Sibling Bonding Part 6

As soon as I locked the ball gag in place, Alison started emitted gagged sounds and moved about. Clearly, she needed to be more secure. "Stay still," I said. She clearly didn't so I grabbed the rope and holding her with both my arms and thighs, I started winding rope around her boobs again, forming some basic secure but not tight breast bondage to secure her arms to her sides. Since she didn't want tape around her silky tights (yes they were silky), I used what was left with the rope to bind them.


"Mmmmppph!" She cried but the ball gag masked the sound, though less than her panty gag earlier. Still, that was the kinky item she had. "Aw come on Alison," I patted her on her head, "it's the gag you had and wrote about right?" She continued to groan through the gag and being naughtier, I switched on her radio to a station she hated and soon enough, some punk hip hop music which she always hated but I was alright with came on. It made her squirm and groan even more. So for the next few minutes, I had much enjoyment listening to the various songs that were played while watching my sister wriggle and cry out through the gag she had.


After around twenty minutes and four songs later, I noticed a huge damp part on her bed and turned her head around to see her saliva drooling out by side of her mouth. "Aw, you're drooling like a baby, Alison," I commented in my evil voice as I drew some tissue to wipe the drool. Alison glared at me and continued to moan and drool. Finally, I had some kind of pity for her, and eased the ball out from between her teeth.

"That... water," I got a cup from the nearby toilet and eased the cup into her mouth.

Once she had finished drinking, she said "James, can I not be gagged by this? It hurts and its humiliating."


"Oh so did you say that when you wrote the script and acted it out?" I retorted.




"But what?"


"I didn't wear it for long. Come on, you made your point. Let's end."


"No, you like this."




"Ok, I give you a try. Try to get out of the bonds in three minutes. If you succeed, I'll stop. If not..." I gave her an evil grin. "Your time starts now!" Alison struggled wildly and did manage to get part of the tape around her wrists torn but as I counted down the seconds, that was at most she could do. "I win!" I clapped my hands in triumph.


"Not fair! You bound my arms! The tapes were too tight!"


"Complaints, complaints. Now open wide," I lifted up the ball which I wiped clean.


"Give me a breather first."


I complied, undoing the torn tapes, but minutes later her wrists were bound again and the gag was back on. "Ok, no more music," I switched off the radio. "How about we watch a movie?" She nodded and carrying her with one arm touching her tights-covered thighs to the nearby TV room. Over the next hour or so, we rapidly switched through a series of action movies and romance movies. All was going well until Alison started mmmmphing wildly through her gag. "What?" I asked, easing the ball out again.


"James, I need to go to the loo."


"I thought I let you already."


"No, please I need to." Sighing, I started working at her bonds. I could get the ropes off easily from around her ankles  but the tape was a different matter. "Hurry damnit!" she cried. Instead of trying further, I pulled her up and got her to the toilet and instinctively yanked down both her knickers and her tights in one go. Then I left her to do her business.


"James! James damnit James! my hands are still bound!" Sighing I returned with scissors so she could clean herself while I looked away.


"I can't believe my step brother actually removed my undies," she groaned as we stepped back out.


"Well, take it as a record of your life." I joked.


"Very funny, hey!" she cried, as I snapped the handcuffs back on her wrists securing them behind her back. "James, can we stop this now?"


"No, no," then the clock chimed. "Ok, no gag," but then I realised her breast bondage was still on so I removed it. "I'll make you dinner ok?" I brought her down and within less half an hour I had cooked a ready made pizza. "Uh," She gestured to her arms so I removed one cuff to allow her to eat.


"You get excited by all this don't you?" She asked between bites.


"Excited? It's interested."


"Come on brother, you know what I mean."


"Whatever sex drive I have is my business," I replied.


"Well you were really 'interested' seeing me with that....crotch rope," she continued.


"You wrote that play."


"Ok, fine fine, I wrote an erotic play. What, is that a crime?"


"You like it. You started playing with the cuffs, you had the ball gag."




"And finish up," I said then as she did so, I secured her wrists again. "James!" She cried.


"Ok, just until tomorrow morning ok?"


"What, no - how can you?"


"Please for me?" I gave her a puppy dog look.


"Let me change first, I'm no longer going to wear this and give more upskirts to my brother." Back in her room, she changed into slacks and a pink T-shirt and I held up the cuffs.


"No, that hurts." I pointed to tape but after the earlier incident, we both rejected that. I pointed to the zip ties but she shook her head and same with the rope. "Well, either you choose or I'll do it."


"Grrr..ok, fine,the handcuffs. But no breast...uh bondage ok?" She still didn't seem to like term.


"Ok fine," She was quickly re-cuffed and ropes around her ankles. "Open wide," I held up ball gag.


"No anything but that!" Groaning, I reach into her drawer and ignoring her protests, she was gagged with a black pair of her knickers sealed in with two strips of tape. Back at the TV room, I put on a couple James Bond movies, stopping and movie to the next. Alison was never a Bond fan so she did groan through her gag. Time flew by until it was nearly midnight.


"Bed time," I removed her bonds and tossed the saliva-soaked undies into her laundry basket. Alison soon was in her cute teddy bear PJs when I stopped her.


"What?" then she noticed the cloth in my hand.


"James you got to be joking. It's bed time, I am NOT going to be bound!"


"Yes you are. Don't worry, it will be light bondage." She continued to protest but I persuaded her and bound her wrists lightly in front of her with cloth and gave her a cleave gag. As a finishing touch, her ankles were also bound with cloth.


"If you don't mind, I'll camp out if your room too," I said and brought over my sleeping bag. "Goodnight Alison."


To be continued.   







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