Ray Seizes the Day









Ray wasn't working that day, but when a golden opportunity presents itself, he can't just ignore it, can he?


The owners of the Whiterose supermarket chain prided themselves on their catering facility.  Other supermarkets had cafes, but they had bistros.


The Bistro staff saw themselves as being of slightly higher status than the check-out staff, because they were specialized, and weren't moved around the store from one busy area to another. The bistro staff also wore a different uniform to the other staff, which encouraged them to feel superior. As their supervisor, Mrs. Gayle Purcell, had once pointed out, if you wore a tie to work, you had to be higher status than someone who didn't.


On this particular afternoon Gayle Purcell was having to do more than supervise. There was a staff shortage. Two ladies should have been working in the bistro, but one of them was off ill, suffering from a stomach infection. Just what you didn't want, in a bistro. So Gayle was serving food and operating the dishwasher, along with her colleague Annette Burton.


At about four-thirty, things had quietened down, a lull before the next influx of customers. These were the people who came in for a snack when they had finished work. There was only one customer, who was reading a newspaper while he finished a pot of tea. The ordinary-looking man hadn't attracted the attention of either lady, but he had been observing them.


Ray financed his unemployed lifestyle by carrying out small-scale robberies. Big enough to be worthwhile, but small enough to soon be overshadowed by more serious crimes. Whenever the police started to investigate one of Ray's crimes, they never got far. Within a week, there were always more pressing matters for them to attend to. He never injured anybody, the worst thing that ever happened to his victims was that they got tied up. If anything else happened to them, they didn't tell the police about it.


He wasn't here on business today though, but he couldn't help noticing that there were two ladies here, running an establishment that probably had a reasonable amount of cash in the till. He had only come here for a snack, to pass half an hour before going home, but he could still daydream. And watching the two ladies at work, there was something to daydream about.


From overhearing their conversation, he knew that the taller blonde lady with glasses was named Gayle, and the shorter redhead was Annette. They were both wearing the bistro uniform, which was a white blouse, a lime green necktie, and black trousers (in Gayle's case) or skirt(in Annette's case). Both women wore a white apron with a bib front, which had to be changed the moment any food was spilt on it, and both of them wore a small round white linen cap. Annette had pinned her auburn hair behind her ears, and back from her forehead , which gave her a chubby look, while Gayle had her hair pinned up and crammed under her cap. Like most of the bistro ladies Annette had rolled her sleeves up past her elbows where they were held neatly in place by a buttoned tab.


It wasn't going to be possible to rob this place, Ray decided, but Annette, the plump redhead, certainly reminded him of a few other ladies who he had had the pleasure of meeting. It was a golden rule of his that he would never carry out a robbery in a place where more than one staff member was on duty. It doubled the risk of things getting out of control. So today he was content to drink his drink, watch and listen to the two women, and imagine what might have happened, if there had only been one of them on duty.

Ray had a weakness for what he thought of as "pleasantly plump" ladies. In the course of his robberies, it had been necessary to tie up quite a few of them, over the years. He had a second weakness too. If there was time, once the plump lady was securely bound and gagged, he liked to spank her bottom.  Not hard enough to hurt much, but hard enough to titillate himself, and sometimes the lady. He loved to see the expression on the face of a gagged woman, when he told her that she was going to be spanked.


Ray had had this particular weakness since his late teens. In his formative years, in the mid-sixties, he had got into bad company, a pair of older career criminals, and gone with them on several armed, masked raids. It happened that a girl in her mid twenties, who Ray admired but had never spoken to, worked as the wages clerk at a small electrical wholesale business. A business that his criminal mentors had decided to rob. Every Thursday evening the girl worked late, preparing the wage packets for the next day, and one such evening, she had a visit from Ray's gang. It was the first time that Ray had been taken on a robbery where the building wasn't unoccupied, and he watched, nervous but fascinated, as the mini-skirted cashier was made to lie face down, bound and gagged, and ordered not to move. The gang scooped up the wage packets,  then wandered round the building to see what else was worth stealing. Before leaving they went back to the office to check on their captive, and found that she had wriggled over to the phone, and got into a kneeling position. Ray was afraid the angry robbers might hurt her, but the leader was instead very controlled. He lowered the struggling girl back into a face-down position, and spoke quietly "I did tell you to stay put, didn't I? Well this is what happens to girls who don't do as they are told". With that, he pulled the bound girl's tartan mini-skirt up and gave her six smacks on her bottom, while an incredulous Ray looked on.


Once Ray had been bitten by this particular bug, he found his motives for robbery were changing. His pals weren’t shy about using violence in a robbery, and were happy to beat up any victims who weren't co-operative. Ray preferred to see those victims being tied up, but he could foresee the day when the gang got caught, and would be jailed for something serious. So it was that he had less and less to do with them.


As a lone robber, it wasn't long before he gave in to temptation. The custodian of the cash, at a business targeted by Ray, might find herself being not only bound and gagged, but spanked as well. Especially if she was rather plump, and wearing a skirt or dress. It was always a "her". Ray never tried his luck at any business where a man was present.


Ray smiled inwardly as the thought about what Annette was missing.


But suddenly, everything changed. A telephone rang, in the back room, where Ray couldn't see. The bespectacled blonde, Gayle, broke off from loading the dishwasher and went to answer it. It wasn't until she came back that things got interesting.


"Damn childminder " she exclaimed. "She's supposed to stay till half past seven, to give me time to get home. She wants to go ASAP, her mother's been rushed to hospital. She's got an aneurysm or something. What's that when it's at home".


"It's serious " said Annette, in a rebuking tone. "It's a burst blood vessel in your brain. They are fatal sometimes".


"Oh, right, I thought that's what it was" said Gayle, suddenly sounding more sympathetic. "Its half past five. I could get home in twenty minutes,  but we don't close till six. We won't get away with closing early. How would you feel about.."


"No problem" Annette interrupted her. "I'm quite capable of clearing up and cashing up here, you know I am". She never missed a chance to tell people that she could do the supervisor's job, just in case there was a vacancy one day. She continued confidently "Don't worry about here. Get home quick, you know you'll worry about it if you don't ". She was saying what Gayle wanted to hear, and both knew that it was true.


Gayle had known all along what Annette's answer would be. "You're an angel" she gushed. "I don't know where I'd be without you".


No, nor do I, Annette thought to herself. She would be sure to mention this at her next appraisal. She didn't mind doing more than her share, so long as she was going to be rewarded for it.


"You won't be able to cash up until after closing time, but if you want to claim an hour overtime, it's fine with me" Gayle added.


"OK, thanks "' said Annette. She knew it wouldn't take an hour, but the offer showed that her efforts were being appreciated.


As Gayle left, Ray was watching and listening, without making it obvious. So the cash in the till was there for the taking. The question was, how much would there be. If it was much under a thousand pounds, it might not be worth the risk. Every job, however well planned, carried the risk of something going wrong, leading to his capture and arrest, the end of his criminal career. He weighed the situation up. Here were a day’s takings, plus the cash float. All that stood between him and the money was Annette (he had read her name on the little badge pinned to her apron bib). He had dealt with problems like this so many times before, and she was just the kind of woman he was attracted to. A little bit overweight perhaps, tempting bust and bottom, she would definitely have to be bound and gagged if this robbery were to succeed.


But this robbery was completely unplanned. He was uncomfortably aware that if he went ahead, he wouldn't be thinking with his brain, but with something else. Better start planning then, he decided. Annette would need to be silenced, persuaded to comply, then tied up. He tried to think about that in a detached way. The aim was the acquisition of money, he reminded himself, not the trussing up of a pleasantly plump lady. However, the first wasn't going to be possible without the second. He needed a disguise and he needed something to restrain his captive. Shouldn't be hard to find, in a supermarket, with Halloween being next week. He glanced at the clock on the wall. Time to go shopping, he thought. Closing time wasn't far away.


Just before the hour, when the doors would close, Annette watched as the last few stragglers headed for the checkout. She couldn't actually see the checkout area from the bistro, but she guessed it wasn't very busy. Nobody had been in the bistro since that middle-aged man left a while ago. He has certainly taken his time over his cup of tea. She could have sworn he was listening to her conversation with Gayle, but at least he had gone now. Time to start cashing up. She decided to do that first. There was a night safe facility upstairs, where a cash bag could be dropped in. It couldn't then be accessed until the cashiers opened it up the following day. Putting everything else away could come afterwards.


Ray glanced again at the contents of the wire basket. He had a cheap Frankenstein Monster mask,  and four five-metre rolls of gauze bandage, from the medical and hygienic shelves. He'd have preferred cord, but there wasn't any. He knew from past experience that this would be enough for the job in hand. He also knew that when the bandages were pulled or jerked, any knots in them tended to get tighter. He guessed that some of the ladies, who had been present at the scene of his previous robberies, would confirm this. There was a pair of kitchen scissors for cutting the bandage, and that was all. He had tried to find a toy gun that didn't look too much like a toy, but there wasn't one. He would just have to rely on convincing the woman that he was armed.


Annette was counting, so she didn't immediately look up when she heard footsteps. 460, 480, 500, she counted. Then she looked up, expecting to see a straggler, a customer who hadn't realized it was closing time. There was one, most days. Fortunately, they never wanted the Bistro. But this time, it wasn't one of those. This one was heading her way.


She froze as the man approached,  striding toward her. A man, taller than her, wearing one of the store's own cheap and nasty Halloween Frankenstein outfits. A mask, and a grey shirt with fake bloodstains, and he was heading her way. In one hand, he held a shopping basket with some odds and ends, the other hand was pointing straight at her. He seemed to be holding something, but a tea towel draped over his hand hid it from view. She immediately thought, a gun!


She didn't think of robbery at first. It wasn't as if there was a lot of money in the till. But a robbery it was.


"Kneel down there, behind the counter. Where the cakestand is" he ordered. Annette thought his voice didn't sound natural. Unnaturally gruff, as if he was trying to sound more threatening than he really was. He plonked the wire basket down on the counter. She momentarily wondered what he would do, if she grabbed the basket and bashed him with it. He might just drop everything and run. She'd be a heroine. Except, there was something in his hand. She could be a dead heroine.


"Kneel down, I said" His voice sounded more panicky. She didn't like the sound of it. She wasn't used to situations like this. She didn't know that Ray was well versed in the art of using his tone of voice to convey an impression.


"All right" she said slowly and quietly. "I'm going to do exactly what you say". She lowered herself to her knees. The floor wasn’t very clean, but he wasn't telling her to lie down. She glanced sideways at the basket, and saw for the first time what its contents were. Just as he took one of the rolls of bandage out. That was the moment when she realized the purpose of the bandages.


She felt a sudden thrill of excitement. She wasn't thinking of the danger, more a sense of being in an adventure, like the television thrillers that she enjoyed. But there couldn't be any harm in establishing some sort of rapport with him, could there?


"Not going to hurt me, are you? I'm doing what you want, aren't I?"


"No, just do as you're told and you'll be all right. And only speak when I ask you something, okay? I'm going to tie you up now, so start by putting your hands behind your back".


Annette clasped her hands behind her back, suddenly feeling embarrassed. She was glad none of her work colleagues were here to see her being tied up, and uncomfortably aware that once her hands were tied, the man could do what he liked with her. He unclasped her hands and placed them with wrists crossed, facing outwards. He wrapped the bandage round and round her wrists, horizontally and vertically, drawing the fabric tighter as he went in. Knots, more winding, another knot. Frankenstein suddenly leaned over, facing her.


"All right? Not frightened,  are you?" he asked, in a tone that didn't sound really very concerned.


Annette, wriggling her hands, was unnerved to find the bandages were very securely fastened. She wasn't going to get free anytime soon. But she knew, the sooner he got what he wanted, the sooner he would go. And then she'd get a knife from the draw, and cut through those bandages. "No, not at all" she said dismissively, as if being tied up by a masked man was something that happened every day.


"That's good. Is this all the cash, bagged up here? And I'll be needing your keys, please. Where are they? " He pulled the cash draw open, and slammed it shut again. There was only some small change.


"There's not a key at this time of day, not one that will get you out. You need to go along this wall, just before the public toilets. There's a fire door with a key pad. The number is 1812, like the overture".


"Better be telling the truth" he said. "You won't like it if I have to come back, you know." he sounded rather amused this time. The mask hid his expression, but he sounded as if he was smiling. In a moment of devilment Annette thought of asking what would happen, if he had to come back, but she thought better of it.


"Of course it's true" she protested. The sooner you're away, the sooner this is over. She was feeling less scared now, but she just wanted him gone. But her troubles weren't over yet.


"Just a bit more to do, then, and I'll be gone" he said. Now he was behind her again, doing something more with the bandages.  She felt the fabric being passed between her upper arms and her body, wound round her arms, pulling them back, and then it was knotted again. She tried to imagine what it looked like, what exactly he was doing. The final touch was when he fastened her bound wrists to the arm-ropes. It had the effect of pulling her hands upwards and making all the bandages feel tighter. Annette felt a blouse button popping open between her breasts, and was glad she was wearing the bib-front apron and the clip-on tie.


He stood up again.  Good, she thought, he's going now. But again, she was wrong. Something was going on behind her, he had just taken another of the bandages from the basket. Suddenly something was being held in front of her eyes, close to her face. At first she thought he was about to blindfold her, but then she saw the big knot halfway along the bandage.


"Open up" he said. When she didn't, keeping her lips pursed, he added "or I'll hold your nose till you do".


Annette kept her opinion to herself as he resentfully opened her mouth. He forced the knotted fabric between her teeth and wound the fabric round her head several times, covering the lower part of her face, before knotting it at the back of her head.


He was out of sight behind her again, sounding as if he was unwrapping something. Annette didn't dare to look round, but was he gathering up his loot, about to leave? If only! She soon realized he wasn't. She felt her ankles being forced together, more of the fabric being passed round and round them, pulled tight and knotted. For a moment there, when she thought he was going, she had imagined herself, in a few minutes, getting to her feet, running to the front of the store, to where the panic buttons were, under the checkouts. It wasn't going to happen though, she was going to stay here. The man was going to make sure of that.


Now she did turn her head, to peer backward over her shoulder. The man had scooped up the cash bags, she didn't know where he had put them. She certainly couldn't see them. He was moving around somewhere, slightly outside of her field of vision. As she moved a bit more, he became aware of her movement, and raised his voice. "Didn't say you could move, did I? Keep your head down, I haven't finished with you yet".


Annette quickly turned her eyes back to the floor directly in front of her. She had noticed enough about this man to realize that he wasn't that big or muscular. She could probably have caught him off guard earlier, but now it was too late. He had taken her by surprise, intimidated her, and now she was bound and gagged. Too late now to think about what might have been. She just hoped he would disappear as soon as possible and leave her alone. But as Ray said, he hadn't finished with her yet.


She listened intently as he moved about, opening and closing draws, no doubt hoping to find another wad of cash. She knew that the sum total of cash was £1078, having counted it herself. She didn't think that anybody carried out an armed robbery like this just for a thousand pounds, in this day and age. She didn't know what kind of a jail sentence he might get, but it couldn't be worth the risk. Unless he was a drug addict or something,  she guessed they probably didn't think things through.


He was suddenly next to her, dragging in of the bistro chairs. Cheap, light coloured wood with a black vinyl-covered cushion for a seat, and a similar backrest. He placed it in front of her, turned it so that the backrest was by her right shoulder. In his left hand, he held one of the lengths of bandage, unwrapped and dangling loose. "You won't be very comfortable,  kneeling upright like that" he said. She couldn't see his face, but he sounded pleased with himself. She watched, increasingly worried, as he passed the end of the bandage through the gap at the bottom of the chair back. Reaching underneath, he pulled the end under the front, then up again. Then his actions speeded up, he pushed her face down across the seat. She was leaning too far forward to lift herself up again,  but anyway,  he was pulling the bandage tight and knotting it, passing it under the seat and knotting it again after passing it through the bandage that already bound her arms. She couldn't see exactly what he had done, but she knew she was tied face down across the seat, her head hanging down at one side and her bottom upwards at the other side. It occurred to Annette that any number of things could happen to her. She tried not to think about them. "I don't have much time, such a pity" he said. We could have had fun".


He's going, she thought, her spirits rising. She knew that a security man or woman walked round more than once during the night, this man must know that, and knew he had to leave in a hurry. But it wasn't over yet.


"Now you're tied like this, it would be a pity not to spank you, wouldn't it?" Annette couldn't believe what she was hearing. "A naughty girl like you, you're probably expecting it" he continued.


"I'm not, I'm not, please don't "Annette tried to shout, but a permutation of "mmmphs" and "nnnngks" was all she could manage. And of course,  when she was thinking about the things that could happen to her, bound face down like this, a spanking had been one of those things. "Frankenstein " was looking her in the eye. She wasn't to know, but this was one of Ray's great pleasures in life. The expression on the face of a pleasantly plump woman, bound and gagged, who realizes that she's about to be spanked.


And then he was out of sight, behind her. She clenched her teeth on the knotted fabric, in readiness for the first smack, but it didn't come, not straight away. Instead, she felt her skirt lifted up over her bottom. "Hmmm" she heard him mutter. She was wearing dark blue sports knickers,  chosen for functionality rather than for allure. She groaned as she felt his finger in the waistband, yanking them down over her thighs. The groan became a muffled squeal of protest as his hand descended, hard against her naked bottom. He had managed to place the smack equally across both buttocks. The result of years of practice,  Annette wondered anxiously. The second slap was just as accurately placed, and stung her painfully, coming down as it did on the same area as the first one. Sensing the third smack before it happened, she squirmed to the side, or at least, tried to. The bandages that bound her didn't allow for much squirming. The smack still landed on target, but her tormentor wasn't best pleased. His free hand had been resting on the small of her back, but now he was gripping her bound hands and pressing down hard. "Keep still!" he snarled emphatically, then, sounding slightly less aggressive "Bad girl! Now you're in trouble! ". The smacks that followed were harder and more frequent,  but mercifully didn't go on for long. Annette, gritting her teeth, counted nine more smacks on her bottom. Each one stung a bit more than the last. As she was beginning to wonder if he would ever stop, the spanking ceased. There was a silence, where she had, for some reason, expected him to speak. She felt his hand on her bottom again, but this time it was caressing, his fingers getting dangerously close to, and then suddenly doing, something that would have made Annette jump if she hadn't been so securely tied down. The hand forcing itself between her thighs from behind, the fingers stroking her pubic mound, then poking inside. She couldn't fight against this, she could only enjoy it, whether she liked it or not. But as she tightened herself around the fingers, they were pulled away.


Unknown to Annette, Ray had reached the point where he was wondering what else he could get away with. He would have loved to stay longer, and give this woman what, in his fantasy world, he thought she needed. But he knew time was short, and this was an unplanned job. So far, the list of his crimes didn't include rape. He reminded himself that, because his offences were relatively low-key, the police soon dropped their investigation. There was always something more important. But that would change if the robber became a rapist. A manhunt would follow, and his life would get more complicated. That wasn't going to happen.


Annette's instinct was to say "come on, don't stop now" but knowing how it would sound, just muffled squeaks that might amuse him, she kept quiet. "I knew you were a naughty girl at heart!" he chuckled, and gave her six more smacks on her bottom,  not quite as hard as the last ones. Then, as if reading her mind, he slipped his fingers between her thighs again. She squeezed herself tight around his hand again. She'd never dreamed a robbery would be like this. And suddenly, he drew his hand away. She didn't know that Ray was on the verge of breaking his own rule. A few seconds passed, then he slapped her naked bottom once more. Then, to her surprise and disappointment, he pulled her knickers back up, and drew her skirt back down. She'd been dreading being left like that, knickers down, skirt up, spanked bottom on display for whoever found her, when the spanking started. "Our little secret " he said."I wouldn't want you to bear a grudge when we meet again ".


She tried to turn her head around, hoping to make eye contact with him. He sounded breathless, as if he wanted to finish the job. Just like her, she was breathing heavily herself. Please don't stop now, she wanted to shout. Suddenly she really didn't want him to stop slapping her bottom, probing with his fingers, he could do anything, so long as he made her come. It had been a while since Annette had had an orgasm while someone else was present. This wasn't how she had imagined the next bit of sexual excitement in her life, but much to her surprise she was finding herself turned on like never before. Maybe it was the knowledge that it was about to end suddenly, with her excitement being left unsatisfied. Maybe it was that having been brought this far down the road to orgasm, spanked and fondled, she was being abandoned, unable even to finish the job with hands bound behind her back.


When he reappeared in her field of view, he was walking away. He'd had his bit of fun, taken the cash. He was heading for that door, he wasn't coming back. She saw him fling something to the floor as he strode away, and realized it was the Frankenstein outfit. She drummed the toes of her shoes on the floor, in frustrated rage, had allowed her head to droop forward. His final words came back to her. "When we meet again". Was he intending to meet her again?


Half an hour later, Ray sat on a bus, on an indirect journey back to his home. It wouldn't do to get mugged, not today. He had an uneasy feeling about the robbery he had just carried out. He had broken one of his rules, the one about never carrying out an unplanned robbery. He wouldn't feel right until tomorrow, when he woke up to a new day, without having been arrested. It was a good thing, he thought, that he'd resisted temptation with that woman. He was pretty sure that she wouldn't tell the police about the more personal details of the robbery, they never did.











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