name two actually, Wonder Woman and Empowered.” Chloé replied.


“I had forgotten about Wonder Woman, but who’s Empowered?”


“Empowered is a super heroine who has a power suit that is very easily damaged and she nearly always ends up bound and gagged.” Chloé answered.


“As opposed to me who will end up getting bound and gagged as a result of my powers.” Sara halted for a moment. “Chloé, now you have got me thinking like that. This is a pipe dream, and I will never end up saving anyone.”


“You never know when this information will come in useful Sara, so please remember it.”


They were near the end of the meal, and between sips of coffee and bites of toast, they just made small talk. Then breakfast was over and Sara said “I need to have a shower before we leave for James’s, so could you please untie me?”


“Oui Sara as I need to pack items away, including the rope. I will untie you.” for the next five minutes, Chloé untied the ropes that bound Sara. At the end, Sara was free and she stretched her arms and legs.


“I must have been in bondage for over twelve hours Chloé, I didn’t think that it was possible.”


“It is easy if you are tied up correctly. Sara, as you need to dress up and pack your pink clothing, I think that you need to shower first.”


“Okay Chloé. I presume your can pack up the rope while I shower.” Sara undressed and walked into the bathroom, taking a shower and then freshening up. She then walked into her bedroom and opened the wardrobe. “Maybe I should wear something standard first.” She picked out her outfit and took the small wheeled luggage case out of the wardrobe. Various other pink items were chosen and soon the case was full.


“May I come in, please? I need to get my clothes.”


“Sure, Chloé. Actually I’ll get them for you.” Sara picked up Chloé’s clothes, including the white teddy dress and took them to the door.


“Thank you Sara, I will get dressed now.” Chloé left the bedroom and returned to the living room to get dressed. Sara proceeded to put her pink outfit on and then looked at herself in the mirror. She wore pink underwear, including holdup stockings, pink shoes, miniskirt, a light pink blouse and a pink jacket. “Good evening, Parker. Oh God, that sounded terrible!” Sara said, trying to put on an English accent. “I hope that James and Chloé appreciate this. Time to let her see my clothing, I just hope that she doesn’t laugh.”


Sara walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. Before Sara could even say a word, Chloé exclaimed “You look incredible Madame Sara, pink really does suit you.”


Sara blushed at Chloé’s compliment. “Why thank you Chloé, but I fear that you are being too kind.”


“Not at all Sara, I appreciate the effort that you have made and James will too.” Sara looked around the room and noticed that Chloé was fully dressed and she had packed her bags.


I think that I must make my move now, if I am to get Sara into the position that I desire. “Sara, could you do something for me, following my instructions and without asking any questions?”


“Yes Chloé, I know that you are not going to hurt me, so do what you want.” Without even being asked, Sara closed her eyes, put her hands together behind her back and opened her mouth wide. It’s obvious that Chloé wants to put me in bondage, so I might as well prepare myself. A moment later, Sara felt something cover her eyes before the familiar ball was pushed into her mouth and the gag was firmly buckled.


Then she felt something new, it wasn’t rope, but it felt like some kind of unusual tape was being wrapped several times around her wrists. Then her elbows were pulled together and the tape was wrapped around four times, just below her elbows. She could then feel the tape being wrapped around her upper body and arms, just above and below her breasts. More tape was then wrapped around her wrists and hips, locking her arms to her body. Then tape was wrapped around her ankles, just below her knees, and finally at her mid-thighs, just below the hem of her skirt.


“Just stay there, Sara. I shall be back in a moment.” Sara listened as Chloé left the room and came back about half a minute later. She was turned to the left and her sleep mask was removed.


Sara gasped in amazement as she saw in the full length mirror that she was bound in pink tape! How on Earth did Chloé get hold of pink tape? Who even makes tape of that colour?


The captive looked quizzically at Chloé, who responded “It is called bondage tape Sara, and it comes in many different colours. It will only stick to itself, so that it won’t hurt your skin or clothes. It can be used multiple times, saving on money. I shall sit you on the carpet, and you can try to escape from it.” Chloé helped Sara onto the floor and the helpless woman tried to free herself from her bonds. Try as she might though, she was unable to break free and the tape held fast.


After a short while, Sara made motions with her hands, trying to indicate that she wanted to be free. “You want the tape to be removed so that we can go to James?” Sara nodded. “Well Sara, your present bondage is exactly how you will be going to James. Sara looked at Chloé in shock at this announcement!


“Yes my prisoner, you will be delivered to my lover as a bound and gagged captive.”


“Noph! Pleph! Noph!” Sara Cried through her ball-gag. It’s impossible! I can’t even drive a car like this, let alone be hidden from sight! Chloé must be teasing me, that can be the only reason for this Chloé pulled Sara’s knees up until they were almost touching her chin, and then she wrapped some more of the tape around Sara’s upper legs and her chest, locking her upper legs to her body.


“I will be back in a moment Sara, and I will be bringing your method of transportation.” Chloé left the room as Sara struggled again, but there was no chance of escape. Has Chloé gone insane? What is she planning?


A minute later, Chloé returned and Sara nearly fainted with shock. It was the large wheeled luggage case! Please you can’t put me in there, please no! “Noph! Pleph! Noph!”


“This will be perfect for your journey, my pink princess. You will fit in here easily enough, and this is how you will be taken to James.” Chloé unzipped the case, which clearly had enough room to put Sara in and wheeled the black cloth case over to her captive who was struggling like never before.


“Calm down, my little Pink Widow in bondage. Think of this as an adventure in itself, with you starring as the kidnapped princess.” After a few minutes, Chloé managed to get the struggling but helpless Sara into a sitting position in the case. Then she zipped the case half way up so that Sara would not be able to fall out of the case. The helpless woman looked up at Chloé with the most pleading eyes that ever existed, accompanied by begging sounds through her gag. “You can breathe safely in here and I will keep you upright for the journey. Once I close the case up, it would be a good idea for you to keep quiet, as it would not be a good idea to let your presence be known.”


Chloé must be joking, she’s teasing me and we will be going in my car. She hasn’t got the strength to lift me straight up like this. Chloé closed the side and Sara was helpless and captive inside the case.


The tied up girl listened to Chloé as she spoke. “Bonjour, is that the taxi firm? Thank you, I would like a taxi outside the Tennyson Apartments in about ten minutes please. Thank you very much. There is one other detail that I had forgotten to mention. I need a taxi that has a ramp for wheelchair access as I have to move something that is heavy and fragile. Thank you so much, I will be at the car park in ten minutes.”


Sara was stunned at this revelation. Chloé must have had this all worked out. She must have seen the luggage case and seen that I can fit in it. “I have gathered up your keys, your phone, the special clock and the handbag Sara, and put them in one of my bags. It is time that we went to the car park to catch the taxi.” Sara felt the case move, and with a sinking heart realised that Chloé wasn’t joking about this. I will have to be quite about this, because neither of us want to cause an incident where the police is brought in.


She felt the case stop for a moment and then start again. Chloé must be closing the apartment door. We will have to stop outside the elevator next. After another minute, she stopped again for thirty seconds and after that, moved only a few feet. Then there was a sensation of descending and then a sudden stop. We must be on the surface level, and it’s just a matter of being wheeled to the car park.


As she was being wheeled along, Sara’s heart was beating fast, partly from fear and partly from the exhilaration of the adventure. Finally the case stopped and Sara knew that Chloé was waiting for the taxi. Here we are, waiting for the taxi, one French lady and one captive woman who’s bound and gagged in a case. This has become the weirdest Saturday morning that I have ever experienced.


Sara’s heart beat even faster as she heard a car approach...







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