Sibling Bonding Part 4

So when I left off, I had rope tied my sister, and gave her a basic breast bondage and crotch rope.  As moved back to examine my work, she immediately groaned. This wasn't a "get me untied" groan but a vastly different one. The groan turned to to several muttered of "mmmoooh" and "mmmahhh" so I kindly removed the basic cleave gag and asked her what was wrong.

"James! Oh my g...I'm...having an...orgas...oh my I can't believe I said it!"

"Say it again.." I responded.

"No...ah!! Ohh! Please remove...oh..."

"Say it sister Anna," I prompted her.

"No...please...oooh...I can't believe I'm actually...mmpph!!!" I tied the cleave gag back. Ever since I had met Anna, I had known her as a well-mannered girl. I've also long suspected she was really moralistic, never did anything wild or extraordinary, never had a boyfriend, never chased after boys, never did anything special. She most probably never kissed any guy except my father and thus most probably never... Well, played with her clit or ever had an orgasm/arousal. So yes, this was most definitely her first orgasm.

Anna gave muffled cries as I settled down next to her to read the drama script. Just as I flicked the page, a ringing sound interrupted her cries and my reading.


"Mmmhphommm,"she wailed.


"Yes, sis, hold on, I'll get the phone." Minutes later, I popped my head back in and held my finger to my lips. "It's our mum. Be quiet and I'll remove the gag." She nodded gratefully and I dabbed her mouth with a damp cloth.

"Hi, Mummy, we just had special," she said, quite evidently straining to talk as the crotch rope tingled her clitoris. "No...what? You're coming home what time? Oh...ok, we..ah sorry, get our own dinner. You want to speak to James? Ok..Bye."


Turning to me and trying her best to ignore the sensation, she turned to me and said, "Mum and Dad won't be home until very late. James...oooh....can we.." I ignored her cries as I yanked open her drawer and picked out something. "Open again, Anna," but she shook her head violently. I tickled her once more--didn't want to pinch her mouth--and it was opened just enough to jam another of her own tights into her mouth. Quickly, the cleave gag secured them in.


"Mmmmmpp..." she wailed.


"Oh, sis, that's what the script says here," I pointed to the page. "The girl gets a a stuffing, see? Just getting you to enjoy what's written."


I stepped back once more and saw my pretty red-haired sister bound, gagged and crotch roped. As she continued to squirm and moan, I felt an erection down there. Anna was a really a pretty step sister from the start and several times, my male friends often mistook her as my girlfriend, not my sister. This wasn't the first time I felt aroused by my sister; watching her in her night clothes or sleeveless summer clothing. I make no apologies for this though--it's just human nature.


I sat on her bed and continued to watch her squirm around in the bondage then picked up the drama script again. The middle of the story line was boring so I skipped that. Just as I turned the page, I saw an asterix and followed it down the page to find the hand-written words 'AL Camden'.


"AL....hey!" I turned to Anna. "You wrote this play?"


"NmmmIdidnmmmrelemmm!!!" She cried.


I looked back at the script and saw that included the damsel-in-distress to be bound with ropes around her breasts, a rope between her legs and a ball gag!!! "AL Camden!" I cried, sitting my sister up against the bed frame. "You wrote this play?" I asked again, only to get a muffled reply.


Yanking off the gag, I repeated myself. "Damn you James!! Release me at once."


"Breast bondage, crotch ropes, ball gag...hey look includes knickers over her head! This isn't some simple play," I pointed at the page.


"Release....mmmpph!!!!" I hand-gagged her and felt her spit against my hand. "Tell me what I want to hear sis, or you knickers go in your mouth and stay there!"She shook her head violently so I threw her flat down against the bed.


"Ok! Ok! I give!" She yelled. "I co-wrote this play. It was a private act ok! The girl was a friend and yes that all happened!! Now please release me!"


"Oh really," I muttered. "Ball gag," I read out loud. "I wonder if I will find it here?"


"Damn y..." I re-gagged her as I said with her soggy knickers and tape. With Anna violently thrashing around, I searched her room and voilia! I found a black ball gag in her bag.


To be Continued.









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