From Cheers to Fears







Story is entirely fictional.


"SC, SC is the Queen!" The hordes of SCGS girls cheered. It was a track and field competition for all schools, both girls and boys and all SCGS girls were in their half-uniform - blue skirt and T-shirt as well as green PE shorts underneath for modesty's sake - and cheering like mad for their schoolmates. Three in particular - Louisa Baey Ruo Hui, Huang Meiling and Guang Yi Hua were the most vociferous. The event was being filmed by and independent media organisation and sponsored by an ice cream company ICO.

As the camera passed by, Louisa, who had the letters 'ICO' painted on her face, flashed a victory sign. Meiling spotted one her friends leading on the track thus smiled and raised her left hand. Yi Hua didn't spot the camera in time and pouted her face instead, her left hand pushing down her skirt for no reason. She had a heart drawn on her right thigh and 'I ♥ ICO' drawn on her forehead.

"Aw shucks, I probably look like a toad!" Yi Hua commented, only noticing the camera.

"You do," Louisa added and received a playful punch from her friend. Just then, the clouds parted and a blast of sunshine and heat shown on the lot of SCGS girls, this despite the shaded rooftop. "Hey, want some ICO ice cream?" Meiling asked.

"Sure, get me white chocolate chip," Louisa produced some notes.

"I want green tea," Yi Hua added her bill.

"Er, since when was I your slave?" Meiling waved her fingers at them.

"Since I need to go to the loo," Louisa stood up.

"I'll be here," Yi Hua said. "You get the ice cream, I watch your bags." Meiling grumbled but did so. The queue was rather long and she pinched her nose as there were several boys with sweat-stained shirts or tank tops in front of her.


"No more mint flavour, " the dark-skinned ice cream attendant said a sshe reached the front. "Only strawberry," he pronounced it as 'straw-bar-rie'.

"I hate strawberry," Meiling groaned. "Let me try that mango flavour."

Louisa meanwhile found the female toilets blocked so had to walk much further. Female, female...she spotted a unisex sign. Ugh, you mean I get to see boys in the next stalls, she thought. With no other toilet in sight, she headed in.


After a quick pee, she found herself lining up for the hand dryer for quite a while. "Excuse me," she began, but the burly guy in front suddenly spun around and Louisa saw stars in her eyes before she collapsed on the ground.

Meiling was delicately holding her friend's ice cream while eating her mango ice cream. She traced her steps back when suddenly there was a blast behind her. Idiots, you nearly made me spill my ice cream! She turned her head only to feel dizzy, before she dropped her ice cream and fell on the ground.

"Whmmm," Meiling woke up much later and found the strong aftertaste of her ice cream on her tongue. She tried to part her lips but found them held firmly together with some strong adhesive. Duct tape! She remembered TV series and shows she watched. Blinking her eyes, she saw she was in some very dimly-lit room. She was raised several centimetres above the ground, her wrists bound to some bar with more duct tape. "Mmmph, mmmph!" She cried through the tape gag then another similar sound came.

"Meilmmmphh!" She heard.

"Lommph?" She cried, swinging her free legs.

“Meilmmmphh!” She heard the cry again and turned her head in the other direction, where she spotted the outline of Louisa. Her friend was directly opposite her, also bound to bar and tightly gagged with duct tape all around her lower jaw. Both girls struggled and cried through their gags but there no one to hear them, until there was a creaking sound.


"MmmLomMei!" Came the muffled cries of Yi Hua. She was also swiftly bound to another horizontal pole with duct tape. Then the thugs started with Louisa, one holding her legs while the other yanking down her PE shorts, causing her to cry in fear. But after a few stokes of her thighs and buttocks, the men bound her knees and ankles with tape.


Next was Meiling who didn't see them approaching and kicked furiously. Her kicking only exposed her pink panties but due to the darkness of the room, those weren’t clearly exposed. Again, after a molesting of her legs and buttocks, her ankles and knees were secured. Yi Hua was last, last to be captured and they repeated their actions on her.


Now all three girls were tightly taped and gagged, emitting muffled wails and feeling the strain from hanging from the bars. The men scooped up their PE shorts are souvenirs and left. As the students continued to struggle against their restraints, they all wondered why they were placed in this predicament.

"One more house to go," the 'delivery man' also once known as the ICO ice cream attendant muttered. In his bag were three handphones, belonging to each of the girls. He and his team had managed capture Louisa and Meiling easily. Yi Hua was much harder since she was guarding these 'treasures' but a fake text message managed to lure her away from the crowd and into an unexpecting area. Their new phone models weren’t the target but their phones app to open door locks were.


By coincidence, all three girls' parents were rich and they were busy working - Louisa's and Yi Hua's were overseas. Ever so quickly, he had just managed to reach all three houses, steal the most valuable stuff, and exit quietly. Pausing, he switched on another wireless device and grinned as he saw through the night vision device, all three girls struggling, lifting their legs up and exposing their panties for the camera to catch.

The End.

Rather rushed story I know.







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