The Pastel Pink Rose

                                                                   By J. Manning


          "Now, how shall we begin?" Jane asked rhetorically.


          It could have been a scene from At the Villa Rose, although none of the young women in the room had ever heard of the works of A.E.W. Mason.  Nancy Wright would be Celia Harland of course, feeling somewhat ridiculous and vulnerable as she faced her adversaries.  Jane Andrews was Adele Rissignol, although certainly not with her criminal intent.  Helen Wade was closest to the role of the loyal assistant, Helene Vauquier. 


          Of course there were a few differences between this situation in a small Midwestern community in 1954, and that in the fictitious Villa Rose nearly fifty years earlier.  It’s been said that the fifties were the best of times and the worst of times. It was the best of times because of the more formal dress code.  Women seldom went out in shorts or slacks - they wore dresses or skirts with sweaters or blouses.  They frequently wore nylons (in the days before pantyhose, these were individual stockings with seams) and high heels.  One of the more glamorous professions was the airline stewardess, recruited for her good looks, and always attired in a suit, hat, and heels.  Even in the popular television series, "Superman" Lois Lane wore a suit, hat, gloves and heels on everyday assignments.  At the same time, however, bondage was definitely kept in the closet.  There were occasionally bondage accounts and scenes in the comics, pulps and detective magazines, but they were often unrealistic, and society attached a stigma to them.  The works of John Willie were difficult to obtain, because they were considered to be pornographic.


                                                                         * * * * *


          It was just after noon on a sunny and mild Sunday in June when Nancy arrived at the Crawford house.  Her boy friend, Jim, joined the Navy shortly after their high school graduation, and she'd come directly from church for his prearranged one o'clock telephone call.  She had come directly from church and was wearing a feminine-looking, full-skirted, pastel pink dress over a full crinoline slip, new white pumps with dainty bows at the heels, white gloves, and a wide-brimmed white hat.  She never wore a watch, which was why she frequently lost track of the time.


          Since no one answered the doorbell, she assumed Mrs. Crawford was not yet home.  While waiting on the covered front porch, however, she could hear very clearly an argument in the house next door.  Her friend Helen lived there with her mother.  Since she was early, Nancy went next door, called out, and was invited in.  As she suspected, the voices belonged to Helen and her friend Jane.  Both of them had recently returned from their first year at college.


          "Hey, you two, how ya' doin'?" Nancy exclaimed. "Long time - no see!  Oh, Jane, I love your outfit!"


          They, too, were still in their church clothes.  Jane's black patent pumps had a three-inch high heel and a slim strap that crossed her instep into a small brass buckle.  They perfectly accented her long-sleeve white jacket, worn over a black sheath with a black-and-white-striped top.  Nancy assumed the wide-brimmed white hat and matching gloves on the chair were part of her outfit.


          At 5 feet 5 inches and about 120 pounds, Jane was a beautiful and shapely nineteen-year-old with black eyes, a disarming smile, and short black hair.  She was outgoing and extremely popular because of her good looks and many school activities.  She was a natural leader, although some felt she was headstrong.  The best-kept secret was her strong fixation with bondage.  Ever since finding the stack of old detective magazines in her uncle's attic, she'd secretly saved the covers and stories of women being tied up.  Occasionally when she was alone she tied herself up, and frequently she dreamed up fantasies in which she was either helplessly bound and gagged, or she was inflicting a similar treatment on another helpless woman.


          "You didn't say a thing about my outfit,” Helen chided.  She wore a short-sleeved, soft-yellow dress with a full pleated skirt which emphasized her narrow waist.  She had completed her ensemble with a wide black sash around her waist and plain black patent pumps with two-and-one-half-inch heels.   Her black gloves and a wide-brimmed yellow hat were lying on the table.

          Helen was an inch shorter and a few pounds lighter than Jane, and her short brown hair matched her brown eyes.  She, too, was popular and enthusiastic, but a little more reserved than Jane, her good friend of several years.


          Nancy and Helen had been close friends for over ten years.  Purely by coincidence, Nancy planned to attend the same college as Jane in the fall.   Standing at 5 feet 3 inches and 100 pounds, she had dark brown hair that fell over her shoulders.  Although very friendly and trusting, she also tended to be more reserved, however sometimes she displayed a stubbornness which would work to her own disadvantage.  Today she was still trying to adjust to the absence of her boy friend who had recently entered the Navy.  Within an hour, however, her stubbornness would get her into a real bind.


          "Oh, I'm so-o-o sorry,” Nancy replied with mock humility.  "I do like your outfit, but I've seen it before.  Hey - what's the big discussion all about?"


          The two were arguing about a television program that Jane saw the previous evening.  It was a comedy in which Lucille Ball was bound and gagged by robbers, and Jane was all worked up over how phony it was.  She was most vocal in her opinion that Lucy could have easily gotten loose by herself, but waited to be "discovered" by her witless husband, "to bolster his self-esteem."  Whether she really believed it or just wanted to be contrary, Helen was clearly egging her on.


          Nancy had seen many tiffs between these two, and assumed that this one would quickly blow over.  She and Helen were caught totally unawares, however, when Jane made her challenge: now that Nancy was here she could tie them both up, just like Lucy had been tied, and observe how long it took them to get free.  The one who did it first would win.  "In the spirit of friendly competition," she offered, the loser would treat all three of them to a milk shake."


          Helen didn't think much at all of the idea, but Jane seemed very determined to get her way, and refused to drop the subject.  She actually ordered Helen to look for some ropes as Nancy tried to dissuade her.


          "Jane, this is so-o-o crazy.  You want me to tie up the two of you?... and in your good clothes?  This is madness!  What if somebody sees us?"


          Just then Helen returned and said, "Jane, I know we don't have any ropes."


          Although she couldn't admit it, the very thought of being helplessly bound and gagged while wearing her dressiest outfit, and by someone other than herself was the driving force underlying Jane's actions.  Trying to remain calm and deliberate, she snapped at Helen, "Here, take my keys and look in our car.  I think there are some ropes in a paper bag in the trunk."  Then she turned back to Nancy.


          "We're in these clothes because we just got out of church and we have a date later this afternoon. Besides, this is how Lucy was dressed.  Now - you tell me - who's gonna' see us?  No one's coming on a Sunday.  I tell ya' what - we'll close the curtains and turn up the radio.  That'll make sure no one can see us or hear us." 


          As she drew the sheer inner curtains closed, she continued, "Helen's mom's gone for the afternoon and besides; we'll be free before our dates get here.  If at least one of us isn't loose in fifteen minutes, you will untie us - right?"


          "Right,” Nancy replied with an air of resignation.


          What Jane didn't say was that their dates were due a little before one o'clock, which was a mere twenty minutes away.  And she was unaware that Nancy was expecting a phone call. Nancy didn’t care for this at all, and was so intent on trying to back out that she didn’t think to mention it.


          "And just how am I supposed to tie you up?" she asked snidely.  "I didn't even see the program."

           Just then Helen returned with the brown paper sack, and interrupted, "I agree with Nancy.  This whole thing is just - crazy.  Who even cares?"


          "Listen, Dimwit, I care," Jane replied.  "Besides we have a bet, and you're not going to squirm out of it that easily.  Nancy can tie you up first, while I watch and give directions, and then tie me up the same way."


          Helen rolled her eyes and gave a sigh of resignation.  When Jane acted like this, they both knew that she was going to get her way.  Sensing their capitulation, Jane opened the sack and dumped the contents on the floor - about a dozen pieces of clothesline in various lengths, and a two-inch wide roll of adhesive tape.  When Nancy asked why Mr. Andrews would keep such a sack in his car, Jane mumbled that lots of things around their farm needed fixing, and he also kept one in his pick-up.  She breathed a sign of relief when neither girl noted how clean these ropes were for use around a farm, nor how she knew that they were in the car trunk.  She certainly wasn't going to admit that while her parents were at the Sunday night movie, she had planned to go to the abandoned house on their farm, where she would bind and gag herself and fantasize she'd been taken by force.  But the imminent prospect of being tied up by someone else, hopefully securely enough that she couldn't get loose by herself, was far more preferable to that.


          Jane ordered Helen down on the floor on her stomach, and Nancy knelt down beside her.  Under Jane's direction, Nancy crossed her friend's wrists behind her back, and tied them together, wrapping the rope in both directions.  Another rope was wrapped several times around her arms and breasts, further limiting her ability to move her hands.  Next her trim ankles were trussed together; another short cord was tied to her ankle bonds, and her legs were raised and bent over her buttocks.  Then the loose end was tied to her wrists, leaving her hog-tied.


          "Now that wasn't complicated, was it?" Jane said airily, then looked at her friend and said, “Helen!   Is it too tight?  Try to move."


          Helen's hands fluttered, and her feet moved slightly.  Then she rolled onto her side and said, "It's very uncomfortable, and I still think this whole thing is stupid, but it's not too tight.  How long do I have to stay tied up like this anyway?"


          "Good!" Jane interrupted.  "Now we need a gag."


          "NO!"  Helen protested, but Jane had already ripped off an eight-inch length of tape.  Helen tried to avoid it, but Jane held her chin in one hand as her other hand slapped it over the bound woman's mouth and cheeks.  Turning to Nancy she said, "You just did what they did to Lucy, so - just tie me up the same way.  OK?"


           As Jane lay down on her stomach next to Helen, she could already sense excitement growing within her at the thought of being helplessly bound and gagged, and with company at that.  Whenever she tied herself, she always had to ensure that she could get free, which meant she really wasn't so helpless at all.  Now she felt moved to add, "I'm entirely at your mercy, evil woman!"


          Nancy was still seething at Jane's arrogance and her insulting behavior towards Helen, but she knew there was no other way out.  Then she thought, "Darn it!  It's time some one taught her a thing or two!"  Years ago Nancy had both tied up and been tied up by her friends, probably including Helen, and she recalled a few tricks that always made it harder to get loose. 


          First she placed Jane's hands behind her, palms facing.  Folding a rope in two, she laid the loop on top of her wrists, wound the two ends around and fed them through the loop.  Then she turned the ends ninety degrees and wound them around the ropes and tied them together in a cinch.  Taking a longer length of clothesline, she wrapped one end around Jane's arms above the elbows and trussed them tightly together in the small of her back.  Then she looped the rest of the rope three times around her upper torso and securely knotted it.


  When Nancy rolled her over onto her back, Jane started to say something, but Nancy cut her off with a strip of the sticky tape, which she plastered over her mouth from cheek to cheek.  All business now, Nancy then grabbed  her ankles and unceremoniously rolled her back onto her stomach.  After trussing her victim's feet together, she raised them up and secured the loose end of the rope to her bound wrists.


          Although Jane's protests were muffled by the gag, she flexed her cheeks to try to loosen it.   Seeing her cheeks working beneath the tape, Nancy again rolled the bound woman onto her back.   She slapped two more pieces of the adhesive over her mouth in an "X" and then she found a scarf and tied it around Jane's head to hold the tape firmly in place.   As she lay hog-tied on her back with her knees up in the air, Jane glared at Nancy and tried to struggle.  All it accomplished, however, was to hitch her skirt up her thighs.  Nancy grabbed another rope and wrapped it around her legs above and below her bent knees.  Then she cinched a line around these ropes and behind her knees, which secured her bent legs more firmly together.


          "O.K. girls - let's see you get loose!" she taunted.  "The fifteen minutes starts now!"


          With that the two women began to squirm and roll on the floor.  After a few minutes of this, their skirts had hitched up over the tops of their stockings, but neither had made any progress in getting loose.  "I wonder if they realize how stupid they look," Nancy thought to herself. "I oughta take their picture - I could really have some fun with that!"  Having arrived at this conclusion, she remembered that her camera was still out in the car.  As she left the room she called over her shoulder, "I've got to get something from the car.  I'll be back in a jiffy."


          Just as she reached the car, however, Mrs. Crawford drove up and immediately she started a conversation which refocused Nancy's attention.  She did not notice the car which had stopped in front of the Wade's house.  Hearing the telephone, she followed Mrs. Crawford into the house as Charlie Swanson and Dave Hunter went to the Wade's door and knocked.  Hearing no answer, they tried again, and then called out, but again no one answered.  By this time, Mrs. Crawford and Nancy were inside, talking on the phone with Jim.


          Meanwhile, back at the house next door, our heroines were still securely bound and gagged.  When she heard the boys outside, Helen looked directly at Jane, and raised her eyebrows and jerked her head toward the door as if to ask, "Should we try to get their attention?"  Jane's response was a frown and a headshake, "No!"


          Helen had never experienced such an indignity, and while she rolled and squirmed, she assumed that it was impossible to get free without assistance.  Jane, on the other hand, was ecstatic over their helplessness.  She alternately squirmed, arched her back, tugged and mewled, then watched her friend struggle, but she really didn't try to get loose.  The knocking at the door only heightened her excitement.  She imagined that they were in mortal danger, and their rescuers were only steps away, but they were helpless to cry out.  In Jane's opinion this was far better than a date.


          On the porch the boys began speculating about the situation.  "You did say 'today', didn't you?"  "Of course I did!  Look -  their cars are even here, so where are they?"  "Maybe they're in there, but were bound and gagged by robbers."  "More likely they really don't want to see this movie."  "Yeah - well I'd really rather listen to the baseball game."  After about ten minutes, the boys decided that they'd been stood up, and left.


          When they finished the phone conversation, the two women went outside.  While Nancy posed in her Sunday best, Mrs. Crawford took pictures to send to her son.  Suddenly Nancy remembered - "I've gotta untie Helen and Jane!"  As soon as she could gracefully excuse herself, she hurried over to the house and started to enter when she realized that she had no camera.  She yelled into the door, "I'll just be another minute.  I'm getting my camera!"


          Jane's fantasy was interrupted both by Nancy's cry, which signaled that the "game" was almost over, and Helen's bumping against her, trying to communicate with various "m-m-m-f-f-s", facial expres­sions, and head movements.  So Jane hitched herself around until her fingers touched Helen's mouth, and peeled the tape away.  Just then Nancy burst breathlessly into the living room. 

           When Nancy re-entered the room, she hesitated long enough to confirm her fears: both women were still on their stomachs, and helplessly hog-tied in their good clothes - just as she had left them.   Helen figuratively jerked her back to reality, unleashing a loud string of criticism.


          "You get us out of this right now!  Thanks to you, we missed our dates!  What are you going to do about that?"


          Although neither of them was in a position to make demands, Nancy forgot about taking a picture. Removing her hat and gloves, she began to untie them.  As soon as Jane could talk, she added to Helen's indignation that since Nancy had reneged on their agreement to untie them after 15 minutes, it was her fault that they had missed their dates.  To get back into their good graces, an apology was not enough - Nancy should pay, and pay dearly.  Did she have anything else planned for this afternoon?




          This was exactly what Jane wanted to hear.  Already her mind was scheming about the new opportunity with which she had been presented.  She focused the discussion on the only possible form of "punishment" that could be acceptable: Nancy must now be bound and gagged.  Her attempts to explain, and then to apologize, as well as her pleas for mercy were met with jeers and taunts.  Seeing that even her friend Helen was against her, Nancy finally heaved a sigh of resignation and with clinched teeth she snarled, "Oh - all right!  If that's what it takes to make you two happy, have it your way!  I don't care!"


          "Now that we've settled that,” Jane said, "I think Nancy should put on her hat, and especially those gloves which she left by her camera on the chair.  They will make her look more proper, and also make it a little more difficult for her to loosen these cords, should she try to do so."


          Nancy donned the gloves slowly and ruefully.  To free her hands with her fingers and wrists encased in the sheer white gloves would be more difficult, but there appeared to be no escape.  The wide-brimmed, white hat and gloves completed the effect of feminine beauty in a sleeveless pastel pink frock.  Her long brown hair fell over a pink chiffon over-dress with short, puffy sleeves and accented with dainty white lace on the bodice.  The small bows on the back of her white pumps complimented small bows on the hem of her dress.  Nor did the effect go unnoticed by her tormentors.


          "You remind me of a fashion model I saw in a French fashion magazine," Jane taunted.  "Shall I call you 'Mademoiselle'?"


          "Do whatever makes you happy," Nancy snarled, with yet another sigh of disgust.


          She stood in the middle of the room feeling both vulnerable and very ridiculous.  Jane approached her with a length of cord and said, "Now, how are we to begin?  I think I will ask you, Mademoiselle, to put your hands behind you."


          Nancy slowly turned around and crossed her wrists behind her.  She made her hands into fists so there would be some slack in her bonds.  Jane dropped to her knees, firmly unclasped them, and placed them palm to palm.


          "Please keep your hands so, Mademoiselle,” she said; "your fingers loose.  Helen - perhaps she needs help."


          Helen, standing in front of Nancy, reached around and gently forced her forearms toward the center of her back.  The next moment Nancy winced as the clothesline was wound twice about her wrists, drawn tight, and secured.  Then a loose end was wound between her wrists, drawn around the loops, and knotted, creating a very effective rope handcuff.  For a second she was thankful for her gloves; then she regretted having to wear them.  It would be very difficult to free herself now, even without the gloves.

          Nancy had wondered during their earlier game, if Jane knew more about bondage than she'd let on.  The next moment she was sure of it.  For Jane stood up and, passing a cord around the upper part of her arms, drew her elbows back.  Nancy made a movement of protest, and immediately the cord loosened.


          "Mademoiselle objects to our little game," Jane said with a laugh to Helen.  "Are you afraid, Nancy?"


          "No!" she hissed boldly, "I am not afraid!"  She continued in a mocking tone, "You just do whatever your little heart wants to do!" and she resolved that she would speak no more.  She would let nothing that they did upset her.  Jane smiled, and again wrapped the rope around her upper arms.


          Now Nancy's elbows were drawn firmly back and tightly bound.  She glanced in despair at Helen, who returned a wink and a faint smile of reassurance.  It was as if she said, "I will help you at the right time."  Nancy was jerked back to reality as Jane spun her around as unceremoniously as a bale of rags and, wrapping a cord several times around her above and below her breasts, drew the ends together and knotted them.  Then she threaded shorter lengths under the captive's armpits, and cinched the lines around her upper torso.  The white clothesline bit into her bare arms and stretched the soft material of her dress over her breasts.


          Grabbing the pouting woman by the shoulders Jane reveled in Nancy's helplessness  as she slowly turned her around.  Then she kneeled behind her and raised her frock.  As Helen held it up, Jane wound a rope three times around her legs above the knees, then wrapped the ends around the ropes and between her legs to draw them tightly together.  Standing again, Jane moved several feet away.


          "Now, Mademoiselle," she said with a note of excitement in her voice, “come over to me."


          With Helen to support her if she stumbled, Nancy attempted several tiny, shuffling steps, feeling supremely ridiculous.  Jane watched approvingly, and when Nancy stopped, said, "Now we will tie mademoiselle’s ankles, and then the fun will begin."


          The trace of meanness in her voice caused a feeling of terror in Nancy's breast.  She was placed on a chair.  Again Jane knelt before her.  The mere touch of her hands as she placed Nancy's feet together, and the ropes encircling her ankles caused a spasm of revolt.  Her last little remnant of freedom was being taken from her.  She felt like kicking her tormentor, but it was already too late.  The clothesline bit through her thin stockings into her ankles, so tightly was it tied.


          "Now Mademoiselle," Jane taunted her.  "Try to free yourself."


          For a moment the girl's shoulders worked, her hands fluttered, and her bound feet rocked on her high heels, but of course she remained helplessly tied.  Her breasts thrust forward as she tried to look over her shoulders to see her bound hands.  But when she noticed Jane seemingly getting immense pleasure from her predicament, she ceased struggling and relaxed her body in the chair.


          Again Jane mocked her.  "Tell us Nancy," - she had dropped the "Mademoiselle" - "how long do you think it will take you to get free?"


          Nancy sat silent and pouting.  She turned her eyes aside.  Sensing her defiance, Jane said, "Helen, get me the tape.  Our little playmate doesn't want to talk now, but I'm gonna' make sure that she doesn't scream later."


          Tearing off a piece of adhesive, Jane leaned over and reached under the brim of her hat.  As the tape approached, Nancy pressed herself into the chair, compressed her lips, and moved her head from side to side.  The resistance was only symbolic, however, since she was helpless to avoid the final outcome.  Helen clasped the sides of her head and held it firmly to center. 


          "Thank you, partner,” Jane said, while pressing the tape on.  "Let's see," (r-r-i-p!) she said to Nancy; "you used, what,”  (r-r-i-p!) "..three pieces of tape to gag me?"

           She firmly sealed the woman's mouth with three long pieces of the white tape.  Again Nancy's stubbornness increased her discomfort.  By compressing her lips she actually enhanced the effectiveness of the tape in sealing them.


          "And now," Jane intoned, "it is time for you to perform.  Please - rise!"


          As she struggled onto her feet, Jane moved the chair and placed two magazines on the floor - one by her trussed feet, and the other ten feet away.  The "game" was for her to cover the distance within ten seconds.  But at the command "Go!” Nancy refused to move.


          Jane signaled Helen, and they left the room.  When they returned, Jane said to her, "I knew I'd seen a hatpin on your dresser.  You know what to do?"


          Jane returned to the finish line and began counting down.  When Nancy saw Helen behind her, she started mewling through her gag and rapidly moving her head to indicate, "No! No!”  Jane smiled and asked if she was ready to cooperate.  After a brief pause, she nodded "Yes."


          Nancy's first attempt was almost a disaster.  Having her knees and ankles bound while wearing three-inch heels, significantly affected her balance.  Bound wrists and elbows also diminished her stability, as did the thick carpet, which threatened to catch a heel.  On the third try she beat the clock, only to be handed a new challenge.


          Jane tied one end of a short rope to her ankle-bonds, and passed the other end between her wrists, while forcing Nancy to bend her knees.  When the upper end was secured, she was prevented from standing straight.  Again they made her run the course, but now she had to crouch.  When they shortened her tether again, she had to crouch so far that she couldn't even attempt a hop without risking a fall.  As she teetered on her narrow base, Helen steadied her, and then released the offending strap.


          "Come on, Jane," Helen said.  "Don't cha' think that she's suffered enough, already?  What d'ya say we let her loose and then we'll get those milk shakes you owe us?"


          Nancy was again placed on a chair while the other two discussed it.  Jane was determined to prolong her bondage, but pretended to give the suggestion honest consideration.  How long had she been tied up - 15 to 20 minutes?  How long were they tied up - about 45 minutes?  Wouldn't "fairness" suggest that Nancy "deserved more time?"


          Helen's insistence on the girl's release prompted Jane to gamble.  Playing on Nancy's rebellious attitude, she asked their bound and gagged captive if she cared to join them for shakes.  When she glared at them and defiantly shook her head, "No", Helen agreed to compromise: leave her trussed up while they went out for the shakes and brought them back.  Then they could patch up any hard feelings over treats.


          Next Jane convinced Helen to wait in the car while she used the bathroom.  As soon as the door had closed, Jane approached Nancy.  As her head raised, Jane swiftly wound a scarf twice across her mouth, and around her head, knotting it tightly under the brim of her hat behind her.  Then she grabbed her arms and pulled her up onto her feet.  Alternately pushing and supporting, she moved the bound women to a spot facing the sofa, and forced her to kneel on the floor with her thighs against it.  She grabbed the tether, which was still tied to her ankles, and retied the loose end to her wrists, leaving a mere six inches between them.


          "I beg Mademoiselle’s pardon if this is...inconvenient," she said mockingly, "but we don't want our pretty captive to go anywhere."


          A gentle shove sent Nancy tumbling on the floor to her right.  She came to rest in a sitting position with her back against the sofa.  When she next looked up, a flash startled her.  Jane had used her own camera to record her distress, and then hurried out of the room.

          Determined to free herself before they returned, Nancy struggled into a kneeling position, from which she hitched herself up onto the sofa, before pausing to rest.  Only a ticking clock and her labored breathing broke the silence of the room as she tried to recall which kitchen drawer held the knives.  With the drawer as her objective, she transferred her weight to her feet and rose to the crouch position forced by her tether.  She took one short hop on her bound feet, then another.  Just as she thought she had it down, she straightened too much.  The rope snapped tight, sending sharp pains through her wrists and jerking her feet out from under her.


          By turning as she fell, her thigh absorbed most of the blow from contact with the floor.  She came to rest on her stomach, her feet high over her rump in a hog-tie.  The fall, however, took most of the wind out of her, as well as the spirit.  The cords about her arms, ankles and wrists tortured her.  Her only response was a plaintive moan into the gag.


                                                                         * * * * *


          Helen and Jane had just emerged from the Burger Barn with their shakes when Charlie Flynn drove up, and demanded to know what had happened about their dates. The women refused his offer to join them, but they could not stop him from following them home.  Charlie, whose date had been with Helen, wondered why they were so uptight.  In their car the girls concocted a plan to keep Charlie away from Nancy.  When they arrived at her house, Helen would delay him outside by claiming there was a strange noise in the car, which would give Jane time to enter the house and take care of Nancy.


          When Jane found her, Nancy was lying on her stomach.  She had lost her hat and her shoes, but she was still hog-tied.  By rubbing her face against a rough chair she had forced the scarf off her mouth, and had nearly worked the tape off enough to scream.


          Jane immediately retied the scarf over her taped mouth, so tight that it caused her earrings to pinch.  Next she released the tether, untied her feet, and slipped her shoes back on.  Yanking her to her feet, Jane hustled her into the bathroom, and forced her to stand against a vertical pipe.  She quickly bound the woman's ankles together and to the pipe, and secured her waist as well.  Then she retrieved Nancy's hat and the loose ropes, plumping the hat on her head and the ropes into a corner.  The others entered the house just as she closed the door.


          As soon as they entered, Helen and Jane lost their last opportunity to keep the lid on their little caper.  They could not explain the third milk shake, or their continued nervousness.  Then Charlie headed toward the bathroom.  Jane's clumsy attempt to deny him entry was defeated by noises emanating from behind the door.


          "M-m-m-f-f!  m-m-m-m-m-f-f!"


          It's doubtful that Charlie will ever forget the scene when he opened the door - a young woman so stylishly dressed in pastel pink, with a large hat and white high heels, helplessly gagged and bound to a pipe.  As she gazed at him pleadingly, he recognized her as the one who had sat in front of him in history class.  Seeing her so smartly dressed and so helpless was at first shocking and then erotically appealing.  For a moment he just stared at her, taking it all in, then he yelled for Helen to "get in here!”  Jane was close behind.


          For a moment all three stared at the helpless, writhing woman.  Then Charlie looked at Jane for an explanation.


          "We were just showing her some sorority games,” Jane offered lamely.  "She agreed to do it!"  Then she looked at Helen, who stammered, "That's right - it was just a game, but I guess it sort of got out of hand."


          "Well, why don't you untie Nancy, and let's hear her story?" Charlie asked.


                                                                         * * * * *

          Back in the living room Charlie listened incredulously as Nancy described the afternoon's events.  Occasionally he interrupted with questions.


          "They asked you to tie them up?...They were still tied and gagged when we were at the door?...  And yet they blamed you because they missed their dates?... Hatpin?... Racing against time while you were tied up?"


          Although he had several times shushed Helen and Jane, Helen finally interrupted and said, "Nancy, I want to apologize for the discomfort that we caused you.  Will you forgive us?"


          Before she could answer, Charlie said, "I think that our 'dates' not only stood us up, but then you tried to blame Nancy and had the gall to make her pay for your own stupidity.  What'd you two say about that?"


          "I think it would be best for everyone to leave,” Helen replied, "before more feelings get hurt."


          "Not so fast, Helen," he interrupted.  He didn't understand it, but he knew that the very thought of these young women helplessly tied up and gagged really turned him on.  And now his mind was racing for the right words to say in order to prolong it.  After all, Mrs. Wade wasn't due back for several hours, and...  Looking at Nancy he continued, "Maybe we should tie them up for a while and let 'em think about it.  Whad'ya think, Nanc?"


          "I say not only tie 'em up, but let me do it!" she answered with all the defiance she could muster.  When Charlie raised his eyebrows, she added, “It's nothing personal, Charlie.  I just think I have a greater - uh - commitment... to see that justice is done.  OK?"


          "Don't screw it up now," Charlie said to himself.  "Better to let her do it than not do it at all."  Finally he replied,  "O-o-h  K-a-y!  You just go to it, and if they try to give you any trouble, I'll give you a hand.  In fact, I think I'm really going to enjoy this little show!"


          Kicking off her shoes, Nancy rose and said to Jane, "You first!  Stand in the middle of the room."  Simultaneously she grabbed Jane's hat and gloves, thrust them at her and said mockingly, "You look just like a model in Mademoiselle magazine. Put these on!  MAD--MOI--ZELLE!"


          As Jane glared at her, Nancy shook out the ropes, selected one and pulled Jane's hands behind her back.  Jane hissed under her breath, “Watch it, Nanc!  I can make it very rough for you in the fall!"


          Nancy was livid.  Turning to Charlie, she asked for a long piece of tape, and then she glared back as she plastered it over Jane's mouth from ear to ear.  Again stepping behind her, she bound her gloved hands together and cinched them.  Taking a longer piece of rope, she trussed her elbows together in the small of her back and wrapped  the rest of it several times around her breasts and upper arms, pinning them securely to her sides.  Next she knelt down and trussed both her thighs and her ankles securely together and cinched them.  Finally she applied more tape over her mouth, wrapping one piece all the way around her head as insurance against her working the gag loose.


          Resigned to her impending fate, Helen watched impassionately, standing in her characteristic stance - arms folded across her chest with one foot firmly planted and the other extended forward, rocking on the high heel.  Charlie picked up her hat and gloves and thrust them toward her saying, "You're gonna' be next - so let's get pretty."


          When she had donned her hat and gloves, Charlie pushed her into the center of the room.  Nancy grabbed her wrists, crossed them and tied them together behind her back. Then she trussed her elbows together in the small of her back, extending the line several times around her breasts.  Once her arms were secured, Nancy forced Helen's feet together.  She snaked one loop of rope under the heels and around the insteps of the black patent pumps and wrapped several more around her slim ankles.  As she jerked on the knots, Helen lurched and took some small steps to maintain her balance.  Then she was securely gagged, although Nancy was careful to place the tape below her earrings as she wrapped it around the captive's head.

          As he watched the two women being helplessly bound and gagged in all their finery, Charlie could feel the excitement in his loins.  When Nancy stood aside he realized he was leering, and tried to recover his composure by saying, "Nice job, Nanc. Now what'll we do - play some games with 'em?"


          By now Nancy's hot anger had been replaced with a firm determination to see them suffer.  "You bet!" she exclaimed.  "While I was tied up in my high heels they made me race. Let's see how good they are."


          It only took a minute to set up the "course" and move the victims to the starting point.  Charlie offered Nancy a friendly wager while she got her camera ready.  Then the race began.  Not surprisingly, Jane won handily, prompting a rematch with similar results.  After she had won five races, it was evident that the women were getting hot and winded.


          While their hostages rested, the two conspirators planned their next torture.  Charlie suggested that tickling would be amusing, and both victims were again stood up, but not for long.  As their tormentors' fingers found their exposed sides, both women collapsed in a heap and rolled on the rug, making loud bleating noises through their gags until the torture stopped.


          Charlie was really getting into act, and suggested the next "event" be with tether ropes between the women's bound wrists and feet, but Nancy had another idea - "Let's see," she said, "if they can free themselves if we leave them alone for, say, fifteen minutes - under certain conditions, of course."  After some discussion, they agreed on the conditions, and set them up.  Their pretty victims were again put on their bound feet, but at opposite ends of the room, and were blindfolded and turned several times so they wouldn't know which way they were facing.  At the signal, they could attempt to find each other and get themselves untied.  If they succeeded, their ordeal would be over, otherwise...


          The signal was given, and each captive started to feel her way very tentatively.  Along with their former loss of movement, the blindfold further afflicted their balance, and both used small steps and hops until they touched something.  After a few minutes, however, Jane began to mewl loudly through her gag.  At the same time both Helen and Nancy realized she was trying to discover which direction Helen was from her.  When Helen "mmmmfed" in return, Nancy thought they just might do it, but when time ran out Jane still hadn’t begun to untie Helen's knots.  What really ended their ordeal was when their tormentors got bored and decided that the games - but not the punishment - were over.


*  *  *  *  *

          "O'mi'gosh!" Charlie exclaimed, looking at his watch.  "It's half-past four.  I've gotta' leave pretty soon to meet my Dad.  What'ya think we oughta' do with them?"


          "Well, let's see," Nancy replied, "S'pose we left them all tied up as a surprise for Mrs. Wade?  Then they'd have some real explaining to do."


          "Nanc, you're diabolical." Charlie said.  "Where d'ya wanta' leave 'em?  We don't want 'em to hurt themselves."


          "How 'bout in the bathroom?" she replied.  Seeing Charlie's raised eyebrows, she motioned toward Helen and asked, "Can you carry her just like she is?"  Without waiting for an answer, Nancy grabbed some loose ropes and headed for the bathroom.


          "Sure," he replied.  He knelt in front of Helen, wrapped his large arms around her legs above the knees, and raised her off the floor.  He ignored her continuous humming sound through her gag, saying, "You'd better bend over, Helen, or your head will hit the doorway."  As her upper body fell over his shoulder, knocking her hat off, he carried the bound and gagged woman fireman style into the bathroom.


          "Set her down here," Nancy said, pointing to the same pipes where she had been tied earlier.

            Almost as if he was moving a piece of furniture, Charlie set the girl down on her bound feet, and positioned her back against the pipes.  Then Nancy moved in and tied her waist and ankles firmly to them.  As she stepped back to survey the work, she asked, "Where's her hat?"


          "It fell off when I was carrying her," he answered.  "Ready for the other one?"


          "You betcha!  Bring 'er in," Nancy answered flippantly.


          A moment later Charlie returned with Jane Andrews cradled in his arms.  "Doesn't she look ridiculous - helplessly bound, gagged and blindfolded in her hat, gloves and other finery?" Nancy thought to herself. “It's just what I wanted.  I hope this teaches her a lesson."  To Charlie she said, "Just set 'er down here, in front of the toilet."


          She had put the seat down, and as Charlie moved away, she stood directly in front of Jane.  Grasping her shoulders, she pushed her down and sneered, "Have a seat, MAD..MOI..ZELLE!"  As Jane mewled through her gag, Nancy stooped down and untied her feet.  Throwing a loop around one ankle, she ran the end around the back of the bowl and around her other ankle.  Then she pulled on the loose end, forcing Jane's feet back and up, so only her toes touched the floor, and secured it.


          Returning with Helen's hat, Charlie gave it to Nancy.  She plopped it on the bound woman's head, and removed her blindfold.  Helen glared at her over her tape gag, but was helpless to communicate anything else.  Nancy smiled, then turned and removed Jane's blindfold.  Another glare, another smile, and Nancy said mockingly, "Well, girls, I hope you enjoy the rest of the afternoon."


          As she closed the bathroom door, Charlie and Nancy had one last look at two very frustrated women, "dressed to the nines" and securely trussed hand and foot and mewling through their gags for mercy.  They were still in these positions an hour later when Mrs. Wade entered the house and called "Helen, are you home?"  As distasteful as it was all they could was mewl into their gags for assistance.


          When she opened the bathroom door, Mrs. Wade was at first shocked and then concerned.   As soon as she got their gags off she asked if they were all right and what had happened.  When both women assured her they really were all right, Helen pleaded, "Mother – We’re both OK and No we weren’t robbed or anything - please don't make us tell you what happened.  You really don't want to know. OK?"


          With a sigh of resignation, she replied, "Well, OK - as long as you’re all right - I probably don't want to know."