The Red Widow – Part 2









It seemed as if a thousand thoughts ran through Sarah’s mind at once. There’s been a curse on my line for generations, do you know the risk that you are taking? But is there a risk, has it just been bad luck? The last marriage like this was before the Titanic, and my step-grandfather doesn’t count in this respect. Anyway, things are different and maybe there has been no curse after all, and we’ve just been unlucky. Even if it was going to happen, you would rather have a year with me, than a lifetime alone, and I feel the same way about you.

“YEPH! YEPH!” Sarah screamed through her gag as she nodded her head that much that she caused herself to become light headed.

“You have made me the happiest person on earth, and I am a very lucky man. I will take your family name instead of my own.” Brian said as he reached inside his right pocket and pulled out a small jewellery box.

“There’s no need to go that far.” Lucinda said “I think that Desmond and I would be happy with the surname Holderness-Carter and Sarah would probably be as well.”

Holderness-Carter would be wonderful, Brian, I don’t want you throwing your name away for my sake. Sarah nodded her head again and emitted her approval through her gag, as Brian opened the box and revealed a silver ring in which was set large oval pink sapphire. He took the ring out of the box and held it close to her eye, so that she could see the flaw which consisted of two triangles with touched at the apex.

It’s a Widow ring, just like my brooch. How on earth did you find it? You must have looked around for some time. She smiled as she looked as her husband-to-be, and she looked at the ring in the hope of him explaining about where he found it.

“I looked everywhere for this.” He said “I went through every major jewellery store, and I noticed a shop down one alley which sold rings. I explained what I was looking for and the owner brought out a tray with rings that had flawed gemstones. He discovered that they are quite popular, especially ones with stars in.” The ring was taken down to Sarah’s left hand, she lifted her ring finger and the ring fitted perfectly, with the fiancée’s cheeks blushing a little.

“Is it possible you to send us a photograph of the bride to be wearing her ring, Brian?” Lucinda asked. “I think that Desmond and I would like to see it. Just send the image to my smart phone.”

At this, Sarah looked worried and shook her head, as she felt that she was not in a fit state to be photographed. I’m bound, gagged and in the nude. If you take my picture, they’ll see me naked.

Brian leaned toward the telephone. “Sarah is a little unwilling and compromised at the moment. Maybe I should take a photograph later.”

Lucinda’s voice came through the speaker. “Compromised? What do mean by compromised?” There was a pause for a few seconds. “Do you mean that the only item that is being worn by our poor, helpless Sarah is the ring?”

Oh no, Lucinda and Desmond know that I’m both naked and in bondage!

“Yes, I’m afraid so. She’s bound at the ankles, knees, and thighs, her elbows and wrists are bound in front of her, and her wrists are bound to her knees.” Sarah felt her cheeks go red at Brian’s description of her.

“In that case, you can easily take a photograph while still preserving her modesty. You can send us one of her clothed in the morning.” Lucinda said “You can consider it a family request.”

I can’t believe that you have virtually ordered Brian to do this, and you’re going to see just what I look like. The helpless girl struggled against her bonds but this proved to be useless as her partner raised his phone, and she blushed crimson with her head turned to the right as he took several pictures of her in her present situation.

“Don’t worry, Sarah.” Brian said as he sent the images. “There was nothing showing.”

There may be nothing showing, but anyone seeing these images will know that I’m completely naked.

“That ring looks very good on you, Sarah, and you look so shy and coy as a helpless damsel.” Lucinda said “Brian, was she being shy when you took the images?”

“Yes, Sarah is being very shy about it.”

“That’s incredible! The great Pink Widow, the woman who will let complete strangers strip her, tie her up and paw her in the name of helping others, goes all bashful because someone sees her in basic nude bondage?” Lucinda almost seemed to have a touch of laughter in her voice.

You’re teasing me, this is a way of getting your own back after what happened at the manor when I had to perform the rescue mission. It’s not only a release of tension, but in a way I’ve shown you that I am very human inside.

“Don’t worry, Sarah only those that I can trust will ever see these images.” Lucinda said “Anyway, there is a lot to discuss but that can wait for a week. Just put everything out of your minds until next Monday, as we can get a few things started at this end.”

“I think that we should end the call now, and let you relax for the rest of the evening.” Desmond said “Goodbye for now, and we’ll speak with you soon.”

The call was ended, Sarah was pulled back onto Brian’s lap and she was given gentle cuddles and kisses until it was time for them to retire for the evening, so she was released by her partner who carried her up the stairs so that they could get a good night’s sleep...


At nine o’clock in the morning, the group of five were sitting on the long couch in Kayla Smiths’s laboratory as they faced the large monitor that had descended from the wall. Anne was to the right in her usual work clothes, Chloé and James were to her left, and then it was Sarah and Brian on the left side of the couch. Because she had received a text from Kayla which mentioned that the scientist had made an appointment to see her therapist later in the morning, Sarah wasn’t in her casual clothing, and instead she was wearing a light pink blouse under a grey jacket and skirt, with natural hose and black heels.

The scientist was making a few adjustments to her presentation before she picked up a remote control. “The show is about to begin, so please make sure that all phones are switched off. Drinks and popcorn are available in the lobby.” She said as she pressed a button which dimmed the lights.

“Miss Smith, sorry, Kayla. You seem to be remarkably cheerful this morning. In fact, I’ve never seen you like this.” Anne said.

“You can thank Sarah for that, as she took an awful big weight off my shoulders by listening to me yesterday afternoon. In fact, she’s holding my hand at the therapy unit when I visit for my appointment.”

“Maybe Sarah is producing a new pheromone.” Chloé said “One that induces calmness or prevents a major emotional response. After all, going into overdrive if you are pregnant could lead to a very dangerous situation for mother and children.”

Kayla thought for a moment. “This is something that we need to check out, but it should be left until after my visit, and we need to start the show.”

Click. “The first upper image shows Sarah’s DNA after she was infected by Parlour and the second is after the Saturday incident which caused the final mutation.”

Click. “Now we show below, three images of Chloé’s DNA. The first is before she and Sarah met, the second is after the Saturday incident, when I collected DNA from everyone involved, and the third data is from yesterday.

Click. “This shows what could be assumed to be the virus mutation, and please note that it is on both of Sarah’s DNA images. However, on the bottom with Chloé’s DNA, the left image is free from Parlour DNA, the middle has some DNA alteration, but the right alteration mirrors Sarah’s completely.”

Click. “This new strand at the top right hand corner is actually a representative of Holderness DNA. Please notice that it is highlighted in Sarah’s DNA as well. The unusual thing is that the second and third sample of Chloé’s DNA show a small part of this.”

“Now for the explanation. I think that when Chloé and Sarah became intimate on the Friday and Saturday, a mutated form of the Parlour virus formed in Sarah and was transferred to Chloé. It seems that a small amount of Holderness DNA went along for the ride as well.”

Chloé stood up. “That explains something that always troubled me. On the Saturday night when Sarah had her nightmare, I had no proper connection with either the Strongs or Holderness family. If I had been infected and a little DNA was added, then this would explain why Sarah could have a dream about me.”

Kayla continued. “This mutated form of the virus was insufficient to alter Chloé’s system into pheromone production. However, Sarah is producing a new form of Parlour in her body, and when Chloé became infected yesterday, this new material filled in the blocks and acted like the original Parlour, with all of the same effects. You can see this on the lower right image”

“There is one major difference between Sarah and Chloé and it is that the new virus inside Chloé’s system is dying and the DNA will revert back to normal. I would say that in another twenty four hours, Chloé will be back to her original self with no ill effects.”

Kayla pressed a button, the room was illuminated again and Anne stood up. “Are you saying that Chloé can be just as effective as Sarah was, and that she can be another Pink Widow?”

“That is possible, but it would need a regular supply of virus from Sarah, and the virus dies over forty eight hours. If this was done, Chloé could function as a full Pink Widow and replace Sarah.”

“Excuse me.” James said “Everyone is going on about Chloé taking Sarah’s place, but shouldn’t you ask Chloé whether or not she wants to do this.” He turned to his girlfriend. “After all, it will be you that will be on the front line, Chloé.”

“I will need time to think this over, especially after what happened to Sarah in the recent incident, and it is a very scary prospect. I hope that you are not in any kind of hurry for a decision from me.”

“That’s okay, Chloé.” Anne said “Take as much time as you need. It would be a major step for you, and I would fully understand if you didn’t want to do this.”

“I will think it over today, as I will be working late in the library to make up for yesterday’s absence. If you would be so kind as to take James and I to the university and school library, Anne.”

“I could drop them off and return to the farmhouse, Anne.” Brian said “I know that Sara will be travelling to the unit with Kayla, so I have nothing to do right now. That means you can return to your office, Anne.”

“Thanks Brian, there’s even more paperwork to catch up on at the moment.” Anne said as the group left that laboratory, rode the lift to the ground floor and exited the building together. They split into three groups, Brian with Chloé and James, Anne on her own, and Kayla with Sarah. The two women entered Kayla’s white car and drove to the building where the doctor’s appointment was, leaving the car in the parking lot as they entered the building. As they waited for the lift, Kayla started to look a little anxious, so Sarah held out her right hand.

“You’ll feel better if you hold my hand, Kayla.” The scientist placed her left hand in Sarah’s right and it seemed as though she became calm again. “It seems that Chloé may be on to something. If this is the case, then you should stop working on finding a cure for me and change direction into studying what chemicals may be causing this, as it could revolutionise medical treatment and help millions of people.”

The lift opened, so the two women walked out of the lift and up to the door which was marked ‘Melinda Harper, Therapist.’ Kayla knocked on the door and a voice inside said “come in and sit down”, so she opened the door and the pair entered to find a small office which also had an area set aside for an armchair and a long blue settee. The raven haired, green eyed Melinda was standing by the chair, and she wore blue slacks, white blouse and black shoes.

“Good morning, Kayla, Sarah. I must say that I am surprised and happy that you have made an appointment to see me, but what is Sarah’s reason for coming?”

“Sarah is literally here to hold my hand, as she somehow alleviates my fears. We can say more on this later, but shall we start with the session?”

“By all means, please sit on the sofa.” Melinda motioned to the couch, and the two ladies sat there while she seated herself on the chair. “Kayla, maybe we should start by you telling me what happened on that day.”

The scientist explained in full detail about what had happened to her on that dreadful day, and she didn’t flinch from any of the probing and detailed questions that the therapist subjected her to in the hour long session.

“I must say that you have come an incredibly long way today, especially when I had almost given you up for lost.” Melinda said as she took notes. “Do you think that you will need Sarah to come with you in future?”

“I’ll think that be able to come alone for my future sessions, but I owe a tremendous debt to Sarah as I think that it is her gift that helped me to speak to you.” Kayla explained as much as she could about Sarah’s genetic alteration, and that it seemed to have the opposite of causing fear.

The therapist rose from her chair as she made a few notes on her tablet, and she went over to Sarah. “It seems that you have a rare ability, and I would like to ask you for a favour.”

“Certainly.” Sarah said “Ask away.”

“I have a few more cases of the most difficult kind to see today, and the first involves that of a mother and daughter who will not talk about what happened to them. Now, you don’t have to do anything but hold hands, but please remember that anything you hear must be held in the strictest confidence. I would guess though that you don’t really need to be told this, as there is more going on than I have been told.”

“Yes Melinda, I would be happy to help you.” Sarah said “Do you want to wait, Kayla? You don’t have to, if you need to get back to work as I can call Brian for a lift.”

Kayla smiled “Well, I have an idea for an outfit for Chloé if she says yes. After all, she did make one for you. I need to do a little shopping and sewing, and it should be ready for tomorrow.” The two ladies hugged each other and Kayla rose from the settee. “I’ll see you tomorrow Sarah, please take proper care of myself.”

“Bye for now, Kayla.” The scientist walked to the door, opened it and closed it behind her as she left the room. A minute later there was a knock on the door.

“Come in and make yourself comfortable.” A ten year old girl and a thirty year old woman who were wearing conservative clothing entered the room. The most notable thing about them was the pale and tired look on their faces, a look which Sarah recognised from when she had to help rescue the Holderness and Craig families in England.

“Now, each of you sit beside Sarah, and take hold of one of her hands.” The mother and daughter did so, with the mother on Sarah’s right and the daughter on her left, and as she put out her hands they were gripped and pressed by the two newcomers.

The effect on the patients was noticeable in an instant as their features softened and the girl began to sniffle a little.

“Now, please explain to me what happened.” What followed was a harrowing tale, and Sarah understood why Melinda had mentioned about confidentiality, as nothing said here could ever be repeated elsewhere. There was some sobbing and crying, but the two managed to talk about everything and at the end they even thanked Sarah for helping them to talk about what happened and that she had been a tremendous help.

The next three cases were also handled in the same way, with the patients talking in a frank and open manner to the therapist and they all thanked Sarah as well for listening to them. After the last session was finished, Melinda sat beside Sarah on the settee.

“You have been an incredible help today, Sarah, and I really think that you have a gift that can help many other people.”

Sarah looked at the therapist. “I don’t know how it works, even though it must have something to do with chemical production.”

“I think that it lessens the fear and emotional reaction to the particular trauma that these patients have suffered. It’s theorised that some people can either not handle the emotion that is created, or the brain takes an axe to parts of itself causing major psychological effects. Instead of an axe, your chemical must act like a scalpel, causing a major lessening of the emotion or even stopping it altogether. Sarah, you could make a fortune from this.”

“It’s not money that I’m thinking of, Melinda. Given how I ended up in this situation in the first place, the thought of making money out of this does not make me happy. I already have a comfortable allowance for my purposes, so I don’t need to be paid. If I am to help, then it will be for free, as I will not accept money from this.”

“But you will help?” Melinda asked.

“I have a few people I have to check with, but I think that they will say yes as well. I have one condition and that is I can also ask for special cases to be added to my sessions as I see fit.”

“Certainly, would you like to start on Monday afternoon if you get your agreements from the others?”

“Yes, and I will require a session for three people on that Monday, if I can get them here. Put my name down on the records as Sarah Carter.”

Melinda rose from the couch. “I need to close for today, as I have to work elsewhere in the afternoon. Do you need a lift anywhere?”

“I will call Brian to take me home.” Sarah answered as the two ladies left the office. “Once I’m home I will have someone else to contact.” Sarah took out her phone as Melinda left the floor in the lift. “Brian, could you fetch me from the unit? Thank you. I need to discuss something very important with you once you arrive, and then I will have to contact Anne.”

Chloé had been very busy at the library and by the time that she had finished, it was nine o’clock in the evening.  As she packed up her items, she took the can out of her pocket and sprayed the antidote over her body. “I know that I will be safe for tomorrow, but I want to make sure that I will not affect anyone of the way to James’s room at the university.” The small can was placed back in her pocket and she turned all of the lights out as she left the library, but as she left she noticed a large and heavy bench to the right of the door.

Maybe I should see if I could move lift it a little. The librarian put one hand under the bench, and she remembered the recent incident that had caused her great anger which caused her heart to race. A moment later, the end of the bench rose from the floor, and Chloé calmed herself back down. Well, I will be safe, even if there are any muggers between here and the university, as they will be the ones in danger.

After a few more minutes, she left the building by the main door, and she listened to the rustling of the trees. Non, I am not just listening, as there seem to be something else. Is it the tiny vibrations caused by the movement? It is almost as if I can feel them. This must be what Sarah and Brian have described about feeling where something is, rather than seeing it.

As the librarian walked along the path to the university, she saw that a large area was dark because all of the lighting was off. Merde! It was like this for two nights last week, and I had to make detours each time. I have no problems in walking to James tonight as I cannot be surprised. There were unusual vibrations coming from off the path as she walked along, and her curiosity got the better of her as she stepped towards the object of her interest. It is behind the bushes, and if I get closer I will see through them to what lies beyond. Wait, someone is whimpering.

The young lady moved closer by taking silent steps, and she knew that the darkness would hide her from whoever is there. If it is nothing unusual, then I can be on my way, with no one the wiser. After another twenty feet, what was happening behind the bushes became clear to the librarian. There is a woman laying down on the ground, with her ankles together and her arms are behind her back. Given that she is emitting muffled squeals, my only conclusion is that she is bound and gagged. Surrounding her are four young men, and they are circling her. This does not bode well for the poor mademoiselle.

After getting to just the other side of the bushes, the wind changed and it carried the voice of the leader, who sounded as if his ‘courage’ came from the drink that he had consumed earlier. “We’ve had enough fun teasing you, and now it is time for our fun, you whore. You won’t have seen enough of us to provide a proper description, and after you’ve provided the evening’s entertainment, those pretty eyes of yours will be put out so that you will never be able to point us out in an identity parade.”

At this, the captive gave out a suppressed scream which only made her captors laugh. I am unable to walk away and leave the lady to her fate, but my choices are very few. If I stand back and call the police, they may arrive too late, and the thugs could still get away. If I fight all four of them, I will exhaust myself, and I could be at their mercy. That leaves me only one choice, and I understand why Sarah walked into her neighbour’s house on that fateful Saturday in order to save them.

Putting on a falsetto voice, Chloé shouted out loud “I am lost, is there anyone there who can help me?” and as she lifted the lid covering her watch, she could see that the dial burned crimson…


“Why, it seems that we have another Pretty Polly to play with.” One of the group said as the four surrounded Chloé. “This means twice as much fun for tonight.”

I know what you mean when you say fun, but this is not what you will receive. The librarian took a step back, but this was to play a part, rather than make any attempt at escape. “But I do not want to play any games, I have to meet somebody.”

“Yes, you have met someone, and it’s us. Tie her up, boys.” The two men at either side of Chloé grabbed her arms and forced them behind her back, while the man behind her crossed her wrists and wrapped a zip-tie around them, before pulling it as tight as he could so that the plastic bit into her flesh.

“OW! You do not have to hurt me. I have done nothing to you.”

“But we have to hurt you, that is part of the fun. Once you are gagged, we will be the only ones who will hear the sweet sound of your suffering.” The man behind the young lady grasped her hair and pulled it back, forcing the girl to shout out as her neck was strained. A moment later, her mouth was filled by a rolled up cloth which was inserted by the man in front of her, and a strip was pushed between her teeth before it was taken around her face and knotted off at the back of her head.

The man in front pressed himself against the not so helpless captive, and she could feel the flame of desire spark between her legs as the proof of his lust rubbed against her. “You are like all of them, pretending to be virginal when you are all sluts and whores. Force her to kneel, cross her ankles and tie them.”

No resistance was offered by the bound Chloé as she was forced to kneel on the grass by the two men on either side of her, and her ankles were crossed and zip-tied by the man behind her who lifted up her sweater a few seconds later. The thug in front of her unhooked the clasp of her bra and pulled the cups back so that her breasts were exposed, before pulling her shorts and tights down to her knees.

“plssdnnttcchmm” She said through her gag as her breasts were squeezed by the man behind, and the beast in front ran his hands up and down between her legs. “llwnntthss” The captive shook her head as her nipples were groped and fingers pressed against the top of her legs. By now you must all want me, and I am helpless and in your power.

The man to the left of her said “You’ve had enough fun for the moment, now it’s our turn.” Similar sentiments were made by the man on the left as the two others played with her body.

“Look, the other whore is over there, and you can enjoy her how you want. This one is ours until we no longer want her.” The man in front of Chloé said.

“Yes.” The man behind said “That bitch is suitable for kids like you, but this girl is for real men who can please her.” The captive emitted a moan as her nipples were kissed by the man in front of her, and she sensed the two men by her side moved so that they were behind the pair that pawed at her body. They appeared to reach to their belts with their right hands, and it seemed as if they punched the criminals that were concentrated on her in the back, before pulling them away from her and leaving them on the ground.

Mon Dieu, have you two stabbed them?

“I’ll have the good one, and you can have the dregs.” The one behind said.

There was a silence for a second before the man in front of her said “Oh no, this one is for me, you can’t have her!” The one who was behind her moved to the right, the one in front rushed at him, and there was a frenzied but short battle with the one from the front being the winner. “Now that I have defeated my rivals for you, I have proved myself worthy of mating with you so I will claim my prize.” He said as he made his way to where Chloé was before pushing her so that she was lying on her back.

Even if you knew what the prize entails, you would not be able to control yourself anyway, and I need you to take me. The bound librarian moaned as her lust grew due to kisses being placed on the mounds of her breasts by the monster, who was also caressing the petals of her flower.

“See, I know that you want it, and you want me to give it to you.” He took his face down to her intimacy and flicked his tongue over and onto her flower and mound which drove Chloé mad with desire. More caresses of her most sensitive areas took the captive to the edge of her release as she lay there on the ground. “I will take you and mate with you, so that you can be satisfied.” He said as she heard the thug unbuckle his belt and pull his trousers down. “It is time to enter you.”

There was a cry from the young lady as he slid into her, and her passion rose with each thrust until she surrendered to her pleasure with a scream that echoed the orgasm that shot through her body.

Chloé smiled as the man stood up with his trousers still around his ankles. You have no idea about what is going to happen to you.

“I’ll take the other girl, blind the both of you and- and-. Oh My God, what are you, you are a monster, an eight-legged demon, and you are going to eat me!” As the thug attempted to run away, he was tripped up by his own trousers as Chloé attempted to free herself.

If I remember what Sarah said, then I am doing this in the wrong way. An image was built up in her mind which was composed of what the man planned for both of his captives, and there was a snapping sound as the zip tie the bound her wrists was broken. She reached down to her ankles and broke the other zip-tie, before pulling her tights and shorts up in one smooth motion so that she was mobile again. The librarian felt that there were a few more zip-ties on the ground, so she picked them up before launching herself at the till prone criminal as he was trying to pull his trousers up.

Her heart raced faster than ever as she held his hands, crossed his wrists behind his back, and used a zip tie to bind his arms together. A second zip-tie secured his ankles, while a third bound his wrists to his ankles leaving him in a hogtie. She tore off her gag, placed her mouth close to his ear and in a quiet voice said “I am hungry, but I will forgo that if you confess everything when the police arrest you. If you don’t plead guilty to your crimes, I will hunt you down and drain the fluids from your beating heart!”

At this, the man screamed and started to sob in terror, while Chloé walked over to where the girl was lying, and she noticed that the captive was still whimpering. “You are no longer in any danger.” She said in the same fake voice as she opened the girl’s handbag and took out her phone, and Chloé noticed that the glow of the dial was still red.

I will have to spray myself so that you are not affected. I do not want to see you hurt. She found the aerosol in the pocket and sprayed the chemical over herself so that the dial colour changed from red to green which meant that the captive would be safe. The small can was put away, the sweater was pulled back down and the librarian placed the phone in the woman’s hands before breaking the zip-ties that bound her at her wrists and ankles.

“Call the police, you are safe and I have to go now.” Taking silent steps, Chloé put some distance between herself and where the victim was, and she kept a vigil until she could hear the sound of police sirens. They will just file it under an unusual case, and hopefully they will not look for anyone.

The mind of the librarian was in turmoil until she reached the university, and she made her way to the rooms of the students, using her own special entry card to gain access to the building. Once inside, she took the lift to the level where James was staying, walked to his room and pressed the button that let him know that someone outside.

The door was opened by James and his face went pale as he saw the state of his girlfriend. “What happened to you Chloé? You seem to have been in some kind of battle.”

“I will tell you later James, but I need a hot shower and a change of clothing, please.” Chloé entered the room, James closed the door and the two went into the shower room, with James running the shower while Chloé undressed. “I may be in for a while, and please leave me until I come out.”

“The shower is ready, Chloé. I’ll fold up your clothes and get you something else to wear for tonight.” The librarian entered the shower and let the water run over her body, so that she could relax after her recent incident.

Sarah had a long bath after the situation with the Red Scorpions, so I hope that you do not mind if I stay in for a while and let the water wash over me. As her shower continued, she noticed that James brought in a few items which were placed on a table, and her clothing was folded and carried out. Through the noise of the shower, Chloé heard the sound of the door buzzer, and moments later she could hear James talking to someone else. As the police have not burst through the door, I can only assume that it must be Anne and she has come to speak to me about tonight’s incident.

The button in the shower was pressed and the water slowed to just a few errant drips when the young lady stepped out of the cubical and dried herself of with the towel that had been left by her boyfriend. She stepped over to the pile of clothes, strapped on the watch that was on top, and sprayed herself with the counteragent until the dial on the watch glowed green. It would not be a good idea to walk in without taking the appropriate measures as I know how Anne will react. The next item on the pile was a pair of white lace cotton tights, which she smoothed onto her legs, and picked up the white teddy dress before holding it to her body.

This was a present from Sarah, and it will always be a reminder of the time that she saved my life. Now I have the gift that was hers, until she is able to become active again. Chloé put on the teddy dress and checked herself in the mirror before wrapping a white dressing gown around her body. I have to face Anne and I hope that she will not be too unhappy with me.

She opened the door to the living room, and her heart was racing as she left the washroom, but her state of nerves was alleviated by the concerned look on Anne’s face as the agent sat in the armchair. You seem to be worried about me, that is something that I did not expect.

As the librarian turned her head to the right, she noticed that a cup of coffee had been put on the table for her, and James was motioning for her to sit on his right. “It’s okay, Chloé, please sit down and have a drink.” He said as she moved to the couch.

After she sat down and took a sip of her coffee, Chloé said “I am so sorry Anne, but I couldn’t walk away from the situation. I could not allow them to violate her.”

Anne put her drink on the table. “It’s okay Chloé, the confession by the perpetrator and the statement by the victim show that there would have been dire consequences had you not interfered. The report of the incident had been sent directly to my telephone, as the system is set up to send me any report like this. My main concern is about your well being, as you must have been unprepared for this.”

“It is a surprise to me, but I am not feeling any ill effects from dealing with those individuals, which is fortunate, given what has happened.” Chloé said, taking little sips from her drink.

“I doubt that there will be a trial, Chloé.” Anne said “Officially, three of the criminals killed each other in a struggle over you, and the survivor has gone insane, so he will be committed. That saves the poor girl from suffering the additional trauma of having to appear in court.”

“Oui, Anne, but she will be suffering from her ordeal, so she will need help.”

“She is going to get help, and you would not believe the person who is going to be able to help her.”

“Who is it, Anne?”

“It’s Sarah. It seems that her new pheromone production acts like a major therapy, and physical contact has an unusual effect of erasing the fear that a memory generates. She should already be at the police station and helping the victim”

“That is ironic, as the virus was originally designed as a terror weapon and now it acts against fear.” Chloé said “Sarah will not be able to be a Widow for a year, but at least she can still be of some use. The world will still turn without there being someone to be there, but it is better if her place was filled in the meantime.”

Anne smiled. “Does that mean that you will help?”

“Oui Anne, I will do as much as I can, but I think that I will need a lot of assistance in doing this. The Pink Widow is inappropriate for me, so maybe I should use the name of ‘The Red Widow’.”

“I will make the arrangements, Chloé, and take you to the farmhouse tomorrow so you will be there at nine o’clock in the morning. Kayla will join us as well as she has a few ideas for items that you may need. There is another thing that I will have to arrange, though.”

“What is it Anne?” James asked.

“We have a special apartment in town, and as I will need to ensure your safety, we will need to transfer both of you to this location.”

James looked at Chloé “Just think Chloé, your very own Widow’s Lair. Maybe we should hang little spiders from the ceiling and have wallpaper with web designs.”

“James, that would be silly.” Chloé said as she giggled at James’s suggestion. “I would think that such a place has storage for any equipment that we may wish to store. Am I correct, Anne?”

“There is a hidden room which can be used for that very purpose, so it will be ideal for your purposes. I will make the arrangements, and the apartment should be ready within a week. Now, I hate to leave, but I have to call a few people, so that things can be made ready.” Anne rose from the chair, and Chloé followed her to the door.

“I will see you in the morning then, Anne.” Chloé gave the agent a warm embrace which was returned, and the young lady opened the door. “Goodbye for now.”

“Bye Chloé.”  The agent left the apartment and Chloé closed the door behind her before turning towards her love and removing her dressing gown. “I think that I need a lot of gentle touches from you tonight James, but I would like you to bind me so that I am helpless.”

“I will get some blue rope then, Chloé, so could you stand by the settee while I fetch it.” As the young man entered the bedroom, the librarian stood by the couch and placed her arms in a box position. A minute later, James returned with a large bag and he uncoiled the loops of blue rope that he removed.

Her right wrist and left elbow were bound together first, and loops were wrapped between her arms so that the bindings could be cinched before they were knotted off. Next to be bound were her left wrist and right elbow which secured her arms into a box shape, and she smiled as a long piece of cord was looped around her chest and upper arms above and below her breasts, with cinches between her arms and body which emphasised her shape.

“Open wide, my love.” After the captive followed the instructions, her mouth was filled by a large rubber ball and the attached straps were buckled together at the back of her neck.

A sleep mask was placed over her eyes, and four lengths of rope secured her ankles together at the ankles, below and above the knees and at the mid thighs. I am helpless and at your mercy James, which is what I want to be at this moment.

She felt his hands as her took hold of her, and gentle pressure guided her so that she sat on his lap so that she was facing to his right. A sigh escaped her gagged mouth as arms embraced her, and she snuggled into him as her hair was caressed. This feels so wonderful, especially after what happened tonight.

“I’ll hold you and take care of you until you fall asleep, and then carry you to the bedroom.”

Chloé nodded. Thank you James, I just want to rest in your arms tonight. The young lady enjoyed the comfort of her lover’s arms, and over time, she fell asleep…





It was nine o’clock on the Wednesday morning and Chloé was sitting in the living room of the farmhouse, along with Anne, Sarah, and Brian as they waited for Kayla to arrive in her van. Five minutes later, they saw the vehicle pull into a parking space in front of the house, and the scientist pulled out a large luggage case which she wheeled to the front door.

Brian walked over to the door and opened it so that Kayla could enter the farmhouse. “Good morning Kayla, how are you today?”

“Good morning Brian, I feel great today. Sarah has done me a lot of good, and I owe her a great debt. I must apologise for being late, but there were a few last minute adjustments to be done.”

“Don’t worry about it, Kayla.” Anne said “This is only a preliminary meeting, but we might be able to get a lot done this morning. Did you bring everything?”

“Yes, I even have a stored form of the virus that I filtered from Sarah’s blood and it should keep for at least two weeks. I also have small cans of the counter agent, both plain and disguised as a deodorant.” The side of the case was opened and the scientist brought out the aerosol sprays, some of which were black, with the rest covered with a label that read ‘Deodorant La Veuve Ruoge’. “The disguised cans have a deodorant chemical mixed in, so if someone else picks it up and uses it, they will be no wiser.”

A small red box was taken out of the side of the case by the scientist. “This contains the virus that is being generated by Sarah. There are three methods of introducing the virus into your bloodstream, Chloé. The first is by a small aerosol spray, and you use this by breathing in when you spray it into your mouth.” The small spray bottle was taken out of the box and placed on the living room table. “The second is in a pill form which envelops a liquid suspension, and if you prefer, you can take one every morning as a regular dose.” A small jar of pills were put on the table beside the bottle.

The librarian looked down at her watch and she noticed that the green glow was fading to a dull grey. “It seems that the virus is dying inside my body, so I will need some more for today.”

“Well, it might be useful to test the third option this morning, as it is designed to fit into your glove at the tip of the little finger. It is a little pad which has a very small needle on the end, and when you press hard you inject the virus along with a little adrenalin into your bloodstream. From what happened last night, it seems that the emotion and adrenaline of the situation seems to trigger an effect that can negate the counteragent, so this can be very useful as a booster if necessary.” A rectangular box was opened, which showed the pads that the woman put down beside the pill jar.

The top of the case was opened and a holdall was brought out by Kayla, who put it on the settee. “This is a little something that I designed for you as a costume, just as you chose Sarah’s, and I hope that it isn’t too bad. There is a red wig included, as I think that your natural hair will give you away otherwise. By the way, given what you will be involved in, it would be best if you stripped fully before putting on the costume.”

Chloé picked up the bag and turned toward the stairs. “Is it okay if I get changed in the spare bedroom? I should only be a few minutes.”

“Go ahead Chloé, I would love to see what Kayla has designed for you.” Sarah said “I have a feeling it will be most interesting.”

The young lady walked up the stairs with the holdall and entered the spare room which contained another double bed, and she took no time in stripping herself of her normal clothing before opening the holdall and arranging the outfit on the bed. You said a little something, but you must have worked very hard to get this ready. I will most likely look silly with this on, but that will take people’s attention away from my face. The librarian started to get dressed in the costume…

As Chloé descended the stairs, her cheeks were as red as the costume that she was wearing, but the others in the living room gave looks of approval.

Kayla was the first to speak. “This season’s heroine fashion colours are red and black, as shown by the costume of the Red Widow. Notice the long straight bright red wig which covers the real hair of our meek, mild mannered librarian, and the red velvet Zorro mask also helps to conceal the identity of our angel of justice. The sweater is red with black sleeves, the logo on her chest is that of a black hour glass, and over each breast is a large flap which is connected at the top and sides with press studs which allow the villains to gain easy access to her breasts.”

“Over the red tights which have a flap at the appropriate location, Chloé is wearing black hot pants that have a panel which is held on the front by Velcro. Again, the flap and the panel are to allow the unfortunate thug to gain his ‘reward’ which will be well deserved.”

“The effect is completed by the red knee length combat boots and over the elbow gloves, and later I will attach the black utility belt which will complete the ensemble.”

Anne turned to the scientist. “You’re a regular Edith Head, putting that together. Just how long have you been thinking about this?”

“Actually, it was going through my mind since the incident on Monday, and I was working since the that evening.”

“I think that my accent will reveal who I am, as well as my features.” Chloé said.

“Don’t worry about that, Chloé, Brian has an idea concerning your accent, and a few make up tips from me will accentuate and diminish features which will make you appear to be different.” Sarah said.

“I would like to see how these tabs work in action, so would you please attach two of them into Chloé’s glove?” Anne asked.

“Certainly Anne.” Kayla picked up two tabs and slotted them into little compartments that were at the tips of the gloves’ little fingers. “Now, what do we do next?”

Anne picked up a cloth bag that she had carried into the living room and handed it to Sarah. “As it is supposed to be used under special circumstances, our heroine must be placed in restraint. You know what to do, Sarah.”

Sarah took a coil of white rope out of the bag. “Okay, Red Widow, place your hands behind your back, palm to palm.” Chloé did so, and the woman wrapped and cinched her wrists before tying a knot that was out of the reach of the young lady’s fingers. The librarian’s elbows were pulled together and a second coil was used to bind the end of her forearms together so that her arms were locked behind her back.

“I think that this is the first time that you have bound me, mon amie.”

“I don’t think that captured heroines are allowed to speak, so kindly open your mouth wide.” The woman picked up a large red ball-gag and inserted the ball into the girl’s mouth before buckling the straps together at the back of her neck.” I never thought that this would be so enjoyable, placing you in bondage.”

This is a side of you that I have never experienced before, but it is quite pleasurable. Two long coils were taken around her body and arms, one around her chest, above and below her breasts and the other bound her arms to her waist. You do mean business today, Sarah.

“I shall now take the captive upstairs to the spare room and tie her to the bed, where she will meet her fate.” Sarah pushed Chloé in the back. “Up the stairs, and be quick about it, unless you want to feel my wrath on your backside.” The helpless young lady wasted no time in going up the stairs and into the bedroom with the woman picking up the bag and following her. “Lie on your back on the brass bed, spread your legs out towards the corners and do not keep me waiting.”

You are being very dominant today, Sarah and it seems that Anne has encouraged you to be this way. The bound girl got onto the bed, and after a little struggle, she managed to lie on her back and spread her legs towards the corners of the bed. Two more ropes were taken out of the bag by the woman, and Chloé’s ankles were soon secured to the bottom of corners of the bed. I am immobile, and completely at your mercy.

There was a crackle from the loudspeaker in the ceiling, and the captive could hear Anne’s voice. “See if you can use the tab in your right glove, Chloé.” The young lady pressed the tip of her right little finger against the palm of her hand, and a few seconds later she could feel the pinprick which indicated that the serum would be entering her blood stream. As the captive looked around the room, the pale glow from the special lights changed from pink to red which showed that the pheromone production was active again.

It does seem to happen at an incredible rate, so the presence of the virus must act as a trigger mechanism. She was puzzled by Sarah’s unusual behaviour as the woman turned her back to the captive and sniffed the air several times, before kneeling on the bed between the legs of the girl.

“Now that you are helpless and unable to hurt me, I will mate with you and pleasure you.” Sarah lay down on top of the helpless librarian and kissed her on the cheek while using her hands to pull open the flaps which covered the breasts of the captive.

Oh no Sarah, it is affecting you! The girl struggled and pulled against her bonds but she felt as weak as a newborn, which left her with no chance to break free. Please stop Sarah, you do not want to do this. The woman landed sweet kisses along the mounds of Chloé’s breasts while moving her fingers down to between the girl’s legs, and the helpless lady realised that her own desires would soon overwhelm her protests. Soon, I will be urging you on to take me.

“You have such a wonderful body, and you deserve to have someone mate with you. I will provide you with the pleasure that you want.” Sarah sucked and kissed the girl’s nipples while she pulled down the partition on the hot pants and folded the flap over on the tights.

Oui please, caress me there. Non, you must stop it, Sarah. Oh, but it will feel so good when you touch me. Pull away, please pull away There was a gasp from the captive’s gagged lips as Sarah’s fingertips traced a path of delight over the petals of her flower. You must give me more! Non, you must take control of yourself!

The caress of the captive’s flower elicited another cry of joy from the captive who was losing herself in the pleasure. “The quivering of your body tells me that you want your pleasure, and I shall provide you with it.”

Take me Sarah, I want to feel bliss from you, but it will affect you so much. The kissing and sucking of Chloé’s breasts and the deep strokes of her flower had taken her right to the edge, and she knew that she would feel the ecstasy of orgasm.

Just when Chloé thought that she was going to reach her peak, Sarah pulled back and knelt up straight, leaving the helpless captive in denial.

“I bet that you wished that you had never teased me on that Saturday, placing me in bondage, sticking me in a luggage case, and taking me by taxi to James’s house. Gotcha!”






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