Sibling Bonding- Part 9


"Your problem, Anna Louise," I began as I watched her groan through the gag , "is that you can't keep secrets and simply aren't who you really are."


"Gtmmmemmmoutmmmommphis!" She cried. More like a groan as a result of the crotch rope, I thought gleefully. I watched her squirm for a few more minutes before lifting my sister up and carrying her downstairs. As seating her would disrupt the crotch rope, I laid her gently on the floor and started fixing up breakfast.


Around half an hour later, I yanked her up and regrettably undid the crotch rope - but used that rope to lightly bind her to the chair. I then gave her a warning and tore away the tape and extracted her underwear out.


"Tha...thanks," she said. I gave her a sip of juice--you can't give a bound girl hot coffee or tea--and then proceeded to eat.


"Hey! Am I suppose to eat my pancakes like a dog?" She did have a point, so I groaned and undid her wrists.


"You know, our parents will have a real hard time wondering about my wrist and lip marks," she grunted as she ate.


"The marks arenít that bad, and you can apply your make up," I retorted. It is true, somehow there weren't rope marks.


"Damnit it James, I want this to end after breakfast!"


"Eat your food. I decide what to with you," I growled back in the captor-like voice.


Breakfast over, I tied her hands back but not her ankles and decided not to stuff her mouth but taped it back up. Back in her room, I made her sit with her legs slightly open as I rummaged through her stuff once more. 


"Okay, 'fess up Step sis. Any more gags or binding material you have? Or drama scripts?" I smirked as I tore off her gag again.


"You know, if this was any other circumstance, I would have chased you out of my room."


"Answer my question," I growled.




"That doesn't sound right. Try again."


"I said no ok! Let me out of this...hey! Yikes, yikes no, no..yikes, yikes!" Her cries came as I ticked her in her armpits, tummy, feet and lifted her skirt to touch her bum. Tickling was her weak point--I knew this when I first met her.


" I tell!"


"Right, no nonsense. From the start."


"I always liked to be a damsel in distress ok? Not like those fake ones on TV or books. A real one! I've been reading up on such and found out about ball gags and cuffs. That's it ok!"


I looked at her eyes and determined she spilled out everything. "Ok, sis, I believe you. So, since you like them," I saw something within my grasp. "You can have your wish for the last time!" Before she could move further, I ball gagged her once more, then quickly changed her wrists bonds to handcuffs. With her slightly kicking legs rope bound, Anna was once more secured.


"Don't go anywhere," I smiled then left to relief myself. As I slowly headed back to her room, I hear a screeching noise. Shit, my parents were back. I quickly rushed back to her room and saw Anna mmmphing loudly and squirming around. "I know, I know,..." I said sweating profusely. Where was the key? I turned 360 degrees and tossed over various items. Shit, shit shit....I finally found it under the bed. 


"Mmmmh, Hurmmmph!" She cried. The cuff looose, I quickly yanked off the ball gag, thankfully not chipping her teeth. "Hurry, help!" She pointed at leg restraints. But damn, those were tightly bound. I heard my parents call.


"Damnit, I have to get out! You do it!" I rushed back to my own room, and quickly combed my hair and shaved with my electric shaver. 


"Hey, there you are," I turned to see my dad.


"Hey Pop, how was your trip."


"Nice, but exhausting. Anna also in her room?"


"Yeah..." I hope she got her legs unbound in time.


"James? Anna?" I heard my mum call. "Why's there rope in the kitchen chair?"




The End. 








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