Post Lockdown Blues

This is entirely fictional.


It was supposed to be a time of relaxation. With the lockdown lifted, even with the loss of my job, I decided to celebrate. Heading out of the UK wouldn't be appropriate, but I lived near a natural lake. The weather was quite warm, so I wore my favourite light aqua-blue halter bikini, with different spotted patterns over the top, i.e., the bra cups. Oh, the water was so refreshing and certainly helping me forget all the worries and the mistakes of the past few years. After a few hours, I walked up out of the lake, arms bent exactly the same angle, with my right arm slightly bent further backwards, my boobs sagging; bikini tops arenít exactly strong bras, but I was smiling after my swim and soak.


"Click," I saw my boyfriend snapping a picture of me using his high-tech camera, not his mobile phone. "Cat," he hugged me with a towel and a deep kiss.


"Thanks Rob," I whispered, but before I could ask for my own towel and change of clothes, my legs began to wobble my smile broke up, I started drooling and collapsed into Rob's arms. Amazingly, I could still see my surroundings, but lost all my other senses. What I witnessed next was extremely weird, no horrifying. He cradled me in jis arms, wrapping me in the thick towel and threw me into the back of the station wagon.


Wait a minute, since when did he ever own a station wagon?! I tried to talk but nothing came out of my mouth. To my horror, I saw coils of white sailing ropes in his hands. Unable to move or talk, I could only watch in shock as the rope was wound around my arms, wrists, knees and ankles, keeping my limbs wound together. I was pushed further in the vehicle when suddenly I felt my vocal cords return. Before I could cry out in protest, Rob pried my mouth opened, stuffed something cotton-like into my mouth and a larger strap of cloth sealed it into place. A further piece of either duct or masking tape was stuck over it.


"Mmmmpph, mmmppp..." I started to moan softly and struggle simultaneously. I took ballet as a child and teen but even that training didn't help me get up as he started driving away. I did manage to sit up for a few seconds near the back window but they were tinted in a dark colour and no one else was on the road---the other swimmers were no longer in sight. My boyfriend aka captor was and as I slouched back down due to the bonds, one of his hands tore off his face! Underneath was a wrinkled guy, part South Asian, part Eastern European look and he had sunglasses on.


"Don't worry, Cat," he started. It was a robotic-like voice, quite likely his real voice disguised by some device. "You'll be free in no time. A different freedom to that you've tried to promote in your former job, but don't worry, it's will pay well, at least for me."


"MMMMPPH!!" I could scream louder now, although my muscles were still weak.


"Oh, that's due to your own knickers. Don't worry, I believe they were the clean pair you had." I cried out in disgust more that in protest. He stuffed my pants in my mouth?! I continued to yelp through the gag and try to sit up to attract attention, but kept on failing. He said I would be free and he would earn money. What, would I be sold to slavery? Would I be forced into an XXX porn star? And who the hell was he, disguising himself as my boyfriend with a Mission Impossible-style mask? Someone get me out of here!!!


It was a few hours later when the vehicle lurched to a stop. I continued to struggle just as the back door opened. "Toilet break," he announced as he dragged and carried out of the station wagon. We were in some woodland area and I was dumped, barefoot down on the grassy leaf-filled ground. He undid my bound wrists behind my back and lowered my still damp bikini bottoms. "I won't look, you have five minutes."


I didn't pee, instead, I worked on the bonds around my knees and ankles. I was a Girl Guide for a short tie and quickly managed to remove those ropes. Checking he wasn't looking, I yanked up my bikini bottoms and made a run for it. The ground was difficult to run on and within a few minutes, I heard him chase me from behind. Unluckily, I tripped on a small log or something but instead of falling face down, I felt him grab me from behind. I started drooling into my stuffed knickers and gag and again felt my leg wobble. He carried me in a fireman's lift. With most of my senses numbed, I could only see him drop me back down on the back of the station wagon.


"This is what you get for trying run away, Catherine," I heard him sneer. He removed my bikini bottoms again, this time my crotch exposed. Was he going to rape me? I couldn't tense up but saw him pull out some antiseptic or alcoholic wet wipes and cleaned my crotch. Since my sense of touch was numbed, I could only watch him do it. Next, some cotton but also plastic-ish appeared in his hands. Wait a minute, I saw that when I worked in a disabled shop during my undergraduate years. It was an adult nappy!


He lifted up my buttocks, slipped the darn incontinence brief around my bum and waist and taped it tightly. I thought it was for fetish when there was a dark stain on it--I was emptying my bladder unintentionally! It must be that drug or whatever that paralysed me. "Yeah, I gave you a heavier dose, so you'll have lost control of your bladder, temporarily."


The embarrassment of wearing a nappy wasn't the end. He flipped me over and my wrists and elbows were bound again, this time I believe with zip ties. My knees and ankles received the treatment. Then, he drew my bound wrists and ankles together to form what I knew was a hogtie with another piece of zip tie. That wasn't the end of it. he removed my present gag but naturally with my vocal chords muted, I could not shout. I could see how wet the stuffing--my pink knickers--was. He re-gagged me with what I initially thought was a sexy toy; I later found out it was a plug gag, securely buckled behind my head. Hogtied and still unable to touch, smell, taste and hear, he covered my bound, gagged and nappied body with a new large brown towel and started the vehicle again.


I guessed it was around half an hour later before all my senses returned. I tried to shift but the hogtie and zip ties were too strong. The new gag also muted more of my cries. Then again, the station wagon stopped. I heard him get out and something open. We were at some petrol station! "Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph!" I continued to cry hoping someone would hear. But it was not so. I couldn't even push my head up to the window. The refuelling was pretty fast and the vehicle moved off again. He stopped again at the side of the road in anther shady area. With the towel off, he began to un-tape the wet nappy. After wiping my crotch clean, he dried my body--I was still damp from the swim. My bikini bottoms were pulled back on and then he started taking pictures of me bound and gagged. After numerous shots, he raised some device at my face and told me to be quiet as he lowered the gag. A straw was stuck in my mouth and in any other state I would be grateful but it was a short drink--the gag was placed back on.


I lost track of time but the vehicle stooped again and he lifted me out. I tried to struggle but was too tried to. Dumping me against some pole, my bonds were changed to handcuffs and leg irons. A black hood was placed over my head and with a soft metallic 'bye', he left. Wasn't I supposed to be sold off? Or was it just those pictures?


"Miss Robinson," I heard a new voice call out. My fetters and bonds were unlocked. I suddenly saw my boyfriend and started to tremble. "Cat, it's really me." I soon heard he also was knocked out. The police said they would be on the case seriously, but hours later, I received a picture from a garbled number.


It was me getting out from the pool.




The End.








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