The second part of the Too Many Robbers trilogy.


Wendy is recruited by Ray to find out more about his next target, but finds herself in a bind again, because






The day before early closing day, we check to see if they have installed anything, Ray had said. If there are cameras, big dogs, anything we don't like the sound of, then the job is cancelled. But if it looks all right, I'll do the holdup next day. That's what he had said, and Wendy had correctly taken it to mean that she would visit the shop again to check things out. Meanwhile he would stay clear of the place. His argument made sense of course, but in the course of researching his next robbery, she had already been captured by a gang of robbers and spent an afternoon bound, gagged and blindfolded in the shop, while he had done nothing except talk about it. She just hoped that it wouldn't end with her getting arrested for aiding and abetting a robbery or something. But he had persuaded her, and here she was, patrolling the street near the shop. Nobody would have guessed that the attractive full-figured traffic warden was really helping to plan a robbery, as she strolled past the double yellow lined area towards the antique shop. The sign was still on the door, "BEST PRICE PAID FOR GOLD ". She had three sovereigns in her pocket today. She had told the shopkeeper Karen that she had more, last week, but Ray had a plan. If Karen was expecting Wendy the next day with more, she would have cash on the premises. And why bother taking lots of them, when they were going to get all the money anyway.


Wendy didn't know it, but she was being watched. Inside the shop, Karen sat drinking a cup of tea when she spotted a familiar figure approaching the shop. She must be coming back with her sovereigns. Karen hadn't expected to see her again. I wouldnít go back if I had been threatened and tied up, she thought. Itís bad enough being on my own in here now. Every time the door opens I dread being robbed again. The traffic warden must be made of sterner stuff. Then she remembered Roger's behaviour. After the robbery he had spent far too much time drooling over the woman, he had spent ages untying her. She was subtly making him pay for that.


Since the robbery, Karen had insisted that Roger spent more time in the shop. Sure she was frightened to be there alone now, but she was getting fed up with him getting under her feet. Seeing her peering outside, he came over."Oh, it's her. Remember, from last week".


"Of course I remember, your favourite traffic warden. She's coming here, and I don't want you leering at her. Go out the back, have a smoke or something. I mean it, not the back room, out in the yard. I'll tell you when to come in". Roger knew that to disagree meant a spell in the doghouse, so he retreated to the yard at the back of the shop.


Inside the shop, Wendy introduced herself "Remember me; I was here about selling sovereigns".She didn't mention the robbery, but Karen did. "How could I forget that day? I didn't expect to see you again. How are you now?"


"Oh, bearing up I suppose". She looked down at her forearm. She noticed that Karen was wearing a grey corduroy waistcoat over a matching knee-length skirt, over a white long-sleeved shirt. Was she hiding tape marks, Wendy wondered. "Today's the first time I've dared to roll my sleeves up. Takes ages for those marks to go. Awful, wasn't it" Wendy wasn't going to say that she had been tied up in robberies before. "I still want to sell my sovereigns. I've brought three today to sell. I can bring the others tomorrow if the price is good".


Remembering why she had come, she added "I suppose you are a lot safer now, had security cameras installed, panic buttons or something?"


"What, spend money? Perish the thought. Roger would have a heart attack ".


Just what I wanted to hear, Wendy thought. "Oh, I see. How about the price?"

"It's the same as last week. Do you want cash?"


"Yes please" Wendy said hurriedly. She was beginning to feel just a little bit guilty, knowing that sometime soon, Karen was going to go through it all again, being bound and gagged, her money and her sovereigns stolen. And is it would be Ray doing the robbing, she would probably get her bottom spanked as well.


"It's upstairs. I don't keep that much in the till, after last week. I won't be long". So saying, Karen went into the back room, opened the door to the stairway and disappeared. Wendy had a sudden brainwave. As soon as Karen was out of sight she looked into the room, under the table.


There it was, the floorboard that had obviously been prised up a few times, she could see where the wood was scratched. She could hear Karen going up the stairs, and she would hear her coming down. There was time for some snooping. She looked over to the worktop and spotted a knife and fork. Just the thing, she thought.


Standing in the backyard, smoking, Roger noticed movement in the back room, and realised that it was the traffic warden. He moved slowly closer to the window. He liked what he saw, the buxom red-haired woman in her tight-fitting white shirt, navy blue skirt and bow-tie, dark blue tights, or were they stockings? And that peaked cap. So strange to be wearing it with no jacket. But what was she doing? He watched horrified as she took a fork from the worktop and knelt on the floor. She had her back to the window, but he could see the floorboard being lifted. She knelt motionless for a moment, but he knew she had seen too much when she quickly replaced the board, scrambled to her feet and put the fork in the sink. Now they were in big trouble, they had to do something. If she told anybody about this it could mean prison, and weren't traffic wardens a part of the police force? He tried not to think about the suppliers of the packets, whose anger might be directed at him.


Thinking fast, he ran down the passage at the end of the terrace and back to the front door of the shop. He stepped inside and turned the lock on the door. He flipped the door sign from "open "to "closed". He saw that Karen and Wendy were there, Karen had a wad of ten-pound notes in her hand. They both looked round as he burst in.


Wendy had seen the plastic bag under the floor, and had disturbed it just enough to see the packets of white powder inside it. She wasn't at all familiar with drugs but had seen enough crime dramas to guess that packages of white powder hidden under floorboards meant that some serious criminal activity was going on. Something she didn't want to get involved in. She hastily lowered the floorboard back into position and got to her feet. Part of her wondered if Ray could use this information, but another more desperate part of her said get out of here as fast as possible. She had been caught up in robberies, and even been abducted by a dangerous criminal on the run, but drug dealing was a different, dangerous world that it scared her just to think about. If this couple were involved in that, then she, and Ray, were out of their depth. Ray was all right at intimidating cashiers with toy guns, but he would run a mile at the mere mention of Colombian gangs. And now she could hear Karen returning.


Safely back in the front of the shop, she was doing her best to stay composed while Karen counted out some ten pound notes on the counter, when the front door flew open. She recognised him as the man who had rescued the pair of them after the robbery last week, but today he didn't look like a knight in shining armour. White-faced and angry, he grabbed one of a pair of crossed Gurkha knives that were mounted on pegs on the wall. He turned and adjusted the door sign to read CLOSED before sliding the bolt across. Karen flared up at him. "What the hell is wrong with you?"


"It's her" he pointed at Wendy. "She lifted up the floorboard, I saw her through the back window. Why the hell did you leave her in there?"


"I didn't, I was getting money to pay her for the sovereigns". They both glared at Wendy. "What did you see? The truth now!" Karen spoke as if addressing a naughty child.


"It's too late for that" Roger banged the knife on the counter emphatically. Wendy was thinking about edging towards the door, but this move deterred her. He did it again, to make his point. "Too much, that's what she's seen. She can't leave, at least not yet".


"What are we going to do then, Einstein? Remember what I said about this bright idea of yours"


"All I saw was some bags of sugar or something. Now, can I have my money and I'll go. I'm supposed to be working". Wendy decided to take the initiative, things could hardly get worse, she thought. She was wrong.


"She needs to be shut up and kept out of sight, while we sort this out. Upstairs! Now" he gesticulated with the knife. "Find something to tie her up with, we can't take any chances now she's seen that".


"Tie her up" those words again, and they mean me. Wendy felt butterflies in her stomach ď.Look, didn't see anything,I don't know what you're on about" Wendy pleaded desperately, raising her voice.


Roger rapped the counter with the knife. "go upstairs. Now! I'm right behind you. Karen, just find something, anything will do".


Wendy thought about shoving him aside and running for the door, but he had that knife, and there were two of them. Perhaps if there was something up there, in that room she was being taken to, a weapon, a heavy object maybe. All she knew was that Karen had gone up there to get the cash. As she reached the top of the stairs she looked around. The room was barely furnished at all. A kitchen table and four matching chairs, a shelf unit against the wall that was home to some cardboard boxes, some big notebooks, a metal cashbox, but no weapon. No breadknife, no rolling pin or empty bottle.


She had to do something though, or she was going to be kept here, tied up, the man had said so. She didn't know what they planned but it wouldn't be nice. There was only one thing for it. She ran the six feet across the room and grabbed the back of the nearest chair with both hands, dragging it out, raising it as she turned toward Roger.But both of them were right behind her, where she had expected only Roger. He grabbed Karen by the shoulders and shoved her at Wendy.Knocked off balance, she swung the chair but hit the wall instead of her attackers. Seizing her left hand, Roger twisted her wrist viciously, forcing her face down on the table. His angry face was close to hers" That wasn't very clever, was it? We're going have to make sure you don't get up to anything".


Looking past him, Wendy could see Karen picking up an armful of silk and chiffon scarves, and one or two coloured ropes. She had dropped them in the short struggle, things she had collected to tie Wendy up with. Her left hand was forced into the small of her back. "Give me your other hand" he hissed. "Tie her hands behind her back, and do a good job" Wendy, not wanting her arm twisted any more, obeyed.


"No need to break my arm" she wailed. "I'm doing what you say" Here we go again,she thought as she felt her hands forced together, one of the scarves being wound round them twice and pulled painfully tight, then knotted. She felt that unwelcome little tingle of excitement, hearing someone being told to tie her hands. It was Karen doing the tying, she realised. She was being tied by a woman. It reminded her of the first time she had been caught up in a bank robbery, one of Rayís robberies in fact. He had ordered a bank cashier to tie her up, before tying the woman up himself. It seemed a long time ago now, and she hadn't been as scared as she was now. She didn't know how this was going to end, but things weren't looking good.


"Better use some of that cord too" said Roger, "could be a life and death matter if this all goes wrong, know what I mean" Wendy couldn't see their faces, but she noticed the icy silence.


"No, I don't know what you mean" said Karen. "We've got some talking to do by the sound of things".


"Look, itís not too late, I didn't see anything, I don't know what any of this is about. Just let me go, I won't say anything". Wendy pleaded. Time was running out, her hands were already tied with a scarf and now Karen was busy behind her back with the curtain tie, wrapping it tightly round her wrists. Any minute now she would be trussed up helplessly, gagged and god knows what would happen to her."I could help you" she blurted out, not knowing what to say next. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the orange scarf in Karen's hand, coming toward her face. She wasn't quick enough, it was forced into her mouth, between her teeth, before she could turn away. As Karen pulled it tight and knotted it, the cap fell from her head and rolled off the table. She had visions of Ray finding it and realising that she had been here. She just hoped it wouldn't be too late.


Now one of the curtain cords was being passed round her upper arms and body, above and below her bust, and then the same was done with another one. At the same time her ankles were being tightly bound with a silk scarf. She tried to kick out, but Roger slapped her hard on the bottom " Don't start that" he snapped, "unless you want more of this" slapping her once again for good measure. Wendy stopped kicking, held herself very still, she didn't want more. "Good, got the message" he gloated. He couldn't resist giving her another smack on the buttocks.


"Hey! I'm here, remember. Get on with it" Karen's interruption put an end to the spanking.

In silence they carried on binding her, arms and legs, using up all the scarves. Wendy was as compliant as she could be, not resisting when she was pushed down into one of the chairs. Roger used the last of the curtain cords, a bright red one, to wind round and round her waist, pinning her to the chair, while Karen used a purple and white scarf to fasten her already-bound ankles to the cross rail at the front of her chair.


Karen looked up when she had finished this task, and Wendy briefly made eye contact before the other woman quickly looked away. Was her expression one of shame, Wendy wondered. Not many days ago, both women had been captured by raiders, intimidated and scared. Bound and blindfolded, they had struggled together trying to get free. Just a few minutes ago, they had talked about it like companions in adversity, but now she just felt like a gullible idiot. So much for sisterhood, she thought. Her new friend was really just a part of a criminal enterprise, and she was a victim, out of her depth for once. She wanted to tell them that she didn't care about the white powder, she wouldn't tell anyone, she just wanted to be untied and allowed to go. She glared at Karen, but the woman avoided looking back at her.


"I think we're done" said Roger, stepping back from her. "Let's go downstairs and decide what we're going to say to them"


"Better cover her eyes with something " said Karen. "When I was blindfolded last week I just had no idea of what to do, I was really disorientated."


Roger glanced at her "disoriented" he grinned.


"Right" she continued "It makes it a lot harder to get loose, and she's mostly tied with scarves. I did the best I could, but they are just scarves . Best to make sure "


"Right. You wouldn't guess how much trouble we could have if she gets loose and tells the police. Scarves are downstairs, go and fetch one" Roger glanced at Wendy


Wendy looked from one to another, amazed that they were talking about her as if she wasn't there. She shook herself back and forth in the chair, (not to violently, she didn't want to tip it over ) and tried to shout at them, to tell them she wasn't going to tell the police. But all that came out was "nnngggghhh! mmpphhh" over and over again . Roger turned towards her, a worrying leer on his face. "Hurry up, we need to get a move on"


"Watch yourself then" Karen said emphatically as she disappeared down the stairs. With a glance at her, Roger moved slowly over to Wendy's chair, trying not to make a sound with his feet. He was standing behind her now his hands on her shoulders ."You look uncomfortable, maybe I can help" he whispered. Wendy knew what was coming but there was no evasive action she could take, bound to the chair as she was. As his hands cupped her breasts and squeezed them gently, she wondered whether or not to make a noise, attract Karenís attention. He was one step ahead. "Get me in trouble and you'll be sorry later" he said quietly. "I'm not hurting you, am I?" He wasn't, in fact she would have enjoyed his gentle massaging if she hadn't been in danger.


Suddenly Karen was coming back upstairs, and Roger stepped away. "What're you doing?" she demanded, brown eyes blazing. "Don't tell me, let me guess, you were just making sure that rope round her tits wasnít getting loose"


"You didn't see me do anything . I didn't touch her"


"Well anyway, I found this, should be her size" Karen flourished a dark blue bag, which Wendy recognized as being a bank bag. "Her size, I think. That'll stop her glaring at me"


Wendy realized with a sinking feeling that the bag was going to go over her head, and there wasn't anything she do about it. As Karen advanced on her with the bag, her instinct was to wriggle away from her, but she realized there wasn't any point in trying to resist. She might get hurt as a consequence, at least nothing like that had happened yet. So, resentfully but compliant, she sat while the makeshift hood was placed on top of her head and drawn down over her face, enveloping her in darkness. It was a tight fit, and Karen had to manoeuvre it carefully to get it over the knotted scarf gag, pushing it further into Wendy's mouth with her fingers. But finally it was in place, pulled down over her chin. She sat there feeling embarrassed, uncomfortable in the knowledge that while she couldn't see them, they were staring at her, admiring their handiwork.


"She won't be getting up to anything. Letís make that call" said Roger.


"Can't we sort something out without involving them?" asked Karen as she followed him down the stairs.


"Can you think of anything that doesn't mean I go to prison? No, nor can I" was the last thing that Wendy heard clearly. She strained to hear the conversation downstairs, but to no avail.


Down in the shop, Karen listened with increasing apprehension to what she was hearing. The conversation that Roger was having involved a lot of listening and not much talking, once he had explained the situation. The party at the other end was not happy to hear that somebody had found the hidden packages, which Roger had not yet paid for. He was much less happy to hear that it was a woman whose job was loosely connected to the forces of law and order. He made it clear to Roger that the problem required a permanent solution, and that the couple were going to be involved up to their necks.


They were the ones who had allowed the problem to occur after all. Karen, hearing one side of the conversation, didn't understand the significance of some remarks at first.


"Scarves" he said "curtain cords, stuff that was in the shop, you know the sort of thing" then" clingfilm? did you say clingfilm?". Moments later she heard a more ominous phrase. " The one by the wharf. Number 18a, that place. I know".


Eventually he put the phone down and turned to Karen. "Explain! "she demanded,hands on hips. "I didn't like what I was hearing. What was that about clingfilm?"


"She's got to be tied up differently, not using anything that can be linked to the shop and us. He said clingfilm is good. No knots and it's not necessarily associated with tying people up." he swallowed before continuing. "apparently it works loose when it's been underwater for a few weeks".


Karen couldn't believe what she heard. "Are you saying we're going to dump her in a lake or something?"


"The sea, actually. We've got to take her to a place they own at Walberhithe. They'll do the rest".


"You mean, weigh her down and tip her in the sea, tied up and gagged, and drown her? Are you crazy? We'll be accessories to murder. Quite apart from the fact that I don't want to kill her. I mean, she's a nosey cow and she was snooping in our back room, god knows why, but kill her?"


"Listen, I feel just the same, but what can we do?.


If we don't go through with it they'll come looking for us, you know that".


"What we can do, another time, is when you have a stupid lunatic idea for making money, I tip you in the sea. I've a good mind to go up there and untie her, let her go, give her a grand to clear off and say nothing" Karen suddenly looked pleased with herself " That's not a bad idea, actually. I bet she'd go for it. What do you think? No murder, no prison "


Roger thought about it, but not for long" great, but there would be murders, when our South American friends catch up with us. I've heard what happens to people who betray them. You don't want to hear about it"


"No, I don't " she muttered. "So what are we going to do?"


"There's something else. They say, she may have been seen coming in here, so it's necessary that she is seen going away. And itís up to us how we fix it, he said. But he suggested you dress up like her, walk away, get seen. Then you change and come back, through the back door" Roger wasn't happy at having to outline this plan" Sorry,babe. We're kind of stuck with this situation. I wish we could just forget about it, but we can't ".


"We're about the same build, aren't we? I think it might work". Karen was starting to formulate a plan, but she wasn't going to tell him about it. Not yet anyway. She was well aware that she was the brains of the outfit.


Wendy hadn't been able to hear anything that was said downstairs, fortunately for her peace of mind. She had no idea what to expect when she heard the pair coming up the staircase. "Don't do anything at all, if you know what's good for you" said Roger as they both fumbled with the scarves and cords that bound her hands behind her back and fastened her to the chair. For a few brief moments Wendy thought she was being released, but then he forced her hands behind her again. "clasp your hands, please" he told her, not roughly, but almost as if he was asking her to pass the salt. It's not like I have a choice, really, she thought. She did feel slightly reassured though, a man who was tying her up was being polite. She had expected to feel cords or tape on her wrists, digging into her flesh, but instead the clingfilm was wrapped round and round, holding her hands firmly but not painfully. She wasn't surprised at the next step, which involved the clingfilm being wrapped round her upper body, between waist and shoulders, enough times for her arms to be strapped securely to her body. She noticed that he wound the material above and below her bust, but not over it. A sign of fondling to come, she thought ruefully. This man was no different to all the others.


"Don't do anything. This is all for the best" It was Karen who spoke this time. Before Wendy had time to wonder what she meant, there were fingers at her neck, removing her bow tie, without unbuttoning her blouse. Roger would have taken advantage here, which was why Karen took over. "I need to look like a traffic warden for a while" Karen said calmly, as if it was the most natural thing. So don't worry, you'll get your stuff back. Stand up now".


Wendy felt herself lifted into a standing position, but with her feet still bound at the ankles. Karen was unfastening her belt, unzipping her skirt and pulling it down to the ground "I said don't panic" she whispered. "This is all that's going to happen. You're going for a ride, then you can get dressed and we'll let you go. With some money, to keep quiet" Karen wished this was true, but it was important to keep their prisoner as compliant as possible. They sat Wendy down again, skirtless, unfastened the scarf from her ankles and wrapped her lower legs in more clingfilm.


"Don't you need her shoes?" Roger asked.

"No, I've got black lace-ups in the cupboard. For when I have to walk. Now, letís get her downstairs" She hesitated .


"Should have thought of that before doing her legs. Can we carry her? Over your shoulder?"


Roger was not averse to carrying Wendy away over his shoulder in principle, but the staircase was narrow and he was no muscleman. "Let's untie her feet, she can go down under her own steam. She's no stick insect" .††††††††


So Wendy was guided down the narrow staircase, bound and hooded, with Roger in front and Karen behind, led to a wooden chair by the table in the back room, and placed in a sitting position. She expected to be tied to the chair,but nothing of the sort happened. There were sounds, but no speech for a few minutes.She sat there listening, acutely aware of her embarrassing situation. wearing only her white blouse, still buttoned to the neck but not so crisp now, (barely hiding her navy blue panties), and incongruously, her black lace-up shoes. This was bad enough, having a bag over her head and her arms bound behind her back made it worse. What were they doing that she couldn't see? preparing some new indignity? She suddenly realised that, relieved of her skirt, they could have been preparing her for a serious spanking. She had a vision of herself over Roger's knee, or maybe even Karen's. Her knickers pulled down, her bottom smacked repeatedly. That sort of thing had happened before. She quickly put this thought out of her mind. Then Karen spoke.


"You wouldn't know I'm not a real meter maid. People will think I'm you, when I walk out up the road" she said, proudly. "But we're going to let you go soon". she added,for Wendy's benefit.


"Almost like the real thing" said Roger" you look good in uniform. You should do it more often. Let her have a look. Yes, why not let the real one see ". Wendy blinked at the unexpected brightness as Roger pulled the hood from her head. She felt her pinned-up hair coming apart as the bag came off. How she wished she could do something about it. But her attention was taken by Karen, who did indeed make a convincing traffic warden. She was still wearing her white shirt, but buttoned at the neck and fastened with Wendy's bow tie, with sleeves rolled up to her elbows just like Wendy. And Wendy's dark blue skirt fitted her very well. To complete the transformation, Karen was adjusting Wendy's cap on her head. Wendy looked from one to the other desperately. "mmmmph, mmmph", she moaned.


"She's got one of our scarves in her mouth. Better gag her different, what can we use?"

They both looked around. "Nearly forgot that, with that bag being over her head. Good thing we took it off, before...... " Roger stopped in mid-statement. But what can we use?"


"How about persuasion "said Karen. She looked down at Wendy. "We're going to let you go soon, we've just got a job to do first. So if we take that gag out of your mouth, you don't need to yell for help, do you?" Wendy stared at her. She couldn't answer, could she?. "Promise not to call out or anything? If you do, we'll stuff socks in your mouth and tape it up so tight you'll hardly be able to breathe. The bag will have to go over your eyes again, but itís just a precaution. Understand?"


Wendy understood. She nodded vigorously. She wasn't going to provoke them. Karen stooped next to her and unpicked the knot in the scarf. Once free of her gag, Wendy spoke quickly" Not going to shout, promise, but just listen. I didn't see anything,I don't know anything. If I did I wouldn't tell anybody. I don't want to cause trouble for anyone. Can't we just forget all this. Let me go and you'll never see me again". She stopped, aware that too much talk might get her gagged again.


"That's why we're going to let you go. But we've got to do something first, and you'll be taken away from here while we do it".


"Can't I at least have my skirt back?" pleaded Wendy. She looked down at herself, wrapped in clingfilm from waist to shoulders, clad only in blouse, knickers and tights. Most incongruously, she still had the black lace-up shoes on her feet. Surely she wasn't going to be taken outdoors like this. She suddenly found herself on the verge of tears. The way they were treating her went way beyond the way that criminals usually dealt with their victims. robbery victims anyway.


"We keep on telling you, you're going for a ride, then we'll let you go. You get your clothes back and a taxi home. Itís going to be all right " said Roger, hoping he sounded convincing. He had no previous experience of violent crime and was completely out of his depth. "I'll explain afterwards, it'll all make sense".


"Just say you won't take me out in the street half dressed" pleaded Wendy. It wasn't as if she had a choice in what happened.


"No, we go in the van. Now letís get you ready "

††††††††††† †††

"What?"said Wendy, then "Oh, not that again " as Karen suddenly appeared next to her with the bag in her hands. Realising how futile it would be to resist, she sat sullenly as the dark blue bag was pulled down over her head. Back in darkness! She just wished she was going to be able to subject them to some gratuitous indignity some day.


Now she could hear them moving around in the room, but they weren't talking, until Roger spoke "Right. I'll bring the van down to the back door. You go off up the road and get seen. Where will you change?"


"In the ladies, on the corner past the chapel. But I'll go when you come back in, we shouldn't leave her alone"


"Suppose not" said Roger. Being alone with Wendy might be fun, but it would have to wait, maybe once they set off in the van. He couldn't help looking at her, perched on the chair in only her blouse, tights and knickers, hooded, her hands and arms fastened firmly behind her back. Although her feet were free she was keeping her thighs close together, just about the only thing she could do to preserve her modesty.


"Back in a minute " he said. Wendy heard him leave through the back door. Perhaps Karen would be more persuadable. She waited for a few moments before speaking. "Why are you dressed as me?" she blurted out. " If you're going to let me go soon, why do I have to be tied up like this?" She hoped for a prompt reaction, but it wasn't the one she wanted. She heard Karen approaching, and suddenly the bag over her head was pulled up, over her mouth and nose. She thought for a second that her captor was relenting. No such luck.


"We kept asking you to be quiet" she said impatiently. Wendy opened her mouth to speak, but to her horror something was forced between her lips ,between her teeth and pushed inside. Whatever it was, it was big, it was being forced right inside, filling her mouth, making her cheeks bulge. Then the hood was pulled back down. "Socks, in case you're wondering. Mine though, and they are clean. You don't listen, do you". Karen explained. Wendy tried to push against the socks with her tongue, but the close-fitting hood pressed against them making movement impossible.


"Nnnnngghh!, mmmmmmph!" she wailed frantically. She wanted to say 'I get it, you've made your point, take it out, I'll be quiet". But Karen said nothing now, so Wendy decided to sit quietly, fearful of more punishment if she made a sound. She listened as Karen pottered about, until the door opened and Roger returned.


"Everything OK? Van's at the back" he announced.


"I had to gag her. She just wouldn't stop asking questions. Socks in her mouth "Karen explained.


He laughed" You're merciless, aren't you. Letís get her in the van, then" He took Wendy by the arm " get up" he said. "Won't be long now" He was trying not to think about the reality of the situation. She wouldn't be coming back from this journey. Once she was handed over to the gang, her fate was sealed. "Let's get you prepared for your journey "


As she got to her feet, Wendy realised that she didn't feel at all turned on now. Where is Ray now, she wondered. Probably sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, drinking tea, watching television while his junior partner was being taken away, bound and gagged, to suffer some dreadful fate.







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