The School Photographer






Chapter 1

Sixteen year old Amy Summers fought back the tears that were welling up in her eyes as she lay tightly hogtied, dressed only in black stockings and suspenders with matching black bra and panties, on a white faux fur rug, a sponge ball had been forced in her mouth this was held in place by a tight black silk cleave gag. She blinked as the camera flashed before her eyes taking yet another photo. The cute blonde couldn’t believe how stupid she’d been to let herself be tricked by the creepy photographer and his female assistant.

Amy’s nightmare began a few days earlier when the school photographer came into Denton High School for Girls to photograph all the girls that were leaving that year. The girls all lined up to go one at a time to have their photos taken all checking their hair and make -up in little vanity mirrors they nearly all had with them.

“Look at that blonde girl fourth in line Steve, she’s just what we’ve been looking for isn’t she?” The female assistant told the photographer.

Steve Bishop looked up from his camera.

“Wow she’s beautiful look at those, beautiful big blue eyes, and nice big tits too. See if you can have a word with her after I’ve photographed her. Give her all the usual bullshit.” He replied with smile on his face.

After Amy had been photographed the assistant caught up with her.

“Hi. I’m Beth Jordan, Steve Bishop’s assistant. You’re Amy aren’t you? I hope you don’t mind but we couldn’t help noticing how beautiful you are and how natural you looked in front of that camera, have you ever done any modelling work?”

“Err no.” The shocked girl replied.

“Would you be interested in doing some modelling for us? I’m way too old now to model for Steve we’re looking for someone younger you’d be perfect.” The tall dark haired woman who Amy guessed was in her late thirties asked.

“What kind of modelling work Amy asked?”

“Just a few simple glamour and fashion shots you’ll be great, we’ll pay you well for your time.” Beth replied.

“Ok I’ll do it, when do you want me to start?”

“How about this Saturday, we’ll meet you here at school at say 9.30 in the morning and take you to our studio, and when we’ve finished we’ll take you home.

“That would be great my parents are away all weekend so it won’t matter what time I get home.”

Beth’s eyes lit up hearing this

“Just one more thing Amy please don’t tell anyone about this, not even your friends you know how jealous girls can get.”

“Ok Beth I won’t, I have to get back to class now before I’m missed, I’ll see you Saturday outside the school gates. Will I need to bring anything?”

“Just bring yourself dear.”

“Ok. See you Saturday.”

“Alright see you Saturday dear.”Beth replied pleased with her work.

“How did it go dear?” Steve asked when Beth returned

“It couldn’t have gone any better, she even told me her parents are away all weekend, so we’ll have her all to ourselves.”

Amy arrived at the school gates dressed in tight blue denim jeans and black knee length boots, a white t-shirt over which she wore a short blue jacket, she was around fifteen minutes early and was surprised to find Steve and Beth already waiting for her.

“Good morning gorgeous” Steve Said as Amy climbed into the back of their car.

“Good morning.” Amy politely replied.

The journey to the studio lasted about twenty minutes during the journey they chatted about the type of work they’d be doing. When they arrived at the studio it wasn’t what Amy expected to see, the couple took her into what looked like a disused mill or warehouse and into a rickety old lift which took them up to the top floor. They lead her into a large cold room which contained lots of photographic equipment.

“Come with me to changing room Amy. Steve get those heaters working for when get back.” Beth said taking quiet a firm grip of Amy’s arm.

Amy was beginning to feel nervous she didn’t like the look of this place at all.
Beth took her into another smaller but equally as cold room, she couldn’t help notice lots of things hung up on the walls, coils of rope, chains, ball gags, whips, paddles and numerous other items.

“I’m sorry to have wasted yours and Steves time Beth, but I don’t think I want to do this now can you take me home please.” Amy nervously asked after seeing all the equipment on the walls.

Beth smiled before turning and locking the door,

“You’re not going anywhere sweetie.” She said pulling a tiny pistol from her pocket.

“Get yourself undressed.” Beth snapped waving the pistol menacingly in Amy’s direction.

“Please Beth I want to go home.” Amy begged.

“I want to win the lottery but life’s a bitch, now strip or I’ll strip you myself.”

Amy reluctantly did as she was told; it wasn’t long before she was standing naked and shivering before the woman.

“Here put these on, they should fit.” Beth said throwing Amy a matching black satin bra and panties set.

“Now these.” She continued throwing Amy a black suspender belt and black stockings.

Once she was dressed in all the items Beth had given her the photographer’s assistant took a length of rope off the wall.

“Please don’t tie me up.” Amy begged.

But Beth ignored her and roughly pulled the girls arms behind her back and bound her wrists and elbows tightly together.

“It’s too tight.” Amy protested as her elbows touched.

“Tight is good my dear.” Beth replied.

Beth then took a sponge ball and held it up to Amy’s mouth.

“Open that pretty mouth of yours Amy.”

Amy knew it was hopeless to resist and did as she was told allowing the ball to forced in her mouth.

“I bet you’ve never been tied up and gagged before have you Amy?” Beth teased as she tied a black silk scarf between Amy’s teeth.

“NOOMMMPPHH” Amy replied.

“Not even by a special boyfriend? Who knows you may even grow to like it.” She laughed.

Beth took more rope and wrapped it tightly around Amy’s upper body over the tops of her arms, above and below her large breasts. Beth took more rope from the wall before unlocking the door and taking Amy into the Steve’s studio.

“Very nice, very very nice indeed.” Steve said with huge smile on his face as Amy was lead into the room.

“I’ve put a rug down for her.” Steve said pointing to a white fur rug in front of his cameras.

Beth roughly pushed Amy down onto the rug and bound her ankles and knees tightly together, before tying a cruel tight hogtie.

“I’m sure my website members are going to love you Amy.” Steve said taking up position behind his camera.



Chapter 2

Steve photographed and filmed the hogtied girl from every angle while Beth, tickled and poked her.

“Slap that cute little arse of hers.” Steve instructed his assistant.

Beth bent down and playfully spanked Amy’s panty covered bottom the playful slaps weren’t hard enough to cause Amy any pain much to her relief. All the time Steve switched between his video camera and his digital camera. After a while Steve put down his camera.

“Excellent just excellent, you’re a real natural Amy well done.” He said.

“It’s not like I had much choice.” Amy thought to herself.

Much to Amy’s relief Beth began to untie her tight hogtie.

“What would you like next Steve?” She asked as she worked on the ropes binding the girl.

“The school girl outfit please my dear.” Steve replied without looking up from his computer where he was looking at his photographs.

Once Amy was untied apart from her hands Beth took her back into the changing room, which was now a little warmer as the heaters had begun to work. Beth locked the door and put the key in her pocket and pulled out her pistol.

“I’m going to untie your hands and I want you to take off what you’re wearing.” She instructed Amy.

Amy did as she was told and soon stood naked before the woman, trying to cover herself up the best she could with her hands.

“You really do have a beautiful body Amy, don’t hide it put your hands by your sides let me have a good look at you.”

Amy moaned into the gag she was still wearing as Beth came close to her and stroked her breasts.

“You like that don’t you?” Beth said with a smile as she heard the girl moan.

Just then there was a bang on the door

“Is she ready yet?” Steve called out.

“Almost.” Beth replied.

“Quickly put these on.” Beth said passing Amy white cotton panties and white bra.

“Now these hurry quick as you can, we don’t want to keep him waiting.” She said passing Amy a short red plaid skirt and white blouse.

“Now these, quickly.” She said passing Amy a pair of white knee length socks and black shoes.

The shoes wear a size too small but Amy managed to get them on even if they did hurt her. Beth then tied Amy’s wrists tightly behind her back again. Much to Amy’s relief Beth began to untie her gag and helped her spit the horrible sponge ball out.

“Please Beth let me go I won’t tell anyone about this honest pleassmmmmppphhh.” Her pleas were cut short as Beth stuffed a large ball gag in her mouth and fastened the strap behind her head over her long blonde hair.

Beth picked up more rope before unlocking the door and taking Amy into the studio where Steve had replaced the fur rug with a wooden school desk and chair.

“Stunning.” Steve said as Amy was lead towards the desk

Beth untied Amy’s hands before pushing her forward so she bent over the desk.

“Hold her down.” She said to Steve as Amy began to struggle.

Steve put his hands on Amy’s back to hold her down while Beth tied her wrists to the legs on the opposite side of the desk to which she was standing; after she had done that she bound Amy’s ankles and knees tightly together before securing her ankles to a wooden support bar joining the legs of the desk.

“You go and get yourself ready my dear.” Steve told Beth.

Beth left the room, while Steve walked around the bound girl taking photos from all angles. After a short while Beth returned dressed like on old fashioned English school teacher she was wearing a long black gown and a black mortar board hat, she was carrying a crook handle cane in one hand and wooden paddle in the other.

“You look amazing as usual my dear.” Steve said as Beth approached the desk.

Beth posed for a few photo’s holding her cane to Amy’s bottom without actually hitting her, and she did the same with the paddle. Once Steve was satisfied with his photo’s he switched to his video camera.

“You should know the routine by now my now dear.” He said to Beth.

“I bloody well should do we’ve done this so many times now.” Beth replied.

“Ok Action.” Steve called out from behind his camera.

“Well Amy you can’t say I didn’t warn what would happen if I caught you smoking behind the bike sheds again can you young lady? You’ve had more than your share of warnings. Now you must be punished”

Beth walked behind the trembling frightened girl and raised her skirt to reveal her white panties. Amy jumped and moaned as hard slap landed on her panty covered bottom, this was followed by several more in quick succession; Steve zoomed in for a close up of the tears that had begun to roll down Amy’s cheeks. After the spanking had stopped Amy felt her panties being pulled down to the rope around her knees.

“What would you like first Steve the cane or the Paddle?” Beth asked.

“The paddle please my dear.” Steve replied.

Beth grabbed hold of Amy’s hair and pulled the crying girl’s head up.

“Crying won’t help you Amy you should have thought about this before you decided to smoke again shouldn’t you.” She said before letting go of Amy’s hair.

Amy squealed into her gag as the first hard whack with the paddle landed on her bottom, this was again followed my several more in quick succession each one greeted with a gagged cry or moan; Steve zoomed in on her bottom as it began to redden nicely.

“Don’t think I’ve finished with you yet young lady.” Beth said once the paddling had stopped.

Amy screamed into her gag the first stinging stroke of the whippy cane landed on the tops of her legs, again this was followed by several more, with Steve zooming in on Amy’s tears and red legs. Amy was relieved when the caning finally stopped and she felt her panties being pulled back up.

“Wasn’t she good dear?” Steve asked.

“Yeah great sound effects those screams and moans were perfect.” Beth replied.

“I think our little model has had enough for her first day don’t you dear?” Beth asked.

“You’re right dear let’s take her home.”

Beth untied Amy and removed her gag.

“Come on dear let’s get you changed and we’ll take you home, you’ve done very well today Steve is very pleased with you.”

“Thank you I won’t tell anyone about this I promise.” Amy replied.

“I know you won’t dear, because you’re not going to your own home you’re coming home with us.” Beth replied.

“NOOOOO. My parents will wonder where I am, please let me go home.” Amy cried.

“But you already told me your parents are away this weekend didn’t you dear? This weekend you are all ours my pretty.”


Chapter 3

After being allowed to use the toilet watched closely all the time by Beth who kept her pistol pointed at the girl as she peed. Amy was now dressed in the clothes she wore when she arrived, she was crying uncontrollably as Beth began tying her arms tightly behind her back ignoring her pleas to go home, it wasn't long before Amy was tied up as before with her wrists, elbows, knees and ankles all tightly and expertly bound together.

“Please Beth you don’t need to gag me I’ll be quiet.” Amy sobbed knowing what was about to come as Beth picked two silk scarves out of a box in the changing room.

“I’ve no doubt you will Amy, but you look so cute with a pretty gag in your mouth. Open up dear.” Beth replied holding a neatly folded scarf to Amy’s mouth.

Amy clamped her mouth shut and shook her head.

“Come on Amy don’t be silly don’t make me hurt you, open your mouth.”

Again Amy shook her head, causing Beth to take a huge handful of her long blonde hair and yank it as hard as she could causing Amy to scream, when she did Beth stuffed the folded scarf in her mouth, the second scarf was folding into a long band and Beth tied a large knot in the centre of it which she forced deep into Amy’s mouth behind her teeth before tying it behind her head. Amy thought she was going to choke on the first scarf as it went deeper into her mouth. Once she was satisfied with her work Beth unlocked the door and let Steve into the changing room.

“I was just telling her how cute she looks with a pretty gag tied in her mouth.” Beth said.

“Yes my dear if ever a mouth was meant to have a gag tied in it, its Amy’s” Steve replied with a smile on his face.

“One more thing before we go.” Beth said taking another scarf and tying tightly over Amy’s tear filled reddend eyes.

Amy grunted as she felt herself being picked up off the ground and thrown over Steve’s shoulder like a rag doll. Beth led the way opening and closing doors as Steve carried Amy into the lift and down to their car. Amy was placed lying down on the rear seat and Beth placed a large blanket over her which completely covered her from head to foot, she warned her not move or try to throw the blanket off, she then got into the front passenger seat alongside Steve and he drove off. After what seemed an eternity for Amy the car finally stopped and she heard the engine switch off. Steve roughly pulled her from the car and threw her over his shoulder and quickly carried her inside before they were seen. Once they were inside the house Beth removed Amy’s blindfold. They were in a small sparsely furnished room which looked and smelled like it had been recently been decorated. There were some patio windows and Amy got a glimpse of a green lawn, a path and a shed. The room itself had a wooden rectangular dining table and four matching high back wooden chairs. There was a comfortable looking leather chair by the windows; a Laptop PC sat on desk in one corner, and a large television in another, of course there were cameras and other pieces of photographic equipment scattered around the room.

“You’re going to be far too warm with that Jacket on.” Beth said, as she began to untie Amy’s arms, once her arms were free Beth helped her remove her jacket before retying her arms as before Amy moaned as the tight ropes dug into the bare flesh of her arms.

Steve couldn’t take his eyes off Amy large breasts which bulged beneath her tight fitting t-shirt; they were thrust forward by having her arms and elbows tied tightly behind her back.

“Why don’t you tie one of those rope bras you do so well dear?” He said to Beth.

Beth smiled and took a long length rope from a cardboard box under the computer desk. She began wrapping it around Amy’s upper body she went above, below, around and in-between her breasts, before she tied it off tightly behind Amy’s back. The ropes were tight and together with her mouth filling gag Amy found breathing even more difficult than before.

“Perfect my dear.” Steve said admiring Beth’s rope work.

Amy was then steered to one of the straight high backed chairs by Beth. Her bound arms were threaded over the back of the chair and her wrist bindings were made secure to the back of it. Beth looped several tight turns of rope about Amy’s chest, two above her breasts and two below, making breathing even more difficult, further binding her to the chair. She then tied a few similarly tight ropes about Amy’s waist. More rope was then used to secure Amy’s bound feet to a central column under the chair.

“I really don’t think that little gag is going to stop the neighbours hearing her if she decides to try and call out for help.” Steve said.

Beth agreed she went back to the cardboard box, she returned carrying, a roll of wide black tape, a large wad of cloth, and long black nylon scarf. While she was doing this Steve removed the gag that was already in Amy’s mouth.

“Please don’t gag me with all stuff, I promise I’ll be quiet I won’t cry out for help I promise.”Amy begged.

“Of course you will princess.” Steve replied before nodding to Beth.

Beth wadded up the cloth and gripped Amy’s nose forcing her head back and her mouth open. She forcefully crammed the cloth inside Amy’s mouth and by exerting pressure on her jaw got her to close it. Tearing off a long strip of the wide black tape Beth stretched it across Amy’s mouth and smoothed it down. She added five more strips in quick succession. Beth’s long fingers made sure every strip of tape stuck securely to her captive’s mouth. The taping completed Beth got the black nylon scarves and folded it over a couple of times until it was of a suitable shape to tie over Amy’s lower face. Amy’s grunted as Beth bound the folded mass of black nylon over her already well gagged mouth. She made a tight knot behind Amy’s head trapping some of her blonde hair in the process.

Then Beth patted Amy on the top of her head.

“It may feel uncomfortable at the moment, but you’ll soon get used to it and who knows you may even grow to like it.”

Switching her attention to Steve who was preparing his camera’s for another photographic session, she said.

‘There we are our little model is tied up so tight she can’t even twitch and gagged so effectively she can’t muster a squeak.

The two of them laughed.


Chapter 4

For the next thirty minutes or so Steve photographed Amy from all angles while Beth tickled, teased, and tormented her. Beth winked and smiled at Steve as Amy began to gurgle and giggle as she tickled her; maybe their little captive model was starting to enjoy herself? Once Steve was satisfied with his photographs he went to work on them on the lap top.

“Maybe you’d like to see some more of our work?” Beth said to Amy turning her chair around so she faced the television.

Beth took a DVD disc from a plastic box and placed it in the player under the television. The disc contained a series of short story films. The first story up was of a very pretty blonde girl roughly about the same age as Amy she was dressed in cheerleader’s uniform, she had been kidnapped and bound and gagged by Beth who Amy had to admit looked amazing dressed all in black leather. Beth had been paid to kidnap the girl in order to stop her taking part in the national championships, during the film she kept herself amused by tying and retying the girl in various positions, and using different types of gags.

“We found that girl at Our Ladies Girl’s School in Millbrook.” Beth said.

Next up was different but equally pretty blonde girl again Amy guessed she was around the same age, she was dressed in the same school uniform Amy was made to wear earlier that day, like Amy she was tied, bent over a desk and caned and paddled by Beth in her school teacher outfit.

“We found that girl at St Mary’s in Horton she’s stunning isn’t she? But you’re my favourite.” Beth said to Amy.

The next film again featured another very pretty blonde girl the same age as all the others, she was supposed to be a bratty teen been punished by her step mum again played by Beth. The girl had been tied bent over a wooden chair wearing only her bra and panties; she looked to be gagged in an identical way to which Amy is gagged. Step mum Beth spanked the girl firstly with her hand, then with a hairbrush and finally with a leather belt, for being rude and abusive to her.

“We found that girl at St Anne’s in Heaton Moor. We filmed that upstairs in one of the bedrooms here something we may do again in the morning.” Beth told Amy.

“That explains the gag.” Amy thought to herself.

The final film once more featured a blonde girl of similar age. She was supposed to be the daughter of millionaire who had been kidnapped by leather wearing masked woman for ransom and kept tied up in an old warehouse. You didn’t have to be genius to work out the masked woman was Beth, who amused herself until the ransom was paid by tying and retying the girl in various positions each one with a different mouth filling gag.

“We found her at The Hollies you know that posh private school for little rich bitches in Mottram St Andrews she was perfect for that roll.” Beth said.

Amy began to worry where are all these girls now? What had Steve and Beth done with them?

Steve looked up from his lap top

“I’ve put all the new photographs on the website we’re already getting a good response from the members, they love you Amy. One of them requested to see you in a maid’s uniform. Shall we do it now dear? The maid’s uniform is here in the house isn’t it?” He asked Beth.

“I really do think she’s had enough for today.” Beth replied.

“I say when she’s had enough not you. Go and get the maid’s uniform and get yourself changed while you’re up there.” Steve snapped showing a temper that frightened
Beth as much as it did Amy.

Beth apologized and quickly left the room leaving Amy alone with Steve.

“I’m so sorry about that princess I hope I didn’t frighten you? That woman sometimes has to be reminded I’m still the boss around here.” He said in calm voice stroking Amy’s cheek.

A short while later Beth returned she was wearing a long black dress with a high collar, her long black hair was now tied up into a bun, she reminded Amy of an old fashioned governess, she was carrying a little black maid’s uniform and a few other items including a riding crop.

“Right I’ll leave you to get the girl ready; I’ll go and prepare my equipment.” Steve told her before leaving the room.

“He has real bad temper sometimes, don’t ever disobey him or be abusive to him, he kept one poor girl hanging from the beams in the studio by her feet all day and all night after she swore at him she was in a terrible state when we finally released her in the morning.” Beth said as she began untying Amy.

Amy was hoping that Beth removed her gag so she could ask her what happened to the other girls, but it never happened. Once she was untied Beth pulled her pistol from her pocket pointed it at Amy.

“I’m sure you won’t try anything silly Amy but just in case you were thinking about it. Now get undressed for me and put the maid’s uniform on.”

The uniform was completed with a pair of black fishnet stockings and black high heel shoes. Beth helped Amy tie a little white lace apron around her slender waist. She then tied Amy’s wrists together in front of her this time, and then she started wrapping a rope tightly around Amy’s upper body above and below her breasts before looping and tying it around the back of her neck. Next she tied Amy’s knees and ankles together with lots of rope finally she tied one end of a length of rope to Amy’s bound wrists, she passed the other end around the rope binding her knees a couple of times before pulling it down and tying it to the rope around her ankles. Much to Amy’s surprise Beth easily picked her up and threw her over shoulder and carried her through the kitchen out to a small utility room which contained a washing machine, and ironing equipment, where Steve had already set up his camera and lights.

“You look a million dollars princess.” Steve said as Beth put Amy down next to the washing machine.

“Alright let’s get started.” Steve said picking up his camera.

Beth pick up a leather tipped riding crop and posed for a number of pictures wagging her finger at Amy and pointing to the pile washing on the top next to the machine. She then posed with her crop raised above Amy’s bottom as if she was going to whack the girl, again wagging her finger in Amy’s face as if to scold her. Steve then took more pictures with the tip of the crop touching Amy’s bottom like she’s been whacked.

“Alright let’s have some real action.” Steve said switching to his video camera.

“Action.” He called out from behind his camera.

“You lazy, lazy girl. I told you this morning I wanted all these clothes washed and ironed by the time I got home this evening didn’t I? Look you’ve not even started them; I suppose you’ve been chatting to your boyfriend on the telephone all day again haven’t you?” Beth said in very convincing manner wagging her finger in Amy’s face.

“I warned you what would happen if you slacked again didn’t I?” She continued giving Amy a hard whack on her bottom with her crop which caused her to scream into her gag as her bottom was still tender from her paddling and caning earlier in the day.

“Well don’t just stand there get on with the washing.” Beth said giving Amy another whack this time on her legs.

Amy now realized why her hands had been tied in front of her, and struggled to pick up the washing and put it in the machine.

“Hurry up you’ll have it dark at this rate.” Beth snapped whacking Amy again on her legs.

Amy did the best she could to put the washing in the machine, but it was so difficult tied up like this and she dropped some items on the floor.

“Pick them up.” Beth screamed.

As she bent down to pick them up Beth whacked her three times on her bottom, tears now began to roll down Amy’s cheeks.

“Crying won’t help you young lady get that washing in the machine.” Beth continued as she whacked Amy’s legs over and over again until she’d managed to put all the washing in the machine and closed the door.

Steve stood up from behind his camera.

“That was excellent you were both really good. Great moans and cries Amy and when you dropped the washing that was just perfect.” He told the crying girl.

Beth put down her crop and gave Amy a big hug.

“Come on let’s get you untied, I’ll give you a nice hot bubble bath a put you to bed, you'll feel much better in the morning.”


Chapter 5

The hot bubbly water felt glorious on Amy’s aching body, Beth had untied her hands but she had cuffed Amy’s thumbs together in front of her with a pair of tiny thumb cuffs, this allowed Amy to wash herself.

“If you promise not to cry out I’ll remove your gag for a while so you can wash your face properly.” Beth told her.

Amy nodded relieved to finally get chance to ask about the other girls.

“Remember I’ll be right here watching you and I still have my gun in my pocket if you decide you cry out.” Beth said as she began to untie the black scarf from Amy’s mouth. Amy flinched as Beth roughly ripped the tape from over her lips and helped her spit out the sodden wad of cloth.

“Thank you Beth.” Amy politely said once her mouth was free again.

“Beth do you mind if I ask you a question?” Amy nervously asked.

“It depends what it is.” Beth replied.

“What happened to those other girls the ones in the DVD?”

“The least you know about those girls the better my dear.” Beth replied.

“You and Steve killed them didn’t you?”

“Of course we didn’t kill them, we may be a lot of things but we’re not murders, now that’s enough questions or I’ll put your gag back in your mouth.”

“So why won’t you tell me where they are?” Amy continued.

“That’s enough I warned you.” Beth snapped grabbing hold of Amy’s head and forcing the sodden wad of cloth back in her mouth and tying the scarf tightly over her mouth again.

Amy cried and moaned shaking her head in protest as the gag was tied in her mouth again.

“Right bath times over if can’t behave yourself out you come.” Beth said grabbing hold of Amy’s arm roughly pulling her out of the bath.

Beth took a large soft towel and helped Amy dry herself. Once she dry Beth wrapped the towel around her naked body and led her to the bed room. The room was bare apart from a single bed with a blanket on it, underneath the blanket Amy could see lengths of rope sticking out that had been strategically spaced across the bed from the top to the bottom. Beth unlocked Amy’s thumb cuffs and gave her a pink babydoll nightdress and matching pink panties to put on. Once she had done this Beth cuffed her thumbs together again this time behind her back, she then helped Amy lie down on the blanket, added another tiny pair of cuffs to her big toes, before she bound the girls ankles and wrists together with rope. She then wrapped the blanket snugly around Amy’s body exposing the lengths of rope underneath. Starting with Amy’s feet she tied the first length of rope tightly over the blanket, then moved up to her knees and tied the second length over the blanket, she repeated this five more times at the girl’s thigh, waist, and thee more around her upper body. Finally she untied the scarf from Amy’s mouth and helped her spit out the sodden cloth.

“We don’t want you choking during the night do we?” She said.

She then took a roll of very sticky flesh coloured medical tape like that used to make band aids, and cut a number of strips off making sure each strip of the sticky cloth was stuck down neatly and properly over Amy’s pursed lips. Once she was satisfied the tape held fast, Beth allowed her attention to wander running her fingers through Amy’s long blonde hair.

“You really are a very beautiful girl Amy, don’t worry sweetie I won’t let any harm come to you.” She said before kissing Amy’s gagged mouth.

“Now try and get some rest Amy, Steve and I will be in the next room and I’ll come in to check on you later. We’ll hear you if you make any noise and if you do....Well let’s just say I’d strongly advise against it.”

Amy nodded her head to say she’d remain quiet.

“You just be sure that you do.”Beth said sternly as she left the room locking the door behind her.

Amy was alone in the bedroom of a house somewhere in the city. She had no idea where they were holding her. She was trussed so tightly in the blanket that she could hardly move. The several pieces of tape had already become like a second skin. She moved her jaw experimentally. The tape pulled at her lips and it hurt when she tried harder. She rolled around on the bed in an attempt to make herself as comfortable as her bonds allowed, she knew she had to get some sleep.

“How’s the girl?” Steve asked as Beth returned to the lounge.

“She’s alright, but she was asking questions about the others girls in the DVD.”

“What did you tell her?”

“I didn’t tell her anything, when she wouldn’t stop asking questions I put the gag back in her mouth.”

“You did right dear, the little she knows about those girls the better.”

Amy found it impossible to sleep she was so uncomfortable and her mind was racing and working overtime.

“Why wouldn’t Beth tell her about the other girls? If they didn’t kill them then what had they done with them? Were they going to do the same to her? What had they planned for her the next day?”


Chapter 6

Amy spent a long uncomfortable night drifting in and out of sleep; most of the night spent worry about the other girls and what had happened to them and what Beth and Steve were planning to do to her.

Steve and Beth were sitting eating breakfast.

“Today is the big day Halloween.” Steve said.

“Do we have to Steve? Not Amy she’s so beautiful I really like her.”

“You know the rules of The Church of Satan we must offer up a fair haired sixteen year old virgin sacrifice every Easter Sunday and every Halloween, you've never been like this in the past and after all you chose her.”

“I know I chose her but I’ve become quiet attached to her now, please Steve not Amy.”

“We have no choice the others along with the high priestess will be gathering at the studio for the ritual in a few hours, it’s too late to find another girl now it has to be Amy.”

“Very well.” Beth said dejectedly.

“Good don’t let us down Beth we’re relying you. What time is the hairdresser coming?”

“I’ve to call her once I’ve got the girl up and given her some breakfast.”

“I’ll leave you to get her up then; I’ll go and prepare the studio for the ritual.”

Beth went up the bedroom and untied Amy from the blanket. She untied her feet, removed her toe cuffs and untied her wrists but left her thumb cuffs on and the tape over her mouth. She helped Amy use the toilet before taking her downstairs and sitting her at the breakfast table.

“You must be terribly hungry, if you promise not to cry out, then I’ll take the tape from your mouth and I’ll give you breakfast, and while you’re eating I’ll explain our plans for today.”

Amy nodded

Beth slowly peeled the tape from Amy’s mouth trying not to hurt her, but it still hurt like hell as sticky fabric was removed from her lips.

“I hope you like cornflakes because that’s all we’ve got.” Amy said.

“Yes I do, thank you.” Amy replied.

Beth poured cold milk onto a bowl of flakes and began to spoon feed them to Amy who still had her thumbs cuffed behind her back.

“Do you know what day it is Amy?”

“Sunday isn’t it?” Amy replied.

“Yes and it’s also Halloween.”

With all that’s been going on Amy had totally forgotten about that.

“Please Beth let me go home I’m supposed to be going to a party tonight.” Amy tearfully begged.

“Shush.” Beth said putting her finger on Amy’s lips.

“You will be going to a party our party; we have invited some friends to the studio where we are going to do a special Halloween shoot, a virgin sacrifice and you are to be our leading lady of course.”

“NOOOOOOO.” Amy screamed.

“Don’t worry dear there won’t really be a sacrifice it’s just another photo shoot.” Beth said patting her bare leg with a smile.

“Very shortly one of my friends will be coming over to do your hair and make-up for the special shoot, I’m sure you’ll feel much better after that.”

Once breakfast was over Beth pulled a silk scarf and a white handkerchief from her pocket.

“Sorry Amy I need you to be quiet while I make a telephone call.”

Amy who was used to being gagged by now and knew it was hopeless to resist opened her mouth allowing the handkerchief to be stuffed in, and then Beth tied the scarf between her lips.

“Good girl.” Beth said once she’d knotted the scarf tightly behind Amy’s head.

Amy watched as Beth picked up her cell phone and dialled a number.

“Hi Sandra its Beth we’re ready for you now.”

After ending the call Amy watched helplessly as Beth nervously paced up and down the room she’d never seen the normally ice cold woman so agitated something was going on and she didn’t like it. After about ten minutes the doorbell rang and Beth went to answer it. She returned to the room with another woman roughly the same age, who was carrying a large black leather case.

“Sandra meet Amy our virgin.” Beth said pointing to the gagged girl.

“Wow Beth she’s beautiful, you have chosen well this time.” Sandra replied admiring the girl.

“Where would you like her?” Beth asked.

“She’ll be fine right here.” Sandra replied.

“Just a little extra security.” Beth said taking rope and lashing Amy’s upper body to the backrest of the chair.

“If you need anything Sandra I’ll be upstairs preparing her costume.”

“Thanks Beth but I think I’ll be fine.”

Beth left the room.

When she returned a while later Sandra was putting the finishing touches to Amy’s make-up adding red lipstick to her gagged lips.

“Oh my god she looks amazing Sandra.” Beth replied,admiring Amy’s hair which had a crown made from white and yellow flowers weaved into it.

Beth untied Amy from the chair and she and Sandra took her up stairs where white bra and panties and long white dress like a wedding dress had been laid out on the bed. The two women undressed Amy and helped her on with her new clothes. Once she was dressed Amy screamed as sharp needle was plunged into her bottom. Beth took a tight hold of her as she screamed and struggled until she fell asleep.

When Amy woke up and the fog had cleared from her eyes she realized she was in Steve’s photo studio, surrounded by a small group of around half dozen people all wearing, black robes with hoods covering their heads, their faces were hidden by frightening devil like masks. Amy tried to move but she soon realized she was tightly tied to a wooden cross; she tried to cry out, but couldn’t as large ball gag filled her mouth.

“Beth tell the high priestess the girl is awake.” A masked man standing behind a camera who Amy guessed was Steve called.

One of the hooded figures left the room and returned a few minutes later with a woman dressed in a white robe wearing a gold mask with big horns, as the woman approached the terrified girl the rest of the group began to chant. “Hail Satan, Hail Satan, Hail Satan, over and over again. The high priestess stood in front of Amy who was now trembling and crying, and pulled a rather sinister looking dagger from a scarab around her waist.


Amy screamed struggled and panicked as she raised the dagger above her head.

“WAIT STOP DROP THE KNIFE, I WON’T LET YOU DO THIS NOT TO AMY.” Beth called out pointing her pistol at the high priestess.

“You didn’t really think I’d given you gun with real bullets in it did you Beth?” Steve laughed.

“I KNEW THEY WEREN’T REAL THAT’S WHY I CHANGED THEM.” Beth replied expertly shooting the dagger from the high priestesses hand.


The group of hooded people and the high priestess whose hand was bleeding all scurried into the tiny changing room.

“Don’t be silly Beth.” Steve called out as Beth closed, locked and bolted the heavy metal door.

Beth returned to Amy who still crying and panicking even after what had just happend.

“Relax Amy I’m not going to hurt you anymore it’s all over now.”

Beth untied Amy from the cross and removed her gag, and hugged the trembling crying girl, Beth removed her hooded gown under which she was wearing her normal jeans and jumper, and wrapped it around Amy to keep her warm as she lead her out of the building. Beth took Amy to the local police station where she handed herself in and told the police where they could find the rest of The Church of Satan Cult.

Amy was checked over at the local hospital before being allowed to go home to her parents who now back from their weekend vacation, she even felt well enough after her ordeal to attend her Halloween party that evening.

Beth, Steve and the rest of the cult remain in police custody, and will appear in court on Monday, the police have told Beth they will recommend she gets a lighter prison sentence than the others as reward for a her brave actions in saving Amy.






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