Game, Set and Match





Chapter 1

Watched over by her coach Chrissie Lloyd sixteen year old Laura Robertson took her final training session before the County Junior Lawn Tennis Championships. Laura had won championship for her age group every year since she was ten years old and was favourite to win the title again at this year’s championships which are due start the next day. Chrissie wasn’t the only one showing interest in Laura’s training session a black van was parked in the tennis club car park close to the court where Laura was practising her range of shots with the aid of a machine which fired tennis balls to her. In the van were Judy Murphy and her eldest daughter Susan, mother and sister of Claire Murphy the girl Laura has beaten in the final of the county championships for the last three years.

“She’s looking better than ever this year” Judy Murphy told her daughter.

“Yes mum, it will break Claire s heart if she loses again this year.” Susan replied.

“That’s why we can’t have the little brat turning up championships tomorrow. This year it’s going to be Claire’s name on that trophy. Are you sure you know what to do?”

“Relax mum we’ve been through this a million times, little miss perfect over there is going to be a little tied up for this year’s championships.” Susan replied with a rather evil smile on her face.

“Good now let’s get out of here before anyone sees us.”

A Few hours later Laura training session was over the shattered girl sat on the grass at the side of the court taking a much needed drink

“You did well again Laura this year’s championships should be a breeze if you keep playing like you are doing.”

“Thanks Chrissie if I do win it will be all down to your coaching, you’re the best coach anyone could ask for.”

“We make a good team Laura, now go and get yourself a shower before you get cold I’ll put this machine away I’ll catch up with you later.

“Ok Chrissie I’ll meet in the clubhouse for lemonade when we’re showered and changed.” Laura replied picking up her bag and racquet.

Chrissie spent a while tidying up the court and putting the ball machine away in the storage area before heading to the changing rooms, as she reached the entrance to the changing rooms building she spotted Laura’s tennis racquet and sports bag lying on the grass with Laura nowhere in sight.

“How odd.” She thought to herself as she looked around.

She went into the changing rooms and looked around but they were all empty

“LAURA” She called out.

But there was no reply

She went back outside and called out again


Again there was no reply

As she bent down to pick up Laura’s bag and racquet she spotted a white cloth lying next to the bag which she picked up and examined.

“Chloroform.” She said out loud as she smelt the rag, a smell she instantly recognized from the time she spent training to be a nurse when she left school.

“Laura she’s been kidnapped.”

Just then the cell phone in her tracksuit pocket began to ring.

“I see you found young Laura’s belongings.” The woman on the other end of the phone said.

Chrissie looked around but couldn’t see anyone watching her

“Who are you? What do you want? Why have you taken Laura?”

“You ask too many questions Miss Lloyd, all you need to know is Laura is going to be our guest until after the county championships and won’t come to any harm just as long as you and her parents don’t call the police, is that clear?”

“Very clear, please let me speak to Laura I need to know she’s alright so I can tell her parents.”

“I’m sorry that isn’t possible Miss Lloyd you see she has a gag in her mouth and very cute she looks too in her little white tennis skirt and top all tied up and gagged, check your picture messages on your phone once I’ve ended this call I’ll send you a photo to show her parents.

“If you harm one hair on her head I’ll personally kill you whoever you are.”

The woman on the other end of the phone laughed before ending the call.

Susan Murphy who was wearing a black ski mask held her camera phone up in front of Laura who sat crying in the back of the black van she had woken up to find her arms had been tightly tied behind her back and her ankles had been bound together over her little white ankle sports socks, some kind of foul tasting cloth had stuffed in mouth while she slept too this was held in place by long piece of white cloth that had been wrapped around her head a number of times over her long blond hair and was tied tightly over her mouth to hold the gag in place.

A few moments later Chrissie received the photo of the bound and gagged girl along with a text message saying
“Remember no cops or else.”



Chapter 2

“Time to take her home, tie a blindfold over her eyes then we can take these stupid masks off” Judy Murphy told her daughter.

Laura watched as Susan folded another long piece of white cloth into a wide band she began to panic and struggle as Susan approached her holding up the blindfold.

“Keep still you little bitch.” Susan snapped giving Laura a couple hard slaps on her bare thigh which caused Laura to start crying again.

Ignoring Laura’s gagged sobs and protests Susan tied the blindfold tightly over her eyes plunging her into total a total terrifying darkness.
Although the journey to the Murphy’s home was only a short one it seemed to take forever for the frightened young girl. Eventually Laura felt the van come to a stop and engine switch off, she heard the side door of the van slide open and someone climb in. She began to panic as she felt the rope binding her ankles being untied.

“Calm down unless you want another slap.” Susan told her grabbing hold of her legs to stop her thrashing about.

“Quickly get her indoors while the coast is clear.” Judy told her daughter.

Susan roughly pulled the bound struggling girl from the van; with her mother’s help they forced her into the house and down a flight of stairs into the basement. Judy passed her daughter one of the ski masks and told her put it on before they took Laura’s blindfold off, once both women had their masks back on Judy removed the blindfold from over Laura’s eyes.

“Welcome to your home for the next few days my dear.” She told the terrified girl.

Laura looked around the cold dimly light room. The brick walled basement was bare apart from wooden chair which was placed in the centre of the room and a mattress with a blanket neatly folded up on top of it which was up against the wall furthest away from the door, Laura couldn’t help but notice the pile of rope which lay on the ground besides the chair.

“Take a seat and we’ll get you settled in my dear.” Judy said pushing Laura towards the chair.

Before Laura knew what was happening properly the two women had forced her down on the chair, Susan pulled her bound wrists over the top of the back rest of the chair and began tying them tightly to one the wooden slats on the back rest. While she was doing this her mother began binding the girl’s ankles together before moving up to her knees Laura’s flinched Judy pulled the rope so tight it painfully dug into the soft flesh of her legs. Once Susan has finished binding Laura’s arms she began wrapping rope around her upper above and below her rather large breasts which were exaggerated by having her arms tied behind her back in the tight fitting tennis top she was wearing. Very soon Laura’s body was tightly secured to the chair.

“One final thing.” Judy Murphy said with a smile that looked even more evil through the cut out of her ski mask

Judy knelt down at Laura’s feet and tied one end of another length of rope to the rope binding her ankles then she passed the other end of the rope under the chair to her daughter and told her to pull it tight and tie it around Laura’s wrists, which Susan took great pleasure in doing. The two women stood back and admired their handy work, tears rolled down Laura’s cheeks as did so.

“Go and get your camera we need to take a few photos for mummy and daddy.” Judy told her daughter.

Chrissie Lloyd arrived at the home of Laura’s parents she braced herself before nervously ringing the doorbell, how was she going to break the news that their beautiful daughter had been kidnapped? Mr Robertson opened the door she could tell straight away from the look on his face that they already knew about the kidnapping. He took Chrissie into the lounge where is wife was sitting crying on the sofa

“My poor Laura, look what they’ve done to her.” Mrs Robertson said pointing to a number of photo’s of the bound and gagged girl on the coffee table.

“Don’t worry Mary, they promised not to harm her, as long as we don’t call the police I’m sure once the championships are over they’ll let her go unharmed.” Chrissie said doing her best to reassure her.

“You call that not harming her.” Mary snapped.

“Relax dear it’s not Chrissie’s fault she’s here to help.” Her husband said taking hold of his wife’s hand.

“Where you there when they took her Chrissie?” John Robertson asked.

“Not exactly.” Chrissie replied before going on to explain what had happened.

“Have you any idea who could be holding her?” John asked.

“All I know is there is a woman involved.” Chrissie replied.

“Who do you think it could be? One of the other girls from the championships? A parent or a sister of a rival maybe? Do you have any idea at all?”

It was then that the name Judy Murphy came into Chrissies head; she remembered the raging woman telling her she was going to do whatever takes for her daughter to win this year’s championships after Laura beat Claire in last year’s final, but she never expected her to resort to kidnapping.

“Err no, I’ve no idea what so ever who it could be.” Chrissie lied.

“Look I can see your both very upset so I’ll leave you alone, you know where I am if you need me, I’ll call you if I hear anything.

“I’ll show you out. Thanks for calling round Chrissie I’m sorry about my wife.” John said showing Chrissie to the door.

“Don’t worry dear she’s very upset it’s alright, you two take care and don’t go doing anything foolish is that clear?”

“Ok Chrissie we won’t.”

Chrissie watched as John Robertson went back inside and closed the door, before walking down long driveway from the house saying to herself

“Judy Murphy it’s time you and I had a little chat.”



Chapter 3

Finding Judy Murphy’s home address from the records held at the tennis club was easy, and Chrissie went to pay her a visit.
As she approached the house the black van parked on the drive caught Chrissies attention she remembered seeing an identical van at the tennis club earlier that morning. She parked her car a few doors away from the Murphy’s house so not to draw attention to herself and carefully sneaked up to the drive where she had a good look around the van, through the windows saw a number of lengths of rope on the floor of the van which made her even more convinced it was Judy that kidnapped Laura. After looking around the van she decided to take a closer look around the outside of the house as she crept down the side of the house and round the back she heard a voice behind her.

“Miss Lloyd what a pleasant surprise, what brings you here?”

Chrissie looked round to see Judy Murphy standing behind her blocking her exit.

“Cut the crap Judy, we both know why I’m here. You have Laura don’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Miss Lloyd?”

“I said cut the crap, we both know you have Laura, I’m here to do a deal with you.”

“A deal? What kind of deal?” Judy asked.

“Let Laura go, and I’ll make sure she let’s your daughter win the championship.”

“And then you’ll go straight to cops? No deal”

“You have my word we won’t go to the cops, just let her go. Do you honestly think this is how Claire would like to win the championship? Let Laura play we agree to lose and Claire won’t be any the wiser. What do you think she’ll say when she finds out you have Laura here?”

“But she won’t find out Miss Lloyd she’s staying with Andrea her coach until after the championships are over.”

Just then Chrissie received a hard blow to the back of the head sending her falling to the ground unconscious.

“Like I said Miss Lloyd no deal.” Judy laughed to Susan who was standing over the unconscious coach with a piece of wood in her hand.

“Quickly let’s get her in basement with the brat before someone sees us.” Judy told her daughter.

Between them the two women dragged Chrissie into the house through the rear door and through the kitchen to the basement Susan stopped to put on her ski mask.

“Those masks are a waste of time now she’s here, she knows who we are.” Judy told her.

Susan dropped her mask on the floor and opened the basement door, Laura looked up as the door open and the light was switched on.

“We’ve brought you some company.” Judy said with huge smile on her face

Through her tear filled eyes Laura watched as the two women dragged Chrissie down the steps

“MMRISSMMPPHHIEHH” Laura screamed into her gag.

“Put her on the mattress.” Judy instructed her daughter.

Susan dragged Chrissie over to the mattress while Judy collected up some of the rope that was still lying around the floor

“Quickly she’s starting to come to, tie her arms.” She told Susan passing her some rope.

Laura sobbed and watched helplessly as the two women set about tying up her coach, Susan binding her wrists and elbows together, while Judy worked on her ankles and knees. Chrissie slowly regained her senses and began to struggle

“Let me go you crazy bitchmmmmppphhh” She cried out but Judy Murphy clamped her hand tightly over mouth silencing her.

“Quickly Susan find something to keep her quiet.”

Chrissie began to struggle and thrash about, but Judy who was a rather plump woman sat on top of her to keep her still until Susan returned carrying a scarf and roll of tape. Susan rolled the scarf up into a ball and held it in front of Chrissie's mouth her mother removed her hand from over Chrissie’s mouth and yanked hard on her long black ponytail causing Chrissie to cry out in pain as she did Susan stuffed the scarf in her mouth, Judy then began to wrap the shiny black tape around Chrissies head and over her mouth a number of times until the whole of her lower face was covered.

“She’s a struggler mum; she won’t stay on that mattress for long.” Susan said.

“If we hogtie her she will.” Judy replied.

“What tie her?”

“Hog tie my dear, watch and learn.”

Judy took a short length of rope and tied one end to the rope binding Chrissie’s ankles and then pulled her legs up to allow her to tie the other end of the rope to the rope binding her wrists, making a very tight cruel hogtie.

“Wow mum that’s amazing where did you learn to do that?”

“Not now dear, our work isn’t finished here yet. We don’t know who she’s told she was coming here do we? So we can’t stay here, it will be dark in a couple of hours once it’s dark we’ll put them in the van and move them somewhere else.”

“Where mum?”

“I have keys to your grandparents holiday home in the country we’ll take them there no one will find them there.”

On that note the two women left the basement switching off the light as the left plunging the room into total darkness. Chrissie struggled to get free but it was hopeless she’d been too well tied but she knew she had to keep trying working up a sweat as tried. Laura given up struggling ages ago and sat crying as she heard Chrissie’s gagged moans of frustration. It wasn’t long before Chrissie became exhausted from struggling and she finally gave up as her body ached with pain from the cruel tight hogtie. She found lying on her side eased the pressure on her back, she lay listening to Laura’s sobs wishing there was something she could do to comfort the poor girl but there situation was looking very bleak. Finally after what seemed an eternity Judy and Susan returned.

“Alright ladies time to move you to your new home, take the brat first.” Judy told her daughter.

After a short while Laura and Chrissie both still heavily gagged were lying bound hand and foot on the floor of the van watched by Susan who was travelling in the back of the van with them while her mother drove.

“We should be there in two to three hours so lie back and enjoy the ride girls.” Susan told them as the van started up.



Chapter 4

Chrissie was becoming more angry and frustrated as Susan amused herself during the journey by teasing and tormenting the two bound women, especially poor Laura as she seemed to take great pleasure in lifting up Laura’s short white tennis skirt to reveal her little white panties and slowly rub her hand up and down in-between the sobbing trembling girl’s legs before playfully spanking her perfect firm little bottom. Chrissie knew that with her martial art training she’d have no problem taking out the scrawny girl and her overweight mother if only she could get free, which was going to be easier said than done as the ropes binding her were extra tight and even if she could see some way to get free she wouldn’t be able to do it with Susan watching their every move, she knew she’d have to bide her time and be patient they couldn’t keep her tied up like this for ever could they?

Finally the van came to a halt and the engine switched off, Laura and Chrissie guessed they’d reach their destination, after a few moments Judy slid open the side door of the van.

“I trust you all had pleasant trip.” She mocked.

“I’ll go and open up, it’s been a while since anyone has been up here the electricity will probably be switched off, Susan you stay here with these two until I find out how to switch it back on.” She continued.

While her mother was gone Susan untied both girls legs ready for moving them, kicking Susan right between the eyes would have been easy for Chrissie as soon as her legs were free but then what? Judy Murphy could return at any moment and her hands would still be tied tightly behind her back, so she decided to wait for a better opportunity to come along. After a few minutes Judy returned

“Alright I’m ready for them now; you bring the brat I’ll take Miss Lloyd.” She told her daughter.

Susan roughly pulled the struggling sobbing frightened girl out of the van.

“Quit struggling you little bitch.” Susan hissed giving Laura a couple of very hard stinging slaps across the face which angered Chrissie even more.

“That scrawny little bitch is going to pay for that.” She thought to herself.

Chrissie grunted into her gag and stared angrily at Judy Murphy trying to show the woman she wasn’t scared of her, as she was pulled from the van. The two bound girls were taken outside where it was cold and dark and lead down a pathway into a wooden cottage.

“Put them in that bedroom.” Judy said pointing to door.

Laura and Chrissie were taken into a small bedroom which contained a double bed a bedding chest and very little else.
Susan pushed Laura down onto the bed and Judy pushed Chrissie down besides her.

“Run and get the rest of the rope from the van dear.” Judy told her daughter.

“Ok mum.” Susan replied leaving the room.

“Let me see if I can find some blankets or something you may as well be comfortable while you’re here.” Judy told her captives.

She opened the bedding chest bending over to look inside taking her eye off Laura and Chrissie. This was the moment Chrissie had been waiting for, quick as flash she jumped up off the bed taking Judy by surprise she landed two hard kicks to side of the woman’s head followed by a third which landed right between her eyes knocking her out cold as she slumped to the ground. Laura was both shocked and relieved by what she’d just witnessed. Chrissie then hid behind the door waiting for Susan to return.

“Here we are mum, MUM!!” Susan cried out seeing her mother sprawled out cold on the wooden floor.

Before Susan knew what had happened a hard round house kick landed on the back of her head, followed by another to side of her head

“This one’s for Laura.” Chrissie screamed into her gag as she jumped up landing a flying kick full in the face of the staggering screaming girl who dropped to the floor in heap with blood pouring down her face. Chrissie stood over the unconscious girl and rolled her over with her feet to make sure she was properly out cold.

“Now to get these hands free.” She thought to herself.

Laura began to panic as Chrissie dashed from the bedroom leaving her alone with two unconscious kidnappers, to her relief Chrissie soon returned carrying a pair of scissors she’d found in the kitchen. She sat on the bed sides Laura a used the scissors to cut the ropes binding the girl’s wrists which wasn’t easy with her own hands tied behind her back but finally she managed it. A very relieved Laura then took the scissors and cut the rope binding Chrissie. Laura then quickly removed her cloth tied over her mouth and spat out the rag which stuffed inside.

“You were awesome Chrissie.” She said hugging her coach who still struggling to remove the all layers of tape over her mouth, but with Laura’s help she soon managed to do so.

“Do you think you’ve killed them Chrissie.” Laura asked.

“I don’t think so dear, look mummy is already starting to come round.” Chrissie replied.

As Judy Murphy slowly regained consciousness she moaned and groaned with pain as her head ached like it had never ached before.

“What have you done to my daughter?” She groggily asked, seeing Susan sprawled out besides her covered in blood.

“She fine, she’s just taking a nap.” Chrissie replied.

“I suppose you’re going to call the cops, if you haven’t already done so.”

“I’m not sure what we’re going to do with you yet, I think we’ll let Laura’s parents decide on that, but first we’re going to have to tie you both up for your journey back to Denton. Laura while I tie Mrs Murphy up, you take her phone and call your parents to tell them you’re safe.”
Laura stood over Judy holding out her hand the woman had no option but to hand over her cell phone.

“Thank you. I’ll be in right next door if you need me Chrissie.”

In the lounge area Laura used the phone to call her worried parents

“Dad it’s me Laura, I’m ok Chrissie rescued me.”

“Laura Thank God you’re alright. Mary it’s Laura she’s safe and well.”

“Laura do you know who did this to you?” Her father asked.

“Mrs Murphy, you know Claire Murphy’s mum.”

Laura then went on to tell her parents all what had happened.

“Where are you now? Her father asked.

“I don’t know dad; All I know is we’re at a holiday home owned by Mrs Murphy’s parents.

“Well stay right where you are I’ll call the police and have them find you, is that clear.”

“Ok thanks dad I’ll tell Chrissie. Love you I’ll see you soon.”

“We love you too Laura take care dear.”

Laura returned to the bedroom where Chrissie had taken great pleasure in hogtying Judy on the bed. She told Chrissie what her father had said about sending the police to find them.

“Call your father back and tell him we’re at the holiday village on Hobson Moor, South Yorkshire. I managed to get our hostess to tell me before I gagged her with her own panties and scarf.” Chrissie replied.

“Ok” Laura replied. “What about her she isn’t looking too good?” She continued as she stepped over Susan who was still lying unconscious on the floor.

“I’ll try and bring her round; you go and call your father.” Chrissie replied.

By the time Laura returned to the bedroom Susan was awake much to her mum’s relief and was sitting up in Chrissies arms although she was still feeling very groggy.

“Laura can you go and find me something to clean her up with so I can take a look at her injuries?” Chrissie asked.

“No way let the fucking bitch suffer.” Laura replied.

“Laura please I think she’s broken my nose.” Susan begged.

“Good, it’s a pity it wasn’t your scrawny little neck.” Laura replied before leaving the room.

She returned a short while later with a bowl of cold water and face cloth, Susan winced with pain as Laura set about roughly cleaning her blood stained face while Chrissie tightly held her still.

“I don’t think it’s broken, but I’m sure the police medics will examine you properly when they get here.” Chrissie told Susan after making a quick examination of her nose.

“Help me tie her up Laura.” Chrissie continued.

Laura smiled as she’d been waiting for this moment.

“It will be a pleasure.” She replied.

Judy watched helplessly as her daughter was pushed face down on the floor and Chrissie pulled her arms behind her back allowing Laura the pleasure of binding her wrists together.

“Make sure they’re tight.” Chrissie told her.

“Is that tight enough?” Laura laughed as Susan gruntted with pain as she pulled the rope as tight as she could before tying a treble knot. Laura then did the same with Susan’s elbows tying them so tight that they touched, while Chrissie bound her ankles and knees tightly together. Chrissie then took the face cloth and rolled it up into a tight ball she was about to stuff it in Susan’s mouth when Laura stopped her.

“No wait, she was so fascinated by my panties on the journey down here maybe she’d like to see what they taste like.” Laura said removing her white cotton panties and balling them up.

“Open up bitch.” Laura said with a smile on her face.”

Susan clamped her mouth shut and shook her head, but Laura pinched the girl’s already painful nose and twisted it causing her to cry out in pain as she did so Laura easily stuffed her panties in her mouth.

“Laura you’re so cruel.” Chrissie said with a smile on her face as she passed the girl a strip of cloth she’d cut from bed sheet in the bedding chest. Laura pushed the centre of the strip of cloth in Susan’s mouth and then tied the two loose ends tightly behind her neck over her long greasy black hair.

“Now we wait for police to find us.” Laura told Susan.

“Laura that skirt is way too short for you not to be wearing any panties you’ll have to put mine on for the time being.” Chrissie laughed as Laura bent over to make one final check the ropes binding Susan.

Chrissie took off her tracksuit bottoms removed her navy blue cotton panties and handed them to Laura who put them on.

After a wait of around thirty minutes the police arrived, Judy Murphy and her daughter were untied and officers removed their gags, but their freedom was short lived as each of the women had their hands cuffed behind their backs by a couple of female officers before being lead out to a waiting police van. Laura and Chrissie were taken out to a police car which took them home; both of them slept all the way home exhausted by the day’s excitement.



Chapter 5

At Laura’s home they were greeted by her happy and relieved parents

“Best try and get some sleep Laura you’ve got your first round game in a few hours.” Chrissie told her.

“She can’t possibly play tennis tomorrow after what’s happened.” Her mother replied.

“Please mum I’m fine I want to play.”

“Well we’ll have to see how you feel in the morning go and get some rest now.” Her father told her.

“Good night mum, Good night dad, Good night Chrissie and thanks for everything.” Laura tearfully said giving her coach a hug.

Laura did manage a few hours sleep and the following morning her parents agreed to let her play in the championships. Where she easily won her first two rounds to reach the semi final the following day.

The next day Laura and Chrissie arrived at the tennis club for her semi final match against the number three seeded girl Terri Carter. Claire Murphy was already playing and easily winning her semi final match when they arrived. Laura changed before going to the warm up area where she and Chrissie waited to be called onto court. As they walked from the warm up area to the centre court they passed Claire Murphy and her Coach Andrea Pearson.

“See you in the final bitch; don’t let me down now you’re going to pay for what you’ve done to my mother and sister.”
Claire screamed before being pulled away by her coach.

Chrissie could see Laura was obviously upset by Claire’s outburst.

“Don’t let her get to you, forget her, stay focused on the match with Terri.

Despite losing the first set Laura recovered her composure to easily win the next two sets to win the match.

“You played well Laura keep that up in this afternoon’s final and you’ll win easily.” Chrissie told her as they walked back to the changing rooms.

In the changing room Laura went to her locker where she found a piece of paper stuck to it.

“Your arse is mine bitch.” Was written on the paper in red lipstick.

Laura panicked and ripped down the note running outside to Chrissie with it.

“Hey, hey, calm down what’s the matter?” Chrissie asked the panic stricken girl.

Laura showed her the piece of paper.

“Ignore it, I’ve seen far worse than this in my time on the professional circuit, don’t let her get to you, that what she wants.
Come on let’s go back in I’ll stay right with you while you shower and change.”

After a light lunch Laura and Chrissie returned to the tennis club for the final, Claire Murphy was already changed and in the warm up area. Laura went into the changing room and opened her locker inside was another note, which Chrissie ripped off the door before Laura could read it.

“What does it say?” Laura asked.

“Don’t you worry about what it say’s let’s just concentrate on kicking that little bitches arse out there on that court is that clear?” Chrissie said ripping up the sheet of paper.

“Come on we’ll use one of the other courts to warm up away from her.” Chrissie told Laura once she was changed.

After a short warm up both finalists got the call to go out on court, it’s always been tradition that the two finalists walk out on court together just like all in all the major grand slam tournaments. Laura took her place besides Claire trying not to make eye contact with her rival, on the official's signal they began to walk onto court followed by their coaches. Laura looked around the crowd as she walked out waving to her parents in the v.i.p. seats as walked.

“How cute mummy and daddy come to see their little girl take a beating have they?” Claire sneered.

“Laura ignored her and carried on smiling and waving to her family and friends.”

After a brief warm up and a few words of encouragement from their coaches the final began with the first eight games of the first set going with serve, Laura was serving in the ninth game, she starting the game with a double fault and never really regained her composure after that allowing Claire to win the game breaking Laura’s serve. Claire followed up by winning her own service game to take a one set to love lead in the match.

“Easy, easy, easy.” Claire chanted as the two girls took their seats next to their coaches by the umpire.

“What’s the matter with you Laura? You’re better than this.” Chrissie asked.

“I don’t know, I just don’t feel right.” Laura replied.

“You’ve let that girl get inside your head haven’t you? Come on snap out of it. Get out there and let’s see the real Laura Robertson in this set. COME ON LAURA” Chrissie screamed as the two girls returned to the court.

“Ready for another beating bitch” Claire sneered as the two players passed each other as they changed ends.

“Go to hell.” Laura replied

Laura started the second set with an easy win on her own service game followed up by easily breaking Claire’s serve to race into a two game to love lead, she continued winning game after game to win the second set six games to love.

“Not so mouthy now hey Claire.” Laura laughed as the two girls returned to their seats.

“That’s the way Laura, good girl.” Chrissie said while Laura took a much needed drink.

“COME ON LAURA YOU CAN DO IT.” Her mother called out from her seat behind her.

As the two girls returned to the court Claire barged into Laura on purpose as they passed knocking Laura to the ground. Laura let out a huge scream as she twisted her ankle as she fell.

“Did you see that?” Chrissie screamed to the umpire.

“It was an accident.” Andrea Pearson replied in defence of her girl.

“Do you think you’ll be able to carry on?” The umpire asked.

Laura looked up at Claire who was standing next to her coach with huge smirk on her face.

“Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll be ok.” Laura tearfully replied.

Chrissie helped Laura to her seat and removed her trainer and sock

“Let’s have a look. It’s already beginning to swell up Laura you can’t possibly continue like this.”

“What and let that bitch win not likely, strap it up I’ll be ok.” Laura replied.

Chrissie called for the physio who sprayed Laura’s ankle before strapping it up.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright to continue? You shouldn’t really be carrying on in this condition” The physio told her.

“I’m carrying on.” Laura snapped at the woman

After a few minutes rest Laura hobbled back onto court where Claire was impatiently waiting to start third and final set. Laura battling bravely against the pain and her opponent until the set was tied at six game all. In the next game Laura managed to break the serve of Claire who was clearly tiring fast. Now Laura was serving to win the match. She started the game with an ace, followed by another, to race into a thirty love lead, she won the next point with a back hand shot down the line which left her opponent scrambling. It was now match point Laura served to Claire’s back hand the return was good and had Laura struggling but she managed to lob the ball back over Claire’s head to win the point. She slumped to the floor in tears as the umpire called out GAME SET AND MATCH, MISS ROBERTSON.





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