Sibling Bonding part 2

So where I left off, I had found my stepsister Anna handcuffed to one wrist early one Saturday morning. After much prompting, I discovered she had helped out with some drama play were the character had been bound with handcuffs, thus explaining her with that item at home. One thing lead to another and Anna was soon cuffed to a chair, her hands behind her. She then explained that the character had also been gagged so I gleefully got some medical tape and pasted it over her mouth.


"Mmmmppph, lmmme upppp!!" She screamed.


"Sorry, what did you say?"


Anna just continued to wail through the gag until I peeled it off.


"James! She glared at me and said stop this! Un-cuff me at once!"


"Why? You want this dont you?" I admit it, I was trying to torture her psychologically.


"Release me at once!" She screamed as she tugged at the cuffs.


"That's mum and dad's special chair. If you break it, you pay for it," I warned her.




"Language, language, sister. Now tell me, how was the character gagged?"


"James..." I reached over and ticked her sides, starting from her tummy, to her legs, back to her tummy. then her sides and even near her boobs, feeling her bra as I did so and getting a slight erection. "James...James..." she wailed.. "stop this!!"


"Tell me how it went, or I'll tickle forever,"




I pressed my fingers deeper into her sides. "Ok, ok stop it!" She yelled.


"So spill it..."


"'s embarrassing..."


"Say it..."




"Fine, I'll just tape gag you," I proceeded to rip off another piece of tape


"Ok, I give. The girl was also gagged, tape gagged with a..."


"Go on..."


"With a...oh my's so embarrassing...."


"Say it..."


"pair of her...knick...." but I got it and ran back upstairs to her room, grabbed one of the items from her drawer and ran back downstais. "James, no stop it! I won't have my undies in my mouth!"


"Why not?"


"Because..." she turned red in the face. "It's disgusting!"


"But you seem so happy being cuffed and re-enacting the scene," I played with her mind as she sat there.


"No...uh..." she sounded weak.


"Open your mouth Anna," I ordered, sounding almost like a kidnapper or crook.


"It's dir..ty..."


"It's a clean pair, from your drawer," I argued. Unless my stepsis puts her dirty pants in her drawer...


"James..." she pleaded but I tickled her with one hand causing her to open her mouth. It was wide enough for the bikini like undies wow, nice choice sis -- to fit inside. I then plastered a new piece of tape over her mouth.


"Try yelling.." I told her.


"Mmmmpppp," it came out as a softer cry.


"Now, that's not too bad right sis?" I gave her a slight kiss on her red hair then sat down next to her, reading my kindle. I continued to read my book, occasionally looking and watching Anna struggling and grunt through the underwear gag. After maybe an hour or so, I heard her yelp three times through the gag and tug at her cuffs. "What?" I asked.


"Mmmpp, Tmmm," she wailed.


I waited for a while then moved to peel off the tape, extracting the saliva-soaked knickers out--yucks! "What?" I repeated.


'James, I need to...pee," she croaked.


"Yeah right," I was about to stuff the underwear back when she shook her head.


"Fine, hold on," I finally uncuffed her right wrist and as she stood up, I brought the cuffs in front and secured them in front of her.




"What? You can take off your jeans using your hands."


"Don't be silly; release me!"


"Ok, ok," I did so but then held her firm. "But you don't need your mouth to pee." I stuffed the soaked undies back inside and re-sealed her mouth. I remembered that line from some movie.


She glared at me before proceeding to the nearby loo. Minutes later, my gagged stepsis exited straight into me and I cuffed her right hand. "Mmmpphh!" she cried.

"It's not over yet," I announced, leading her to the kitchen again and securing the other ring to the sides of a table. I brought a can of soup and started to boil it.


Minutes later, I finally peeled off the tape and extracted the underwear from her mouth, placing it on the table.


"Thanks..." she croaked then I gave her a cup of water to hydrate her mouth.


"Can you uncuff me?" She asked as I settled the bowl of soup in front of her.


"You still have your right hand free," I countered.


"James, it's over, release me," she argued.


"Not it's not sis. We're alone and you like it so hurry up and finish your lunch so we can get back."


"Release me!"


I headed over to her and snapped the other cuff behind her back. "Now, captive, i have to spoon feed you."


"No..." she finally gave in and finished the soup herself. "James, please, the cuffs hurt."


"No, arguing Anna, up to your room." prodding her, I picked up her soggy knickers and force marched her to her room.


"Now, tell me more about the play," I ordered, forcing her to squat on the ground.




"Okay, in this goes again," I held up her soaked pink knickers.




"Tell me then," I ordered.


Glaring at me, she replied, "the script in on my desk."



To Be Continued







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