My First, Best Bondage Encounter







My name is Nora. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by bondage. Growing up in the 1950s, I read all of the Nancy Drew books many times, and had marked every place where she was tied up. Of course, I often found myself imagining that I was helplessly bound and gagged.


I also loved to wear feminine clothes, even though I didn’t have a “beautiful” figure. I was a rather gawky girl when I was 12. I probably weighed 90 pounds, dripping wet. I was about five feet, two inches tall, with brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair, but I already had well-proportioned legs. I tried to enhance my looks through feminine clothes. Sunday was my favorite day of the week, because I could really dress up and even wear nylons.

Although I had friends, I was somewhat of a loner, sometimes staying inside instead of playing with them. Mostly I read books, but occasionally I played self tie up games. These always left me unsatisfied, because I couldn’t tie the ropes tight enough. Often I day-dreamed about how I could get tied up “for real”. However I was too shy and embarrassed to ask my friends. Then one Sunday in the autumn, everything fell into place.

As my neighbor, Helen Wiese, and I were walking home from Sunday School, her younger brother, Billy, and his friend Jim approached us. We all went to the same church, but Helen was a year ahead of me, and the boys were in my grade.


Jim said, “Nora, old girl, we’ve got a surprise for you.”


“I can’t imagine that you guys have anything I would want, but what is it?”


“Oh, no, we don’t have it with us.” he replied, with a sly grin on his face, “…but meet us at the school playground at two o’clock, and we’ll give it to you.”


“Two o’clock, eh?” I said. “Well, I’ll see if I can make it.”


After they left, Helen said, “Nora, I wouldn’t go if I were you. I heard them talking yesterday about wanting to tie you up and leave you in the maintenance shed behind the school. But don’t tell them that I told you, O.K.?”


“Oh, thank you,” I replied. I thought about what she said for a moment, then I asked, “These boys, - have they ever tied you up?”


“Sure,” she answered, “several times. In case you didn’t notice, they’ve been playin’ tie-up games all summer. I think that you’re the only one in the neighborhood that they haven’t tied up, so now you’re at the top of their list.”


We walked along silently while I processed this information. Finally I asked, “When they tied you up, could you get away?”


“The first couple of times I did, but then they tied my hands behind me and I couldn’t.”


Then I asked, “Well, did they gag you?”


“Yeah, but just a handkerchief. I could still talk. Why are you asking all these questions?”


“Well,” I said, while thinking how to answer. “They might grab me some time, and I wanta know what it’s gonna be like.”


To me Helen’s warning wasn’t as ominous at it sounded, and the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I knew both of these boys, and they weren’t mean. Of course I knew they’d been playing tie-up games most of the summer. I’d often fanaticised about them tying and gagging me, but it never happened. They had a red bowling bag they’d probably “rescued” from someone’s trash in which they kept their ropes. And they probably had tied up all the 12-year-old girls in the neighborhood. I wondered if they were planning to tie me up that afternoon. If so, it could be exactly what I had wanted to do for months. The prospect of it sure got my “juices” flowing. I WOULD show up and claim my “surprise”!

Wanting to feel like a real “damsel in distress”, I even left my church clothes on – a navy blue two-piece outfit with a white blouse, sheer white gloves and white, feathered hat, beige nylons and white patent, T-strap shoes with 1 1/2” high heels. So after lunch I headed over to the school playground, hoping to “accidentally” bump into them. The boys were there alright, but there was no red bag. I was disappointed and started to go home. Luckily, they saw me.


“Nora!” Jim called. “Wait up. We’re gonna give ya yer surprise!”


They caught me before I could get very far and forced me to walk toward the shed. This was one end of a garage in which the school district kept a pick-up truck. It was sort of like a 1 ½-car garage, with a storage and work area. They used the latter for storing lawn mowers, snow shovels, and the like. There were windows on one side and the back. In those days hardly anyone locked their garage, and some people left their car keys in the ignition. It was no problem for kids to find a way to get in.


“So, what’s this big surprise?” I asked them.


“Just wait a few minutes more,” Jim replied, “We’re almost there.” He had already grabbed my arms as Billy opened the door of the shed. Quickly they forced me into the shed. At the far end by the window I saw a blanket on the floor, and they pushed me toward it. Then I saw the red bag, and my entire body surged with adrenalin, at the vision of being helplessly bound and gagged.


I offered a little resistance, but they easily forced my arms behind my back. Billy pinned my arms behind me and clamped his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet while Jim began to gag me. He had a red-and-white bandanna already rolled up and it had a large knot tied in the middle. He forced the large knot into my mouth and tied the ends behind my head.

Then they made me lie face down on blanket, where I was securely tied up with at least 30 feet of rope. My gloved wrists were crossed and tied behind my back; then they wound ropes around my body above my elbows, pulling them close to my body. Finally my ankles were tied together, and my legs were also tied above and below my knees.


“O.K., Nora,” Jim said, “let’s see if you can get free.”


I fluttered my bound hands a bit and tried to move my feet. Then I began squirming and rolling over and back. But the ropes held. I looked up at them, shook my head “no” and said into my gag, “Uh, uh. U tie m gud n tite. Wha u gon t do w me?”


Jim replied, “We’re gonna leave ya for a few minutes while I go home and get my camera. We’re gonna take yer picture, and then we’ll let ya go.” He turned toward the door and said, “C’mon Billy.” And they shut the door and bolted it behind them.

In the quiet of the shed I was in ecstasy. “At last!” I thought, “I am finally a helpless damsel in distress; all dressed up in my Sunday best, securely bound and gagged, and left all alone!”  I was Nora drew, Brenda Starr, Lois Lane, and Tess (of Dick Tracy comics) – every one of my envied damsels in distress.


I settled down to enjoy a good struggle. I tried everything I could think of – rolling, squirming and struggling like mad for a good quarter hour, but my bonds, while not tight enough to hurt, were secure enough to hold me. They were as tight now as when I was first tied up. My gloves prevented any chance that I could loosen the knots, and the more I struggled the more winded I became. Soon I was bit out of breath because of the gag. I could only breathe through my nose, and soon my lungs were gasping for air.

Just then I heard a noise outside the shed. Looking up at the window I saw two girls – Helen and her friend Jane Andrews. They had their faces pressed against the window, and looked directly at me. Within 30 seconds, they burst into the shed, and ran to where I lay on the blanket.


“Nora!” exclaimed Helen, as she pulled off my gag, “Are you all right?”


“Yes, I’m fine.” I replied, as she started to untie my hands. “But as you can see, I’m tied up!”

”Nora, who did it? Was it my brother?” I nodded, and she paused, “I warned you about this didn’t I?”


Again I nodded, and she continued, “Well, then, why did you come to the playground? That was just like asking to get tied up!”


I didn’t want to tell her the truth, but she quickly guessed. “You were asking me all those questions – Nora, did you want to be tied up?”


At this I looked down and mumbled, “Yeah, I guess so.”


By now my wrists were untied, and she was starting to untie my elbows when Jane said, “Helen, hold off!” Then Jane looked again at me and said, “Nora, tell us again. Did you really want to be tied up?”


“Yes,” I answered. “I wanted to see what it was like to be tied up like Lois Lane or Nora Drew.”


“And did Helen and I spoil it, when we barged in here and untied you?” she asked. I was silent, and she said, “Nora, you don’t have to worry about us telling anyone. Did we spoil your little game?”


I nodded “Yes”, and she said, “That’s no problem. We’ll just tie you up again – would you like that?”


Again I nodded “Yes.”


Suddenly she grabbed me around my arms and covered my mouth with her hand, and barked, “Nora, you’ve crossed the girl gangsters one time too many!”


Turning to Helen, she winked and said, “Helen, Miss Detective here knows too much! We’ve gotta tie ‘er up and gag ‘er! Give me that rope!”  And to me she said, “Take off yer jacket.!”


Helen picked up on the “new” game as she handed Jane some rope, saying, “Yeah! We’ll tie ‘er up and leave ‘er here until dark. Then we’ll dump ‘er into the river!”


As soon as I took off my jacket, Jane crossed my still-gloved hands behind my back and tied them together. Then she wound more ropes around my upper body, above and below my breasts and tied that rope so tight that my blouse stretched over my breasts like little mounds. Next she produced a handkerchief, rolled it into a ball, and shoved it into my mouth, making my cheeks bulge. After that, she placed the red bandanna over my mouth and around my head, tying the ends securely behind my neck. Finally, the two of them helped my lie down on my tummy, and they tied a short rope between my wrists and my ankles – something I later learned was called a “hogtie”.


Then Jane said, “O.K. Miss Detective! Let’s see if ya can get outa that!”


Again I fluttered my hands, tugged against the ropes, rolled from side to side, and “Mmmmfffed!” through my gag, but I knew I was not going to get out.


Jane kneeled down and said softly, “Nora, struggle to your heart’s content. If you feel panic, Mmmmfff” three times, and we’ll untie ya. Helen and I are gonna hide behind the truck, and see what the boys do when they return. O.K.?”


I “mmmfffed” again to let her know I understood, and continued my struggling against my bonds. I quickly discovered that Jane had tied me up more securely than had the boys, and I was thankful they were nearby if I needed them. After maybe ten minutes’ struggling, I again became winded, being forced to only breathe through my nose. After a few minutes’ rest, I thought again how great it felt to be a damsel in distress and began to struggle some more. Finally, after nearly a half-hour, as I lay there exhausted, the door opened, and in came the boys.


“Hey, Nora!” Jim said. “We’re back! So how’s it goin’? Ready to get cher pitcher taken?”


I rolled on my side so I could look up at them and “Mmmmfffed” again, and nodded my head “Yes!”


Jim said, “Watch the birdie!” and a flash bulb flashed.


Then Billy said, “Hey, Jim, look! That’s not the way we left ‘er. She’s got ‘er jacket off, but she’s still tied up! How’d she do it?”


Jim answered, “Mmmm, yeh, how’d she do it?” Then he asked me, “Nora! Did you do this by yourself, or did someone help you? Nod your head yes or no!” But I didn’t nod either way; I just stared at him.


Next the boys started talking between themselves about whether and how I could have removed my jacket while I was securely bound and gagged, then one of them said “It’s sure a mystery to me.” when a giggle erupted from behind the truck.

Jim looked over at the two girls and said, “I knew all along that she couldn’t have done it herself, and I was just gonna’ to ask if you two had been here.”


Helen said, “Yeah, yeah, we know all about it; we heard everything and you guys had no idea what was going on.” Both girls ragged on the boys for a couple of minutes, while I lay helplessly bound and gagged on the floor. Then Helen really lit in to her brother, telling him he’d better not ever leave anyone tied up and gagged for any amount of time, or she’d tell their mom, and he could guess what would happen next. Then she told them to get out, and that they would untie me. After they’d gathered up all their ropes, the boys went their way, thoroughly chastised.


Once they’d gone, Helen closed the door and said they’d “give me fifteen more minutes” to get free by myself before they united me. Again they went around the truck while I had another chance to fanaticise and to struggle with my bonds. Of course I couldn’t get free then either, but I really enjoyed trying.


After they untied me, they took me to the drug store and bought a round of chocolate milk shakes. We all had a lot of laughs about my “damsel-in-distress” adventure. Before we parted, Jean said that whenever I wanted to be tied up again I should ask her, to be sure that nothing bad happened – but that’s another story, I mean, stories…







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