Sibling Bonding Part 1

"Anna!" I cried. "Breakfast is ready! Anna!"


I was calling for my slightly younger sister. No, before you think my parents were randy, we are step-siblings. Long story, but yes, Anna is only about less than a year younger than me. We actually hardly ever call each other stepbrother or stepsister. We in fact were extremely close siblings.


This was so much so that we had a rule that we would each take turns to make breakfast for each other on weekends. This sibling rule came about two or three years ago and started to be a regular habit, especially since Anna recently graduated and was back home for good. Her favourite breakfast was fresh ham omelette. It was ready but it was unusual for sis not to be up on a Saturday, especially after half nine in the morning.


"Anna Louise Camden!" I rapped on her door. "Your omelette is getting cold!" I rapped again and then the door clicked, revealing a mass of red hair--yes she's a fiery redhead. "Morning James," she finally replied. I noticed she was still in her PJs. "Can you give me a minute. I need to look for something."


"Your meal's getting cold. What are you that a handcuff?" Her door may have been slightly open but it was clearly not a bracelet or accessories around her right wrist.




"Why do you have a handcuff around your wrist? Did something happen to you last night?" It couldn't be as Anna was home earlier than me and we both wished each other good night.


"'s a long story. Could you help find the key? It's a small plastic piece." Still curious, i bent down with her and quickly spotted the object. "Thanks, bro. Will be down in a jiffy."


About ten minutes and an almost cold omelette later, Anna was down in jeans and a short sleeved blouse, well low cut enough to almost reveal her small cleavage if she bent over.


"Ok, spill it. Why were you handcuffed?"


"You promise not to tell anyone else?"


"I'm your brother and close friend," I reminded her, dying to know.


"Ok, brother, it's a drama prop. Specifically, a prop from a dram play back at uni."


"I didn't know you were in drama. I thought you were dancing."


She gave me a "may I continue?" look and she did. "It was my friend's play and i volunteered to help out with back stage stuff. It wasn't exactly a glamorous job but being backstage meant you could get a free pass to watch the actual event." She paused to finish a bit more of my cooked breakfast.


"Anyway, the show was part of my friend's overall drama degree, focusing on the challenges of life. One part of it involves the protagonist being temporarily kidnapped and coerced to perform illegal activities. These," she paused for a while, "are the handcuffs my friend was locked in."


"And how...wait let me guess. You were trying to renact the play?"


My sister's skin turned red, almost matching her hair colour. "Uh yes...please please don't tell anyone."


"Don't tell anyone that you were trying to re-enact a play?"


"I mean... you know...being hand.." her voice trailed off and she reached for her tea.


I guessed immediately what she meant but didn't want to further the subject. Breakfast done, we washed up and I asked her what were her plans for the rest of the day.


"Nothing much, was supposed to go out but the meeting was postponed. You?"


I replied the same. I brought out the cloth for wiping the table and did so, and in the process touched the handcuffs.


"The play must have had a lasting impact on you," I commented, bringing it up again.


Anna turned and I saw her skin bright red again. "Uhm, how did you guess?"


"Well, I don't exactly have your BA in Philosophy but I know you well enough to know that you like to keep memories."


"It was a drama act that was sort linked to philosophy," she said, wiping the last of the dishes.


"And the - what did you say? Hostage scene must have been closely linked to some philosophical theme."


"Uh huh," she replied, wiping her hands. "That was the most intense part."


"How was it exactly?"


"Ok, let's head to the living room." My heart pounding, both of us did so and Anna sat on one of the chairs, arms inserted into the gaps in the chair.


"Well, she was handcuffed to the chair like this," Anna demonstrated.


"Hands handcuffed to that sort of chair?"


"Yeah, some other team member had a chair in her house like this and brought over," Anna said.


"Ok, how was she exactly handcuffed?" Come on...


I suddenly snapped the cuffs over my pretty sister. "Like this?"


"OW! James!"


"Come on, Anna, you handcuffed yourself this morning," I argued. Yes, my little sister cuffed!


"Ok, yeah like this," she said. I noticed she didn't have the expression of "what the heck did you do" that most would have had.


"And what next in the scene?"


"Well, the character was intensively questioned," she continued, slightly twisting in the restraints.


"Like, now Miss Camden, tell me where the crown jewels are?" I changed my tone to a slightly to a slightly sinister one.


"Somet...I won't tell you!" She had slipped into the act seamlessly.


"Perfect, So what happened if the girl failed to answer the question?"


"Uh," she closed her eyes. "The girl was uh.."


"Was what?"


"...tortured". She mumbled the word.


I tried not to hide my excitement as I prodded further. "How was she tortured?"


"Uh, James, really can we postpone this. I think I get the idea now."


I dragged over a chair a sat next to her. "Do you really want to stop Anna? Or are you hiding something?"


She shifted slightly and did answer so I repeated myself. "Anna, you really really liked the position the character was in right?"


"Jam..please don't...ok I give. Make sure you don't tell anyone." I gestured for her to continue. "I always wanted to be a Damsels in Distress." Ah hah! My sister, step sister, a DiD.


So for the next few minutes she spilled the beans oh how she dreamt since young of being a captive by evil men or monsters in various situations. "So..uh these cuffs were like the great objet every and I uh..." she trailed off, her skin tuning red again.


"So, what happened to the character?"


"She was uh tortured with...please don't James...."


"Spill it."


"Ice. No please don't!" But I ignored her cries and ran back to the kitchen. Within a few minutes I was back with a few ice cubes wrapped in a dish towel. "James, I don't wa...AH!!!" I pressed the ice again her left arm. "AH!" she cried again, as I repeated it against her other arm. "James Carden! Sto..AH!" I pressed the icy block against her cheeks.


"That's for not answering the question Miss Camden." I returned to my sinister voice.


"Ok, ok...ah!" I pressed yet another against her neck. By this time, part of the ice began to melt, causing a damp spot that trickled down to her boobs. "James! Enough!"


I nodded and discarded ice and cloth. "But you liked that right?"


"Ok, yes that how it sort of happened. But..."


"Tell me what happened after the torturing."


"It's a long story."


"Tell me Anna. You've no place to go for now."


"She was g..."


"Was what? Speak up."


"Gagged. But..."


"Gagged how?"


"With t..." I didn't wait for Anna to finish her sentence and ran up the stairs. Where was...ah ha! It was the family medical kit, which mum kept around since we became a family. I headed back down and Anna's eyes widen as she saw what was in my hands. "James, I really think you should....mmmmmphh!!!" her sentence turned into a gag speech.




To be continued      








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