The Incontinent Girl and the Escaped Convict

"BOOM!" The sound of thunder and the following crack of lightning woke me up. For once, I was awaken by something else rather than the dampness between my legs. Yes, I'm incontinent (since birth due to an undeveloped bladder) and so I have to wear protection (or what is commonly known as adult diapers) 24/7. It's a handicap, especially in the evenings when the wetting just gets more frequent and the flow heavier. So I've been missing out on wearing normal girl's knickers. Usually I'm woken up in the early hours of the morning due to a super wet nappy which I need to change. This time, it was the thunderstorm that brought me up.


"CRACK-BANG!" That sound was even louder and didn't just originate from the thunder. Something definitely was broken downstairs. Rats, I thought, as I grabbed my Peignoir/gown to cover my translucent negligee. I hate it when things break. My landlord hardly responds swiftly to any calls for repair. Itís times like this I wish my ex-boyfriend was still around.


Plodding down the stairs, I groped around in the darkness for the light switch but there was no light. Super rats, the storm must have cut of the power. I moved in the direction of the circuit breaker when all of a suddenly a hand cupped over my mouth and pulled me against a warm body. "MMMmmmp!' I cried in stock horror. "Not one more sound, I have a gun and I don't want to use it, Miss. Cooperate, and you will be ok."


A break in! I was one for reading stories of burglars and robbers, but those were fictional and I never expected it to happen to me. What did this guy want? This is a humble house and I'm only a junior trainee just out of university. No wealth (I still have to pay back my tuition fee loans) and nothing worth stealing.


"Move slowly, back up stairs," he ordered. Feeling what was the shape of a muzzle pressed against my back, I did so meekly, he hand still covering my mouth. I was pushed back into my bedroom and he clicked on the lights. So, he disabled only the power downstairs. Clever.


"I'm going to remove my hand. No screaming or loud noise, or you'll get it. Understand?"


I nodded and he did so. My hands were immediately pulled behind my back and he yanked my gown off and down my arms, leaving me only in my nightie. My hands were held firmly together behind my back and I felt the stickiness of tape securing them together. "Look, you don't need to do this. There's nothing valuable here at all. I'm not a wealthy person," I began softly.


"I'm not hear for money miss. I just need...hey what are you wearing underneath?" I felt my negligee being lifted up partially and he evidently saw my Tena Slip Maxi. "Why are you wearing a nappy?"


"I'm...ah...Incontinent," I replied.


"Incontinent?" he said.


"I have no bladder control," I explained.


"Oh. Ah. Do you need to change your thing?" Thing? Hah, it's a nappy. First time I ever heard someone call it a "thing".


"I don't think so. Maybe soon. Look, why are you doing this? There's nothing here," I repeated myself, wincing at the tightness of my bonds.


"I don't need money, yet. I need a place to stay. That's all I'll say." he said, pushing me down on my bed.


Oh rats, the escaped convict that was reported in the news earlier! I should have paid attention. But the reports said he was in the other neighbourhood.


Flat down on my bed, he held my feet together and wrapped tape around my ankles. "Look, mister, you don't have to do this. Just stay downstairs or better yet, leave. The police know about you." I tried to reason.


"I have no intention of staying long, Miss. I'll probably leave by tomorrow. But I of course can't trust you or you'll raise the alarm. You won't be hurt."


You're already hurting me with this tape, I thought.


"My name is Claire. You are?" I said, realising that I was no longer in any position to argue.


"Jonathan. That's it." I heard him rumbling through my drawers and he pulled out one of my black tights.


"Open your mouth Claire," he ordered.


NO! I thought. "Please, you don't have to gag me. I won't scream."


"You look like a nice girl but I really can't trust you," he said. "Now, please open your mouth."


"Do you have to...arg.mmmmph!!!" The hosiery was jammed partly into my mouth and I felt the ultra sticky duct tape again my lips and cheeks. He then added additional bonds around my knees. Lifting my nightgown again, he saw my diaper. "The indicator shows about half wet. Don't worry, Claire, I'll wake you up if you need to change. Now, apologies for this position, but try to get some sleep."


"Mmmmph!" I replied through the gag. He positioned himself on my nearby chair and slouched on it.


How on earth can I sleep like this? I thought. Luckily tomorrow's the weekend but damnit, I have an escaped convict in my house and I'm bound and gagged and incontinent. Trying to shift to a sort of comfortable position (which was impossible). Some short while later, I did doze off.








The first thing I felt a few hours later, was the dampness between my legs. Oh, time for a diaper change, I thought and tried to stretch but couldn't. Then, I remembered the events earlier: the thunderstorm. The noise, and being frightened, then being trussed up by some escaped prisoner.


"Good morning Claire," I heard his voice, and looking to the door my eyes widened as he appeared. "I think you should get up; you nappy looks thick." He lifted me out of my bed into a sitting position and carefully cut way the tape around my wrists, knees and ankles.


"I've laid out your clothes and new diaper there," he said, pointing to my changing corner which had a clothes screen. I pointed to my gag and then the bathroom, indicating the need to shower and get the gag removed.


"Sorry, babe, I won't let you do that. Now, I suggest you change before you wet the bed." A slight wetting confirmed his suggestion.


Still gagged and a little furious that I wasn't allowed to bathe first, I moved to the corner, thankful at least he was given me some privacy. I first peeled on the tabs of my diaper. Gosh, it was soaked as usual. He had laid out all my wipes and necessary items; wow what a great guy. I took my time wiping and powdering myself before taping on the new nappy. Just in time as a fresh flow of urine gushed out.


He had however, picked clothes for me. It was my black strapless bra, my purple spaghetti strap and my velvet skirt. Seeing no other choice, I dressed. Returning, I in fact lifted my fingers to remove my gag when he stopped me.


"I'll say when I want the gag to be out, Claire," he breathed into my ear.


"Mmmph..." I protested and further emitted a muffled groan has he taped my hands behind my back. I was then led downstairs to my kitchen. Forced down to a chair, he restrained me to the furniture by wrapping tape across my thighs taping my exposed arms to the arms of the chair.


"Full English Breakfast or continental?" he asked. I gave a muffled grunt to the first, while testing my bonds. He had taped me securely.


So I watched helplessly as he started cooking. As he did so, I examined him--about six foot one or two, extremely muscular, short brown hair. Not a bad build for one who was in lock up. And much more athletic than my ex. After several minutes and one small wetting, breakfast was ready.


"I remove your gag, and you don't yell." He stated. I nodded and still grimaced as he pulled off the sticky tape which probably left a mark on my cheeks. My tights were soaked beyond recognition as he pulled them out. He graciously moistened my lips with a damp towel first.


"Thank You," I said, coughing a bit. Then, I saw him starting to cut the eggs and bacon.


"Can you release my hands?" I asked.


"No, I won't. I'm sorry, I still don't trust you."


"Please, I won't attack you or escape. Besides, I may need to change my Tena Slip half-way through the meal," I lied. That usually doesn't happen.


Pushing my skirt back, he exposed my new nappy and my lie was evident; my nappy was still mostly dry.


"Nope, end of story. Any more protests and you won't get breakfast. Now, be a good girl and open up." So for the first time since I was a kid, I was being fed by another person.


After a couple of bites and a wiping of my mouth (the brown sauce was on my lips), I stopped and asked, "Why did you escape?"


"None of your business," he said, cutting the bacon.


"If you've restrained me and all, I think I've the right to know," I said, tugging against the bonds.


"If you know what I did, you'll tell once I leave."




"No nonsense or I'll stop feeding you." That was the end of it. Breakfast over, he again parted my skirt to check if I needed a change. Not just yet. "Ok, I'm going to.."

Just then the doorbell rang. He cursed. "Who are you expecting?"

"No.." He gestured me to lower my voice. "" That was true. But part of me wondered if it was the police.

Cursing again softly, he quickly undid my bonds. Then gesturing, he said, "Answer the door. Be careful what you  say but get the person to leave. I'll be watching, no tricks." Should I listen to him or not? Thoughts ran through my mind as I reached the door. It was a police officer! Yikes! The knock came and I slowly opened the door.

"Morning, officer," I said my voice trying to hide my stammer. It was a female officer, dressed in full gear. She was about two centimetres shorter than me, even with boots on.

"Good Morning, Miss, sorry to trouble you but I'm patrolling the area. As you know there's been an escaped prisoner in the news. I just happened to notice your fence was damaged."

"Damaged? Urm, I didn't know that. Must have been the storm," I suggested. Now please leave.

"Are you alright Miss? You look a bit flustered."

Do I? "Urm, it's nothing, didn't sleep well. Now, if there's anything else..."

"What happened to your wrists?" I looked down and yes, by golly, there were red marks on my wrists. Just then, I filled my nappy a little more.


"Miss, I would like to come in to check if all is alright, should take long."

"Pleas..." but she already stepped in and moved . Rats! "Officer, there's...."

"Freeze Officer," Jonathan said, coming out of the corner,  brandishing his weapon. In a swift motion, the female officer also drew hers. It was a standoff.

"Drop your weapon, you've nowhere to run," the officer said.

"We'll see about that, " she said, his fingers tensing on his weapon. What happened next was something I never imagined myself doing in all my years. I just couldn't stand watching this handsome man, albeit possibly a serial criminal, being drawn into a standoff like this. I lifted the ornament that was on the shelf--it was a strange gift from my ex--and with a force I never wielded before, I smashed it on the back of the officer's neck. She fell immediately to the ground immediately, unconscious.

"Oh my gosh, what did I just do?" I remarked out loud, trembling. Suddenly, my bladder again emptied its contents onto my nappy. One more pee and I would need a change.

Paul, completely unfazed by what just happened, moved over the unconscious officer. He pried the service gun away from her fingers and looked up to me. "Thanks a lot for that. Do you think you could help me further?"


"Claire, you did good. Now, can you help me?"

I nodded slowly and I walked over. "Help me take off her clothes." I gave him a quizzing look but did so. Her duty jacket was the hardest to remove but once that was done, the rest was ok. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and her blue bra came into view, covering rather large breasts. "Well, officers do have some taste," I heard Jonathan remark. I paused but he motioned me and  I undid her trousers, revealing bikini black panties. What a set of lingerie, I thought.

Jonathan meanwhile plastered her lips with a huge round of duct tape that covered her whole lower jaw--I saw him wrap it around at least three times. Rolling her over, he extracted her service handcuffs and locked her wrists behind her back. "Claire, do you have any rope in your house?"

"I have some parcel string," I said, still shocked by what I just did.

"That will do, please get them." I did so and minutes later, I watched him truss the girl up further in what he explained was a hogtie. The final touch was duct tape around her eyes as a blindfold, which was just in time as the officer was stirring. "Mmmmppp..." she groaned.

"That should hold her, but not for long," he remarked.

"Jon...athan, I can't believe what I just did, I struck..." he motioned me to the kitchen, "an officer of the law."

"You saved me, that what counts," he said.

"But, what will happen to me?"

"I guess you don't have much of a choice now. You can stay here after I leave and possibly face charges or you can...."

"Can what?"

"Follow me."

Follow an escaped prisoner? With a incontinence?


"Claire, there' snot much time, even with the officer restrained."

"I need to change my nappy," I said instead, which was true.

After I did so, I made up my mind. "Pack only essential stuff," he advised me. "I'll have to fill the bag with nappies," I remarked. "Well, yeah, bring enough, we won't know when we'll be able to buy some."

A year later...

"Morning honey..." Jonathan said, opening the blinds. "Breakfast in bed for my love."

Ah....thanks sweetie," I purred. I had indeed joined Jon and we took a few weeks to catch a plane under false names to this offshore tax haven. There, he had retrieved the millions he had stolen. After a couple more days, he helped me forge a new identity (my first name still was the same) and we eloped.

"I think I need to change my nappy first," I remarked, sitting up in the large king sized bed we bought with the fortune.

"I'll do that for you baby," he said, and started to undo my tapes. What a great life, I thought.







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