Home Invasion – Ginny and Devon

By Jay Manning


"Hello, Devon?" the woman spoke into the phone. "Hi, It's Ginny. Yeah, I'm home. (pause) Yeah, my board meeting was cancelled, so I'm available for lunch whenever you can get here. (pause) O.K. that'll be fine. Listen, I'm going to check my email, so I'll probably be in the office. You know where it is? (pause) Right, and the front door is unlocked, so just come in and come back to the office if you don't see me. O.K.? Bye."


Virginia Toth rose and headed through the hall, pausing in front of the full-length mirror. She saw a slim 35-year-old, with long black hair, in a pink linen suit, black blouse and beige pumps with four-inch heels. "These shoes look just fine with this suit," she thought to herself, as if to settle an earlier question. Her heels clicked on the hard kitchen floor as she headed toward the small office they'd installed at the back of the house. She pushed the door open and strode into the room toward her computer.


At the same instant that she saw the strange woman rifling through the disc storage, strong arms grabbed her from behind. Quickly forcing her arms back, her assailant pinned them behind her with one arm and clamped his other hand over her mouth. She gamely tried to struggle, but her strength was no match for that of her captor. He quickly jerked her head back, and she knew her could hurt her if she continued.


"Come on, Woman!" he barked at his partner. "Get the gag on 'er!"


Already the woman was ripping off a length of three-inch-wide adhesive tape from a roll on the desk and, when his hand moved, she slapped it over Ginny’s mouth and pressed it firmly over her mouth and around her cheeks, followed by two more pieces. Poor Ginny didn't have a chance. Shaking out a bundle of clothesline, they crossed her wrists behind her back, and securely trussed them together. Next they wrapped several loops around her arms, both above and below her breasts, and tied additional ropes between her arms and body, which tightened the ropes around her body, and forced the fabric of her suit firmly over her breasts. Then the woman knelt in front of Ginny and tightly bound her trim ankles together. All of this occurred in the space of 90 seconds, as she stood helplessly in the center of the room.


As the other woman returned to the computer, the man forced the bound woman to hop over to a corner and pushed her down to a sitting position on some file boxes, As a terrified and helpless Ginny watched, the other woman continued inserting discs and checking their contents. In a few minutes she exclaimed that she'd found what they were seeking, and she'd just need a couple of minutes more. That delay was crucial - both for the helpless Ginny, and her friend, Devon, whose high heels clicking on the kitchen floor had just telegraphed her presence in the house. Just five minutes' delay would have spared Devon the fate that awaited her, and would also have allowed her to quickly untie her friend.


Warned by the clicking of her high heels, the two intruders positioned themselves behind the door. The door opened and Devon walked in, wearing a beige pin-stripe suit over a red and black top and black patent, T-strap heels.


Her eyes immediately fixed upon her friend helplessly bound and gagged in the corner. Totally surprised, she seemed frozen on the spot in her, making her an easy prey for the two intruders. They grabbed her just as they had Ginny, and proceeded to tape-gag her, and then tie her wrists and arms as she stood in the center of the room. When her ankles had been tied, she too was forced to hop across the room and take a seat beside Ginny.


When the intruders had left, the two women began to writhe and wriggle in their bonds. After each had unsuccessfully tried to untie herself, Devon started to work on the ropes around Ginny’s wrists. but to no avail. Then Ginny remembered that she’d left a pair of scissors on her computer desk; if only she could get them, she could cut the ropes. Placing her feet firmly beneath her, she struggled to stand up, and began to hop over to the desk.


Alas! On the second hop, a heel got caught in the carpet and, after teetering on her bound feet, she lost her balance and fell. Fortunately, she turned her body while falling so she landed on her hip, injuring nothing but her pride. With much “mmmpphhing” through her gag she writhed on the floor like a fish out of water. Devon watched helplessly as she struggled on the floor, then the two bound women’s eyes met.   


Realizing they weren’t going to get free unless they did it together, Devon slid onto the floor and humped over next to her friend. Ginny rolled over so Devon could reach her bound wrists and attempt to untie the knots. After some fifteen minutes of struggling, the ropes loosened enough for Ginny to get her hands free, followed by the ropes around her body and ankles. Removing the gag, she then turned to Devon and untied her. They decided after they'd freshened up that they really deserved that lunch!