Schoolgirl Hostages




Chapter 1

Sixteen year olds Natalie Barnes and her friend Bethany Hayes arrived at Natalie’s home after school, dressed in their St. Bernadette’s school uniform which consisted of a grey pleated shirt, white blouse, grey tie with blue stripes, and a grey blazer with the school badge on the pocket, both girls wore while ankle socks and black flat school shoes.

“Let’s rush through this homework Beth; I’ve got a pirate copy of Avatar we can watch when we've finished.”

“Great I’ve not seen that yet”

Natalie opened the door and both girls entered the house, upon entering the lounge they were shocked to see two women one with long dark hair and one with short blonde hair, both dressed in black leather pants and jacket all ready in the house. The women seem a little shocked when Bethany followed Natalie into the lounge they were only expecting one girl.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” Natalie nervously asked.

The dark haired woman raised a leather gloved finger to her lips “shush” she said pulling a pistol from her pocket.

“Do as we say Natalie and you and your little friend won’t get hurt.”

“Drop your bags on the floor take off your blazers, and take a seat on the sofa.

“How do you know my name?” Natalie asked.

“We know everything about you and your mother sweetie.” The blonde answered

“Is this a robbery?”

“You could call it that.”

When both girls were sat on the sofa, the dark haired woman switched her attention to Bethany.

“What’s your name dear?”

“Bethany.” The frightened girl nervously replied.

“Have you got a mobile phone?”

The girl nodded

“Yes it’s over there in my bag.”

“Go and get it and bring it back here, is your phone in your bag too Natalie?”

“Yes” Natalie replied.

“Bring Natalie’s phone too and hand to me.”

After getting her own phone under the watchful eye of the woman Bethany searched through Natalie’s bag and pulled out her phone and took it back to the woman who opened the back of the Nokia and removed the battery.

“Now Bethany call your mother and tell her you’ll be staying here for a while, make it sound convincing and don’t mention anything about me and my friend, we wouldn’t want to have to hurt Natalie. Understand?

Bethany nodded.

“Hello mum, I’m at Nat’s we’re doing our Math’s homework together, Nat has got a pirate copy of Avatar we’re going to watch that after, and Nat’s mum said I can stay for dinner she’s made a huge Shepherd’s pie. No mum don’t bother Nat’s mum as said she’ll bring me home. Ok Mum, see you later."

“Good girl, now hand me your phone.”

The woman took Bethany’s phone and removed the battery.

While this was going on the blonde had started to tie Natalie’s wrists tightly behind her back with rope, then she switched her attention to Bethany and tied her wrists too.

“You don’t need to tie us up.” Natalie pleaded. “You have guns so we won’t be going anywhere.”

“I know sweetie, but I like tying girls up.”

The other woman disappeared into the kitchen and returned with two white cotton napkins which she rolled into small tight balls and stuffed into the protesting girl’s mouths, and their school ties were used to hold their gags in place.

The blonde bent down at Natalie’s feet and tied her ankles together over her white socks.

“Would you like me to take your shoes off sweetheart? You’re going to be here for a while so you might as well be a little more comfortable.”

Natalie nodded.

The dark haired woman did the same to Bethany finally both girls then had their knees tied together.

The Blonde then pulled a digital camera from a bag and started taking photos of the two girls while her companion opened up a laptop computer once they were satisfied with the photos they were downloaded onto the computer. Next the dark haired woman attached the photos to an e-mail which was addressed to Natalie’s mother who was the branch manageress of the city bank in town and began typing the following message.

“We are holding your daughter Natalie and her friend Bethany hostage see the attached photos. Do exactly as we say and no harm will come to them. Very soon one of our people will contact you do whatever she tells you, if you ever want to see your daughter alive again. Do not show this e-mail to anyone and do not contact the police.”

After one final check she clicked on the send button.

Within minutes a reply came.

“Please don’t hurt them I’ll do whatever you want.”

The dark haired woman then pulled a mobile phone from her pocket and dialled a number.

"Stage one completed Baroness the girls are secure."

“Now we sit and wait.” The blonde said. “I’ll put their DVD on we could be here for a while this may help keep their minds off things.





Chapter 2

Across town seventeen year old Becky Thompson dressed in her Denton High School for Girls uniform, which consisted of a short black pleated skirt, white blouse, green and white striped tie, a bottle green v neck jumper, white knee socks and black shoes, was taking her usual short cut home from school through the park, when she was stopped by a blonde woman possibly in her early thirties dressed all in black leather carrying a dog leash.

“Hello miss I’m sorry to trouble you, I’ve lost my dog he ran off as soon as I let him off the leash. Have you seen him? He’s a little brown terrier.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t.” Becky replied.

“Ok never mind I’ll keep looking I’m sure he’ll turn up.” Woman said looking terribly sad.

“Would you like me to help you look?” Becky asked.

This was just the reaction the woman was hoping for.

“Well aren’t you a little darling?”

“What’s his name?” Becky asked.

“Timmy.” The woman replied. “You look in the bushes over there dear and I’ll look over in those trees.”

“Certainly.” Becky replied heading off to an area of large green bushes.

No sooner had Becky entered the bushes out of sight from the pathway when she was grabbed from behind and wet sweet smelling cloth held tightly over her face.

Becky tried to fight off her assailant but they were too strong for her

“Just relax” she heard a female voice say

“Take nice deep breathes”

Becky’s eyes closed and she fell into a deep sleep.

When she came too she found herself sat on a wooden chair in what looked like an old empty office.

“Wh…. What happened?” She said as she slowly regained her senses She tried to bring her hands up to rub her eyes, but found something was stopping her from doing so. Looking down, she saw lengths of rope tied around her upper body, and feeling with her fingers she could feel rope tied around her wrists too behind the back of the chair, she tried to move her feet but they too were tied to piece of wood connecting the front chair legs.

“Help MEMMPPHH” She tried to call out before a leather gloved hand was clasped tightly over her mouth.

“Be quiet and you won’t get hurt.” A woman’s voice whispered in her ear.

Then another woman came into to the room, Becky recognized her from the park.

“She’s awake then? We need to keep her quiet while we make the call.” She said pulling a pink silk scarf from her pocket and scrunching it up into a ball.

“Open wide Rebecca.” The woman said holding the scarf in front of the terrified girls face.

Becky clamped her mouth shut shaking her head.

“Don’t be a silly girl Rebecca; we can do this the easy way or the painful way the choice is yours.” The other woman said grabbing a hold of Becky’s chin from behind.

Becky realised she couldn’t resist anymore and opened her mouth allowing the scarf to be stuffed in.
The woman that was stood behind her then untied Becky’s school tie and used it to hold her gag in place.

Becky saw her second captor for the first time as she walked to stand next to the woman from the park. She was a small girl with red hair who didn’t look much older than Becky herself she too was also dressed in leather.

The woman from the park pulled a camera phone from her pocket and took a few photos of their bound captive, before dialling a number.

She called Becky's father who was head of security at the City Bank.

“Mr Thompson listen very carefully to what I am about to tell you. We are holding Rebecca your daughter hostage do exactly as you are told and she won’t be harmed in any way. Very soon one of our agents will contact you do exactly as she tells you if you want to see Rebecca alive again. You want proof we I have your daughter? Very well as soon as I’ve ended this call you will receive a photo message that should be all the proof you need.” The woman ended the call and sent the photo message.

Shortly after her phone rang

“Very well please don’t hurt her; I’ll do whatever you say.” The voice on the other end said.

“Good boy Mr Thompson, Don’t tell anyone about this call and don’t call the cops. Got that?

“Yes, Please don’t hurt Becky” Mr Thompson replied and the phone went dead.

Tears were beginning to roll down Becky's cheeks as she watched the woman dial another number on her phone.

“Stage two complete Baroness the girl is in our possession.




Chapter 3

Carol Barnes sat tearfully in her office as the City Bank looking at the framed photo of Natalie she keeps on her desk waiting to be contacted and worrying what these people were doing to her beautiful daughter, when her internal phone rang.

“Yes what is it Jackie? I said I didn’t want to be disturbed.” She snapped at her secretary.

“I’m sorry to trouble you Mrs. Barnes but there are two women here asking to see you, they won’t tell me what they want all they say is its very important.”

“Very well Jackie - give me a couple of minutes and then show them in.”

Carol tried to compose herself the best she could, redoing her make-up using a small compact she keeps in her desk trying to disguise the fact that she had been crying.

There was knock on the door

“Come in.”

Jackie entered followed the two women both dressed in black trouser suits one with black hair tied into a pony tail and one with light brown short hair, both carrying brief cases.

“Thank you Jackie that will be all, I’ll buzz you if I need anything.”

Good afternoon ladies my name is Carol I’m the branch manager, please take a seat, and you are?

“You don’t need to know who we are; you just need to do as we say if you want to see Natalie again.” The black haired woman replied.

“OK OK I’ll do whatever it takes to get Natalie back.”

“Very good, we wait here with you until the bank is empty and all the staff have gone home, then you are going to open the vault for us and we’ll relieve you of all the money in there.” The Brown haired woman told her.

“I can’t do that. The locks on the vault are on a timer once the bank closes they are locked and won’t open again until we open in the morning.”

“Don’t worry yourself about the timer or the alarm system Carol; Mr. Thompson your security man will have all ready disarmed them.”

“Mr. Thompson he is working for you? Never - I don’t believe it!”

“Don't be too hard on him, like you Carol he too had no choice but to obey us our people are holding his daughter too Rebecca isn’t it?”

“You really do have everything planned don’t you?”

“It’s is now ten minutes to five Carol, we have to call the boss within twenty minutes of the bank closing at five o’clock with the money in our possession, or you’ll never see Natalie again, is that clear?”

“Perfectly clear.” Carol replied.

Meanwhile back at Mrs. Barnes home the DVD they were watching had finished and the blonde woman stood up.

“I’m sure you girls could do with a drink of water it’s so hot in here.” She said showing a little sympathy.

Both girls nodded

"Ok I’ll get some glasses"

The dark haired woman moved over to the two bound girls

“I’m going to take your gags out for a couple of minutes but only if you promise not to try and call for help, is that clear?”

Both girls nodded.

She untied the ties from the girl’s mouths and they spat the napkins out, both girls were relieved to have the use of their mouth back even if it was only briefly.

“Are you ok Beth?” Natalie asked.

“I think so, are you?” Bethany replied

“Yes but I’m worried about mum.”

“Your mum will be fine.” The dark haired woman told her.
“We don’t want to hurt her we just want the money from her bank.”

The blonde returned carrying a tray with four glasses of water on it.

“I’ve got some fresh napkins too.” She told her accomplice.

The blonde held a glass to Natalie’s mouth and the dark haired woman held a glass to Bethany’s. Both girls said “Thank You” as the glasses were taken away from them.

The two women began folding the fresh napkins in tight balls.

“Please Miss I really need to go to the bathroom.” Bethany nervously asked.

“You’ll have to hold it.” The dark haired woman snapped”

“It’s alright I’ll take her.” The blonde said.

“What about you do you need to go too?” She asked Natalie.

“No I’m ok” Natalie answered.

The blonde untied Bethany’s legs stood her up and lead her out of the room.
Once outside the bathroom she opened the door and pushed Bethany in, and followed her closing the door behind them.

“Hurry up”

“But my hands are still tied.”

“Sorry sweetie you’ll have to do the best you can if you need any help I’m right here.”

After a short while the blonde and Bethany returned to the lounge where Natalie had already been re-gagged the same as before, Bethany was pushed back down on the sofa and the blonde retied her legs while the dark haired woman re-gagged her.
After a wait of around thirty minutes the mobile phone rang. The dark haired woman answered it listening to what the person on the other end had to say before ending the call.

“That was the Baroness they have the money, we’ve to take these two to the collection point.”

Over at the old office block they too had received a similar phone call.

“We have the money, time to move her to the collection point.” The blonde from the park told her accomplice.

Back at the bank the two women were leaving with their brief cases stuffed full of money.

“What about Natalie?” Carol asked.

"Both you and Mr. Thompson will be contacted shortly and told where you can pick your daughters up. “








Chapter 4

Carol Barnes was sat in her office dressed in a navy blue business suit white blouse with navy blue silk scarf around her neck; her legs were covered by flesh tone pantyhose with black leather shoes with a small heel when she received the phone call she had been waiting for.

“Mrs. Barnes, follow these instructions very carefully, and you will find your daughter.” The woman on the other end of the phone told her.
“I want you to drive to Southport, when you are there follow the coast road keeping the sea on your right-hand side all the time, after about three miles you will come to a caravan park named Happy Valley, find the caravan in berth 207 and your daughter will be in there safe and well, but if you want her to stay that way, come alone and don’t tell anyone where you are going, do you understand?”

“Yes, please don’t hurt Natalie I’ll do whatever you say.”

“Very good Mrs. Barnes now you’d better hurry if you want to get there before it gets dark.”

The phone went dead, Carol grabbed her bag and car keys and dashed off.

At the old office the two women were busy untying Becky from her chair but kept her hands tied behind her back.

“You bring her down to the car, I’ll go on ahead and make sure the coast is clear” The little redhead said.

The Blonde kidnapper helped Becky to her feet and pushed her out of the office. The redhead stood at the end of the corridor waving them forward. All the time Becky was wondering where she was about to be taken. They took the girl down to an underground car park, where she was roughly bundled onto the floor in front of the back seat of a small blue car. The redhead climbed into the car and sat on the back seat resting her feet on Becky making sure she stayed on the floor, the blonde got into the driver’s seat and the car drove off to the collection point.

At the Barnes house the dark haired woman was driving their car into the garage that adjoined the house leaving the blonde alone with the two girls.

“Just another couple of hours now and all this will be over, you’re going to be ok.” She reassured the girls patting them both on their bound legs.

“Right let’s get them out here.” Her accomplice said as she re-entered the room through the kitchen door.

“We’ll carry them out through the kitchen, Bethany first.”

The blonde took hold of Bethany’s legs while the dark haired woman grabbed her arms together they picked her up, carried into the kitchen and out through a door which lead to the garage. The lid of the boot was already raised on the red car.

“Put her in there” The dark woman said.

Bethany didn’t like the idea of being stuffed into a dark car boot and began to struggle.

“NNOOMMPPHH.” She cried into her gag.

“Stop that you little bitch” The dark woman snapped.

“It’s alright sweetheart it’s only going to be for a short while.” The blonde told her.

The two women dumped Bethany who now was crying for the first time since their ordeal had begun into the boot of the car.

“You’d best stay with her I can manage the other one myself” The dark haired woman told the blonde.

“Hush now Bethany just relax everything is going to be alright.” The blonde said stroking the girls head.

Back in the house the other woman stood Natalie up and put her over her shoulder before carrying her out to the car she too was dumped into the boot next to Bethany, the sight of her friend crying set her off too, they were soon plunged into darkness as the lid was slammed shut, which caused them to cry even more.

Carol followed the directions given to her by the woman and arrived at the caravan park, which was empty at this time of year. She guessed she’d be better trying to find berth 207 on foot, so she parked her car and got out. After a short while came across a sign which read 200 -220 with an arrow pointing in the direction of a row of caravans to her left. She followed the arrow stopping at a large caravan with 207 on the door. The door of the caravan was unlocked nervously she opened the door hoping to find Natalie and Bethany alive and well, but instead the caravan looked empty, she quickly checked the bedrooms and the bathroom but no sign of the girls. She pulled her phone out of her bag and was about to call back the woman that had called her earlier, when the door opened and tall woman with long black hair, dressed in a long full length black coat which touched the floor, and a black trilby style hat stood before her, her face masked a black scarf which covered her lower face, and a large pair of dark glasses, stood behind her were two other women dressed in black leather both had the same very short bleached blonde hair.

“So you found us then Mrs. Barnes?”The mystery woman said.

“Who are you? Where’s Natalie? What have you done with my daughter?”

“Your daughter will be joining us very soon Mrs. Barnes.”

“If you have harmed one hair on her head I’ll kill you, you bitch”

“Girls she’s giving me a headache shut her up.”

Before Carol could protest the two blonde assistants grabbed her one of them covering her mouth with a gloved hand and sat her down on a sofa-bed; one of the blondes removed the silk scarf that Carol had tied around her neck rolled it into a ball and stuffed it in her mouth, the other cut strips off a roll of clear sticky tape that was lying around on the kitchen top and layered them over the carols mouth and lower jaw, she then pulled Carols arms behind her back and began wrapping more of the tape around her wrists, more of the strong tape was wrapped around her ankles and knees.

After a short while the door opened and girl dressed in a uniform which Carol recognized as Denton High School was pushed in followed by her two kidnappers, Carol guessed this was Rebecca even though they had never met, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the heavily gagged girl who had obviously been crying.

“Sit her down over there and tie her legs.” The mystery woman ordered the two kidnappers pointing at a space on the sofa-bed next to Carol.

Becky was pushed down onto the sofa next to Carol and redhead pulled some of the rope that was used to tie Becky to the chair in the office from her pocket and began to bind her ankles and knees together. While the frightened girl was left wondering who the woman next to her was, and who the masked woman was and what she was planning to do with them.

Not long after the door opened again and two more women entered carrying Bethany.

“Put her over there.” The mystery woman said pointing to another sofa-bed on the other side of the caravan facing Becky and Carol.

Carol thought the world of Bethany and became distressed at the sight of her tied up like that.

The two women left and returned shortly after with Natalie

“ARRGHHH” Carol scream into her gag at the sight of her daughter, she tried to stand up but the two assistants held her down.

“MUMPPHH” Natalie screamed seeing her mother.

Her two kidnappers struggled to hold her down as she thrashed about on the sofa-bed.

“Calm down Natalie.” The mystery woman said. “You wouldn’t want us to hurt your mother would you?”

When Natalie had calmed down the blonde kidnapper stroked her hair

“Just relax baby everything will ok.” She said winking at the bound girl.

“Thank you for your work this evening girls you have all done well, and will be very well rewarded, you may leave us now.”The mystery woman said.

The four kidnappers left.

“Now ladies what am I to do with you?”







Chapter 5

The four captives nervously watched as the woman paced up and down the caravan in front of them, thinking what to do with them. After a few minutes she pulled a small penknife from her pocket and walked into the kitchen area, she then bent down and opened a cupboard under the sink. Inside was a gas bottle with a rubber pipe which connected it to the cooker, she reached inside and cut the pipe causing the gas to pour out into the caravan.

“Quickly light me a cigarette.” She told one of her assistants, passing her a box of cigarettes and a lighter from her pocket.

The girl lit the cigarette and passed it back to the woman who carefully placed it on the kitchen top next to the sink.

“Ok girls let’s get out of here, in a few minutes this place will be blown to smithereens. Really sorry to have to do this ladies but put yourselves in my position would you want any witnesses?”

The captives watched the woman and her assistants leave while struggling to free themselves. It wasn’t too long after the woman left that the door burst open and a number of police officers stormed in. The bound girls all tried to point the officers in the direction of the cigarette and the cut pipe, the best they could. One officer threw the cigarette into the sink and run water onto it while another turned off the gas supply. The blonde woman that had been holding Natalie and Bethany hostage then entered the caravan.

“Surprised to see me again girls?” She asked.

“Yes” replied Natalie and Bethany who by this time had their gags removed and two female officers were untying their bonds.

“Let me introduce myself, I’m detective sergeant Rachel Stevens I’ve been working undercover as member of the baronesses gang for the past few months now. I do hope I wasn’t too rough on you girls but please understand I was only doing what I had to do, I didn't want my cover blown.”

“No, you were nowhere near as bad as the other woman Natalie replied.

"You girls were both very brave your mother should be proud of you Natalie."

Once all four were released they were allowed to go home once the police medics were satisfied they were ok.
Becky’s worried father who never received his call from the kidnappers arrived to collect her, she ran crying into his arms the moment she saw him relieved her nightmare was over.
Mrs. Barnes was too shaken up to be allowed drive home so she, Natalie, and Bethany were taken home by the police where Bethany's worried parents were waiting for her and greeted their daughter with a huge hug.

The three other kidnappers were arrested soon after they left the caravan park, but somehow the evil Baroness and her assistants managed to slip through the net and avoid capture and are still at large, ready to strike again very soon..





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