No Witnesses




Chapter 1

Two weeks had now past since Natalie and Bethany’s ordeal at the hands of the evil baroness and her gang, both girls were still experiencing recurring nightmares of their ordeal, so with their mother’s permission the headmistress at St Bernadette’s had arranged for them to attend counseling sessions two afternoons a weeks to help them get over that over that terrible day.

Dressed in their grey school uniforms the girl’s arrived at the office of Doctor Clara Phillips who was a leading expert in trauma cases.

“What do you think she’s going to do Beth?” Natalie asked as the climbed the steps to the entrance.

“I don’t know Nat’s but whatever it is, I hope it stops these terrible nightmares.”

“Yeah me too.”

The girls entered the building where they were greeted by a young dark haired woman dressed in a white nurse’s uniform who was sat behind a desk.

“Good afternoon girls you must be Natalie and Bethany. Please take a seat and I’ll inform Doctor Phillips you’re here.” The nurse said pointing to leather sofa.

The girls took a seat and the nurse picked up a telephone and dialed a number.

“Natalie Barnes and Bethany Hayes are here doctor.”

“Doctor Phillips will see you shortly girls” She said putting down the telephone receiver.

“Can I get either of you a drink while you wait? Coke? Lemonade? A glass of water?”

“Can I have a coke please nurse?” Natalie replied.

“What about you Bethany?” The nurse asked.

“A glass of water will be fine nurse, Thank You.”

The nurse left them alone while she went and prepared the drinks.

“That’s odd.” Natalie said to her friend with a puzzled look on her face.

“What is?”

“She called you Bethany, we haven’t told her which one of us is Natalie and which is Bethany.”

Before Bethany could reply the nurse returned carrying two glasses with their drinks.

“Thank you” Both girls said as she placed the drinks down on a table in front of them.

“Nurse if you don’t mind me asking, how did you know I was Bethany?”

The nurse paused for a moment, stunned by the question not realizing she had used the girl’s name.

“I’ve been reading the file sent to us about your case, and guessed from your descriptions, I’m so glad I got it right, I’d have looked a right idiot if I’d have been wrong ” She replied with a nervous laugh.

Both girls smiled satisfied by the nurse’s answer.

After a short while the telephone rang and the nurse answered it.

“Very well Doctor I’ll bring them through.”

“Girls the doctor will see you now, if you’d like to follow me I’ll take you through to her office.”

Natalie and Bethany stood up nervously looking at each other.

“Don’t worry you’ll be fine, Doctor Phillips is very nice.” The nurse told them with a caring smile after spotting their anxiety.

They followed the nurse down a long corridor until they came to a large wooden door. The nurse knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Came the reply from inside.

The nurse lead the girls into a large office where a blonde haired woman dressed in a navy blue business suit, who looked to be in her late thirties sat behind a desk looking at a computer screen.

“Natalie and Bethany, Doctor Phillips” The nurse said introducing the two girls.

The doctor looked up from her computer screen and stared at the girls over the top her glasses.

“Please hand your blazers to Nurse West and then take a seat girls, I’ll be with you in a minute. I’m just having one final read of your case file.”

The girls removed their blazers and handed them to the nurse, who hung them on pegs on the wall, then they sat on the two wooden chairs that were placed at the desk on the opposite side to the doctor and the nurse stood behind them.

“Now then girls let’s get started” The doctor said finally looking up from her computer screen.

“In order for me to get the full picture of what happened that afternoon we will need to start by re-enacting what happened in your house Natalie. I’m sorry I know you won't like this, but it will involve you two being tied up exactly the same as you were that day.”

“What? No way!” Natalie protested

“I’m not being tied up again either.” Bethany told the doctor.

“Please girls trust me, it will only be for a couple of minutes, otherwise I won’t be able to help you, you want rid of these terrible nightmares don’t you?”

“You’ll be fine girls trust the doctor she knows what she is doing she’s the very best in this field.” The nurse said patting the girls on their shoulders trying to reassure them.

“Ok, but only for a couple of minutes and please not too tight.” Natalie said.

“What about you Bethany?” The doctor asked.

“Will you have to gag us too?” Bethany nervously asked.

“I’m afraid so dear.”

“You’ll be ok Beth it will only be for a few minutes.” Natalie said patting her friend on the thigh.

“Very well then, but please not too tight.”

The doctor smiled as she pulled some lengths of rope from her desk.

Now tell me girls what happened first of all.

The girls explained about coming home to find the two women in the house and how they were made to remove their blazers, hand over their phones, and sit on the sofa next to each other, Bethany described the phone call to her mum.

“Then what happened?” The doctor asked.

“The women tied our hands behind our backs.” Natalie replied.

“Nurse would you tie their hands please.” The doctor said holding up two lengths of the rope.

The nurse grabbed Natalie’s arms pulled them behind her back and began wrapping rope around her wrists and securing them with a double knot

“It’s too tight!” Natalie cried out, but the nurse ignored her and moved over to Bethany and tied her wrists them same way, she too protested about the tightness of the rope.

“Next it say’s you were gagged is that correct?” The doctor asked looking at her computer screen.

“Yes with a napkin and our school ties.” Bethany told the doctor.”

“Nurse please, if you will.” The doctor said holding up two white napkins.

The nurse folded one of the napkins into a small square and held it in front of Bethany’s mouth.

“Sorry dear, open up please.”

Bethany opened her mouth allowing the napkin to be stuffed in, the nurse then unfastened her tie and used it to hold the gag in place, again Bethany protested at the tightness the tie was tied in her mouth, again her protests were ignored as the nurse moved over to Natalie and gagged her in a similar way, she too was surprised at the tightness of the gag.

“It says here next your ankles were tied together and your shoes removed to make try and make you a little more comfortable, is that correct?”

Both girls nodded

“Would you do that please nurse?” The doctor said passing the nurse more rope.

The nurse bent down and tied Natalie’s ankles tightly together over her white socks causing her to flinch as the rope was pulled tight, then she removed Natalie’s black school shoes, before doing the same to Bethany.

“Finally it says they tied your knees together, is that correct?”

Again both girls nodded

“They certainly wanted to make sure you weren’t going anywhere didn’t they? Nurse if you will please.” The doctor said passing the nurse the final two pieces of rope.

The nurse tied Bethany’s knees so tight together the coarse rope dug into her bare legs causing her to moan into her gag, Natalie too tried to protest as her knees were tied almost unbearably tight.

“Now it say’s they let you watch a DVD, I’m sorry I don’t have any DVD’s, but I do have a surprise for you, nurse will you open the doors please.”

The two girls looked at each other wondering what this surprise could be, as the nurse walked to the back of the office and opened a pair of double doors. To their surprise in the next room were two women sat bound and gagged in their underwear.

“Girl’s I’d like you to meet Doctor Phillips and Nurse West.”






Chapter 2

The stunned girls watched as the fake nurse walked behind the two bound women and checked their bonds. First to be checked was a grey haired woman wearing a plain black waist slip, a black bra, and black stockings or tights she looked to be in her late fifties, they guessed she was the real doctor. Next to her was a beautiful young woman with short dark brown hair possibly in her late teens or very early twenties dressed in a white bra with white panties she was also wearing a white suspender belt and white stockings. Both were sat on high back wooden chairs, with their hands tied behind the chair, their ankles and legs were tied together and more rope was wrapped around their upper bodies pinning them to back of the chair, both women were gagged with white clothes that were tied in their mouths.

Meanwhile the fake doctor had been speaking to someone on the telephone.
The two terrified girls guessed it was the baroness.

“What do we do now?” The fake nurse asked once she had ended the call.

“We are to blindfold these two and the nurse and deliver them to the school. The doctor will remain here a team are on the way to collect her; her ladyship has arranged for her to be shipped abroad to a business associate.”

“School! What school?” Natalie looked across at Bethany who had started to cry frightened at the thought of being blindfolded; Natalie too was fighting to hold back the tears that were welling up in her eyes.

It wasn’t too long before Natalie, Bethany and Nurse West were sat crying on the floor in the back van of the kidnappers van blindfolded by white clothes that had been tied over their eyes. The ropes binding their wrists had been connected by a short length of rope to metal rings that had been fixed on to the wall of the van, stopping them from moving around. The journey was long and uncomfortable, after what seemed an eternity, the van stopped and the engine switched off, the girls hearts began to pound as the sound of feet on the gravel outside could be heard approaching the van doors. They heard the sound of the doors open and someone climb inside; all three girls had their blindfolds removed Bethany first, then Nurse West and finally Natalie, they were shocked to see before them not the fake doctor and nurse but two other women, both dressed in black leather skirts and white blouses. The women untied the rope connecting the girl’s wrists to the metal rings, and then untied their legs and helped the three girls from the van. Once outside the girls saw they were in the grounds of building which looked like a big mansion house which was surrounded by a huge high wall, but Natalie’s attention was drawn more to the bars on windows of the building.

“It looks like a prison.” She thought to herself.”

The two women roughly pushed the three girls through the main entrance of the building and down a long corridor until they came to a row of chairs outside an office; on the door of the office was a brass plate, with Miss J. Bond, Headmistress wrote on it.

“Take a seat ladies.” One of the women instructed them, while the other knocked on the office door.

“Enter.” Came the reply from inside.

She went inside leaving the other woman with the three frightened girls. After a few minutes the office door opened and the woman came out.

“Miss Bond will see them now.”

The girls were helped to their feet and pushed into the office, and made to stand in front of a desk the two women stood behind them. The woman sat at the desk was much younger than they expected she only looked to be in her mid thirties, with brown hair that was tied up into bun. It was only when the woman stood up the girls saw she was dressed exactly the same as the other two women in a long black leather skirt and a white blouse. Without speaking the woman picked up a riding crop from her desk and walked around the three nervous bound girls a few times inspecting them, before stopping in front of Nurse West.

“You must be Miss West.” She said holding the leather tip of her crop under the nurse’s chin.

“MMPPH!” The nurse nodded.

She then switched her attention to Natalie and Bethany running the tip of her crop across their breasts

“You two sweet things must be Miss Hayes and Miss Barnes.”

“Which one of you is Miss Hayes?”

“Memmph.” Bethany replied the best she could through her gag trying not to cry.

“Very good now I know who you are, you are probably wondering who I am. My name is Jenny Bond, but you will call me Miss Bond at all times, I’m the headmistress of this school. What school? You must be thinking. Let me explain, you are probably aware by now you are now the property of the woman calling herself The Baroness, this school is where she keeps any girls that have come into her possession that are too young to go to auction, here you will continue your education until you reach your eighteenth birthday when you will then go to auction. Miss West as you are over eighteen already you will join the senior girls who will be going up for auction later this week. You two will join a group of girls your own age. While you are at the school you will wear the school uniform which for reasons of security is a white bra and white panties and nothing else apart from a pair of white pumps, the less clothes you wear the less chance there is of you concealing any illagal objects on your person, your new uniforms will be issued to you by Matron shortly. For the first few days of their stay with us new girls are kept away from the other girls in a special holding area where you will be kept bound and gagged twenty fours a day only being untied for short meal and toilet breaks until your housemother is satisfied who won’t cause a disruption when you join your class, at night time you will wear a diaper and rubber panties as we don’t want any little accidents, again these will be issued to you by Matron. When you are finally allowed to join your class you won’t be tied during the day, but remember escape is impossible in the past a few have tried and when caught they were shipped to The Baroness never to be seen again. All girls must return to their dorms by 7pm where you will be tied up and gagged for the night by your housemother and her assistants before being put to bed, again you will wear a diaper and rubber knickers during the night, how strictly they tie you will depend on your behavior during the day, so if you want a comfortable night you’d better be good little girls. At 6am, only if you have been you have been good girls during the night you will untied and allowed to freshen up before going down to breakfast at 7am. You must remain silent during meal times or you will spend the rest of the day with a gag in your mouth. At 8am class begins. If at anytime any of you are ever sent to me by your teacher or housemother to be punished you will live to regret it do I make myself clear?
All three girls nodded.

“This is worse than any nightmare I ever had.” Natalie thought to herself.

“Very well take them down to see Matron ladies I’ll inform her you’re on your way.”






Chapter 3

The girls sat nervously waiting in a corridor when the door opposite them opened and a small plump grey haired woman in her late forties or possibly even her early fifties, dressed in a dark blue nurse’s uniform stood in the door way, she looked at the three girls over the top of a pair of glasses that were perched on the end of her nose.

“Miss Barnes and Miss Hayes please.” She called out.

The two women helped Natalie and Bethany to their feet and pushed them towards the open door, leaving Nurse West behind unaware this was the to be the last time they’d ever see of the nurse as she would be taken to the senior girls quarters after seeing Matron.

Matron positioned the girls so they stood side by side in front of her desk.

“I’m going to start by removing your gags and untying your arms, don’t even think about doing anything silly, all I have to do is press this alarm button and the two assistants outside will come in to restrain you again, is that clear?”

Both girls nodded.

She then produced a pair of scissors from her desk and cut the school ties that were tied in the girl’s mouths and helped them remove the sodden napkins, next she carefully cut through the rope binding their wrists.

“Give them a good rub get the circulation back.” She told the two girls once their arms were free.

“I’ll get you some water.”

Matron filled two small plastic tumblers with water and passed them to two trembling girls.

“Have a drink you’ll feel a bit better, and then we’ll get started.”

“Thank You.” Both girls replied.

Matron gave the girls a few moments to calm down and finish their drinks.

“Now then let’s get started, which one of you is Natalie Barnes?”

“Me, nurse.” Natalie answered raising her hand slightly

“I am not a nurse I am Matron, you will address me as Matron at all times.” The woman snapped.

“Sorry Matron”

“So you must be Bethany Hayes?”

“Yes Matron.” Bethany replied trying to stop herself from crying.

“Both of you stand up and remove any jewellery you are wearing and place it in the basket on my desk.”

Both girls removed their earrings and finger rings and placed them in the basket

“Miss Barnes you still have a silver chain around your neck put it in the basket please.”

“Please Matron this was my grandmother’s chain, my mum gave it to me when gran died last year, please don’t make me to take it off.” Natalie begged.

“In the basket, I won’t tell you again. Don’t make me have to punish you on your first day young lady.

Natalie started to cry as she removed the chain and placed it in the basket, Bethany went to put her arm around her sobbing friend but was stopped in her tracks my Matron.

“Leave her, I never told you to move.” She barked.

Still sobbing Natalie returned and stood next to her friend who wished she could do something to comfort her.

“Before I issue you with your uniforms ladies I need you to take a shower, so remove your clothes and put them in the bin over there you won’t be needing those again.”

The two girls nervously looked at each other.

“Hurry up girls we haven’t got all day.”

Bethany began to unbutton her blouse and Natalie followed her lead very soon both girls were left with just their bras and panties remaining.

“Underwear too, in the bin with the rest.”

The girls helped each other unfasten their bras and removed their panties, and placed them in the bin provided. Both stood girls in front of Matron trying to cover themselves up the best they could with their hands.

“Hands by your side’s girls while I have a good look at you; I need to check you for body piercings or anything else you shouldn’t have. Matron slipped on a pair of white latex gloves and examined the girls all over very closely even checking inside their mouths. Much to their relief Matron told them.

“I don’t think I need to do an internal search on you girls I can tell you’re not the type to do drugs. When you’ve been in the job as long as I have nothing gets past me. Before you go for your shower I need to know your bra sizes so I can get your uniforms ready while you shower. Miss Barnes bra size please?”

“32B” Natalie replied

“Miss Hayes?”

“34C please Matron”

“Very well I will find those for you while you are next door taking a shower, in the showers you will find medicated shampoo’s and soap use them, you will find towels in there too. There is also a toilet next door I strongly recommend you use it because it may be a while before you get chance again. While you are in there you will remain silent at all times, and if you are not out within ten minutes I will come and get you out finished or not, and you will be punished. Do you understand?

“Yes Matron” Both girls answered

“Very well in you go.” Matron said pointing to a pair of double doors.

The shower area was very basic plain white tiles covered the walls, and brown tiles covered the floor, in one corner was a tiny cubicle which housed the toilet. Along one long wall was a number of shower heads each with its own control tap underneath, up against the wall farthest away from the showers was a wooden bench with a number of white towels neatly folded on it. Natalie went straight into the toilet cubicle while Bethany waited outside she could hear sobbing coming from the cubicle.

“Are you OK Nat’s?” Bethany asked in a very low voice

“No I’m not. That bitch has took my grans chain.”

“You’ll get it back at sometime I’m sure.”

“Do you really think so? Don’t be so bloody stupid we’ll never see it again like we’ll never see our parents again.”

“I can hear voices girls I told you to remain silent, I won’t tell you again next time you will be punished. You’ve only got eight minutes left I can’t hear those showers yet. Matron called from outside.

“Come on Nat’s we’d best hurry” Bethany whispered.

Natalie flushed the toilet and came out; she gave her friend a big hug

“Sorry I snapped Beth” She whispered.

“It’s ok Nat’s you’re upset.”

Bethany then went into the toilet while Natalie started to shower it wasn’t long before both girls were in the showers.

“This soap and shampoo is horrible isn’t it?” Bethany said confident she couldn’t be heard from outside due to the sound of the water.

“Yeah it stinks, just like her out there.” Natalie replied she then turned to face the door and stuck her tongue out, which made Bethany laugh.

The girls were busy drying themselves when Matron called out.

“You have two minutes girls so start finishing off.”

Bethany made a one fingered gesture in the direction of the door which made Natalie laugh this time.

The girls finished drying their hair the best they could when Matron called.

“Thirty seconds girls then I’m coming in”

Bethany grabbed hold of Natalie’s hand and they walked hand in hand back into Matrons room.

“I’m sure you feel much better now.”

Matron then took a couple of white bras from the collection she had assembled on her desk

“34C for Miss Hayes.” She said reading from her notes.

“And 32B for Miss Barnes. Try them on and see what they fit like.”

Once the girls had put the new bras on Matron asked.

“Are they comfortable?”

“Yes Matron.” Both girls replied.

“Very well now try these for size.” She said passing each girl a pair of size ten white cotton brief style panties.

“Perfect fit, I think, don’t you?”

Both girls agreed

“Ok I’ll write size ten in your notes. Every evening before bedtime I will come to your dorm and issue you with a clean uniform for the next day which you must wear any girl I catch not wearing her clean uniform will spend the whole day with her used panties taped in her mouth. You will put your dirty uniforms in the laundry bin in the dorm and they will be collected on a daily basis. I take it Miss Bond told you that you will be wearing diapers during the night. This is what you will be wearing.” She said holding up what looked it a large disposable baby’s diaper.

She moved over to Bethany and put the diaper on her over her panties as a demonstration on how the fasten it the sticky tabs correctly.

“Any girl found with soiled bed clothes because they haven’t fastened their diaper correctly will be severely punished. If you soil your diaper you must ask your housemother or an assistant for a bag to put it in, seal the bag and place in the bin in the toilet area marked soiled diapers, clean diapers need to go in the bin next to it. Your new diapers will be issued with your clean uniforms. Over the diaper you will wear these.” She continued holding up a pair of pink plastic knickers.

“Yes they will be uncomfortable at first, and they will make you sweat, but any girl caught in bed without them will spend the whole of the next day with them taped in her mouth. Any questions?”

Both girls remained silent.

"Very Well"

“What size pumps will you be requiring girls?”

“Five for me please” Bethany replied.

“Me too.” Natalie answered

Matron pulled two pairs of size five white canvas pumps from her store cupboard and handed them to the girls.

“Fit OK?” She asked once the girls had put them on.

Again both girls said yes.

“Very well all that I need to do now is retie your arms and then call your housemother to collect you.”

Matron pulled two lengths of soft white cord from her desk and walked behind the girls.

“Place your hands behind your back and cross your wrists.”

First she tightly tied Bethany’s wrists together, and then Natalie’s.

“Why do we have to be tied up all the time?” Natalie asked finding some courage from somewhere.

“Miss Bonds rules dear.” Came the reply

“It’s a bloody stupid rule if you ask me.” Natalie continued still angry from having her chain taken off her.

“No one asked you.” Matron replied “And for your insolence you’ve earned you and your friend a gag.”

Matron walked over to a cupboard and pulled out another pair of the plastic knickers which she rolled up into a ball before taking a roll of white medical tape for desk. She walked over to Natalie and pinched her nose tightly together causing her breathe through her mouth and when she did the foul tasting plastic knickers were stuffed in her mouth, and a number of layers of the white tape were stuck over her mouth. She then picked up the pair of plastic knickers she used for the demonstration and balled them up too, not wanting her nose pinched Bethany opened her mouth allowing the knickers to be stuffed in.

“You can thank your foul mouthed friend for this.” Matron told her as she layered the tape over Bethany’s mouth.

Matron then walked over and sat behind her desk and picked up a telephone.

“Miss Boucher your new girls are ready for collection.”







Chapter 4

The girls stood nervously waiting to be collected while Matron sat at her desk transferring the notes she’d made about the two girls onto her computer. Finally there was knock on the door at the opposite side of the room to the door through which they were brought in.

“Enter.” Matron called out without looking up from her computer.

Three women came into the room all dressed exactly the same in long black leather skirt and white blouse, the girls guessed this was the staff uniform. One of the women was much older than the other two she looked to be in her fifties with short grey hair, the other two were both in their mid to late twenties one had long blonde hair which was brushed back and tied into a pony tail and the other had straight shoulder length brown hair. Matron stood up from her desk and walked over to the two bound girls.

“Miss Boucher this is Natalie Barnes and Bethany Hayes your new girls.”

The older woman looked the two girls up and down

“You’ve had to gag them Matron why’s that?” She said.

“Miss Barnes has a bit of an attitude problem; she had a little strop so I thought it would be for the best.”

“You did right Matron. Do they have something in their mouths?” She asked spotting the girls bulging cheeks.

“Plastic knickers.” Matron replied which brought a snigger from the two younger women

“Very nice job Matron. Do they taste nice ladies?” She asked mockingly switching her attention to Natalie and Bethany

“Noommpphh” Both girls replied the best they could shaking their heads, which brought more sniggers from the younger women.

“Let me introduce myself.” The woman continued. “My name is Miss Boucher I run the dorm where you will be staying. You will address me as Miss Boucher at all times. These are my two assistants Alison and Caroline, you will address them as Miss Alison and Miss Caroline. Is that clear?

Both girls nodded.

“Very well, now let’s get you to the dorm and settled down for the night.”

The two assistants each grabbed hold of an arm of one of the girl’s, Alison held Natalie and Caroline held Bethany they roughly pulled the two girls out through the door and followed Miss Boucher down a long corridor and up two flights of stairs finally the came to a door signed 16 Year Olds Dormitory, next to that was another door signed New Girl Holding Area, which they were taken through. The room was cold and bare apart from four beds each with a cupboard at the side. Two of the beds were occupied already, seeing the way the two girls on the beds were tied up began cause Natalie and Bethany some distress. Both girls were lying on the stomachs wearing their bras and diapers with the pink plastic knickers over the top. Each girl had their arms very tightly tied behind their backs at wrists and their elbows were tied together so the touched, more rope was tightly tied around their upper arms and upper body, their ankles knees and thighs were also very tightly tied together, but worst of all they both had a short tight length of rope which was tied from their ankles which were raised up, to their hair which was brushed back into a ponytail, causing their heads to be lifted off the bed this looked so painful. Each girl had a big red ball gag fastened in her mouth.

Natalie began struggle and cry into her gag when she saw this, Miss Boucher had to help Alison keep hold of her.

“Relax Natalie I’m not going to tie you like that. These girls are being punished for arriving back in the dorm after 7 o’clock this evening, so let this be a warning to you for when you are allowed into the dorm.

Natalie finally calmed down and she Bethany were lead over to the spare beds.

“ The girls are going to untie your arms now, then I want you to get your diapers out of the cupboard and put them on like Matron showed you.”

Once their arms were free both girls removed their panties and replaced them with a diaper only when the assistants were satisfied the tabs were sealed correctly were they told to put the plastic knickers on. Bethany felt silly and embarrassed having to wear at diaper at her age, she could see from the way Natalie was blushing she felt the same.

“I think we’ll leave those gags that Matron so expertly fitted you with on for tonight. Lie down on the bed with your arms above your head.”

The girls did as they were told, the assistants grabbed hold of their wrists and began tying a length of rope around them, and the other end of the rope was then fastened to metal loop that was fixed to the wooden headboard leaving no slack. The assistants then moved down to girl’s feet and removed their pumps before tying their ankles together and fastening them to a loop fixed to the footboard on the bed. Finally a duvet was thrown over the girls, but this was no ordinary duvet it had a number of thin leather straps down each side, which the two assistants fastened to buckles that were fixed onto the base of the bed pulling it tightly over the girl’s bodies leaving just their heads and arms showing.

“One of us will come in to check on you from time to time throughout the night. Try and get some sleep now girls.”

Miss Boucher switched off the light plunging the room into total darkness and she and her assistants left the room to the sound of sobbing girls.







Chapter 5

Although they weren’t too uncomfortable, neither girl slept very much that night, the sound of occasional loud gagged moan from the two girls being punished wasn’t helping, and when Natalie did finally drift off to sleep she was woken by Alison tugging on the rope binding her wrists checking she was still secure.

After a long restless night, morning arrived and Miss Boucher and her two assistants entered the room.

“Good Morning ladies I trust you all slept well.” Miss Boucher said with a huge smile on her face.

The three women ignored the two girls being punished and the two assistants began releasing Natalie and Bethany.

“Have either of you soiled your diaper?” Miss Boucher asked while the assistants were setting them free.

Both girls shook their heads.

“Very good, now when you are free I’m going to allow you to use the bathroom and freshen up, put your diaper in the bin marked clean diapers but bring your knickers back you’ll need those again tonight. In your cupboard you’ll find a bag containing a few toiletries and a toothbrush, you will also find a clean uniform for today in your cupboard. Once you are cleaned up we’ll go next door for breakfast. The girls are going to remove your gags now, if either of you make a sound they will go back on, and you won’t get breakfast. Natalie screamed into her gag as Alison ripped the medical tape from her face, Bethany too cried out with pain as Caroline ripped her gag off, both girls we relieved to finally be able to remove the horrible plastic knickers from their mouths.

“You have five minutes to freshen up, off you go.” Miss Boucher told them pointing to a glass door.

The girls took their toiletry bags and went into the bathroom; Caroline followed them in and stood by the door keeping a close watch on everything they did. After about five minutes they came out to find the two girls that were being punished had gone. The girls put on their clean uniforms and pumps, Miss Boucher told them to put their old uniforms in the laundry basket.

“You must be hungry girls so let’s go for breakfast, remember the school rule all meals must be taken in silence.”

The girls were taken into another room with a small table and two wooden chairs.

They noticed the chairs had leather straps attached to the wooden arms and legs two long leather straps were also hanging lose from the back of the chairs.

“Take seat girls.” Miss Boucher instructed them.

Alison asked Natalie if she was left or right handed.

“Right handed” Natalie replied.

Alison grabbed Natalie’s left arm and placed it on the wooden arm rest securing it with the leather buckled strap. While Caroline did the same to Bethany’s right arm because she told her she was left handed. Next the assistants strapped the girl’s ankles to the chair legs, then the first long leather strap was fastened tightly around their upper bodies just below their breasts, while the second was fastened tightly around their slender waists, pinning them to the back of the chair. Once Miss Boucher was satisfied the girls were secure she told them she and Caroline had to go and get the other girls up and
Alison would be stay and serve them breakfast.

Once Miss Boucher and Caroline had left Alison picked up a telephone receiver that was hung on the wall.

“Could I have two breakfasts brought to the new girl holding area please? Thank You.”

It wasn’t too long before a woman dressed in a white kitchen uniform entered the room carrying a tray which she placed on the table. On the tray was two bowls of muesli, a jug of milk, selection fresh fruit and two small plastic tumblers of fresh orange juice.

“Thank You.” Alison said to the woman as she left the room.

Alison placed a bowl of muesli in front of each of the girls she then passed Bethany the jug of milk which she picked up with her free hand and poured some in the bowl, then Natalie did the same. Bethany hated muesli but she knew she had to force herself to eat it because they didn’t know when they would be allowed to eat again. Trying to eat with only one free arm and your body secured to the back of chair wasn’t easy but both girls knew it was something they were going to have to get used to.

Once breakfast was over Alison called the kitchen for someone to come and clear up, she also asked for four clean napkins. Natalie guessed what these were for. While she was waiting for the woman from the kitchen Alison strapped the girl’s free arms tightly to the chair. Shortly after the same woman from the kitchen returned passing Alison the napkins she smiled at the two bound girls, she also knew what the napkins were to be used for. She cleared the table and left.

Seeing Alison begin to fold one of the napkins into a small square, Bethany asked.

“Do you have to gag us again? We’ve been quiet haven’t we?”

“Miss Bonds rules dear, she may be along later to check on you and if you’re not gagged, I’ll be for the high jump.”

She then walked over and stood behind Bethany holding the folded napkin in front of her mouth.

“Open wide dear, don’t make me have to hurt you.”

Bethany not wanting to be punished opened her mouth wide allowing the napkin to be stuffed in, Alison then folded another napkin into a wide band and pulled it tightly over Bethany’s mouth tying the two ends together at the base of her neck. Natalie was gagged exactly the same way. After checking the girls were secure Alison told them as she was on night duty that week, she was going to bed and Miss Boucher and Caroline would be checking on them throughout the day, before she left she switched on a radio allowing the girls to listen to some music to help their boredom.

It was a long boring morning all the girls could do was sit and stare at each other across the table they so wished they were able to talk and comfort each other. Finally the door opened and radio was turned off. Miss Boucher entered accompanied by Miss Bond. Miss Bond who was carrying her riding crop walked around the table inspecting the two girls tapping the crop on her leg as she walked.

“Have they given you and the girls any problems Miss Boucher?”

“No, they’ve both been very good.” Miss Boucher replied.

“Very well, provided they don’t give you any problems today or this evening I think they can join the other girls tomorrow and start lessons. Do you agree?”

“Yes Miss Bond. I’m sure they won’t give us any problems.”

Natalie and Bethany were relieved at least after today they won’t be tied up all the time.

Once Miss Bond had left the room Miss Boucher switched the radio back on. Shortly after Miss Boucher returned this time with Caroline who has carrying a tray with plate of sandwiches and a jug of water and two plastic tumblers on it, which she placed in the centre of the table, both girls had their gags removed and again had one arm freed allowing them to eat and drink.
Once lunch was over the girls were unstrapped from the chairs and allowed five minutes in the bathroom to freshen up, again Caroline watched over them making sure they didn’t speak. When they returned Miss Boucher and Caroline secured and gagged the girls exactly as before.

Due to the lack of sleep from the previous night both girls spent the long boring afternoon drifting in and out of sleep, after what seemed an eternity they were woken up by the two assistants bringing them food and water, after their gags were removed, again only one arm was released allowing them to eat a bowl of some kind of foul looking meat stew that was placed before them, Natalie thought the stew actually tasted better that it looked, while Bethany who isn’t really a big meat eater struggled but managed to finish it all.

Once dinner was over they were unstrapped and allowed five minutes in the bathroom to freshen up, again watched by Caroline who told them to go to the sleeping area when they had finished.

“Get yourselves ready for bed girls; you know the routine panties off, diapers and plastic knickers on please.” Alison instructed.

“But Miss Alison its still daylight outside we can’t go to bed this early.” Bethany protested looking out of the barred window. She had no idea what time it was but she knew at this time of year it went dark early at around 6pm.

“You girls get one thing clear, you go to bed we say so, unless you want to be punished like those two girls were last night.” Alison snapped.

“Sorry Miss Alison.” Bethany sheepishly replied.

“Hurry now get yourselves ready for bed, tonight is going to be fun, Miss Boucher has gone to her room with one of her migraines, and we won’t see her until tomorrow, so Miss Caroline and I have you two sweeties all to ourselves to do whatever want with, and if you don't want to spend another few days strapped to those chairs you won't tell a soul.







Chapter 6

“I think they’d be better with their panties left on for the time being, and then we can get into more intimate places.” Caroline said with a wicked grin on her face.

Alison agreed.

Relax babies we aren’t go to hurt you.” Alison told the girls after seeing the feared looks on their faces.

“We just want to play; Miss Boucher never lets us play with you girls.” She continued.

“Play?” Natalie asked. “I don’t understand what do you mean play with us.”

“You’ll find out soon enough dear, but first of all we need keep you both quiet.” Alison told her.

Alison pulled the white pillow case off a pillow on one of the spare beds and folded it into a long band.

“Open wide sweetie.” She said walking behind Bethany and holding the centre of the band in front of her face, Bethany did as she was told allowing the pillow case to be pulled between her teeth and the two loose ends tied tightly at the base of her neck.

While this was going on, Caroline had left the room. Next Alison switched her attention to Natalie and gagged her in exactly the same way. Alison then ordered both girls lie on their backs on the beds, reaching into the cupboard by the side of Natalie’s bed she pulled out a handful of the rope which is used to tie the girls up at night. She then grabbed hold of one of Natalie’s arms and lashed her wrist to one of the posts on the headboard and then lashed her other wrist to the other post on the headboard. Next she moved over to Bethany on the next bed and lashed her wrists to the bedposts too, before switching her attention to Bethany’s feet. First of all she removed her pumps leaving her feet bare, then she tied one end of a length of rope around one of Bethany’s ankles and then tied the other end to one of the posts at the foot of the bed, leaving no slack in the rope, her other ankle was tied the same way so her legs were left wide apart. She then moved other to Natalie and tied her legs the same way.

The girls lay spread-eagled on their beds wondering what the assistants had in store for them, as Alison impatiently walked up and down the room.

“What’s keeping her?” She asked as she put her head around the door and looked up and down the corridor outside.

Finally Caroline returned carrying a cardboard box similar in size to a shoe box.

“What kept you?” Alison asked.

“Jenny Bond was on the prowl, I had to wait in my room until I was sure she’d gone back to the office I couldn’t let her catch me with this little lot.” She said putting the box down on top of Bethany’s bedside cabinet.”

Bethany stared at the box she had no idea what was in it but guessed she wasn’t going to like it whatever it was.

“Let’s start with a few tickling games.” Caroline said.

“Do you like being tickled sweet pea?” She asked looking down at Bethany.


Bethany hated being tickled, but Natalie loved it she was so ticklish even now at the age of sixteen she still enjoyed being tickled by her mum.

“We need to make ourselves a little more comfortable before we start” Alison said removing her blouse to reveal a black leather corset, which surprised even Caroline. Alison then dropped her skirt to the floor revealing the tiniest little black leather g string; she also wore black stockings which were held up by leather suspenders attached to the bottom of her corset. Caroline also removed her blouse and skirt revealing a flesh coloured lace bustier with a matching thong and suspender belt supporting tan coloured stockings.

“That’s better, isn’t it girls?” Alison said as they approached the two bound girls.

Alison sat on the bed next to Natalie and placed her hand at the top of Natalie’s thigh then she started to slowly and gently run the tips of her long fingernails up and down the girl’s leg. She could from the sparkle in Natalie’s eyes she was enjoying this. Moving down to Natalie’s feet she began to tickle her soles with her fingers. Natalie loved having her ticklish feet tickled and began to giggle and struggle against the ropes holding her.

“I never heard a girl giggle with a gag in her mouth before it’s so cute.” Alison commented.

Meanwhile Bethany wasn’t enjoying the attentions of Caroline who was tickling her feet with the point of a pencil, protesting through her gag.

Alison knelt down at the foot of Natalie’s bed and began to rub the tip of her nose and her tongue vigorously on the sole of Natalie’s foot which Natalie found most ticklish causing her to giggle, and thrash about.

“If you don’t like being tickled maybe you’d prefer to be spanked?” Caroline asked Bethany.

“NOOMMPHH” Bethany cried through her gag.

But that didn't stop Caroline untying her feet from the bed posts and tie her legs together at the ankles and knees, Bethany struggled as Caroline picked her legs up and pulled them right up over her own head bending the girl double.

“Hold her will you Alison?”

Alison held Bethany in the bent position while Caroline lashed her feet to the headboard of the bed, leaving her bottom raised and exposed, on which Caroline gave a few hard slaps causing Bethany to scream into her gag.

“That’s for struggling.” Caroline told her.

Natalie tried to protest about the cruel treatment of her friend but Alison put her finger over Natalie’s gagged mouth.

“Shush unless you want me to tie you like that.”

Natalie watched Alison walk over to the box that Caroline had brought in and pull out a little brightly coloured feather duster.

“God no, this is going to be so embarrassing.” She thought to herself having been tickled with feathers many times before so knowing what effect they have on her.

Before she started ticking with the feathers Alison reached down and pulled the cups of Natalie’s bra down exposing her nice firm breasts, which caused Natalie to protest by shaking her head.

“Noommph.” She cried out the best she could.

Alison ignored her and began tickling her tummy with the duster around and around her belly button getting faster and faster she went moving upwards towards the girl’s naked breasts, over, around and in between her breasts she went with the duster causing Natalie to scream and laugh and thrash around this continued for a few minutes with Alison running the duster all over Natalie’s upper body and under her arms where Natalie is especially ticklish.

“She’s making too much noise; some will come in if you don’t shut her up properly.” Caroline told Alison.

Alison was enjoying hearing Natalie scream and laugh through her gag but she had to agree with her friend.

“Here stuff these in her mouth.” Caroline said passing Alison a pair of white cotton sports socks that were rolled up into a ball; she kept in her box knowing they’d make a very effective gag.

Bethany too had her bra pulled down but her breasts weren’t going to be tickled, she watched as Caroline pulled a silver chain from the box she could see on the ends of the chain were two little silver clamps, she didn’t have to be a genius to work out where they were going. Caroline smiled as Bethany’s face grimaced with pain as the clamps were tightened on her nipples causing her to cry out.

“Think you too need a more effective gag.” Caroline said pulling the pillow from under Bethany’s head and removing the pillow case from it. She rolled the pillow case into ball, before removing Bethany’s gag.

“Psycho Bitch” Bethany screamed once her mouth was free of the gag.

This earned her a number of hard slaps on her bottom, while Caroline held her other hand tightly over Bethany’s mouth stopping her from crying out. The rolled up Pillow case was then stuffed into the sobbing girl’s mouth and her original gag was tied back in place.

Natalie now had the socks stuffed in her mouth and was re-gagged the same as before, completely muffling her screams and giggles as Alison continued with the feather duster.

“Can you tickle her feet for me I want to see her really squirm?” She asked Caroline.

As Alison tickled Natalie’s upper body with her duster Caroline began to tickle her feet with her long finger nails. Natalie bucked and thrashed against the ropes binding her, screaming and giggling as she did.

“Pass me the vibrator from the box.” Alison who was now sat on top of Natalie said to Caroline.

Natalie watched nervously as Caroline passed Alison a pink bullet type vibrator. Alison switched the vibrator on to its maximum speed and placed it inside the front of Natalie’s panties.

Just then the door burst open.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Alison and Caroline looked around to see Miss Boucher stood in the doorway.

Both Natalie and Bethany breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"Miss Boucher we thought you were ill" A stunned Alison cried out.

“I can see that, talk about while the cats away. Get that from out of her panties right now.” She barked seeing the vibrator.

Miss Boucher pulled the walkie talkie radio that all senior staff carry, in case of emergencies, from her belt.

“Jenny Bond and Matron to the holding area straight away please, repeat Jenny Bond and Matron to the holding area straight away please.”

“Please Miss Boucher we weren’t doing any harm to the girls we were just playing.” Alison said.

“Save your explanations for Miss Bond, stand over there against the wall the pair of you, and get yourselves dressed.”
Within Minutes Jenny Bond who as always was carrying her riding crop rushed through the door closely followed by Matron.

“Untie those girls please and check they are ok.” Miss Boucher instructed Matron.

Miss Boucher explained to Jenny Bond what she had walked into.

Miss Bond approached the two assistants

“What have you got to say for yourselves?” She asked giving each of them a hard crack on their arms with her crop.

“Please Miss Bond we weren’t doing any harm we were only playing.” Caroline tearfully replied.

“I expected better from you Caroline you can forget all about that promotion to housemother I promised you, that is of course if The Baroness lets you continue to work here which I very much doubt.”

“Please no, please don’t tell The Baroness we’ll do anything you want please don’t tell her.” Alison begged.

“You should have thought about The Baroness before you decided to play with her girls.” Miss Bond replied.

Miss Bond pulled a pair of handcuffs which all senior staff carry to restrain and troublesome girls, from her belt and pulled
Alison’s arms behind her back and snapped the cuffs on, Miss Boucher snapped her cuffs on Caroline.

Miss Bond and Miss Boucher pulled the assistants out of the room and down to Miss Bonds office.

Leaving Matron to comfort the the two girls and put them to bed.








Chapter 7

After making sure the girls were well after their ordeal at the hands of the two assistants, Matron let them use the bathroom one at a time. Once Natalie had finished in the bathroom Matron helped her put her diaper and plastic knickers on, while Bethany was sent to bathroom. Matron then secured Natalie to her bed using the metal rings on the head and foot boards the same way she was tied the previous night. When Bethany returned she too was helped on with her diaper and plastic knickers before being tied to her bed in a similar style.

“Don’t you think we’ve suffered enough for one evening without being tied up again?” She protested.

Matron sounded almost sincere when she apologized for having to tie the girls up again.

“I’m so sorry my darlings but its Miss Bonds rules.”

“I suppose you’re going to gag us too?” Natalie asked.

“I have to darling, but I’ll try and make you as comfortable as possible.” Matron replied with the hint of an evil grin on her face.

Matron reached into Bethany’s cupboard and pulled out her spare pair of plastic knickers and rolled them up into a ball.

“Please not those again they taste horrible, and they’re not comfortable.” Bethany protested.

Matron laughed ignoring Bethany’s protests she loved gagging girls with their plastic knickers, still laughing she bent over Bethany stuffing the knickers in her mouth. Next Matron took the panties that Bethany had been wearing all day and pulled them over the girls head so the leg holes were either side of her face and the seat of the panties covered Bethany’s mouth stopping her from spitting the plastic knickers out. Matron then took one of the pillow cases that the assistants had used to gag the girls earlier and tied a large knot in the centre of it which she then forced into Bethany’s mouth over the panties, and tightly tied the loose ends behind her neck.

“So much for making us comfortable.” Natalie told Matron as she switched attention to her.

Matron just ignored her and smiled as she gagged Natalie the same way. Finally both girls had their duvets thrown over them and secured to the base of the bed. After one final check on the girl’s ropes and gags Matron left telling them she was going back to her bottle of gin.

After a few hours long boring hours in which neither girl had slept the door opened and the light was switched on, a pretty dark haired girl dressed in a staff uniform walked in and sat on the edge of Bethany’s bed, she didn’t look much older than Natalie and Bethany.

“Good I’m glad you’re still awake. I just popped in to introduce myself I’m Jodie, Miss Boucher’s new assistant; you are supposed to call me Miss Jodie, but I’m not into all that crap, Jodie will do just fine when we are alone. My my, you two must have really pissed Matron off or had she been on the gin again?” She said inspecting the girl’s gags.

“She can be a real bitch when she’d had a drink. She used to gag me like that all the time. You look surprised girls? I was kidnapped just like you a couple of years ago and kept tied up and gagged just like you, but Jenny Bond took a shine to me and saved me from going to auction when I was eighteen by offering me the position as her personal assistant, now I’ll be assisting Miss Boucher for the time being until she gets her new assistants. Well I’ll leave you girls to get your beauty sleep and we’ll get to know each other a little better in the morning.”

Bethany moaned into her gag as Jodie stood up to leave, trying to plead with her to remove their gags. Jodie knew exactly what she was trying to say.

“I wish I could take off those gags babe, believe me I know how uncomfortable they must be, but I’d probably end up at the auction if I did, please be brave it’s only for one night. Good night girls.”
Natalie and Bethany watched Jodie leave the room switching off the lights as she left plunging them into darkness.

In Jenny Bonds office Alison and Caroline had been stripped of their uniforms leaving them wearing just their underwear and were cuffed to a metal bar that hung from the ceiling by thick metal chains which moved up and down at the press of a button on the wall, Jenny had raised the bar so high they both had to stand on the very tips of their toes, both had their ankles fastened together by a leather strap, and both had a big red ball gag in their mouth.
Jenny Bond had just finished a long telephone conversation with The Baroness after putting the telephone down; she picked up her crop and walked over to the two assistants. Running the tip of her crop slowly over the girl’s buttocks she said.

“Well ladies, The Baroness is very disappointed with your behaviour this evening she says you’ve betrayed her trust and you must be punished. You will both be put up for sale in the next auction which is in two months time.”

Both girls let out a huge moan as Jenny pressed the button raising the bar slightly so both girls had their feet off the floor, before she continued.

“Until then you are mine to do whatever I want with. So I think it’s about time you went back to school to learn some discipline.” She said as she gave each girl a hard crack on their bottom with her crop followed another four cracks each in quick succession, causing them to thrash about and scream into their gags with pain.

“In the morning once I’ve finished with you here you will be taken to Matron who will issue you with school uniforms and then escorted to the new girl holding area where you will be treated in exactly the same way we treat all the new girls, you will be strapped to those wooden chairs all day, you will wear diapers and rubber panties at night and I will personally come and tie and gag you for bed every evening, if either of you step out of line I’ll have you both brought back here and you’ll receive a few more of these.” Jenny continued giving them five more cracks each with her crop, each one greeted with a gagged scream.

Much to the girl’s relief Jenny put her crop down on the table before she inspected the assistant’s red bottoms.

“You’ll live.” She told the two sobbing girls.

“Is that time?” Jenny asked mockingly looking at the clock on the wall.

“It’s getting close to my bed time, so I’ll have to leave you two hanging around here until morning.”

The two assistants tried to protest as Jenny pressed the button on the wall raising them even higher off the ground.

“Good night ladies, I do hope it’s not too uncomfortable for you up there.”

Jenny switched off the lights and left the office to the sound of gagged moans.





Chapter 8

The next morning Natalie and Bethany were woken bright and early by Jodie.

“Wakey, wakey sleepy heads time to get up it’s your first day at school so we can’t have you being late. Let’s start by getting these gags out of your mouths and you can tell me your names while I untie you. ”
Jodie untied the pillow case from Bethany’s mouth and removed the panties from over her head before helping her to spit the plastic knickers out.

“Thank you. They really do taste disgusting.” Bethany said relieved to have the use of her mouth back.

“Not to worry dear you won’t be gagged with those things again, tonight in the dorm you’ll be wearing one of our special bed time gags they’re far more comfortable.”

“Special bed time gag what’s that?” Natalie asked once her mouth was free.

“You’ll find out tonight dear but don’t worry about it, like I said they’re very comfortable. Now what are you names I can’t keep calling you dear forever.”

“Natalie Barnes” “Bethany Hayes” The girls replied.

“What’s the dorm room like?” Natalie nervously asked.

“Once you’ve freshened up and changed I’ll take through into the dorm and you can meet the other girls before breakfast, and stop worrying you’ll get along just fine I’m sure. Now then have any of you soiled your diaper?” Jodie asked once the girls were free

“I have.” Natalie quietly replied feeling very embarrassed.

“Don’t be ashamed love, ever girl does it at sometime or other it’s only natural.” Jodie told her giving her a gentle reassuring pat on her arm.

“You’ll find some nappy bags in the bathroom put it in one of those and seal it up before putting it in the soiled diaper bin.
Right off you both go to the bathroom I’ll be right outside if you need me.”

The girls were surprised at being allowed to use the bathroom together, unsupervised.

“Are you ok Beth?” Natalie asked once the bathroom door was closed.

“Not too bad, but I’m not sure how much more of this place I can stand. How are you?”

“I’ve felt better. We’ve got to be brave Beth I’m sure our parents and the police are doing all they can to find us.”

“I wonder what’s happened to those two bitches Alison and Caroline.” Bethany said.

“I don’t know Beth, Jodie seems very nice though doesn’t she?”

“Yes I like Jodie she’s not like the others.”

“Hurry up you two we’ve got a lot to do before breakfast.” Jodie said putting her head around the door.

“Coming Jodie” Bethany replied.

Once the girls were washed and changed into their clean uniforms Jodie took them next door into the dorm room, both girls felt nervous and frightened as they entered the room, but to their surprise it wasn’t too bad, it was a lot smaller than they expected with only six beds which looked very comfortable unlike the ones in the holding area, each bed had a large cabinet by the side of it. Natalie noticed that the beds still had the metal rings attached to the head and foot boards.
There were four other girls already in the dorm one of whom they recognized immediately it was Becky who The Baroness kidnapped as part of the bank robbery.

“They got you too then, I thought it would only be a matter of time.” Becky said upon seeing the girls enter the room.

“How long have you been here?” Natalie asked.

“About a week I think, you lose track of time in this place.”

Jodie showed Natalie and Bethany to their beds which were next to each other.

“I’ll leave Becky to introduce you to the other girls seeing as you three already know each other. Breakfast in fifteen minutes girls don’t be late.”

“Girls meet Natalie and Bethany they were held hostage too by The Baronesses people when she robbed the bank where Natalie’s mother and my father work.

“This is Pippa or Pip. She’s mad.” Becky said pointing to a small blonde girl lying on one of the beds”

“This is Emma she’s very quiet apart from when she sleeps because she snores very loudly. Don’t you Em?” Becky said pointing to a plump girl with long black hair sitting on the bed next to Bethany’s

“Finally this is Debbie or Debs she’s a nutter too. Becky said pointing to tall girl sat on the end bed brushing her short brown hair.

“What’s it like here.” Bethany asked.

“Not too bad if you do as you are told and don’t cause the staff any trouble, we have a laugh in here it’s the only way to get through the day in this place.” Becky told them.

“How long have you all been here?” Natalie asked.

“Too bloody long.” Pip replied.

“I’m not sure it must be couple of months now.” Emma told them.

“Four weeks, and two days.” Debs answered.

The girls carried on chatting and getting to know each other more until it was time for breakfast.

“Remember the meal time rules you two no talking unless you’re spoken to by a member of staff or we’ll all be punished.” Pip told Natalie and Bethany as they were about to enter the dining room.

Jenny Bond entered her office where Alison and Caroline had spent a long very uncomfortable night suspended from the metal bar hanging from the ceiling. She was accompanied by two more assistants.

“Good morning ladies, how are you on this beautiful morning?” Jenny teased seeing the pained expressions on Alison and Caroline’s faces.

They both moaned more from relief than pain as Jenny lowered the bar so their feet were back flat on the floor.

“Release them and cuff their hands behind their backs.” Jenny told one of the assistants passing her a key to the handcuffs already locked on Alison and Caroline’s wrists over the top of the bar.

Alison was the first to be released she tried to rub her aching arms once she was free but the assistant was having none of it, roughly pulling her arms behind her back and snapping the cuffs on causing Alison to moan out loud into her gag. Caroline saw the way Alison was roughly treated and voluntarily put her arms behind her back not wanted to have any more pain inflicted on her already aching arms.

“Get them out of my sight; take them down to see Matron.” Jenny said giving them both a couple more hard cracks on their bottoms with her crop as they were taken from the office.

Once breakfast was over Natalie and Bethany nervously followed the other girls to the classroom.

“Will there only be us six in class?” Bethany asked.

“Yep there were only four of us until you two arrived.” Becky Replied.

“What’s the teacher like?” Natalie asked.

“Miss Andrews she’s not too bad, but don’t get on the wrong side of her she’s demon with her cane as Pip found out last week isn’t that right Pip?” Debs replied.

“Yes I couldn’t sit down for hours my arse was that sore.”

“Wow! What did you do wrong?” Bethany asked.

“She said I was copying Becky’s answers in the math’s test she gave us. I mean who’d want to copy her answers she’s thick.”

As the girls entered the classroom they were greeted by a stern looking woman wearing glasses possibly in her mid thirties with black hair that was brushed back into a pony tail.

“Hurry along ladies sit down you’re two minutes late.” She barked as they entered the room

“Sorry Miss Andrews.” Gemma replied.

Natalie and Bethany stood at the front of the class waiting to be given a desk.

“Ah yes you must be the new girls Barnes and Hayes. Which is which?” Miss Andrews asked looking the two girls up and down over the top of her glasses

“I’m Natalie Barnes and I’m Bethany Hayes.” The girls replied.

“I’m sure your friends have already told you all about me, but let me introduce myself. My name is Miss Andrews you’ll find me very fair so long as you do as you are told and don’t disrupt the rest of the class. Now find yourselves a desk and we’ll begin."

The classroom was very small with only around a dozen desks in it, Natalie and Bethany found two next to each other near the front of the class close to an open window. Miss Andrews walked down the rows of desks handing all the girls a few sheets of writing paper and a pen.

“Now ladies for the benefit of our new girls I want you all to write a two page essay about yourselves and how you come to be here, once you’ve all finished I’m going to ask you to come to the front of the class one at a time a read your essay out that way you all get to know a little about each other, any questions?”

The room was silent.

“Very well then you have one hour to write your essay in silence starting now.”

They had been writing for around twenty minutes when Natalie heard a noise coming through the open window it sounded like a helicopter flying around over the building.

“Can you hear that? They’re looking for us.” She whispered to Bethany,

“Silence Miss Barnes or you’ll be spending your first day in class with a gag in your mouth.” Miss Andrews shouted.

A couple of minutes went by and the helicopter was still buzzing around outside Natalie got up and ran over to the barred window


Miss Andrews threw down her book and ran over and clasped her hand tightly over the girl’s mouth silencing her and dragged her away from the window.

“Silly bitch what’s she trying to do get us all punished?” Debs said to a shocked Bethany who could believe what her friend had just done.

Miss Andrews dragged the struggling girl over to her desk where she pulled a red ball gag out of one of the draws and stuffed it into Natalie’s mouth fastening the leather straps tightly behind her head..

“The rest of you get on with your work in silence.” Miss Andrews barked.

Next Miss Andrews pulled her handcuffs from her belt and pulled Natalie’s arms behind her back and snapped the cuffs on. She then pushed Natalie down onto the chair behind the teacher’s desk.

“You stay right there.” She instructed Natalie who by now was sobbing regretting her moment of madness.

Miss Andrews picked up her telephone and called Jenny Bond to explain what had happened.

“Cane her and I’ll send two assistants to take her to solitary while she cools off.” Was Jenny Bonds reply.

Miss Andrews pulled another set of handcuffs from her desk, she pulled Natalie to her feet and bent her over the back of the chair so she was facing the seat part of the chair, she then unfastened the handcuffs from one of Natalie’s wrists and grabbed hold of her cuffed arm securing it to one of the chair legs, she then snapped one of the cuffs of the new pair of handcuffs on her other wrist and secured that to the opposite chair leg. Bethany watched in horror as Miss Andrews pulled her friends panties down so they were around her knees. She then took a thin whippy cane from a cupboard on the wall. Natalie who by now was sobbing uncontrollably braced herself for the first stinging blow to land. She didn’t have to wait too long as the first stroke of the cane landing on her bare bottom causing her to cry out in pain, followed by five more stinging strokes in quick succession each one greeted by a gagged scream, five more strokes quickly followed after that.

“STOP IT” Bethany cried out seeing the suffering her friend was going through.

“Someone shut her up or she’ll be next” Miss Andrews shouted back.

Becky went and sat beside Bethany and put her arm around her

“Shush or you’ll get the same Beth you don’t want that do you?”

Bethany shook her head wiping the tears from her eyes.

Miss Andrews still hadn’t finished, yet another five hard strokes of the cane were landed on Natalie’s bottom followed by five more.

Bethany was about to shout out again when Becky clasped her hand over her mouth stopping her just in time.

“Don’t be silly Beth”

The door opened and two assistants walked in just as Miss Andrews had put the cane down.
Miss Andrews handed them the keys to the handcuffs. They set about releasing Natalie’s arms while Miss Andrews pulled her panties back up over her bright red bottom. One of the assistants cuffed Natalie’s arms behind her back and they lead her out of the classroom.

“Where are they taking her?” Bethany asked now Becky had removed her hand from her mouth.

“She’ll be spending some time in solitary now, and that’s not a very nice place.” Pip now told her.

“Right ladies the show’s over get back to work.” Miss Andrews told the rest of the class.

Natalie was taken to cold dimly lit room with just a wooden bed in the centre of it. The bed was bare it had no mattress just a number of leather straps in different positions on the wooden base. She was pushed onto the bed so she lay face down, a leather blindfold was tied over her eyes. Her hands were released from behind her back and placed in leather cuffs that were attached to the bed one on either side, leather straps were also fastened around each ankle securing them to the bed too finally a broad leather strap was fastened tightly around her waist securing her body to the bed.

Once she was secure terrified girl heard the two assistants leave locking the door behind them.





Chapter 9

Alison and Caroline who were now dressed in the school uniform bra and panties were taken to the holding area by Miss Boucher, Matron had tied their arms behind their backs with soft white rope, and taped plastic knickers in their mouths to add to their humiliation and discomfort she had also tied one end a length of rope around their waists and pulled the other end tightly between their legs before fastening it to the rope binding their wrists.
At the holding area Miss Boucher strapped them to the wooden chairs but left their arms tied the way they were along with the crotch ropes.

“I’m sorry ladies breakfast is over now, if you’re lucky I may have Jodie bring you some lunch.”

Miss Boucher left leaving them to endure a long boring morning with even the radio to help relieve the boredom.

Natalie lay sobbing in solitary confinement her bottom still stinging from the brutal caning she had received, wondering what was going to happen to her and how long she was going to be left like this. After a while she heard a key in the door and the door slowly open, footsteps approach her, she cried out into her gag in frustration not being able to see you it was in the room with her. She began to panic and struggle has she felt her panties being pulled down fearing another caning.

“Hush dear relax I’m not going to hurt you.”

Natalie thought she recognized the accent she was almost sure it was Jodie but what did she want, and why had she pulled her panties down?
All became clear as she felt a cool soothing cream being massaged into her stinging bottom this felt so good, the stinging was already beginning to ease.

“You should feel a lot better now love, you really shouldn’t go doing things like that Natalie punishment in here in very severe for girls that step out of line I wouldn’t like to see you punished again, and in any case it was only the crop spraying helicopter spraying crops on the potato farm next door.” Jodie told her as she replaced her panties.

“I’ll have to go before someone catches me; I’ll try and bring you some food and water later if I can, be brave I’m sure they’ll set you free very soon.”

Natalie lay shocked, stunned and relieved by what had just happened as Jodie left locking the door behind her.

The other girls had finished morning class and were heading to the dining area for lunch.

“What do you think they’re doing to Nats?” Bethany asked.

“She’ll be solitary?” Pip answered.

“What’s that?” Bethany replied.

“It’s where they take you and torture you, she’ll be strapped naked to a table and Matron and Miss Bond will be doing all kinds of terrible things to her. Pip continued.

“What kind of things?” Bethany asked sounding concerned.

“I’ve heard they use electric shock treatment, they’ll put clamps on her nipples that are wired to a machine and then send electric shocks through her body, they may not even stop at her nipples they may go down below if you know what I mean, one girl in the seniors with my sister is like a cabbage now after she spent a week in solitary.

“NOOO!” Bethany cried

“That’s enough Pip stop teasing her.” Gemma told her.

Pip laughed “I had you going there didn’t I?”

“You Bitch.” Bethany screamed not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Chill babe your friend will be fine they’ll just keep her locked up for few hours while she calms down.” Pip said giving Bethany a hug.

After lunch the girls were heading back to class when Pip said.

“Look I have to go and find my sister I’m missing her so much. Cover for me will you? Tell Miss Whiplash I’ve gone to see Matron, women problems or something, I won’t be long.”

“Pip don’t go, you’ll get caught and we’ll all end up in trouble for lying.” Gemma called after Pip who was already running down the corridor.

“What are we going to tell Miss Andrews?” Bethany asked.

“Exactly what she told us to say she’s gone to see Matron.” Debbie replied.

The girls entered the classroom.

“Hurry along girls you’re late again, Where’s Miss Henshaw?” Miss Andrews asked seeing there were four girls.

“She’s had to go and see Matron, Miss. She’s was having really bad period pains during lunch. Debbie replied.

“Very well, the rest of you take your seats while I’ll phone Matron and see what’s going on.”

The girls watched nervously has Miss Andrews called Matron on the telephone.
After listening to what Matron had to say Miss Andrews slammed the telephone receiver down her face was red with anger.

“I will not be lied to ladies, I’ll ask you once again, where is Miss Henhaw?” She said standing in front of the class with her arms folded.

“She told us she was going to Matron honestly Miss.” Gemma nervously replied.

“Then why hasn’t Matron seen her? I think you lot are covering up for her. I will not be lied to.”

Miss Andrews walked over to her cupboard and took out a cardboard box.

“Girls that tell lies need to be gagged.” She said pulling a handful of ball gags from the box.

“Each of you put one of these on and make sure it’s fastened nice and tight I will check.” She said walking amongst the girls handing each of them a ball gag.

“Please Miss Andrews no one is telling lies.” Bethany pleaded not wanting to spend another day gagged.

“Silence Miss Hayes.” The teacher snapped.

“You will all wear this gag for the rest of the week while you are in class.”

The girls had no option but to gag themselves after which Miss Andrews walked around to each of them fastening the leather straps even tighter than they already were.

After a short while the door opened a Pip walked in escorted by Jodie.

“Where the hell have you been Henshaw?” Miss Andrews screamed.

“I’m sorry Miss Andrews it’s my fault I found her walking in the corridor. She said she’d been to see Matron but she wasn’t in her room so I took her to my room and gave her some aspirins she’s feeling better now.” Jodie explained.

“Matron never said she’d been out of her room when I called her.” Miss Andrews replied feeling a little suspicious.

“That’s Matron for you.” Jodie said with smile on her face.

“Anyway she’s here now that’s all that matters.” Jodie continued.

Jodie left the room

“Get yourself a gag from the box Miss Henshaw and put it on. I don’t know what’s going on here but I’ll find out and whoa be tide you if you’ve been telling me lies young lady.” Miss Andrews told the relieved girl who had a lot to thank Jodie for.

Natalie was frightened, cold, hungry and very uncomfortable in solitary after what seemed like hours and hours since Jodie visited her she heard the door being unlocked she prayed it was Jodie coming back with her food and drink. She was so relieved to hear Jodie’s strong accent once again.

“I can’t stay long.” Jodie told her as she unfastened the ball gag.

“Quickly take a couple of sips of this.” Jodie told Natalie putting a plastic drinking straw into her dry mouth.

“Not too much or you’ll be wanting to pee.”

“Thank you Jodie, you’re so kind.”

“No time for all that, I’ve brought you a small sandwich here quick as you can.” Jodie said holding the sandwich to the girl’s mouth.

“Thank you. How much longer are they going to keep me here?” Natalie asked once she’d finished eating.

“I don’t know but I’m sure it won’t be too long now. Here take another sip of water before I put you’re gag back in.

“Thank you. You really are so kind” Natalie said once again before she opened her mouth allowing Jodie to fasten her gag back in place.

“Be brave honey.” Jodie said giving Natalie a quick kiss on her forehead being leaving.

After the girls had spent the afternoon gagged in class they were allowed to go for supper before returning to the dorm.

“Gather round girls I’ve got something to tell you.” Pip told the others.

“I did get to see my sister this afternoon I was on my way back when Jodie caught me luckily she believed my story about Matron not being in her room, anyway my sister told me the senior girls are planning a break out this evening before bed time and want our help. Are you all up for it?”

“Count me in.” Debs replied.

“And me” Becky said

“What about you two?” Pip asked Gemma and Bethany

“Ok count me in.” Bethany told her.

“Me too.” Gemma said.

“Great stuff now listen carefully here’s the plan.”







Chapter 10

Miss Boucher entered the dorm room accompanied by Natalie whose hands were cuffed behind her back and she was still wearing the ball gag, both were removed once they were inside the dorm.

“Right ladies get yourselves ready for bed I’ll be back in shortly to tuck you all in.” She told them before leaving the room.

“How are you Nats? I’ve been so worried about you. What was it like?” Bethany asked.

Natalie told them all about her time in solitary and about Jodie’s visits, after which the girls filled her in on the planned breakout and what her role in the plan was to be.

“Oh my god, I’ve got to warn Jodie.” Natalie thought to herself “I don’t want her getting hurt.”

“I’m just going to the toilet; they haven’t let me go all day.” She told the others.

Once out of the dorm room Natalie sneaked next door into the holding area where just as she hoped she found Jodie.

“Natalie what are you doing in here?”

“I’m so glad I found you Jodie I have something very important to tell you.”

“What is it dear?” Jodie asked.

“The girls are planning a breakout they’re going to take the entire staff prisoner, I had to warn you, I don’t want you getting hurt, get out now while you can.”

Just then the bathroom door opened and Caroline and Alison walked into the room.

“What’s she doing here?” Alison asked.

“She’s come to warn me about the breakout, isn’t that good of her?” Jodie replied.

“Very good of her, who else has she warned?” Caroline asked.

“You’ll all in the plot aren’t you?” Natalie asked beginning realize her mistake

“That’s right sweetie we’re not only in on the plot we’re the brains behind it, and we can’t have you ruining things for us.” Alison told her.

“Wait I haven’t told anyone else, I’ve only just got out of solitary a few minutes ago.”

“I’m sorry Natalie how do we know you aren’t going to warn anyone else once you leave here.” Jodie told her grabbing hold of her arm.

“I won’t tell anyone I promise, I only wanted to warn you because you’ve been so kind to me today.”

“We can’t take that chance dear.” Jodie told her pulling her arms behind her back.

“Pass me some of that rope.” She told Alison.

“Please Jodie I want to get out of here too, I won’t tell anyone please let me go you can trust me.”Natalie begged.

“That’s the problem Natalie we can’t trust you, for all we know you’re going walk right out of here and into Miss Boucher’s room or Jenny Bonds office that’s if you haven’t already done so.” Jodie told here.

“I’ve won’t I promise, please Jodie let me go.” Natalie pleaded

“Get something to gag her with.” Jodie told the others once Natalie’s arms where tied behind her back.

Caroline brought a clean pair of panties from her cupboard balled them up and stuffed them into Natalie’s mouth silencing her protests, Alison folded a pillow case into a long band and tied a knot in the centre of it which she forced between Natalie’s teeth before tying the two loose ends at the base of her neck.

“Now what do we do with her.” Alison asked.

“We’ll take her to my room no one will find her there. Bring some more of that rope” Jodie replied pushing Natalie towards the door.

“Quickly before anyone sees us.” Jodie said as they ran down the corridor dragging the struggling girl with them.

Once inside Jodie’s room Natalie was pushed down onto the floor and Alison bound her ankles and knees together, while Caroline cruelly tied her elbows together so they touched, then between the three of them they picked her up and carried her over to the closet, where she was to spend a long uncomfortable few hours hogtied on top of Jodie’s shoes.

Back in the dorm Bethany was looking for Natalie who had been gone ages.

“I can’t find her she’s not in the toilet.” She told the others.

“Never mind her now, Boucher will be here in a minute, take you positions girls you all know what to do.” Pip told them.

Right on cue Miss Boucher entered the room.

“Why aren’t you girls changed and ready for bed?” She asked seeing Pip and Becky sitting on their beds chatting.

“Where are the others? Hey what’s going on? GET THIS THING OFF ME RIGHT NOW.” She shouted as Gemma and Debbie who had crept up on her from out of the bathroom threw and blanket over her head.

“Quickly Beth get her cuffs.” Debbie cried as she and Gemma were struggling to hold the house mother.

“Help us you two.” Gemma called to Becky and Pip who rushed over and help them get Miss Boucher down onto the floor and held her hands behind her back while Bethany snapped the cuffs on her.


“Take the Blanket off.” Pip told the others once Miss Boucher was cuffed.

“Pinch her nose together Debs.” Pip said reaching under the struggling woman’s skirt to remove her panties.

Once Miss Boucher opened her mouth to breathe Pip stuffed the panties in. Becky quickly grabbed a roll of tape that was normally used to gag the girls at night from the top of her cupboard and began wrapping it around Miss Boucher head five or six times making sure it covered her mouth.

“Get her on one of the beds.” Pip instructed the others.

Between them they dragged Miss Boucher over to Gemma’s bed and laid her face down Pip got a length of rope and bound her ankles together before hogtying her with another length of rope which ran from her cuffed wrists to her ankles, finally she tied length of rope around Miss Boucher neck and attached the loose end to the metal ring on the headboard of the bed.

“There she can’t struggle now or she’ll strangle herself.” Pip said standing back admiring her handy work.

“Now we wait for my sister Paula and the senior girls.” Pip said.

It wasn’t too long before the door opened and Paula entered accompanied by six more girls along with Jodie, Caroline, and Alison.

“You three are in this too?” Pip asked.

“We certainly are.” Jodie replied. “It’s all my idea.”

“Jodie have you seen Natalie?” Bethany nervously asked.

“Isn’t she in solitary?” Jodie replied.

“No Miss Boucher brought her back a while ago and now she’s disappeared.”

“Then I’m sorry love I haven’t seen her, have any of you?” Jodie asked turning to Alison and Caroline.

“No” they both replied.

“I wouldn’t worry about her dear she can’t have gone far in here, I’m sure she’ll have a good reason for disappearing, maybe she’s gone to see Matron after spending all day in solitary she may need medical treatment.” Jodie replied trying to reassure Bethany.

Jodie signaled the girls to gather around her. “Now ladies time for part two of our plan.”








Chapter 11

Natalie struggled in the bottom of Jodie’s closet, it was no use trying to get herself free she had been too well tied, so she resigned herself to making herself as comfortable as possible which wasn’t easy as she’d been tied in very tight hogtie, and every position she tried to move into she found herself lying on top of Jodie’s shoes and boots or even one of her bags. She couldn’t believe how cruel Jodie was being to her after all she was only trying to repay the kindness Jodie had shown to her earlier in the day.

Meanwhile the other girls had been split into groups and each group had been given a task. Bethany and Becky were to capture Matron. Pip, Debs, and Gemma were to grab Miss Andrews, and Miss Martin who was the senior girl’s teacher. Paula and the senior girls were to capture the remaining four assistants. Alison and Caroline were to capture Jenny Bond. They were all to take their prisoners down to the basement where Jodie would be waiting for them.

It was now 7.30pm and all the girls should be in bed so Matrons day was over she was putting all her belongings away in her room and looking forward to spending the evening in front of the television in her living quarters with her gin bottle, when there was a knock at the door.

“Who’s this at this time?” She mumbled to herself as she went to open the door.

She was shocked to see Bethany and Becky once she had opened the door.

“Why aren’t you girls in bed? Bedtime was half an hour ago.”

“HEY WHAT’S GOING ON?” She screamed as the two girls pushed her back into her room locking the door behind them.

Becky, who was a very strong girl thanks to her regular gym sessions, clasped her hand over Matrons mouth, forced her up against a wall and held her there despite her struggles.

“Quickly Beth get something to gag her with.”

“Not before she tells me what she’s done with Natalie.”

“Well Matron you heard her where’s Natalie?” Becky said taking her hand from over the woman’s mouth.

“I don’t know where Natalie is I haven’t seen her and she certainly isn’t here look for yourselves, now get off me or I’ll call for the assistants.

Becky clasped her hand back over Matrons mouth.

“You’d better be telling the truth.” Becky warned her.

“Now Beth hurry get that gag.”

Bethany knew just the thing and without any hesitation took a pair of plastic knickers from Matrons cupboard.

“Let’s see how SHE likes having these bloody things taped in HER mouth .” Bethany said rolling the knickers up into a ball.

“Open up Matron, that’s a good girl.” Bethany said holding the knickers in front of Matrons mouth.

Matron clamped her mouth shut and shook her head.

“Don’t be a silly girl Matron open up.” Becky said giving her a hard slap on her the top of her leg.

Matron still refused so Bethany who was growing impatient grabbed a huge handful of her grey hair and yanked her head back causing Matron to cry out in pain enabling her to stuff the knickers in finally she wrapped sticky medical tape a number of times around her head to hold the knickers in place. Becky then forced Matron to bend face down over her desk while Bethany tied her hands behind her back.

“Let’s get her down to the basement.” Becky said pulling Matron back up to a standing position.

The two grabbed hold of an arm each and lead the woman struggling out of the room and down to the basement.

Alison and Caroline had entered Jenny Bond’s office using a master key they still had from when they were assistants only to find it empty.

“She must be next door in her living quarters.” Alison said.

“Does this key open that door too? Caroline replied.

“Only one way to find out.” Alison told her as she put the key into the lock of door to the adjoining living quarters.

“Brace yourself.” She told her friend as the key slowly turned in the lock.

“Are you ready?” Alison asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be, let’s go” Caroline replied.

Alison quickly opened the door and the two of them charged into Jenny’s room hoping to take her by surprise, but once again the room was empty. They checked the bathroom and bedroom again both were empty.

“Look all her clothes and belongings have gone.” Alison said pointing to the empty closet.

“I think someone has tipped her off, she’s scarpered.” Caroline replied.

“Yes and I can guess who.” Alison told her.

“Natalie.” Both women more or less said at the same time.

“Come on we’ll get the truth out of that little bitch somehow.” Alison told her friend.

Becky and Bethany lead Matron into the dimly lit Basement where Jodie had laid a number of chairs out into a circle. Miss Boucher was already sitting bound and gagged on one of the chairs along with three other women they had never seen before, but Bethany guessed they were the housemother and assistants from the senior girl’s dorm.

“Good work you two.” Jodie said taking Matron from them.

“Now go and help the rest of your group with the teachers.”

Pip, Debs, and Gemma stood nervously outside the door to Miss Andrew’s living quarters.

“Right I’ll knock and when she opens the door we rush in and push her to the ground. Pip told the others.

She was about to knock when she heard a voice behind her.

“You lot look like you could do with some help.”

They looked around to see Becky and Bethany standing there.

“We’ve done our bit already Matron is down in the basement with Jodie it was a doddle.”Bethany told them.

“I don’t think Miss Andrews is going to be a doddle though she’s a lot younger and fitter than fat old Matron.” Debs replied.

“Could always use this.” Bethany said reaching inside the cup of her bra and pulling out a small glass bottle.

“What’s that?” Pip asked.

“Chloroform I found it in Matrons cupboard when I was looking for something to gag her with.” Bethany said with a big smile on her face.

“You sly cow. You never said anything to me about that.” Becky said.

“Good girl Beth. Now let’s get the job done” Pip replied knocking on the door.

The girls waited nervously while the door was unlocked from inside and Miss Andrews opened it she was dressed in a little black babydoll. Before she had time to react the girls barged in pushing the stunned teacher down on the floor. Pip quickly clasped her hand tightly over her mouth before she could call out for help.

“Quickly Beth the chloroform.” Pip called out.

Beth had found a cloth napkin on the dining table which she folded into a small square and emptied the contents of the bottle on to it, she then passed it to Pip who held it over the struggling teachers nose until her body fell limp. While Miss Andrews was sleeping the girls tied her hands behind her back, and stuffed a pair of panties in her mouth which were held in place by a scarf tied over her mouth. Between the five of them they managed to drag the sleeping teacher down to the basement to Jodie.

Natalie heard someone enter the room in which she was being held she hoped Jodie had come back to set her free realizing she was only trying to help, but her hopes were dashed when the closet door opened and she saw Alison and Caroline standing in the doorway.

“We want some answers from you, you little bitch.” Alison told her as they roughly pulled her from the closet.

Caroline untied the rope which made the hogtie while Alison brought a wooden dining chair into the centre of the room. Between them they picked the terrified girl up and sat her down on the chair, then Caroline tied rope around her upper body above and below her breasts pinning her to the back of the chair.

“Now bitch we want answers and one way or another we’re going to get them out of you.” Alison said as she removed Natalie’s gag letting it hang loosely around her neck.







Chapter 12
The Final Chapter

“How many more times do I have to tell you I haven’t done anything, please let me go.” Natalie begged.

“Someone has warned Miss Bond about the breakout, and we think it’s you.” Alison told her.

“Did you give her the information so she’d let you out of solitary?” Caroline asked.

“Please, I didn’t even know about the breakout when I was in solitary you’ve got to believe me.”

“We don’t believe you Natalie.” Alison told her as she approached with a sharp looking knife in her hand.

Natalie watched in fear as Alison cut the straps on her bra and removed it.

“Now are you going to tell us why you tipped Miss Bond off?” Alison asked slowly running the point of the knife over Natalie’s naked breasts.

“I didn’t tip anybody off, why don’t you believe me?” Natalie asked with tears beginning to roll down her cheeks.

“You tried to warn Jodie, why did you do that?” Alison asked.

“I’ve already told you; because she came to visit me in solitary she brought me food and water, she rubbed soothing cream into my bottom that was stinging from the caning I received from Miss Andrews. “

“I don’t believe that’s the real reason at all, Jodie will have to rub soothing cream into your stinging tits unless you start telling us the truth.” Caroline said producing a pair of sinister looking nipple clamps she’d just found in one of Jodie’s draws.

“Please Miss Caroline, Miss Alison I am telling you the truth I want out of this hellhole just like everyone else.

The two women ignored her pleas Alison clamped her hand tightly over the sobbing terrified girl’s mouth muffling her screams, as Caroline put the silver nipple clamps on her.

“Are you two deaf or just stupid?” Natalie screamed once Alison had removed her hand. “I have nothing to tell you, I haven’t done anything!”

This earned her a couple of hard slaps across her face from Alison.

“Save yourself a lot more pain Natalie and tell us why you warned Miss Bond.” Alison told her.

Natalie bowed her head and began to cry uncontrollably from the pain of the stinging blows to her cheek, nothing she could say was ever going to convince these two evil bitches that she hadn’t warned Miss Bond or were they just taking great pleasure in making her suffer?

Down in the basement all the assistants had now been captured by the senior girls and were sitting bound and gagged along with Miss Andrews, Matron and the others. Pip and her group were on their way back with the one remaining teacher Miss Martin, who was a small plump woman with brown hair that was beginning to show signs of turning grey, she looked very similar to Matron only a few years younger, which wasn’t surprising as the girls found out later she was Matrons younger sister. Her hands were tied behind her back and she had been gagged with a number of silk scarves from her large collection. Once Miss Martin was tied to a chair with the others Paula asked Jodie.

“Where’s the other two with Miss Bond?”

“I don’t know what’s keeping them maybe you’d all best go and see if they need help.” Jodie replied.

The girls were leaving when Jodie asked Bethany to stay with her saying she had a special job for her. Once the others had left Jodie explained how Natalie had tried to warn her about the breakout and they were left with no option but to keep her out of the way not knowing if she could be trusted or not. She was surprised at how well Bethany took the news she was expecting her friend to throw a tantrum or something, but she stayed calm telling Jodie they had done the right thing and Natalie deserved everything she got for putting the takeover plot at risk.

“You and I will go and set her free, now we have all the staff where we want them.” She told Bethany.

Natalie was beginning to think it would be best if she just owned up to tipping Miss Bond off even though she hadn't done anything, as she watched Caroline get a riding crop that was hanging on Jodie’s wall then the beating she was about to receive may not be so severe, but it was too late for that as Alison stuffed the panties back into mouth and replaced her gag, while Caroline made a couple of menacing practice swishes of the crop just missing the terrified girls breasts.

Jodie and Bethany chatted about various things including Bethany’s life before she was kidnapped as they made the long walk from the basement to Jodie’s room which was on the top floor.

“There’s someone in there already.” Jodie told the girl, hearing noises coming from inside as they stopped at the door.

“And I think I know who it is.” She continued as she opened the door.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” She screamed as she entered the room just in time to see Caroline land a hard blow with the riding crop on Natalie’s breasts.

“LEAVE HER ALONE.” Bethany screamed rushing in and pushing Caroline away knocking her to the ground.

“What’s the meaning of this? What the hell do you think you’re doing to this poor girl?” Jodie asked grabbing holding of Alison.

Bethany picked up the knife that was on the floor and waved it threateningly in Caroline’s direction

“Stay right where you are.” She told the woman before she began cutting the ropes that were binding her sobbing friend.

“Miss Bond has left the building scarpered with all her belongings. She tipped her off just like she tipped you off. Alison explained.

“I didn’t.” Natalie cried once the gag was out of her mouth. “Please believe me Jodie I didn’t tell Miss Bond.”

“I know you didn’t dear, I did.” Jodie confessed.

“You? But why?” Alison asked.

“Jenny Bond is my real mother, she had me when she was very young so I was taken from her and put into care before I was adopted by the couple I now call my parents. Once Jenny was given the headmistresses role here, she had be kidnapped and brought here so I could be with her, that’s why she saved me from going to the auction and made me her personal assistant. I don’t want to be here just as much as you girls don’t, that's why I hatched up the breakout plan, but I couldn’t have my mother getting hurt so I gave her the chance to get away, just like you tried to give me the chance Natalie. I hope you understand.”

“Of course we do Natalie said giving her a big hug, then Bethany gave her a hug too after all they have her to thank for getting them out of this hellhole.

Jodie was furious with Alison and Caroline and had them bound and gagged and taken down to the basement where they were tied with the other staff members who were later collected by the police.





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