How To Restrain Your Victim







Walking down the corridor, the heels of my knee length leather boots clicking on the floor, I smiled to myself - this was a part of the job I always enjoyed - instructing in the arts of our craft.  I’d chosen my outfit with care - a tight black sweater with the neck rolled up, a thick black leather belt around my waist and leather gloves on my hands, and tight leggings tucked into the boots.


Pausing outside the door, I opened it and walked purposefully in, shutting it behind me before crossing and standing in front of the desk, my eyes looking round the room.

"Good morning" I said, facing my extremely small audience, which comprised of three youngish lads. "So you want to commit your life to that of professional burglars? Well, I'm here to instruct you guys on the topic on restraining female victims, of three different ages.  It is important that you know what to do in which situation, so pay attention." Clicking on my slide projector, I began:

"This is case one, a young ten year old child named Olivia Derkins. It was rather simple in restraining her, considering the circumstances in which I found her. After simply twisting the house door pretty hard, I heard the background tune of Mario Karts coming from the living room. Looking through the door, I could see her lying on the floor, kicking her legs up as she turned the controller.


“She was dressed casually - a white skirt, and a white t-shirt over a dark grey long sleeved top.  She did not hear me, or see me, before I moved in.


“The next part came with great ease; I walked in, picked her up and hand gagged her, using the remote control for the television to increase the volume so that her struggling and screams could not be heard, however muffled they were."

One of my "students" shot up his hand. "And how did you proceed from hand gagging to taping her mouth?" he said, pointing to my next slide which showed a picture of the girl, gagged.

"Ah, good question, which brings me to rule number one - silence girl before shifting hand away from her mouth. I always threaten and in this case, I used a knife against her throat and told her to shut up, or I would use it. Since she was a young kid, I used a fake serrated knife, but it still did the trick.


“Rule number two - always stuff her mouth if using a tape gag. In this case, I found her hanky discarded nearby and pushed it in, gently so as not to make her choke or suffocate. Then as you all can see, I used one long strip of tape across her mouth and a smaller piece to secure it down. Securing her limbs was still tricky, given the fact she was still struggling, but just hold the victim tight while you tape her wrists--always behind her back. Then flip her down on the ground or the sofa, depending of course on where you find the girl. As you can see, I just taped her ankles and knees tightly with rounds of tape.
“Often you may get distracted by the girl, no matter how young or old she is. In this case, it was her polka dot panties that were unintentionally exposed as I taped her limbs. But being professionals, you must not be distracted.  The objective has to be to minimise the risk of them raising the alarm or getting in your way - not to seek pleasure."

"Questions?" As I expected, when I looked at the trio in front of me there were none.


“Very good - let us move on to the next type of victim you will come across - The Rebellious Teenager."

"In this case, I was searching a house when she walked in on me.  She was fourteen, and obviously a private school girl--black blazer, white blouse, black skirt, and dark blue pantyhose. Mind you, she was well developed - already a C-cup at my guess.


“Anyway, she walked in and screamed, struggling even when I gagged her and forced her into her bedroom.  Even with my hand gagging her, she out up one hell of a fight, and I had to quieten her down.


“If you want, you could use a proper gun to threaten her or even better, stun her with an electro-shock weapon. Or, as I did, subdue her physically. I forced her face down onto her bed and sat across her, looking for something to shut her up with.


“Getting a gag on was of course difficult but since she was struggling and trying to spit into my glove hand, I decided to pull out a pair of her panties from an open drawer.  With much difficulty, I forced them in her mouth and brought a piece of tape to keep them in. So lesson learnt - when you have to use force, make sure you have the advantage and be forceful:"

Another of my "students" interrupted, "I supposed you use more than duct tape to bind her?"

I smiled as I looked at him and moved on to the next slide.  "Indeed, I used handcuffs on her to ensure it was impossible for her to break free. Furthermore, I hogtied her and lowered her pantyhose and panties and spanked her bare bottom. Left her like that - not nude, but stripped enough to ensure she would go nowhere."

I moved on to s slide of an older woman.  "Now, my third case.  This was an older woman, about thirty years old. I had come into the house from the kitchen, and surprised her in the front room of her house as she was picking up a mink stole.


“At first, she thought it was some kind of prank - later, I learnt she had been the victim of such pranks. Anyway, I found her wearing a low cut halter neck evening gown, made from blue satin, which dropped just to her knees and lots of jewellery on her.


“Eventually, she realised it was a real break-in, but she still was defiant, until I fired a silenced pistol--take note, always best to have a silenced weapon or even stun gun, though I did not have the latter then. The breaking of her picture frame on the wall sent the required message.


“After forcing her to hand over all the valuables, I made her strip off her dress. Underneath was a stick on/gel bra and black bikini panties.  Despite her new pleas, she was forced to the ground and made to lie face down."

A question came. "Should we tie women up naked or semi-naked? Would that help embarrass her more?"

"Well, she was still technically covered, albeit with a gel bra. I usually tie bra-less women up, but with a shirt or towel on. I won't recommend topless or naked, as it is actually easier to escape sometimes if the binding is over bare skin, but if you like, I can't stop you.


“Back to the case, this lady got two plastic ties around her wrists. These were perfect as rope would be easily picked by her long fingernails, but it is almost impossible to break these plastic ties without the proper tools.


“Next she was forced to kneel - and I began to apply the breast bondage. This isn't restricted only to women - teenage girls like the second case can also be bound this way, but not younger girls.  For them, a simple band of rope around their arms and stomach is usually sufficient.


But this lady had large C-cups boobs, so she basically called out to have the rope bra applied. Unexpectedly, as I finished, she must have felt so frightened that she let her bladder loose and emptied the contents over the floor.


“That was alright, though, as I had a surprise for her- my calling card, if you will.”


Again, the hand shot up.  “May I ask...


“You may - an adult diaper. Laying her flat down, I cut off her damp panties and wrapped the incontinence brief around her lower regions."

"So you recommend diapers for women?"

"No silly, not just for older women - they can also be used to provide that final level of humiliation for younger girls as well.  It is up to you to choose but this was applied for humiliation and in this case, protection for her.


“Ok, final part. For her, I selected a panel gag since her mouth was large and yappy.  The rubber plug on the inside would fill her mouth, and the straps applied tightly would ensure she could not work it loose.


“Then the usual leg and knee bounds - around the ankles, and above and below the knees, ensuring they bands are tightly cinched each time.  I left her there, too scared to move as I escaped."

"Any other questions?" There were none as the three youngsters nodded.

"Perfect, so know you know how to bind young girls, teens and adults. For your assignments, I want reports from each of you of a successful capture and subdue, with full details, by the next lesson.”


I smiled as I looked at them.  “What are you waiting for?  Go for it. Class dismissed."           






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