Dominated by DNA – Part 3








Sara cringed as the car pulled to a stop in front of her. Chloé’s actually going to do it. I’m going to be taken to James’s house, bound and gagged inside a luggage case! I daren’t try to escape, or even call for help, just in case I really am discovered. A door opened and a female voice said “Would you like me to help you with your cases?”


“No thank you.” Chloé answered “I would just like the ramp extended so that the large case can be wheeled up. The item inside is heavy and fragile, and my friend James only trusts me to move it.”


I’ve never been described as heavy and fragile before, but I suppose that Chloé said that to dissuade the driver from handling it. Sara noticed that she was moving slowly up a ramp. “That sure looks heavy enough,” the taxi driver said “Have you got a dead body in there?”


“No, I actually have a beautiful woman who is tightly bound and gagged in the case, and I am taking her with me to spend the weekend with myself and my boyfriend.” Chloé answered. No! You told the driver that I’m in here! She’ll want to check for herself and I will be so embarrassed from this! Sara managed to suppress her fear and waited for the moment when the case would be opened.


She was relieved when she heard the driver laugh “Well, that’ll teach me to be so nosy. I’ll remember not to be so curious next time.” Sara had stopped moving and she heard the doors closed. “Is it the same destination, James’s house?”


“Oui, and could you please drive carefully, I just want to make sure that the item gets there in one piece.” Chloé answered.


“Certainly, I’ll make sure that your ‘captive’ has a smooth ride.” Sara felt the gentle acceleration of the vehicle as it left the parking area. I hope that all of the trip will be gentle, as I don’t want to end up on my side.


The journey only took ten minutes and it was quiet and uneventful, although it seemed like an hour to Sara who was constrained and confined in the luggage case. The taxi came to a halt, the doors opened, and Sara was moved down the ramp onto the pavement. “Goodbye, and I hope you use us soon.”


“Thank you, I will.”


The vehicle drove away and Chloé said “We are all alone on the street, my pretty captive so there is no one to save you now.”


That means that I won’t be exposed or discovered! I’ll be able to act up! Sara struggled as hard as she could in the case, emitting “Mmphs!” and “Nophs!” through her gagged mouth.


“Struggling is useless my bound blonde, you are my captive, and you will remain so for the entire weekend.” Chloé said as she pulled the luggage case over to the door. This is intense, I feel so helpless like this and it does seem like an adventure. Then Sara heard the doorbell ring and she decided to remain still and quiet.


The door opened, and James said “Good morning Chloé, I see you couldn’t persuade Sara to stay with us for the weekend. It’s a pity as I think that she would have enjoyed it.” At this point, Sara struggled as much as she could, and cried out like a damsel in distress. “Sara, is that you in there?” James exclaimed as Sara carried on, playing the role of the helpless captive for all it was worth.


“Oui James, I have kidnapped Sara and she has been transported by taxi. She makes a very nice little case-bound captive, all taped and gagged. I do think that we should take her inside as Sara should not be in this case for any longer than she has to.”


“Yes Chloé, I’ll pull the cases from here and put them in the living room, and could you please get a bottle of water with a straw from the kitchen?” Sara was moving again, and felt herself going over the raised doorway, before travelling a little further and stopping. Hopefully I’m in the living room, and I can soon get out of this case. It has been a fun adventure, but I feel cramped in here, and the air seems to be a little stale. In a minute though, Sara heard a familiar zip sound, a moment later the cover on her left side was removed, and the captive looked up sheepishly at James.


“Did you enjoy your trip? By the way, you do look pretty in pink.” James asked. Sara nodded her head as she blushed. It was scary at first, but I relaxed as it went on. The girl put on a struggle, forgetting that the case only supported her on one side and then she went too far over to the left...


“EEEEPH!” Sara cried as she landed on her left side on the floor. Well, at least I’m out of the case, although that was an unorthodox way of exiting it. She struggled a little more on the floor until Chloé walked back in, holding the bottle and straw.


“Are you okay, Madame Sara?” Chloé asked looking a little concerned. Sara nodded again, blushing a little at her present position.


“Sara struggled a bit too much and she just tipped over to one side. I’m sure that the only thing that’s hurt is her pride.” Chloé handed the bottle and straw to James, and then picked up one of the bags.


“I wish to get changed into something special, so I am going upstairs for a few minutes. Will you please water our captive, while I am out of the room?” Chloé asked.


“Certainly Chloé, I’ll take care of Sara while you change into something more fun.” James answered as he moved the case into a corner and put Sara back into a sitting position on the floor.


Chloé left the room leaving James and Sara together. I hope Sara gives James a kiss for getting her out of the case, she should do that for him. It will be easy to watch over her as she is here, plus we can all have such fun. I cannot wait for James to tie us two ladies together. Chloé entered the bedroom and disrobed completely, before opening up a package that she took out of the bag. This should be very useful, as James will have full access without removing my sweater or tights.


She put the red, ribbed, cotton tights on first, and she carefully positioned the flap that was held in place by two little clasp hooks so that when the time came, James would be able to take full advantage of her. Next to be worn was the red, ribbed, cotton polar-necked sweater, which had two strategically placed clasped flaps on the front. You are going to love my outfit James, and I will love being bound in it. Chloé sat down on the bed for a minute and composed herself for the day ahead...


James knelt down on Sara’s right side and removed the ball-gag, freeing her muffled mouth. “My hero.” She said softly, closing her eyes, tilting her head back and parting her lips slightly. A moment later, there was the gentle pressure of his lips against hers and the moment felt wonderful. This is so sweet, I just hope that Chloé has no problems about you kissing me. Then the kiss stopped, Sara opened her eyes a few moments later, and saw James kneeling there with the bottle with a straw in it being held up to her lips. “Thank you, oh sweet hero.” Sara said, taking the straw in her mouth and sipping the water, a little at a time.


“I’m not your hero, remember, I’m going to be as much your captor as Chloé is.” James explained. “So I’m afraid you are not going to get free.”


“I’m not sure that I want to be free right now, as it is all so enjoyable.” Sara ended her sipping. “But this position does feel a little awkward. Could you please remove the tape that binds my legs to my chest, and wrap it around my ankles and thighs in, what was it, a frog-tie?”


“Sure Sara, I think that the end point must be on your left side, so it I will have to start there.” James stood up, went around to Sara’s left side and started to unwind the tape.



It was then that James noticed the cut on Sara’s left hand, which was covered by the gloves that she wore on Wednesday night. “Sara, what happened to your hand? Did it happen when you were transported here?” he asked with a worried look.


“The cut, oh it’s nothing. All of us Sara’s have ended up with a wound like that when we reach the age of forty. It’s even been nicknamed ‘The Smite Curse’ and Smite is my surname, just in case you were wondering. It has been passed down from mother to daughter since the mid 1820’s, and I am the latest recipient. The major difference to my predecessors is that I have ended up with altered DNA as a result of this.”


James thought for a moment and said “Mother to daughter, and not to any son? Do you mean that it is only females who end up with this?”


“James, from what I know, ever since the 1820’s, every Smite has only given birth to one daughter, who is always called Sara. There have been no sons, and no Smite woman since that time has ever taken a husband.”


“Only daughters and no sons? That is unusual, but why haven’t there been any husbands?”


“There was never been a husband since the last one who murdered an English Gentleman in the 1820’s. When his daughter learned of the shame on her family’s name, she fled to the United States to start a new life, but it seems that the ‘curse’ followed her.” Sara explained.


“Do you know anything about the Gentleman who was murdered?” James asked. “I’m sure that there would be no grudge against your family name by now.”


Sara thought for a moment before speaking “I only know his first name, Horatio. We are taught to remember that his first name is the same as Admiral Nelson’s.”


“How did you get the cut?” James asked.


“Now that is a weird and unusual story in itself.  Do you remember the storm that we had on Sunday night?”


“Yes, it was quite ferocious as I recall.” James answered.


“Well, I had just returned to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee and the lights went out. No, I think that it was darker than that, and it was as if I couldn’t see anything at all, even the lightning. As I groped around, I felt a slight pain in my left hand, and I lifted it to my face. A moment later, the lights came back on and I had this little cut, just behind my knuckles which went across my hand.”


“Is that all, Sara?” James asked.


“This is the strangest thing. After the storm was over, I went to Janet who is my next door neighbour, and I asked her about the blackout. She told me that there had been no blackout during the storm, and that the power had stayed on all of the time. I went back to my apartment and noticed that my microwave was showing the usual time, which meant that the power had been on all the time.”


“That is very unusual.”


“I can only think that instead of the lights going out, I suddenly couldn’t see and that’s how I got cut. The more I think about what happened, the more it seems like something like darkness descended onto me.” Sara shivered.


James chuckled “Maybe it’s Horatio’s shade taking revenge on your family after all these years.”


Sara shivered again at this “James, if it wasn’t for the fact that the cut has landed me in trouble because of my DNA, I would be laughing with you. Given my present situation, however, I’m likely to believe anything.” Sara paused “Could we please get back to what we are supposed to be doing, James? I would like my mind to be taken off thoughts of shadowy ghosts that are bent on revenge.”



James continued to unwrap the tape until Sara was free of it, and then he put her on her back. “It will be much easier to tape your legs together if you are in this position.” He pressed her lower legs so that the heels of her low heeled pumps pushed into her bottom.


“What are you planning to do to Chloé when she comes back downstairs?” Sara asked as James began wrapping the tape around her thighs and ankles.


“I think that she has been very naughty, kidnapping you and transporting you like this, and there is a suitable punishment for naughty girls.” James answered.


“I suspect that her spanking will be more erotic than painful.” Sara commented.


“Well, making someone feel pain, just for the sake of it, is not in my dictionary.” James finished binding Sara’s legs with tape and placed her on her front, facing the doorway and the couch.


“This is the point where I am gagged again, I presume.” Sara opened her mouth wide and waited. James picked up her gag, inserted the ball into her mouth, took the straps around to the back of her head and buckled the gag firmly into place. “MMMMMM.” was the sound emitted by Sara. It seems to have become the standard for me, ending up being bound and gagged wherever I go. At least I can enjoy it now.


James gathered some items and walked up to the living room door. “Are you ready to come down, Chloé?” He called, and then went behind the open door and pushed it to...



Chloé stood up when she heard James call her. This must be the cue for me to go downstairs and be tied up. I wonder what you have in store for me after that, as Sara will be watching us both. Mon Dieu! Even the thought of that is arousing! Chloé made her way out of the bedroom, down the stairs and then stood in front of the living room door. James is probably hiding behind the door, so I will not make it easy for him. Chloé took a deep breath and pushed the door open slowly...


Sara watched as the door moved. Chloé must suspect something, I must do something to distract her. Sara started struggling and “MPH!”-ing as much as she could, acting as if she really was in distress. As soon as the door was wide enough, Chloé saw Sara’s behaviour and rushed up to her, with genuine concern showing on her face. The worried look turned to a puzzled frown as Sara looked at James, stopped struggling and then smiled.


“Merde!” Chloé cried as she was forced to the floor in front of Sara. Moments later, her arms were pinned to her side as James sat astride her, facing her head. As she screamed again, he took a gag out of his pocket and forced the red ball into Chloé’s mouth. Then he pulled the end of the straps around to the back of her head and buckled it securely.


“Now to get to work on your hands and feet, then the rest will be easy.” James turned around on top of Chloé so that he was facing her feet. He took her wrists and placed them in a crossed position in the small of her back. He took a length of rope out of his pockets, wound it vertically and horizontally around her wrists, and then cinched and knotted the rope tightly. He moved further down her body until her was at her legs, took another piece of rope, and then firmly wrapped, cinched and knotted her ankles together firmly.


Chloé turned her head to the right, glared at Sara for a moment, and then winked to show that she was okay. That’s good, at least you are not angry with me for fooling you. Oh God, watching you getting placed in bondage is arousing me! James placed Chloé into a sitting position and picked up a long piece of rope with was used to bind Chloé’s arms to her chest, above and below her breasts. This was finished off with the rope cinching the bonds between her arms and body. Another long piece of rope was wrapped around her wrists and her waist, forcing her hands to the back of her body. Chloé was forced into a kneeling position and the rope was taken from her wrists, between her legs and looped over the waist rope at the front. Then a series of knots were placed in the rope, it was threaded between Chloé’s legs again, pulled tight and then knotted off securely at her wrists.


Even seeing Chloé tied this way stoked the flames of Sara’s desire. You are very lucky to have James do that to you.


James caressed the knotted crotch rope and Chloé emitted a delightful sigh. Mon Dieu! This is wonderful, I have never been touched in this way in the presence of Sara and I think this makes it even more powerful. Chloé was carried and made to sit on the right side of the couch, and James picked up three more pieces of rope which he used to bind and cinch Chloé’s legs below and above the knee and at the mid thigh.


Sara’s heart was racing as she looked at the beautiful Frenchwoman who was securely bound and gagged. I feel like I’m going to explode, and James hasn’t even started spanking Chloé yet. I hope I don’t orgasm just by watching, that would be embarrassing.


James sat down to Chloé’s left and looked at her. “Chloé, you are charged with kidnapping Sara and her illegal transportation. How do you plead?” He asked menacingly.


Chloé shook her head and tried to say not guilty, but she just mumbled through her gag. “So you do not wish to say that you are innocent.” Chloé screamed and shook her head again. “So be it.” James took hold of Chloé and placed her so that she was bent over his lap, and her head was to the left of his body. She struggled but she was easily held down.


Mon Dieu! James is going to do it! He is going to spank me in front of Sara, and there is nothing that I can do to stop him. I am so aroused by this, and by looking at Sara, it seems that she is as well.


“Chloé Badelaine, as you have refused to plead your innocence, you will be punished appropriately for you crimes. You are hereby sentenced to be spanked on the bottom until orgasmed.”


Sara watched as James raised his right hand...


“MMMMMMGGGGMMMM!” Chloé cried as she received the hard stinging blow onto her bottom, and she squirmed helplessly on James’s lap. Five more followed and each one caused the bound girl to shout out and struggle. She then sighed as James’s right hand smoothed her stinging bottom, providing a pleasurable feeling which counteracted the slight pain. It is a pity that you have to feel the stinging to experience this, but it is only a minor feeling and it does add to the overall sensation. Another six spanks followed, and she called out as her derriere was again left stinging, but the accompanying caresses afterwards served to increase her level of arousal.


Sara looked up at Chloé from the floor and she could clearly see the desire in the face of the young lady. You are so lucky to have James do this to you, maybe later it will be my turn. It was then that Sara noticed that she was pressing her body into the floor so that she could receive stimulation from her hill of bliss rubbing against the carpet. I if I keep doing this, I may end up orgasming before you, Chloé.


James rained another six smacks onto Chloé, which made her squirm. This was more because of the adrenaline and endorphin release, rather than from the pain, plus the erogenous zone was now stimulated from the spanks. This is wonderful now, and I can see that Sara is getting very excited, watching as I am spanked on James’s knee. The smoothing felt even more pleasurable, and Chloé writhed and moaned at the good feelings that she received from James.


“I think that you are enjoying your punishment too much, therefore I will have to take it to the next level.” James said as he reached for the top of Chloé’s tights. Chloé put up a mock struggle, knowing that no matter what she did, James would still achieve his aim. Her tights were pulled down to the top of her thighs, revealing an already pink bottom. “Before long, your bottom will be as red as your tights.”


“Noph!” cried Chloé as she shook her head, playing the part of the ‘punished’ girl. “Pleph, noph!” Hopefully I will get my release this time, instead of Thursday night when you used this to tease me. “MMMMM!” Chloé shouted as an even harder blow landed on her unprotected posterior, and five more struck home a few seconds later. Mon Dieu! That was hard, but it will have to be so that the desired effect will be achieved. This was followed by the soothing caress, which not only covered her bare bottom, but James’s fingers danced over the knotted rope that dug into Chloé’s valley of joy. The girl moaned and writhed from the fire that grew even stronger at this action on her intimacy. I think that I am going to explode soon if you continue like this, my sweet love.


Six harder spanks stung Chloé’s rear, and she thrust herself against James’s lap to receive more pleasure from this. Her moans had become very loud and she was writhing continuously. Sara was also writhing and moaning on the floor, and the display of eroticism in front of her was driving her to fever point. Please James, please bring Chloé to her peak so that you can provide me with release. Her own valley was flooding with desire and need, but she knew that her own thrusts against the floor were only serving to take her close to the edge and build up more frustration inside her.


“MMMMM, MMMMM MMMMMM!” Chloé screamed as experienced three more spanks, and she nodded her head to be smacked again. At this point she could no longer tell if the spanks were causing pain or pleasure, but she only knew that she wanted more. After another three spanks, Chloé nodded her head again, as she felt her body was nearly at the peak of her pleasure. Please James, I only need some more spanks on my bottom and I will receive the most delicious release. James again smoothed Chloé and caressed her valley, taking her right to the edge, and then he landed spank after spank onto her reddened bottom.


“MMMMMMMMM!” Chloé’s long scream was not one of pain. Instead it was the audible expression of the pure joy that had erupted from her valley and then spread throughout her entire being. Her body went stiff for a moment and then the familiar shaking set in. She was dimly aware of her tights being pulled back up and herself placed into a sitting position on James’s lap as her whispered into her ear and cuddled her.


All this only served to increase Sara’s level of frustration as she watched Chloé orgasm. I need that, I need to orgasm so badly. It’s like the area between my thighs is on fire! Help me James, please help me! “Heph meph!” came the cry that came from between Sara’s lips as she pressed and thrust against the carpet in a vain attempt to achieve her release.


Chloé was now aware of Sara’s movements as James was paying careful attention to her with his kisses and cuddles. She looked at Sara and said “MMPH!” so as to get his attention. James, I think that you need to help Sara as she does seem to need you to provide her with her fulfilment. James realised that Chloé was trying to tell him something and her looked at Sara who seemed to trying to bury herself in the carpet. “Are you okay with me helping Sara?” He asked. Chloé nodded and motioned to Sara with her head. Of course I am okay with you helping Sara, why do you think that I brought her here? You like her just as much as I do, and you have both of us to play ‘jeu de ligotage’ with.


James placed Chloé into a sitting position on the left side of the couch, stood up and then walked over to where Sara was lying on the floor in the helpless frustration. “Do you need a little help, my sweet Sara?” Sara nodded her head in response. YES! I need help. Why do you even have to ask? I’m lying here and I am in need of someone to fulfil me! “I want to hear you beg for help, then, my bound captive.” James said, smiling as the helpless woman on the floor. Now you’re being mean to me, because you know that I need your touch for my release! Sara looked up James with the most begging look that she could put on as she pleaded through her gag for help.


James bent over and put Sara onto her knees before he knelt behind her as Chloé watched from the couch. Now I am going to have to watch as James makes love to Sara. Even the thought of this is beginning to make me aroused again. She squirmed a little on the couch as James brought his hands around to Sara’s front. As he gently caressed the mounds of her breasts, James planted little kisses on the right side of Sara’s neck. It is so good of you to do this to me James, especially with Chloé right there watching us. As the kisses became stronger, James ran his fingertips over Sara’s nipples, eliciting cries of joy from the helpless woman. The kisses and caresses went on for a few minutes until:


“MMMMGGGGMMM!” Sara cried out as James’s right hand slipped down her front of her pink miniskirt and gave a soft caress to the mound of her intimacy. Please, I need more attention, so that I can be released from my frustration. The caresses increased in speed and became more intense, and Sara moaned as the fire inside her grew and grew. She thrust her hips at James’s hand as he caressed the lines of her valley, so she could increase the feeling from each touch.


Chloé squirmed and writhed on the couch as she continued to watch James make love to her friend Sara. If James does not finish soon, I will end up in the same state that Sara was in. Her valley was again starting to fill with the feelings of desire, and she was unable to keep still.


The caresses of Sara’s valley grew ever faster and stronger, and the woman found herself at the centre of a whirlpool of desire and need. Please James, just a little more. The caresses and strokes on Sara’s intimacy increased still further and the lady screamed from the experience of ecstasy as it shot through her, robbing her of any other sensation except bliss. She felt as if it was someone else who was laid on her right side on the floor facing the couch, and then had a pillow placed under her head.


Sara’s senses were restored to her as her gag was removed, and she could see that Chloé was very aroused again as she moved on the couch. “James, I think that I will be okay like this for a while. You have done all of this for us, but what about yourself?”


“My priority has always been ladies first and myself second.” James said “I must admit that I am very aroused after helping you two achieve your needs, though.”


“Well,” Sara said “Over on the couch I can see a lusty French wench. I think that you should take her to bed and slake your lust on her.” At this comment, Chloé nodded her head vigorously. Oh thank you, Sara! James can take me upstairs and love me!


“Sara, that sounded very olde worlde. Are you sure that the ghost on Sunday didn’t do more to you than cause that scratch?” Chloé wondered for a moment about James’s comment. Ghost, what ghost?


“James, stop worrying and take Chloé upstairs. Oh and don’t forget to take our phones with you as I won’t be able to answer them down here.” James picked up Chloé and Sara’s cell phones and put them in his pockets. “By the way, don’t mind me as I think that I can do with a little rest.” He then re-inserted the ball-gag into Sara’s mouth and buckled it firmly.


James went to the couch and picked up Chloé in his arms. “You’re coming with me wench, and don’t try to resist.” The gleam in Chloé’s eyes suggested that resistance was the last think on her mind. As he took the captive French lady out of the room, Sara settled in her position and started to doze...



James carried Chloé up the stairs and into the master bedroom. This is an incredible moment, carried to the bed in your arms as a bound and gagged captive, James. I have Sara to thank for this, and I cannot wait for your loving. She was taken over to the bed, James carefully put her down, and moved her to the centre. He then went over to the side, picked up a sleep mask, returned to the bed, and then placed it over Chloé’s eyes so that she could no longer see.


Next, Chloé felt the rope that bound her wrists to her waist and pressed upon her crotch was untied. This was followed by the ropes that bound her at the mid-thigh, above and below the knees, and finally at the ankles. Then, her feet were pulled apart to the corners of the bed and she felt rope being wrapped around her right ankle, and then her left ankle was treated in the same manner. When she tried to move her feet together, she discovered that her legs had become immobile. James has spread-eagled my legs to the bed, so I have no doubt as to what will happen to me.


Chloé shivered with anticipation as James whispered in her right ear “I have you at my mercy, you luscious wench, and I am going to take complete advantage of your helpless body.” Her senses tingled as soft kisses landed on her ear and she moved her head to the left so that James would find it easier. After a few minutes, the kisses moved to her neck and right cheek and Chloé slowly moved her head back into the upright position. “What do we have here on your sweater? This seems to be interesting.” She felt James slowly unhook the small clasps on the right flap of her sweater and this was followed a moment later by the left flap. Then the flaps were lifted up and Chloé’s breasts tingled as they were completely exposed to the air and James.


“I see, you really are a bad wench then.” Chloé’s back arched as she felt the gentlest of touches on the mounds of her breasts, and the fire of lust inside her cup of joy instantly grew stronger. I am glad that you approve of my new outfit, as I was a little worried that you might think that it was too weird. As James continued to kiss Chloé on her cheeks and neck, he softly caressed the mounds with his fingers, arousing the captive French lady even more, causing her to moan slightly. Soon he was playfully biting her neck as he traced circles around the base of her nipples, increasing her levels of joy.


A moment later, Chloé felt an even stronger tingle as she realised that James held her erect nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, and she made little worried sounds, just in case he decided to pinch her. “Don’t worry, my well-tied wench, I’m not going to hurt you.” James said as he gently pulled and twisted her nipples, giving Chloé even more wonderful feelings.


She then sighed as she felt lips kiss the mounds of her breasts, and almost screamed as a hand slowly caressed her hill of sensation. Please caress me more James, I want you to bring me to the peak of my release. The caresses became faster and kisses were placed in rings around Chloé’s nipples, causing her to writhe on the bed. The fire of her need increased as the caresses included her cup of union, and she thrust her hips up so that she could obtain more pleasure.


“What do we have down here? It looks as if you were totally prepared for this morning.” She felt the two small clasps the connected the flap on her tights being unhooked, the flap was pulled over and she knew that her intimate cup of union was available to her lover.


“Are you ready for this, my love?” The word love sent shivers down Chloé’s spine as she nodded her head in consent of the act to come. You did not need to ask, my love, but it was very kind of you to do so. Please take me and make us as one. The girl gasped as his sword of pleasure was smoothly sheathed in her cup of union and she lost herself in the moment. Kisses landed on her nipples, and then his sword slowly and gently slid in and out of her cup, eliciting writhes and moans from the bound lady.


Soon, the speed and pressure of the thrusts increased and Chloé thrust her own hips in rhythm with James’s so she would receive more bliss from their union, which took her closer and closer to her fulfilment. Please, James my love, please bring me to my peak. She shouted out at each movement as the thrusts became even faster and more intense, and soon she knew that her release was imminent. Just a little more, my love, and I will overflow with the expression of our love.


James increased his thrusts and Chloé screamed through her gag as the eruption of pure pleasure poured throughout her body and she lay on the bed shivering and quaking under her lover. She didn’t even notice the explosion of her lover’s sword, but it fuelled her orgasm which lasted longer than before...


The next thing Chloé noticed was that James had removed her gag and he was gently kissing her on the lips. “I hope that I wasn’t too bad, Chloé.” He said, moving his kisses to her neck.


“Oh James my love, you were magnifique! It was the most wonderful experience ever. I hope that we can repeat this again, very soon.”


It was then that Chloé’s phone, which James had left on the bedside table, started to ring. “I’ll get your phone, Chloé.” She felt James get off the bed and heard a fumbling sound. “Apparently it’s from a woman called ‘Anne Duncombe’. It is one of your friends?”


“Oui James, and she is also important. Could you activate the call and put the cell phone to my ear please, my love.” James did as Chloé requested and she heard the dial tone stop.


“Bonjour, this is Chloé. How may I help you Anne?” Chloé asked.


“Good morning Chloé. I have some very good news. Miss Smith got the equipment and the personnel that she needed and they worked overnight on the project. Chloé, I have some very good news! They have already achieved two breakthroughs with their work. One, they have produced a pheromone detector which can go around the dial of a watch, and we have a fitted it onto a lady’s watch for Sara. Two, we have a prototype counter agent to the pheromone, and we would like to test it right now. Where are you and Sara?”


“Sara and I are at James’s house, and you should know someone who can give you that address.” Chloé answered.


“Okay, Angela just gave me the address, so Miss Smith and I can be there in five minutes.” Anne said.


“Could you please make it ten minutes Madame Duncombe, as Sara and I are tied up at the moment.” Chloé requested.


Anne laughed. “Okay Chloé, I know that you aren’t using that as a metaphor. I will give you ten minutes so that you can make yourselves presentable. I will see you in ten minutes then, Chloé. Goodbye for now.”


“Goodbye Anne. I will see you soon.” Chloé heard the call end.


“James, Sara and I need to be untied as quickly as possible as people from Gen-Dawn want to test a counter agent that can stop Sara’s pheromones, and they will be here in ten minutes.”


As James started to untie Chloé he said “This is excellent news, Sara will be very pleased to hear this.”



Downstairs though, Sara was sleeping fitfully as she dreamt of being in a place that she had never seen before and there were also words that troubled her...





Part 23


Soon, Chloé was free of the ropes and she removed her sleep mask before adjusting her sweater and tights to preserve her modesty. She then reached for her green dress and put it on, buttoning the shoulder straps at the front. “I do not think that there is any need for me to wear my boots, James, as I will not be going outside. If you wish to clear up the rope, I will unwrap Sara and get her into a presentable situation.” It took only a moment for Chloé to go downstairs and into the living room, where she found the bound and gagged Sara asleep on her side.


“MMMMM!” Exclaimed Sara as she was woken in the middle of her dream by a gentle shaking and struggled in her bonds for a moment before she remembered where she was. “I will remove you gag so that you can speak, Madame Sara. I have to get you untied quickly as we have visitors.” Chloé swiftly unbuckled and removed the ball-gag from Sara’s mouth.


“What is it, Chloé? I thought that we weren’t going to be disturbed this weekend?” Sara asked as Chloé began the process of removing the bondage tape.


“I have been contacted when I was upstairs, Sara.” Chloé noticed the worried look on Sara’s voice and added. “Do not worry, James had finished ‘ravishing’ me by that time so we were not disturbed. The research centre have created a portable sensor for you so that you can wear it, plus they have created a prototype counter agent for the pheromone, which means that you may be able to avoid ‘unwanted attention’.”


“That’s good news if it works, Chloé. This virus is far too dangerous if it ever got into the wrong hands, as it could make a dreadful weapon.” Sara has picked this up by herself, I wonder if she has worked the rest out. “I have my suspicions about why this virus was created, Chloé. I would even guess that the true motive may be sinister.” Were you awake when Anne and I were talking last night? If not you seem to have grasped just how dangerous the situation is.


“Sara, when I woke you, it seemed that I gave you a dreadful fright. What was it?” Asked Chloé.


“I was having a very unusual dream Chloé, and it was somewhere that I had never seen before, but somehow I knew that it was in England, and there was a male voice. Most of what it said is slipping away, but I do remember something about ‘Your family name will be redeemed today’. I supposed I shouldn’t have mentioned this family tale to James.” As Chloé looked puzzled, Sara quickly recounted the conversation between herself and James.


At that point Chloé had removed all of the tape from Sara, so the woman stood up and then stretched herself. “It’s probably just me giving myself bad dreams by mentioning my history. I shouldn’t believe in malevolent shades, that’s for children.”


I doubt that this phantom bore you any ill will, Sara. If this had not happened, we would not be aware of a dangerous plot and that intruder on Tuesday would have most probably ‘eliminated’ you because you had seen him. You brought James and myself back together because of this, so I would presume that this ‘Horatio’ is benign to certain people.


As they were clearing away items, Sara noticed that Chloé had left out a roll of microfoam tape, a sponge ball, and some ropes. “Are you sure that we should be leaving this out, Chloé?” She asked.


“Oui Sara, if they are to test the new chemical, then they need to have a control at first. This means that someone will have to experience the full effect of your charm, and it would be best if they were helpless.”


Just then, the doorbell rang and James came down to open it. “Please come in, ladies.” He said, after opening the door. Chloé recognised Agent Duncombe and Miss Smith, who was carrying two large black cases, whereas Sara only knew the latter.


Anne walked up to Sara. “Hello, my name is Anne Duncombe and I’m going to be the test subject in this experiment, and I am telling the truth when I say that I’m not looking forward to it. I... I was tied up yesterday and they managed to use something to recreate the scent. Believe me Sara, it’s not a good feeling when you lose control of your reasoning.” Chloé looked at Anne for a moment before she realised that the agent would have to make up some excuse for having been through this before. It would not be a good idea to let Sara know that you were at her apartment last night.


“Madame Duncombe, perhaps it would be a good idea if I restrain you, as you may feel more comfortable than if you were tied up by a man.” Chloé suggested. “I presume that Miss Smith has already informed you of my name.”


“Thank you, Chloé. Yes, I would prefer it if you bound me. Miss Smith would like the rest of you to go into the kitchen, so that she may brief you on what needs to be done.”


“Come with me please Sara, and is it James? I need to explain a few things to you and get dressed in a hazardous materials suit.” Miss Smith walked into the kitchen carrying the cases, with James and Sara following her. She opened the first case, which among other things, there were two aerosol cans and a ladies’ watch with a green rim, and a roll of white microfoam tape. One can was marked with a skull and the other was plain metal.


The scientist opened the second case and started to dress in the special suit. “The aerosol with the plain metal case carries the counter agent that we hope will prove to be successful, and the one with the skull carries another chemical, which we hope will activate your pheromone production, Sara. The watch is a portable version of the clock, which will show your status, so could you please put it on.”


Sara removed her own watch and replaced it with the one from the case. “It fits quite well.” She said, looking at the face. “The green colour is a little obvious though. I guess that in the future it will be more subtle.”


Miss Smith was still dressing, and making sure that the seals were attached. “We have been moving quickly, but when we have the time you will get a far better watch. Now listen, when I have finished putting this suit on, we are to go into the living room. I will need to use the activation spray on you, Sara, and I will monitor Anne’s blood pressure and heart rate on my tablet which is wirelessly linked to a monitor that Anne already has in place. To be honest though, her visual reactions will be a much better clue. After that, we will spray the counter agent on you, and see the change in our test subject.”


Miss Smith was putting on the head cover of the suit at this point. “Two more things, One, we have discovered that if the test subject is helpless and you are not, the reaction will be different, so you will have to be bound for the test. Two we need an area of the body to spray, so, if you could please remove your jacket and blouse?”


Sara took off her jacket and then removed her pink blouse, folding them neatly and putting them on the table. By this time, Miss Smith had finished with the hazard suit and she was double-checking the seals. “I have no intention of experiencing your effect Sara, so I am just making sure that this suit is safe.” She closed the case with the sprays and the tape and then picked it up.  “Follow me into the living room, please. Hopefully our test subject will be in no position to molest you, Sara.”


Sara and James followed Miss Smith back into the living room...


Meanwhile, Chloé had picked up her items and was advancing towards Anne, who was sitting on the couch with her wrists together, palm to palm. “I presume that you will want me like this as it will be easier for you, Chloé?”


The French Girl took a length of rope, wrapped it around the agent’s wrists, looped it several times between her wrists and then pulled the rope snugly and firmly before tying the ends off out of reach of any fingers. “Is that comfortable Madame Duncombe?”


“Yes, Chloé, thanks. I know what is waiting for me, and I am more than a little apprehensive, given what happened to me last time, and I wasn’t even in the same room as Sara.” Anne said as her elbows were pulled together behind her back. “I do know what to expect though, and it is better than have another person go through this.” Rope was looped around her elbows before it was cinched, pulled tight and then tied securely.


Chloé took a long length of rope and bound Anne’s arms to her chest, above and below her breasts. “Could you please stand up, Agent Duncombe, so that I may secure your wrists to your body.” Anne did so, and Chloé took another piece of rope which she wrapped and tied around Agent Duncombe’s wrists and hips, ensuring that the woman’s arms were immobilised. “Now, if you could walk over to the other end of the room and kneel please.” Chloé requested as she picked up two more pieces of rope, the sponge ball and the microfoam tape. Anne walked over to the opposite side, turned around, and then knelt on the floor. Chloé took one of the lengths of rope, wrapped it around Anne’s right ankle and thigh, cinched it, and then knotted it tightly. She repeated this with Anne’s left leg, which left the woman in a secure frogtie.


“Anne, I would like to suggest that we try an experiment after the spray is tested.” Chloé requested.


“If you tell me what you have planned, I can decide whether or not it is safe, Chloé.”


 “I will give you a number before Sara comes in. When she is freed, I will whisper in her ear that she has to obtain a number from you. Your objective will be to withhold the number or lie, it will be that simple.” Chloé explained.


“There should be no problem in resisting Sara, as I am trained in such techniques should the need ever arise. You should gag me now, and then give me the number.” Anne replied.


“Open wide, Madame Anne.” Agent Duncombe opened her mouth wide, Chloé inserted the sponge ball, the mouth was closed, and then a strip of tape was torn off the roll and used to seal the Agent’s mouth.


“Now, Madame Duncombe, here is the number. 3.1415926535” Chloé whispered.


Just after, Miss Smith, Sara and James entered the living room. “I have finished restraining the test subject, so you we can start at any time.” Chloé explained.


Miss Smith went over and check Anne’s bonds. “You have done a very good job in ensuring that Anne cannot move. Sara, could you please sit on the couch and put your hands behind your back.” Sara did so as Miss Smith took out the roll of tape. “James, could you please use the tape to make Sara helpless.” James took the tape from the scientist and sat down beside Sara on her left. He deftly used to tape to bind Sara’s wrists together, before pulling her elbows together and binding them firmly. Then he got off the couch and knelt in front of Sara, pulled her feet together, and then bound her legs at the ankle and just below the knee.


“Place your lips together please, Sara.” James said as he tore off a length of tape of the roll. Sara tightly shut her mouth and the tape then sealed her lips together. And here I am, tightly bound in tape again. If I had known what was going to happen, I would have suggested that they should just leave me bound and gagged on the floor. Now to see what happens next.


Miss Smith took a tablet out of the case and handed it to James. “There is a heart monitor program running, so that we can see when Anne is affected.” She then took out the two aerosol canisters. “I am going to spray Sara with the catalyst, and wait until Anne’s heart rate changes, and then I will administer the counter agent.” The plain spray can was put on the coffee table and Miss Smith prepared to spray Sara.


You haven’t told me what is in that can, but maybe it would be better not to know. “Don’t worry Sara, it’s part of a chemical compound that is released by male black widows as part of the courting ritual, so it’s quite safe. Don’t worry about being activated by real spiders, you would need considerably more than a field full of spiders to be successful.” At that, Sara breathed a sigh of relief. For a moment there, I thought that I would need to be worried about avoiding real spiders like the plague. At least the chemical is safe. The can was held about six inches from Sara’s body, and the chemical was sprayed onto her. It actually smells very pleasant, and it’s making me feel a little hungry, so maybe I’m getting ready to eat someone.


James looked at the watch on Sara’s hand which was below the tape, and the edge turned red. He turned to the others and said “Sara is creating her scent, so we should see a reaction from Anne, soon.”


After a few minutes had passed, Anne started to struggle furiously against her bonds, and started to yell through her gag. Chloé looked at Anne and said “It would seem that Madame Duncombe is under Sara’s influence, so I think that the counter agent can be used.” Miss Smith looked at James who then showed her the heart rate and blood pressure monitor on the tablet which indicated that Anne was clearly affected. She picked up the plain canister and sprayed Sara with it.


Sara shuffled to her right so that her watch could clearly be seen by the others, and a minute or so later the edge of the watch changed back to green. Anne’s behaviour was still unchanged though, which puzzled Miss Smith. “Why isn’t Anne reacting to the counter agent? It should have affected her by now.”


Chloé thought for a second. Spraying it on Sara will prevent her from producing any more pheromones, but there are still some in the air. I think that we need to spray the room to be sure of clearing any trace of chemical. “Miss Smith, there are still airborne pheromones in the room, and they may need to have the counter agent sprayed on them as well.” Miss Smith then took the aerosol can and sprayed the contents around the room. She then went to Anne, almost doused the struggling woman in the chemical, and about half a minute later, she became quiescent.


“Her heart rate and blood pressure are dropping, Miss Smith, so I think that Anne is back to normal.” James said, looking at the monitor. Miss Smith then took her face coverings off her suit and breathed in deeply.


“Yes, it seems to be clear. I’ll need to remove this suit, get it packed up and then take a sample of blood from Sara.” Miss Smith then took the tablet from James, picked up the skull-marked canister off the table, put them into the case, and then left the room.


“Chloé thought for a moment. “James, could you please leave the room? I have an experiment to perform between Ag- Anne and Sara, and I think that it would be better if it was done privately.”


“Sure, Chloé, I’ll leave you three to it.” Said James and he left the room, closing the door behind him. Chloé went over to one of the bags and took the emergency safety scissors out before walking over to Sara.


As she began to cut away the tape, Chloé whispered to Sara “Anne has a number in her head that I gave to her and you are to try and make her give that information to you. The best way to do this is to threaten to eat her alive as she is helpless.” Chloé then removed Sara’s gag.


“I’ll do as you wish, Chloé, but I don’t think that it will work. Is this another of these ‘Pink Widow’ things that you mentioned?” Sara replied as the last of the tape was removed.


“Oui, Sara. Just try it, there is no problem if it does not work.” Chloé urged.


Sara stood up and slowly walked over to Anne. “You look so delicious kneeling on the floor, all trussed up and helpless, and I am feeling very hungry at the moment.” Anne was visible pale and she was already trembling. “I shall enjoy impaling you with my fangs and sucking the liquids out of your living body.” Anna was struggling furiously, but stopped as Sara knelt in front of her. “But, my sweet little morsel, even though I would love to devour you, there is something else that I desire even more. Give me the number that Chloé told you and you may live for a while longer.”


Sara removed the tape from Anne’s mouth and then took out the sponge ball. Immediately, Anne said “3.1415926535” giving Sara the answer.


“That is correct, Sara. Now, I think it would be best if you left the room, as Anne will need to compose herself. I will untie Anne, and you can provide a blood sample for Miss Smith.” Sara left the room, and Chloé started to untie Agent Duncombe.


“I would say that the test was very effective, Agent Duncombe.” Chloé said as the frogtie ropes were removed.


“That would be an understatement, Chloé. I felt like I was a fly trapped on a web and Sara was the spider, just like the scene from the fifties movie ‘The Fly’. Do you know that movie?”


“I know of the film. The author of the original story was born in Paris, and he was awarded the Croix de guerre for his services during the Second World War, but I have seen that part of the movie.” Chloé had removed the remainder of the ropes by this time, and Anne stretched her arms and legs. “I suspect that Sara could be very useful in the right circumstances.”


“I think that we must keep this information confidential for the time being, Chloé. Hopefully, when we get the perpetrator of this virus, we may be able to cure her and make good use of the effects as well.” Anyway, I think that we must go, as there is still some work to be done. We’ll leave to counter agent spray here, just in case it is needed. Thank you again for your help, Chloé.”


Miss Smith had finished taking a sample of Sara’s blood for analysis, and was preparing to leave. “I will check your DNA to make sure that there haven’t been any side effects, Sara.”


James opened the door and let the two ladies out. Chloé went with them to the car and noticed a large black van parked next door. I haven’t seen that vehicle around here before. When she went inside the house, James closed the door behind her. “I think that we should unwind with a hot drink before starting the next session.” Then he went into the kitchen and made three cups of coffee which he brought into the living room on a white tray.


As soon as he had put the tray down though, there was a frantic knocking on the back door!


“Who is that?” Sara asked.


“I don’t know.” James answered “But whoever it is does seem to need to get in.”


“Maybe it’s to do with the large black van that is parked outside next door.” Chloé commented.


“A black van? Were there any number plates?” Sara asked.


“No Sara, now that I recall, there were no number plates either.”


“It can’t be! James, you open the door and let the person in. I need to put my jacket on and I hope that I’m wrong.” James, however was already moving towards the door from the moment that Sara spoke, and he was being followed by Chloé, while Sara rushed into the kitchen and put her jacket back on before following the others.


James opened the door to show  a terrified ten year old girl with brown hair and brown eyes in a blue sun dress, and she looked as if she was about to burst into tears. “Quick, come into the living room.” Chloé said, taking hold of the girl’s hand and leading her to the room.


As soon as they were in the living room, James said “This is Sandra Holt from next door. What’s wrong, Sandra?” James asked.


“Two men went into the house. They took mummy and a visiting woman into the living room and they wrapped them up in tape. I was in the garden, and I saw them through the living room windows. Please help me, I don’t know what to do.” At this point the child started to cry.


A dreadful look crossed Sara’s face. “Sandra, did you see what clothes the men are wearing?” She asked the girl.


“They have leather trousers and jackets, and it looks like they have a red spider on the back of the jacket. The spider is weird though, because it has a tail, and spiders don’t have tails.”


“Shit!” Sara swore. “The Red Scorpions! They had stopped three years ago!”


“Who are the ‘Red Scorpions’?” Chloé asked.


“They were- are a pair of rapists that used to torture their victims as well. It was thought that they had been killed by someone, possibly other thugs, when they stopped three years ago, but it would be more likely that they have been imprisoned for another offence.” Sara explained.


James looked at Sara. “Then it’s easy, we just call the police and let them deal with it.”


Sara looked horrified at this comment. “If you want to kill them, go ahead. When the police were called before, the criminals had disappeared and they found the victims dead, with their mouths and noses taped up. There was a rumour that they were being informed by someone with access to the emergency call system.”


“I can call someone who can keep this quiet and she is trained in armed and unarmed combat, Sara.” Chloé mentioned.


“How long will it take her to get here though? That is the important question.” Sara asked.


“I would guess it would be at least ten minutes.” Chloé answered.


“That is too long, Chloé. They will probably start to ‘play’ with their captives before then. It seems that I have no other choice.” Sara walked out of the living room, went to the kitchen, took a towel and put it under the tap. She turned the faucet and cold water soaked the towel.


“What are you doing?” Chloé asked after she followed Sara. “You cannot be thinking of wiping the counter agent off?”


Sara removed her jacket and wiped her body with the towel in an attempt to remove the chemical, and she looked at her watch. After a few seconds, the watch turned red and Sara breathed a sigh of relief. “Chloé, I never thought that I would be happy for me to be ‘charming’, but I can actually out this to good use. Now, I need you to come back with me to the living room.” Sara put her jacket back on and strode back into the living room.


“James, this is the plan, and I want you to listen. In a minute, I am going over to next door, and wait outside for a moment to build up a cloud of pheromones. Then I will go inside. Chloé, you are to call your friend and comfort Sandra while I perform my ‘distraction’ on the thugs. James, after they are occupied, you are to take two large towels and rescue the two ladies. Don’t care about them complaining about how immodest their situation is. After you rescue them, bring the counter agent and a large towel for me. I think that I’m going to need it.”


“This is nonsense, Sara!” Chloé exclaimed. “It is one thing to talk about this over breakfast, but it is another to actually do it. They could kill you!”


“If I do nothing, the women next door will go through hell, and if they are lucky, they will survive. I really have no other choice in the matter.” Sara walked to the front door and opened it. “Wish me luck, Chloé, because I’m going to do this.”


“Good luck Sara, I hope that your plan is successful.” Chloé said with a look of worry on her face.


The woman then looked at Sandra. “Don’t worry kid, we are going to rescue your mummy and her friend.” With that she headed out of the door…



“I need to call someone, James. I think that you need to go to the bathroom and get some towels ready for the women, and don’t forget the counter agent, I don’t think this person that I will call will appreciate getting distracted by Sara.”


As James went upstairs, Chloé took Sandra into the living room, picked up her cell phone, looked through the incoming calls and selected reply to the most recent one.


“Anne Duncombe here. What is it, Chloé?” Anne asked.


“How quickly can you get back here, Anne? We have an emergency and we need you here as soon as possible!” Chloé exclaimed.


“What’s happened Chloé?” Anne asked with concern in her voice.


Chloé quickly explained the events to Anne, and she also recounted the breakfast talk that she had with Sara. “She’s going to get herself killed!” Anne exclaimed “I am at my car, and I will get to your house as quickly as I can. Please don’t put yourself or the child in danger as well. Goodbye for now.” Chloé put her phone down as the call ended.


“Is the lady going to get hurt by the bad men, along with my mummy and her friend?” Sandra asked.


“No, Sandra, Sara has a unique ability and the men will no longer be interested in doing anything to your mother or her friend, and soon one of them will be running from the house screaming.”


“Is she like a superhero then?”


“In a way, yes. She is ‘The Pink Widow’, and she will protect your mother and the other woman from the bad men.” I hope.


James came downstairs with the towels, went into the living room and he picked up the counter agent. “I have to go over to next door, and hopefully, Sara has them occupied.” James headed for the open door…



As Sara walked along the pavement to next door, her thoughts were in a turmoil.


What the hell am I thinking, I could get myself killed doing this. If I turn back though, I will be condemning Sandra’s mother to a horrible fate. Anyway, what am I going to say to them when I open the door, or does it matter once they are affected by me? For all the good it will do, I might as well say ‘I’m selling these fine leather jackets’ and the result will be just the same. The best thing to do will be to say that ‘May I come in? My car broke down, my cell battery is flat, and can I use your telephone?’


A moment later, Sara found herself standing outside the neighbour’s front door. She took a deep breath, waited a few seconds, put on her most vacuous look, and then knocked on the door. I hope that I will be able to influence them by just standing here. The door opened, and she stared at the Caucasian man with dyed red hair, brown eyes and unpleasant features, wearing a black leather jacket, trousers and trainers.


“What do you want?” He said in a growl.


“Hi.” Sara answered “May I come in? My car has broken down, and I forget to recharge my cell-phone. I would like to use your telephone to call for help if that’s okay.”


“Yes.” He said, pulling the door open “Come on in, there’s a telephone in the living room.”


“Thank you.” Sara said as she walked into the hall, noticing that the door to the living room was closed. “May I go in?” She asked.


“Sure, make yourself at home.” The red headed thug said. Sara opened the door to the living room, and she was shocked by what she saw! There were two brown haired women lying on the floor in a dreadful state, as they were nude, and bound and gagged with tape. Their arms were taped from their wrists to their elbows, and their legs were wrapped from their ankles to their knees. Each woman’s arms were taped to the body, below the breasts and around the waist. One woman was whimpering, while the other struggled for dear life as a kneeling Caucasian black haired man pinched her nose with his thumb and forefinger, preventing her from breathing.


As Sara entered the room though, the man rose. “Is this another toy to play with?” He asked the other as he walked over to Sara, who just stood still in surprise. I think that it would be best to remain compliant, as it will be easier on me. She offered no resistance as her jacket was unbuttoned and removed by the black haired man, and the other man pulled her arms together behind her back. Then the all too-familiar sound of tape was heard and Sara felt the stickiness of the material as her arms were bound from her wrists to her elbows.


The man in front of her undid her skirt, which then fell to the floor, and pulled her panties down to her ankles before taking another roll of tape and wrapping her legs from her ankles to her knees.


The lady wasn’t even shocked as the feeling of desire grew within her body. At least I’m protected by my condition, so to speak. I just need to see if these two monsters are affected. She heard another tearing behind her, and as her lips were sealed by the man behind her, he said “As you are secured, and are no longer able to be harmful to me, I will pleasure you and mate with you.” YES! It does work! Sara felt relieved, and she even smiled through her gag which shocked the two other captive ladies into silence.


“No! I want to mate with her, it’s better if I do it than you!” Exclaimed the black haired man as he heard the comment.


“You can play with the two ladies down here while I mate with this incredible woman.” The other man said.


“I’ll mate with her after you do. Okay?” That way we’ll both pleasure her.” Black commented.


“You can come with me and watch. Then, when I’m finished, you can have your turn.” Red decided.


“We must get her upstairs then. I don’t want to mate with her in front of the secured prey.” Black commented. Red picked Sara up, slung her over his shoulder and left the living room with Black following behind. The lady noticed as she was being carried upstairs that the front door was still ajar. You are so distracted by me that you couldn’t even remember to close the door properly, which will make it easier for James. It seems that any thoughts of security disappear as well. I noticed that you referred to the other captives as prey and you do not want to mate in front of them. Moments later, Sara was carried into the plain bedroom, were she was placed gently with her body face down on the bed, and her legs over the right side with her knees nearly touching the floor.


Black laid himself over her body and whispered into her ear. “I will pleasure you and mate with you, my sweet creature.” Her arousal grew as he kissed her on the neck and back, and his hands went under her body, which provided gently caresses to her breasts. I think that this is made sweeter for me as I know what will happen to you when you finish ‘mating’ with me. The captive noticed a movement in the corner on her eye, and she turned her head left to see that Black had picked up what seemed to be some kind of large, green, spherical paperweight. OMG! You can’t be planning to do that! Sara shut her eyes tight and tried to steel herself for what was going to happen next.


There was a thud which was accompanied by a crunching sound, and she felt the man’s body slide to the floor. OMG! Have you killed him? Wait, what am I thinking? Both of them are wanted for rape and murder, so maybe it’s a blessing if he has killed his friend.


Red positioned himself on top of the helpless lady. “Now I will pleasure you and mate with you.” Sara sighed as she was again kissed and her body was gently caressed...



“James, wait! I am going with you.” James halted at Chloé’s comment. “If those women are helpless, maybe it would be better if I wrapped them up in the towels, and then you can carry them to this house. Sandra, you stay here and shut the front door. If you do not hear me or James, pretend that you are not in. Do you understand?” The girl nodded, although she still looked fearful. “James, give me two towels, and I will go in and wrap the ladies up. They will probably react better to me as I am a female.”


“I understand Chloé.” James said as he handed two towels to his lover. “After their ordeal, if you go in first they may stay quiet and it will be easier for me to carry them out of the house.”


“Follow me then, but stay outside the front door until I leave the house.” Chloé walked out of the front door with James and she heard the door close behind them. I hope that you have the criminals occupied, Sara, or we could all be in severe trouble. She then virtually ran to the neighbour’s front door and noticed that it was open. This must mean that they have been affected by you, so at least this part is successful. Chloé whispered “Wait here.” as she pushed the door further open and entered the building. She heard a thud and a crunch from upstairs, and she went into the living room where she saw the two helpless women who seemed to be wide eyed with shock at Chloé walking into the room.


The French lady put a finger to her lips, and knelt down between the two captives. “I’m here along with a man outside to rescue you. The lady upstairs has a... ‘unique’ ability which has the others occupied.” At this, the ladies looked relieved and offered no resistance as Chloé quickly wrapped the towels around them so that their modesty could be preserved when they left the house. After this was done, Chloé said “A male friend of mine will take you to his house next door. After that, we will help free you from your bonds and call the police. Just be brave for a moment longer.”


She quickly went to the front door where James was waiting and whispered “They are ready to be moved. You take the one that is Sandra’s mother first, and I will stay with the other to keep her calm until you return.” She went back into the living room with James behind her, and he picked up the older of the two women. “Don’t worry, Madame, as soon as Sandra’s mother is safe, James will return to help you. I will be with you, so do not panic.” The other woman looked relieved as Chloé held and comforted her.


A few minutes later James returned and he picked up the second woman. She looked as if she was going to burst into tears from the rescue, as James carried her outside. Chloé listened to the sounds from the bedroom which meant that Sara was soon going to reach her peak and she knew that the thug was going to receive a terrible surprise. That is nothing less than you deserve for what you and your friend have done to these and other ladies.


She watched James as he carried the second captive into the house and a sense of relief washed over her as Agent Duncombe’s car turned the corner. You must have broken every speed limit in getting here. Anne stopped the car and got out, and Chloé noticed that her badge was attached to the top of her slacks and she was wearing a side holster on her left, from which she drew a 9mm Glock 23 firearm.


“What is the present situation Chloé?” Ann asked as she stood by her car.


“The two women are in James’s house along with Sandra. Sara is upstairs with one of the criminals, and I presume that the other one is incapacitated. I would suggest that you stay well away from the door Agent Duncombe, as the house will have Sara’s scent all over it by now.”


By this time, James had left the house and made his way over to the two ladies. “Would it be fair to say that the thug will leave the house in a blind panic?” He asked.


“Oui James, he will be completely oblivious to his surroundings. This means that he will run straight down the path, ignoring everything around him.” Chloé answered. “So we can wait until he is finished.”


“How will we know when he is finished?” Anne asked.


“We wait for the scream.” Chloé answered. “I just hope that Sara is okay up there...”


Sara writhed a little as her remaining captor slid his hands under her body and released the clasp at the front of her bra. Then the two cups were pulled apart, allowing full access to her breasts whose nipples were already erect. I know that you are a monster, but I mustn’t let that distract me from the fact that I have to keep you occupied. She moaned softly as the thug gently caressed the mounds of her breasts and kissed her shoulders, providing her with pleasure. This is so enjoyable. I know that I shouldn’t like it, but this effect causes me to lose myself in the moment.


The fingers moved to trace circles around her areola, and the captive felt the heat of her mound growing, and then there were slight pulls and twists of her nipples which increased her lust still further. She listened to the sounds downstairs and it seemed as if the women had been rescued. You must have heard those sounds, but as your attention is on me, you must have just ignored them. I think that it would be a good time to encourage you to take me.


Than Sara gasped slightly as his right hand moved down and gave the softest of caresses to her mound, while the left still teased and glided over her breasts. This is so good, right now I don’t care who you are. The captive pressed her body onto the bed as the caresses grew stronger in an attempt to gain the most feeling from them. The movement of his hand over her mound was stronger and faster, and she writhed more and more as she was taken closer to her peak.


It was then that she moaned a little in protest as he withdrew his right hand from her. Please, you’re not going to stop doing this! Not when you’re taken me so far! I don’t believe what I’m thinking, I want a person like you to continue? A sigh of relief was emitted from her as his right hand gently smoothed over the petals of her flower, and she felt her muscles in the area twitch involuntarily. Her desire grew again as the tips of his fingers traced along the peaks and troughs of her petals and fed her flame.


As each caress happened, Sara pushed her hips back so as to obtain the maximum experience from the moment. It’s sad that you have to be the way you are, but I must hold onto the fact that it’s the pheromones that are making you so gentle. Her mind was taken off everything else for a moment as his fingers pushed deep into her flower and brushed against its ‘stem’, causing her to moan loudly. The caresses for the next few minutes were concentrated in that area, pushing Sara to distraction as she writhed uncontrollably.


Just as Sara was right on the edge and about to receive her release, the man pulled his hands back, and the caresses stopped. She protested and struggled wildly against her bonds as she felt the frustration of denial. You can’t leave me like this after all that you’ve done! I am so close and I need this! This really is crazy, I’m asking you to make me orgasm, and you are a monster.


The captive then started to rhythmically press her hips against the man who was leaning over her, hoping that he would understand. You must understand that I actually do want you, right now.


A moment later she felt him pull back from her, and then heard the familiar noise of a zip being pulled down. “So, you actually want me to take and pleasure you then.” He said as she heard a rustling sound being made behind her. Yes! That’s the insane thing about this! Right now I want you to take me and bring me to orgasm! She nodded, and then gasped as his sword sheathed itself inside her intimacy.


The thrusts were very slow and gentle at first, and she withed softly as the feeling started to grow, her flower. Then she squirmed and cried out his shaft slid in and out of her, faster and harder, and she started to press herself rhythmically against him when her thrust into her. Please, faster, harder! Sara begged as much as she could, but her voice was muffled by the tape over her mouth, then she gasped as both of his hands touched and caressed her breasts.


After a few more minutes, the helpless captive knew that she was on the very edge of her lust’s need. Yes, YES YESSSSS-! The joy of the moment overwhelmed her senses and she was only aware of the bliss that coursed through her body...



As she shook off the reverie that followed her orgasm, she turned her head and looked at the man who also seemed to be coming back to reality. He looked at her and it seemed as if the blood drained from his face as it took on a look of sheer terror. “A monster!” He said, just before he let out a scream and ran out of the room. I wish I could be sympathetic, but after what you and your unconscious friend have done to women, it’s no more than you deserve. I have to wait with mister sleepy here until James comes up and rescue me. However, it does feel a little draughty lying like this.  Sara squirmed herself into as best a position as she could and waited for her freedom...



“I think it would be better if you and James restrain the criminal and I go into the house and free Sara. She may appreciate being freed sooner, rather than later.” Chloé said as they waited, and she noticed that James had left the spray and the towel to the right side of the front door.


“Wait until the perpetrator is outside and subdued before you go in, Chloé. Let’s take it one step at a time.” Anne said as she placed herself into a firing position by the car. “If the theory is correct, he should be completely unaware of anything else, due to his need to run, but I am not going to take any chances on him escaping. James, if you think you can knock him to the ground then do so, but take no unnecessary risks.” Chloé moved to the side as James went to the right side of the path, as close to the house as possible without noticing the glamorous scent and tensed himself.


The three people outside were startled by the sudden noise that came from the upstairs bedroom.  “I think that the scream is our cue to get ready, Agent Duncombe.” Chloé said. A moment later, the front door flew open as the criminal rushed headlong out of the house. James reacted swiftly and ran into the thug, knocking him down to the ground and winding him. Anne quickly holstered her firearm, ran over to where James pinned the criminal down, and took out a pair of handcuffs.


“Go, Chloé.” Anne said as she brought the felon’s hands behind his back. The French lady picked up the towel and the spray, and went into the house. If I remember correctly, your discarded clothing is down in the living room. Sure enough, Sara’s skirt, panties and jacket were still on the floor in the living room, and Chloé noticed a pair of scissors on a table, which she picked up along with the clothing. That will come in useful in freeing you. She rushed up the stairs and quickly found Sara lying down on the bed in the master bedroom, with her knees over the side of the bed.


“Mon Dieu!” Exclaimed Chloé as she saw the body of the criminal on the floor. She instantly went over and placed two fingers on the man’s carotid artery. “He is alive Sara, but his pulse is weak. We need to get an ambulance for him as soon as the other man is questioned.” The girl went over to Sara and removed the tape from her mouth.


“I know that this is a stupid question Sara, but how do you feel?” Chloé said as she started to cut through the tape that bound Sara’s legs together.


“I feel okay which is very unusual, given the circumstances. I was expecting James to come up here, but you must have changed the plans.” Sara answered.


“Oui, Madame. James is with Anne, and they are currently restraining the other felon.” Chloé finished cutting through the leg tape and was applying the scissors to the arm bindings. “I picked up all of your clothes, so you will not need the towel.” A few snips later and Sara’s arms were free.


“I think that removing the tape can wait, Chloé. I just need to get dressed.” Chloé handed Sara the clothes from downstairs, and the woman quickly re-dressed herself, with only her jacket needing to be worn. “Could you pass me the spray please. I wouldn’t want to cause any trouble for your friend.”


“Oui Madame Sara.” The girl handed Sara the canister and she liberally covered herself with counter agent, so that the effect would be speeded up. She lifted up her watch so that she could view the dial, and a few moments later, it changed from red to green. “Madame Sara, I think that we should go and ‘talk’ to the prisoner as you will be able to loosen his lips very easily.” Chloé said as Sara put her jacket on.


The two ladies went downstairs, left the house, and walked over to where James and Anne were holding the prisoner. Sara noticed the firearm and badge that Anne was carrying and said “I guessed that there was something unusual about you, Agent-.”


“I am Agent Anne Duncombe, Sara. I’m sorry for keeping information from you, but I will explain everything later. Right now, this creep is being very uncooperative. Could you weave your magic on him?”


At this point the thug had smelt Sara and let out a loud scream. “Don’t let this monster eat me! Please, I don’t want to be devoured!”


Anne looked down contemptuously down at the criminal. “The only monsters here are you and your friend upstairs. He’s all yours, Sara.”


Sara knelt down beside the criminal and she noticed that his ankles were bound with cable ties, and there was another cable tie connecting his wrists to his ankles. Putting on a malevolent smile, she gently stroked his cheeks with her hands. At this point he screamed again. “You look so delicious and tasty, wrapped up like that. I would love to eat you-,” the man screamed again “but I am willing to forego that if you answer my friend’s questions.”


“Yes! Yes! I’ll tell her whatever she wants to know! Just don’t eat me!”


“Thank you, Sara. Now tell me, how did you manage to know of previous calls to the police?” Anne asked.


“There is an officer called Earl Glass who works in the emergency call centre call centre. Every time that a call went through, he would send me a message on his phone, and we would know that the police are on their way.”


“Thank you. I’ll just call the local chief of police, and inform him of the fact.” Anne took out her cell phone and started to dial. “Hello, is that Craig Frank? I’m Agent Duncombe, the person who has been assigned to watch over Sara Smite.  I need to inform you that an officer by the name of Earl Glass is working with the Red Scorpions. Yes, there has been another incident, but both of them are incapacitated. I will explain everything later, but what you need to do is get officers ready to arrest him after he texts a message to the Scorpions. Okay, I’ll be ready to make the 911 call after you call me back.” Anne ended the call and turned back to the others. “He will call me back when his officers are in position, it should take no more than a few minutes.”


Sara stood up and looked down at the criminal. “Was it Earl Glass who arranged for your biometric records to be changed so that you actions for these crimes wouldn’t be revealed?”


“Yes, we were arrested for a minor robbery, and Earl managed to have the information altered, otherwise we would have been discovered. This is our first piece of fun after being released.”


Sara was getting more than a little angry at this moment. “So, what were you planning to do with your fun?” She asked.


“We were going to do the usual, rape and torture, but the end was going to be different. This time, we were going to tape the two ladies together so that they faced each other, and then their noses would be sealed. The last thing that they would ever see was their friend suffocating to death.”


Sara heard a roaring sound in her ears as she bent over, grabbed the front of the thug’s jacket, and then straightened herself up, lifting him into the air.


“Merde! Madam Sara, what are you doing!” Chloé exclaimed in shock as the others looked on dumbfounded.


“You bastard! I’m going to kill you!” Sara shouted and the criminal screamed. Then she threw the thug away from her and he screamed again as he impacted with the ground.


As the woman took a step toward the man, Anne jumped in front of her. “Sara, control yourself!  He’s not worth it!” Anne suddenly reached out in a restraining move on Sara’s right arm, but it was moved out of the way before Anne could achieve her aim. A moment later, Anne barely managed to parry the jab from Sara’s left hand as it aimed for her right shoulder.


Chloé and James looked on shocked for the next 10 seconds, as Anne was barely able to hold her own against Sara’s attack. I must try and stop Sara! I know that Anne is very well trained, but it seems that she will lose. “Madame Sara, stop it, you’ll hurt Anne!” She shouted as she ran up to the two combatants.


Sara halted her blow and shook her head as if to clear her head. “OMG! Chloé, Anne, I’m so sorry! I just lost it when that thing spoke.”


“That’s okay Sara, we all lose control occasionally.” Anne replied, still looking a little shocked. “I must say that I’m impressed with your martial arts training, and your responses are as fast as the best I’ve ever seen.”


“Agent Duncombe, I have never lost control in my life, and I have never done anything more violent than yoga.”


“Are you sure about that? I was using Wing Chun and you made me look clumsy.”


“I’m telling you the truth, I have had no training. It was just that you seemed to move so slow that it was easy to evade you.”


“Madame Sara, I must check something quickly. Please do not stop me.” Chloé said as she placed two fingers on Sara’s artery in her neck. After a moment, she looked frightened and said “You must lie on the floor immediately and slow your heart down. It is running dangerously fast!” Sara lay down on the ground, closed her eyes and started to count.


Chloé knelt down and continued to monitor Sara’s heart rate for a minute and then there was a look of relief on her face. “You can get up, Sara, your heart rate is back to normal.”


“Am I turning into some kind of monster?” Sara asked as she stood up.


“I do not think so, Sara. I would guess that you lost your temper because of a heightened emotional state after mating. That, coupled with the adrenaline may have increased your strength and reactions to their maximum potential. Your body would need to be supplied with energy and oxygen though, and that would push your heart to its limit. This may be due to the alterations in your DNA, as spiders will sometimes save energy and release it quickly when pouncing on prey.”


“So, if I do something like this again, it could be dangerous for me.” Sara commented.


“Not to mention potentially fatal for the person you are facing.” Anne said. “Your attacks were very precise as they were aimed at nerve points, and had I even failed to block one move of yours, I would have collapsed in agony. Then, you could have easily delivered a killing blow.”


“I would say that it’s an emergency only use then, Agent Duncombe, and then only for a short time.” Sara commented


Then Anne’s phone rang, and she raised it to her ear. “Hello, Agent Duncombe here. Hello, Chief Frank. Yes I will make the call now. Let me know when he is apprehended.” Anne ended the call. “The Chief has his men in position and I will now make the call.” She dialled 911 into the phone and again placed it to her ear. “This is an emergency, there are intruders next door, 14 Lincoln Avenue. There are two men with scorpions on their jacket, and they seem to have two women captive. We need officers sent around immediately. My name is Anne Duncombe. Please hurry, I think that the women are in grave danger.” The woman hung up the phone, so that she could receive the call from the chief.


A few seconds later, there was a beeping sound that emanated from the thug’s jacket. “That must be the message from Mr Glass. All we have to do is wait for the phone call from the police.”


They waited for Anne’s phone to ring again, which only took a minute. “Hello, Agent Duncombe here. Oh, that’s good news Chief Frank. It means that we have hopefully rounded the entire group up. We also need an ambulance here, as one of the perpetrators is suffering from a severe head wound and the ladies they had restrained will need medical attention as well. I will also require your presence, as certain matters will need to be explained in confidence because they will end up classified. Okay, I will talk to you when you get here. Goodbye for now.” Anne put her phone away, and turned to the thug on the floor. “Please understand that it would not be a good idea to tell anyone about what happened out here, as Sara may still be hungry.”


The man on the floor nodded his head. “Good.” Anne said “Now we have to wait for the police to arrive.”


A few minutes later, they heard the sound of sirens in the distance…


As the two police cars rounded the corner and drew up before the house, Anne removed the badge from her belt and held it up in her right hand. The four officers stepped out of the vehicles and walked up to Anne, with the oldest one saying “Good morning. You must be Agent Duncombe, and the person on the floor must be one of the ‘Red Scorpions’. Chief Burgess has said that we must follow your orders until he arrives and that we must not ask any questions about what has happened here.”


“Thank you, officer. The other perpetrator is in the master bedroom of the house and he is unconscious with a head wound, so it would be best to leave him for the ambulance. The victims are in number twelve and they were left bound and gagged.” Anne reported.


“Actually, they should be free by now, I left Sandra with a pair of scissors and told her to free the two ladies.” John mentioned “However I only told her to remove the gags and cut the women free without removing the tape from the arms and legs. That way, any forensic evidence will have the minimum chance of being affected.”


“That’s good thinking James, should we need the evidence. Hopefully they will be able to link the biometrics to the earlier cases, as the officer who perverted the case will now be under arrest.”


There were more siren sounds in the distance, and Anne turned her head. “That will most likely be the chief and the ambulances.” A moment later she was proved to be correct as two ambulances and another police car stopped outside number twelve. The ambulance crew of the first vehicle were all male and they walked up to Anne. “We are here to take the unconscious criminal to hospital. Is he in house number fourteen?” Asked one of the crew.


“Yes, he is upstairs in the master bedroom, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding him.” Anne answered, and then turned to the all female crew of the second vehicle as the first headed back to obtain a stretcher. “The women are in number twelve. Chloé, will you show them to the door and tell Sandra that everything is settled out here.”


Chloé walked to the front door of James’s house and rang the bell. “Sandra! It’s Chloé here. You can open the door, there are two women here to help your mother and her friend.” Sandra opened the door and Chloé said to the crew “You can enter now. I will return to Agent Duncombe as it would be best to keep to a minimum amount of people inside.” She walked back to Anne, who was explaining the details to Chief Burgess as the perpetrator was carried into a police vehicle and driven away.


The Chief looked at Sara in shock. “Do you mean that you deliberately went into the house to be r-.”


Sara cut in. “Essentially yes, I went in there to be raped, although given this unique situation that classification may not apply.” She looked over at the crew who were bringing out the other criminal on the stretcher and taking him to an ambulance.


Anne continued “Trying to bring charges concerning Sara’s instance would be problematic, but seeing as you have two present victims and you can now match them to previous cases, there should be no obstacle in securing a conviction.”


A van now pulled up. “It’s getting busy out here this morning.” James said.


The chief spoke again “That would be the forensics team, but thanks to you four this is just going to be mopping up. To be honest, I don’t think that we will need any statements from you, except from Anne, and that can wait until later.”


“I hope you can understand the confidential nature of the situation, Anne said “We don’t want this information to become widely available, so it should be considered classified.”


“I understand. I can understand about keeping a secret about someone with a unique ability like Sara’s, I will have to make sure the police doctor will speak to the victims about it. The biggest problem will be the daughter, though”


Chloé turned to the house as she heard the door open and saw the medics exit with the two women, who were wearing white jumpsuits with slippers, and the child. “I have an idea how to deal with that. Sara, could you please follow me.” Chloé walked over and intercepted the group, noticing that the two women were in a state of shock.


At the sight of Sara standing before them, their mood seemed to change. “They said that they were going to kill us. You saved our lives today and prevented Sandra from becoming an orphan. How can we ever repay you?”


Sara looked at the women and said “You have to keep what I did today a secret. If word of this gets out to the public, I could be in a lot of trouble.”


Then Sandra spoke “But you are a superhero! Mummy even mentioned your name, Sara Smite. That’s a superhero name, like Peter Parker.”


Sara groaned. “I hope that you understand why I generally don’t use my surname when I can help it.”


Chloé smiled. “Sandra, what happens to superheroes when their name becomes public knowledge?”


Sandra thought for a second and then said “The bad guys hunt them down and their friends. Does that mean I have to stay quiet because Sara did this in her secret identity?” She asked.


“Oui- yes, you know that Sara has powers so this must remain secret.” The girl thought for a moment “As you and James are her sidekicks, you two must be kept secret as well.”


Chloé nodded. “I am glad that you understand, but I have stopped you three for long enough.” Chloé and Sara stepped back and watched as the others entered the ambulance. As ot pulled away, they returned to the Chief, Anne and James.


“You really are a hero today Sara, saving the lives of two women.” The Chief said. “If it wasn’t for the fact that you have to remain classified, you would have been honoured for this.”


Sara blushed in response as the Chief’s comments “If I was a normal person, this would have been impossible. The true heroes of the day are James and Chloé, as I was probably not in any danger.”


It was Chloé and James’s turn to blush now, and the French lady’s brow became furrowed. “One thing is for sure Sara, you have certainly redeemed the family name of Smite. Saving two women from horrendous violation and death would certainly count.”


“I’d completely forgotten about that, Chloé. If it wasn’t for Sunday night, none of this would have happened.” Sara responded.


“What incident?” Anne asked.


“Some sort of darkness descended over me during a storm here on Sunday night.” Sara said as she then went on to explain this incident in full, and the story that she had told James. “So I have ended up with this ‘condition’ as a result.”


The Chief and Anne were looking slightly pale at this point. “Agent Duncombe, perhaps I should tell Sara about the orders that the intruder was given concerning entering GEN-DAWN.”


“I think that would be a good idea, Chief Burgess.” Anne replied.


“Sara, the intruder who bound and gagged you on Tuesday had specific instructions to eliminate any witnesses who could identify him. There’s no easy way to say this, so I will have to be blunt. If it wasn’t for your ‘condition’, you would now be dead, and the two ladies would probably be dead right now.”


Chloé quickly moved to support Sara, who was looking a little faint. “Do you mean that I might be alive today because of a ghost?” Sara asked.


Anne smiled “If anyone had told me about a ghost actually existing, I would have called it nonsense. However, I have seen a woman help defeat two dangerous criminals by using an incredible gift, and so I am not as sure about anything at the moment.”


“I think that the ghost story should be kept out of any of your official records, Agent Duncombe.” The Chief commented. “They may find the existence of our spider-lady here hard enough to swallow as it is. Anyway, there is a lot of work to do on this case, so if you’ll excuse me.”


“Certainly, Chief Burgess. I still have to work on the DNA case, but first I will have to explain the full situation to Sara and James. I will present you with my statement tomorrow morning if that is acceptable.”


“It is. Then I have to get back to dealing with this case. See you tomorrow, Agent Duncombe.” The Chief turned around and headed back to the house.


“I think that we all need something to drink.” Anne said, walking back to the house with the others following her.


James chuckled. “There must be three cups of cold coffee in the living room by now. That’s when this situation started, by me making something to drink. I suppose that making more coffee essentially bookends it.”


Sara’s arms itched and she unconsciously scratched. “After this talk, I need to have a good long soak to get this tape off my arms, and I would really like to get clean after being handled by those thugs.”


As they entered the house, Chloé said “It would be best to leave the bath until Anne leaves, as your counter agent will be washed off as well.”


Anne shuddered as they walked into the living room. “I have no intention of experiencing your ‘mating call’ Sara, as it robs you of any self-control.”


“I’ll make the coffee and then run a bath for Sara, Anne. I have already heard all of this, so I can make better use of the time.” Chloé picked up the tray and carried the cups back into the kitchen. She quickly washed them as she brewed a fresh pot, then poured out the coffee into four clean cups. She brought them into the living room, and then went upstairs into the bathroom to run the water for Sara.


While this was going on, Anne and the others were sitting down, with Anne in a chair and the other two were on the couch. The agent was explaining everything, including her visit to Sara’s apartment on the previous evening. “So that explains why you volunteered to be the guinea pig this morning.” Sara said “You already knew what it was like to experience the, shall we stick with the word ‘glamour’ from now on?”


“Yes, Sara, and though I was dreading it again, at least I knew what it would do to me. Anyone else would have thought that it was silly, even I did before I experienced it for the first time. It was good judgement of Chloé to ensure that I was securely bound.“


“Agent Duncombe-.” Sara started to say until she was interrupted.


“Anne, please call me Anne. Agent Duncombe seems a little cumbersome now.”


“Anne, it does seems strange but everything positive, getting Chloé and James back together, saving my life on Tuesday, the two ladies today, uncovering a potentially disastrous weapon, all comes down to the fact that I cut my hand on Sunday night. I also understand that my old life is over and a new one is beginning for me. I once heard a phrase ‘Life begins at forty’ but I never expected it to be true.”


“Your life is in complete turmoil at the moment Sara, so I do not want to say anything for the time being. Everything has to settle first, and then we can look at your future.”


By this time, Chloé had set out Sara’s sweater and tights, finished running the bath, walked downstairs and then entered the living room. “You bath is ready, Madame Sara, and I have placed some clothing in the master bedroom.”


“Thanks Chloé, I am looking forward to washing myself clean. I’m sorry Anne, but I really need to do this now, even though it does seem stupid.”


“Believe me, Sara understand you completely. There was a recent case-,” Anne glanced at Chloé “where I just stood under the shower for an hour in my clothes, just to try and feel clean.” The agent stood up. “I have to go as I still have work to do at the research centre, So I’ll say goodbye.”


“I’ll see you out Anne.” Chloé said “Is there anything else you need to do?”


“As I have all of your phone numbers, I will arrange for a special app to be sent to each of your phones. It will give the precise location of the other two. Your phone locations are constantly recorded at the moment, as we don’t want any of you disappearing for obvious reasons. I think that it’s best that you three know this, as the only alternative would be to have another agent with you.”


“That is understandable, given the present situation.” Chloé walked with Anne to the door and then opened it. “I hope to see you soon, give my regards to Angela.”


Sara had followed them as she was about to go upstairs. “Anne, give Angela my sincerest apologies. I didn’t know that she was part of the investigation.”


“Don’t worry, Sara.” Anne replied “You reacted as you were supposed to. It is good to know that her cover worked perfectly. Hopefully, we can trace the scientist who’s behind this and end this investigation quickly.  Goodbye, then.” Anne walked out through the door, and Chloé said “Goodbye.” before closing the door.


“I must have this bath Chloé, my arms are starting to itch like crazy.” Sara said as she rushed up the stairs.


“Have a good soak, Madame Sara.” Chloé said before walking back into the living room. Sara went up the stairs, picked up a large towel and walked into the bathroom. She took off most of her clothes except for her stockings which still had the tape attached. These are ruined, but I’d better not throw them away just in case the authorities might need them. The woman carefully peeled them off and put them to one side before stepping into the bath and sliding her arms under the warm water. I’ll just rest like this for a while so that it will be easier to remove the tape.  Sara closed her eyes and started to doze…




“I suppose you just want to relax after this morning’s incident, so maybe you should use the bedroom to rest.” James suggested to Chloé as she entered the living room.


She unbuttoned the straps on her green pinafore dress and lifted it off. “I do want to relax James, but I want to rest in your arms, bound and helpless.” Chloé neatly folded her dress, put it to the left side of the couch, walked in front of James and then placed her hands behind her back with her back turned to him. “Kidnap, kiss and cuddle me, my love.” She said with a smile.


James rose from the couch and placed Chloé’s arms behind her back in a box position, with her right forearm above her left. He picked up a bag full of rope and took several lengths of ropes out of it, using one of them to bind Chloé’s right wrist and her left forearm, just below the elbow. It went around four times, cinched thrice and then knotted firmly out of reach of the French girl’s fingers. A second piece of rope was used to secure her left wrist to her right forearm in the same manner.


The young man picked up a long length of rope which was looped around Chloé’s chest below her breast four times, and then another four above, before cinching the loops between her arms and her body. Another piece of rope was tied to the middle of the chest ropes behind her back, taken over her right shoulder, down between her breasts to the lower chest rope, looped around the rope and then over her left shoulder to the middle of her back where it started. It was looped around at the back, and the process was repeated once more with the end of the rope firmly tied at her back.


“I do like it when you use the ropes to bisect and emphasise my breasts, as it provides a wonderfully sensual feeling, my love.” Chloé sighed as the rope was tied off.  “Would you like me to sit down?” She asked.


“Yes, my sweet. It will be easier to bind your legs.” James replied. Chloé carefully walked backwards and sat down on the edge of the couch with only her bottom on the furniture.


James took four lengths of rope out of the bag, and started to tie Chloé’s ankles together with one of them. He double-stranded and looped the rope around her ankles about four times before wrapping several cinch loops between her legs. A reef knot as then tied at the front to secure the ends of the rope. A second rope was lashed around her legs just below the knees, and it was cinched and tied in the same manner. A third length was used to bind her legs above her knees, and the last was wrapped around her mid-thigh.


As the final length was tied firmly Chloé emitted an audible sigh. This will be wonderful therapy after the trials of this morning. In your arms, I will forget everything except us. James sat down to her right, placed his arms around her waist, and then pulled her onto his lap. “Now I have you, my French wench.”


Chloé closed her eyes and parted her lips slightly before whispering “Kiss me, you fool.” Then his lips touched hers and she was oblivious to everything except the moment…


Sara slowly wakened from her sleep in the bath and tested the pieces of tape that adhered to her lower arms. One of the cut lengths was pulled off her skin without any pain or hair removal. I must have dozed for quite some time if this can detach so easily, so I’d better not waste any more time in here. She then carefully peeled the strips away, one by one, until her arms were completely uncovered and then spent some time soaping her body over, so as to feel cleaner.


Then the woman cleaned the soap off her body and stood up in the bath before wrapping a large towel around her. She stepped out and removed the plug from the tub, and the hole made the familiar gurgling sound as the water run through it. Sara filled the sink bowl and used the water to wash out any soap suds from the bath, leaving it clean. Then she gently smoothed the towel over her body until her skin was dry before making her way into the bedroom where she spotted the pink tights and sweater that she had worn to bed the previous evening.


That was very pleasant to wear, and I think that Chloé must want to see me in it again so I will dress in it. Sara went out to the bathroom and put the large towel on a  rail so that it could dry off, and then returned to the bedroom. She took the thick tights and scrunched up the legs until there were short so that it would be easier to put her legs inside. Her right foot was placed into one dip of the tights, and her left toes went into the other, and a little smoothing brought the item of clothing up to her knees. She continued until it was raised further up until the top reached her waist and she ran her fingers over the material to take out any wrinkles that remained.


The pink sweater was picked up and manoeuvred around until it was in position to be worn, and she placed her arms through the sleeves gently so that it would be easier to place over her head. The last time I rushed at this, it felt as if I had put a straitjacket on and I was worried that I couldn’t remove it. She placed it over her head, pulled it down and her face appeared through the turtle neck. There was only a little twisting of the sleeves to remove any kinks and Sara’s outfit was finished.


The lady walked in front of the full length mirror to examine her clothed body. This really does complement me, so I hope that James likes it. I wonder what he and Chloé are up to right now? More like what is James doing, because Chloé most probably wrapped up tighter than a Christmas present. Anyway, I should go downstairs and join them.  Sara walked out of the bedroom, made her way to the top of the stairs and then took step by slow step down...



It had been some time since Chloé and James started to kiss, and she had felt the touch of his hands all over her and they continued their passionate embrace. Then she gently broke off the kiss as she heard the water drain out of the bath. She looked at James and said “I think that it will not be long before Madame Sara joins us. Do you have anything in mind, my love?”


“Actually, I think that a little role reversal of the start of this morning may bookend what has happened, so to speak.” James smiled.


“Do you mean that you are going to place me on the carpet as a distraction for Sara? Then, as she is preoccupied with me, you tie her up, gag her, and then give her a good spanking? The only problem is that she will not fall for me being a damsel in distress as she played the trick on me.” Chloé explained.


By this time, James had positioned Chloé so that she was sitting on the couch and her back was to him. “In that case Chloé, we will have to make it a little more realistic.”


How can you make it more realistic James? There is hardly any peril that you can add to my present situation. She noticed that in her present position, so was unable to see what James was doing. “James, how can you-ulp!” Chloé words were stifled as a large red rubber ball was pushed between her lips, filling and distending her mouth. Even though she shook her head, she was unable to prevent James from bringing the straps around to the back of her neck, where one was threaded through the other to its maximum extent, the keeper was placed through the strap hole and the girl found herself very tightly gagged.


You must have something planned for me apart from just being gagged, and I hope that it is not painful. James took Chloé off the couch and laid her prone close to it, in a parallel position and with her head at the left side. She turned her head to the left and watched as he double-stranded a long piece of rope, and then the material was passed under her body at the waist before the looped end was knotted off at the small of her back. You must be planning on placing me in a hogtie, but with my arms bound in a box position surely it would be more effective to bind the end to my chest ropes. Chloé was rolled over onto her right, the rope was threaded between her legs and then looped over the waist rope at the front. So, I am to be the recipient off a crotch-rope then.


James put a series of knots in the rope, with about an inch between them before threading the rope back between Chloé’s legs. I should say knotted crotch rope. The captive girl was placed back in the prone position, then the rope was taken over the waist rope at the back and pulled tight which elicited a sigh from her as the knots pressed upon her most intimate region. I should be thankful that James has not removed the patch, otherwise this would be a major torment. Her legs were bent at the knees until her heels pressed against her bottom and the captor looped the rope around her ankle bindings before taking it up to her chest ropes and firmly securing the other end.


Even though I am already aroused, this is not going to make me act like a damsel in distress, so I do not understand why you have tied me like this, my love. Chloé was again turned over so that she lay on her right side, and she looked on as James walked over to a bag that was hidden to the right side of the couch. Her eyes opened as wide as possible as she recognised the object that James removed from the bag. NO! NO! NO! Please put that metal vibrator back James, you know that it will torment my very being! The captive girl struggled uncontrollably as she was scared of what James was going to do to her.


“Sorry Chloé, but this is important if I want to convince Sara that you are in distress.” Chloé shook her head wildly as the metal object was placed between her tights and the crotch-rope, and its location was adjusted by her captor. “All that remains is for me to push the button.” The girl begged through her gag and pleaded with her eyes at James, but she cried out as he started the infernal teasing device. She squirmed in her bonds as the knots in her crotch-rope danced upon her body, promising a pleasure that was not going to be delivered.


James picked up another bag and stood at a point where he would be hidden by the  door when it was opened. Mon Dieu! It seems as if I am more sensitive to this than ever. I hope that you get downstairs quickly Sara, as I am soon going to be a damsel in distress. Chloé cried out as a little shockwave shot through her hearth of desire, caused by the vibrations running into her and soon the feeling was building up to a point where she was unable to remain still...



As Sara reached the bottom of the stairs and turned right, she heard a succession of three squeals from the living room, as if a person was experiencing something that they would rather avoid. She pushed the living room open and was treated to the site of the French lady in tight bondage, struggling wildly against her bonds and squirming from her torment. Then Sara noticed the metal cylindrical object at the same time that she heard the buzzing noise and realised what was causing her friend’s distress.


She rushed over to her friend in the hope of removing the vibrator that was source of so much agitation for the captive. “Chloé! That’s a horrible thing to do! I know just how that feels when you are tormented like this.” The woman reached for the vibrator but got no further as her hands were grabbed suddenly and pulled behind he back.


“Wow! You look extraordinary in that outfit Sara, it really complements you!” Sara noticed that her arms were held in a box formation behind her back, but nothing else was happening.


“James, are you just going to stare, or are you going to tie me up. It’s bad enough that you have poor Chloé tormented out of her wits, but the longer you take with me, the more she has to suffer.”


“Sorry Sara, I was just caught up in how beautiful you are.” James held Sara’s arms tighter and then there was the familiar sensation of rope as it was wound several times around her right wrist and left forearm. Next, there was the looping if the rope around the initial turns and between the limbs followed by a tightening and knotting off which secured her right hand. Then her left wrist and right forearm were subjected to the same treatment, so that soon Sara’s arms were firmly restrained with no chance of escape.


“Haylp! Oh haylp!” Sara said in a mock damsel in distress voice. Taking the hint, James took Sara’s pink ball-gag out of the bag and pushed the large ball into the woman’s mouth as she ‘shouted’ for help, which had the result of stifling her cries. The straps were taken around to behind the back of her neck, where they were threaded through, pulled tight and then buckled into place.


Even though any control over her mouth was limited at best, the gagged woman did manage to smile a little. She looked down at Chloé, who seemed to be writhing more than ever. It is very erotic, watching James bind and gag you Sara, but this is adding to the torment of my body. The helpless girl watched as James lifted Sara up until she was in her feet, and then he took a long length of rope and proceeded to bind her upper arms to her chest. First there were four loops placed around her chest below her breasts, which was followed by the same number above, and then the parts of the ropes between her body and her arms were cinched by two loops on each side. James then put the same ‘V’ with the rope on Sara’s chest in the same way that he had with his girlfriend, with the effect that her bosom was emphasised.


“Sit down on the right side of the couch with your bottom on the edge, Sara.” James commended. The woman did as she was ordered without hesitation, and placed her legs together. James must want to bind my legs, so I might as well make it easier for him. She looked on as James wrapped a double stranded piece of rope three times around ankles, and then two loops went between her legs to take up any slack as it was tightened. A knot was used to secure the ends and Sara’s ankles were bound together. This was followed by her legs below and above the knees, and at the mid thigh, leaving Sara writhing slightly as she enjoyed her tight bondage.


Jams then sat down on the couch on Sara’s immediate left. “You do know that you were a very foolish woman this morning, Sara.” Sara looked a little puzzled at James’s comments. Why are you saying this James? He continued “You placed yourself in jeopardy with your actions, and such a matter has to be dealt with.” There’s something you have planned, wha-. Sara yelped through her gag as Jams took hold of her and moments later she found herself lying across his knees with her bottom to his right. Please James, tell me you’re not going to do this! He put his left hand on Sara’s back to hold her down as he raised his right hand above her bottom. “I have no choice but to punish you for your behaviour.” OMG! You’re going to spank me!


“MMMMM!” Sara cried out as the first blow delivered a sharp, stinging sensation to her bottom. OW! These tights don’t provide much protection. OW! OW! His hand landed twice more upon her posterior, causing more mild pain in her cheeks and she squirmed under his left hand. She yelped three more times as she was struck on her bottom, and Chloé watched from the floor as the woman writhed on James’s lap.


It is even more arousing to see James spank you, but I am driven crazy by this and my little torturer! Chloé struggled and moaned on the floor as her body was taken to the peak of desire and torment, while Sara sighed as she was soothed on the locations that had just received a beating from James’s hand. That feels so wonderful after the treatment that I have just received from you James, and it is arousing me.


The soothing carried on for another minute or so, and then Sara shouted in her discomfort as she felt the effects of another six spanks which caused her bottom to squirm more than before. I’m sure that you hit me harder than the first time. Oh, that is soooo good. Your caresses on my cheeks feels even better as well. There were loud moans issuing from Sara’s mouth as the touches on her inflamed areas were having the desired effect of stimulating her.


The woman was shocked, however, as she felt James’s right hand gripped the top of her tights. Please, you’re not going to expose me and spank my bare bottom! Her futile struggles did nothing to stop the pulling down of her tights until her bottom was completely bare. Sara shook her head and made begging noises to her captor, but this didn’t stop her receiving six more blows landing on her, and the pain was followed by pleasure each time, which left Sara confused about what she was feeling. That was good as well as hurting. Wait, are you touching me there now? This time, James was only running his fingers over her posterior, but they were tracing a path over her flower which was causing her arousal to increase tenfold.


It looks as though you will soon reach your peak and be pleasured Sara, but I will remain on the floor in my suffering. Chloé found it impossible to take her eyes what was happening to the older woman, even if it meant adding to her own torment. As Sara’s bottom was smacked for another six times, she was unable to notice the difference between the pain and the pleasure, and it just seemed to be the same thing. The caresses went over her intimacy even more, and she cried out from pleasure knowing that pure ecstasy awaited her.


“Do you want me to spank you to your pleasure?” James asked. Sara nodded her head furiously, hoping that he was not doing this to tease her. “Say please then.” She tried her best put it just came out as “mph”. “If you don’t say please, then I will have to stop.” “MMMMMM” came out of Sara’s mouth as an act of frustration. A very hard smack landed on the woman’s bottom and she felt relieved that he was going to continue.


Chloé had noticed that something else was happening. James had extended his right foot near to her and the tight toes were right in front of the knots of her crotch-rope. When Sara was given the hard spank, James pressed his toes onto the knots, which sent an overdrive of feeling through Chloé’s mound, causing her to scream from pleasure. Mon Dieu! You are going to make me orgasm by your toes! Every time James spanked Sara, he would also press on the rope, taking both of the bound captives closer and closer to their release. The only thoughts that filled the lady’s minds at this point was More! MORE!


“MMMMMMGGGGGMMMM!” screamed Sara as her body was flooded by the bliss of orgasm and it seemed like another voice started to echo hers as Chloé’s felt the joy of her La petite mort, and it almost seemed as if the girls were amplified by each other’s experience...



The older captive was just vaguely aware in her reverie of James putting her on the floor and placing a crotch-rope onto her in the same fashion as Chloé’s. The other lady noticed that her vibrator had been removed and so her torment had been stopped for the time being. She was also moved so that she was on her front and facing the couch, along with Sara...



“Okay, you two, I take it that you must be peckish after your ordeals?” The captives roused from their reveries and nodded their heads, and Sara’s stomach rumbled a little. I could really do with something to eat right now. James rose from the couch. “I am going to make some sandwiches, so I have to go to the kitchen. Don’t go anywhere.” With that he left the room and the two captives stayed still on the floor, relaxing after their recent experience...


“Wakey, wakey.” Said James, waking Sara up from her sleep.


I must have fallen asleep in my bondage again, so I must have been more tired than I thought after that little incident this morning. The helpless woman made a questioning noise to James, hoping that he would tell her how long she had been resting.


“You two have been asleep for several hours and it is nearly four o’clock in the afternoon.” Said James as he knelt beside the woman and loosened her hogtie rope. “I came back into the living room and noticed that you and Chloé were fast asleep which was not surprising after today’s exertions, so I decided to let you rest.”


James knelt beside his girlfriend and worked on loosening the rope that kept her on the floor, causing her to stir. “I am adjusting the ropes that hogtie you so that you will be able to kneel when you eat the sandwiches.” He walked over to the sofa and picked up two cushions, lying them on the floor in front of the couch. “I think that you will need to kneel on these, as it will be far more comfortable than the hard floor.”


Chloé squealed as James picked her up and carried her to one of the cushions, placing her so that she faced the couch in a kneeling position. It was Sara’s turn next, and she found herself in the same position on Chloé’s right. The woman turned her head to look at her younger bound companion, who looked back and smiled around the edges of her ball-gag.


The man walked over to one of the bags and took out the special clock that had been given to Sara on Friday, which was displaying a green colour. It shows that your charming ability has a limited time, and that you are back to normal as you had not used the counter agent after your bath.


James walked over to the side and placed the clock in a position so that it could be clearly seen. “It seems that adult visitors will not be falling under your spell for the rest of the day Sara, so if Anne or the others return they will be safe. I’ll bring in the meal now.” James said as he headed towards the door, which left the two ladies kneeling in their captivity.


Sara’s stomach rumbled again as she waited for James to return, and the helpless French student giggled in response. I didn’t realise that I would become so hungry today, but I have been a busy lady.


Chloé listened to her friend’s stomach again and pondered on what it meant. It could be that your metabolism has worked overtime and you need to replenish your reserves, Sara.


James returned, carrying a large plate that was piled high with beef and lettuce sandwiches and placed it on the coffee table, along with a large carton of orange juice. He walked over to the side, picked up three glasses and put them down on the coffee table before sitting down between the two captives.


“Okay, any lady who wants a meal, please put a hand up in the air and say ‘Me please.’” James said to the helpless ladies.


The response was immediate, as both of the captives pulled and twisted against their bonds and cried out through their gags in an attempt to follow the man’s orders. This proved to be useless though, as the ropes gripped their wrists solidly, and any words that they said were unintelligible and muffled.


Sara and Chloé shook their heads at the situation that they had been placed in, and they continued in their hopeless struggles. You are teasing us James, as both Sara and I will be unable to follow your requests.


“So, I take it that you two ladies don’t want anything to eat and drink then.” James said as he poured some orange juice into a glass before taking a sip of his drink. “This is really good.” He said, picking up a sandwich, taking a bite out of it and chewing slowly.


Sara felt the response in her body immediately as her captor ate, as her stomach rumbled again from hunger. This wasn’t the worse thing about her situation, however, as there was a sudden build up of saliva in her mouth and the gag prevented her from swallowing properly. If you don’t stop this James, we’re going to start drooling.


The woman turned to look at Chloé, who had a look of consternation on her face which indicated that the French girl was going through the same process. James my love, you are being so unfair to both of us. Both of the captives pleaded through their gags at their predicament, but James just continued to sip from his glass and eat the sandwich.


The saliva was flowing freely in Sara’s mouth, and the feeling of dampness on the right of her mouth told her that she was starting to drool. As she looked at her friend, she saw that Chloé had saliva dribbling from the left side of her mouth and flowing towards the chin, with the poor girl blushing in embarrassment.


Please, you can’t leave us like this James, it’s being taken too far. The saliva had reached Sara’s chin and the fact that she couldn’t clean her face was irritating her, so she growled angrily through her gag.


At once, James put his food down, took a large tissue out of his pocket, and cleaned Chloé’s face before removing her gag. A moment later, the same tissue was applied to Sara’s chin and mouth, the buckles that secured her own gag was unstrapped and the ball was extracted from her mouth.


“Thanks, James.” she said “You have no idea how bad it is to have a mouth full of saliva and have no way of removing it except by having it dribble out of your mouth. Are you okay, Chloé?” She asked as she looked as her friend.


Chloé looked back and said “Oui Sara, but I am thankful that this torment is over as it is very irritable. I hope that you do not force us to go through this again over the weekend, please?”


“Don’t worry, I won’t let that happen again. It was fun though, watching you two having to endure such a predicament.” He picked up a sandwich in each hand and offered them to the captives who were kneeling in front of him. “Would you like to eat now?” He asked.


The ladies took a bit out of their respective sandwiches and chewed thoroughly before swallowing. “Sara.” said Chloé before she took another bite.“I think I can remember the term for what happened to you today with the prisoner and Agent Duncombe.”


“What is it, Chloé?” Sara said as she prepared to take another bite.


“It is referred to as ‘hysterical strength’ and there have been reports of situations when people have lifted cars off trapped people. The interesting thing about your case is that it can last longer, you can switch it off and on as needed when you are active, and you gain an even greater coordination as well.” Chloé frowned at this.


“By your expression I can tell that this is not necessarily a good thing, Chloé.” Sara paused as James offered her a glass of orange juice.


“Oui Sara, there is the situation of your heart and metabolism running very fast to support your internal functions. Plus, there is always the chance that you can damage tendons or ligaments in the process.”


“I think that you mentioned about this before, but I seriously doubt that I will end up in the same situation again.” Sara said.


“I think that it is good that you cannot call on your charming ability on cue, Sara.”


“Actually.” said Sara “I may be able to. I have an unusual kind of synesthesia which allows me to connect smells with memories. It was discovered when I went to a farm once on a school trip, and smelling the cows made me sneeze. A week later we were drawing animals at school, and it was my task to draw a cow. The teacher didn’t know why I was continually sneezing and she thought I was ill until I explained that I could smell the strong memory of the cow.”


“So you can activate your production at any time, just by thinking about it?” asked Chloé, who looked even more worried “That could prove to be very dangerous.”


“It’s okay, Chloé. It’s not as if a casual thought can cause the connection, as I have to concentrate hard to get the smell. I won’t turn into ‘The Pink Widow’ by having a casual thought about this morning.” Sara was on her fourth sandwich by now, eating twice as fast as her friend.


“That is good Sara. At least you won’t be a risk to anyone just by thinking about today.” Chloé took a sip from the glass that was offered to her. “Should you need to do this again, it will prove to be useful if you can change by concentration.”


James thought for a moment. “What if the person is wearing full hazard gear, and you aren’t able to affect him? After all, he isn’t going to subject to your charm.” He said.


Chloé smiled “In that case, that person will probably be in great danger, as he or she will be dealing a Widow who will have no interest in mating.”


Sara looked at James “It hadn’t crossed my mind about other situations, but after the strength that I have shown today, it would take good restraints to hold me in place. If someone just wraps short piece of tape around my wrists, or a ziptie, or even the link style handcuffs, I may be able break out of my bonds. I don’t think that I will be able to get free from this type of situation, however, as I have been thoroughly bound.”


James held up another sandwich for Sara to eat. “That tape ran all of the way from your wrists to your elbows, so you wouldn’t have been able to tear it loose. We could always put it to the test in the morning, when you will be red and risky.”


“How about it, Sara?” Chloé asked “It may be useful to know such a thing in advance.”


Sara swallowed another bite. “Tomorrow morning then, we can see just how useful it can be to get free. Please note that I am completely helpless when someone is mating with me, and a strip of masking tape would hold probably hold my wrists together.”


James held up another sandwich to Chloé, but she shook her head at the offer. “What are we going to do after lunch, James?” She asked.


“I’ve seen something on the television schedule that you would like to watch. It’s several back to back episodes of an old cartoon series.” James answered, as he put the sandwich back and started to untie the hogtie ropes of the captive ladies. “Do you want anymore sandwiches, Sara?”


“No.” answered the woman “I’ve had enough now. I think that I’ve eaten twice as much as Chloé, so I’ve been quite the glutton this afternoon.”


“Do not worry, Sara, it must be a result of your body burning up calories from today’s activities.” Chloé said as her rope was removed “Is it okay if I hopped onto the couch James?” She asked.


“Certainly, Chloé.” James answered as he untied Sara’s hogtie rope. “I’ll just place Sara onto the couch.” He picked up the woman and placed her on the sofa, as Chloé struggled to rise from the floor. “It may be easier to help you to sit down as well as I don’t think that you are going to do this quickly.” Chloé found herself helped up into a sitting position on Sara’s right with a gap between them.


James walked over to a bag and pulled out two cloth strips, one red and one pink. “Please monsieur, please do not gag us with those horrible rags.” Chloé said, putting on a mock struggle against her bonds.


Sara picked up on the role play immediately and started to struggle as well. “We’re already helplessly bound. We promise to be good little girls and stay quiet. Just don’t stick those horrible things between our teeth.”


James walked back and sat down on the couch between the two bound women. “Open your mouths wide, unless you want to be punished severely.”


Chloé opened her mouth wide in anticipation of James’s next action. “Monsieur, this is unnecessary, we will keep our mouths shu-ulp!” Her talking was interrupted as the red cloth was pulled between her teeth, the ends were pulled around to the back of her neck where they were securely knotted together.


 Sara opened her mouth and put on a phoney southern accent as she spoke. “Haylp! Someone please haylp me. I’m all tied up and-.” It was her turn to be silenced as the pink cloth was used to cleave gag her. These gags are more symbolic than anything else, but it is delicious to be gagged like this.


Sara blushed as she was kissed on the lips by her captor, but she still found it very pleasurable. It was Chloé’s turn to be kissed next, and she writhed a little as their lips met.


“I think that it’s time to start the cartoons.” James said as he picked up the remote control and started the DVR which automatically switched on the television. As he put an arm around the waist of each of the captives, the animation started and there was a familiar woman in pink with a southern accent who was being chased by a sinister cloaked figure.


Sara heard Chloé giggle as the animation continued. I remember watching this from when I was a child. Now I understand why this series was so popular. It’s almost like a bondage show for teens, and I’m surprised that this series was allowed to be shown on the air.


The two ladies writhed a little as they watched the heroine was captured and placed into bondage time and time again. Chloé looked over at Sara as the older captive’s eyes were glued to the screen. I wonder if that is where you got your love if pink from, Sara, and maybe you were intrigued by the act of being tied up.  I will ask you later, as it will be a bit difficult to speak to you with this cloth in my mouth.


As the show continued, James cuddled the girls and occasionally kissed them on the cheek. “Do you consider this to be appropriate entertainment for this afternoon, my helpless heroines?”


Both girls nodded in response to their captor’s question and they snuggled up to him on the sofa. This is proving to be a very enjoyable weekend Chloé, and I must thank both of you for your hospitality.


Eventually, the animation episodes came to an end and James rose from the couch. “I’ll have to take these items out and wash them.” he said as he picked up the plate and glasses “I expect you two to remain in your places and stay still, as I don’t want to have to punish two naughty captives.” After making sure that he had a firm grip on the items, James walked out of the room, leaving the two helpless ladies on their own.


Sara smiled around her pink cleave gag. That’s almost like asking us to not stay still and do something naughty. She turned to face Chloé and she noticed that the French student was also smiling.


The red-haired girl squirmed in her bonds and moved slowly along the couch towards the lady on her left. I hope that you will make this easier by trying to move towards me, Madame Sara.


Sara started to work her way to her right and she was soon touching shoulders with her friend. We’re together Chloé, now what do you want us to do?


It seems that you are waiting for me to make the first move, Madame Sara, but that is hardly surprising as you are submissive to me. Chloé made kissing expression with her face in an effort to show Sara what she planned to do.


The thought of the two captives kissing each other sent a thrill through Sara’s body. You and me kissing while we’re both bound and gagged, Chloé? That’s an incredible idea, I would have never have thought of that. the lady leant back on the couch, closed her eyes, turned her head to the right and parted her lips slightly.


The moment when Chloé’s lips touched her was electrifying.


The two ladies kissed on the couch and they writhed in their pleasure. Thank you Chloé, this is a wonderful experience. In a way, I wish that I had known you earlier, but then you would have been too young for this type of contact. The only problem with this is that all we can do is kiss each other, as our bondage limits any other kind of contact.


Sara and Chloé had become lost in the moment when James walked in, and it took a minute for them to notice that he had entered the room. I wonder what you have in store for us as a punishment, my love. Chloé looked up at James without pausing and then concentrated her attention on Sara


“So, what punishment is appropriate for two captives in bondage who are misbehaving while kissing each other’s lips?” James asked.







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