Sorority Rites, Part 2

By Jay Manning


Part 1 described an encounter by four sorority pledges (the “gang of four”) of Tau Upsilon Gamma in the 1950s. While most of the chapter leaders were away at an off-site over the Labor Day weekend, Jane Andrews, a sophomore, tricked them into a bondage scenario. They succeeded in “getting even” by luring Jane into the empty sorority house, tying her up, and tickling her mercilessly, before leaving her alone, hog-tied and gagged on a bed. When Jane overheard the girls talking that one of them would return to let her loose, her diabolical mind began planning a reception. Unbeknownst to the gang of four, Barb Prescott, a sorority sister arrived first, and untied her.


At 6:20, Nancy Wright touched up her make-up, checked the seams of her beige hose, and put on her hat and gloves. Taking one last glance in the mirror, she grabbed her purse and set out for Mary Lou’s room. Expecting her classmate to join her for Sunday evening church, she was surprised to see a note on the door, which read: “Nancy, I drew the assignment to check on Jane. Meet me at the sorority house.”


            Nancy had a bad feeling about the change in plans, but out of loyalty to her friend, she headed for the sorority house. Seeing that the porch light was on, she approached the door, her high heels beating a loud staccato as she crossed the porch. She pushed the door open, and entered. Once inside, she stood in the small foyer. The walls were dark paneling, with stairs directly ahead, and a couch directly in front of her by the stairs. Doors on either end led into the living room and the dining room. The foyer was mostly dark, with the only light coming from a small table lamp. She paused to let her eyes adjust to the darkness. When she saw Mary Lou’s hat on floor her body tensed, and her eyes fixed on the couch.


            Mary Lou lay on her left side, her back to the door. Her gloved hands were tied behind her back, her elbows were tightly bound together, and her legs were bound together at the ankles. As Nancy rushed to untie her, Mary Lou half turned toward her, revealing a wide adhesive tape gag. Her breasts heaved as the ropes around her upper body stretched the fabric of her light blue dress. When she saw Nancy her eyes grew wide, and she “mmmfffed” through her gag, but it was too late.


            Immediately Nancy was grabbed from behind. In one fluid motion her assailant pulled her arms back, one arm pinning them behind her back with a hammerlock as the other hand clamped over her mouth. Briefly she tried to struggle, but her assailant pulled her arms up and jerked her head back, forcing her to stop. While held in this stringent position, Nancy felt cords being wrapped around her ankles, and she knew further resistance was futile.


She recognized the person tying her ankles as Jane Andrews, but had no idea who the other one was. She would later learn she was one of Jane’s sorority sisters, Barb Prescott. When Jane stood up, Nancy noticed she had changed into jeans and a top. As soon as Barb’s hand dropped from her mouth, it was replaced by a wide piece of adhesive tape that stretched from ear to ear. Another was quickly plastered over it, rendering the freshman speechless. Then her head was forced down and her arms were pulled up, knocking her hat off. Then her gloved hands were crossed, and tied together behind her back.


When the confining arms suddenly let go, she teetered on her high heels, and nearly fell. Jane, however, was quick to wrap additional rope around her body above and below her breasts, jerking her arms to her side. Finally, she secured cinch ropes under the freshman’s arms, pulling the ropes tighter and stretching the bodice of her pink dress tightly over her breasts.


“What are we going to do with them?” asked Barb.


“We’re going to play some little games with them,” Jane replied, adding, “Lock the front door, and then help me get ‘em upstairs.”


With that, Jane untied Nancy’s feet, shoved her in the direction of the stairs, and growled, “Upstairs, my lovely.”


Shoving her captive before her, Jane gathered some loose rope and forced Nancy upstairs and into the same bedroom where, only hours before she had been tortured by the gang of four. Pushing the helpless freshman onto the bed, Jane quickly tied her ankles together, followed by more ropes around her legs above her knees.


When Barb arrived pushing a bound and gagged Mary Lou before her, Jane directed her to a spot next to the bed and, while the freshman struggled to keep her balance, retied her ankles. “I want Miss Goody Two-shoes to see what’s in store for her,” Jane explained.


With that, she turned to the trussed up girl on the bed. She saw the fear in Nancy’s eyes over what was about to happen, and savored the moment. Nancy’s body tensed and her breasts moved noticeably with her heavy breathing. She cringed as Jane’s hands went directly onto her breasts and gently squeezed them. Her eyes looked directly into Jane’s and pleaded for mercy, but there would be none.


“I wonder if she’s ticklish.” Jane asked as her hands moved to Nancy’s ribs, and her fingers slowly dug into her sides. The helpless woman exploded in frenzied action as Jane dug deeper. Her entire body heaved; she raised her bound feet, and screamed into her gag, but only a low “Mmmppphh!”

escaped. For what seemed an eternity, Jane continued to play with her sensitive spots, not only her ribs, but also her knees and, after removing her shoes, the soles of her feet. During her struggles, Nancy began to sweat profusely. Her hair became matted, her make up was smeared, and her tape gag began to unstick. Quickly Jane grabbed the roll of tape and, placing one end of a long piece over the tape on the existing tape, wound the rest of it completely around her head and plastered the other end over her mouth. Then the torture resumed.


Finally, when Nancy could no longer resist, and lay exhausted on the bed, Jane declared that she’d suffered enough, and it was Mary Lou’s turn. Like Nancy before her, the other woman’s eyes grew wide at the thought of what was happening. While Barb helped Nancy off the bed and onto her bound feet, Jane wrapped a long piece of tape over Mary Lou’s mouth and around her head. Forcing the bound woman to sit on the edge of the bed, she shoved and the captive tumbled onto her back. Jane then grabbed her bound legs and dropped them on the bed.


“Now,” Jane said, “let’s see if you’re ticklish.” She dug her fingers into Mary Lou’s side, but the woman hardly noticed. “Well,” Jane said, “maybe not.”


Next she took off her shoes, and tickled the soles of her nylon-clad feet, again with little response. Then she grabbed the freshman’s knees, and squeezed. That brought a larger response, but Mary Lou wasn’t responding to tickling as Nancy did. Finally, Jane’s fingers crawled up the woman’s bound legs until they reached her erotic zone. At that, Mary Lou’s body began to thrash around much as Nancy had. Suddenly she lost control, and orgasmed. Jane quickly withdrew her hand.


With a leer at the disheveled woman, Jane declared the first game over, but she had another one planned. Their tormentors forced the bound girls down the stairs, stopping in the foyer to retrieve their hats and place them on their heads. Then they led their captives out the side door, and forced them into the back seat of Jane’s car. After trussing the women’s ankles together, Jane started the car and pulled out of the driveway.

*  *  *  *  *


After a five-minute drive, Jane parked in a small secluded lot on the far side of campus. Opening the rear doors, they forced the helpless women to hop on their bound feet down a bush-lined path into a small clearing, adorned with several benches and a low-powered street light. They pushed the women down onto a bench, with Nancy on the right hand.


Jane said to them, “When the full student body returns, this park will see some making out most every night, but it’s off-limits to freshmen, which is why there’s no one here tonight. Now, let’s see – how shall we begin?”


She stepped away and began a private conversation with Barb. Their discussion was quite animated, but the low tones prevented the bound girls from hearing. Finally Jane said, “O.K. – that’s a plan!” and said to the gagged women, “Now you’re going to run a three-legged race!”


She approached them with more ropes. Kneeling in front of them, she untied their ankles. Grasping Nancy’s left foot; she placed it next to Mary Lou’s right foot, and bound the two together. Next she took a shorter length of rope and tied Nancy’s ankles, leaving approximately an eight-inch “hobble” between them. She tied Mary Lou’s ankles in a similar manner, but with a 12-inch “hobble” between them. With Barb’s help, she forced the helpless women back onto their feet, and gave them directions back to Chandler Hall, suggesting that they use the rear entrance to avoid a humiliating encounter with other residents. Warning them not to let anyone untie them until they had reached their dorm rooms, she ordered them to “start walking!”


There was an initial struggle during which the bound women nearly lost their balance and uttered several “Mmmmmfffs!” through their gags before they began taking tentative steps in unison. They quickly discovered the difference in lengths of their hobble-ropes, and adjusted for it. Jane and Barb watched in amusement as they slowly teetered on their high heels and restrained base down the side walk.


When the freshmen had turned and were hidden by bushes, Jane and Barb returned to the car and drove around to where the side walk ran next to the street, and watched the women’s tortured progress. Finally Jane sped up, so they would be at Chandler Hall when the girls arrived. It was well that she did, because a few minutes later a campus security car stopped by the bound women. They kept walking as two officers got out and approached them.


“Well, well,” said one officer, “I never expected to find some damsels in distress!” And to the two freshmen he said, “Stop, Ladies, so we can untie you.”


When both of them “Mmmmfffed!” through their gags and shook their heads “No!” the officers backed off. One said, “Is this some kind of sorority initiation thing?”


Both ladies shook their heads “Yes!” and again “Mmmmfffed!” through their gags. “Are ‘ya goin’ to Chandler Hall?” the other one asked. Again they shook their heads “Yes!” and “Mmmmfffed!”


At that the officer said, “All right, Ladies. But we’ll just kind of follow ‘ya to make sure nobody tries to take advantage of the situation.” They returned to their car, let the struggling women get several yards ahead, and slowly followed them, vicariously enjoying the spectacle. When the girls turned into the Chandler drive, the security car sped up and disappeared. 


Walking around to the rear entrance, they backed up to the door so Nancy could grab the knob with her gloved hands and turn it. Again they almost lost their balance when they turned to walk through the door. Slowly they climbed the stairs to the third floor, and walked down the hall to Mary Lou’s room, hoping that her roommate, Sue was there.


After softly wrapping on the door, it suddenly opened, and a surprised Sue Ann York took in the scene of her two friends, dressed to the nines and helplessly bound and gagged. Quickly helping them into the room, she asked, “What happened? No, wait – let me get Connie.”


            As she untied them they blurted out their experience, with full emotions, since they had separated that afternoon. Sue and Connie listened attentively, occasionally interrupting for clarification, but wanting their friends to recall every detail. When Nancy and Mary Lou seemed pretty much finished, Sue said, “Well – after plan A was such a tremendous success, the upperclass have countered with a plan of their own. Are we going to respond and, if so, what’s it going to be?”







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