Sibling Bonding Part 7

The Next Morning

I was awaken by feeling over my lips. As I stirred, it was clear it was something human--a human hand. "GOT YOU!" I heard a familiar voice cry but that was the end of the cry as my hand reached out and with a few tackles, I brought Anna flat down on the ground. "Ah, the captive has escaped eh?" I snarled, the foul odour of my breath breathed down on my sister.

"Yes and this is the end of your...mmmph!!!!" I used my right arm to cover her lips wile my other armed pressed down on her torso--I said torso, I didn't wanted to touch her boobs.


"Give in! Give in!" She continued to struggle but her resistance was weak. I dragged her off the ground and flopped her back on her bed. "Jam..." she cried but I wasn't in the mood as I rummaged around the room. Ah! I spied the ball gag, I mean the ball gag she tried to hide but I found, and lifted her head. "Noo....mmmph!" I eased the ball in between her teeth and buckled it in. I searched around and found the handcuffs and locked her wrists behind her.

"Though you can escape huh?" I spied the cloth gag and cloth on her bed. Well, they weren't exactly tight bindings....

"Jammmmps..." She cried through the ball.

"Don't 'James' me. I was planning on ending this today. Now your luck has changed."

"Ommr parmmmts wimmm be..." She tried talking but saliva started to drool out of her gag. Serves her right.

"Yeeah but not till the evening." Anna started protesting again but stopped.

"Oh Miss failed escappee," I reached over and unlocked her cuffs. "You're allowed to shower. But... I dragged her over to the bathroom and pulled off her towel from the rack.

"Get over there behind the closet door and change out of your clothes, put the towel on." With a curious look, Anna compiled, ensuring I couldn't see her naked body as she tucked the towel around her cleavage. She gave a yelp as I cuffed her hands in front of her then led her back to the bathroom.

"Ok shower," I said. She raised up her hands.

"I said shower Anna. No no, the cuffs stay on as well as the gag. Don't you try to take off the latter. No," I shook my head, "I don't care, the cuffs are in front not behind. Now get moving."

Slightly over ten minutes later, Anna emerged, her hands still cuffed and the ball gag in place, but the towel not so well tucked around her. I uncuffed her hand and ordered, "Get changed," I pointed to a set of clothes I picked out for her. It was a shiny light blue bra and skimpy translucent pink knickers, short pleated skirt and simple T-shirt.

"Jmmm..." but I was in the mood as cuffed her hands behind her then brought her downstairs. In the chair, I bound her with tape and rope, ensuring a secure binding before I turned my attention to breakfast. I cooked up a full English (with no black pudding) and then stared at her as I placed her plate in front of her.

"Do you think you deserve this?"

"Immmhungmy," Was her answwer. I waited for several second before easing out the gag and boy was her jaw filled with drool.

"I...thanks," she coughed and I was briefly sympathetic and wiped her mouth.

"James, can I please have my hands free?" She tugged at her cuffs.


"Please. Look I'm sorry I got free and tried to tackle you. Please..." I sighed and uncuffed one ring ensuring one of her wrists was cuffed to the arms of the chair.

"Very funny," she commented.

"Just eat up."

"Can we discuss..."

"Eat your food or the ball goes back in." Anna did so regrettably. Breakfast done, I reached forward to replace the ball but she shook her head. "Not this gag again. No....mmpph!!!"

"You don't get a say in this matter step sis," I snarled again. Undoing her from the chair, I marched her back up to her room but instead of more bondage, I lay her body down on the bed and her knees kneeling on the floor. I then removed the ball from her teeth.

"James, what on earth are you doing?" Anna started to cry out but then I simply lifted her skirt up and swatted her underwear-covered bum hard. "OW!"

"Remember when you were 10 and you broke dad's gift to mum?" I reminded her. "Remember what you got?"

"James, this is out.....OW!" I spanked her again. "OW!" "Stop this at once!!!"

"I don't want you to choke on a gag but no I'm not stop." Anna continued to cry out as I spanked her a total of ten times.








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