Sibling Bonding – Part 8







"James!" My step sister cried as I helped her up. " spanked me!!!!!"

"It's not your first time that you got that," I reminded her.

"But...  but that's parental. You're my brother..."

"Step brother," I corrected her.

"That's worse. You… touched my pants… my underwear… my bum.... it's mo..."

"What you want to report me for molesting you?" A small part of me was wondering if she would but her look said something else.

"Just let me the f*** out! Get these f****ing things off me!" She tugged at the plastic cuffs.

"Whine Anna. If I were you, I wouldn't struggle; those ties can really cut through your skin."


"Stop 'James' me. First you swore Miss "I pledge never to swear in my life". Second, you wrote the full fetish novel which I can easily distribute." I noticed her flare up. "Third, that morning tackle means I want revenge."


"Stop whining and remember we still have the day ahead."

"You...ok fine. You want me as your play toy? Let me loose; I need to really use the loo. And no, you aren't going to see anything." Not that I was interested in seeing her private part. I complied with her request and gave her time. But back out she said, "Do I have to still wear this?"


"I was thinking of like jeans, or at least so tights and shorts...."

"Stop horsing around and get your arms behind you," I ordered. I used rope this time for a good reason but tried to not kill off all her circulation. It wasn't just all around her wrists, I gave her a complex breast bondage, pushing her boobs out. "You're...enjoying this aren't you," she commented. I didn't reply. "You're getting a hard o..." I yanked her hair.

"Rule 101. Never torment your captor. I could gag you now, but if you remain silent it can wait." For the next part, however, she definitely could not remain silent as I tightened a rope around her waist then through her anus and up through the middle of her crotch (ok there was a slight peek at her front but hey it was covered!). "James..."

"Shut up and save your breath," I warned but the sensations from the crotch rope worked its magic and she started to moan. I swiftly bound her ankles and knees then paused.

"Ah...oooh! No...ah!!!" My step sister cried out from the arousal. I initially reached out for the ball gag but remembered her earlier comments. There wasn't cloth nearby and I didn't think a cleave gag would be sufficient so I went for the next best. "Which would you like Anna? Pink? Dark blue? Black?" I held up the items.

"Damn...ah!!" was her response so I chose the largest--the dark blue knickers and jammed it in her mouth sealing it with a two long pieces of duct tape.

Anna was bound and gagged again.









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