Leah's Nightmare Weekend




Chapter 1

It was Friday afternoon and Leah Thompson a sixteen year old student Denton High School for Girls was walking home from school looking forward to getting her horrible brown uniform off and spending some time with her mum who she had hardly seen all week due to the hours she works.
She was walking past old Mr. Johnson’s house when she noticed a van parked on the drive, which was odd as the house had been empty since Mr. Johnson passed away about six months earlier. Leah looked over the gate where she saw a man unloading some boxes from the back of the van.

“Good afternoon, are you moving in?” She politely asked.

The startled man turned around and looked at her but never replied he just quickly turned away again and carried on unloading the boxes. He was a large man possibly in his forties with short jet black hair Leah did see enough of him to notice he had a large scar down the side of one of his cheeks.

“How rude.” Leah thought to herself as she carried on walking.

Once she got home she changed out of her school uniform into a pair of light blue denim shorts and white t shirt, looking in the mirror she brushed her brown hair back and tied it in a ponytail, finally she put on a pair of white ankle socks and her white training shoes.
She went down into the kitchen and switched on the television while she poured a drink and made herself a snack. She was just in time to catch the local crime file program, this a program where the police appeal to the public for help in solving crimes which she never misses as she has always been fascinated by detective and crime programs and books. The program lead with a story about a valuable art and antiques collection that had been stolen while on its way to auction London the items were said to be worth over three million pounds. The presenter then showed a photo fit picture of two the men police believe are responsible for the robbery.

“Oh my god! It’s the man from Mr. Johnsons.” Leah said out loud to herself spotting a distinctive scar on the face of one the men in the photos.

Leah dashed over and picked up the telephone she was about to call the number on the screen when she stopped.

“They’ll never believe me this time not after the last couple of times I phoned and they accused me wasting police time. I have to get some evidence.” She thought to herself.

She grabbed the new digital camera mum bought her for her birthday and set off for the house. When she reached the house she saw the van was still there but there was no one around. She quietly opened the gate and crept down the drive up to the front window of the house and quickly peeped inside but the room was empty.

“They must be in the back room.”

She quietly crept around to the back of the house where she heard voices coming from the back room.
Kneeling down below the window she held the camera up and took a photo.

“Damn!!” She forgot to turn the auto flash off and the poor light conditions had made the camera flash.

“What was that?” She heard a voice say from inside.

Leah got to her feet and ran she just got to the door at the side of the house when it opened and strong arm grabbed hold of her. She looked round to the see the man with the scar.

“What have we here then a little snoop?” The man said recognizing Leah from earlier.

“I wasn’t doing anything get off me.” Leah protested.

“If you weren’t doing anything then what’s this?” The man asked snatching the camera from the girl’s hand.

“I was taking photos for school project.”

“A likely story, get inside.” The man said dragging Leah into the house.

She was taken into the back room where three other people were gathered two women and another guy. One of the women sat in a large arm chair she looked to be in her forties Leah guessed she was Scarface’s wife or girlfriend she had short blonde hair and was wearing black leather trousers with black knee length boots and a white blouse. The other couple sat cuddled up on the sofa they were much younger possibly in their twenties she had shoulder length brown hair and was wearing black jeans with black knee length boots and a black t shirt. He had a shaved head and was wearing blue jeans and white trainers with a white t shirt and blue denim jacket.

“Who’s she?” The older woman asked.

“She saw me earlier unloading the van and come back for a snoop.”

“What’re we going to do with her?” The younger woman asked.

“I could put a bullet in her pretty head.” Her boyfriend replied pulling a gun from his jacket pocket.

“Don’t you dare Billy she’s only a kid, put that thing away.” His girlfriend told him.

“Look we’ll be out of here tomorrow I’ll lock her in the cellar until then.” Scarface told the others.

He took the frighten girl out of the room and down the hall to a wooden door which he unlocked.

“Get in.” He said roughly pushing Leah through the open door making her fall down the wooden stairs which led to the cellar, Leah looked up from the floor to see the door being closed and locked. She got to her feet and brushed herself down she looked around for a light switch, which she spotted at the top of the stairs near the door. Once the light was on she set about having a good look around the cellar it was full of boxes which Leah guessed were the stolen valuables, on the far wall was a tool rack full of tools which could come in useful if she could find a way to get out. Up above her she spotted a small window which she was sure she’d be able fit through if only she could climb up to it. In the corner was an old table and chair she dragged the table over so it was below the window and climbed up on to it, she was still too low and couldn’t quiet reach the window, so she climbed down and picked up the chair and placed it on the table, she then took a screwdriver from the tool rack and climbed back up. She began to try and force the window open with screwdriver, but her weight on the old rickety wooden chair caused it to break and collapse sending her crashing to the floor.

The four crooks in the room above heard the crash

“The girl she’s up to something.” The older woman said.

“I’ll go check on her.” Scarface said getting up from his chair.

Leah slowly got to her feet none the worse for her fall apart from a small graze on her arm, wondering if they’d heard the crash upstairs her question was soon answered as the door opened and the crook came dashing down the stairs.

“If you damaged any of these goods you’ll be sorry miss.”

Leah managed to grab hold of one of the legs from the broken chair and smash the man over the head with it as he went to grab her sending him sprawling to the floor. Leah threw the chair leg down and ran up the stairs as fast as she could only to be stopped in her tracks at the top by the older woman who grabbed hold of Leah’s arm.

“Men we can’t trust them to do anything right can we dear?” She said as she clasped her hand tightly over Leah’s mouth stifling her scream.

“I knew I should have let Billy put a bullet in her head.” The man called out as he got to his feet.

“Leave her to me dear." The woman replied. "She’ll give us no more trouble. Go and tell Rose I want her help that’s if she can drag herself off that brother of yours; we’ll be in the small bedroom."






Chapter 2

The woman took Leah up to the bedroom and pushed her face down onto the bed still keeping her hand over the terrified girl’s mouth and sat on top of her with her legs straddled either side of the girl.

“Rose get up here now.” She called out.

“What do you want?” The younger woman asked as she entered the bedroom.

“There's some rope in the van go and get it for me.”

Leah had watched many detective movies she knew exactly what was going to happen to her now and began to panic and struggle.

“Stop that you little bitch.” The woman said grabbing hold of Leah’s ponytail and pulling her head back. “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I have too is that clear?

Leah nodded her head the best she could.

“Now if you promise not to scream I’ll take my hand from your mouth.”

Again Leah nodded.

“Please let me go, I won’t tell anyone I’ve seen you.” Leah begged once her mouth was free again.

“Don’t be a silly; we can’t let you go now you’ll go straight to the police.”

“I won’t I promise.” Leah sobbed.

Rose returned to the room carrying a number of lengths of rope and placed them down on the bed next to the woman.

“What are you going to do with her Jeanie?” Rose asked.

“Tie her up of course, and you’re going to help me. Get some rope and tie her ankles together make sure you tie them good and tight.”

“NOOOO!” Leah cried but Jeanie pushed her face into the pillow on the bed muffling her cries.

“Shut up! Remember what I told you about hurting you?” Jeanie told her with some menace in her voice.

“Now don’t you dare lift your face from that pillow.” Jeanie told Leah taking her hand off the back of her head.

Leah felt Rose begin to tightly wrap rope around her ankles while Jeanie took hold of her arms and pulled them behind her back after crossing the girl’s wrists she began wrapping rope around them. Rose gave the rope an almighty tug to make sure it was tight before knotting it, causing Leah to wince and moan into the pillow. Jeanie pulled the rope so tight it was dug into Leah’s soft flesh again causing her moan. Once Leah’s wrists and ankles were secure Jeanie climbed off her and told Rose to tie her legs together just above the knees, while Rose did this Jeanie left the room, she returned a few moments later carrying pink flannel face cloth and red and white checkered tea towel.

“What are those for?” Rose asked.

“I’m not going to give her wash if that’s what you’re thinking. Sit her up.” Jeanie replied.

Rose roughly pulled Leah up and sat her on the edge of the bed. When she saw Jeanie folding the face cloth into a small wad

Leah knew exactly what was coming next she’d seen it many times in movies.

“You’re going to gag me aren’t you? Please don’t I’ll be quiet I promise.”

She'd seen women gagged many times on television and in movies and often thought it must be horrible to have something tied in your mouth now she was about to find out for real as Jeanie ignored her pleas and held the face cloth up to her mouth.

“Open wide and say ahh.”

Leah clamped her mouth shut not wanting the cloth stuffed in it, but Rose grabbed her ponytail and gave it a hard tug cause her to cry out as she did Jeanie stuffed the face cloth in her mouth.

“Thank You Rose.”

Now don’t you dare spit that out.” She said as she started to fold the tea towel into a band.

Jeanie forced the centre of the folded tea towel into Leah’s already full mouth as Rose lifted her ponytail up out of the way allowing Jeanie to knot the gag tightly behind Leah’s head.

Jeanie then roughly pushed Leah back face down onto the bed and finished off by tying a cruel tight hogtie.

“Come, Rose those men down there will be wanting their diner soon. One of us will be back to check on you shortly Nancy Drew so don’t you be going anywhere.”

The two women left the room to the sound of gagged sobs.








Chapter 3

“Poor little mite, did you have to be so cruel with her Jeanie, couldn’t you have just tied her to a chair or something?” Rose asked as they were walking back down stairs.

“You’ve never been in prison have you dear? Well I have, Holloway isn’t a very nice place my dear believe me. If she gets free and goes to police that’s where we’ll both be going.”

“What have you done with her?” Billy asked as the women rejoined the men

“Let’s just say she’s going to be a little tied up for a while.” Jeanie replied with an evil smirk on her face.

“Wow this I’ve got to see.” Billy said getting to his feet.

“Sit back down Billy you’re going nowhere. Ray tell him to stay away from her.” Rose said pushing Billy back down on the sofa.

“Do as she say’s Billy.” Ray told his bother.

“Come on Rose you and I need to get diner started.” Jeanie said.

Just then Ray’s mobile phone rang. The others watched as he listened to what the caller had to say, Jeanie could see something was wrong by the look on his face as he ended the call.

“Problems?” She asked.

“That was Mr. Fahid he’s not going to be in the country with the money until Sunday now, so we’re going to be held up here with the goods for another day.” Ray replied.

“What about the girl?” Rose asked

“What about her?” Jeanie replied.

“We can’t leave her tied up like that all weekend.”

“She’ll have to get used to it. Now let’s get that diner started” Jeanie told her.

“Can’t we at least make her more comfortable?” Rose continued.

“If she’s a good girl I may consider it, now shut up and let’s get that bloody diner started.”

Once the two women were out of the room Billy stood up.

“Where are you going?” Ray asked.

“ Bathroom.” Billy answered.

“You stay away from that girl. Do you hear?”

“Alright, alright stop going on.”

At the top of the stairs Billy couldn’t resist he just had to see what they’d done to Leah.

“Look at you all trussed up like pretty Christmas turkey.” He said with huge grin on his face as he popped his head around the door.

He walked into the room and sat on the bed beside the terrified sobbing uncomfortable girl.

“I bet you wish they’d have let me put that bullet in your head now.”

NOMMMPPHH! Leah moaned shaking her head.

“I can still do it you want, it will end this suffering.” Billy told her pulling the gun from his pocket and holding it to Leah’s head.

Leah began to panic and struggle, crying loudly into her gag.


Billy looked round to see Rose standing in the door way.


“I was only teasing her sweetheart I wasn’t going to hurt her.”

“DON’T YOU SWEETHEART ME, GET AWAY FROM HER, GO ON GET OUT.” Rose screamed grabbing hold of Billy’s jacket collar trying to pull him off the bed.

Ray came rushing into the room and roughly pulled Billy to his feet.

“I told you to stay away from her.” He said giving Billy a hard smack across his face.

“I’ll take that too.” He continued taking Billy’s gun from him before dragging him out of the room.

Rose sat down on the bed besides Leah who was trembling and crying.

“It’s all over now baby, don’t cry.” She said gently running her hand through Leah’s hair to comfort her.

“I won’t let him come back I promise you. You relax and calm yourself down, we’ll bring you some food soon and I’ll try and talk Jeanie into making you a little more comfortable”

Rose continued to stroke Leah’s hair comforting her all the time until Jeanie called up to her.


“I’ll have to go now baby, I’ll be back to check on you soon.”

Jeanie was peeling potatoes in the kitchen when Rose walked in.

“It’s about bloody time too, make a start on those carrots.” Jeanie told her pointing to plastic bag full of carrots.

“What are you making Jeanie?” Rose asked.

“Beef stew.” Jeanie replied

“Will there be enough for the girl?”

“If there is any left, I may let her have some. None of us will be having anything if you don’t hurry up with those carrots.”

“I'll give her some of mine; I’m not all that hungry.”Rose told her.

“Let’s get one thing clear Rose, she will eat only when I say she can eat, and I will feed her not you or anyone else. Do you understand?”

“Yes Jeanie. Is it ok if I go and check on her she was very upset when I left her thanks to Billy’s stupidity?” Rose replied.

“You stay and finish those carrots I’ll go.” Jeanie told her putting the last potato in the cooking pot.

Leah was moving around on the bed the best she could trying to find the most comfortable position to lie as the cruel hogtie was beginning to make her back ache when Jeanie walked in.

“You’re still here then that's good.” She mocked as she entered.

“I know you were expecting Rose but you’ll have to make do with me she’s busy.”Jeanie said ignoring the girls moans as she rolled her back onto stomach.

Leah felt relieved as Jeanie began to untie her gag, but her relief quickly turned to disappointed as she had only untied it so she could retie it again even tighter than before. Next she began checking the girl’s bindings pulling them tighter where necessary, after which she pushed Leah back over on to her side. Jeanie’s eyes were drawn to Leah’s large breasts what were bugling beneath her tight fitting t shirt and she decided to have a little fun. There was still a couple of very long lengths of rope left on the floor she picked one up as Leah watched her nervously wondering where she was going to tie this. Once again ignoring Leah’s gagged protests Jeanie began wrapping the rope around her upper body and around her breasts before tying it off behind her back. Jeanie stood back and admired her handy work before picking a mirror up off the dressing table.

“How do you like your new rope bra?” Jeanie asked holding the mirror so Leah could see.

“NOMMPHH!!” Leah protested which made Jeanie howl with laughter.

“I can smell diner cooking so it's time to go, see you later and remember don’t you be going anywhere.”






Chapter 4

The tight ropes around her chest along with the mouth filling gag were making it difficult for Leah to breathe properly, but she found lying on her side helped a bit. Hours seemed to gone by now and no one had come back to see her, she was very hungry and the room was beginning to get cold as the night started draw in which added to her misery.

After a while the door opened and Jeanie entered followed Rose who was carrying a tray with a bowl of beef stew and glass of water on it.

“What have you done to her?” Rose asked seeing the ropes around Leah’s breasts.

“It’s called a rope bra my dear, those nice firm young tits were crying out for one. It’s something I learned to do while in Holloway any woman that did wrong was made to wear of these as punishment by the guards but we didn’t have a t shirt on at the time.”

"That’s just cruel." Rose replied

Jeanie ignored her and untied Leah’s hogtie and helped her sit on the edge of the bed.

“Right I’m going to take your gag off, one sound and it goes back on and you won’t be fed. Do you understand?”

Leah nodded.

“Very well.” Jeanie replied as she loosened the gag allowing it hang around the girl’s neck before helping her spit the face cloth out.

Rose held the glass of water the Leah’s lips

“Have a drink your mouth must be so dry.”

Leah took two big mouthfuls before Jeanie pulled Rose’s hand away.

“Not too much she’ll be peeing all night.”

Jeanie took the bowl of stew from the tray and spoon fed the girl. Leah thought the stew actually tasted very nice it was just a shame there wasn't much of it. Once the stew had all gone Rose let her have another couple of mouthfuls of water before Jeanie replaced her gag. Jeanie then untied the rope from Leah’s legs and helped her to her feet.

“Take her to the bathroom while I prepare her bed for the night; keep her hands tied so you’ll have to do everything for her.”

“Poor thing she’s freezing.” Rose said as she took hold of Leah’s arm and led her from the room.

When they returned they saw that Jeanie had laid a thick blanket over the bed.

“Take her shoes off.” Jeanie instructed Rose.

Rose sat Leah down on the bed while she untied her trainers and removed them.

“What about her socks?”

“She can leave those on, now remove her shorts she'll be more comfortable without them.”

Leah didn’t like this and began to struggle as Rose helped her to her feet

“Give her a slap.” Jeanie told Rose as Leah tried to resist the woman as she unfastened her shorts.

Rose ignored her and continued trying to get the struggling girls shorts off.

“I said give her a slap and make it a hard one.”

Rose was left with option than to give Leah a couple of hard slaps on her legs telling her to calm down, which caused Leah to start crying again. Finally Rose got Leah’s shorts off revealing a little pair of pale blue cotton panties. Jeanie then took over from Rose and roughly pushed Leah down so she sat on the edge of the bed, and tied her ankles and knees together as before.

“Help me get her on the blanket” She said to Rose.

Between them they picked Leah up and placed her in the middle of the bed on the blanket. Then Jeanie began to wrap the blanket around Leah’s bound body revealing a number of lengths of rope she’d positioned across the mattress under the blanket. Once the blanket wrapped snugly around the girl she proceeded to tie the evenly spaced lengths of rope around Leah’s mummified body starting her at feet and working her way up to her knees, thighs, waist, and chest trapping her upper arms to her sides, and finally her shoulders. The binding was so tight the only part of her body Leah could freely move was her head.

“Snug as a bug in a rug.” Jeanie said stepping back to admire her handy work.

“What do you think Rose is that comfortable enough for you?”

“She doesn’t look very comfortable to me.” Rose replied

Leah didn’t feel very comfortable either the tight rope bra she was still wearing along with the tight ropes around her upper body and the gag where making it even more difficult to breathe properly.

“What are you girls doing in there you’ve been ages.” Ray called from outside the room.

“Putting our little guest to bed, come and say good night to her.” Jeanie called back.

“Nice job you two.” Ray said with big smile on his ugly scarred face revealing a number of missing teeth.

“I had nothing to do with it, it’s all the doing of this evil bitch.” Rose snapped as she stormed out of the room.

Which Jeanie and Ray thought was most amusing.

“Good night Nancy Drew, sleep well.” Jeanie said before switching off the light and leaving the room with Ray.






Chapter 5

Leah spent a long uncomfortable night mummified in the blanket drifting in and out of sleep; it must have been the early hours of the morning when she did finally drop off to sleep properly.

The next morning she was awoken by Rose who had brought a breakfast tray into her room. It was only when she tried to move her hands to rub her eyes she remembered the situation she was in, which made her whimper into her gag.

“Good morning baby, I’m glad to see you managed to get some sleep I’ve brought you some breakfast but first we need to get you up. I think you’ll be relieved to know Jeanie won’t be joining us this morning she and Ray drank a full bottle of whisky last night, so she’s not feeling too good, serves her right. Now let’s get these ropes untied”

Rose started at Leah’s feet and worked her way up the girl’s body until all the ropes tied around the blanket were untied, she then unwrapped the blanket from around Leah’s body and helped her sit up on the edge of the bed where she untied the girl’s legs and ankles.

“Shall we go to the bathroom?”

Leah nodded.

Rose helped Leah to her feet and was about the lead here out of the room when Jeanie appeared in the doorway looking rather worse for wear she was dressed in only her white bra and panties.

“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?” She asked in a very husky voice.

“Getting the girl up and giving her some breakfast, you’re obviously in no state to do it.”

“What did I tell you, she is only fed when I say so? Oh go to hell, I can’t be bothered arguing with you, do what you want with her, but don’t you dare let her get free I’m going back to bed.

Jeanie went back into the next bedroom and closed the door.

Rose took Leah into the bathroom just like the previous evening her hands were kept tied behind her back all the time so Rose did everything for her again. When they returned to the bedroom Leah was sat back down on the bed.

“I’m going to take your gag out now, please don’t try to cry out or I’ll have to put it back in.”

“Thank You.” Leah whispered relieved to finally have the horrible gag out of her mouth.

Rose put her finger on the girl’s lips

“Shush.” She said as she held a glass of orange juice to Leah’s mouth.

Leah’s mouth was dry and she wanted to drink all the juice but Rose pulled the glass away after a couple of mouthfuls. She then took the bowl of cornflakes from the tray and spoon fed them to the girl. Leah hated being spoon fed like a baby but if she wanted to eat she was going to have to put up with it. Once she had finished Rose let Leah have another couple of sips of juice before she wiped her mouth with tea towel that had been used as a gag.

“Feel better now baby?”

Leah also hated Rose calling her baby it made her feel like a baby especially just after being spoon fed.

“Please my name is Leah.” She nervously told the woman.

“I’m sorry baby I’m going to have to gag you again.” Rose said not taking any notice of what Leah had told her.

“Please don’t I promise not to cry out, Please don’t I’ll be quiet I promise.” Leah pleaded thinking Rose was more of a soft touch than Jeanie.

“I have to baby, but I’ll try and make it more comfortable you.”

Rose took a white handkerchief from her pocket and scrunched it up into a ball.

“Open up baby.”

“Please stop calling me babmmmphh.” Leah’s protest was cut short as Rose stuffed the handkerchief in her mouth.

Next Rose took a pale blue bandana from her other pocket and folded it into a band and forced the centre between the girl’s teeth.

Saying “Look it matches your little panties.”With a big smile on her face as she knotted it behind her head.

“You must be so sick of the sight of this room by now, I’ll take you down stairs and you can watch TV for a while."

Rose helped Leah to her feet and led her from the room when they reached the top of the stairs they were greeted with a wolf whistle from Billy who was at the bottom.

“Awesome just awesome you girls are so wicked.” He said pulling his camera phone from his pocket hoping to get a video of the pretty bound and gagged young girl being lead downstairs in her skimpy panties, still wearing the rope bra.


Rose’s shouts alerted Ray who was in the back room nursing his hangover and in no mood for his brother’s horse play. He came out and grabbed hold of Billy dragging him into the back room.

“It’s enough Billy leave them alone don’t make me have to tell you again.” Ray said giving Billy a hard smack on the back of his head.

Rose led Leah into the front room where she had already placed a wooden chair in the centre of the room facing the television. Leah noticed a large roll of silver tape and pair of scissors on the seat of the chair and knew exactly what they were going to be used for having seen the movie single white female many times. Rose picked up the scissors.

“I’m going to cut your hands free don’t try anything silly baby, Ray and Billy are only next door all I have to do is call them.”

After Rose had cut the rope binding her wrists Leah gave them a vigorous rub quickly trying work some circulation back into them as she knew her freedom wouldn’t last long.

“Take a seat baby, and place your arms on the arm rests for me” Rose told her after picking up the roll of tape.

Leah knew she had no option but to obey, once she was seated Rose began to wrap tape tightly around her wrists and forearms pinning them to the wooden chair arms. Then she moved down to the girls feet and taped her ankles and calves to the chair legs, she then wrapped a number of layers of tape over the girls lap and under the seat securing her to the seat of the chair before moving up to her upper body wrapping a number of layers around her chest just below her breasts and repeating the process just above her breasts pinning her to the back of the chair, next she cut five or six strips of tape and placed them over Leah’s already gagged mouth covering all of the lower part of her face, finally she took the TV remote control and taped it to the chair arm under Leah’s right hand so she can easily operate the television.

“There now that’s a bit more comfortable for you isn’t it? I have to go to the shops and get some supplies or we won’t be eating today, I’ll check on you when I get home, See you later baby.”







Chapter 6

Left alone once again Leah switched on the television and flicked through the channels, stopping at the local news channel Channel M when she saw a photo of herself on the screen which was taken at school only a few weeks before.

“Police are becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of missing teenager Leah Thompson. Leah a sixteen year old student at Denton High School for Girls hasn’t been seen since arriving home from school yesterday afternoon at around three thirty. Anyone with information about the missing girl please call Denton police force on 0162 3364848.” The newsreader told the viewers.

Leah was relieved to hear that police were looking for her and just wished they’d hurry and find her, because she didn’t know how much of this torment she could take.

In the back room Ray and Billy had also been watching the news report when Billy noticed that Ray had fallen asleep. With Rose at the shops, Jeanie still in bed and Ray fast asleep on the sofa now was his chance to have some fun with the girl. After all why should the women have all the fun? He thought to himself.
Quietly picking up his iPhone from the table where Ray had left it after taking it from him, he crept out of the room.
Leah had now changed channels and was watching MTV; she had the volume turned up fairly high so she never heard Billy creep into the room until he ripped the TV control from the chair arm and switched off the TV causing the shocked girl to jump with fear.

“My my, Rose certainly made sure our little TV star isn’t going anywhere didn’t she?” He told the frightened girl inspecting all the tape securing her to the chair.

“Why should the girls have all the fun, I love this kind of thing, I have hundreds of photo’s and video’s on my laptop of bound and gagged girls but none are young and pretty like you.” He continued.

Leah tried to look away the best she could as Billy took is iPhone and began taking photos of her from all angles.
He grabbed hold of the sobbing girls chin and held her head in position while he took photos of her face and her gag, before switching his attention to her breasts and the tight rope bra taking close up photos as Leah sobbed and struggled.

"You really are very pretty, you should do this kind of modelling for a living when leave school." Billy told her as he continued to photograph her.

After a while he put down his iPhone and picked up the scissors and started to cut away at the terrified girl's t shirt but was stopped by a familiar voice behind him.


Billy looked up to see Rose standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips with a face like thunder.

“I thought you were at the shops my sweet.”

“Talk about while the cats away. Get away for her.”

“Why should you girls have all the fun?”

“Believe me Billy it’s no fun, washing her, feeding her, dressing her, and watching her suffer, I even had to wipe her arse this morning, but it’s something that has to be done if we want to stay out of jail. Forget her for now, we have more important things to worry about come next door and I’ll tell you.”

Billy followed Rose into the back room where Ray was still asleep.

“Ray wake up, Ray, Ray.” Rose said slapping his face.

“Don’t you dare tell him about the photos I’ll delete them I promise.”Billy told her

“Make sure you do you dirty little fucker, every single one.”

Ray woke up.

“Back so soon Rose, did you get the tablets I asked for?” He asked noticing the time on the clock and the fact she hadn’t been gone long.

“I never got to the shops I had to come back and tell you, there are cops everywhere outside, it looks like they are doing door to door inquiries looking for the girl it won’t be too long before they reach this end of the street. What are we going to do?

Ray sat up, “Stay calm everyone. Where’s the girl now?” He asked.

“She’s next door Rose has done an expert job of taping her to a chair.”Billy answered with a grin on his face.

“OK. Rose you go and get Jeanie up. Billy you and I will have to carry the girl down to the cellar.”

Rose went upstairs while Ray and Billy went into the front room. Leah started to panic and struggle at the sight of two men approaching her.

“It’s alright we’re not going to harm you, we just need to put you outside of sight for a while.” Ray told her.

The two men picked the chair up off the floor with the terrified girl still secured on it and carried it out of the room and down the steps to the cold dimly light cellar.

Rose put her head around the cellar door

“Jeanie will down in a minute.” She called down.

“Rose quickly go around the house and tidy up make sure you pick up everything that can connect us with the girl, all the ropes, gags, tape, any clothes every single thing.” Ray called back.

Rose took all things she collected down to the cellar and hid them. She gave Leah a reassuring smile and pat on her head, before going back up to the others who had been joined by Jeanie.

It wasn’t long before the door bell rang.

“You two quickly up stairs and hide.” Jeanie told Ray and Billy.

“Rose you go and stay with the girl keep her quiet. Leave the rest to me.”

The door bell rang for second time before Jeanie opened it to see a young female police officer standing before her, she looked to be in her early twenties with brown hair under her hat. She was wearing full police uniform including stab vest.

“Can I help you officer?” Jeanie asked.

“A teenage girl has gone missing in the area, so we’re going around all the houses in the area asking a few questions do you mind if I come in.”

“Not at all officer come in sit down, this is terrible news her parents must be worried sick.”

“Is there anyone else in the house?” The officer asked.

“No my husband’s at work.” Jeanie replied.

The officer handed Jeanie a copy of the photo of Leah that was shown on TV earlier.

“Think carefully have you seen this girl Leah Thompson at any time since yesterday evening?”

“No” Jeanie replied. I’m sure I’d remember if I had she’s very pretty.”

The dust in the cellar was starting to play havoc with Rose’s dust allergy and caused her to sneeze very loudly, and again, followed by another even louder sneeze.

“Are you sure there is no one else in the house? What was that noise?” The officer asked.

“I didn’t hear anything.” Jeanie lied.

“Someone sneezed I’m sure they did. Do you mind if I take a look around?”

“Be my guest but I’m telling you no one else is home.”

Rose couldn’t stop the sneezing and gave out two more loud ones.

“What’s in there?” The officer asked stopping at the cellar door.

“That’s the door to the cellar, I was down there a few minutes ago there is no one in there.”

The officer was getting very suspicious and opened the cellar door where she saw Leah bound to the chair and Rose standing behind her with her hand clasped over her gagged mouth.

“What the…” Before she could continue her sentence Jeanie pushed the officer hard in the back sending her flying down the stairs hitting her head on the post supporting the hand rail at the bottom of the stairs.

“Bloody great Jeanie, now they can add murder along with kidnapping and theft to our ever growing charge sheet.” Rose screamed looking at the motionless police woman lying on the floor.

“She’s not dead.” Jeanie replied after feeling the officer’s pulse.

“Help me get her over there before she comes to.” Jeanie said pointing to water pipe that ran along the wall.

The two women dragged the young officer along the floor and sat her against the wall. Jeanie then took the officers handcuffs from her belt and cuffed her hands to the pipe behind her back.

“Any more or that tape?” Jeanie asked pointing at Leah who was horrified at what she’d just witnessed.

“Plenty.” Rose told her going to the stash she had hidden earlier.

Rose got the roll of tape and passed it to Jeanie who had stuffed a dirty old piece of cloth she’d found lying around, in the officers mouth. Jeanie then wrapped the tape tightly around the officer’s head and over her mouth a number of times before cutting it with the scissors. She then wrapped more tape round her ankles and knees over her black trousers.

“That should hold her, come on let’s get Ray and Billy down.” Jeanie said to Rose who had just started another sneezing fit.

The two women explained to Ray and Billy what had happen.

“We can’t stay here now the cops will be all over this place like a rash once they realize she’s missing. My cousin has a holiday home in Wales in the middle of nowhere we can break in there and hold up for the night.” Ray told them.

“What about the girl and the cop?” Rose asked.

“We take the girl with us for now.” Jeanie replied. “We may need a hostage if we are to get away from here; once we are far enough away from here we’ll dump her in a motel room somewhere and call her parents telling them where to find her. Ray, Billy you get the boxes in the van. Rose come and help me get the girl ready for the trip.








Chapter 7

Leah watched dejectedly as the officer slowly and groggily regained her senses, was her only hope of being rescued now sitting bound and gagged on the floor next to her?

Jeanie and Rose walked into the basement.

“I told you I hadn’t killed her.” Jeanie said seeing the officer struggling and moaning on the floor.

Jeanie picked a large dirty dust sheet that was lying around the floor and threw it over the protesting policewoman completely covering her up, while Rose began cutting through the tape binding Leah to her chair but leaving her gag in place. Once Leah was free Rose picked up the roll of tape and was about to tape her arms behind her back when Jeanie told her.

“No time for that now.” As she took a tight hold of Leah bending her arm painfully up her back, and holding her tightly around the neck with her other arm and began walking her towards the stairs, with Rose following closely behind with the stash of rope and stuff she had hidden the cellar earlier.

Ray and Billy had finished loading up the van and were waiting impatiently for Jeanie and Rose to bring the girl out.

“Go and see what’s keeping them Billy” Ray told his brother.

Billy was about to go back in the house when Jeanie came out with Leah who was still gagged like before, her ripped white t shirt had now replaced by a tight fitting black one Rose had given her, and they had let her put her shorts and trainers back on. Leah’s arms were now tied tightly behind her back; one end of a long length of rope had been looped around her upper body just above her breasts and under her arms Jeanie was holding on to the other end leading her out with Rose following behind. Jeanie pushed Leah through the doors into the back of the van and climbed in behind her. Rose and Billy climbed into the double from passenger seat, and Ray into the driver’s seat, once they were all inside Ray started the engine and drove off. In the back of the van Jeanie had pushed Leah face down onto the floor and was about to begin binding her ankles, watched by Billy who was straining his neck from his front seat so he could see what was going on behind him, much to his girlfriend’s disgust.

“Are you going to hogtie her again Jeanie?” He asked. “Better still why not frog tie her?” He continued.

“What tie?” Jeanie asked.

“Frog tie, let me show you.” Billy replied starting to climb over the back of his seat.

“Sit back down Billy.” Ray told him. “I’m sure Jeanie has everything under control back there.”

“She gets all the fun, it’s not fair.” Billy moaned.

“Sit down and shut up Billy” Rose told him dragging him back into his seat.

Jeanie continued by simply tying Leah’s ankles and knees together before sitting her up against the side of the van.

“Now you be a good little girl or I’ll have Billy tie you in one of his frog ties.

“MMPPHH.” Leah shook not wanting to find out what a frog tie was.

After they’d been driving for a couple of hours Ray saw a signpost which read Aston Marsh twenty miles.

“Aston Marsh there is a travel lodge there I’ve used it before. When we get there Billy you and Rose go and book a room,
Jeanie and I will bring the girl in and she can call her parents, before we leave her there tied up.”

Leah breathed a huge sigh of relief her ordeal was soon to be over.

They were just a few miles outside Aston when the news came on the one o’clock news came on radio.

“Police searching for missing school girl Leah Thompson earlier today found a female officer bound and gagged in a cellar of house just a few hundred yards from Leah’s home after she believed she had discovered the missing girl in the house where she was being held by two women who overpowered the officer knocking her out. One of the women is believed to be Jean Dalton wife of Ray Dalton who police believe was involved in a three million pound art theft in Denton earlier this week. Police believe the other woman is Rose Dean girlfriend of William Dalton who police also believe was involved in the art theft. The gang who police say are armed and dangerous are believed to be travelling in a blue transit type van and should not be approached by the public, anyone with any information should call Denton police on 0162 3364848.”

“Our photos will be on every TV channel and newspaper by now, we can’t possibly let the girl go, while we still have her the police won’t touch us. First of all we need to ditch this van” Jeanie told the others who agreed.

Tears began to roll down Leah’s cheeks knowing she was going to be with the gang for a while longer yet.






Chapter 8

Ben Sheppard had finished work for the day his white van was parked up on the drive and he was looking forward to spending the rest of the weekend with beautiful new wife Elaine. Not long after he’d sat down with a cold beer after getting washed and changed there was a knock on the door.

“Get that please Elaine?” He called.

Elaine came into the lounge accompanied by a young woman holding a gun to her head, two men closely followed behind one with a distinctive scar on his face, who were also carrying guns.

“Who are you what do you want? If this a robbery take whatever you want and go please don’t hurt my wife.” The shocked man told them.

Ray walked over the Mr. Sheppard and pulled him to his feet.

“Just give us the keys to that van outside and we’ll leave you in peace.” Ray told him.

“Do as he says Ben, he was on the news earlier described as very dangerous.” Elaine told him after recognizing the scar on Rays face.

Ben reached into his pocket and handed Ray and bunch of keys.

“What are we going to do these two now?” Billy asked. “We can’t just leave them here they’ll be on to the cops as soon as we leave.”

Ray pushed Ben down onto the sofa.

“Sit her down.” He told Rose signalling to a seat on the sofa next to Ben.

“I’ll keep watch on these two; you two help Jeanie put the goods into his van.” Ray said handing Billy the keys

A few minutes later Rose and Billy came back into the house.

“All done.” Rose said.

“Rose get the woman, Billy get the guy, and put them in our old van.”

“You got what you came for please let us go.” Ben pleaded.

“I wish it could be that easy, your lovely wife here knows who we are.” Ray told him

“I won’t tell on anyone. Please don’t harm us” Elaine begged.

Ray ignored her pleas and ushered them out all out of the house.

“Put them in and tie them up, I’ll get Jeanie to help you.” Ray said opening the van door.

Soon the four crooks and their pretty young hostage were back on the road again in their new white van with Sheppard’s Removal Service on the side, leaving Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard struggling hogtied and gagged in their old van.

They’d been driving for another hour or so when Jeanie noticed Leah was getting restless and fidgety.

“What’s the matter with you?” She asked.

“MMPPHHH! MMMPPHH!” Leah moaned in frustration unable to tell the woman she needed the toilet.

“Maybe she needs to pee, we’ve been driving for hours and she did have rather a lot of fruit juice this morning.” Rose said.

“Is that right?” Jeanie asked Leah.

Leah nodded.

“Ray you’re going to have to stop somewhere soon or we’ll be sitting in a puddle back here.” Jeanie told her husband.

Jeanie began untying Leah’s legs and removed her gag.

“Not a sound.” She said pulling a pistol from her pocket and holding it in front of Leah’s face.

“There’s a petrol station up ahead they’re bound to have a toilet take her in there. We need petrol anyway so I’ll have to stop” Ray told her.

Once they had stopped at the petrol station Jeanie untied Leah’s hands and pushed her out of the van.

“Don’t try anything silly girlie, I still have the gun in my pocket and I’ll use it if I have too. Act like we’re mother and daughter.” She said linking arms with Leah and taking her into the shop part of petrol station.

“Do you have a toilet my daughter can use dear?” Jeanie asked the girl behind the counter.

“Certainly it’s over through that door in the corner you’ll need this key.” The girl replied handing the key to Leah, but before she could take it Jeanie snatched it from the girl’s hand which the girl thought was very odd, but not as odd as the two of them going into the tiny toilet together. She soon realized the reason for such odd behaviour as she started unwrap a bundle of evening newspapers that had just been delivered; on the front page were photos of Leah and Jeanie along with the other two crooks.

“Oh my god” The girl said out loud thinking what to do.

She put the newspapers on the floor behind the counter out of sight before they came out of the toilet. While bending down she spotted the panic button under the counter which was a silent alarm that alerted the local police, which the petrol station assistants were told to press if there was ever a robbery this is an emergency she thought as she pressed the button.

After filling the van up with petrol Ray gave Rose the money to go and pay because she was less likely to be recognized than him. The frightened girl tried her best to act naturally as she took the money from Rose.

“Are my sister and her daughter still in the toilet” Rose asked as the girl gave her a receipt.

“Yes.” The girl nervously replied.

“Do you mind if I use it next.” Rose asked.

“No problem.” The girl replied thinking the longer they were here there was more chance of the police arriving before they left.

Jeanie and Leah came out of the toilet still linking arms.

“Leave the door I’ll just pay a visit.” Rose told Jeanie who was about to lock it.

“Hurry up” Jeanie whispered as they passed each other.

“Thank you dear.” Jeanie said to the girl as she and Leah headed back to the van.

Once inside the van Jeanie pushed Leah back face down onto the floor and began retying her hands behind her back, watched all the time by Billy.

“Dirty little bastard.” Rose said with a smile on her face, as she climbed back into the van spotting the bulge in the front of Billy’s trousers.

Jeanie gagged Leah with the same Handkerchief and bandana as before but couldn’t add the tape as she didn’t have any. Ray was about to drive the van out of the petrol and back onto the road when a number of police cars arrived blocking the exit, he quickly reversed back and headed to the other exit only to find that blocked off too.

“The little bitch in the shop must have called them.” Rose screamed.

“Jeanie get the girl out of the van let them see her.” Ray told his wife.

Jeanie flung open the van doors and roughly pulled the terrified crying girl out. She stood at the side of the van in full view of the police many of who were armed holding her pistol to the Leah’s head, Ray climbed out of the van and stood beside them he too holding his gun to the terrified girls head.






Chapter 9

“We’re going to die aren’t we?” Rose asked Billy as she watched two police marksmen take up position on the shop roof, and the petrol station attendant lead away to safety by a couple of armed police officers.

“They won’t shoot while we have the girl.” Billy replied.

“Back off or the girl gets it.” Ray called out waving his gun in the air.

“Let the girl go Ray it’s all over, put down your weapons.” One of the officers replied through a megaphone.

“I’m calling the shots.” Ray called back. “You have one minute to move those cars and let us out, or the next time you see this pretty girl she’ll be dead. Jeanie put the girl back in the van.”

Jeanie took hold of Leah’s arm and led the petrified crying girl away. She was just about to open the van door when a low flying police helicopter flew overhead grabbing her attention long enough for Leah to barge into her knocking her against the side of the van making her let go of her arm and drop the gun on the ground.

“You little bitch.” Jeanie screamed as Leah quickly kicked the gun under the van out of reach.

Jeanie desperately tried to grab hold of the girl but Leah was too quick as she ran off in the direction of the armed officers.

“RAY STOP HER.” Jeanie screamed.

Billy saw Leah run past the van and aimed his gun out of the window.

“NO BILLY DON’T” Rose screamed grabbing hold of Billy’s arm as he shot at the girl, narrowly missing her.

“YOU STUPID BITCH, YOU MADE ME MISS” Billy screamed at Rose

Ray heard his wives cries and rushed to grab the running terrified girl only to be taken down by a shot from one of the police marksmen which hit him in the shoulder.

“RAY NOOO!” Billy screamed seeing his beloved brother slump to the floor.

Jeanie dashed over and knelt beside her wounded husband cradling his head in her arms.

“Everything will be ok honey.” She told him.

“Two police officers in full body armour rushed to grab hold of Leah and lead her to safety behind the police cars where two female officers comforted her and untied her.

Armed police surrounded the van

“Throw out your weapons and come out slowly with your hands in the air.” One of the officers called.

“You’ll never take us alive.” Billy called back holding his gun to Rose’s head.

“Please Billy no.” Rose sobbed.

“Don’t do it Billy.” The officer called back

“Listen to him Billy give yourself up, come on we will go out together hand in hand. Please Billy don’t do this.”Rose sobbed.

Billy took his gun down and threw out of the window followed by Rose’s gun, before grabbing hold of Rose’s hand and together they climbed out of the van.

“Get down on the floor with your hands behind your heads.”

They had no choice to obey, once they were on the floor an officer moved in and cuffed Billy’s hands behind his back and frisked him while a female officer did the same to Rose before leading them away and into a police van.
While this was going on Jeanie had also been cuffed by a female officer was taken to the waiting police van. An ambulance quickly arrived on the scene and Ray was taken away on a stretcher cuffed to a police officer.

A second ambulance arrived shortly after and Leah was taken to the local hospital escorted by a female officer where she was given a full medical check-up and stayed overnight before being reunited with her relieved mother the next morning.

Jeanie and Rose were both sentenced to fifteen years in Holloway women’s prison, while Ray and Billy are also serving a fifteen year prison sentence at Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight.
Leah was none the worse for her ordeal and was taken away for a two week holiday in the sun by her mother to recover.

"I'll have to get myself kidnapped more often." She told her mum as they boarded the plane.

The End.







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