Miss Pringle







Chapter 1

It was the first day of term after the Christmas holidays sixteen year old Jenny Bond and her friend Rebecca Story walked to school together as normal chatting about their holiday and what presents they received as they walked.

“It’s still here then.” Jenny said stopping at the school gates and looking up at the sign which read Denton High School for Girls

“Yeah worst luck, but hey we’ll be out of here in a few months time.” Becky replied.

“I can’t wait. We’ve got a new teacher this term haven’t we? I wonder what she’s like.”

“Oh yeah I forgot about that. Who said it’s a she? You never know it might be a dead fit bloke.” Becky said with a wicked grin on her face.

“No such luck, we’ll get a right old battleaxe you’ll see.”

The girls were on the last minute as usual so they went straight into class where all the other girls were already waiting, they’d no sooner sat down at their desks when Mrs Thompson the headmistress walked in she was accompanied by a stunningly beautiful tall woman who looked to be in her early thirties she had long jet black hair which was neatly tied in a pony tail. She wore a long black tight fitting leather skirt, a tight black blouse both of which showed off her curvaceous figure perfectly her outfit was finished off with a pair of knee length black leather boots.

“Alright girls settle down the holiday is over now.” Mrs Thompson called out.

The classroom went quiet.

“Thank you. Let me start by wishing you all a very happy new year, I trust you all had a good holiday. As you are all aware Mrs Jackson left for health reasons before the holiday you’ll all be pleased to know she’s had her operation and is making a good recovery but she won’t be coming back so let me introduce her replacement and your new class tutor for the of this term Miss Pringle I hope you’ll make her very welcome.

“More like Elvira.” Jenny whispered to Becky who laughed.

This was spotted by Miss Pringle who gave the girls a long hard stare.

“Well I’ll leave you with your class Miss Pringle you know where I am if you need anything.” Mrs Thompson continued.

“Thank you Mrs Thompson I’m sure we’ll get along just fine won’t we ladies?” Miss Pringle replied.

The Headmistress left the room, Miss Pringle walked to the front of the class sat on the edge of her desk and addressed the girls.

“Good morning ladies. Now you all know who I am I need to know who you are so I want you all to stand up in turn and tell me your name starting with you.” She said pointing to a small plump girl sitting at the front of the class.

“Karen Clarke” She nervously called out after getting to her feet.

“Karen Clarke, what?” Miss Pringle barked.

“Karen Clarke, Miss Pringle” The girl replied.

“That’s better you may sit down. Next.” Miss Pringle said pointing to blonde girl sitting next to Karen

“Hazel Fisher, Miss Pringle.” The girl called out.

“She's a real bitch isn’t she?” Jenny whispered to Becky.

“Yeah thank god we’ve only got her for a few months.” Becky replied.

“The rest of you remain silent.” Miss Pringle called out again looking in the direction of Jenny and Becky.

“Next.” She called out pointing to the next girl. This went on until all the girls had told her their names.

“Right ladies this class has a bad reputation, I’ve been told there are a few troublemakers amongst you, from the short time I’ve been here I think I’m already getting to know who they are.” Again she looked in the direction of Jenny and Becky

“Well let me warn you I come to this school with reputation too. I have a reputation for strict discipline, I still believe in a good old fashioned caning, you may be in your final year and you may think that you are young ladies now, but you’re not too old to have your bottoms reddened if you step out of line. Do I make myself clear?”

There was deadly silence in the classroom

“Have I gone deaf? Do I make myself clear? I want an answer.” The teacher barked.

“Yes Miss Pringle.” All the girls replied as one.

“Very good, now let’s get down to business. Mrs Thompson asked me to carry out uniform inspections randomly though out the term so that’s where we’ll begin. Any girl not wearing correct uniform with their top buttons and school ties fastened up will face a detention, and I’ll be checking to see you’re all wearing regulation navy blue panties too. I don’t want to see make-up or jewellery only sleeper type ear studs are allowed in school nothing else. Right form a line down the centre of the room. The girls did as they were told while quickly adjusting their uniforms which consisted of a black blazer, a navy blue skirt, a white shirt or blouse, a navy blue v neck jumper or cardigan, the school blue and yellow stripped tie, white knee length socks and flat black shoes, as they lined up. Jenny and Rebecca took their place at the back of the line.

“Oh my god she’s checking our knickers.” Jenny whispered as Miss Pringle lifted the skirt of the first girl in the line.

“I can’t wait to see her face when she sees the thong I’m wearing.” Becky replied.

“My knickers aren’t regulation school ones either, so I guess I’ll be joining you in detention.” Jenny told her friend.

So far all the girls had passed the inspection although some had been given a warning because their skirts were to short Miss Pringle only had Jenny and Rebecca to see.

Jenny took her place in front of the teacher.

“That skirt is way too short; I don’t want to see you wearing it again.” Miss Pringle told her.

“But I haven’t got another one miss.” Jenny replied.

“Then get your mother to buy you one, if you’re still wearing it next time I do a uniform inspection you’ll be punished.”

Miss Pringle then took hold of the hem of Jenny’s skirt and lifted it to reveal her panties

“What are those?” She asked pointing at the white lace panties Jenny was wearing.

“I couldn’t find my school ones this morning miss.” Jenny replied.

“Well you’d better find them for tomorrow or you’ll find yourself in detention tomorrow evening too, report back here at home time this evening. Now go back to your seat.”

Rebecca took her place in front of Miss Pringle standing with her hands behind her back.

“Let me see your hands girl what are you hiding?” Miss Pringle barked.

Becky held her hands out in front of her.

“Just as I thought nail varnish, have you got any remover with you?”

“No miss.” Becky replied.

“Then you’ll have to go to the science labs I’m sure they’ll have something that will get it off. Like your friend that skirt is way too short you should both know the rules by now I don’t want to see you wearing it again.”

Becky tried hard to stop herself laughing as Miss Pringle took hold of the hem of her skirt and lifted it.

“What on earth are you wearing?” Miss Pringle asked seeing the tiny little black lace thong.

“My school panties are in the wash miss this is all I have.”

“How can they be in the wash it’s the first day back after the holiday? You’d better get them washed for tomorrow or you’ll be doing a double detention. Join your friend back here this evening after class; now get out of my sight. Right ladies get yourselves off to your first class, try and stay out of trouble woe be tide any girl that is sent to me to be disciplined. Miss Bond and Miss Story I’ll see you two after school.”

“What a bitch.” Jenny said after they left the classroom

“Jen, Becky wait up.” Hazel Fisher called out.

“What is it?” Becky asked.

“Karen, tell them what you just told me.” Hazel told Karen Clarke.

“My cousin Gemma goes to that posh girls school The Hollies in Stocksbridge you must have heard of it.” Karen told them

“Yes but what’s that got to do with us?” Jenny asked.

“She told me about teacher they had there that used to tie girls up during detentions you’ll never guess what her name was?” Karen continued.

“I think we can all guess Karen. It wouldn’t be Miss Pringle would it by any chance?” Becky replied.

“Yeah she used to tie girls up.” Karen told them.

“How do you mean tie girls up?” Jenny asked.

“You know with ropes and gags and stuff, Gemma said it was horrible.”

“You’re joking you don’t think she’ll tie us up do you?” Becky asked.

“She wouldn’t dare.” Jenny replied.

“Oh yes she would.”

The shocked girls looked round to see Miss Pringle walking behind them she’d overheard everything what Karen had told them.

“I’ll see you girls after school.


Chapter 2

“This isn’t right surely she can’t be allowed to tie us up.” Jenny said.

“Maybe if we had a word with Mrs Thompson and told her what’s happened she’ll be able to stop her?” Becky replied.

“Good idea. It has to be worth a try.” Jenny said.

The two girls went to headmistress’s office and Jenny knocked on the door.

“Enter.” A voice from inside called out.

The grey haired headmistress looked over the gold rimmed glasses that were perched on the end of her nose as the two girls walked in.

“Jenny, Rebecca what can I do for you girls?” She asked.

Rebecca told her all about Miss Pringle and what their friend Karen had told them.

“Surely this can’t be allowed.” Jenny said once Becky had finished.

“Don’t you tell me what is allowed and not allowed in my school young lady.” Mrs Thompson snapped.

“Last year the parents of all the girls were sent a letter explaining the behaviour problems within the school and our tough new discipline policy each letter contained a consent form for your parents to sign allowing us to use any form of punishment we think necessary on you girls including restraints.”

“That’s barbaric my parents would never agree to this.” Jenny replied.

“Neither would mine.” Becky said.

“But they have let me show you.” Mrs Thompson replied picking up her telephone.

“Mrs Cooper will you bring me to student files of Jennifer Bond and Rebecca Story.” She told the school secretary.

After a short while the secretary entered the office carrying two folders which she handed to Mrs Thompson.

“Thank you Mrs Cooper, that will be all”

Mrs Thompson flicked through the girl’s files until she found the signed consent forms

“Miss Bond is that your father’s signature? And Miss Story is that your mother’s signature.”

Both the stunned girls nodded.

“Very well then, now get yourselves back to class and stop wasting my time.”

“Sorry Mrs Thompson.” Jenny sheepishly said as they left the office.

“I can’t believe my father would agree to this.” Jenny said as they walked back class.

“Why didn’t they tell us?” Becky asked.

“I don’t know but I’ll certainly find out tonight when I get home.” Jenny replied.

The girls first class of the day was computer studies with Miss Martins.

“Where have you two been you’re late?” Miss Martins asked as they walked in the classroom.

“Sorry miss we had to see Mrs Thompson.” Becky replied.

“Very well, I’ll check with Mrs Thompson later and you’ll be sorry if I find out you’re telling me lies.”

“It’s the truth miss.” Jenny replied.

“Alright get on with your work in silence.”

Neither girl could concentrate on their work not just in that class but all the classes that day. Jenny felt sick when the bell rang for the end of classes for the day.

“I’m not going. I can’t.” Jenny said as she Becky walked down the corridor to Miss Pringles room.

“Come on Jen we have to it will only make matters worse if we don’t turn up for detention, we’ll probably end up getting caned too.”

“You go ahead I have to go to the toilet I feel sick.” Jenny said.

“I’m not leaving you Jen, you won’t go to detention will you?”

“I don’t know, just go or you’ll end up in more trouble, leave me alone.” Jenny snapped.

“Very well, but I’m telling you’ll make it worse if you don’t show.”

Becky carried on alone to Miss Pringle’s room while Jenny went into the toilets. Jenny sat on one of the toilets put her head in hands and began to cry, she was frightened. When she was a little girl she had a babysitter an older girl who lived a few doors away, the girl used to keep her tied up and gagged in her bedroom out of the way while she had her boyfriend round , she threatened to do all kinds of terrible things to Jenny if she ever told her parents, this had left her mentally scarred she couldn’t bear the thought of being tied up again. After spending sometime worrying and thinking what to do she heard someone enter the toilets

“Jenny Bond is that you in there?” A voice outside the cubicle called out banging on the door as she shouted.

“I know you’re in there Bond come out now and save yourself more trouble.”

“Alright, alright I’m coming out can’t a girl use the toilet in peace around here.” Jenny called back.

Jenny opened the door to see Miss Pringle standing outside with her hands on her hips

“What is the meaning of this, why didn’t you turn up for detention with your friend?”

“Sorry miss I was on my way, when I got terrible stomach cramps.”

Miss Pringle grabbed hold of Jenny’s arm and dragged her out of the toilet block, down the corridor to her classroom, as she was pushed through the door she saw Becky who had been tied to chair at the front class, she wasn’t wearing her blazer or school jumper just her white shirt and tie, her hands were tied behind her back over the backrest of the chair, more rope was tightly wrapped her upper body above and below her large breasts securing her to the chair, her legs were spread apart and ankles tied to the front two chair legs, Jenny could clearly see from the way her short skirt was positioned her friend wasn’t wearing the thong that had got her into trouble in the first place. A white cloth was very tightly tied in Becky’s mouth to make a gag.

“Right take your blazer and jumper off and be quick about.” Miss Pringle instructed the frightened girl.

“Please don’t tie me up like that I’m not sure I could cope with it?” Jenny sobbed and begged.

But Miss Pringle ignored her.

“Come on I haven’t got all day get your blazer and jumper off.”

Jenny did as she was told.

“Alright take a seat next to your friend, but first take those disgusting panties off and put them in your mouth.”

“What? No way?” Jenny protested.

“Do it or you’ll feel the cane on your bottom my patience is wearing thin with you young lady.”

Not wanting to be caned as well as tied up Jenny did as she was told and stuffed the panties in her mouth, once she was sat down next to Becky, Miss Pringle took long length of white cloth from her desk and forced the centre of it in Jenny’s mouth she then took the two ends and pulled them behind the girls head where she crossed them over before bringing them back round the front backing sure both pieces went in Jenny’s mouth before she pulled them tight and knotted them tightly behind her head over her long brown hair.

“I shouldn’t hear another peep out of you for a while.” She said as she picked took a number of lengths of rope from her desk, she pulled Jenny’s arms over the backrest of the chair and began to tie her in an identical way to Becky.

Once she had finished she stood in front of the two bound girls saying
“Unless you girls want to chew on your little panties again tomorrow evening I suggest you come more suitably dressed.”


Chapter 3

Miss Pringle took a seat at her desk and pulled out a stack of exercise books

“As you can see I’ve got a pile of marking to catch up with so I don’t want any disturbance from you two is that clear?”

Jenny and Becky moaned into their gags and nodded

“How long is she planning on keeping us here like this?” Jenny thought to herself s she watched the time slowly pass on the clock on the wall.

After an hour or so Miss Pringle put down her pen and put her books away.

“Finally she is going to set us free.” Jenny thought as the teacher got up from her desk and walked towards them.

But that wasn’t the case as Miss Pringle told the disappointed girls.

“I have to go out for a short while I shouldn’t be too long, but first I have to make sure you two can’t go anywhere while I’m away.”

She began checking Becky’s bindings pulling all the ropes even tighter than before, then she took a long length of rope and attached one end to the rope binding in the girl’s wrists behind her back, the other end she then passed under the chair and out the front where she pulled it tight up between Becky’s legs so she could tie it to the rope wrapped around her body below her breasts causing Becky to moan into her gag as the rope was pulled extra tight.

“Is it me or is it warm in here? You girls must be terribly hot let me cool you down a little.”

She unfastened Becky’s tie and removed it, next she began to unbutton all the buttons on the top half of her shirt and pulled it open to expose her white lace bra.

“There now that’s much more comfortable isn’t it?”

“This woman’s insane.” Jenny thought to herself as Miss Pringle switched her attention to her and did exactly the same to her.

“I must say you girls do have excellent taste in underwear even if it isn’t exactly regulation school wear.” She said running her hands over the cups of Jenny’s pink silk bra.

“Right like I said I have to go out for a short while, don’t go away now.”

The girls watched helplessly as Miss Pringle picked up her bag and keys and left the room locking the door behind her. Jenny looked across at Becky she could see tears beginning to well up in her friends eyes; this made her begin to cry too.

“What if this terrible woman doesn’t come back? They could be here like this all night. Surely she’ll come back won’t she?”

All kinds of thoughts were going through their minds as they watched the fingers of the clock move around, it was no over half an hour since the teacher had left them and there was no sign of her returning.

Miss Mitchell a tiny young pretty blonde student science teacher was walking down the corridor on her way home after staying late to do some prep work for one of her classes in the morning, when she noticed the light in Miss Pringle’s classroom had been left on, thinking she’d better go and turn it off in case it got left on all night she went over to the door and tried to open it, as she tried the locked door she could hear muffled cries coming from inside the room so standing on her tip toes she looked through glass window on the door.

“Oh my god! Jenny Bond and Rebecca Story, what’s happened to those girls?” She said out loud.

“IT’S ALRIGHT GIRLS I’LL GO AND GET SOME HELP I’LL SOON HAVE YOU OUT OF THERE.” She called out hoping the girls would hear her.

“Will you now? Come away from that door Miss Nosey Parker.” A voice from behind her called out.

She looked round to see Miss Pringle standing behind her.

“Who are you? What have you done to those poor girls in there?”

“My name is Miss Pringle I’m a new teacher here, today is my first day, those girls in there are being punished.”

“Well Miss Pringle you open this door and let me untie those girls right now, Mrs Thompson is still here I’ll go and fetch her if you don’t.”

“Very well.” Miss Pringle replied unlocking the door.

“The education authorities will hear about this you’ll never teach again.” Miss Mitchell warned her

But to Miss Mitchell’s surprise the much taller woman grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her inside the classroom.

“Hey what you doing take your hands off me.” She screamed.

“Seeing as you’re so interested in these girls I thought you may like to join them.”


The little blonde struggled but she was no match for the much taller stronger woman and Miss Pringle easily overpowered her pushing her down onto a chair, despite the young student teachers protests and struggles Miss Pringle pulled her arms over the backrest of her chair and tied her wrists together. Jenny and Becky could only watch in horror as Miss Pringle continued to tie the young blonde in a similar way to them.

“Let me go right now, you’re going regret this when Mrs Thompson finds out what you’ve done. Let me gommmmppphhhhh!”

“I’ve heard just about enough out of you missy.” Miss Pringle said stuffing a balled up piece of cloth in the protesting younger woman’s mouth.

“Don’t you dare spit that out.”

From her desk Miss Pringle took a roll of black tape and cut a number strips off it sticking each one over Miss Mitchell’s stuffed mouth until all most all of the lower face was covered.

“Now what we’re you saying about telling the education authorities?” Miss Pringle said with a smile on her face as she looked down at her cute little blonde captive.

Jenny and Rebecca couldn’t believe Miss Pringle had tied another teacher up. What was she planning to do with her? And what was she planning to do with them?


Chapter 4

“JACKIE” A male voice called out from down the corridor.

“Is that you?” Miss Pringle asked Miss Mitchell

The little blonde moaned into her gag and nodded.

“JACKIE ARE YOU IN HERE?” The voice called out getting closer.

“Who is it your boyfriend?” Miss Pringle asked.

Again Miss Mitchell moaned and nodded.

Miss Pringle walked over to the light switch and turned the lights off before returning to her desk and taking a cane out of one of the long drawers.

“Don’t any of you make a sound.” She said menacingly holding the cane in front of the three bound girls.

“JACKIE.” The voice seemed to be coming from right outside the door now.

Miss Pringle walked behind Miss Mitchell and clasped her hand tightly over her gagged mouth.

“Not a sound from you two either.” She whispered pointing her cane at Jenny and Becky.

“JACKIE.” The voice seemed to be going away again.

Once Jackie’s boyfriend had gone Miss Pringle took her hand from over the student teachers mouth.

“Now then I think it’s about time you girls were getting home or your parents will be here looking for you too.”

Jenny and Becky both breathed a huge sigh of relief on hearing this.

“But not until you’ve both become acquainted with Wanda my magic wand.” Miss Pringle continued flexing her cane in front of the girls.

Miss Pringle untied Jenny from the chair and stood her up she took hold of Jenny’s wrists abound them together in front of her, she then lead Jenny over to the teachers desk and pushed her face down on it with her hands outstretched in front of her, she then took another short length of rope and tied one end to the handle of one of the draws on the opposite side of the desk, the other end of the rope she secured to Jenny’s bound wrists. Then she did the same to Becky laying her next to Jenny on the desk. Jenny looked at her friend through her tear filled eyes and whimpered into her gag as she felt her skirt being lifted up to expose to bare bottom, Becky too moaned in protest as her skirt was lift up as well.

“Prepare to meet Wanda, Miss Bond.” Miss Pringle said running the tip of her cane across the cheeks of Jenny’s bottom

Jenny closed her eyes and bit down hard on the panties in her mouth in anticipation of what was about to happen, she screamed into her gag as the first stinging stroke of the cane landed on its target this was quickly followed by two more each one making her cry into her gag.

“Are you ready to meet Wanda Miss Story?” Miss Pringle asked Becky.

Becky shook her head and moaned in protest but that didn’t stop the teacher from landing three hard strokes of the cane on her plump bottom

“Wanda likes you she wants to stroke your bottom again Miss Bond.”

“This woman is fucking crazy.” Jenny thought to herself as another five hard stinging strokes of the cane landed on her bottom in quick succession.

“Ready for some more Miss Story?”

Becky shook her head and moaned loudly

“Is that a no? That’s too bad because Wanda is ready for more aren’t you Wanda?”

“Fucking crazy bitch.” Becky screamed into her gag and another five hard stinging strokes landed on her bottom.

“Oh dear Wanda Miss Story has got a dirty mouth hasn’t she, yes dear she does deserve five more strokes.”

“NOOMMMPPHHH!” Becky screamed.

But Miss Pringle ignored landing five hard strokes of the cane on her target which this time wasn’t the girl’s bottom but the tops of her legs which stung like hell.

“Alright Wanda playtime is over I’m sure it won’t be too long before Jennifer and Rebecca come to play with you again.” Miss Pringle said putting the cane back in her draw.

Miss Mitchell watched the caning in disbelief, this woman is mad she has to be stopped, why on earth has Mrs Thompson employed her?

Miss Pringle released the two crying girls from the desk and untied their hands.

“Here cover yourselves up with this these, the gym teacher gave them to me out of the lost property box.” She said handing each of them a pair of navy blue school knickers.

As the girls put the knickers on she set about removing their gags. Both girls were relieved to finally be able to remove their panties from their mouths.

“If you girls don’t want to find yourselves back here every night after school, then you won’t tell a soul about what has happened tonight if hear you’ve been talking then you’ll be back here again every night and Wanda won’t be so pleasant. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Miss Pringle.” Both girls said together.

“Remember I want to see you properly dressed tomorrow or we’ll go through all this again tomorrow night, now get yourselves home.”

“But what about Miss Mitchell?” Jenny nervously asked.

“Miss Mitchell has got nothing to do with you. Her detention is only just beginning, now get yourself home.” The teacher snapped.

Jenny and Rebecca walked down the corridor out of the school still shocked by what had happened to them, as they crossed the teacher’s car park they meet Mrs Thompson who was on her way to her car.

“Jennifer, Rebecca what are you two doing here still school finished over four hours ago? Are you girls alright you both look like you’ve been crying?”

“We had detention with Miss Pringle.” Becky replied.

“And she kept you here all this time, I’ll have a word with her in the morning.”

“It was worse than that Mrs Thompson.” Jenny burst into tears she broke down and told the headmistress all about their detention and Miss Mitchell still being tied up in the classroom.

“That explains why her boyfriend couldn’t find her earlier, you girls come with me.”

Mrs Thompson and the girls went back into the school and to Miss Pringle’s classroom. Mrs Thompson opened the door and went inside followed by the two girls but to their surprise the classroom was empty.

“They’re gone.” Jenny and Becky cried out almost together.



Chapter 5

“There they are.” Becky said with panic in her voice looking out of the classroom window which over looked the car park, seeing Miss Pringle dragging the bound and gagged blonde student teacher towards her car.

“She must have used the other stairs, come on hurry we have to stop her.” Mrs Thompson replied.

The three of them rushed back down the stairs and out to the car park only to see Miss Pringles car driving away.

“What now? We’ll never catch up with her.” Jenny asked.

“Come on get in my car I think I know where she’s taking her.” Mrs Thompson replied.

“If you know where she’s taking her why don’t you call the police, Becky and I really should be getting home our parents must be worried by now.”

“No I don’t want the police involved just think how bad this would look for the school if news of this got out, teacher kidnaps other teacher I have the reputation of my school to think of. Get in my car we can stop her but I can’t do it alone I need your help, don’t worry about your parents I’ll take you home afterwards and clear everything up with them.”

Jenny and Becky agreed to go with Mrs Thompson.

“Rebecca look in my briefcase and find my address book Miss Pringles home address will be in there under P.” Mrs Thompson told Becky who was sitting next to her in the front passenger seat.

“Found it, forty five Ashford Road Stocksbridge.” Becky replied.

Stocksbridge was next town to Denton and only a short drive away. Mrs Thompson drove slowly past Miss Pringles house.

“Just as I thought.” She said spotting the teachers car parked on the drive of the large detached house.

Mrs. Thompson parked the car a few houses past Miss Pringles so not to draw attention.

“What are we going to do?” Jenny nervously asked.

“We’re going to walk right in there and knock on the door, if she wants to keep her job she’ll let us in.

The three of them approached the creepy looking house.

“I said she was Elvira, didn’t I?” Jenny said to Becky as they spotted all the creepy Goth type ornaments decorating the garden.

Mrs Thompson knocked on the front door; she could see the girls were nervous by the way they were fidgeting.

“Relax girls everything will be fine you’ll be home in no time now.” She assured them.

After a short while and few more knocks Miss Pringle opened the door.

“Mrs Thompson what are you doing here, and why’ve brought those two?” She asked.

“We need to talk but not out here inside, come on you two.” Mrs Thompson said in a tone of voice that showed her authority, as she pushed past Miss Pringle.

“What’s this all about Mrs Thompson?” Miss Pringle asked.

“Where’s Jackie Mitchell?”

“She’s in the basement, she found these two girls tied up in detention, she threatened to tell the school authorities I had to stop her, just think how bad it would look for you, me and the school if she blabs.”

“You did right Miss Pringle, only you got sloppy and left a couple of witnesses.” Mrs Thompson replied pointing at Jenny and Becky who were shocked hearing this.

“I warned them what would happen if they told anyone.”

“Your warning fell on deaf ears they came right out of detention and told me everything; we can't trust them to stay silent about this forever can we?”

“We will, we promise we won’t tell anyone. We must really be getting home Mrs Thompson are parents will be so worried now.” Becky pleaded.

“Oh no you girls aren’t going anywhere for a while.”Mrs Thompson replied.

“What are we going to do with them?” Miss Pringle replied.

“I don’t know yet, you’ll have to keep them here with the other one until I decide.”

Jenny made a dash for the door, but Miss Pringle was quick and stopped her by grabbing hold of her hair.

“ARRGH get off me let us go?” Jenny screamed.

“You heard the headmistress you and your little friend are going to be my guests for a while.” She hissed in Jenny’s ear.

“Help me get them into the basement.” Miss Pringle told Mrs Thompson.

Mrs Thompson grabbed hold of Becky’s arm and twisted it up her back, causing her cry out in pain.

“Don’t be fooled by my grey hair Rebecca I could easily break this skinny arm of yours if you give me any trouble.”

The two shocked, frightened, crying girls were taken down to the basement. When Miss Pringle unlocked the door and took them inside even Mrs Thompson was shocked by what she saw. It was like dungeon, Miss Mitchell lay on padded table in the centre of the room, the little red dress she had been wearing had been removed she was now dressed in only her white bra and panties, her wrists had been crossed above her head and were secured to a metal ring at the end of the table with rope, straps secured her body to the table a rope was passed around her waist and through her crotch which looked cruelly tight, her legs were spread wide apart and her ankles were secured to metal rings at corners of the table by rope, the tape gag and been removed and replaced by a huge red rubber ball which was tightly strapped in her mouth. All around the walls were racks containing various whips, canes, ropes, chains, handcuffs, gags and numerous other bondage implements, along with dildos of every possible shape and size.

“Welcome to playroom girls. Put yours in the cage and lock it Mrs Thompson, then you can leave us alone.” Miss Pringle said pointing to a small metal cage in the corner of the room.

She waited for Mrs Thompson to leave before saying.

“Now then Jennifer Bond what I am going to do with you?”


Chapter 6

“You’re a little overdressed for the playroom so you can start by removing your school uniform, don’t worry you can leave your underwear on.” Miss Pringle told Jenny

“Let me out, let us go you crazy fucking bitch.” Becky called from her tiny cramped up cage.

“While you’re doing that I think I need to shut your friend’s dirty mouth.”

Miss Pringle walked over to one of the racks on the wall and took down a large white ball gag, and then she took a pair of silver handcuffs from another rack. She walked over to Becky’s cage and reached inside through the bars, and cuffed Becky’s hands behind her back.

“Come here.” She said with really menace in her voice as she took hold of large handful of Becky’s blonde hair pulling her head towards the side of the cage allowing her force the big white ball into the protesting girl’s mouth, but she didn’t secure the strap straight to Becky’s head she also passed it around one of the bars of the cage before tightening the buckle securing the girls head to the bar of the cage. Next she picked up a large thick rubber black sheet and threw it over the cage completely covering it plunging Becky into darkness.

“There now I don’t think we’ll be disturbed again.” She said switching attention back to Jenny who had removed her uniform as instructed and stood trembling with fear in her pink satin bra and navy blue school panties Miss Pringle had given her earlier.

“What are you going to do with us?” Jenny sobbed.

“Come with me you’ll soon find out.” Miss Pringle replied.

She took hold of the sobbing terrified girl’s arm and lead her to a large black wooden x shaped cross that was secured to one of the walls Jenny noticed a number of straps positions at the four ends of the cross she guessed they were going to be for her hands and feet, but before Miss Pringle secured her to the cross she took a big blue ball gag from a nearby rack.

“Blue to match those big pretty blue eyes of yours.” She said as she forced the ball into Jenny’s mouth and tightly fastened the strap behind her head, next she took a long length of rope and wrapped it number of times around Jenny’s slender waist before passing one end through her legs pulling it cruelly tight up her crouch like she had done to Miss Mitchell, causing Jenny to moan into her gag, she passed it through the rope around her waist before taking it back through Jenny’s legs and pulling it tight again before she finally knotted it to the rope around her waist. Then Miss Pringle pushed Jenny up against the wooden cross so she stood with her back to the cross, first to took Jenny’s arms and strapped them one to each plank of the cross above her head, the same with her feet spreading the girl’s legs wide apart as she did so, another broad leather strap was fastened very tightly around Jenny’s stomach making it difficult for her breath securing her to the cross over part of the wooden cross.

“Now let me warn you Miss Bond I can make this cross spin around slowly like this.” Miss Pringle said flicking a switch on a control panel at the side which started the cross spinning which caused Jenny to cry and panic as she was slowly turned upside down.

“Or very fast like this.” Miss Pringle continued flicking another switch, which caused the cross to pick up speed, causing the terrified girl to scream into her gag very loudly.

“Not a very pleasant experience is it?” Miss Pringle said flicking the switch again to make it stop after a couple of full revolutions

“So if you don’t want me to spin you around again then you and your friend be a good girls and not give me any trouble. Do I make myself clear?”

Jenny grunted and nodded her head.

“I’ll take that as a yes then.” Miss Pringle said with a smile on her face.

Jenny watched as Miss Pringle then walked over to Becky’s cage and removed the rubber sheet covering it, she knelt down and unfastened the ball gag releasing Becky’s head from the bar, after unlocking the door she pulled Becky out of the cage.

“Crazy bitch. What have done to Jenny?” Becky screamed seeing her friend secured to the wooden cross.

Miss Pringle gave her a hard slap across the face.

“I don’t want to hear another peep out of you or your friend over there will be going for a little spin. Now I’m going to remove those cuffs and I want you to get undressed just like the others.”

Becky did as she was told while Miss Pringle went over to the racks on the walls and took down a few items. Once Becky was stripped to bra and panties, Miss Pringle wasted no time in tying a very tight crotch rope identical to Jenny and Miss Mitchells. A leather harness was then placed over Becky’s head which combined a big black mouth filling ball gag and a leather blindfold which was tightly secured by straps around and over her head.

“Not so mouthy now are you Miss Story?”

Miss Pringle then led the terrified trembling girl over to the wall, where she felt a leather strap being tightly buckled around her waist this was fastened to the wall by a very short length of chain behind her back, a leather collar which was also fastened to the wall by a short chain was buckled tightly around her neck. Miss Pringle then told hold of Becky’s wrists and secured them in straps that were again fastened to the wall by very short lengths of chain spreading her arms wide apart above her head; she then did the same with her ankles, which left Becky standing in spread-eagled position up against the wall.

Jenny watched then as Miss Pringle went over to her huge collection of dildos and vibrators where she carefully chose three. She walked over to Miss Mitchell and placed a little silver bullet like vibrator under her crotch rope over her panties and switched it on. Then she walked over to Jenny and forced a slightly bigger pink vibrator under her crotch rope and switched it. Then to Becky where she somehow managed to force a huge big black vibrator under her tight crotch rope and switched it. It wasn’t long before the room was filled with gagged moans and screams as the girls began to orgasm.

“I’ll leave you girls to get acquainted with your little friends for while.” Miss Pringle laughed before leaving locking the door behind her.


Chapter 7

Later that evening Miss Pringle received a telephone call from Mrs Thompson.

“How are the girls? Not giving you too much trouble I hope.”

“They’re fine I’ve settled them all down for the night and given them each a little friend to keep them company.” Miss Pringle replied.

“Listen carefully I’ve just had a visit from the police the girl’s parents have reported them missing.”

“What did you tell them?” Miss Pringle asked.

“I told them you kept the girls behind after school for a two hour detention, I was working late in my office and I saw them pass the window at around 6pm on their way home. They asked did I see you leave at the same time. I told them no you stayed later to do some prep for a class in the morning. I’m sure they’ll be paying you a visit as they asked for your address so if we both stick to this story we’ll be fine; you just make sure you keep those girls quiet. They asked about Jackie Mitchell too I told them her boyfriend came looking for her at around 6.30 but I hadn’t seen her, you tell them the same.”

“Don’t worry you saw how well hidden the entrance to my basement is, and the walls are totally soundproof no one will know they’re here.

“You’ll be pleased to know you’ll only need to keep them for tonight I’ve phoned an old friend and called in a huge favour she owed me; in the morning those girls will be going to Camp Beaufort.”

“Brat Camp? I thought that place got closed down?” Miss Pringle asked.

“It did but she recently opened up again with new staff on a remote Island off the coast of Scotland where there is no government and no laws to worry about, which is just perfect for her, because her staff can now do anything they want to the brats as punishment.

“That place sounds fantastic, but what about Jackie Mitchell isn’t she too old for Brat Camp?”

“No they take girls up to the age of twenty one, and she is still a few months short of her twenty first birthday. First thing in the morning we are to take the girls to a secluded cabin in the Lake District and leave them there where they’ll be collected and taken to Camp Beaufort, have them ready for 5am that should give us plenty of time to get there and back in time class. I’ll see you in the morning and remember what I told you to tell the police.”

As expected a short while after ending the phone call she received a visit from two female police officers one looked around the house but didn’t find the concealed entrance to the basement, while the other questioned Miss Pringle about the missing girls.

“That went very well.” Miss Pringle who had used all her training as a drama teacher to lie to police, thought to herself after she let the officers out.

After making sure the officers had gone Miss Pringle returned to the basement, she walked slowly round to each of the three crying girls whose semi naked bodies were covered with perspiration despite the coldness of the unheated room, she never spoke just smiled as she removed their vibrators, but it was only going to be a very brief rest bite for the girls. Eventually she did speak.

“You girls will be pleased to know this will be your one and only night in my guest’s quarters, Mrs Thompson has very kindly arranged for you all to go to camp in the morning. Won’t that be fun?”

The girls had no idea what she meant but they were sure it wouldn’t be fun.

“It’s a shame you’re going to be leaving me so soon I have lots more toys for you to play with, so we’ll just have to make the most of what time we have left together won’t we?”

She walked over to a rack on the wall and took down a number of items. She walked over to Miss Mitchell who was helpless to stop the woman pulling down he cups of her bra revealing her rather large breasts. Miss Mitchell squealed into her gag as the Miss Pringle clipped a pair of silver nipple clamps onto her nipples these were connected by a thin sliver chain which joined another in a Y shape the vertical length of which ended at small but powerful vibrator which was secured and this time taped under her crotch rope. Miss Pringle watched and smiled as vibrator began buzzing and Miss Mitchell began struggling against her bonds as the vibrator now began to stimulate her nipples too, before leaving Miss Mitchell, Miss Pringle switched the timer on the vibrator to random

“Enjoy.” She said patting the little blonde on the head.

Miss Pringle then walked over to the corner of the room and took hold of metal trolley and started to wheel it towards Jenny, who could see some kind of machine and lots wires on the trolley.
Miss Pringle started by pulling down Jenny’s bra to reveal her small but perfect breasts. Jenny cried and squealed as the teacher fastened a pair of silver nipple clamps onto her nipples, but there was no chain connecting them to a vibrator this time. Jenny watched in fear as Miss Pringle then took the ends of the wires attached to the machine and fitted sticky pads on to them. She took the first four pads and reached inside Jenny’s panties and stuck them on her buttocks two on each buttock and to make sure they stay in place she stuck a number of layers of tape over them, four more pads were stuck and taped on Jenny’s inner thighs two on each thigh, finally four more were stuck and taped onto her breasts two on each breasts. Jenny began to panic as Miss Pringle plugged the machine into a plug socket on the wall.

“Relax my dear it won’t harm you, just stimulate you all over.” Miss Pringle said with a smile on her face as she flicked the on switch.

A buzzing noise was heard followed my Jenny frantically moaning and groaning as the stimulations went through her.

“You’re next.” Miss Pringle said switching her attention to Rebecca.

She released Becky from the wall and walked her over to a pair of silver handcuffs which hung from the ceiling by a chain, after locking Becky’s wrists in the cuffs she winched the girls arms up above her so her feat barely touched the floor, after which Miss Pringle bound her ankles tightly together with rope. Still blindfolded Becky moaned into her gag as she felt the cups of her bra being pulling down to reveal her large breasts.

“You my dear have the pleasure of being the first to try out my latest toy, vibrating nipple clamps.” Miss Pringle said opening a little black box.

She took out two sliver clamps attached to each clamp was what looked like a small silver bullet. Becky cried into her gag as the heavy clamps were clipped onto her nipples, Miss Pringle then to a small remote control from the box and flicked the on switch, after setting the power to full.

“I’ve not finished with you yet my dear.” She said taking two large black electrically operated vibrators and taping them under her crotch rope front and back, these were plugged into an extension lead which ran to plug socket on the wall. She set the power to full and the timer switch to random. Finally she winched the cuffs holding Becky’s wrists up another notch so her feet left the floor. She smiled as she watched Becky buck thrash, moan and groan as the simulation went through her body.

“Enjoy your toys girls; sorry I can’t play with you for longer but I have to go to bed we have an early start in the morning. Good Night my darlings.”


Chapter 8

Very early next morning Miss Pringle returned to the basement.

“Time to get you all ready for camp, in the room next door you’ll find a toilet and shower I’m going to give you each five minutes to freshen yourselves up.”

She started with Miss Mitchell removing her nipple clamps and vibrator before releasing her from the table and untying her crotch rope.

“Five minutes in you go, keep the gag in your mouth and don’t even think of doing anything stupid or you’ll all be punished. I think you’ll be glad of these too the ones you’re wearing must be in a terrible state by now.” She said passing the little blonde a packet containing a new pair of white cotton brief style panties.

While Miss Mitchell was in the shower room Miss Pringle switched her attention to Jenny and switched off and removed all the stimulation pads from her body.

“Two minutes left, don’t make me have to come in there and drag you out.” She called to Miss Mitchell.

With only a few seconds of her time remaining Miss Mitchell came out of the shower room saving herself from being punished, Miss Pringle handed her the red dress she was wearing when they arrived and told her to put it on, once she was dressed Miss Pringle took a length of rope and bound her arms tightly behind her back.

“Now go and take a seat on the table and don’t you dare move.” She said pointing to the padded table Miss Mitchell was secured to earlier.

Next Jenny was released from the cross and sent into the shower with the same instructions ringing in her ears; she too was given new panties.

While Jenny was in the shower room Miss Pringle switched her attention to Becky switching off her vibrators and her vibrating nipple clamps and lowered her to the ground.

“I’m going to remove that contraption from your head, one word from you and it goes back on and you’ll all be punished.”

“Two minutes left” She called to Jenny as she started to unbuckle the harness on Becky’s head.

Becky had learnt her lesson and remained silent once her gag was removed, but her relief was short lived as Miss Pringle took a large red ball gag and fastened it in her mouth.

Jenny returned from the shower room just in time to save herself from being punished. Miss Pringle handed her her navy blue school skirt and white blouse and told her put them on. Once she had done so like Miss Mitchell her hands were tied behind her back and she too was made to sit on the table. Becky was relived to finally have to aching arms released from the cuffs above her head, she too given the same instructions as the others before being sent into the shower room with her clean panties in her hand. Like the other two she returned just in time to save herself from being punished which disappointed Miss Pringle who was looking forward to caning Becky’s bottom. Like Jenny she was given her school skirt and blouse to put on before being tied like the others and told to sit on the table.

“Now we wait for Mrs Thompson.” Miss Pringle told them.

The wait was a short one as Mrs Thompson arrived and the girls were taken out one at a time to small van the headmistress had brought with her. Becky was first to be taken out, the teachers returned for Jenny, who was shocked to see Becky lying cruelly tightly hogtied on the floor in the back of the van, it wasn’t long before she was lying next to her friend hogtied in similar cruel way by Miss Pringle. Miss Mitchell soon joined them and three of them lay hogtied crying wondering where they were about to be taken.

The journey to the cottage in the Lake District only took around an hour but it seemed much longer to terrified girls.

“I’ll go and find the key you get the girls out.” Mrs Thompson said once they’d reached their destination.

Miss Pringle released the frightened crying girls from their hogties and roughly dragged them from the van, in the meantime Mrs Thompson had got the key brought the key from its hiding place in the garden where it was buried under plant pot. The girls were taken inside the cottage which was empty apart from a number of wooden chairs, all of which had leather straps fastened to them.

“We’re to strap each of the girls to chair and leave them, they’ll be collected shortly.” Mrs Thompson said

“Alright ladies you heard Mrs Thompson take a seat.” Miss Pringle barked.

The three girls stared nervously at each other before Miss Mitchell made a move towards one of the chairs, Jenny and Becky followed her lead. Miss Pringle started with Becky while Mrs Thompson started with Jenny. Both girls had their arms untied from behind their backs and placed on the armrests of their chairs, leather straps were tightly buckled around their wrists and forearms securing them to the armrests, next more straps were tightly fastened around their upper bodies one above and one below their breasts securing them to the backrest, finally straps were fastened around their ankles and legs securing them to the legs of the chairs. Once they were satisfied with their work Mrs Thompson and Miss Pringle worked together to secure Miss Mitchell in a similar way.

“I think we can safely say they won’t be going anywhere. Don’t you Mrs Thompson?” Miss Pringle laughed.

“The only place these girls are going is to Brat Camp. Come on let’s get out of here and back to school before we’re missed” Mrs Thompson replied.

The two teachers left to the sound of gagged sobs locking the door behind them.






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