Secondary School Tie-Up Games: Failed Revenge

Warning: Spanking but the playful kind.

All characters are fictional and no offence to the schools.


"We've got to do something," Hui Ling muttered as she passed her science homework to the tuition teacher.


"Do what? The experiment?" Su Ying asked. Once they were out of the room, the NYGH student grabbed her long-time friend by the arm and whispered, "I mean get back at those boys tying and gagging us. We're girls, not slaves to them."


"What can we do? They're all taller and stronger than us. It's just a phase; they'll stop it after a while," the SCG girl replied, slipping her fallen bra strap up.


"I've got a plan," Hui Ling smiled, and then whispered it into her friendís ear.


"Er, I think Shirleen and Laura are busy this whole week with CCA and family activities," Su Ying noted.


"Never mind. We both can handle it. Just be there."





That Friday, Yan Rong finished his Theory of Knowledge work and arrived home.


"Yan," he heard his sister call. "Can you help me?"


"Grr..." He replied and headed towards the cry. Suddenly, a large piece of plastic wrap was thrown against his face and before he could reach to pull it off, someone kicked him at the knees and tackled him to the ground. He heard the cry of 'gotcha' in Mandarin Chinese and then a cry of 'tape!'. He immediately felt duct or masking tape being wound around his ankles, then his arms held firmly behind by someone while more tape bound them together. He naturally screamed out loud but a long piece of tape was pasted over his lips.


"Mmmph! Mmmmp!" He yelled more due to the sounds of a camera clicking.


"Gotcha!" He heard that voice finally cry and saw Hui Ling in her school PE uniform, taking multiple pictures of him. "So, you want to tie us up anymore boy! Why don't you have a taste of your own medicine!"


Yan Rong struggled wildly and continued to cry out as the schoolgirl kept taking pictures. "Guess what? I'm sending this to the other boys. I'm sure they'll see this as a threat not to torture us anymore. You won't want to tie...hey what the..." the phone gave a signal that she couldn't send the pictures via WhatsApp.


Just then, a crashing noise was heard and she heard Su Ying scrambling to respond. Moments, later Guoyun and Charles appeared with Su Ying tape gagged and her cheeks bulging, indicating something was stuffed inside.


"Think you can take revenge, eh? Release...oh Yan, you got yourself free," Guoyun noted.


"Terrible taping," Yan replied, slowly peeling away the tape from his lips before he pulled Hui Ling down on the floor. "Bind her! Gag her!" He yelled.


"Wait, let's properly punish both of them first," Charles replied, throwing the gagged SCGS girl next to Hui Ling. "Ok, you, gag your friend as well. Then spank her."


"What?!" Su Ying cried.


"You want us boys to spank you?" Guoyun added. Clearly, they didn't want to be accused of any crime.


With three against two, Hui Ling was tape gagged with a clean sock in her mouth and soon enough, she cried as Su Ying hand spanked her on the bottom. After ten swats on her back, it was Su Ying's turn to be spanked by Hui Ling. "Mmmpp..." Both girls grunted from their sore bottoms.


Then the bondage began. Their legs were encased in rounds of duct and masking tape as were their wrists. Then both girls were made to roll around on the floor as each boy took pictures and videos and sent them to the girl's phones, and Shirleen's and Laura's, with the added message, 'donít you ladies try to capture or b&g us boys. We know better."


It was just over an hour later, with a signal from Hui Ling she needed to pee that the game was over. As Su Ying rubbed her sore wrists and palms, she finally asked her evil brother why the WhatsApp signal initially failed.


"I'm a genius," was all he said and that was it.


The End







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