Secondary School Tie-Up Games: Tricked and Captured








Su Ying was panicking for the first time for her life. Not because she didn't study well for her Maths test, but because of the photo she received via WhatsApp.


"If you want your life-long friend here [picture inserted] to survive, come to..." Su Ying didn't immediately recognise the address, but a quick Googling told her how to get there. The main obstacles she faced was her extended science class as well as her Guides meeting which ended nearly twenty minutes later. She ran as fast as she could out of the school gates, catching the relevant bus, changed to MRT and again ran up several lanes before she reached the secluded condominium. Pausing, she rattled off the block and room number to the Indian guard who simply waved her through.


It was a maze of blocks with odd numbers and double letters but Su Ying finally found the relevant level. "Room 13," she checked her phone again and grimaced at the site of Hui Ling gagged with two strips of duct tape and her arms around behind her back, her bare wrists definitely bound. “Hang on, Hui Ling,” she thought, “I'll be there.” Curiously enough, the door for the stated room was slightly open with a large piece of paper on the front. The two words "COME IN" were written in familiar handwriting.


“Yeah right, I'll fall for that,” Su Ying thought as she turned, and headed for the back door. She kicked off her school shoes but found the floor slippery. Never mind, she told herself and twisted the doorknob. It came open after the second turn and she found herself in the laundry and kitchen area. It wasn't tidy but Su Ying slowly discovered the mess of pre-arranged brushes and brooms on the floor.


“You silly boys, can't you even think of a better plan?” As she slowly twirled around to move through another broomstick on the ground, a creaking sound was heard.


"H...mmmpph!" she cried as a thick white-gloved hand covered her lips and thus muffled her cry. She instinctively kicked and pushed her arms backwards, but the person tackling her was far stronger that her petite body and she was quickly pushed down on the ground, albeit sideways. Her bare arms were quickly yanked behind her back and she felt rope tightly binding them together.


"Hey, who are mmph!" Some cloth was jammed into her mouth and quickly tied behind her head. She was then lifted up, cradled like a baby and quickly carried to another room. While crying through her cloth gag, she immediately recognised the dark blue and white shirt uniform of her brother and the tan brown shorts and white shirt belonging to Guo Yun. “Asshlllow! She was thrown down on a plastic chair where more ropes were tied around her ankles, as well as around her arms and body, above and below her growing boobs.


"Mmmpph! Lemmmhgt!" She screamed.


"Better use the tape," her brother suggested and his friend dutifully complied, as the cloth was further roughly pushed into her mouth and two long strips of grey duct tape sealed it in. Just as Su Ying cried a softer muffled cry, she heard a similar yell and finally saw Hui Ling, also taped gagged as revealed in the picture, with one of her bra straps lowered down and rope binding her breasts area, also secured to a chair.


"Be quiet both of you! Quiet!" The girls meekly obeyed but a couple of minutes later, the silence was broken as a girl wearing a darkish-blue pinafore dress was seen. The two 'captors' and a third dressed in also dark blue pants but with a white shirt and dark blue colour 'pounced' on Laura and she too was trussed up alongside Su Ying and Hui Ling. As if on cue, around eight minutes later, Shirleen entered, or was rather dragged inside by Victor and gave the most violent struggle. Still it was four versus one, and neither side was injured as she was restrained and gagged.


"A simple trick and all you four fell for it," Yan Long declared triumphally.


"Shirleen nearly did give in. I had to persuade her," Victor objected.


"Well done," the leader declared. "Now, let's do a check." Check? Su Ying wondered then gasped as the boys parted the skirt area of the girl's uniforms. One by one, starting with Hui Ling, then Laura, then Su Ying and finally Shirleen, the boys parted their uniforms to check if they were wearing shorts underneath.


"Yeah they all did, even Shirleen, unlike last time," Charles smiled while the MGS girl gave him a glare with her eyes and swore under her gag.


"Ok, ladies, again, you have to try to escape from your bonds and again, please, don't break the chairs. Last girl who gets loose gets a surprise. Go!" Each girl struggled wildly but Su Ying then remembered her new Girl Guide's training. The answer is about the type of knots, not about jerking it, her senior once commented.


Remembering her brother was also well versed at knots, she felt along the rope and identified the knots quickly. Twisting her fingers, she managed to loosen the bonds and took ten tedious minutes to remove her wrist bonds. With her hands free, it took more painful twisting to get the ropes holding her to the chair and the final act was to gently peel off the tape and yank out the now soaked cloth.


"Well done Meimei," Yan Long congratulated his sister using the Chinese word and gave her a bottle of water. The other girls slowly got free: next was Shirleen then Laura, who in the process exposed opened her legs several times but her PE shorts kept her modesty. "Come on, Hui Ling!" Su Ying yelled at the very first captive but the girl in an all-white uniform just couldn't get herself free. The other three girls kept chanting her name and words of encouragement and finally, after much effort, she got loose.


Hui Ling squealed as she removed her gag but was pushed back down by Guo Yun. "So, you were last out, so you get the forfeit!" He wrapped another piece of cloth over her jaw and told her not to struggle. "Sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' with the gag. Now!"


Slightly red in the face, Hui Ling complied but her words came out really weird. The boys tape-recorded her singing, plugged earphones in her ears and making her listen to it. Finally, the boys declared it over and she was the first to rush out.


"Is this the best you could think of? Sending out pictures of girls captured and making them sing kindergarten songs?" Su Ying asked her brother as he cleaned up and placed the chair back in order.


"Why no, we can do worse."


Till the next game.








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