In The Laundry







"Mom, have you seen my swim suit? Mom?" I cried out.


"It's in the dryer, darling and please, I have to head off to catch the plane. Have fun at your party and remember, no boys."


" Have a good trip."


Finally, in what seemed like ages, I could have the house to myself. That meant a pool party with my best girl friends, especially since I got mom to renovate the swimming pool. Our house always had a swimming pool since I was born but since Dad divorced mom, the pool had been neglected. Now restored and with the sun shining, I had set up an impromptu party.


Heading down the wooden steps, I entered our laundry area, which had both a washing machine and a dryer. I opened the latter and extracted my one piece swimsuit. At 15 going on 16, my cup size was still an A as opposed to my friends with large Bs or C cups. And my body wasn't exactly the shape for a bikini bottom. Still, the one piece I selected gave me a rather slim figure and gave me a larger cleavage.

I stripped off my clothes and yanked the swimsuit up my legs. Just as I was about to pop my T-shirt on, I was startled as a large gloved hand clamped down on my lower jaw. Instinctively, my muscles flexed in a response, but then I heard a voice hiss from the corner of the room. "We have a silenced gun pointed at you so I suggest you cease your movement.


Shocked by this, I did so and then the voice continued, "the gloved hand will be removed in a moment but I do not want to hear a sound from you, understand?" Still shocked over the sudden turn of events, I nodded slightly and the tightness around my jaw was released. I was pushed, or rather kicked down on the ground, falling on my stomach on the cold floor. My arms were yanked behind me and my wrists felt the roughness of rope around them.


"Ow!" I cried, but then I felt a circular object pressed against my neck. "I told you to shut up." I winced and tried to bear the pain as I felt my wrists, knees and ankles been secured very, very tightly together.. I was yanked up and more rope was wrapped above and below my small breasts frocign them up and out as my top stretched over them.


"Open wide honey," I saw an arm extend out with something bundled in the fist.


I shook my head. No way was I letting them...


"Argh....." The other person behind pinched my nose, forcing my mouth to gape open. Something silky was jammed inside my oral cavity. I heard the ripping of tape and a super sticky adhesive strip was plastered around my lower jaw, trapping some of my long hair in the process. "Mmmp!!!" I cried.


"You don't like the taste of your own panties? They are clean; not like the pair you just dropped on the floor." Panties?! Panties?!!! I screamed even louder but the gag was effective, muffling every attempt I made to speak. "Now, small boobs girl, have fun 'swimming'. In case you are wondering, we removed all sharp objects from this laundry area. Good luck in getting free." I listened to the sound of heavy footsteps as they echoed round the room, and up the stairs, then the rest - the rest was silence


"Mmmmppph!!!" I cried as I heard their footsteps retreat away. Over the next hour  or so, I tried my best to get the bonds or even the tape loose, all but to no avail. Suddenly, I heard footsteps above and someone calling "Catherine! Cathy? where are you?" It was Jenny, one of the friends I invited over!


"MMMMMMPPPPPHHH!!!" I cried louder and finally I heard the footsteps increase and saw her running towards me. "Oh my gosh!! What happened?" Soon enough, she had managed to peel the tape away, yanking some of my hair in the process. It certainly was one of my pairs of silk panties that was jammed in my mouth and I turned bright red as it fell out.


"Thank you," I coughed. "Some thugs trussed me up and left mw down here. Can you untie the ropes?"


"Oh." she suddenly said, then stood up and looked at me, her head to the side.


"Hey, aren't you going to help undo the knots."


"Aw,,,you do look so cute, a damsel in distress..."


"Jenny what on earth?! Untie me."


"Remember that time you stole my bra so I had to walk around bra-less and covering my chest? It's payback time Cathy."


"Jenny, come on, I apologised to..mmmppphhh!!!" She bundled up the wet underwear and jammed it back in my mouth.


"Now, let's see....ah your sexy pantyhose," she produced a pair of my purple hosiery, most probably from the dryer. "Just as good as tape."


"Mmmmppph!!!" I yelled through the panties as the hose secured them in place.


"I'm sure to have a nice time with the others in your pool. Bye Cathy." I watched as she climbed out of the room, screaming at her in frustration...







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