Five Daughters and One Mother





The car sped away from the house, the clouds of dust ballooning behind it. It was mid-day and by any burglar's standards, it was the wrong time of the day to commit any burglary but hey I've done it before and succeeded. No reason why this should be any different.


This house in Northampton was different given the family size. Based on my research, this family was extremely huge, with five daughters and one son. Man, the husband and wife probably never heard of birth control. But it was their family treasures that I was after, not lecturing them to control their plumbing.  And with daddy and the boy out of the way, so much easier...


I easily climbed over their low fence--poor security !---and with a twist of my skeleton key--I entered their backyard. It was a little breezy day and I saw the mother had hung out her laundry to dry. Moving in and out of the clothes lines, I spied what I was looking for. These would make lovely stuffing for gags, I thought, stuffing them in my back pack. Suddenly, I heard footsteps and quickly ducked to a corner. A figure was humming some old musical tune and from the looks of it, it was the wife/mother, Donna. She was wearing a long gypsy style skirt and a white sweater with a brown belt loosely hanging on her hips, as well as brown sandals.


I waited until she had her back to me, checking the clean laundry.  One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand...I pounced like a lion on its prey.


"Mmmmmph!" She immediately cried against my hand gag. "Listen Donna,” I hissed, “this device against your back is a Tazer. One shock and it will paralyse you if I use it. So shut up now." Immediately, my threat worked and she fell silent. I dragged the lady inside and then hissed, "I'm going to take off my hand, and you won't yell, clear?


Her head nodded and I eased my gloved hand away. "Who..."


"Quiet for now," I said, pressing the device harder against her back. "Move, inside the house." Once in, I pushed her towards the living room. "I know your daughters are around. Call them with a netural tone." She hesitated and I pressed the Tazer further into her back. "Girls," she called. "Can you help me?"


"What's the problem mum?" I heard one voice and then a face popping up from the staircase. "OH MY GOS...."


"Get down here young lady or your mother gets zapped," I growled. She immediate raised her hands and came down. This girl had fairly large breasts and was in a white satin dress. One could easily tell she was getting to that age when boys would start to notice her.


 "Mummy, what's so important, I have..." a fiery redhead girl said as she came in, and immediately was shocked to see me there. She was in a long T-shirt and jeans. A third face, slightly shorter than the redhead followed behind that girl, dressed in a spaghetti top, with white bra straps visible and black trousers. Finally, another black-haired girl in a flowery dress appeared. I gestured to all to sit in a circle around their mother.


"Now, let's get gets introduced." One by one, the girl's gave their names—Sayle, Avena, Imogen, Jocasta.   


“How old are you all?”


I listened to them say their ages – Sayle was fifteen, Avena thirteen, Imogen twelve, Jocasta eleven.


"Where's the last daughter?" None of them answered. "You want her to be zapped?"  I pressed the Tazer against their mother’s side.


"Please," the girl named Jocasta wailed. Funny name. "My sister Freyja is out. Just take whatever you want and leave us!"


"Aw, such a yappy girl. Here," I threw her the plastic bag. "As the youngest, you get the honour of binding everyone here."  She looked inside and saw the plastic zip ties.


"Why should...: I fired the Tazer at the redhead and she crumpled to the ground. The Tazer was strong enough to paralyse all human nervous systems so much that the girl began to lose her bladder.

"Who wants to join Imogen?" I growled. I saw Jocasta shivering as she approached her now frightened mother. "Behind her back, and make it tight," I commented. Soon, the mother was bound at her wrists and ankles. The other sisters were similarly bound and those wearing skirts and dresses were made to sit so that I could see their knickers underneath.


"Ok, What happens now,” Jocasta said as she looked at me.  I finally brought out the underwear I stole from the clothes line and threw it on the ground, surprising all the ladies.


"Now, here's where we play a game. Jocasta, which one is your pair of underwear?"


She hesitated before picking out a bikini black pair. "What the hell do you want with our knickers?"


"Stuff it in Sayle's mouth."


"WHAT?" Both Sayle and Jocasta cried.


"You want to be zapped?"  Imogen was still unconscious, curled up like a foetus.  Shaking her head, Jocasta moved over to Sayle who accepted her underwear into her mouth.


"Tape it up, two strips," I threw her a roll of duct tape, and watched as the youngest girl taped over the oldest’s mouth.  She looked so cute, her lips under the tape as she stared at me.


Next, Avena was made to identify her underwear, which was plain white and high cut. This entered her mother's mouth while mother's slightly large knickers were stuffed into Avena's own cavity. By this Imogen was stirring and gave a moan.


"Welcome back to the game, Imogen," I said, and learnt that the light blue bikini knickers  were hers.   "She gets the other black pair," I ordered and before the redhead could respond, she was gagged with the undies. That left Imogen's knickers.


"Ok, turn around hands behind your back," I told the young girl and soon she too was bound with zip ties around her wrists. Suddenly, I heard the door click open. Immediately, I pressed the Tazer against Jocasta's back and pushed her behind the wall.


"Hi all, I won the cooking apprentic....OH MY GOSH!!!" I saw an auburn haired girl wearing a white blouse and dark skirt walk in, and cry out as she saw her mother and sisters bound and gagged.


"Welcome," I said, still holding on to the young sister. "You must be Freyja. Sit down," The girl didn't do so. "Now!"


She slowly sat in the circle as I made Jocasts sit down, and soon both girls were bound like their siblings and mother were. But there still was the problem of who would be gagged with the last pair of knickers.


"So who wants this?" I asked both girls. "Ok, since you have been so kind Jo, you get it."


"Noo...." she cried but she joined the panty gagged bunch.


"You Rat!" The new sister Freyja yelled as I smoothed the second strip of tape over ehr youngest sister’s mouth.


"No one calls me rat," I growled as I reached over and cut off her own pair of knickers using a knife. Despite her cries, I managed to grab the torn dirty underwear and stuff it in her mouth. Now, all five daughter and one mother were bound and gagged with knickers and tape.


I left them to search the house, taking what valuables I could find, and then checked them again.  All six were trying to help each other, but with little success.


"Good day ladies," I said as I left them to enjoy their afternoon together...








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