Mommyís Day In



The school bus rolls down the lane and comes to stop in front of the cute little house in the middle of the block.A little boy about first grade age comes out of the house with his mommy.She walks him to the bus, kisses him and he gets on.She waves to him as the bus rolls away down the road.The mother, wearing a T-shirt and jeans turns and walks back into the house.



The bus goes down the road, picks a couple more kids up and then turns around to return out of the neighborhood.Each day the little boy looks out the window and again waves to his mother as they pass by his house.He doesnít see her but he knows that she is standing in the window watching the bus take her precious cargo to school and will bring him back home around 4:00.



But this day his mommy is not watching him go by.Instead she is lying on her stomach in the middle of the living room.She is out cold having been attacked by the ski-masked man who is now taking all of her clothes off.By the time, the little boy disembarks from the bus, his mommie is slumped over in a kitchen chair now very naked and being tied up.She already has her wrists bound behind her back and has layers of duct tape plastered over her mouth to gag her.Soon she will be aware of what is happening and her day will begin.She will endure a lot before her little boy makes it home.Will she survive to see her son again?



The young mother who has been attacked in her home this morning is 27-year-old Jennifer Houston, whose husband is a National Guardsman currently in Iraq.So it is just Jennifer and her son, Austin living in the three- bedroom house in the quiet, unassuming sub-division.How the intruder was able to open a back window and sneak in without anyone in the neighborhood seeing him would remain a mystery long after this day but he managed to do so as Jennifer was walking her son to the bus.Once inside he managed to sneak into the living room and ambushed the poor unsuspecting mother when she came back inside. He had a chloroformed rag ready and was able to subdue her quickly by clasping it tightly over her mouth and nose.Jennifer Houston didnít stand a chance.



Now he had her for the rest of the day uninterrupted.She had no child for another eight hours and her husband was on the other side of the world.She was his for whatever he had planned for her.For Jennifer Houston it would be a day she would never forget.





It is about noon and the little boy is quietly eating lunch and not even thinking about his mother back home.However, Jennifer Houston is thinking about her little boy and also her husband, across the world from her.††††††


She is sitting in one of her kitchen chairs which has been brought into the living room.Her kidnapper is sitting on the sofa watching TV, snacking on a sandwich and a cold beer while she is struggling in very tight bondage in the chair.Jennifer is naked with a mountain of rope seemingly on every part of her small body.Her large breasts are dangling over rope that has been snugly wrapped around her body with it going right against the breasts.Her wrists have been bound behind her back and been pulled over the back of the chair.She has a large duct tape gagover her mouth.


It is very uncomfortable in that position but the ski-masked man didnít seem to care about her comfort on this day.What was he after.He didnít seem to care about any of her money since he hadnít touched her purse which was still sitting on the table.He hadnít attempted to touch except when he bound her to the chair.The only thing he was doing was filming her struggles and her plight.A tripod with a small digital camcorder was going across from Jennifer and he occasionally would get up and turn it ever so slightly or would unhook it and take it up close and around her body which was glistening with sweat.†††


Jennifer trembled in fear not knowing if he was planning on hurting and worse yet, hurt her son when he comes home from school.She prayed that it would be over before he got off that bus in a little more than three hours.




One oíclock comes and Austin is outside playing with his friends.At the home, his mother is playing as well but she isnít having fun.Jennifer is being forced to roll around on the floor in a very strict and tight hogtie as her attacker is recording it on a small digital camcorder.He still had not attempted to rape her but she expected that coming at any time.


After about an hour of writhing on the hardwood floors of her living room, Jennifer was taken out of the hogtie and returned to the chair.†† This time, though, he tied her legs apart binding them to each chair leg at the ankle and knee.He pulled out a vibrator and quickly taped it to her crotch making sure that it was against her most sensitive area.Jennifer shook her head no, hoping he would reconsider but after making sure his camcorder was pointed at his helpless victim, he turned the vibrator on and then sat back down on the sofa to watch.††




As Austin returned to class for the remaining two hours of his day, his mother was jerking violently in the chair.†† How much longer can she stand this torture.†† She is now blindfolded and her attacker has also a pair of clip clothespins on her nipples causing her to cry and scream into her gag.†† She no longer had the tape over her mouth as well.Instead she had a large mouth-filling red ball gag crammed in her mouth causing her drool to mix with the sweat running down her bare chest and stomach and even mixing with a little bit of cum streaming out of the hole from the constant orgasming.What is next for the poor, innocent mom?


Jennifer Houston is spent.She just slumps over in the chair as the man removes the wet, slimy vibrator from her pussy.She has just had a two hour orgasm and she has nothing left.He removes the clothes pins from her nipples and removes the blindfold.He doesnít remove the ball gag which causes the poor motherís jaws to ache.What is he going to do next to her?




It is now 3:00 and Austin is getting ready to board the bus for the trip home.

He will spend an hour riding home with the anticipation of having his mother meet him at the door.Will Jennifer be able to?


Back at the house, Jennifer is no longer bound to the chair.She is once again hogtied only this time on the sofa.She burrows her naked breasts down as deep into the sofa cushions as she can.He still hasnít attempted to rape her.He seems more interested the videotaping the entire day without ever once disrobing or attacking her.He has done everything he can to her except physical assault.Since he has worn a ski mask or she has been blindfolded the entire time, Jennifer canít really identify him.He comes towards her and he has something in his hand.He stands over her and shoves the chloroformed rag back over Jenniferís mouth.She doesnít have enough strength to fight him and soon is out cold.


Austin has a nice, uneventful ride home on the bus.He gets off in front of his house and runs up to the door.He doesnít understand why his mother hasnít come to the door to greet.He comes barreling into the house.


ďMommy, mommy Iím home.Ē


Austin runs over to the sofa where Jennifer is lying.


ďMommy, wake up.Iím home and I want something to eat.Ē


Jennifer Houston opens her eyes and realizes quickly that she is no longer tied up.On top of that, she is fully dressed in the same clothes she had on earlier.


ďOh, Austin, I am so, so glad to see you.Ē


Jennifer just pulls her son close to her and hugs him repeatedly.She is so grateful to be alive if the incident really occurred or was she dreaming.


ďMommy, why is your skin pushed in?Ē


Jennifer looks at her wrists and there are clear rope marks.†† She struggles to her feet which are a little wobbly.She turns the TV on and Austin becomes engrossed in his afternoon Nickelodeon show.Jennifer goes to the bathroom and disrobes.She can see more evidence of her day.Her nipples are sore and her pussy is wet and bruised.She must call the cops but then as she walks into her bedroom she sees it and becomes very scared.


There on her bed, is a note.It reads:


ďI enjoyed our day together.I knew that your little boy would be coming home and I didnít want him to see his mommy naked so I dressed you.I will enjoy our video for many days to come and might send you a copy someday.If you call the police I will be back and the next time I will finish my work and you will not like it.Goodbye and enjoy the rest of your life.Ē


Jennifer looked at the signature and shuddered.It was signed Military Man.


She realized that her attacker was a friend of her husbands.Could he have done this for him as a sick joke?Jennifer didnít have time to think about it.Austin called out that he was hungry.


Jennifer Houston went into the kitchen and started fixing supper.She couldnít help but rub her breasts.She couldnít really explain the warm feeling she had down in her pussy.She smiled as she thought about today.†† Her husband had sent her a nice birthday gift that she would never forget.



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† The End








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