Skiing Captives







The buzzing of the doorbell kept coming until Charlotte couldn't take it anymore. "What..." she snapped the door open to reveal her friend Sian. "I've been texting you for ages," Sian replied.


"You know I still have one more essay to write," grumbled the brunnette.


"It's just an essay..."


"Hey, it's an important module. So what's up?" Sian  held up a brochure for Charlotte to read/.


"S...kiing? In North America?"


"Yeah, during this winter holidays. It's a brand new resort, offers reasonable rates, and if we book early, there wont be many and we'll have the slopes to ourselves."


"I don't know," Charlie replied, "it's still pricey to me and I haven't skiied much."


"It'll fit. I'll cover part of your portion and it's no big deal; you can learn fast."


"I still..."


"Ok, have a boring winter, I'm asking the others," Sian spun around.


"Ok, ok, I'll go. But remember last time?"


"What, the sailing trip?"


"Yes and what happened then," Charlotte shivered at the memory of the ropes, ties and gags.


"Charlie, it's a resort not the wilderness. What could possibly go wrong?





Several weeks later, both girls were speeding down the slopes and Sian was right; they were practically the only individuals there. "Alright!" Sian called, twisting her skies to a V-shape and coming to a halt. "Don't you love it?"


"Yeah," Charlotte said. "I didn't realise how wonderful it feels."


"See? A bit of gamesmanship and you feel like you're the queen of the world. Race you to the bottom," Sian challenged, snapping on her googles and disappearing as a small gust of snowfall came. Charlotte steadied herself and moved off, but the falling snow started to wreck havoc with her vision.


After another twist, Charlotte called her friend's name. "Hey Sian, where are you. I lost the markers. Sian? Sian?" Just as she was about to call out again, Charlie heard a noise and thinking it was her Welsh friend, she aimed for it. Suddenly, she found herself in an area densely surrounded by trees and the noise echoed again. "Sian? Is that you? Oh my, did you get trapped he..."


"So, here's another one!"


Charlott’e’s jaw dropped in surprised as she saw a bearded man holding Sian with one large arm covering her mouth and a gun pointing at her. "WHO..."


"Shut up brown hair. Get off your skis and walk towards me."


Charlotte tried to back off with her skis and sticks but the gun was then pressed against Sian's head. "Now or you friend dies." Shivering from the cold and fright, Charlie reluctantly did so. "Who..."


"Shut up and walk, there into the house," he ordered and soon enough the girls felt warm, although not so much with the situation enveloping. "Boots off girls," he snarled.


"Please, what's this," Charlie asked again. "We didn't see....ow!" her ponytail was yanked.


"I said shut up! Kneel, hands behind you!" Both girls started to whimper and their cries came as they felt coarse rope binding their hands behind them and then their ankles. "Now, to keep you...ah," he yanked off Charlie's scarf. "Open you mouth."


"No.....mmmmpf," The wolly scarf cut off Charlie's and then Sian's protest. Just then another man with a clean shaven face entered.


"So much for the interruptions," he grumbled then checked the girl's bonds. "This should hold then. Back to work." Both man spun around but as soon as the door was shut the bound girls rolled towards each other, back to back. With muffled groans, they started to pick at the ropes and Charlie was freed first. "" she exclaimed, removing their gags. "We're captives again!"


"Well, hurry up and get your ankles lose," Sian whispered back. "We can get out now."


"How on earth did you get caught?"


"I saw the first one shifting some boxes. Later, come on, leave the ski boots; we can't walk fast in them." Glancing around, the front door seemed to be the only way out so the gingerly unlocked it. The coast seemed clear but the girls barely made it down the steps when a voice called "HALT!".


"Going somewhere girlies?" The bearded man questioned.


"So much for your ropework," his partner called then yanked out his gun. "Back inside ladies, hands on your heads."


"Please, please," Charlie cried. "We're just innocent people. We don't know anything."


"Oh, yeah right. Ask blondie here what she saw," the bearded man retorted.


"That's enough," his partner cut in tossing a bag over. "Use this, make sure they are really secure this time," he ordered, returning outside.


"Ok, girls strip."


"WHAT?!" The undergraduates screamed.


"You dumb or what? Off with your clothes, now!" He thrust out the gun. With red skin glowing, both girls slowly undressed with Sian revealing pink panties and a black sports bra while Charlie had normal white knickers and a blue cross back blue bra,just supporting her 34C boobs.


"Sexy,, nice lingerie.  Lie down on the ground, hands behind you." With one foot on Sian, Charlie was first and this time, it was industrial zip ties binding her wrists, her arms just below her breasts and her ankles. With Sian similarly thrust up, her picked out more items from the bag.


"Open wide sweetie," he told Charlie but she shook her head. With a pinched nostrils, there was no way to stop the ball from being inserted and the huge round of tape sealing it in place, even taping her hair in the process. "Now, for the finishing bit," he called bringing out more rope. Both girls could only give muted cries as he bound them into hogties and then added a series of ropes to give each student a crotch rope. Picking up Sian, he deposited the semi-naked girl in the nearby closet. "Now this is the life," he smirked, watching Charlie groan against the bonds and sexual arousal.


It was an hour or so later when both men returned and Sian was freed from the claustrophobic closet. "Right boss, what do we do with them?"


So no-bearded one is the boss, Sian thought.


"We ain't that evil. We're taking them with us, could be good collateral. Bring them until we cross the border them dump them somewhere." Both girl's cried at that thought.


"Aw, you don't have anyone to blame but yourself," the bearded one patted Sian's head.


"Right, let them do you know what; I don't want them to dirty the vehicle and it's a long drive," the boss ordered and left again.


"Bah," the accomplice said and undid Charlie's hogtie and crotch rope. Some relief, she thought, until he yanked her up. "Potty time," he said and she squealed like a pig, even more so looking at the pit toilet. "Pee," he ordered her.  As Charlie did her business, Sian had a good look around and spied a metal box. Slowly shifting herself, she started rubbing her zip ties against it and was delighted as she felt part of it come loose. "Your turn," the bearded man said, picking up the girl but failing to notice the broken zip ties.


"All done?" The boss asked. "Ok, ankle bonds off. No need for boots; their better off this way."


"Move ladies," The second man said as he cut off their bonds. Suddenly, Sian sprang up and twisted her hands. The zip ties still weren't coming off but she made a suddenly dash for it, bolting out of the lodge. "HEY!" The bearded man cried, raising his weapon and moving after the escape. "Hey, stop," his boss ordered.




"You want to shoot her and attract noise? Bind this one up even more and toss her in the trailer. That one would freeze to death anyway. MOVE!"


“Sian, you left me!” Charlie sobbed as she was ball tied and placed under a tarpaulin. You rat, you left me, you left me, you....BOOM!" BOOM!"  "Police!" Sian heard the call and the tarpaulin was removed. "You ok now, honey," a masked policeman said, helping her out and undoing her bonds. "Your friend is also safe."


Hours later..


"It was lucky there was an emergency call box nearby," Sian explained, "and the authorities were also closing in, trying to find these goons who were shipping illegal weapons across the border."


"Well another holiday all mucked up," Charlie remarked, finishing her warm drink.


"We'll hit the slopes again tomorrow," Sian said. "And stay out of that area."


"Ok, but I have one request first," the brunette said.


"Wh...Hey!" Sian cried as her friend covered her with a huge towel and pinned her down on the bed.


"This is payback time," Charlie used a menacing voice.


"Wha...lemme go!" Sian struggled but the other girl managed to yank her hands behind her back. "I took the liberty of taking something that was used on us today," she said.


"Charlie,,,this isn't fun...ow!" Sian felt the same type of zip ties binding he hands. "Charlotte, this isn't funny. Let me go!"


"Remember the boat trip? You left me handcuffed after the shootout?" Charlie spun her 32B cup friend around and sitting her up.


"That was just a game," Sian struggled.


"And remember what else you left me in?" Sian had something in her hand.


"!" The Welsh girl had a silky item stuffed in her mouth. "Sexy undies you have," Charlotte commented. Sian immediately tried to spit them out but Charlie hand gagged her.


"Let's keep it there....ah," she exclaimed yanking out Sian's pantyhose. "This will do," and soon enough the gag was in place.


"Mmmmph.." Sian glared at Charlie who further bound her feet with more pantyhose.


"Don't worry dear, the panties are clean...


“I hope."







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