Mark Plays with Pussycats


by Charles Spencer

from an original story by KP


“MARK!! KRISTEN!! I want both of you down here, right now!!”

We both walked out of our bedrooms and looked at each other, wondering what had got Mum so upset with us. It was about seven in the evening, and I had been trying to finish off an assignment that was due in the day after tomorrow - Friday. It was a warm evening, so I was wearing a striped polo shirt and khaki shorts.

Kristen was wearing a white vest top, and matching shorts over some tan hose. “Any idea what’s happened,” she said, but I just shook my head, before saying “We’d better go down and find out.”

Mum was standing in the front room, tapping her foot with her arms folded as she looked at us. She was still wearing her work outfit of a short sleeved blue silk blouse, knee length straight grey skirt and heels.

“Well,” she said as she held out a letter, “Do one of you want to explain this?”

Kristen shuffled her feet, and then said “Is it something to do with the order I placed on line for a few small things?”

“No - but you can tell me about that as well,” Mum said quietly, but with real venom. “This letter is from Mrs Wrightson down the road - did you two do a prank phone call on her?”

“Ah,” I said as I looked up, “I cannot tell a lie - it was Kristen.”

“You little...” Her attempt to slap me up the right side of the head was stopped by Mum saying “All right - both of you, upstairs, now. If you’re not going to tell me, you can take the punishment while I go and sort this out with her.”

“Nice going, Mark,” Kristen mumbled through clenched teeth to me as Mum made us go up to my bedroom, and closed the door behind her. “Your supplies, Mark - now,” she said, and I knew she meant it, so I went to the cupboard and took out my stash of ropes and tape.

“Assume the position,” she said as she picked up two lengths. We had been playing the games for some considerable time now, but this was probably the first time Mum had used it to punish us. All I had done was phone her claiming she had won a small prize on a radio show, after all.

Although, as I knelt in front of the bed and crossed my wrist behind my back, I did realize that perhaps $500 was a little too much to trick someone over. “All right, I admit it, I’m sorry,” I said as I felt my wrists being pulled tightly together, “but you don’t need to punish Kristen for that.”

“I’m not,” Mum said as she cinched the coils by passing the rope between my arms, and then started to bind Kristen’s wrists together, “this is for owning up to the fact it was her who placed that order on Amazon for the supplies.”

“Well, I thought we might need them?”

“We do - but you should have used your card, not mine,” Mum said as she tied the rope off between my sister’s arms, and then bound us both around the chest and arms with more coils.

“Well, can’t say fairer than that,” Kristen admitted with a shrug as we both stood up and sat on the bed, watching as she crossed and bound our ankles together. “So, how long this time?”

“Until you free yourselves,” Mum said as she wrapped rope around my legs below my knees, and then did the same for Kristen. “I’ll leave some scissors where you can use them - eventually. Now, both of you face down on the bed.”

“Oh come on, Mum,” I said as I looked at her, “At least leave one of us on the floor.”

“Want me to add blindfolds?”

We looked at each other and shook our heads, then lay on our stomachs while Mum placed us each into a hogtie. Picking up two of my hankies and the roll of tape, she then wasted no time in gagging us before saying “I’m going to talk to Mrs Wrightson - have fun.”

We turned our heads and watched as she walked out and closed the door, then took a few minutes to preserve our strength and devise a plan of attack for the scissors she had left on the other side of the room.

As it was, it was Kristen who eventually executed an escape plan, by wriggling over and starting to push me towards the edge of the bed.

“Hhwhtrudng,” I mumbled as she started to push me over.

Ucsdths, ufiskt,” she mumbled in return as I got closer and closer to the edge of the bed.

Lllrrt, lttrrtt,” I said as I turned myself round and slid off the bed, landing on my knees as I heard the front door opening and closing. I kept my thoughts to myself after that as I positioned myself with my knees on the rug, and used my bound feet to start to push my body across the room, the rug providing some protection to my knees as I slowly made my way across.

I wasn’t sure how long had passed - I know it was enough time for Kristen to start to sweat a little as she lay watching - but eventually I managed to reach the scissors, turn round and start to saw away at the rope holding my wrists to my ankles. I know Mum meant for me to do this, or she would have tied my ankles so far back my heels would have rested on my cheeks.

The rope soon parted, and after a few more minutes I managed to free my wrists. Working my arms round, I peeled the strips of tape away from my mouth and spat the hankie out, before untying myself and then taking care of Kristen.

“I am so going to get you for that,” she said as she left the room with me, and then walked into her own. For my part, I had a far more pressing need to deal with, as I headed to the bathroom to take care of a pressing internal matter.

Fifteen minutes and considerably less troubled later, I flushed and washed my hands before leaving the room. Kristen’s door was still closed, and there was no sound coming from downstairs either, so I made my way down to see if Mum had come back yet. As I looked in the living room, however, I began to wonder if Mum had ever actually got out of the front door.

Mum was lying on her side on the couch, looking at me over the large silk knot that was forcing her lips apart. That knot had been tied in a large red and gold scarf, which had been rolled into a band and then pulled into her mouth, the ends going round her head and trapping her hair.   But judging by the bulge in her cheeks something else had been crammed in before and a small white edge of cloth showed above the red/gold silk.


That was not all that was trapped - there were coils of rope around her chest, above and below her breasts and pulling the silk over them, and her waist. Her arms were behind her back, and given the rope there as well as around her ankles and legs I could only assume her wrists were secured there as well.


“I didn’t know Kristen could work that fast,” I said as I stepped in, which was my big mistake. Mum’s eyes widened and she started to struggle, but before I could get away I was grabbed from behind and a gloved hand was placed over my mouth.

The strange thing was, this leather gloved hand smelt of fine perfume, and it was small, but very strong. For a moment, I could not believe what was happening, but when a soft voice whispered into my ear “Oh has the big brave man come to rescue his mummy? I do so love a hero,” I realised that I was being held by a woman.

“Now then, big boy, kneel down in front of your mother, put your head on the cushion, and put your hands behind your back,” the voice said as I was frogmarched forwards. Her grip, whoever she was, was like iron, so I was powerless to do anything except walk forward and kneel as she said, then move my hands as she had commanded.

I knelt there, expecting to feel something against my wrists, but instead the mystery woman wrapped rope around my arms, just below my elbows, and pulled them tightly together, making me gasp as she secured them before she secured my wrists with my palms together. I had seen pictures on line of women tied like this, but it had never been done to me before, and it felt - strange but slightly exhilarating. 

Mind you, being tied up by a woman other than Mum or Kristen.... Where was Kristen anyway?

“Your sister has probably met my friends,” the voice whispered into my ear, and looking at Mum I saw her nod her head to confirm this was not the only one in the house. I groaned as I was made to kneel straight up, and I watched the gloved hands passing a coil of rope round me. I could see now the gloves were short leather ones, and the mystery woman had a black leather jacket on as well.  Not that fashion sense mattered, as she tied my arms tightly into my side, and then started to massage my chest with her hands between the two coils of rope. “Hmmm - so strong for one so young. I like it,” she whispered before I felt her lips on my neck, and then her hands crossing my ankles.  


By all rights I should have been petrified by this time, but - look, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I was excited. Whoever this was knew what she was doing, as my ankles and then my legs were tied tightly together, and then she made me turn and sit on my bottom so that I could get my first look at her.

She wasn’t much taller than me, and had short black hair - at least I presumed it was, as the stocking that was pulled over her head made it difficult to see. She was indeed wearing a tight leather jacket and black leggings with knee length soft leather boots.

“You’re cute,” she said as she looked at me and put her finger on my lips, “I’m going to enjoy spending the night with you and your family.”

This gave me the chance to ask the obvious question - “Who are you and what’s going on?”

“Good - you got him. We can keep all three of them in here for now.”

I looked to the door to see Kristen looking at me, her vest pulled tightly over her chest by the ropes that held her arms to her side. She was just as securely bound as I was, but she also had one of her large black scarves pulled into her mouth - but the way her cheeks were also bulging, it was keeping something in there.

She was being frogmarched by two other women, identically dressed in leather and holding her arms - but both had stocking masks over their heads.  I noticed two other things – the high heels on their boots, and the jewelled brooches they wore on their jackets.

“He’s not going to cause us any trouble, is he?”

“No, he’s not,” the black clad woman said as she stroked her finger over my lips. “Are you sweetie?”

“So long as you don’t hurt my mum and sister, I’ll do whatever you say,” I said as I looked at you. “Who are you?”

“You can call me Miss Panther,” the one who had bound me said, “and my friends are Miss Leopard and Miss Puma. We’re going to be staying the night, and then you mum is going to do help us with our work, aren’t you Mummy?   Then we will leave you alone; alive and unharmed.  Cause us problems and someone will get seriously hurt, comprende?2

Mum nodded and looked at both of us, saying “Msree” as she did so.

“Now,” Miss Panther said as she made Kristen sit in a chair, and then looked at me, “You do what we say, all right?”

I nodded and then said “What do you want Mum for?”

“You don’t need to know,” Miss Puma said as she left the room. “Do as you’re told, we’ll feed you and maybe even have a little fun. Fight us, and we hurt you. Clear?”

We all nodded at that as we watched Miss Puma leave the room, and then return with our telephone which she had pulled away from the wall. “Right,” she said as she looked at me, “Names, please.”

“I’m Mark,” I said as I looked at her, “and this is my sister Kristen and my mum.”

“First time tied up?”

“No - but first time by a female robber.”

She nodded and said “Well, we’ll give you a real treat later. Right now, do you have any beers?”

“I don’t know - I don’t drink.”

Miss Panther looked at Mum, who mumbled “nthfrij” as she looked at her.

“Very good - fetch three bottles and see if they have a menu for a Chinese restaurant or something. You’re going to feed us tonight.”

I looked at Kristen as she squirmed round in the chair, and had to stop myself for a moment from wishing I was tied up next to her. Something told me I was going to have a long night...





I opened the door to see Johnny, a friend from school, standing there.

“Hey Mark - didn’t know this was your place. I’ve got your order from the China Delight for you.”

“Thanks,” I said as I opened the door a little and took the packages from him. “I didn’t know you did a delivery round.”

“Just started - pays some bills.” He held his hand out, and I slipped him a ten.

“See you tomorrow,” he said as I closed the door, and looked at Miss Puma standing next to me, with a pistol pointing at me.

“Nice job, Mark,” she said as I picked up the box, “Let’s go.” I walked in front of her into the dining room, where Mum and Kristen were already sat in two chairs. They were held to them by the ropes that went around their waists and chest, while their ankles and knees were tied tightly to the front legs of the chairs.

“That smells good,” Miss Leopard said as I put the box on the table, and sat in the chair she was behind. “Hands on your head Mark - my friends will make sure you all get enough to eat.”

“Who the hell are you three anyway?” Kristen said as Miss Panther laid some plates out.

“We’re the ones in charge - now shut up or I tape your mouth over and you get to watch while the rest of us eat.”

As I was bound to the chair, I looked at the trio of home invaders. Miss Puma was dark skinned, with curly hair that was held down by the stocking over her head, while Miss Panther looked and sounded as if she was Chinese or Japanese. She was smaller than the other two, but obviously the leader.

“I’ll do whatever you say,” Mum said as some food was put on the plate in front of her, “Just leave my family out of it.”

“No can do,” Miss Leopard said as she tied my left ankle to the chair. “We’re making sure you do what we say. Right now, let’s just check you are who we hope you are.    You are Regina, manager of Professional Pawnbrokers in town.    Yes?..........Yes, I asked you a question”


“Yes that’s me.  I’ll do what you want, anything, just let my children go.  You have me so leave them be.   They can’t hurt you and can’t help you either.”


“Oh but you are so wrong.   They make your considered obedience absolute.    They are our hostages for your good however - eat.”

Well, what else were we going to do - dance around? As Miss Leopard pushed me up to the table, we shared out the Chinese banquet Miss Puma had ordered on her cell- using Mum’s credit card - and I tried to absorb what was going on. We had been held hostage in our own home before, but never by three women - and especially three women whose leather outfits accented every curve of their body.

Miss Panther must have noticed it as well, as she swallowed some chow mein and said “It’s all right, Mark - you can look, but you can’t touch.”

“Well, maybe we can touch him later - or make him touch something.”

“Who knows - he might even enjoy it.”

I must have blushed, because Kristen said “Great - now everyone knows we like playing tie up games.” She then realised what she had just said, as she looked at me and Mum, then at the three intruders.

“Really? Well, that explains why you didn’t struggle too much. Once we’ve eaten, Miss Puma, go upstairs and see what you can find.”

I saw Miss Puma nod, and then swallowed what I had in my mouth - I had not cleaned my room up after the earlier incident, and looking at Mum and Kristen I could see they both knew it as well.

“Got something to hide, Mark?”

I shook my head and concentrated on eating, as Miss Panther said “You’ve embarrassed him, Miss Leopard - I think he does have something to hide.”

“Just don’t hurt us,” Kristen said, “Please?”

“Hurt you? My dear little girl, we’re going to make you very comfortable once you’ve eaten - you and your mother, and then your brother.”


The rest of the meal passed in silence, before I watched Miss Puma stand up and leave the room, while Miss Leopard and Miss Panther looked at the three of us.

“So what do you think,” Miss Panther eventually said as she sat back.

“He’s cute,” Miss Leopard said as she stood up and walked behind me, putting her arms round my neck as she kissed the back of my head, “I’ll look forward to it.”

“What are you going to do to him,” Mum said quietly.

“Nothing bad,” our captor said as Miss Puma walked back in. “Well?”

“We’ve got plenty for what we need to do - untie them and let’s get started.”“Very well,” Miss Panther said as she stood behind Mum and Miss Puma behind Kristen, “When we untie you, you stand up with your hands on your heads and come upstairs.”

“And if we refuse?”

Miss Puma looked at Mum as she drew the gun from her jacket pocket. “don’t,” was all she said as she untied Kristen, and we all complied, standing up and walking up to Mum’s bedroom with our hands on our heads.

As I walked in, I saw that all of Mum’s and Kristen’s scarves had been thrown onto the bed.

“Stop there,” Miss Panther said as Miss Leopard closed the door. “Your son is about to begin an important part of his education.”

“What do you mean,” Kristen said as she looked at me.

“You two,” Miss Puma said as she looked at Mum and Kristen, “Take your clothes off.”


“Start stripping,” Miss Leopard said as she put her arm round my neck, and I felt a cold metal ring against my template, “or I shoot.” I looked at Mum and Kristen, whose faces had paled before Kristen pulled her top over her head, and Mum started to remove her blouse.


A few minutes later they were standing in front of me, Mum in a pale blue silky bra and boypants, while Kristen was wearing just a pair of white cotton bikini panties. “Lose the bra, Mummy,” Miss Panther said, as Mum reluctantly slipped the shoulder straps down and drew her arms out, then unfastened the bra and let it drop to the floor.  Reluctantly, I stared at both their bodies, we had never gone naked during our games; Mum had a good body for mid 40's with a good bust  only just beginning to go to bulk and sag down, whilst Kristen’s were smaller but much firmer and the nipples pointed straight out in the chilly air.

“That’s better,” Miss Panther said, and I could see a big smile under her stocking as she looked at my mum and sister. “Now, take those panties off and ball them up.”

“Oh no,” Kristen said as she looked back at her, “You can’t be serious.”

“Kristen,” I said as I felt the arm around my neck tighten, “Please...”

“All right - don’t hurt him,” Mum said as she slipped her panties off and balled them in her hand, Kristen reluctantly following suit. I wondered why they had been told to hold them - but only for a moment, as Miss Panther said “Time to give each other a present - kiss each other and then stuff your panties into each other’s mouth.”

Up till now, I had suspected they were going to tie us up and gag us, but this was different as I watched Mum and Kristen face each other and kiss quickly on the lips, before Kristen opened her mouth and allowed Mum to push the pale blue silky wad in, grimacing slightly as she closed her mouth over it. She then stuffed my mother’s mouth with her panties, before they watched as Miss Leopard picked up one of Kristen’s long silver and Leopard scarves and handed it to her.

“Tie your mother’s arms together behind her back at her elbows - and do it properly. I think you know how to,” she said, and I was forced to watch as Kristen wrapped the scarf around Mum’s arms and pulled them together, forcing her shoulders back and her chest out as she did so.

Now, remember I was being held as this happened, so there was not a lot I could do except watch and notice Kristen’s hair below was trimmed to a long thin line of blonde hair for her bikini whilst Mum’s was bushier but still trimmed into wht seemed a teardrop shape in brown.  


Kristen was handed a second black and silver scarf and told to use it to tie Mum’s wrists together. I could see the look on Mum’s face as her wrists were tied together, palm to palm. It was a mix of fear, uncertainty, and despite herself a little excitement.

I was a little excited too, but I tried to hide it as Kristen was told to take two more long scarves and tie them around Mum’s arms, above and below her bust, so that they were held tightly in place. These were red in colour - Kristen loves these long scarves - and went round nicely as they framed Mum’s chest.

I could not help myself as I looked at the way her large bulbous nipples were sticking out, then Kristen was forced to take three red bandanas and use them to tighten the bands, one under each arm and then one between Mum’s breasts as the cloth was forced round them. Miss Leopard then whispered into my ear “Your mum has quite the rack doesn’t she - you just want to put your hands on them, don’t you?”

“I can’t - she’s my mum,” I whispered as Mum looked at me, her eyes wide as she tried to move her upper body.

“Yes you can - and you will,” she whispered into my ear as she made me walk over, Miss Puma standing back as Miss Panther picked up a long white scarf and stood behind Kristen. “Reach round and have a really good feel.”

“I’m sorry, Mum,” I whispered as I slowly put my hands round and felt her breasts, squeezing them gently, then twiddling her nipples as I felt the cold metal at the back of my head. I heard Mum moan a little in response to my touch, and she leaned back against me as I continued, watching Kristen as she was methodically bound in the same way, with long green scarves around her arms and chest and Leopard bandanas used to tighten them and force her chest out.

“It feels good, doesn’t it,” Miss Leopard whispered behind me, and I felt her gloved hand reach round my waist and between my legs. I had to stop myself from moaning as she felt just how my body was responding to being forced to do this.

“Now your sister,” Miss Puma said, and I was walked round to stand behind Kristen, Mum looking at me and saying “tslrrtmrk” as she was made to sit down on the bed, and a large blue head square folded into a band before it was used to bind her ankles together.

Once again I was made to put my hands around my sister, and once again I was forced to start to massage her chest, Kristen moaning as she had before when I did this. I watched over her shoulder as Mum’s legs were tied together below her legs with a red silk scarf, and then above with another red one and she was made to stand up.

Miss Panther then took a blue and white patterned shawl and tied it tightly around Mum’s waist, securing her wrists against her back as she did so, before she selected one of Kristen’s long neck scarves - this one pure red. As I watched, she tied one end in front of Mum’s belly, and then pulled it up between her legs, the soft cotton disappearing as she pulled it up and secured it behind to her wrist tie.    Mum closed her eyes and moaned out loud as this happened, before Miss Leopard said “That’s enough for now, Mark - pick out a nice scarf to gag your mother with, fold it into a band and tie a knot in the middle.”

I felt the pressure on my head released, and as Kristen was sat down I found a green head square with a brown horse pattern on it, and slowly folded it into a band. “I’m sorry, Mum, they made me do it,” I said as I tied a knot in the middle of the band. Mum nodded and looked at me with a faraway look in her eyes, before she opened her mouth, showing the white cloth already in, and allowed me to pull the knot between her teeth, taking the scarf around her head and tying the ends together at the base of her neck.

Whstgngthppntmrk,” Mum mumbled as I watched Kristen being made to stand up, and the same scarf combination applied between her legs as well as around her waist, making her moan and twist as the long scarf was pulled between her legs.

“Don’t worry about your boy - once we have you both secured, Miss Leopard will take care of him. Now, gag your sister.”

For Kristen I used a scarf she had worn over her shoulders to a posh party a few days before - a large cream coloured square with a gold border and white hatched pattern. As she opened her mouth, showing the blue cloth inside, and allowed me to push the knot in, I could see that she was worried as well.

“Your mother and sister are going to be in very good hands,” Miss Leopard said as I watched Miss Panther and Miss Puma sit behind Mum and Kristen respectively, and put their gloved hands on their bare stomachs, “You’re coming with me.”

I was frog marched out of the room, to the sounds of both of them starting to moan, before the door was closed and I was walked to my room.

“What are they doing to them,” I said as Miss Leopard closed the door.

“Having fun,” she said as she looked at me, before she said “Take your top off and stand with your back to me.”I did as she had demanded, standing still as I felt her put her put her arms round me and slowly stroke her leather gloved hands over my belly. “Do you do sports, Mark?”

“I play football.”

“I can tell - just as I can tell you enjoyed playing with your mother and sister. Do you do that for them when you are alone?”

“I... I have done,” I said as I felt the touch of her lips on my shoulder, and gasped slightly.

“Wha... What are you doing?”

“It is time you learned the pleasure for yourself, Mark - take your shorts off and lie on the bed, with your hands on your head.”

“What are you going to do to me,” I gasped as I felt her lips on my neck again, and her hands started to unbuckle the waistband of my shorts.

“Do as I say Mark,” she whispered in my ear as I felt my shorts drop to the floor, and I walked over to my bed as if I was in a dream, lying on it as she had commanded me and putting my hands on my head.

As I watched, she knelt down and picked up some of the lengths of rope that I had not picked up earlier, straightening one out as she placed the rest on the bed and tying a loop of rope at one end.

“Such a handsome young man,” she whispered as she took my left hand and slipped the rope over it, pulling the loop tightly around my wrist, “deserves to have the best of treatment and the finest of teaching.” I was unable to resist as she pulled my wrist up to the headboard, and secured the rope around the top corner, holding my arm firmly in place as she stroked her gloved hand down it.

A shiver ran down my spine as she did this, which continued as she climbed over the bed, straddling me for a moment as she took my other hand and tied it to the headboard.

“Have you ever been kissed by a woman other than your family, Mark?”

I shook my head, and then gasped silently as she placed her lips against mine and kissed them, and I felt the nylon rubbing on them. As she raised her head and looked at me, she simply said “Did you enjoy that?”

I nodded dumbly and watched as she started to pull my boxer shorts down, before pulling my legs apart and tying them in the same way as my wrists, with ropes around my ankles and held to the bottom legs of the bed.

“What are you going to do to me,” I whispered as her gloved hands stroked up the inside of my thigh.

“Hush, Mark,” Miss Leopard said as she leaned over and looked at me, “or do I have to ensure your silence by other means?”

“I... I don’t know,” I whispered as she leaned over and started to gently kiss my chest, her hands moving over it as she did so. Nobody had ever done this to me before, and I was starting to sweat a little.

I was also starting to enjoy it a little, and as I looked down my body I could see just how much I was starting to enjoy it. So could Miss Leopard, as she turned and smiled at me.

“You are a young man, Mark - don't be afraid of what is happening,” she said as she leaned over and kissed me again, and I felt her gloved hand moving between my legs, stroking me there as I felt myself change.

“Oh god,” I whispered out after she released me and looked into my eyes.


“Do you like what I am doing?” she whispered, and I could only nod and whimper as she stroked me down there.

“Your mother and sister would not do this for you, would they,” she then said, and I could only shake my head from side to side, watching as she bent down and kissed my chest again. She took one of Mum’s old blue headscarves from her pocket, folded it into a pad and said “Open wide, Mark, and when I have made sure you cannot say much, I will teach you so much.”

“Will it hurt,” I said quietly, but she just shook her head as I opened my mouth and allowed her to push the cloth in, the soft taste of silk on my tongue as I closed my lips and allowed her to smooth several strips of tape over my mouth.“Just relax,” she said as she straddled me and leaned over, kissing the side of my neck as her gloved hands moved over my sides and chest.

Her touch, her kisses, all combined to make me moan even more, especially as she moved down the bed and her hands caressed me between my legs.

There was a throbbing growing there, a feeling that up till now I had felt when watching or playing with Mum or Kristen, but two things were different this time. This time I was the one tied to the bed and unable to do anything about it as it grew stronger and stronger, and this time it was a complete stranger who was doing it to me, the soft touch of her hands against me making the throbbing even stronger as her hand moved up and down it.

Whtshppngntmm,” I mumbled as I looked down at her, and Miss Leopard lifted her lips from my stomach, looking at me as she said “You are showing me how responsive you are, how much you are enjoying this caress, and you are enjoying it, are you not Mark?”

I could not deny that - I was enjoying it, all thoughts of fear replaced only by a longing for that throbbing to grow stronger and stronger, and I felt myself getting harder and harder.

That throbbing was getting stronger as well, as I watched her hand encircling my member, now so large I could hardly recognise it, and slowly move up and down it, making me throw my head back and moan with every delicate stroke.

“You are a fine young man,” Miss Leopard said as she looked at me, “and some day you will make a lovely young woman a fine husband and lover. When that day comes, remember this day, and remember it as the day you discovered what a woman who is willing will do for you.”

With that, she leaned over and kissed my member. I threw my head back at this and groaned loudly, as the pressure turned up the dial to 12 and I wondered when I would get some release.

She continued this as I found myself only able to succumb, until there was a loud gasp from my gagged mouth as I felt something happen between my legs. I allowed the surge to pass as I panted for breath, and then felt her letting go of me between my legs, gently stroking my member as I opened my eyes.

“Was that good, Mark,” Miss Leopard whispered as she looked into my eyes, but I could only mutely nod as the door opened and Miss Puma came in.

“How are the lessons coming,” she said as she looked at me.

“I believe Mark now knows how it feels it be treated as a man,” Miss Leopard said as she climbed off the bed. “Perhaps you can tell him what has happened to his mother and sister, to put his mind at ease.”

“Miss Panther and I have helped them to relax,” Miss Puma said as she smiled at me, “and they are resting together now.”

I learned much later what had happened - how they had both been brought to a climax by our captors, and then untied from the scarves.  Firstly Mum had been bound tightly with rope.    Arms behind tied at both wrist and elbows and then her legs at her ankles.  All the rope was pulled very tight and cinched down with many turns of the same rope.  Her gag scarf was undone then re-used as a soggy wet blindfold, then the panties were pulled out of her mouth.    

Miss Puma had then slowly and carefully wrapped them around the large black rubber ball gag she had in her hands.  The covered ball was then twisted and pushed into her mouth which was distended to its widest due to the size of both ball and amount of cloth wrapped around it.  

The gag had a large leather panel on the front, she felt the pressure on her lips and cheeks then straps going behind her neck and under her chin both drawing the ball into her mouth and stopping her jaw moving.  Strangely, she felt extra weight on the front but only Kristen saw the long rubber penis shape waggling up from her mouth.  Then it was Kristen’s turn to be tied the same way including the blindfold and new gag.  She assumed from the feel hers also had the same long protuberance.  Mum was laid in the middle of the bed on her back then Kristen was laid on top of her but head to foot and both bodies tied tightly together around their waists.     

Without warning Mum’s hair was grasped and pulled up over her face bringing her mouth into line with Kristen’s special place, soft hands held her head and fed the rubber prong into Kristen’s special place.    Kristen’s knees were then joined together behind Mum’s head locking Mum’s face into Kristen’s fuzzy hair.   Mum only realised what was happening when she felt something hard but slimy being pushed into her special place and then felt hot muffled breath on her pubic hair.    Then her knees were wired together and she felt Kristen’s head between her thighs as Kristen tried to draw back from her to be pressed back by the rope behind her head.    


They had been left like this for a couple of hours whilst every ten minutes or so some hands would grasp each head and work back and forward, the protuberance working in and out and keeping both on a high level of sexual stimulus.    Almost enough for another climax but not quite there which tired the two out more than if they had been allowed to climax then rest.

The two had then been untied and Kristen moved to her own room whilst Mum had been stretched out spreadeagle on her bed using wide hospital mancles to give some relief to her sore wrists and ankles.      Kristen was left tied with rope lying on her bed still bound, gagged and blindfolded.

“So what are we going to do with the young man here,” Miss Puma said as I watched Miss Leopard release my ankles, only to cross them and tie them together with one length of rope, and then my legs below my knees with the second one.

“Untie his arms and turn him over,” Miss Leopard said as she tied off the rope between my legs, “We’ll hogtie him here and let him rest. You need a little rest, don’t you Mark?”
I could only nod as I was turned over and my arms pulled behind my back, my wrists crossed and tied tightly together.  Another rope pulled my elbows close together, a position I had never achieved before and then my ankles pulled back and tied to my wrists with the last length of rope. As I was rolled onto my side, I looked at the two masked women.

“What now?”

Miss Leopard looked at the clock. “We’ve got a few hours - I’ll take the first shift. You two go and get some rest - I’ll wake one of you at two in the morning.”

Miss Puma nodded and left as Miss Leopard leaned over and stroked my cheek. “Sleep well, Mark,” she said as she left to check the rest of my family.

I lay there, unsure of much except I was exhausted, and could not move another muscle even if I wanted to. I closed my eyes, wondering what was going to happen in the morning.


Actually, things happened long before the morning. I suddenly opened my eyes and looked at the clock by my bed, seeing it was one thirty in the morning, and I could smell a sweet perfume coming from behind me.

“Don’t look round, Mark,” I heard Miss Puma’s voice saying from behind me, “You look cold, so I thought I would warm you up.

I felt a hand coming round and stroking my chest again - I could feel the soft leather as her hand stroked down and around my chest, and her lips on my shoulders and neck as she held me close to her. “You are a handsome young man,” I heard her whisper into my ear before her tongue traced round my earlobe, “and I know you will make a young lady very happy some day.”

Fnku,” I mumbled through my gagged mouth, wondering what was happening as she started to kiss my neck again, and her hands stroked gently over my belly. I could feel her moving behind me now, pressing against my bottom as she swayed to and fro, and dammit - I was enjoying it.

I knew I was enjoying it, because I could feel myself reacting as any man would. Miss Puma knew it too, as her hand moved between my legs again and I felt her pressing down. “Hmmm - so glad you feel that way,” she whispered into my ear again, “I’m sure my friend has already shown you a good time, but allow me to do so as well.”   Was I in a position to refuse? Even if I had been, would I? I probably should have given it a lot more thought, but I was a young lad, unable to move or do more than softly groan as this dark skinned beauty kissed my back and massaged my cock. You tell me if you would have been able to do anything else?

I had to lie there, as her hand worked me, and I felt that throbbing again, slowly growing stronger and more urgent as her hand continued the slow, deliberate motion. As she did this, I could also feel her moving against me.     Suddenly, I felt the rope joining my legs and wrists together loosen and she rolled me over onto my back.      I could see her dark naked flesh as she rolled over on top of me and knelt above me either side of my hips.   I watched, mesmerised, as her small perfect breasts ( although I was no expert) swayed above me then she slid forward.    Her hands felt my cock and I felt something roll down it guided by her warm fingers.


“Now to show you the next lesson of your education” as she suddenly slid forward so her special place was over my cock then slowly slid down.     She made no move for some time then slowly raised herself up a few inches, then slowly dropped down again.    Long, gentle, arousing, sensual, amazing, groaning, moaning, bursting...

“Ah,” she said as she gripped me tightly with her thighs while I shot my load into the rubber end of the condom in this warm, soft but gripping place     “I can see you really enjoyed that.” When I eventually stopped, she kissed me lightly on my gagged tape then my the neck and I felt her draw herself up, slipping off the bed before I heard her putting her clothes on and the sound of a zip being pulled up.

“Don’t be ashamed, you deserved that reward for your help earlier,” she turned and said to me in the dim light, as she reached for the hogtie rope and brought my legs back to my wrists as she lay me on my side before I watched her walk out of the room, closing the door behind me. I lay there, unable to do much except smell the scent in the air, before my eyes closed again.

But only for what seemed like a moment, as I heard the third woman, Miss Panther, say “Well, well - pleasant dreams Mark?”

I looked up to see her standing in front of me, the stocking mask still over her eyes but her mouth uncovered, and dressed only in a red bra and panties. I could see the light starting to come through my curtains, but when I looked at the clock I could see it was only four in the morning.

“I know the others have been in,” she said as she walked behind me, and released my legs from the hogtie before rolling me onto my back and sitting over me. I watched as she placed her gun next to my head, and then leaned over and kissed my gagged mouth.

“I’m going to take that tape off, remove the cloth, and then I want you to do exactly what I tell you to do, do you understand?”

I nodded mutely as she leaned over and peeled the strips of tape away from my mouth, then eased the very wet cloth away from inside. I coughed for a moment, and started to say “Can I ha...” before she placed her lips against mine and kissed me passionately, her hands pressing down on my chest as she did so.

Mmmmmm” was all I could say as her tongue worked its way into my mouth and started to move round, playing with my own as I found myself returning the kiss. Eventually she released me and sat up on her knees, looking down on me as she said “So Mark, do you like what you see?”

I looked at her chest, hovering about two feet above me, and slowly nodded.

“Good,” Miss Panther said as she reached round and unfastened her bra, taking it off and letting it drop to the floor, “then you will have no problem with kissing them all over, will you?”

She then leaned down and rubbed her breasts against my face, leaving me with no choice - as if I could resist the offer anyway. I started to kiss her breasts as best I could, while she moved them over my mouth, encouraging me with her moans to kiss every inch that I could reach.

How can I describe what I was feeling by this point? We had been held hostage by three masked women, who had bound my mother and sister with scarves and made me fondle them, then tied me up - and one had given me what I had heard called a blow job, the second my first fuck, and now the red headed one was making me use my mouth to kiss her breasts - her firm, soft, warm breasts.

“Oh that’s good Mark,” she moaned softly as she pressed them against my mouth again, “now kiss my nipples.”

She held them in front of me, as I slowly raised my head and enveloped the warm flesh in my lips, sucking as I kissed them as it made her moan louder. She made me kiss them in turn, as I felt them grown harder against my tongue and in my mouth.

Plssstpmkngmdts,” I mumbled as she pressed them firmly against my mouth, but I really was in no position to argue with her. Instead I had to continue, and hope she did not notice the way I was feeling between my legs.

That did not seem to bother her however, as she moved her body up and said “now kiss me on my stomach.” I did as she asked, wondering what else she could possibly make me do to her.

A moment later, I realised I should not have asked myself that question, as she pulled her panties down around her knees, and then squatted down, pressing the area between her legs against my mouth and face. I gagged for a moment as she rubbed the soft, warm flesh against me, and I could smell - no, taste her flesh there.

“That’s right,” she said as she looked at me from no high, “Use your tongue and mouth, kiss me there or you will regret it.”

My eyes glanced over to the gun, and with great reluctance I started to kiss and lick her between her legs. As I did so, she moaned more and more loudly, pressing harder into my face and making my tongue taste the sticky fluid that was starting to come from between her legs.
I swear, there was nothing I could do as she forced me to kiss her, to lick her, and it seemed to excite her more and more until she thrust her body into my face and screamed out loud. I thought she was going to wake everyone or make someone knock on the door, but instead she relaxed and slipped off the bed, looking at me as she put her underwear back on.

“Wha... What did you just do to me,” I gasped as she looked at me, and wiped my face with my discarded boxers.

“Nothing - you did everything to me,” she said with a smile, before she wadded my boxers up and stuffed them into my mouth. It tasted sweet as she did so, before she said “Now be a good boy and keep them in there,” and left the room.

Well, I was in no position to try and push them out - she had shoved them in so much my tongue was pressed down to the floor of my mouth. And besides - I was exhausted. I literally had no strength left, or clarity of thought as what I was going to do.

            Next door earlier, Kristen had been woken from a vague state of semi-consciousness as she felt hands undoing the right ropes around her.    Soft cloth was wrapped around herwrists and ankles then she felt herself stretched spreadeagle in the middle of her bed.   She tried to call out but the over big ballgag still filled her mouth.    Fingers played with the stiff damp knots on the silk over her eyes then the scarf was whipped away; she blinked at Miss Puma and Miss Leopard standing over her.   Neither, she noted, had any clothes on and their naked bodies seemed to shine with perspiration in the dim light coming from the landing light

            outside.    Before she could think of what was to happen one climbed onto the bed either side of her.    They started to kiss and fondle her all over paying particular attention to her breasts and stomach.


            “Now Kristen, we feel you should be rewarded for being so good and not giving us a hard time.   I do hope you like this as I expect it is a first for you.”  Miss Puma whispered in her ear as she felt Miss Leopard move her kisses further south until she felt a nose nuzzle into her hair down there.   She had once allowed a boy to kiss her down there but not like this; he had been rough and quick and un-emotional as what he wanted was just below, which she had not allowed him to get to, but this was warm and almost loving and her mind whirled.    Then, yes, she felt hot breath on her lips down there then fingers parted them and she jerked as a tongue washed in and around.    She had been so concentrated on what was happening down there she had forgotten Miss Puma who she saw was now kneeling on her chest and slowly edging forward.   Soon she was just over her mouth and the rubber dong was bashing and rubbing against her pubic hair.    


“Oh that is so good Kristen.  Move your mouth up and down now so it rubs along.  There’s a good girl.  Be nice to us and we’ll nice to you.”  Kristen suddenly squirmed as she felt something hard but squishy pushed into her special place then it was pulled out again.   Then the tip was left just in and the tongue attacked her again.


“Up we go dear.   Let’s get you working for your pleasure” said Miss Puma as she raised herself on her thighs then slowly slipped the rubber dong into her.    Kristen suddenly found a wet sopping warm bit of flesh hard against her mouth and nose.   She tried to breath but her nose was caught in the cleft between the lips, she couldn’t breathe and started to struggle and move her head around.    Initially, Miss Puma thought Kristen was trying to get into the swing of things but then she realised what was happening and moved her hips slightly; Kristen drew huge breaths in through her nose until her heart rate stabilised.     Then her attention returned to her predicament.    Her hips were moving rhythmically as Miss Leopard varied between using the dildo in and out then kissing and sucking her clitoris, whilst Miss Puma got her pleasure from raising herself up and down over her face.    This went on for some minutes as Miss Puma started to breathe more quickly, then started to gasp and cry as her climax came; Kristen had been too worried about breathing to really relax enough to what Miss Leopard was doing.     Suddenly Miss Puma squeezed her hips together around Kristen’s shoulders and neck as she came in squirts and judders.     Slowly she keeled off and lay breathing deeply beside the poor girl.                                                                                           


“Right, my turn now” said Miss Leopard as she looked up from between Kristen’s leg, then got up on her haunches and slowly slid forward until she also raised herself then slid slowly down onto the rubber prong with a slow hiss of breath.     Quickly, she started to raise herself up and down in time honoured fashion.    Miss Puma reached languid a hand over and reached the end of the dildo still firmly pushed into Kristen and started again to stimulate her.  This time she wanted to make certain Kristen came again so all three were pleasured.    It took some time and Miss Leopard had come minutes before so both women were kissing, fondling and working the girl until finally she came in a gush of hoarse breathing.


“There my lovely girl, now you know how to enjoy yourself.   Some nice man will be so grateful you can tell him what turns you on in a few years time.   Now rest and get your strength back.”    Kristen was only partly awake as the two naked bodies left her room arm in arm.

I just lay there, looking down my body and trying to think about everything that happened. Sure, when we had played games as a family I had been unable to contain myself, but I had always managed to make it to the bathroom before anything happened. This, however - this was in a way different league, and I was not sure whether I should feel violated or ecstatic.
Any other thoughts I may have had in that area were soon stopped by the door opening and Miss Leopard coming in, pulling her leather gloves up tightly over her hands as she leaned over and stroked my cheek.

“You look tired, Mark,” she said with a smile, “so I’m going to untie you, and you may have a short shower. Once you have had that, you need to come back in here with me until your mother and sister have had a chance to clean themselves up.

I nodded as she slowly untied the ropes and massaged my limbs, then looked at my mouth. “I see Miss Panther dropped in,” she said as she drew my boxers out, and then walked with me to the bathroom.

As we passed Mum’s room she paused so I could look in and I saw her on the bed, face down with a large pile of pillows under her stomach so her arse was pushed in the air.  Her hands were stretched out in front of her and tied to the bedhead whilst her legs were tied ankle to thigh.  Further ropes pulled her knees apart and anchored them to each side of the bed bottom so she was stretched tight.  I could hear a faint buzzing sound as well then homed in on the sight of two round things showing from both her holes at the back.   Before I could get a chance to ask I was pushed into the bathroom next door and made to get under the shower.

The warm water woke me up a little bit, as I washed away all the sweat of the previous night. Finally, I came out and took the white towel that Miss Leopard handed me, before wrapping it round me and walking back to my room with her.

As I left the bathroom, Miss Puma was standing there with Kristen, who was shaking. She looked at me, but said nothing as I was walked to my room, and Kristen into the bathroom.“Now, Mark,” Miss Leopard said, “Dry yourself off, and find a clean pair of boxers to put on. Then you can come downstairs with me and help me to arrange some breakfast for your family.”

“Can’t I put some more clothes on?”

“No,” Miss Leopard simply said. “Now hurry up.”

I found a clean pair of blue boxers and pulled them on, as well as a pair of sandals which Miss Leopard allowed, and then walked with her down to the kitchen. She watched as I prepared some cereal and coffee, as Kristen was walked in a few minutes later by Miss Puma. She was dressed in a light pink bikini, and sat down as I handed her some cereal.

“How are you,” she said as I sat next to her, and we ate.

“Tired - you?”

“Exhausted - after you left, those two women drove your mother and me wild.”



Kristen looked at me and said “Mark, do you really want to know?”

“Sis, given what happened to me during the night, nothing would surprise me. But we can’t talk about it now - how’s Mum?”


“Sore,   Halfway through the night they untied us then they moved me to my room and retied me so very tight but I heard them doing something to Mum as she was crying and having to repeat numbers and codes time and time again.  Oh shit the codes for the shop, they are going to rob Mum’s shop” was all Kristen said before she took another spoonful of cereal in her mouth. After a few more minutes, during which time we finished our cereal and were able to have a drink of fruit juice, Miss Panther walked Mum in.

She looked tired, they had let her have a shower as well as her hair was still wet, but she was only able to walk with difficulty - A rope had been tied tightly around her waist and at least three turns taken between her legs, hugging her black thong panties in place as she sat down and was given a cup of coffee. She too was also only wearing a black underwired bra with the panties.

“Have breakfast,” Miss Panther said, “Are you two finished?”

We looked at each other and then nodded.

“Good - you two take them into up to their bedrooms.    Everything’s set up in there.”

“Come on,” Miss Leopard said as she took my arm, and Miss Puma’s Kristen’s, as we were walked back up stairs. 


“ Bye Kristen,  What are you going to do with us.”  I asked.   


“We need to keep you out of the way now so we can do our thing and get away.    Don’t worry we will leave you a way to get free but it will take some time.   Now let’s get started.”   

“Let’s do what they say” I say to Kristen who nods mutely, fear and anxiety showing on her face.   I entered my bedroom and saw ropes and other things laid out on the bed.  The curtains were still drawn but light was casting the room into a gloomy shade.


“Stay still and put your hands behind you,” Miss Leopard said, so I turned my back to her and did as she ordered.   I soon felt the harsh, tight rope around my sore wrists then again the tighter rope drawing my elbows behind me.   More rope wound around my chest holding my arms tight to my back then more rope around my waist holding my wrists to my arse which continued into a crotch rope running either side of my balls and tied off to the cinch on my wrist ropes.   Then she turned me round and knelt with more rope to tie my ankles with more cinched ties then just below my knees, just above and finally at the top of my thighs.   All this ropework had, despite my tiredness, started me up again and my cock was half up.   


“Well that definitely helps me” she said looking up.   Her soft lips suddenly latched on and she began to suck and squeeze.     Very soon I was fully up and she reached up to the bed and found a black leather item.     She opened it out and I saw what seemed like a tube with some straps and laces.   Incredulous I looked down as she started to pull the sheath down over my cock.    When down she pulled a small sack at the base around my balls then started to tighten all the laces.    Once tight she found a small strap which went around the base just above my balls.     I noticed bizarrely a small metal hoop at the tip but my cock was now mummified.


“Good Mark.  I am glad you didn’t cause problems.  We will be gone soon and then you will never see us again.  Now I just need to gag you and leave you on the bed.”    She reached for a large red ball gag on the bed and waited for me to open my mouth.   Resigned, I did so but this was bigger than any they had used before and she had to twist and push and prod it in until it popped behind my teeth.  Immediately, my jaw started to ache and I also knew I would need help to get it out.   Before she tightened the strap, she reached for a short length of thin twine from the bed which she tied into a loop then fitted each strap through it so the loop fell just below the ball.   She then pulled the straps back and tightened the buckle behind my neck.  I gurgled and tried to settle the horrible thing forward so it would not start the gag reflex or close my throat.


            Picking a roll of duck tape she pressed one end to my cheek then wound it around my face and head and back across the ball.    Three times it went round until there was a band of silver from below my nose to the base of my chin, but the twine loop still hung down free.   My mouth however was sealed and airtight so already my breathing was slowing as I tried to get enough air in.     She pushed me gently onto the bed and I bounced on the soft mattress.   I had given up some minutes ago but also realised apart from a couple of squeals from next door I ahd heard noting from Kristen.  Then I heard the slow steps of Mum as she was also brought upstairs to her room.


            There was some vague muttering sounds then a high pitched shriek suddenly cut off and silence descended upon the house but for soft footsteps around.     I dozed off a bit with tiredness and aching pain when I felt a hand on my shoulder turn me onto my side facing the door.    Miss Leopard leant down and I noticed she had a short length of twine in her hands.    She felt for my toes and wound this tightly around my big toes sealing them together with a couple of cinches to stop it coming undone.   Then she too a much longer length of twine and  fed one end through the loop on my cock cover and the other through the loop of twine on my gag then..pulled...hard.  My head cannoned down and the pain in my cock as it was heaved up made my eyes water as I tried to scream.     Three times she fed the twine through then tied it off.


“Now Mark, my darling boy, we are off.    I will not blindfold you as you have to be the big brave man and free your mum and sister.   They probably cannot get free.    We have left a pair of scissors in one of their rooms.   Won’t tell you which so you will have to check both but it will be in plain view.   We are not monsters.    You should then be able to cut your wrists free and then cut them free.  May take some time but you haven’t anything more important to do, have you.     Now don’t start until you hear the front door close, we really don’t want to make it impossible for you to free yourself either, spoils the fun for our imagination.   Thinking of you hopping across the hall or scooting on your butt if that is too difficult.    One thing I must stress, we have pulled the main phone and taken the cells.  The doors will be locked from the outside and no keys left so I really wouldn’t try to get downstairs as you are; you fall or tumble and you could crack your head and then where would your Mum or sister be, huh?   Think about it.    No, find the scissors, cut yourself free then free them.    Then think about rescue from outside, by which time we will be long gone.  Now just to keep you warm.”  


            She reached over and spread my sheet fully over me then tucked it firmly into the side of the bed, went round and tucked the other side in.  The sheet was pulled tightly over my body and my movement even more reduced.   She paused at the door and blew me a kiss then winked as she left.


“All ready both of you”






“Then let’s go and do this.  We have spent long enough and need to get out of town soon.”


I heard the footsteps down the stairs, more subdued conversation then the front door opening, followed a few seconds later by it being slammed shut and I vaguely heard the key turn in the lock.    I lay for a good minute until rational thought kicked in.  What had she said, I had to free the others.   I tried to shout but only managed strangled “Mmphmmphhhmm” before I ran out of breath.    It sounded weak to me and I heard nothing in response from next door.  OH well better get up and look for these scissors then.    That is when I found why she had tucked me in.   I was held down to the mattress, could hardly move.   I tried to turn on my back but my bent head hit the sheet edge and wouldn’t go under.  I tried to move my legs and found some purchase but having my toes tied meant I could not use my feet separately again limiting my efforts.  It took at least ten minutes of rocking, rolling and stretching before the sheet was loose enough could slide up and lift my feet out.   Soon I had my feet on the floor and considered where to go next.    I could try and stand but if I over-toppled I would slam face first into the carpet from a high height, not good.     No I needed to use the furniture to edge round the room using my increasingly numb fingers for some support.   That is when I found another problem with tied toes.   I could not shuffle my feet along but had to hop or waggle on my toes and heels.   Then I thought of Kristen and Mum and knew I had to try.


            Well I made the door somehow but it took ten minutes and I was dripping with sweat from the effort, and wheezing terribly through my nose through lack of air in my lungs.  Having to look at the ground all the time as I went also made life difficult as I could not plan my journey well, I kept knocking into sharp bits and pieces.   I rested.   Now which room first?   I wanted to get to Mum but Kristen was just next door and I could at least look in.   They may have left the scissors there anyway expecting me to go to Mum’s first just to extend the torture.    I slid around the door and stuttered along the short wall to her door, slid round again and tried to lift my head enough to see as her bed faced the doorway.


            “Oh Kristen, No No.”   Which came out as “mmphhh.  MMP MPHH”    I doubt she heard me as her head did not move.    I took in the torture she had been left in.    She was on her knees in the middle of her bed, kneeling on some thick pillows.    Her legs had been bent so each ankle was tied very firmly to the thigh, frog tied I dimly remembered from my internet searching.     Then I saw each knee was tied to the bed side so her legs were spread.    The normal rope crotch rope was super tight and I saw two small electric leads fed out.   Two? Oh no I thought.   Now I also dimly heard buzzing noises.     My eyes moved up.  “Oh No.   No.  No.”    Her arms were tied at wrist and elbow with cinched ties of tight rope then pulled up and secured to the top of the head board whilst I saw a length of twine come from each nipple and fixed to the base board.   Over the twine was stuck a number of bits of tape to keep the twine on.    She was literally floating in mid air on her knees.   She could not go back to relieve the strain on her hands and could not go forward to give succour to her poor nipples and breasts.  I had to turn my head sideways a bit to be able to see her head.   I think I expected to see her bright eyes and be able to communicate somehow I would be able free her but no.   Her entire head from chin to crown was covered with red bandage so all that could be seen was her little button nose and flaring nostrils, and judging by the bulge where her mouth was, she was very fully gagged so no chance of any conversation.   Indeed I was now certain she had no idea I was staring at her. 


            Slowly I swivelled my head painfully round but could see no scissors glinting on any surface.   Did believe Miss Leopard when she said they were in plain sight.   I was certain she did intend me to find them and free everyone.   My eyes returned to the V between Kristen’s legs and now I saw through the rope two round plastic knobs stretching down a couple of inches before the wires led off over the side of the bed .      


            No nothing further I could do here.  Even if I could free my hands it would need two of us to free Kristen as one person would need to support her whilst the other cut the ropes, so off to find Mum whom I was certain was in her bedroom.   Again the sliding, waggling and hopping around the wall all the way round the landing as Mum’s room was the opposite side to ours.  It took another twenty minutes before I arrived at her doorway, dripping with sweat from the exertion and ignoring the various pains, aches and sheer excruciating terror of my position.  I was almost frightened to poke my head round; what would I find.  How had they left my Mum and would I be able to find the scissors and free us all.  The longer it went on the less feeling I had in my fingers and arms I sensed.   I slid round leaning heavily against the door frame then stopped.    All I saw was a sausage like bundle on her bed, one large bundle her body and a smaller one her head covered in what seemed a pillow case.


            “Oh Mum what have they done to you.  Don’t worry I will get us out.”    But none of this came out as recognisable words and she gave no sign she had heard me.    I saw her face was to me and watched the faint fluttering of the pillow case over her nose.   Now I needed those  bloody scissors and quick or none of us would survive.  If I could not get free I would starve to death and they would die of asphyxiation.   This was all down to me.   Again it was difficult looking around with my head connected to my groin and bent looking at the ground but I had found I could angle it slightly sideways and get better vision up to bed height.   


            “Dncc   mphh mmmmm   ghnnns    NNHHPP”   There they were on the bedside cabinet in full view, a nice shiny paid of bandage scissors.  Well, Miss Leopard at least you played fair.    It took another twenty minutes navigating all the furniture and obstacles in Mum’s room before I leant against the cabinet.  Now I had to lean forward and grab them with one hand which meant great control as my arms were still attached to my waist and lean too far and I was a goner, face first and probably unconscious.    I also found it difficult as I couldn’t see what I was doing so had to go by feel then turn and see how far away I was.  Ah touched them, now mustn’t knock them off somewhere I can’t find them or push them further away. 


            At last I sank slowly to the floor with the scissors grasped firmly in both hands.   By reversing them I was able to get the blades upwards and in between the ropes then tried to close the handles.  It took some getting used to as I was essentially using them back to front upside down but I felt the rope begin to fray.   The crotch rope felt looser and so did my wrists so I stretched then apart.  Nope not enough yet.  Three times I did this until suddenly my wrists flew free.   I rested with fatigue and sudden exhaustion as the adrenaline slowed.   Well first thing done, now to free the rest of me starting with undoing me gag.  I brought my hands round to my front to come to an abrupt halt with the finger just past my hips.   Then I realised the awful horror of my position.  I may have freed my wrists but my elbows and upper arms were still tightly tied both together and to my chest, there was no way I could bring me head down or reach up enough to pull the tape off.  Now this was going to make things interesting.   Still by leaning my head right over and pulling my arm as far as it could I managed to snip the twine connecting face to groin.  OH bliss now I could waggle my head around and see things properly.


            Well it took long minutes as I changed my position from sitting to kneeling to sitting again but I managed at last to cut through all the ropes around my legs and finally the horrible twine on my big toes.     With a muted sigh of great pleasure I stretched my legs out and wiggled my toes.   Slowly, I felt blood surge into the muscles and the pins & needles lessen.    I staggered up and took my first steps for some hours.   I almost fell my legs were so tired and cramped but I made it to the bed and sank down on the soft mattress.    Mum felt the movement and I heard a very faint moan from the pillow case and saw a flutter of movement of the big bundle.  I saw the wrap around her body was one of her best sheets then secured with loops of silver duct tape at two foot intervals all the way down.  I also saw the pillow case had a ring of tape around her neck but plainly not tight enough to stop her getting air in; it would simply stop her or anyone pulling the case straight off.


            Now where to start ?    Her head of course.    Now careful now to snip the tape around her neck, done, then pull the case up slowly over her head. 


“Nohhhh...mmpphhhh......tttssddd” staring back was a completely mummified head like Kristen’s but this time in blue bandage.   This isn’t bloody fair Miss Leopard I swore into my aching mouth.    It was difficult to unwrap as I could not easily lift her head and hold the bandage but in the end the top of her head came to view.  


“Nohhhhh......dnscccns....mmmpphh” Two crosses of duct tape faced me covering what seemed like small scarves or hankies over her eyes.    I carried on reeling off the bandage down over her mouth, fearing what I would find.    Yes more tape just like mine and judging by the big bulge at the front her mouth was also full.   Oh well I have to get the tape off so let’s do the eyes first; at least then she can see me and we may be able to communicate a bit.   She may lose some eye brow but hopefully she will understand and they should grow back.


            I nibbled and tweaked until I found an end over her left eye and jerked firmly.  Both strips came free and slowly peeled off bringing what was a small hankie with it.   Her teary eye blinked at me.   I did the same with the other tape and now both eyes focussed on my face and I saw a smile in those eyes I knew so well.  I tried to smile back.     Now for the voice I decided and reached for an end to the tape over her lower face.     She moved her head to help me as I un-wound the tape which kept sticking to itself bringing everything to a jerky stop.  Over the minutes more and more skin started to show until finally I threw the ruffled tape away.    Staring at me was a wide open mouth framed by red swollen lips and inside was a brown gauze ball of various sodden coloured cloths.   The stocking, for that is what it was, was pulled viciously tight around her mouth then brought back and round again to be knotted behind her neck.   I soon saw the problem of tight nylon was you could not undo the knots but I also decide I did not wish to try and cut so close to her face without full control of my arms, so I motioned with my eyes and head downwards. 


            I started at the top of her sheet and found the scissors sharp enough for the job.   It was a bit more of struggle when I reached tape but soon the whole side fell away and I stared at her front.    Aghast, I stared straight at her breasts where thin twine had been wound all round the base of each so they bulged out like red, purple balloons.    Further down I saw winds of rope around her waist then pulled down between her legs.   White rope was all round her chest above and below her swollen breasts.    I stood up and moved round to the other side of her bed then staggered back.   I expected to see her hands, admittedly tied tightly, running down her back but instead her hands were up by her neck and her arms bent backwards, a position I came to know as Reverse Prayer.    Her fingers were white and swollen and plainly so tightly tied she was losing all feeling.   Lower down I saw her legs tied at ankle, knee and thigh so tightly the ropes were sunk so far into her flesh as to be almost hidden but then they had been bent back in a hogtie and tied off.  


            I had to cut her free and raised my scissors to her arm ropes.  It again took some time as I did not want to cut any skin and the ropes were very tight but slowly the ropes fell away until her hands were free.   She was unable to move her arms at first so I gently tried to move then down.    I heard the scream even though her gag as the cramps un-knotted.     Slowly they came down around her front as I moved down to cut her legs free.   Once she was free she motioned me over and cut through the ropes around my elbows then we both freed our mouths.   Next we moved to Kristen and some hours later finished answering questions with the police and being checked by the Hospital.  We couldn’t go home as it was a crime scene so stayed in the Imperial Hotel.


            Later we found the women had cleaned out Mum’s shop and the owner, a skinflint old man, blamed her for giving them the alarm and entry codes so sacked her.    The towns folk were so angry at this they stopped using his shop and he went bust.   Mum was offered a good job managing the office in a local works, “more pay..Less hassle, great”.   We didn’t play any more for some considerable time but slowly life got back to normal.    But I knew one thing - I was never going to put what happened last night out of my memory. I also knew I had to find the Miss Right for me - the one who would want to play such games with me...


            The End









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