Sorority Sisters Return





"Honey - Guess what?"


I lowered my paper and looked up.  It seemed like my wife, Nancy, had been on the telephone for an hour.


"That was Marlene.  She said Mrs. Turner is retiring, and the college has scheduled the entire day on Sunday, May 15th in her honor.  And..."


"Wait a minute.  Time out," I interrupted.  "I assume you are talking about someone at Clifford College.  Do I know this Mrs. Turner?"


"I'm sure you've met her," she replied.  "She was our house mother when Marlene and I were in sorority together.  As many times as you were in the house, you must have met her.  Since then she's had several positions, and now she's retiring as Dean of Women."


"So there'll be a cast of thousands at Clifford College on May 15th, and you and Marlene are gonna join 'em?"


"No - here's the neat part.  Alpha Delta Pi sorority is having a tea for her from 3:00 to 5:00, and we'd rather go to that, because it'll be more personal.  And we also want to go to the ceremony in the evening.  But there's a little problem - transportation."


"I don't understand.  You and Marlene both know the way to Clifford College.  Just take the car and go."  Already I suspected this conversation was going to involve me doing something.


"We need a something bigger than a sedan, 'cause Marlene's daughter's an Alpha Delt too.  She and her sorority sister are coming home that weekend and they want'a go back with us.  Could you possibly get the van from work?"


"I prob'ly could, but you know only employees can drive it,” I answered. “Oh, now I get it - you want me to drive all of you to the college on May 15th, right?"


"Y-e-es, but - do you mind?  You'll be awfully late getting home, and you have to work the next day.  Will that bother you?"


"Yeah, it will," I replied.  Then seeing her downcast expression, I continued, "But there must be another way.  Suppose I get the van and arrange for lodging for you and Marlene Sunday night in Athens, and you can take the bus back on Monday.  We could leave after church and get lunch on the way."


"That would be great!  Thank you, Darling!” and she gave me a passionate kiss. “But let me run it by Marlene." She added.


                                                                        * * * * *


On Sunday morning I was waiting for her to leave for church when she finally burst into the living room "Honey, what's the deal?” I asked as I thought how terrific she looked.  “You haven't worn a hat and gloves to church for ages."    She had on a soft yellow jacket over a feminine white blouse and black skirt, accented with black patent T-strap heels, a wide-brimmed black hat with a yellow band, and short yellow gloves with black piping.


"It's really for the tea.  The committee suggested hats and gloves, because Mrs. Turner always stressed how 'proper' sorority girls should dress.  Listen - after church we're to meet Marlene and the girls at her house, and then we have to stop at Jackie's Boutique.  She doesn’t even have a pair of gloves."


                                                                        * * * * *


"Nancy, you look like you're going to tea,” Jackie Thomas called as she crossed the church parking lot.


"Uh huh," Nancy replied.  "You must've been talking to Marlene Johnson.  Say, your store's not open on Sundays - are we going to inconvenience you?"


"No, not at all.  In fact, let me introduce my sister-in-law, Patricia Kowalski.  I was going to show her the store this afternoon anyway.  Pat's husband and my man are at a golf tournament, so we've got the day to ourselves.  After I show her the store, we're going shopping.  So we'll see you in a few minutes."


While this chit-chat went on, I thought, "Wow! Those ladies look pretty terrific themselves. I’d sure like to see ‘em bound and gagged!"  Jackie was a slim woman in her early forties, about five-feet five, and with a trace of red in her long, light-brown hair.  She had on a navy-blue pin-striped suit over a light-gray blouse, with a matching pocket swatch and gray suede heels.  Patricia appeared to be in her late twenties, with long blonde hair and large brown eyes that complimented her periwinkle suit and blouse and black patent, T-strap high heels.


                                                                        * * * * *


As we turned into the Johnson's drive, I immediately saw Marlene standing in front.  She was about 5 feet 4, with short, blonde hair, and was a year older than Nancy.  She wore a full-skirted white dress with black polka dots, accompanied by a wide-brimmed black hat, a wide black patent belt and matching pumps with large black, goss-grain bows on the vamp.  She even wore some kind of bouffant slip that made her skirt more full.  I thought, "She looks like she stepped out of a 1950's Lana Lobell catalog."  We pulled into the driveway, and Nancy opened the door.


"You look like you're dressed for tea, Mrs. Johnson," she said in a mocking accent.


"And you look very elegant yourself, Mrs. Blanchard.  We're all ready.  The girls are inside getting their luggage."


At the sound of high heels clicking across the wooden porch I looked up at two young ladies carrying overnight cases.  Marlene's daughter was leading.  Karen was about 120 pounds, 5 foot 5 inches, and a week shy of her 19th birthday.  Her shoulder-length blonde hair fell down over a shocking pink suit, worn over a sheer white blouse.  Her pink pumps matched her suit, but had black patent heels with small bows at the back.  She accented the look with a small pink hat and white gloves.


When the two women joined us, Karen introduced her friend.  Janet Parker was about 110 pounds, 5 foot 2 inches tall, and had short, medium-brown hair.  She wore a Navy-blue pin-striped suit with a plunging collar over a sheer white blouse, and plain white leather pumps with three inch heels.  A small white hat and sheer white gloves completed her outfit.


I loaded the bags, and we drove off.  Jackie's Boutique was in the middle of a strip mall, anchored on one end by a restaurant.  Although the restaurant was open, none of the other stores were.  Jackie and Patricia were unlocking the door when we drove up.  As soon as the women got out, they started talking.


"Ladies," I interrupted, "we really should hurry.  Nanc, I’m going to get gas.  I should be back in fifteen minutes.  Will you try to be ready?"


"We'll do our best," she replied as they went into the store.


I didn’t know at the time, but just as I pulled into the street and turned in the opposite direction, a young man emerged from between two houses, crossed the street, and began running across the parking lot.  As I was pulling into the gas station, he entered the store.     


                                                                        * * * * *


Fifteen minutes later no one had come to the front of the store, so I honked.  When I saw no response, I honked again.  This time Jackie approached the door, and motioned for me to come in.


When she let me in, I noticed the strange look on her face, and asked, "Is anything wrong?"


She looked me in the eye and said in a trembling voice, "We've got a problem..."


Suddenly a man stepped out from behind a rack of clothes.  Waving a pistol, he approached us and said to her, "I t-tol' you to be-be quiet!  Now, l-lock the door," and to me, "Y-you! D-don't try anything!  I don't wanta' h-h-urt anybody!"


The guy appeared to be in his late teens, clean shaven, and wearing faded tan trousers and a blue jacket.  As soon as I saw the gun, I began trembling on the inside, and that's when my former military experience took over.  I knew that I had to appear calm.  Already the adrenalin was flowing, and mys brain was storing observations that could help me initiate the best response, when the opportunity presented itself. 


The store was about 30 feet wide, but quite deep.  In the middle was a fitting room with clothes racks and an open area in front of the mirrors.  Marlene and Nancy sat on the two chairs, and the younger women were lying face down on the carpet.  All of them wore gloves and were blindfolded with scarves; their legs were crossed at the ankles, and they were holding their hands behind them.  Undoubtedly they were all scared, but no one seemed injured.  At the intruder's command, Jackie tied a scarf around her eyes and took her place on the floor.  I was searching for what to say when the guy blurted out.


"Man, Y-ya gotta help me!"


I was still trembling, but somehow I managed to speak in an even voice, "What d'ya mean, 'I've got to help you'?  You barge in here and terrorize these women with a gun, and you want me to help you?"


Then I silently cursed myself as I realized the guy wanted to talk.  Across from the room was an office area, and I suggested we talk there, to spare the women more trauma.  The guy said his name was Joe, and he rambled on for several minutes about why he felt his life was in imminent danger from a gang of teens.  He appeared to be very confused, but I understood very clearly that he was desperate to leave town immediately. 


I found it hard to believe that our small city had a gang problem, but it was possible that an undesirable element had arrived from out of town.  Something about the gun also didn't compute - I'd noticed something strange about the barrel.  Then it struck me - the gun was a toy!  I'd bought one just like it last year for a nephew's birthday!  It was damn realistic though.  I recalled it even had a removable clip that contained seven "bullets" which could be inserted with caps.  When the trigger was pulled, the cap made a popping sound, and the entire bullet ejected. 


Now my mind was working on a plan to resolve the entire situation in the best possible way.  After listening to Joe for a few minutes, I decided that he probably wasn't prone to violence, but was extremely excited.  The first priority was to calm him down.  Once calmed down, he might respond to reasonable suggestions, the primary one being how to get him out of town, and at the same time not overly inconvenience the women.  In fact, if I played it shrewdly, I could even get some unexpected pleasure from the situation, and no one would be the wiser.


Joe said that he had to go west, which was the direction to Athens. I suggested that we take him as far as Athens, and then he would be on his own. Jackie and Patricia, however, would have to be left here.


"I dunno", Joe replied.  "How do I know that they or you won't tip off the cops after I leave you all?"


"Suppose we were all tied up?" I said.  "That should buy you enough time to get started.  Hell, I'll even contribute twenty bucks toward a bus ticket from Athens. I do have two conditions - I want to see your gun, and I will tie up the women."


After a short hesitation, he pulled out the gun, holding it in the palm of his hand, without touching the trigger. 


"Admit it, Joe," I said in a low voice, "it's a toy, isn't it?"


He hesitated, and then nodded his head up and down. "What are you going to do now?" he asked.


"That's what I thought it was," I said, "but it doesn't change my offer.  In fact, I have a little plan I want you to help me with.  OK?"


"Wha'd'ya mean?" he asked. 


I explained that, since the others didn't know about the gun, I would announce that I had talked him into a compromise:  Jackie and Patricia would be left tied and gagged in the store.  The rest of us would take Joe with us to the motel in Athens, where we would also be tied up and gagged.  Then Joe would get out of our lives for good.  What guarantee did the women have that Joe wouldn't kill them?  I would have all but one of the "bullets" - Joe couldn't shoot us all, but he still had the leverage until he left us in Athens.


"But how do I know you'll tie 'em tight enough so they won't get loose?  Besides, there's probably nothing in this place to tie 'em up with."


"You just watch me," I replied.  "I enjoy tying up women. I promise that they'll be tight enough not to get loose, but not so tight that the circulation is cut off.  As for materials, look around; for starters there's some duct tape on the shelf there."


After questioning the details repeatedly, Joe finally agreed to my plan, and gave me the "bullets".  He stood quietly as I helped the women remove their blindfolds and then explained the situation to them.  No one would get hurt, I said, but they would all have to be tied up.  Pat and Jackie would be left here, and the rest of them would go to Athens.  Then the intruder would leave.  Before she was tied up, Jackie would be allowed to call home and leave a message on their recorder.  I emphasized that, so no one would get hurt, everyone had stay calm until told what to do.  The women were at first skeptical, but I assured them they had little to worry about.  To convince them that things would turn out satisfactorily, I showed them the "bullets", and explained that Joe had kept only one to ensure that none of us tried to cross him.  They bought it just as I had hoped. 


Next I took the roll of duct tape. I also found a rope hammock that had once been used as a display.  With some effort it could be disassembled to provide many short lengths of somewhat thin, but secure rope.  While Joe began the disassembly, I explained again to the women what was going to happen. 


Then Jackie went to make her call.  I approached Patricia, who was lying on her stomach blindfolded, and said, "I guess you're first.  If the bonds are too tight, say something, O.K.?


"I'm sure I'll be fine," she answered, "but I'm sure glad that you're here."   I made no reply, but already excitement was mounting and I felt an arousal between my legs. 


I ripped off a length of the two-inch tape and split it length-wise.  I placed her gloved hands together; wrists crossed, and wound the tapes around them both ways.  I wrapped another piece of tape several times around her ankles, and then asked again if her bonds were too tight and whether she had any breathing obstruction.  Her hands fluttered and her patent shoes squeaked as she tested the restraints. 


She said they were uncomfortable, but not too tight and, "no" she had no trouble breathing.  Then I peeled off two pieces of tape approximately six inches long.  Rolling her on her side, I plastered them across her mouth in an "X".  Finally I untied her blindfold, placed the scarf over the tape gag, and tied the ends securely behind her head.


When Jackie returned, I motioned her down on the floor beside Patricia and taped her gloved wrists behind her back just like I had bound her sister-in-law.  Then Joe dropped some ropes from the hammock on the floor.  I placed her feet together, laid the center of the rope under the heels of her gray suede pumps, and wound the ends over her insteps and around her ankles.  Raising her skirt, I tied another length around her legs above the knees, leaving approximately a foot-long tail.  Turning back to Patricia, I trussed her knees together in a similar fashion.


I also asked Jackie if her bonds were too tight, or if she had breathing difficulties.  When she replied "No", I gagged her just like he had Patricia.  Then I moved the two ladies together on their sides, facing each other.  Next I threaded a long length of rope under each woman's armpits and around their backs, so their upper bodies were bound together.  Finally I wound the tail from Jackie's knees between and around the rope encircling Patricia's knees.  When I was finished, the two women lay on the floor, securely bound to each other, and unable either to talk or to reach each other's bound wrists.


Aware that Joe was watching, I said, “That should hold ‘em for a while.  Now, if you're satisfied, I'm gonna help the others up, so we can get going."


"Yeah - it looks real good," Joe said as he tugged on their bonds.


                                                                        * * * * *


In a few minutes I had driven the van to the back door, and everyone entered.  Nancy took the right front seat, while Joe sat next to Marlene in the second seat.  Cindy and her friend, sat in the back seat.  At Joe's insistence, all the women except Marlene wore their gloves.  Then Joe dumped the hammock into Marlene's lap.


"Why don' cha' untie all these knots and separate the ropes?  It'll give ya' somethin' to do durin' the ride."


"What?  So you can tie us up with them?" blurted Marlene.  "No way, Buster!"


"O.K., then put those gloves back on, and put cher' hands behind you.  I'm gonna' tie ya' up right now."


"I've just changed my mind," Marlene answered, and she began to untie the individual knots.  She finished just as they passed the Athens city limits.  Joe gathered all the loose ropes and the duct tape into Marlene's large purse, and told her to take them with her.  She glared at him, but decided not to say anything.


While Joe "held" the women hostage in the van, I registered for the motel room - a room on the far side of the building.  As everyone got out, I unobtrusively removed the van’s ignition key from the ring, and slid it into my sock.  I had no intention of letting Joe take the van.


It was just 2:00 when we entered the room and Joe locked the door.  The afternoon sun flooded the room with soft light, but with the sheer inner curtains drawn, no one could see in.  Then he directed Marlene to get out the ropes and tape, and ordered me to start tying the women up.


I suggested the women might need to use the bathroom, but only Nancy accepted.  Checking whether anyone had a problem breathing through her nose, they all said "No - why?"  I explained that all of them had to be gagged, and I wanted to know if anyone would be unduly bothered.  I added that if anyone was tied too tight to say something before I gagged her. Finally, I suggested they all put on their gloves, “To prevent rope burns”, I explained, but it was really to make it harder for them to untie their knots. Then i asked who wanted to be first. 


Before anyone answered, Joe pushed Marlene forward and said, “Her!  The blabber-mouth!  I want her tied so good she can't move a finger or make a peep.  On the bed, Big Mouth!"


"Look, Joe," I interrupted.  "I think my wife and Mrs. Johnson would rather sit in the chairs.  Let’s save the beds for the younger women."  Without waiting for a response, I motioned toward one of the straight back chairs and said, "Marlene, please sit down."

As she gathered her skirt and sat down, Marlene said, "I suppose I have to, but I don't like this one bit!  Please don't cut my circulation off."


"Now, don't you worry," I replied.  Picking up some cords, I moved behind her and said, “Sit up against the back of the chair and put your hands behind it."


I pulled her arms behind the chair and placed her hands together palm-to-palm.  Taking a length of folded rope, I wrapped the strands twice around her gloved wrists.  Then I inserted the loose ends through the loop, separated them, and wrapped them around the other strands in a secure cinch.  With another rope I wrapped several turns around her arms above the elbows, drawing them together in the middle of her back.  Lastly I tied a long cord to the chair back, wrapped it around her breasts to the other side and back, and tied it.  Joe looked approvingly as each length of rope not only increased her helplessness, but also pulled the polka dot fabric of her bodice more firmly across her ample breasts.


Then I knelt down in front of her, grasped her ankles, and pulled them toward him and placed her feet together so that only her high heels touched the floor.  Placing the next cord under her heels, I drew it up across her insteps and several times around her ankles, before knotting it behind them.  Lastly I tied one end of a two-foot long line to her ankles and stretched the other end under the chair, tying it to her wrists.  Essentially she was hog-tied to the chair.


"Marlene is that too tight?" I asked.  Her patent leather shoes squeaked as she heaved her body against the confining ropes, and her hands fluttered.  Then she turned toward me and said, "It's bearable."


I placed my hand below her chin, raising her head and said, “Just hold it there."  Quickly I reached under the brim of her hat and plastered a length of duct tape over her lips, followed by another which made an "X".  I ripped off a longer piece of tape and folded it lengthwise except at the ends.  Again moving in front of her, I placed one sticky end over the "X", and then reaching around her head, I pulled the other end tightly around her head and securely plastered it over her mouth.  Pausing to admire my handiwork, I thought to myself, "This is a sight I'll never forget as long as I live."


Next I looked at Karen who was sitting on a chair nervously wringing her hands in her lap. I said softly, “Karen?” and nodded my head toward the closest bed.


As she stretched out on her stomach on the bed and crossed her gloved hands behind her back, Joe grabbed the bundle of ropes and tape, and put them on the other bed.


Taking a short length, I placed Karen's hands with her palms together, and tied her wrists, winding the line around and between them.  I used another piece to tie her arms above the elbows, and then wrapped it around her body several times, accentuating the helpless woman's breasts.  I tied still another length under her high heels, and over and around her slim ankles, leaving a two-foot long end.  Raising her bound feet, I secured this to her wrists in a classic hog-tie.


When Joe asked why I hadn't used tape on the woman's wrists, I replied that there wasn't much left, and I needed it for gags.


"Too tight?  Ready for the gag?" I asked her.  Karen shook her head “No’ and then “Yes” and rolled over on her side. I ripped off several pieces of duct tape.  Using two short pieces, I plastered an "X" gag over her lips.  Taking a longer piece, I folded it length-wise, except for a few inches at each end.  I pressed one end over her mouth, wound the rest securely around her head, and stuck the other end over the first.  This last piece of tape effectively prevented her from working her gag loose, without sticking in her hair.


Then I turned to her friend.  Janet Parker was about 110 pounds, 5 foot 2 inches tall and had short, medium-brown hair.  She wore a Navy blue suit, white blouse, white leather pumps with three-inch heels, a small white feathered hat, and white gloves. 


"What's your name?" I asked.


After a pause, she replied, "Janet - my name's Janet."


"Well, Janet, it's too bad we have to meet like this.” I said,  “Why don't you lie down on the other bed?"


Slowly she walked to the far side of the bed, lay down on her stomach, and crossed her hands behind her back, while I gathered more cords.  Soon her wrists were bound together, and more rope secured her elbows in the middle of her back, and wrapped around her breasts and torso.  Grabbing her ankles, I levered her over onto her back, and tied each ankles to opposite ends of the bed end, so her legs were spread apart. Then I gagged her with short pieces of tape, held in place by a longer one around her head I had just finished when Nancy entered the room, and gasped when she saw the women lying helplessly on the bed. 


Joe caught her reaction, and mocked her.  "Well, well - you ought to make the prettiest package of 'em all. Put 'cher gloves on!  You're next!"


"Very well," Nancy replied.  "But can I be tied up on a chair?  I'm afraid my back will hurt if I lie down."


"Sure," Joe answered.  "We aim to please."  Moving the straight-backed chair away from the desk, he said, "Here - have a seat."


Nancy paused, then smoothed her skirt and sat down.  I guided her arms between the vertical members of the chair back, crossed her wrists, and wound the white cord around them both ways before knotting it.  Then I bound her elbows together a longer rope and wrapped the cords securely around her body above and below her breasts, and tied the ends to the chair back.  Placing her right leg outside the chair leg, I tied her ankle to it high enough that the toe of her high-heeled pump could not tough the floor, and then trussed her left ankle in a similar fashion to the other leg. As I moved around in front of her and saw her breasts accentuated by the tight ropes, I had to take a deep breath before I could continue.  I ripped off varying lengths of tape and, reaching under her wide-brimmed hat, positioned the sticky tape over her lips and around her head to gag her.  When I stepped away, she jerked against the ropes, and mewled through her gag, and then resigned herself to the restraints.


“O.K.,” Joe said. “Now for the boy scout!” Looking at the helpless women he continued, “Did’ja get that? He’s so good tyin’ knots that he musta been a boy scout!”


Handing me the roll of tape he said, “First off, I want cha’ ta gag yerself, just like you did to the women.”


Standing in the center of the room, I criss-crossed two short lengths over my mouth, and then wrapped a longer length over those, around my head, and back over my mouth. As Joe approached with some rope, I turned around so my back faced him. He crossed my wrists and efficiently tied them together behind my back. Then he wrapped some rope around my elbows, pulling them together in the small of my back, and wrapping the tails of the rope several times around my body. As I tested the ropes around my wrists I thought, “Getting out of this might be tougher than I’d planned!”


“O.K., Scout!” Joe said, and motioning toward the bed where Karen was lying helplessly on her side, he continued, “Lie down and facing ‘er!”


As soon as I had lay down and rolled over so I was lying just inches from her, he began tying my ankles together, followed with another rope around my legs below my knees. Soon I felt my legs jerked back, and hog-tied to my wrists. Then taking a long piece of rope, he passed it between first Karen’s arms and body and then mine; when he had pulled it tight and tied the ends she and I were bound together face to face.  But he wasn’t done – he also tied us together just above our knees, and wound another rope around our necks, forcing our faces to nearly touch.


Then he stepped back and we both looked up at him when he said, “Hey, Scout! How’s that for a knot-tyin’ lesson? Let’s see you two get outa that!” 


So, I moved my bound wrists, jerked my body and bound feet as much as the ropes allowed, and “Mmmmmfed” into the gag, just to see the wry smile come over his face. Next he went around to each one of us and checked our bonds and gags (and managed to run his hands over each of the women’s breasts and legs). Then he said mockingly, “Ta da for now, Folks. I’d love to watch ya struggle, but I’ve got a bus to catch.”


As soon as the closed behind him, all of us began to struggle against the ropes that restrained us, and “Mmmmmfff!” through our gags. Karen, especially, heaved and writhed against her bonds, and jerked her mouth against mine trying to rub off her tape. With our gagged mouths frequently touching, the frightened look in her eyes, the aroma of her perfume, and the sight of her bound and gagged in her pink suit and high heels, I could hardly control my emotions. Several times I writhed my bound body up against hers, and tried to gag-talk, but all it accomplished was to give me the biggest “woody” I’d had all day.


From time to time I raised my head to watch the other women struggling with their bodies. In the mirror over the desk I could also see my wife tied and gagged as she frantically struggled in her chair. The only sounds in the room came when one of them jerked against her bonds, or the squeaking of her shoes or mewling into her gag, but no one was able to make any progress in getting loose.


After probably ten minutes of this frenzied activity, most of us were having trouble breathing, and our efforts subsided, although now and then somebody made yet another attempt to struggle. In my case, I still made frequent movements, just to get a rise from Karen, and a couple of times she seemed to panic, when she’d jerk her body or attempt to gag-talk. Then she’d subside, and the room returned to silence.


I think it was about two hours later when we heard the loud knock on the door, and someone shouted, “Is anybody in there?” Immediately all of us began making loud noises through our gags, and the voice cried, “Is anything wrong?” More loud “Hmmmms” and “Mmmmmfff’s” into gags, followed by, “Just a minute! I’m coming!” Then we heard a key turning in the lock, and the door burst open. The clerk on duty just stood there, her eyes wide open, as she exclaimed, “What happened?”






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