The Present and The Punishment 2








Story is entirely fictional and set in Singapore. A rather short story but that's how it is.


The joint MGS-SCGS band practice finally ended and all performers were elated it as it was an extremely tiring practice. Two girls and close friends in particular, Tan Mei Ying from MGS and Liu Hui Ming from SCGS immediately ran to the toilets to change into their individual school half-uniforms. For Mei Ying, that meant her almost orange MGS T-shirt and skirt while Hui Ming wore a black shirt with the words 'THE SC Band' stencilled on the front along with her school skirt. Both girls chatted about their love for music then Mei Ying received a message. Looking up, she saw her family's chauffeur. Mei Ying's parents were ultra-wealthy folks and she was always brought to and fetched by this chauffer.


"Ready Miss Tan?" The chauffer, Henry Wong, always called her Miss.


"Hold on," Hui Ming said, "can you take a picture of both of us?" The chauffer obliged and the duo posed with their school bags on, smiled. "Ming, you want a lift back home?"


Hui Ming usually took public transport to school and everywhere and for ethical reasons. But she was also always jealous of her friend and this school was much further away from her home. "Uhm...ok, sure," she agreed. Both girls waited for the limousine which Mei Ying found was a little longer than usual but finally both Secondary Two girls were in and the limo sped down Blackmore Drive.


The girls kept on chatting about music, then about challenging maths homework, then suddenly, both girls the air-conditioning was not working. Mei Ying reached out to adjust the dial then suddenly felt sleepy and slumped down against her seatbelt.


"That was fast," Henry smiled watching Hui Ming also fall asleep.





What seemed like hours later, Mei Ying awoke with a throbbing headache. The next thing she discovered was her lips couldn't move; some strong adhesive sealed them together. It was tape of some kind, covering her lower jaw and around the back of her head. Her arms and wrists were free so she moved them but found she was seated and her ankles were bound with zip ties as were her knees to each leg of the chair. A leather strap further secured her torso against the chair. Just as she was trying to remove that strap, she heard a cry, "Ymmming!"


Through the darkness, Mei Ying slowly spotted Hui Ming several metres away, bound and gagged exactly like her. Both girls cried at each other and struggled against their bonds but the chairs seem stuck to the ground. Suddenly, there was tremendous noise and a bright light shone. "Ah," the girls heard a muffled voice speak in a dialect which neither student understood then both heard, "don't you dare touch your bonds or gags! You'll be sorry!" The girls heard the hissing and crackling sound and the girls noticed the masked man, holding a cattle prod.


Both girls squealed at the sight then Mei Ying found something thrust into her free hands -- it was her own violin! Across the room Hui Ming as well had her violin -- she played 2nd violin -- in her hands and sheet of music notes in stands were placed in front of the captured students.


"Now, let's have a performance. Play the score printed in front of you, now!" Came the order.


Both girls resisted initially, but the threat of the tazer made Hui Ming start, then her friend. As the girls slowly started, they realised the notes printed were exactly the same music they were practicing hours earlier! It naturally wasn't easy to play music with bright light shining down on them and bound to unmovable chairs with a thick tape gag across their lips.


An hour later, they were indicated to stop. Just as the captor approached the MGS girl, Hui Ming threw her violin toward him but missed.


"You want to play rough?" He snarled, approached her and despite her struggling, her wrists and elbows were bound to the back of the chair, secured with double strips of zip ties. That wasn't the end as he reached down and yanked her green school skirt and PE shorts off in one go, exposing the dark blue panties underneath.


Leaving the SCGS student humiliated, he walked across the room ? and Mei Ying soon found her wrists were also bound to the back of the chair she sat on. "Thanks for the performance girls," he called then they both heard the click from a handphone, knowing their pictures were taken. "Now I collect my reward, especially from your parents," he nodded to Mei Ying. It was only then she spotted his clothing and realised who he was. She and her good friend could only cry out and struggle with no progress as the light was switch off.


It was only an hour later before they heard the sound of police sirens and were freed. As both girls were escorted out, they found their school bags and personal belongings were still arranged in one corner of the abandoned factory they were held in. As both girls picked up their handphones, they exclaimed as they spotted the picture the captor, aka chauffer Henry Wong, took of both of them after the band practice.


The End.







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